Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 6, 1892 · Page 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 8

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1892
Page 8
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OAKLAND DAILY ttt riTTVn - mTTTTT-TP nrfi"vrn v tttvt s coo SICK ATJEART. Gclczsl : Rattan's Hair Has ' Started Falling M. i His Players Are Unruly Want to Be Released. and UtbIj Tizss tag tt3 Kente cf ills Oallici Else. Tbm ia an epidemio. among the members of the Oakland Club. They ail want to quit. Tne reason ciren for this coarse by the boy ia that they ara afraid of Colo-sal T. Pestilence Bobinson. It is said that his colonelsbip has a crew of deteetires on guard to keep his players in town. John J. O'Brien, the second baseman, quit his job and was bind again. Whitehead is playing for bis release and Park Wilson does sot care a cent whether he is giTen his walking , papers or not. Eren Tip O'Neill baa become defiant and has refused to obey the eoloneL No wonder the colonel's bair ia falling out in spots. The Oakland's played a better game than usual yesterday. -They allowed the Los Annies team to beat them only by 6 to 4. The Dnkes beat the San Franciscos Saturday br a score of 2 to L Saturday the Oaklands beat the Los Angeles by a score of 6 to 2. In the Saturday game at San Jose tb San Franciscos were beaten by a score ot 6 - toO. At Yallejo yesterday the Oaklands were defeated by a score of 20 to 6. Tne Leagn Kceord. The Oaklands have lost thirty-two games since the season opened and bare won fifteen. The record now stands as follows: i 1 a . cwii. 1 s t S 3 a s a a m B s -j co u o w Los Angeles 6 10 13 29 eaa Jose ....... 9 -.. 9 10 28 .53 Ban FranclscCv. 6 9 .... 9 24 .500 Oakland ......... 6 5 5 .... la .319 Games Lost.,. .. 20 20 j 24 32 Xbo Oakland (toldlaro. ICompany F. Fifth Regiment, of Oakland, held their practice shoot yesterday at Shell Wound. The scores were as follows: W. H. Cobbledicc, 43; G. A. Tyrrel. 42; Captain Hayes, 41; C. a Covalt, 40; J. R. Nay-Ian. 40; A. K. Marfcley, 33: F. 8. Semleca, 34; W. Johnson, 35; L. E. Wenk, 37; H. E. ilprvey, SI ;'F. Saunders, 21; J. E. butch, 23. Broke the Rseord. . 1 W. G. Morrow" of the Olympic Club broke the amateur record for throwing a 16-pound hammer yesterday. On Memorial Day he threw it 120 feat, surpassing his previous record of 109 feet and one inch. It was discovered that the hammer was half a pound too light, so Aiorrow made the throw over again yesterday, xne young man broke the amateur record by throwing the hammer 111 feet 11 inches. . . ; j - j Th Central Lcien. j The Haverleya and the J. T. Morans were billed to play at the Oakland grounds yes terday. iJy some mistake, though, the Haverleya went to Vallejo, to the Morans bad to play a picked nine. The latter team was defeated by a score of 15 to 10. . Ths TsaaU Ionratmsnt 1 i , Saturday afternoon the champion tennis players of the University of California and Leland Stanford Jr. yniversity met in a match game on the Oakland courts. Crowds of students from' both institutions were present, so the school yells were vnry frequent whenever -a player did any good work. The drawings were as follows: 1, Colgrove, L. 8. J. U., vs. Haskins, U. C. ; 2, Metcalf. L. 8. X D.. vs. Btringham. U. C; 8, C. Potter, L. S. J. U., vs. Gibbs, U. a ; 4. Gardner, U. a, vs. Thompson, I 8. J. 6.; 6, Hewlett. U. a, ts. Cotton, L. 8. J. U. ; 6, Ketzel, L8.J. U., vs Johnson, U. O.; 7,-Bpnntree. U. C, vs. Bannister, L. 8. J. TJ. : 8, Small, Lv 8. J. U., vs. Luebbert, U. C. ; 8, Sanborn, U. C ts. Campbell, L. 8. J. U. In the first match Colgrove beat Haskins, 6 2, S-6, 6-4. Stringham beat Metcalf in three straight seta, 6-4. 