The Independent-Herald from Hinton, West Virginia on February 18, 1904 · 3
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The Independent-Herald from Hinton, West Virginia · 3

Hinton, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1904
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I 4 f' ; tf i li jTi' V .. yjc t k'f) -v i 1 THE MPETOT-HERAID. Thursday Eve,, Feb. 18, Dollars Worth of Goods for 50 cts. at Parkers Store ON SUMMERS STV i " f Speclally Arranged Bar-'gain Counters. Mons Overcoats worth $0 for $3. " Tants worth $3 for . $1.50 Gloves, 10 , 75c. Shoes, 3.50 1.75 Suits, 12.50 6.25 Ladies,$15. 00 Tailor Made Suits, for $5.98. Furniture and Carpfcts at your own price. Will sell you any kind of dress goods for 25c a yd. chedper ' v than any other store in the county Groceries atthejowest prices in llinton. , Grape Tobacco at 38c a lb. 7 5c. Cigars for 25c. Imported 10c. Cigarsfur3c. - Other goods at the same ratio of - - reduction. -Nothing but Un cle Sanies money goes at these prices. . . - i Parkers Store, The only real Department Store in the county of Summers. - We SELL EVERYTHING." ' ' SPECIAL BARGAINS at . Wm Plumley Jrs. Just a few goodi left that were damaged by fire. Odds, Ends and Remnants That will be sold at a great sacrifice. Come at once and secure BARGAINS in this line. All Must Go to make room for. our enormous SPRING STOCK, which is now arriving daily. The nicest line of Spring Good.9 ever brought to the city- Phoenix like we have arisen from the ashes brighter and better than ever. Every thing complete. Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Gents Furnishings, Lace Curtains, Trunks, .Traveling Bags, Valises, Ladies Shirt Waists, Suits, etc. The place to buy goods. ' Wm Plumley, Jr., Qorner 2d Ave., and 'Temple St, LOCALS, PERSONALS, ETC. Mr. E H. Peck is recovering from a severe attack of la grippe. Miss Annie Doss entertained a few friends at cards at her hotne - bn 2nd avenue Monday evening. Mr. J. E Wheatley, the popu lar telegraph operator at Don, left last night for a few days .via it at his bid home in Kentucky. Mrs. Chas. A. Poore entertain ed a number of 'invited guests at cards at her home on Snd avenue - Monday evening. Refreshments i were served at a late hour. f If you, want to buy leaf tobacco, the old country home made, for smoking p.nd chewing purposes, call on D. C. Wood & Bro.f Thin ave., Hinton, W. Va They have some that is exceptionally fine. 2-11-04 Rev. W. J. Garrison, of .Sinks Grove, Monroe county," will con - duct a series of meetings at the Pesbyteriau church in this city beginning on Monday, Feb. 22d, at 7."30 p. m., and continuing every night during next "week. A cordial welcome to everybody The body oPthe murdered taan found in the old. house near .Ath, , ens last yreek, was-1 nei identi fled and there is no clue as .who he was I - Harry Taylor, the man charged'wlttrtherdrime. 48 now in Princeton jai but refutes to talk on the subject. I Mr. John A. Ilutchiijpon, o:; Green Sulphur, met withsad misfortune at Beury Tuesday which may result in the loss of one of his legs.' He was acci dentallyf panght in a coal chute at onef the mines there and one of his logs waB crushed and map gled. He was taken to McKen - dree Hospital for treatment. Born, to IJr. and Mrs. L. I Pack, of Foss, a fine girl baby. Senator W. II. McGinnis, of Bockley, was in 'the city this week. ' Misses Bessie Dicky, of Huntington, is.visiting Misses Grace andJeaa filler, . Attorneys T. NT Read and R. F. Dunlap were business .visitors to Charleston, thjs week. , Miss Maggie McDaniel, df LyncTiburgTVaTlrVlslUfiMrsrl chureh. She was the mother of 12 children all of whom with her husband survive her. Four of the daughters are engaged in public school work, and a son, Mr. Cyrus Hobbs, is a policeman of this city. Miss Jenny Lind Hobbs was called home from Marshall College at Huntington by the death of her mother to take charge of the family affairs. Mrs. Hobbs was an excellent lady and we join the many" friends of the bereaved family in extending to them our sincere sympathy. . '. H. Viar of this place. Attorneys A. F. Mathews and eury Gilmer, of Lewisburg, were here last week at QQjyt Miss Josephine McCreery entertained a few invited guests at flinch at her home on Temple Bt. Tuesday evening. ' The circuit court of of this county adjourned y'est5rday. Judge McWhorter, returned to iis home in Lewisburg on no 14. IIonT J. Alex. Meadows, ,of Pe-terstown, passed through the city' today en route to Beckley on business. Mr. Meadows was in Charleston yesterday. Mr. w! M. B. Hobbs, of Charleston, was balled to this county this week by the death of is sister-in law, Mrs. Jas. H. ifobbs. 