Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 25, 1892 · Page 6
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 6

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1892
Page 6
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OAKLAND DAILY jEVJNXSGr TRIBUIWV MONDAY,--APBIL 35, 1892. THE, DELEGATES; Result ol tie. Priniries . Ihrongliout tbs County. . The Regular tickets All Elected !in Oakland. . ' - Colonel Meyers Accepts His nomination as DsIegatB-at'LargeT - The Bepoulican primary election pasted off very quietly Saturday afternoon. There wasonlyone eonteit in tbe city, and to ay was m tne esecona waru. to ohibw j of ex-Jadse E. M. Gibson got oat an opposition picket substituting the name of i. H. 8tniin for Gioson. Only a few men were working for the opposition, though, while the Gibson faction foueht lice beaYera to carry the day. They, succeeded very nicely, a Gibson only lost a little over seventy to tea oat of over two hundred cast. . The enemies of Gibson assert that they made jio organized neat against him and hence the victory. It is claimed that only four men took an interest in the matter. It is said, however, that some of the dissatisfied ones will carry the battle into the State Convention and challenge Judge Gioson'e 'name before the Committee ou Credentials. The delegates elected through? on t the county are as follows: t OA CLAUD CITY. First ward D. 8. Moulton. Charles H. Keddtngton and Bobert G. Graham. : Second ward W. Ac Childs, F. B. Girard and E. M. Gibsonl Third ward Frederick C. Clift, John A. Eeckwith and C..B. Morgan. Fourth ward H. A. Powell, H. B. il. Miller and Charles Brooke. i Fifth ward T. T. Dargie, George- E. De Goha and T. 8. Cochraa. Sixth ward William M. Kent, Edward Voorueea aud J. J. Lerri. Seventh ward William H. McGrath, J. C. Fianxett and Thomas B. Ueasy. - , 1 OAKLA1CD TOWKSHIP. - - East Berkeley F. X. Shattuck, Lonis GoitshalL , West Berkeley C. Spear. Temeacal G. P. Morrow. Bay district Don F. Miller. ' ALAMEDA T0W5SHIP. " . , ' . t - -I 11 ...2.,-J - m 1 -1 1 M r Aiiona a sbuuh 10 tuur uaicjrates ana the following were elected: J. A. Way mire, V. M. Bank, H. P. Mortal and T. W. Leydeoker. y - ! BROOVZllTOW98HIF. Only one delegate from Brooklyn and . that will be J. B. Taloott, the dairyman. . .;: T.VKS TOWSSHlr. , Ban Leandro L. C. Morehouse. " llaywards C. B. Harmon.' ; WASHIKGTbH TOWBSHIT. Decotn John C Whipple. ( Kiles-vV. T. Dickey. JIURSAT. TOWHSHIF. PleasantonC. B. Thompson. Livermore-H. H. Pitcher. "'-.- AT LABGK. Colonel Meyers waa chosen delegate-at large from this county by the County Committee some days ago. - He has accepted the appointment. County Committee Meeting. The County Committee will hold a meeting at- the office of E. C. Chapman tomorrow afternoon for the purpose o! canvassing the returns of the primary and declar ing the result. . . . 4 Jacob a Candidate. ' W. A. Jacobs of the Fifth ward is anxious to go as a delegate to'the State Convention. He either wants to go from the district or at large. Mr. Jacobs, was a member of the convention that nominated Harrison four years . ago. He ia a recent arrival from Missouri and is an ex-State Senator from that State. Wtl OikUad BcpaMlcaai. An important meeting of the West Oakland Republican C-Jb will be. held this " evening at Barletr Hall, corner Seventh and Fine streets. - A BLOCKADE. Much Trouble Caused by changes on Clay Street. the ' The removal of the German . Lutheran . bfirchi from the northeast corner of Thirteenth 'and Clay afreets to Twelfth and Myrtle streets yesterday morning seriously Interfered with the business of the Piedmont. Cable Company, throughout the greater part of the day. It prevented the running of the - i cars on Clay street, compelling them to be dragged on to Washington street at Fourteenth by teams of horses. The cars were blocked from 5 A. x. to 5 p. m., and it la said the company will sue the houemover. Bay lea i for damages at the rate of $50 perhonr. ' The moving of the church required the cutting of 100 single