6-1, 8-6. 6-2. Small beat Luebbert. 6-0, 6-2, 6-0. Gardiner beat Thompson, 6-2, 6-1, 6-2. Cotton I beat Hewlett. 6-4, 6-2, 7-5. . Bonn tree beat Bannister, 6-0, 2-6, 6-0. 6-2. Sanborn t beat Campbell, 6-1, 6-2, 6-L Ketzel beat Johnson iKxty games by a score 0-11, 6-4, 7-5, This gave Stanford the victory, and they now hold the championship of both foot-, ball and tennis. , - j 1 - ' TH COTJSTT CHAKPIOS8HIP. ! During: the afternoon the finals of the Alameda county championship were played between Sam Neel of the Oakland Club and T. Allen of the Alameda Club, resulting in a victory for Neel by three etraight games. PRIEST-FOX concert at Berkeley igki. tel and Glee Club assisting. BEV. G. E. WALK. A Pastor Appointed for drew's Church. St. An- .Rev. G. E. Walk has been appointed . pastor of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church to fill the place of Ber. Mr. Peters, who recently resigned to accept a call to a cnursh in Lexington. Ky. Yesterday morning Key. Walk preached Lis first aermon and made favorable impression on bis hearers. He is a Ken tuck-ian by birth and - bas recently graduated from a divinity school ia Middletown, , Conn. He has been preaching for many years and has filled several important position. ! 4 ' A GALA EVENT. The Frlest-rox Coaeart at IT 111 Be Terr rise. Berkeley The numbers chosen by Miss Priest and Misa Fox for their Berkeley concert to morrow evening are particularly attractive. For the soprano there will be "The Mexican Nightingale' and Clav's ballad, "She Wandered Down the Mountain! otae." - . Miss Fax will ting the noble aria from 8aint-Saen'a Samton and Delilah, the cantabiia, -My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice" and Harry 'Rowe r Shelley's - Arabian BJave.' Mr. Beel wiU play the 'BeTeie,, ! by Vieuxtemps and SarasaU's "Spanlsn Dances. The University Glee Club will song. Mrs. Guttersoa and Mrs. Carr will accompany. There will be a large attend-ace of Oakianders. , Fdq)fo - ) tt 1 U-d in I lilli 3 cf Hcziss REMEMBER THIS! There Will Be a Concert at the Batns on . . ITedaMday; .. Wednesday bight is the grand concert night at the Piedmont baths, and the attendance will sorely be large. - Bitzaa'a orchestra of . soloists will play new and fascinating music, and exhibitions of high, fancy diring will be giTen by Nick Karens and Tom Mulligan, the champion high divers of Alameda county. The water at this delightful resort is perfectly pare, being filtered before' coming into the big tank, and consequently . a plunge is both healthful and enjoyable. Then, too. plenty of careful attendants are present, so there is no danger o( accidents. A CLEVKR PLAY. Will B at th Oakland Theater Tomorrow. The success all orer the country of Jane, the bright comedy that is to be produced tomorrow and Wednesday evening at the Oakland Theater, stamps it as one of the most popular pieces that has been on the toad for many a dar. It is a cUrer skit from first to ltst, for the play bas been well put together and the dramatist has shown much felicity in maintaining; the interest by the swift and startling contrasts ia the succeeding incidents. . K. ; . ,, - liORIN. - Ijobjs, June 6. L. Jorgeose&i, who la suffering with inflammatory rieumalism, was taken to a hospital in San Francisco Saturday ereamir. The crossing at Lorin station ia being repaired. About twenty teams are hauling gravel from the new switch, to be used on the electric road. GOLDEN GATE. GoLDfcjf Gate, june a The picnic on Saturday was well