1 y The republican congressional convention has been called to meet here on the 9th of April, at oclock p. m., to nominate acan-date for congress. Henry Williams, the negro brute who assaulted Mrs. George Shields and little daughter In loanoke, Va., recently, has been sentenced to hang on the 18th of March. . , ' . Hugh Dolan,. aged 84 years, and a pioneer citizen of Green-brier county, recently died at his lome near(Ronceverte. He was twice married and was the father 22 children 12 by his first wife and 10 by his last wife. Only one prisoner goes to the penitentiary from the circuit court of this county at the recent term Earl Payne, .who goes for three years, as was noted last week. Ed. Henry Austin, col-ared, wa sent to., the reform school for stealing $36.00 out of Mr. Henry Tyrees noney drawer. Yesterday was a very cold day. Many public school children froze so badly that it took nearly all the afternoon on the bank of the James pond and on the ice where the skating was good, to thaw them out. A schoolboy is fearfully and wonderfully made Me will freeze stiff in a school room with mercury at 70 and perspire freely on the bank of the river with the mercury four degrees below zero. - Mrs. Virginia Yago, aged sev enty years, a highly respected old lady of this place, died at the lomeofher daughter, Mrs. E : ?. Dickson, on 4th avenue yes ierday morning. ifer' remains were buried at Talcott today af ter funeral services by Rev. L L, Lloyd.' The deceased was the mother of Messrs. Dave, W. F, and Ernest Yago, and Madams J. E' Couples and E P. Dickson, of this place; Mrs. J. W. Ball, of Talcott-, and Mrs.' Lee Wills, of Raleigh county." She was a devout member of the Methodist church. ' brought aboht,' 1 mitered (or years with change of life. I would have fainting spells, either before or after my monthly periods, AJhey would come on me suddenly. Sometimes 1 would be on the (ttreetT' - - I-hd pains all over me, j My head, ached all tha time, could take no walks or r up stairs without becoming completely exhausted. I suffered untold misery, tried doctors medicines for a long time, but derived no benefit. I cannot lay too much in praise of Lydia E. Pinkhams Vegetable Com-- pound, aud would advise all-euffereraoffemaletroubleto use it.-fut-tt vrtttver-- ttamly cure them. Mbs.Lizzi CVRaraoLPs, "Buchanan, Va. 4? Jf'T f f te (S v .7 r Death of Mrs. Jas.J-l. Hobbs. Mrs. Jas. IL Hobbs died at her home near here last Friday morning of heart disease. Mrs. Hobbs bad been in bad health for three years and though her death came as a great shock to her relatives and friends, yet it was not unexpected. -Her remains were buried in Hill Top Cemetery Sunday, afternoon. The - deceased was 45 years of age and was a demoted member of tne Baptist News has reached here of the dangerous illness of l5r. Frank! Shumate, a promineut . young physician 'of Matewan, Mingo county, Dr. Shumate has spiuial meningitis and 'has been taken to Bluefield, fpr treatment. He is a brother of Mr. Phil Shumate of Crumps Bottom, and has many friends and relatives in this county. We have received a communication signed Dido" from k citizen kt Neponsett asking for information relative to the enforcement of the truant law where the board of education fails to appoint a truant officer. We will state that we know of no way to enforce the law where a board fails to make such appointment and we doubt whether or not the board could be compelled to appoint a truant officer. But the board may at-anyJtime appoint said officer and they may appoint as many as they deem necessary. For the purposes of enforcing the law one truant officer will answer as well as a dozen. We be- t it will he better iftheof boards in the couhty will appoint at least one officer. 'Eczema and Pile Cure FREE. Knowing what it was to suffer, I will give FREE OF CHARGE, to any afflicted, a positive cure for Eczema, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Piles and skin diseases. Instant relief. . Dont suffer longer. Write. F. W. WILLIAMS, 400 Manhattan .Ave., New York. 2-11-lyr Mrs. John (Buzz) Houchins, a highly esieemed lady, died at her home near Flat Top, on Saturday, Feb. 13, aged 43 years."' She leaves a husband and stiven children, one brother, (. P. Hale, of Raleigh county, four Sisters, M rs. G. W. Griffith, of this city, Mrs. R. D. Rose, of Baltimore, Mrs! James Halstead, of Island, Ky., and Mrs. Rufus Brammer, of Jumping.Branch. The people of Monroe county are-taking active -steps, to procure a railroad through that county connecting the C. & O. and N. & W. A meeting is called for the 27th to take definite action. .Id marked contract to the great number of patent medicines, cureall and secret preparotions is Wahhers Peptonized Port. This preparation claims no magic virtues, hos no mysterious composition, and does presume upon the intelligence of the people by pretending to be a sovereign cure for all the ill to wbioh the flesh is heir. Walthers Peptonized Port come as a common sense tonic, Composed, of two well known remedies port wine and pepsin, about the efficacy of which tnerc Is no question. J. A. Parker sells Walthers Peptonized Port. Small size 50c, large size $1.00. 