telephone wires on Clay street, and the dropping of two tele--phone - tables, each containing about 125 wires. This work was successfully accom- CLOSING SALE OF fo) rioMMEXcisa Tuesday. April m. we KJ will start a tale of RUGS at prices which . wm Clean out tne enure stock in snort order. As only very few of these rttga will be in the -market before next fall we would ad rite oar customers to com early ana take their pick. since vie nest aesigss are sere to go nrsi Ingrain Base, different siree......9c Wool Ingrain Rugs, dlffr't atzea 18o Art Squares, Moqaette eamplee 25c All-Wool, extra, three-ply. ......38c Moqaette Sample Raea... ....... 48c Axmlnister Gobelin, Moqaette - r llage ...75c Same, 1 yards Ions;., .......... ..OSo Best. Quality, New Designs, IK , ' yards Ions;;...,..........:. .1 48 -c A FLURRY ' IN HOUSEHOLD GOODS. - To Introduce our 6nring Importations of . romerea. Lace curtaina. Fringee, Shades. ' Tapectriea, etc. we have put the following specialties on onr counters. - , Thaerice aooted are way below regular val. nes, and will not fail to create a stir among our customers. Lace Curtains, fmliy taped..... ......pair 90 4 AU Chenille Portiere, top and bottom . frlnce, with or without border .pair 4 50 kuknn Uulr wnrtu t3 On mixm ; window anadea oa patent spring rollera i. ..pair 0 23 A new line of All-Wool Frlnraa from J2Ue an. e-4 Tapestry Table Corar, friitgea......-JO ba , 8-4 Tapestry Table Cover, fringed.. 0 W CyWlll be on Display In onr Windows. riOADTTAY. piisbed without in any manner interfering with the service. The church had scarcely left its old site when the frame residence on the northwest corner, owned by L. H. Braces, waa moved to the vacant spot. Thi work was done eo rapidly that the people who passed the corner in question daring the day could scarcely realize that so great a transformation couki have taken place during the night. This latter removal waa In viola tionot the tire limits ordinance, because it brought a frame building Lato the fire limita of the city. i -Ordinance 1349 says that no person shall remove or cause to be removed or assist in the removal of any frame or wooden building from any place butside the fire limits to or upon any lot or block withiu the fire limits of Oakland. ' The penalty for this violation ia a fine of cot less, than 1100, or. if not paid, imprisonment at the rate of $1 a aay for each $2. The fire limit run on Clav street, from Seventeenth to r'ourt. so that this viola tion was caused by moving the bouse- in question only across "be street ? ALAMEDA. An ExsitingStrnggls Creates Consternation oa Park Stmt. Arrangements Completed for the Flag- Balalag Kzerelaee at the Wilson SehooL ' Alavksa. April 25. Last Saturday evening a aon of 'Engineer Frencsv living on Mound street created consternation on Park street and indulged in a little ruf fianly sport which led to bis ultimate incarceration in the Alameda City Jail on two charges of battery and one of assault with a deadly weapon. . The gay young man began by tormenting a Chinaman, and when the latter sbov)ed a willingness to fight back French drew a big revolver and wanted to annihilate the Mongolian. About this time Officer Conrad appeared on the scene and tried to subdue the be-ligerent French, who fought desperately but was eventually overpowered and landed in prison. It will go rather hard with him on account of hia desperate straggle against the law and order of the usually quiet city. i ' With Fitting Bxerei.es. Arrangements are about completed for the flag raising exercises at the new Wilson schoolhouse and Principal True has an- j bounced nex't Friday afternoon as, the time ior me ceremony, josepn unowiana via formally present the fltg and a splendid programme appropriate to the occasion will be rendered by the school children. : The Primary KJecfon. ... The - Republican primary election to select delegates to the Stockton convention was conducted very quietly on Saturday afternoon.. There was no opposition v and one would hardly realize that an