attended. - Ed -Lawrence, Golden Gate's deputy sheriff, bas soma notion ot entering the race for constable. J. H. Pan has announced himself as a candidate, and F. Esmond says be will accept if the people see fit to nominate him for the place. Mrs. Fines: is slowly recovering from the injuries she received some time ago by being thrown from ber carriage. RE All ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. . DD3 Monday, Jane 6th. Jean Catala to Izebio F. Preira, lota 4, 5 and 6, block 1T7, Newark: S10. Aaron C.Ford and wife to Francisco J. Fnr-tado, lot 61, KoDerts Addition to Irvlngton, Ir-viuron: tiM. John Stow art to Henry Hayes, west half of section 86. township 2 south, range S east, Murray township; 1U. John T. Ai;ard to Lncaba E. Agard, his wife, lot on south line of Trnta street. 40 feet east from Klrithsni, east 2i:8 feet fcouth by 100, Oak-land, quite. aim; So. Hans L. Madsen and wife to Elizabeth Bec!rer, lot on cast line of Linden street. 2bl feet n--rth from Twenty-fourth, north itelix.lla, Oaklaad: $10. Charles A. Bailey and wife to Minnie ., wife of Adam 51. Ramsay, lot 15, block A.Adeline tract, Oaklsnd township: t. Adam M. Ramsay and wife, M. E., to Knud H. Sonne and wife, A. C. bame; $10. Frederick Kahn to Klma (J. F&rnham, trustee, loton west iine of Clay street, 40 feot south from Aievemn sr. soutn 4jcijo. Oakland; 310. Eleanor 8. and Chester Deering to A. M&rlus. Helland, lot 38, corrected map Electric Heights tract, Brookljn township; f v Charles A. Bailey and wife to Edward F. II ana v, west 10 feet of lot 13 and ea&t 33 feet of lot 12, block F, WooLsey tract, Oakland township; to. Hiraru Tnbbs and wife to Hetty S . wife of Wll.iiai G. Uenshaw, lot commencing 100 foot northwest from Hxth avenue and 15U feet northeast from East Fouiteenth slreer, norrhesst 20, northwest 60, southwest ttf1, southeast do, northeHCt 47!, portlou Dlock a6, CiinWu, East Oakland; giiu . A. JC. McNeil to Jamos C. Jordan, plot 14 (containing 5 acres), Watson 10O-acre tract, ast uii ina; siu. henry Mohns, George T. Wright and wives to Elizabeth Wagner, lot on eat line of Webster street, 90 feet north from Santa Clara avenue, north 5'JxlOO, Aiameda; $iu J. P., Annie, Jennie, Emma and Minnie Mc-Klroy to John K. Taylor, lot on cast line ot Choate street, 223 feet south from Bancroft way, south 75xloU, Berkeley: Siu John F. Taylor to J. It. Whitcomb, undivided 34 cf lo. on ease line of Choate street, 100 feet south from Bancroft way. south lOOxiaJ to iu-rant avenue, Berkeley: CO. Aristide Brand to Lucien Brand, lot cn southeast corner of East Twelfth street and Twea-ty -third venae, southeast 75 by southwest 60, portion of block 3, Kennedy tract. East Oakland; $20. W. M. Brandon and wife to Edwin K. Alrip, plot U (containing 74 22 acres), nndividel mountain or hill lnnd: also 2&1 acres on northeast lice of V. Peralta reservaiion at center of south fork of Te mescal creek (except. 22 ol an acre of Contra Costa Water Company), Oakland township; $10. & S. Austin to Alex M. Werum, lot 2, block A, Huntington tract, Brooklyn township: $12. Andrew Blalkie and wife to David C Kellev and Eveline Lee, lot on southwest corner of Eleventh street and -Bell Kanch road, south 117.2, west 151, north 100 to Eleventh street, enst 69.8; also, lot on west line of Bell Kanch road, 62! feet north of noutbeast comer of Decoto, north et Si0!4, northenst 260, southeast lOu, sonrnwes: ICQ, soutoesat IM to said road, south iav uecoto; nuoo. ritx Bcehmer and wife to Robert Wihiiml Graft; lots 11, 14. and 15, block 20, north Alden 1 tract, Brooklyn township; $10. j Mrs. D. 6. Child s to James de Fremery, tract bounded on west line b7 Klrkham street, sooth j by Eighteenth east by Union and north by j -a weniy-nm, uaaiana, quit claim; sj. Henry Harrison to Annie, wife of Owen Burns, lot on west line of SShnttnck avenue, 60 feet north from north line of lot 6, blocs 2121, Aiden tract, west to center of Teme&cal creek, northeast to west line of th Ait nek Avenue, south to betricning, Oakland township; $ XW. A. H. Schou to J. H. Moile tt, lot on north line of Thirty-second street. 