9. Owing to modem methods of livmg, not one woman in a thousand approaches this perfectly natural change without experiencing a train of very annoy- - ing and sometimes painful symptoms. . , -- --- - Those dreadful hot flashes, sendirig the blood surging to the heart until it seems ready to burst, and the faint feeling that follows, sometimes with chills, os if the heart were going to stop foVever, are only a few of the symptoms of dangerous nervous trouble. , The nerves hre crying out for assistance. The cry should be heeded in time. Lydia fc. Pinkhams Vegetable Compound was prepared to meet theJiccds of "womans system at this trying period of her life, and all women who use it pass through this trying period with comfort and safety . When one stops to think atiout the good these women derived from tins great medicine, In their letters published, above at their owd request. - FofThese WsTho other inedlelneTiT"the worlThas received suctf widespread and unqualified endorsement." Refuse all substitutes. As a positive fact tho private files at Lj'dia E. IHnkhams lpboiatoiy contain thousands of letters from women who have been safely earned through that danger peiiod Change of I-ife. The cures of fclrs. Reynolds and Mrs. Blake are not unusual ones for this medicine to aitomplHh. t PowcJei1 : t Are delicious and wholesome a perfect - cold weather breakfast food: Made in the morning; no yeast, no u sct- ting oyer night; never sour, never cause in-. digestion. .To make a perfect byckwheat cake, and a thousand other dainty -dishes, see the Royal Baker and ?a$try Cook. Mailed free to any address., - r- ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., NEW YORK. ; A Weird Story f a Remarkable Crime. 1 On the 22nd day of January, 1897, Trout Shue, murdered his wife at his home- near Livesay's Mill, in Greenbrier county. The murdered woman was a daughter -of Mr. and Mrs. Hedges Boaster, poor uneducated country people, whdtlived at the foot of Little Sewell Mountain. Zona Heaster was the third wife, it is stated, and was the third one he had murdered. Sbue was a rare type of brute criminal and had so successfully covered up the evidence of his guilt m former cases as to avoid s picion.- He' was arrested and convicted of the murder of his 'third wife upo the testimony of his mother in law, every detail which was found to corres pond with the facts disclosed Jyy the post mortem. Shue was sentenced to the penitentiary for life and died there: We will state that we know well the mother Of the murdered girl that she is an innocent, tlioioughly credulous old woman, and that we believe as the jury in the lease believed, that she told the truth in regard to her dream pnd presentiments. Now will some one explain' this case scientifically? 5 The mother lived nearly twenty miles from the scene of the murder and could have known of it in no way whatever. How could she have told of it in every detail? Was it accident, telepathy or super natural revelation? We do not 1, now. The following account of the case was given by our Circuit Judge Hon. Joseph M. McWhorter: Shue in Noyexnberr189G, mar. tied Miss Zcona Heaster, -of Meadow Bluff district, in Green-briercouuty, as his third wife, ho being about 33 years of age, and settled at Livesays Mill to work at the blacksmith trade. He and his wife occupied what room they needed in IvQ stor frame building which had been the residence of the-Iate Wm. Livesay. On tle 22nd day of January 1897 as he went to his work he called on a colored family who livted a few yards from his house and asked the mother to let her boy some 12 years of age go I r t 4 r up to his house and dO-6ome chores there and take some eggs to the store for Zona, his wife. About twelvO oclock he left his shop -and went to Ms colored neighbor and asked if the boy bad yet been to his house, and the Old woman said he had not, but it was near dinner time. Shue said he was not going to dinner that day and again requested the boy to be sent up. .In a short time the boy gave the alarm that Mrs. Shue was dead. She was found in the dining room lying stretch, ed out and her. clothes pulled down and apparently had been dead some hours. The doctOr A as sentr for and after making a