election was taking 'place. The delegates elected were: J. A. Waymirei W. M. Bank, H. P. Moreal and T. W. Lydecker. - , , The Konl.f ard. It is likely that the 'Atlantic avenue boulevard will be built if other preliminaries are as easily arranged as was the matter of the right of way. The Alameda Improvement Association has been working on the matter for some time, and has managed to obtain the consent of nearly all the property owners on the proposed right of wav. xne avenue will be 15U teet wioe, and will extend nearly the ntire length of town. - Democrat- Oiicaoise. The Alameda Democratic Central Club has organized for the approaching campaign, and has elected T. Fleming, president; Fred. C. St. -Sure, secretary; and P. L. Scboaff, treasurer. A meeting of the club . will be held Thursday evening to nominate three delegates to the State con vention and nine county committeemen. The delegates will be vo:ed lor on Batar- day next. . . 1 i Alaat.uA uta- Tbe Leonard baseball team came back from Suisun last evening covered with defeat. The score was 10 to 3 against them. E. O. Crosby, son of Judge' Crosby, is spending a few days with bis father. work ou tne new rarK-sueei sewer win commence in earnest tomorrow corning. City Engineer Poyzer has completed the surveys. - . J. J. JNorman was found guilty on batur- day of sslling real estate without a license and was fined $15 by Judge Uznay. The defendant will take an appeal to the Superior Court . , Carl Peterson has sued H. L. Taylor to recover $180 for rent of premises on .Sent Clara avenue, near Oak street. Mrs. a G..Bali. wile of Dr. Ball. Is Tint' ing in Cloverdale. A WEALTHY RECLCSE. The Katata of xbm le-aa1 Berkeley i Mlaanthrep Foota Up S 1OO.O0O. George B. Bailey, the misanthrope of Dwight way, Berkeley, is dead. Years ago George was a great money-getter, and speculated to advantage. On one occasion he trusted a large sum , of money to a friend, witb the usual result Bailey got no return from it. After this he shunned the society of his kind and dwelt in seclusion in a little hut, rarely ' seeing his wife and children. The cabin contained the barest necessities and but one luxury a cabinet organ. : He wav thought to be wretchedly poor. Great was tne surprise ot au wuen it was aiscov- ered that hia estate was in excess of $100,-' 000. Another strange thing is that hia brother; Charles A. bailey, to whom he has not spoken tor many years, is named as executor. j ' . - FOB THEATERGOERS. The Klectrie Kssd Peopl Hsm sua By to BailBttt, The Oakland and Berkeley Rapid Transit line is laying a double track on Thirteenth atreet. between 1 Franklin street and the narrow-gauge road, on which it will switch cars at night for the accommodation of theater and church-goer. Later on the line will be extended on that thoroughfare to East Oakland, i , ' The Sixteenth street line is being wired today and will be placed in operation in a few days. RETAIL. MARKET. The following quotations of the Oakland retail market are compiled from reports gathered from var ions dealers: VEGETABLES --Potatoes ttt ' 11C. Onions. lb 4&2e: Cauliflower, 9 head. &$ 10c; Celery. bunch, 6(10c; Cabbage. head. etlOn; Aspsragna, v tb. 6c; Artichokes, dot. 80c: Lettuce. a bead. 23. PRODUCE Eggs. California dos. 30T325C: turkey lb, 22,(d27;bntter. choice, roll. 450 66: chickans. broilers, apiece, ao7d; chickens bene, apiece, b3(j$$l: chickens, rooaters, apiece 75&$1 2o; geese, apiece, $1 50(91 7a; docks, mallard, a pair, $lu$$i 50; - pigeons, dos., $1 7eS$2 50; Sqnaqs, dos.' $3 FRO IT Oranges. Navel. V dot. 75eU: Oranges, Seedlings, V dot, ayoOc : lemons, A dos 80(je4ge; Umea, t dox-, 10c; bananas, ? dox, 4040c;Tabie Apples. 9 box. $i4 cranbArTlea. qt, lOtaioc; pineapples, apiece. 5S$1; Smyrna figs. lb., l20c. Dates, l2.Se 'wn;RaUna. 10il5o 't Strawberriea. VJ basket, la25c. - MJTS Almonds. Bs, ia?(514c; walnuts. V ts, 10915c: Pecans. n, viuc; BrasU-nuta, i520e; baxel nuts, i tt, 1520c ' Th Heat Market, - . '. ' We quote slaughterers' wholesale prices as follows: . - - BEEF Steers, first qaalltyt 637c; second, CS: third.' SMe: Cows. : ffrat qaaUty 6mc; aeoondjKo5He: third. 