75 feet ast from Adeline, east 14 by north 25, Oakland; $10,, . i . MORTGAGES. . Mondat, June 6th. Knud H. Sonne and wife to Mette K. War-nicka, as in deed; $5oa IJjriladaern to Home Security Building and loan Association, lot on west line of Broadway, loo feet north from Locast street, north 50 west 2J?n, south 61:7, east 226:6.',. Oak-Uud;$420O. f M. T. House to Myranda B- Gilbert, lot 9, block B. Terminal tract, Oakland town- lShip;$C0J. VV. O. JUCW1B KUU WllC w J V- imi m. O ..) acres (except. 63 of an acre on line of Western Pacific Kailr jad), commencing on west line of Welkins street at northeast corner of land of L. Stone; also triangular piece of l.So acres contiguous lo said tract, Eden township; $150?. . Edward F. Murray to C & Moore, as in deed; $130. Lucien Brand to Louise V. Gariot, as in deed; $5000. Ellas H. Broad well to Oakland Bank ef Savings, lot 6, kiock D, Peralta Heights, East Oakland; im. . Alexander M. Werum and wife to 8. & Austin, as indeed: $750. r Thomas g. Day and wife to Lena Schwalm, loton northwest line of Ninth avenue, at northeast line of Town Clinton, northeast 100 feet by northwest 120, East Oakland; fm Peter Dealer to Oakland Bank of Savings, lots 1, 2 and 6, block E. Knowies & Potter subdivision ot Kennedy tract, East Oakland; $600. Eugene S. Doud and wife to same, lot 6. Bray tract, Brooklyn township; $.750, Albert F. Euan and wife to same, lot on south line of seventh street, 75 feet west from Franklin, west 25x100; also lot on west line of Market, 219 feet north from Twenty-fourth, north Sl:4xl25, Oakland; $4000. Camped at Laundry Farm. The Alameda Guards spent yesterday in camp at the Laundry Farm and enjoyed themselves in many ways. They returned borne this morning. The company was nnder the command of Captain L. Mc-Chesney. x A Clever Speaker. Bev. Dr. Sweeney, pastor of the Christian Church, delivered an entertaining lecture at bis church last night on "Northern Africa, Including. Egypt." 40 Years tis Standard. IL UyK BRISK BIDDING. Successful Sals of thV Knox Orchard Property. ; Investors Know a Good Thing , - When They See If. Th9 Tract Is Destined to Bscoma j a - Flonrisliiii Placs, It is a comparatively easy matter for a revivalist or a street fakir to draw a large crowd and create a passing enthusiasm. Bat it is not each a light task to attract a large number of prominent citizens and capitalists to a place fifteen .miles away to nvest in the purchase of real estate. Before this can be done it mast be clearly an derstood that there is some strong and profitable Inducement influencing them. 1 That this was actually the case at Knox Orchard last Saturday is the very best argument that can be adduced of the value of the property. ' The ladies. of the Presby terian Churcn 01 ilay wards were there ana dispensed coffee and sandwiches in excellent style. This was very mash appreciated but it would be an insult to the intelligence of ttxe visitors to hint that they attended the sale at Hay wards because of the attractions offered by the luncheon, Undoubtedly the reason was 0171101 less worthy, but more practical, ine