cursory examination decided that she had died from heart failure as she had been unwell, and "he had been attending her a week of two-. I tr-was-deetded tbat-the -re-- mains should be taken for inter ment to her fathers about fourteen miles distant; The remains a were kept over night at her fathers and buried the following' you have. day. After the burial the friends in talking over -the circumstances connected with her death and burial, and recalling the fact that no one eyer was permitted to view the remains biit in the presence of Shue who always took his place at the head ofn the corpse, and when 6he was placed in the coffin, he had a sheet folded and placed along side of her head and some garment placed on the other side, and her mother stating that her daughter had appeared and talked to her, her parents were not satisfied as to the cause of her death. So after consultation it was decided to exhume the body, which was just one month from the time of its burial. - SOME REMARKABLE EVIDENCE. Here comes the most remarkable part of the evidence introduced by defendants counsel: Mrs. Heaster, pother of the deceased, who seemed a very pi-ou8 ladyj had told all she, knew about her daughters death and burial and defendants conduct on the night of the wake. - Counsel for the defendant said to her:-. Mrs. Heaster did you not have a drean that roused your suspicious and led you to 'as change of life and cramping. No human tongue can describe wh I suffered with the -cramp, 1 dreaded from, onetime to another so m to die. 4 Qur family physician did everything he could for me, but I got no relief. He said If 1 lived to get -through with the other trouble, it would wear away after a time, but I had it six vein s "find could not Walk or exercise in any way without bringing on an attack of the cramp, and 1 would Suffer Untold misery until I would be perfectly exhausted and helpless. I read in one of your little books about your medicine being good for female trouble and change of life, and thought there was no harm in trying it, so 1 did, and it helped me and I was able to take walke and work some. I am very thanltful for the relief your medicine lias been to me. Mas. V. M. "BQ.KB, Deep WaterTW. Va. it seems almost beyond belief ; yet it .No such helpful advice to women who" are sh k can he had else where as will be received free by addressing Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn Mass., if you are sick write her you age foolish if you dont. She speaks from the greatest experience. i , M FORFEIT vveftnnot forthwith proriiMM tha original tat tom and aignAiuraaof above testimonial, which will prom thair abaolnte jan-ulooneas. ydl K. Fink ham Mcxllcina Ce., Lynn, Maaa. Kg or r V s ' have the body exhumed?" She replied: I had no dream for I was as fully awake as I am at this moment" And did you not lu e a dream or vision that led you to have the body disinterred?" Well," she said, I was not sati sfied' tfiaf iiiy daughter Cirttfe to her death from natural causes, and I, prayed earnestly that it might be ret enled to m,e liow she came to her death, and after about an hour spent in pray-er I turned over and there stood 'my daughter and I put my hand out to feel for the poffin, but it was not there. She seemed to hesitate to speak to 'me, and departed. The next night, after I hadprayed again that the manner of her death might be shown, she again appeared and talked more freely and gave me to understand that. I. should be acquainted with the whole matter and disappeared. The third night she again appeared and die-closed tohre-to me. And on the fourth night she appeared and told me all about the difficulty, how it occurred and how her death was brought about." AND HERE IS WHAT ZONA - TOLD HER. "He came that night from the shop and seemed angry. I told him supper was ready, Und he began to chide because I had prepared no meat for supper, and I replied that there was plenty; there was bread and butter, apple sauce, preserves, and other things that made a very good supper, and he flew mud and got up and came toward me when I raised up and he seized each side of my head with his hands and by a sudden wrench, dislocated my neck. She wrent on and described to me the location of the building and surroundings in the neighborhood, where they lived, so that HTwas fixed in my mind as a reality, I was telling (some one whose name the writer has forgotten) about the situation of buildings, etc., and he said to me YgtrtlffgbwiiThere,il andire- plied, I had not, and h6 said. "I have been there many times, and yet I could not describe the place so minutely and accurately as The attorney then said: Mrs. Heaster, was there not something about a sheet that