4oc CALVS-c6 yih.forneav range: light do.. 66ie: dairy, 7c , . ' - . : LAM fi Spring 9i0operlbi. MUTTON From b&Ke lb, for Wethers, Ewea.7Ue,: -l rOJLK UofS. en foot, hard, grain-feed,heavy average, 4c V lh.; medinm.&ke; light average frJsidfe; feeders. Sjus; stock' BStjgc , ' URxvitisAvs A Co.. Fine Hats and Capi $22-53$ Kearny street San Francisco, "Cal. The most reliable optician ef tie Pacific coast; C lia'.ler, 135 Ifontgomery street Etn Iisi. sa fnncisco, - . KKA.it STATJB .Tit A NSaOflONs. DEEPd. MOSDAT. April 25th. Louis Cimomen and wife. Grace, te sfarriette M.. wife of Jostah P. Fuller, lot 10, block 'A Warner tract, Brooklyn townenip; si t Ute of barah lower, by euardian, to Mrs. Jotephine L. Pierce, lot 3, block A..Klden Gate tract, oaxiana townsmp: L wl L tfraanniy ana wiie, r. ou, 10 ttawara Tharaiag, lot oa cast line of Filbert atreet, lit! teet nortn uom xentn, nona suxiza, utsusa ; $1642. ! - . bame to Owen T. Soonev. lot on north line of Tenth atreer, 85 feet east from filbert, east 30x 100, Oakland; SUM) Same to Maria EL Moflenheuer, lot on northeast cornel Tenth and Filbert streets, east Sox 100, Oaklaad; S2S50. - Same to Kna F.. wife of K. C. Kendall, lot on east line of filbert street, 100 feet north from Teuth, north 82xi'2i, Oakland: $1600. SametoClaoa H. Kneka and wife, Margaret, lot on west liue of Myrtle street, 164 feet north from Tenth, north 82x125, Oakland, $1876. - bame to George W. Hosmer, lot on -north line of Teeth atreet, 95 feet west from Myrtle, west 80x100, Oaklaad; $lSa& ' Same to Josiah Amos, lot on north line of Tenth street, 65 feet east from Filbert, east SOx 100, Oakland; I1S75. Katne co Fabian H. Brnning, lot on the west line of Myitle street, 196 feet north from Tenth, nortb 82xl?5. Oakland; $1960. Sams to Juliette, wlf of Joseph Block, lot on the east line of Filbert street, 133 feet south from Twelfth, aouth S2xt2a, Oakiand: $1600. ' Same to Lncina Cowlea. lot on the east line of Filbert street, 228 feet north from Tenth, north 32x125. Oaklaad: $5. ,. Mary A Van Duyn to Franc Bame ana wue, Harriet M.. lot 6, block A, V. PeraJta Keerva-tioa tract, Oakland township; $65a iiia A., wife ol J. E. MCElratn, to jonn RooerUon. lot ia block 21 A Alden .Vactat TmMiil. Ofttl&rifl tnwimhin: SLOl Ueorze C. Edwardaaud wife-to S. M. Babbitt, trustee, lota 3, 5. 7. 9 to 17. block F. lota 5, .7, 9. 11. 13 to 16, block E, amende! map of Salinger frut Oakland tnwnohin: S10. - Ueonre W. Ayerlee to 1 nomas F. Graber, lot 24, block . D, Leonard tract, Oakland township; $800. 1 Tbomns F. Graber and wife to George W. Ayeriee, same; $10. - ... George Chase and wife to Julia, wife of A. J. Read, lot on the west line of Ninth avenue, 50 'eet northeast from East Fifteenth street, northeast 2 by northwest 120. East Oakland; J 100. i U L. Salsburv and wife. Emilie W., to John W. Jackson, lot 5, resubdivigion of block U. Smith's subdivision of Mathews tr-ct, Oakland township; $4o0. Edward C. Robinron and wife to Louis Gott-shall, lot on northeast corner of East Twenty-second street and Ninth avenue, northeast 5ox lftO; also lot on northeast corner of Kast Twenty-third street and Eighth avenne, northeast IM by sontheast 100. East Oakland: $ia Victor Uoffmanu Jr. to Kate B. Hoffmann, his wifo, lot on south line of Enclnal avenue (as widened), 200 feet west from Walnut street, west 50x140, Alameda; gut. . 