visitors. looking at the possibilities, nay the certainties, that future years, probably months, will produce, were anxious to purchase where the quick return of their money, doubled, perhaps quadrupled was assured Certainly the arrangements for the excur sion to the orchard, made under the,' personal supervision of Messrs. M. J. Layinance & Company were the most complete that could be desired. An exquisite brass band of twelve pieces accompanied the party and added much to the enjoyment. Punctually at 1 o'clock William Butter- field, that able and witty wielder of the hammer, ascended the rostrnm and announced the business of the day. A good deal - of speculation had been indulged in by the people of Ilay wards as to whether the sale would be a success. Conseauently they were much relieved and more pleased when they saw the keen interest displayed by the bidders from the start There was nothing of the nature of a boom sale about the disposal of the prop erty. The visitors were not "boomers, "i but level-headed eentleman and ladies who viewed the land solely on what their long experience told them were its merits and acted accordingly. For three boars and a half the bidding and sales were brisk and at that hour the energetic auctioneer was compelled to call a halt as the return tickets of the visitors called tor a return ou the 5 o clock train. Several of the lots were left unsold for want .of time, but there wui be no need or a orais band and lunch served by charming ladies lo attract purchasers. Enough proof was pat forward on Satur day to convince any one that Knox Or chard is considered by experts as a tract ottering exceptional opportunities to seek ers of home sites. The balance of the lots, it was announced, would be die posed of by private sale by M J. Laymance & Co., 4b6 Eighth street, or bv Mr. r-rank Lane, their representative at Hay wards. The total proceeds of the sale amounted to $23,857 50. Among, the purchasers were P. Kolb, who bought four lots. $U00 to f2fi0; W. W. Camron, five lots, irom $350 to $250; Councilman G. Earl, eight lots, from $170 to $3i5; A. Walker, three lots at $325 each; Mrs. Alilson. four lots, from $225 to $270; J. O'Neill, one lot. $500; Mr. Peralta, four lots, $25 to $310, and J. U. Hanschiid, two lots at $265 each. SUN Aflil TIUK TABLiE. ,., I 11. W. H. W. I L.W. I L. W.jSuniSun ,lune' Small. Large. Small.l LaraOrise. sets 6 9.46 AM 8.54 FMi 2.34 PSlf 3.17 AM 4.47.30 7 10 40 AM .20 PM 8.0S Pit 3.52 AM 4.47:7') 8 11.32 AM 153 PM 3.U PM 4.27 AM 4.47:7.31 9. ... 0-2.4 PMilO.17 PM 4.22 VM 5.02 AM 4,47 7.31 10. .. 1. 11 PM: 10.41PM 4 57 PM! 5.37 AM i.47 7.32 11 ... 1.59 pmIILIO PM b.42 t M 6.13 AM 4 47i7;32 12 ... 2.43 pm11.48 PM 6 27 PMl 6 54 AM 4 7j7 .S3 kTEAMZR MOVEMENTS. lO AKKIVB, FROM. .... ..Sydney.. ... i. Uonekong . . ...... .Guaymas...... -. 'AO ih.4,:tit. - rao.t. .. Honolulu.... .....u.Nanaimo ..... 51MS. Monowai.... CJat'iJ ...... evberu.... S1MK. Aiisirtiia.... Empiro P4T. -...June 9 . ..Juno 12 ...Juue21 DATft ...June' 7 ...June 7 ...June 9 .-.June 11 rent Loina. . .(jray Hartor" City Kio Janeiro ..Hongkong.. And way pons. . SKIPPIX3 FRANCISCO lNTiSLLlttENC5. V . - - - JUNE 6. 