you could not understand?" - - And she replied: .There was. She said that whenMrt:Rhue was leaving from the burial for home, she called his nttentioA to the sheet that had been under th$ side of her head in the coffin and he said, -mother, you keep it.' - - I kept it for 3 or 4 weeks anc while it looked clean and white imagined it smelled badly and concluded to wash it. L washec it with my white clothed anci when I pressed it -down in the tub it turned red, and I concluded I had spoiled my otherxlothes but when I dipped up water in my hand the water was not' col ored. I washed it and boiled it and hung it out and froze it three or four days, but it still had a reddish color." -Counsel says, Have you that sheet with you(. She replied that she had it at her boarding house, j The sheet was brought in and exhibited to thajury, and it was decidely a reddish color. When the body was taken tip and a post mortam examination made it was found that her neck had been dislocated, which un is all true as stated J i A i i n i .... . ... . . jj The Kind Yon Have Always Bought, and which baa been in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of and has been mode under Ids personal superv ision since Its Infancy Allow no one to deceive yon In this. All Counterfeits, Imitations anduJnst-as-goodar but - Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children Experience against Experiment. What is CASTOR I A Cnstoria is a harmless suhstitnte for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It s contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotlo substance. Its age Is its guarantee. It destroys Worms -and allays Feverishness. It cares Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Trouble, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the ' Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. The Childrens Panacea he Mothers Friend. GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS Bears the Signature of The Kind-Yoii Heyo Always Bought In Use For Over 30 Years ommmv, Tf aswMiAv ttiit cr, mtm vwm doubtedly had caused her death. The trial occupied eight days and the jury found him guilty of murder ip the first degree," and that he should be sent to the penitentiary for life. This murdered woman was his third wife, and ha had boasted that he expected to have seven wives. In this, however, he was disappointed. He has passed to he Great 'Beyond totneet the three he treated so brutally here. Escaped an Awful Fate. -MrrHr-ffggkire-MetixHpeerFla writes! My doctor told me I had Consumption and nothing could be done for me. I was given up to die. The offer of a free trial bottle of Dr. Kings New Discovery for Consumption,, Induced me to try it. Results were stalling. I am now on the road to recovery and owe all to Dr. Kings New Discovery. It surely saved my life. This great cure Is guaranteed for all throat and lung aiseaes by Puckett Bros. Druggists. Price 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free. " " - - HARDWARE! 1 have opened a newhardware store and ; carry a general line of - i HARDWARE, BUILDING flATERIAL, i FARMING JMPLEHENTS, COOK STOVES,: HEATING STOVES, RANGES, TIN WARE,! DOORS, SASH, WINDOW GLASS, NAILS, i HORSE SHOES, LOADED SHELLS, ETC.j I have adopt! d the Cash-System, the only fair way S? to do business. Every man pays only for what he gets g and does not pay anything on worthless accounts. The Merchant must have profit enough to cover expenses S and if he runs on the credit system he gets worthless sj, accounts, and the people who pay must pay a price suf- jv ficient to cover those losses and aIair living profit In ad-tion. Come and get prices and be convinced that itK pays to pay cash. CUTTING GLASS A SPECIALTY. S Youfi for business, J. V. LILLY, HOOVER HARDWARE BUILDING, Third (Phone No. 99) HINTON, W. VA. mammm & H . A School for Teaqhers. Warford, W. Va., Jan. 26, 04 The undersigned will open a school at Buffalo Run, on the 14th of March, especially for teachers who desire to prepare for more thorough ,workfc and for the Uniform State .'Examination. Term 8 months. Tuition, a $2 per month, payable monthly in advance. No children admitted. Respectfully, J. E. Keadle.- CHICHESTERS ENGLISH 1 PENNYROYAL PULS ft). Alwittfl reliable LallM,Mk Bruaftft tot . . . isvl 4 HHIIKrtTtH KNULIftll iu Rcj meiali0 boxoa, waled with blua nbbuu. Ktefbaa 4aHfrua niMti tallauud Imitation. Buy of your UniKgim, or tend 4 in mump for Fartleaalara, Tnlb float ala and itollef fop Ladlra," fit truer, by rota ra Mall lO.OOO leauuiouiala, bold bf OU Druggist. OHIOHBSTS OH1MIOAL OO. Illf Stadlaon Mqaawro, X111JLA FA Maatfoa IhU iaa Avenue, gig. vs j-

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