1 John J, Scotch. er to Ellen M. Scotch ler, widow, lota 7 to 22, block 4, Bpanlding ti act, Berkeley; S10. B. U. Steinman and wife to Edwin K. Alslp, lot on northwest corner of Seventh and Chester streets, west 1U0 by north 72:1. Oakland; 110. Joseph A. and Francea S. Benton to trnstees, et, Pacific Theological Seminary, lot oc northwest corner of C'hanning way and Prospect street, west along nvrth Uue of Chsnning way and north along east line of Piedmont way 114o feet, est 430 to Prospect street, south 675, being lot 46, blortk A, portion Berkeley property, etc., Berkeley; gift. , Abby U; Libby to Joseph Board man, lot on vast line of Peralta street, 18 feet south . from Third, nortn 18 to Third, east too, soutn 47. thence wet ou a straight liue to beginning, Oakland ; S10. F. J. Woodward,- E. C. Sessions and wtfe to Highland Park and Fruit Vale Railroad, lot on snath west line of East Twelfth street, 216.50 feet northwest from Commerce, southwest par allel with Commerce street 10J feet, southwest -parallel with Thirteenth avenue to north line of Central Pacific Railroad Company s right of way, northwest to northeast line of East Eleventh street, northwest to a point 175 feet east of the southeast line of Thirteenth avenue, northeast 25 feet, thence on curve to left 69.20 feet, northeast on a tangent parallel with Thirteenth avenne 222 feet to southwest liue of East Twelfth street, s utheast 31.03? also lot on northeast liue of East Twelfth street, 225 feet southeast from Thirteenth avenue, southeast 37 by northeast 375 to East Fourteenth street. East Oakiand; .$10. E. C. cessions and wife to Warren R. Shilling, lots 5.6, SO, 11, 14 to 20, subdivision of block C; also lot on east line of Champion street, 74.20 feet aouth from Chicago avenue, south 40 to torth line of block; A, Champion tract, east 121.67. north 40, west 124.80, revised map of Prospect Hill tract. Brooklyn township; $lo. J. a. Ti Watkinson to H. J. Uonison. lot 1. "Bowie property, Oakland township; $1200, Jacob Levi sr. to Edward Wait, lot 2. revised map J. Levi Sr. tract, Brooklyn township; $uo6. MORTGAGES. s . ! Monday, April e5tb Mra Josephine U Pierce to Guardian of es tate of barah lower, as in deed; 1WJ9 S. , Janet, wife' of T. Cameron, to Eliza J. Bart-lett, lot on west line of Macnolia street. 206 feet south from Fifth, south 25x133:3, Oakland, $625. I ' ' , Louis Meyer to John Schumacher, lot on south line of Eagle avenue, 100:4 feet west from Park atreet. west 10x145. Alameda; S4000. George W. Uwmer to biinoua M, wile of M. L. Brslbury, as in deed; $o0J. Josiah Ames to same, as in deed; $1500. ' Edward Tharsinor to same, as in deed; $1312. . H. Bruniuv to same, as in deed; $1561). Joseph B.ccit aud wife, Ju.iette, to same, as in deed ; J6X). Owen F. Rooney to same, as in deed; $152f. Lucina Cowlea to same, as in deed; $lu00. N. C. Kendall and wife, E. F to same, as In desd; $1200. Maria IF. Mollennauer to same, as in deed; $J0(. - r John W. Jackson to Emilie W., wife of L. U M. Salsbury, as in deed; J200. Edwin; K. Ajslp and wife to B. TJ. Steinman, asln deed: $J5.0A). Warren R. bhilling to 1 C. Sessions, as In deed; $i90a Margaret, wife of J. 11. Delehanty, to Mary A, wife of L. J. Hardy, lotou north liue of Nineteenth street, 116:0? j feet east from Ban Pablo avenue, east 49x88. Oakland; $1000. H. J. Dontson tp Home Savings Bank, as in deed; $11S0. Edward Malt to Jacob Levi Sr., as in deed; I72& Look Like "Ringers." The clerical ball-tossers of the City Hall are .disappointed over the nine which the county oilicials have selected to oppose them. They claim that they do not know the athletes from the southern end of Broadway. They miss the well-known county dignitaries, and suepect that a cold deck of San Francisco professionals . has been rung in on them. Election jr.xpent.es. The Council will tonight order paid nearly all the expenses of the lata election, bnt the Treasurer will not be ab'e to honor the claims until about the 8th or 10th of next month. All of the intervening time will be required by the clerks to enter up(. au sue voucners. - I m . Will Deliver the Oration. Clinton G. podge will deliver the oration on the occasion of the celebration in this city of the seventy-third anniverssry of tbe establishment tf Oddfellowsbip in . this country,. ': - A beaatifa! building imt on sat of tbe best residence streets in Usk land la afferkJ at at poeitive bar gala If sold Immediately, Anyone laktar to purchase can a;et f nil particulars! by applying- ts Will, lam J. Din gee, 460 and 462 Elgntn atreet, Oakland Once lost, it is difficult to. restore the bair. Therefore be warned in time, lest von become bald. Bkooknm Root Hair Grower stops falling hair, hold by drug gists. Do yon drink f tipple. I Then Napa Soda is your Ladies' Outing Suits in great variety, 7; worth $12. Palace Cloak Company, 1009 Washington street. j. Brussels Cabpets, 60 cents per yard. All new, choice patterns, at H. Schellhaas', 408 Eleventh street. . 