1592. SAN Arrlrsl. Satckdat. June 4. Stmr Umatilla. Holmes, 53 hours from Victoria; pats and mde, to GoodalL, Perkins & Co. Stmr City of Panama. Clark. S3 days from Panama: pass and t-tdse, to P M 8 8 Co. fctmr ..liy of NewlYork, Johnson, 16 days frm Panama; via ban Diego, pass and melee, to P M s a co. Stmr Homer, ButlerV hours from Eureka, pass ana muse, to 1 ivruse. Stmr Newsbov. LietHe, 14 hours from Navarro; 2b3 M ft lumber, to. Navarro Mill Co. Sunday, June 5. Stmr Alcazar, Gundersin, 30 hours from Harford; Dallas t, toL E Whlta. tjtmr State of California. ACklev, 49 hours from Portland, via Astoria 33V hours; pass and maw, to Goodall, Perkins & Co. Schr Nettie Low, Low, 7 boars from Point Reyes: 100 bxs butter, to Howard, Harris fe Co. eimri-omona, uaunan, 17 nours tim Eureka; pass and mdse. to GoodalL Perkins & Co. Stmr Santa Kosa, Alexander, 62-i hoars from San Diego, etc: pass and mdse, to Goodall, Perkins A Co. Stmr Gipsr, Jensen, V. hours from Santa Craz: produce, to Goodall. Perkins & Co. Stmr Empire, Moe, 5 days from Departure Bay; S23 tons coal, to R D Chandler. Stmr san Benito, Col vi lie, SJ days fm Tacoma: 40O7 tons coal, to S P Co. Br ship May hill, Hume. 57 days from New Castle, NSW; 200U tons coal to Balfour, Guthrie 4 Co. Br ship Fulomene, Cross, 58 days from New-castle, NSW; 3978 tons coal, to J D bpreckela & Broe. Schr American Girl, Sanders, 8 days from Salmon Bay; lumber, to Simpson Lumber Co, Cleared. Satokday June 4. . Etmr Et Paul, Ersklne, Oonalaska, Alaska Com Co. Br stmr Grandholm, Masjon, Ocos; L 6 Steele & Co. Stmr Columbia, Bolles, Astoria; Union Pacific Railroad Co. Haw stmr San Mateo. Smith. Com ax; Pacific Imp Co. . - r , Bris; W G Irwin. McCullongh, Honolulu; J D Spreckela it Bros. Stmr Aloha, Johnson. Honolulu; Williams, Simond it Co. Halted Satceday, Jnne4. Stmr Caspar, Anflndsen, Caspar. Br atmi crandholm, Masaon. Ocos. Stmr Crescent City Allen, crescent City. Stmr Sonol. Waivig, Greenwood. Stmr Maggie Ross, Marshall. Coos Bay. - Stmr Mackinaw, Littlefieid, Ta.oma. Stmr Coamopolia, Dettmers, Eureka. stmr Gipsy. Jessen. Santa Cruz, etc. Stmr Whites boro, Johuson. Stmr Humboldt. Edwards. Eureka. BtmrNorh Fork, toran. Eureka. Bara Alden Beese, Friit, KahnluL Nor bark Crania, Jensen, Liverpool, Schr S Danieiaon, Gmrjtle, Coquiile River. Bchr Seven Sisters, Olsen, Coos Bay. Schr Jennie Gnfis, Campbell, 3odega. Bchr Gen Banning, Charileston. Navarro. Schr JC Ford, rown, Aberdeen. . Schr Emma Claudius, Maaa, Humboldt, - BrjHDAY, June X " Btsnr Navarro, Anderson. Navarro. ' Stmr S. Paol, rrskine. Oonalaska. Ship E B Sutton. Carter, New York. Brig W G Irwin. McCnllough, Honolulu. Bchr Chas Hanson, Lilyquist, Aberdeen. Schr Aloha, Johaaon, Honolnlo, Schr Daisy Rowe, J OTensea. Humboldt Bay. Schr Jas Townyend, Wilson, Fort trsrg. BchrViebfoot,Paiajgien. Bchr Neptune. Martins,. tcir Wm Kenton, Hanson, Aberdeen. Schr Elvenia, Anderson, Humboldt. Schr C C Hill. Grethe,' ehoalwater Bay. . Tetet-rastnie. POINT LOBOS Juan 1410 p. ST. Weather hazy; wind N W: velocitv 20 miles. , BO UN. STAMBOU9H in Fresno, June 8, to the wile 01 n. r. Btimoouga, a son. . . 1ST BAH raAKCISCO " DOXNELVT Jane 2, to the wife of F. T. .Donnelly, a daughter. FL.4.N GAM June 4. to the wife Of C. B. Flanagan, a daughter. DIED. GOOLI In this city, June 5, Sarah Goold. be- loveu-mouier oi jars. Marr 1 0117 muu Francis J. Goold, a native of Pennsylvania, aged 70 years. 2 months and 4 days. X$- Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend tne funeral WEDNESDAY, av-10 o'clock A. U from her : late residence, IU13 Linden street Interment Mountain View Cemetery. IX SAX FRANCISCO. CERVriXI June 5, Bertha Cervllll, a native of Brisbane, Australia, aged 26 years, 3 mos. and 25 days. DuiiHaCGU V June 4, B- Dolheguy, 1 native of France, aged 68 jeers Donnelly June r. Marr Dv inelly, a native of 8an Francisco, agfdl d-j GOODMAN June 3. John L. Goodman, a na tive of Anderson couatsr. Indiana, aged 62 yrs. HaLLIDEN Jnue Sr. c. HaUlden, aged 30 wAskpei sin1 ill navei iT LkKCAKI June 