35c. I- Bird Traps. 35e. Boys as well as girls buying a trap receive a little brown jng at H Schellhaas big furniture store. 403 Eleventh street, ; Cam? Chaibs at EL Scbelibaas'. Tha." Buckingham." Oaklandera will find the finest wines and liquors at the Buckingham, 111 Montgomery 'atreet, corner Bush, San Francisco. Agency of C. C. Mciver's Linda Vista Vineyard. - IL J. fiaiie, proprietor. .... - -, . ; ... - They make eae real as though Hie was worth living: Take one of Carter's little Liver Pills after eating; It win relieve dyspepsia, aid'diges- t oa, giving tone and vigor to the system. lr4iNii!J!f(i GOING AWAY FOR THE SUMMER That's what thousands of -people are going: to do, and Oakland residents are always among, the leaders of the van. ' RIGHT NOW Is therefore the time to advertise the attractions or your hotel. If you delay some more enterprising manager will secure the desired boarders. -. ' . . i.i- QUERY: Is it not better to spend a : few dollars . in making your place knpwh, than to hare Tacant rooms throughout the season ? Think of this and write today for our special offer to - i SUMtVlER RESORT ADVERTISERS ADDRESS Tribune Pub. Co., , 415, 17, 19 Eighth St., .i ! ' OAKL4ND. CAlJ DR. NES B ITT. 920 ER0AD WAY, Oakland, California. SLETKX TEARS' KXPKBIKNCK. THIS CELEBRATED MEDICAL AND 8UR-gical specialist of New York promptly cores Catarrh of tne head, throat, stomach and kidneys. Perfect cure guaranteed in these diseases or makes no charge. Dr. W. J. NESEITT'S Medie.il Institute, 923 Broadway, Examiner Block, Oakland, California. Office honr ltt to 12, 2 to 5, 7 to 9. Sundays, 10 to 12 a. x. only. Consultation iritis. e- . "7t7" JSrt-I "J." JtX. - All- communications sacredly confidential Inclose a stamp to Insure an answer. , CHICAGO MARKET- m m EGBEItT & COM Proprietor.. I I Beef, Mutton, Veal. Lamb, Sausages, Salt meats, etc. . Corner Eleventh and Clay Streets. ' Building formerly occupied by Cape Ann Bakery, Telephone; 600. Tbe rneumatfc or Vacuum Medical Institute has removed to the Bbckswic a, room 21. Take elevator on Ninth street N.W. cor Washington. We cure all chronirt and nervous diseases by a mechanical means of cremating me nioou, Tbial Tkeatmknt Free. Terms reasonable. In reach of alL ALBS. DR. M. A. LEWIS. Paor'B. 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Pnlslna and aervlce nerfect. Com fortable teds. Table first quality. Hot and Cold Napa oda Eaths. Trained aonkeys for the nova and eirli to ride. Two trains every day in the week: Gas and running water In every room. All the boarders are harpy. What more can you ask? Address ANUREW JACKSON, Frsp'r. NAPA SODA SPRINGS. P. O. CaL MENDENIi ALL'S MINERAL SPRINGS. Near I4vermore, Alameda County Now Open. 1750 feet above tbe sea. in tbe mountains. Deliebtful climate, beautiful scenery and good accommodations for families. Coaches connect witn morning train from ban Francisco. j Wen. M. Mendenhall, Proprietor, i Llvermore, Cel. HOTEL RAFAEL San Rafael, Marin Co., Cal, .:.....TILL...... -J On May 1st. For aeeoBBBBodatlons apply to CHA8 FETEBSON. 124 Bansom Street, Ban Franeisco, or O. Bf . BRINMAS, Mstaag;er Botil Rfal. Han Km !. MOUNTAIN RESORT, Sims Station, CaL Climate unsurpassed. Finest trout fishing in tne State. Terms Reasonable. Address . B. F SOUTHERN, i Hazel Creek P. O., ' ' Shasta Co., CaL HILLSIDE FARM FOB best accommodation. . CaL SUMMER BOARD; Fostoffice 139, Napa, NOTICE TO CAMPEKS AS I OWN THE riDaria n water liehts of tbe Alameda creek on my premises, all parties renting; anv of my grounas wtii oe graniea uie uauai privueprs under my protection, notwithstanding; the notices of the water company. Trains stop at my place. Write for particulars to C MAY-BORG, Niles Canyon. . AZALEA HOTEL. CAMP TAYLOR, NOW - open for.the season; reduced fare and in creased train service now make this beautiful place not only the nearest, but the most accessible really country resort around San Francisco; magnificent redwood trees surround the place; a beautiful stream rues through the ground: no dnst, no fog, no wind, no mosquitoes and no picnics, make this the acme of a summer homtr.- For further particulars addresa J. I. TAYLOR, Camp Ta jlor. Cal. TOCRI3TS OR PERSONS DESIRING TO spend the summer in Oakland, can have furnished rooms for housekeeping, or rooms partly turnlshed; also unfurnished rooms in a quiet neighborhood. Call at 959 Clay street References exchanged. CAMPING AT KILE8 CANYON NOTW1TH-standing reports to the contrary, camping will be allowed this summer; fine fishing and banting grounds: carriages will meet all trains. For particulars address Niles Livery and bale Etabie. J. B. BARNAR,!), proprietor. GRAND CENTRAL HOTEL. FKLTON. banta Cms Co., everything first-class; good fishing and hunting, . fine mountain scenery and beautiful drives; the famous Big Tree Grove only one mile distant; free bathhouses and row-boats; camping grounds. Write for particulars. . OCE1S TKAVKL- COMPAGNIE GENERALE. T R AN Sli ANTIQUE French Una to Havre. COMPANY'S PIER (NEW) ti NORTH RIVER, foot of Morton street. Travelers by this line avoid both transit by English railway and the discomfort of crossing the channel in a small boat - Ls Bretagne April 23 Ls Champagne April SO la Toorsins .....Kay 7 La Bnrrorn - Msvy 14 For further particulars apply to A. FORGET, Agent, 3 Bowling .Green, New York. - J. F. FCGAZl fc CO., A senta, 5 Montgomery se , San Frsncisco. Railroad and Steamship Tickets to and from all points in the Cnitei Stales and Kurope told at lowest rates. Branch office, la Montgomery street HORT ROUTE London and Continent Hord Dentscher Lloyd S.' S, Co. Spree. Havel, Lahn, Trnve. Sahle, Atter. EiOer, Mm. Werra. Fulda, Elbe. A'auer Wilhelm IL NeW Tort, Eonthampton, Bremen. The fast Express steamers of this company sail every TUESDAY. WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, landing passengers in Southampton in 7V days or lass from New York. These Steamers are celebrated ior tneir speed and the comfort afforded passengers. OELKICUS ii CO., 2 BowUng Green, New York Robert CArEixa, General Agent for the Pacific Coast, 118 Montgomery street, under the Occidental Hotel, Baa Freocisco. CaL Occidental ma Orleitu stetmiiilp Cfl, FOR JAPAN AND CHINA. Nrn Cbakck is Houa or Sailixo. ntsaasers leave wharf eeraer First and Braaaae atresia, Baa Franeaaso, at S r.M., tar TOEOIAHAssd BONftKOMO CWiacil as Tcaoaatsaa wlU : stsameti far atansoaL nsAsrss. OCEANIC... GAELIC....; BELGIC... OCEAKICt. tax ... JBaturday, March x Saturday, April IS Tuesday, May 10 Thursday, June JUwnd Trip TIeket at ledneed rates. Oabta plans oa azaubiaea ana pi tieksts lot sale as a. F. CosBeaaVs FoanA aaa 74, For freight, apply to the Tmffle Maaager ef the Faeifia Kail Aship Oempasys wharf aaa Fraadeeo. T H. GOODMAN. CJeaeral Fast sagsi eiOBUi: H. K1CJE Trafflo Mawiacac. Contractor and Builder 1413 t BAN t PABLO t AVENUE. General Jobbine Done In a First'' -. -'dasa Manner. . ISTLitATErUKMSILED, Tel Ko. C07, ; ADVXStTTSKWlCTrr. raxcrrAX omct; 41 Market St., San Francisco, CaL Telephone 186A J, C. WILSON & CO., IMPORTEES AND Coal, Coke , (CUMBERLAND COIL J. d WILSON & CO. would customers' and the residents of Oakland-generally April they will open a Branch - Office yards at-the Northeast Corner of they will be prepared to receive orders, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL for all kinds of Foreign and Domestic Coal, Coke' and will deliver same, in quantities to meda, Berkeley and PiedmoDt at the asj t.vws OAKLAND BREWERY, Oakland BROOKLYN East Oakland. E. OAKLAND HOFBURG ELK LAGER from John Wieland Brewing Co. - ' . s; . . : w j C A. THILO Manager of Alameda County. ' " j , . , GENERAL) OFFICE, 463 Eighth