2, Joseph Lercari, native of San Francisco, aged av years. MULLEN June 4, Mrs. Alice Mullen, a native of Ireland, aged 57 yea's. . -- mall June 5, Susaua Mall, a native of Germany, aeed 62 vasn-a? FILLING June 5, MraLottie L. Pilling, a na tive oi new xorx, ased os years, m momus and 6 days STEKttTl June 4, Bdpjamln F. Sterett, aged WYM AN June 5, Fred A. Wyman, a native of sxohegan. Me , aged 25 years ana u menins. - When the Kaby Is ut'.lnr Teeth. Be sure and use the old and well-tried remedy Mas, Wiksi-ow's Soothiho 8YECP, for children teething. . It soothes the child, soften the gutas allays all pain, cures wind colic and is the best remedy for diarrohoea. Twenty-five cents a bottle. FUKNITUKE AUCTION SALE Tuesday. June 7th, at 10:30 O'clock Berkeley by J. I Lyon 3S Bon. at We will sell ou the premises, Dwight way, between Dana and Ellsworth, per order of Mrs. Ulrich on accouut of departure for the Kast, the fine organ, cost $225, ele- cant sofa divan, easy and reception chairs, fine oil paintings and engravings, parlor desk, costly mantel clock, best brussells carpets, three chamber sets, mattress and bedding, elegant dining table, sideboard and leather seat chairs, crockery, glass and Dlated ware, range and kitchen furniture, hat rack, drawl book case, three fins lap robes, etc N. B. The desirable roomy cottage to let on line electric railroad. J. L. LYON, Auctioneer. Found ' At the drug store, a valuable package, worth its weight m cold. My hair has stoDDed falline and ail. dandruff has disap peered since 1 found! "rfkookuoi Root Hair Grower." Ask your drawls t about it. Stop! Is your harness worn out? call and see latest styles of htirness J. Beeby's, 1058 Broadway. If so, at E. More cases of nick headache. ' biliousness constipation, can be cured in less time, with less medicine, and for less money, by using Carter's Little Liver Pills, than by any other means. Gentlemen, are you in it? If yon "want to be in the swim, get an $3 95 suit,, worth $1.5, at J. T. Moran's, Eleventh and Broad way. Visitors to our city troubled with defective sight, consult C. Muller the expert optician, 135 Montgomery street, near Bush, San Francisco. tflll be found an excellent remedy for sick headache. Carter's ' L:ttlo Liver Pill s Thousands of letters from people who hare used them prove this fact. Try them. Taffy aud Ice Cream Have won many a girl's heart. Just try Reuter Brothers' best at 905 Broadway, and you will te convinced that their goods are superior. Ice cream delivered to aoy address. A fresh supply of choicest, candies made daily. Parties Wiiblnt to Engage A corjpeteot auctioneer leave word at H. Suheilhaas' store, 408 Eleventh street. Li one Very Cheaply. You should advertise 5 our business some, no matter bow small it is. If you cannot a fiord to pay much, put your Mad" in our classified business directory, under which we will run it for 50c a month. Boys' Knee Pants, suitable for .camping, reduced to 50 cents, .' J- -T.-' Moran's, Broadway and K.eventu street. Oar entire cloak stock at cost. Palace Cioak Company. KXOAVashingtnn street. Sick Headache and relieve all the troubles Incident to a bilious state of the system, such as Dizziness, Nausea. Drowsiness, Distress after eating, Pain in the Side, &c. While their most remarkable success has been shown in curing Headache, yet Carter's limi Livkr Pills are equally valuable in Constrpatlon, curing and preventing this annoying complaint, while they also correct all disorders of the stomach, stimulate the liver and regulate the bowels. Even if they only cured Acne they would be almost priceless to those who suffer from this distressing complaint: but fortunately their goodness does not end here, and those who once try them will find these little pills valuable in so many ways that they will not be willing to do without them. But after ail sick head is the bane of so many lives that here f s where we make our great boast. Our pills cure it while others do not. Caktkk's Little Lrvxs Pius are very small and very easy to take. One or two pilis make a dose. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or purge, but by their gentle action please all who use them. In vials at 25 cents : five for $1. Sold everywhere, or sent by .mail. CASTZ1 UZSieant CO., He Trk. POISONED! More children die by inhaling sewer gas than from anv other cause. Parents, your doctor bills amount to considerably more from this cause than itwoukl cost to rem edy the evil bv havinr roar borne property sewered. T.'J. CARROLL, at 560 Seventh street, will guarantee, by using bis Elmendorf Water Closet, to give yoa a system of sewerage that will prove safe in every particular. He employs experienced plumbers, who understand their work. A visit to his abop. where the closets are on exhibition, will convince) yoa of their efficacy. - a M True merit is al ways recognized. "Seal of North Carolina" has risen from the ranks on merit alone; its su quality has perior placed it in the front. Packed in Patent Cloth Pouches and ia Bale AL. VQOD & BRO. the! leading JE AINTE DEt: 3 1 463 Tenth St, All work guaranlssflrst-clas s Pi PI V r 4 . : ' ! MAD A jilhi vr To 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20. 2i: si- ' 5 1 130 la W W 63 M SO fO W S V M I M EO 50 80 AO 45 3; 120 3. I life' SPECIAL H l n X I'M ill 44 lBIE -lOIS ii!44 .- i OFFERING ! 40! Choice Lots. i . ' - ! - . - - ' - : , -- " ; Qnly 250 ' Only 25 ash. Llonthly Installments, Here is the place to invest for home-seekers and speculators. First coine, first served. The WELD TRACT is the nearest to Oakland of all the tracts now offered for sale, and is situated a very short distance from the San Leandro Road. The Electric Road is now in this Tract, is to buv. Sure to Make Money ! Magnificent Location ! Splendid, Drainage ! Splendidly Laid Streets ! j Rich Soil! Church and Public School! Lots Ready to Build on! For No. C Lb U Q H Bets Tenth and Eleventh Streets. ao rm BTia fit w QW III liUi S2IU Washes Everything BUT Morals and ASK YOUR GROCER FOR IT. Wl ELAND & Make-It- Second-Hand Engines and Boilers IT1 3Et AT OAKLAND IRON WORKS, SCOVILLE IRON WORKS Corner ecoBd and Crush Streets. (Telephone 317). ALL KINDS of MACHINE WORK!; Kplrlns SftSi BLACK3MITHLNQ A SPECIALTT. : i We have NEW ASV oECQS ii-HAND KNGlNfJS. IVES SC3VILLE. Proprietor. "A. POWELL, Gxn'l Manager. - IHer 3, btcuart Street, tan Francisco. PUGET SOUND LUMBER COMFY Manufacturers of and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Pine and Redwood Lumber, Shingles, fchakes, Laths, etc Cargoes Cut to Order. Office and Yard, First and Washington Sts., Oakland.: Teleplione 176 WELD i "50 io Eo 69 Ja to 0 &a 33 &a so t& j so so to a &a r , s I ! . ?4 !5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1 19 20 JJ ' B i I Each. $5 to $10. Full Particulars, Call at the Office of 8c 1002 BROADWAY, acxis ixn ID Conscience. DINMORE -Sau Francisco. x 3 J. JLm ZE3 -o THE ' Second and Jefferson Streets GEORGE W. FISHER, Mamaoer, Oakland Yards: First and Washington Streets. STREET o VO 21: 45 SPECIAL OFFERING! , 40 Choice Lots. 1 Only 250 Each. Only 25 Cash. Monthly Installments, $5 to $10. BAKER, Oakland.

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