Street, OaklaniJ. i CBAS. FKANCK. ELK BOTTLING ' BOLE AGENCY FOR Depot: 820 Hag-olia' Street, - ' " i TKLEFHONB 6S0. WASHINGTON ! i Coir. Fifth and Klrkbam The Best Brewed Beer in Oaklaad. Liiery, Boarding Aim SALE STABLES, Mel 8SS and 87 O Eighth Sl, Bttweea Franklla and lTetsteb Oaklaadv - Tebpaaae SSS -: . : .1 SCOVILLE IRON Corner Second and Brush Streets. al IflNnC of MAPUIMP WnRLf? fllili siiiw vi mnwiiiiiasj witi - BLACKS MITHINQ Wehave hEW AND oKcoal- IVES BCOVILLK. Proprietor, POWELL, Gem'i. Managib, Pier 3, Steuart Street, San Franeitco. PUGET SOUND jLUMBER COMB'Y ; Mannfacturers of and Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Pine and- Redwood Lumber, . 'j, .. . . . Bhinglee, Shakes, Laths, etc , Cargoes Cut to Order.- .. Office and Yard, First and Washington Sts., Oakland. 1 Telephone IT Oflitraetinff ni OAKLAND :-: CONTRACTING x COMPANY GENERAL CONTRACTORS FOR ! ALL KINDS OF STREET WORK. , J F Biiuaisou Farisf in all iti Branciei. i j j" :'. OOOHR 1. : t : j: IslANJLOEIL OQca. 470 Tsnih atreet. Oakland. 1 r 11 TELEPHONE OSft; XT. B. T, eSA Y, PusmzKS W. H. RNTOS, MasAesa, F.F. W ARD, Sscbbtabt. ! THE GRAY BROS., Artificial : Stone : ilNCOBFO SOHILLINGER PATENT.! f 412 T J Kft i 1 No Slti 412 TVKTH 6TassTi eyjzozst 1SJ6 fAKK HTBSST, ALAXKDA, !AL. -SlliMONTeOKIRT ST R SET, 3a! FbAKCISCO. Oifc COUTH JTOST STBEET, LOS ANGELES. CAU - ' Hie Oakland Paring Co., & ' and ttate, win execute muaicipal and private contracts lor alt branches of street work, and will continue to All orders for Its shipment of Its rock to other cities. Office, room S7, Blake A Mofllt Building. 906 Broadway. - i r , ' : OAKLAND INSTITUTE .FOR... .OF... The NERVOUS SYSTEM An emphatically private home hospital, after the "cottage plan" now so popular in Europe. M umber of patients limited to ten. Special attention given to eases of Alcoholism, : Neurasthenia, Morphine, Cocoaine and Nicotine habitues. Biaeaage, Electrlcltjr.AlcohoI, Hot Air and Steam Baths. The Oakland Institute is centrally located ; rooms larc e, sonny, well ventilated ; suitable diet; and only regularly graduated and licensed physicians are connected with it i. "., I Patitnts who desire to. have their own physician can oo so. for furtner particulars address ) J. A. DUPREM. D., BESIDENT PHYSICIAIT, ' Ti eltil Street, - - Oakland, CaL Oakland ornci: OS Broadway. " ST. X. Cor. 5th and Webster j Telephone 84. Yards: DBALEE3 IN ijlpon.-! A SPECIALTY f respectfully announce to their that' on the-Hl o- at 908 Broadway Street, with Fifth and Webster Streets, where" Pig Iron, and suit, -to any part -of Oakland, Ala very lowest market rates. -.-la- rtwj zy ya ss East Oakland West Berkeley.' 9 AM. WHITE. GO., ALAMEDA COUNTY. Oaihiia,'Ca. I BREWERV Streets, Oakland. Cat ' .. j Westermana & Co., Fropi CpecJal Attention Given to Board era. . ' ! " ir i Pest tf reed aed nr o Ciop Feed Uasi j Hone for dale. Boraea Bonjcbt . j ! , aadSoid V.DATXS. PrsrFsteftea. I WORKS (Telephone S4V f . Repairing: and General Jobblac dAU' wilt; Neatness and DispeMfk . . ' A SPECIALTY. haJiD KNuiNEd. -GEORGE Oakland Yards: W, FTSHIR, Makagik, First and Washington Streets, Pyine Oompaaiaw H. X. RAY. Tatusoaxa Paving : Company, HATED). OaklastO. I ;- With the benefit of 20 years ezperieoee, and or a aaarrr. tka rock from wtatnh ia tha h rrf mi tiu.k most durable vet used for macadamising tn thl Kl t) V ATIOS AX. (Bucoessor to Vzrvn ' Atexotti) SCHOOL cf PHYSICAL, CULTURE PAUL UTH ' I TaAtrw. FIRDINAND F1SCIKB JBACasm flssiw lor Ladies, QeotWaea, Boys aaa oirsi , Frivate leasoas ia all kiada ef r , FhysieaiTralaiac.: - j , Fenetn-. Cla ' Swlnelwc 14 aawltarF Uyauiastlea a bpaetaUy. Tall nraitilissa ' rAUL i CTH. 480 KTaasrraat 8rar - i LOUISVILLE RESTAURANT ! And OYSTKKjHOITSl The Kesteat and Best Restaurant Jn Oaklaaa. Open day and nicht. Frivate 1 . ' rooms lor ladles. . - 01O Broadway - ' OaVUandL dOtUf BLATICH. Froprietar. BlirTERKS'S i1 PATTEST for OBJalofM t aft & PErrnoTrnr. 4 mvmi ' ".V. t?t ii) '

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