Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 16, 1892 · Page 1
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 1

Oakland, California
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Saturday, April 16, 1892
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m ............. ........... ...v.... ....... ............. ; THEY ALL DO IT, : . i HOW THEY GROW : ' Was the average number of Batters, Coachman, Servant Maids, Waiters, Cooks, - laborers, Chambermaid, . Washerwomen, House- I cleaners, ' Gardeners, Ooreraases, 9reaamakersL - Norses, Housekeepers, Salesladies, Porten, Bed- - makers.Valeta, Bartender. Ranch-hands, Apprentice. - Office Boys, all adTtrtise in TE JE TRIBCNE. 413! Want Ads in Ths Tribusk during August, 1891. Ia March, 1892, the average was. ......... : CIRCULATION BRINGS RESULTS. 1 1 ?' .. . ............... .... .fi - e 7AKTiANP; CA,LI . - PAGES ! TO. 8. VOL. XXXIII. 12 PAGE EDITION .A NO. 71. EASTERTIDE. ft- Festiial Welcomed bj All ' V Cliristeadom - How the Local Churches Will Celebrate. . Programmer Uio fiaslc TM.Iill it - - - - - a" One. more the season of " Easter ia upon as. ' : . . With the stroke of midnight the somber season of Lent will end, and Christendom . will exchange the garmsnts of heaviness for the gladsome robes of Eastertide. The origin of the observance of this festival in the Christian church is wrapped somewhat in obscurity. The eccliseastical historian, socrates declares that ths 'apostles most, certainly did not ap- point festival day, bat thought of nothing but promoting a life of blamelessness and piety; and he attributes tbe introduction ot the festival to the perpetuation of tbe old Jewish feast of tbe Passover. Tbe first Christians being derived from, or inti mately connected with the Jewish church, naturally continued to observe the Jewish festivals, though in a new spirit, as com- j memoration of events of which the Jewish I observances had been tbe shadows. Ths Passover ennobled by tbe thought of the Risen Savior, the true Paschal Lamb, continued to be celebrated and became the Christian Easter. For the first five centuries of the Christ-Ian era much difference of opinion existed between the Christians of Jewish and those ! of Gentile origin as to the day on which the - feast 0! Easter should be celebrated. These ' differences were gradually overcome and a common day was' finally established in Britain by Archbishop Theodore, in G69. The rule for determining Eister1 may be thus briefly stated. Easter day is the first Sunday after the 14:h day (not the full moon). of tbe calendar moon which hap- " pens on or next after March 21st. After nine centuries a tresb discrepancy in the observance of Easter bstwen the Roman and the Protestant churches was '. caused by the refusal in England to adopt the Gregorian reformation ot the cal.ndar in 1582, apparently for no other than the puerile reason that tbe aeration originated at St. Peter's. This difference was happily put to an end in 1752. when the " new tvle was adopted in tbe United Kingdom. The churches of Russia and Greece, and the Oriental- churches generally, observe . the unreformed calendar, their Easter falling someumetimes before, sometimes after that of the Western church; .very rarely, as in 1965, do they coincide. Aside Iroin individual opinion there is no doubt that tue various seasons of the . church exercise a powerful and beneiiciai influence on society in our own time,- and " none of .them more so tbau Easter. The " : doctrine of the resurreetioa is so plainly verified by nature herself at this time of the year, that even skeptics are forced to regard the great fsstival with respect, even though they do not enter iato it with the - apii it of a Christian. In Oakland the day will be celebrated with ad the joyouSness which is rightfully tbe reward vol those who having, meta-J' phorically speaslng, passed through the forty days in the wilderness and eutered iato the freedom of a new life. Below will be . found the musical programmes that will be rendered tomorrow ia the various chufchesin the county, ; OAK Ij AND. St. Path's Church Fourteenth aud Har rison, Robert Ritchie, pastor: Celebration - of Holy Codtmunion, 7:30 a. m. Second celebration and sermon at 11 a. . u:; the music rendered bv the vested choir. Children sernce atlr.x. Evening prayer and sermon at 7:30. Chcrch or thk Advist, East Oakland. Morning service Organ prelude . "... Miss Constance Jordsn. IntrodBctory sentence, "The Lord is in bis holy temple' ..- Chant. -Chnst Our Passiver" "-Festival Te Ieuiu" in Kb...'...... Thidlry Buck Jubilate" in ti ..... u : .-. 7i W. Leach ''Kjrie EIeiwa"in G.. T. M'. Leach Gloria Tib! " faster Anthem- 1.'. .Jfoxart Offertory solo - Mrs. Washington Berry. ) The choir will be composed as follows:.' ' "Sopranos Miss Flint, Mrs. Dexter, Mrs. Goodfeliow. Mrs. Alrus, Miss Kirk. Altos Mrs. W. Berry, Miss G. H il born. Miss Priest, Miss M. Kirk. Tenors Mr. Gooi-fetlow, Mr, Angus, Mr. Long. Bassos H. - Melvin, Mr. Nagle, 1-eslie Ransome, Mr. Leach. Director, Mr. Leach. Organist, Miss C Jordan. St. -.Johh's Chpbch At the morning . service tbe vested choir of forty-five men . and boys will render tbe following music . L. Guernsev Jones, organist: . -Organ, "Sonata No. 2, 1st Movement" - .- Alrx-Guilmant . processional. "Ten Xbonsand Times Ten. , Thousand" J. & Lhjkti "Te Dtum Laadamus." i - "JutiUr Deo" ia T..Berihold Tomes "Kyrl lclsoa'r .... Intro it. "Aneeis Roll tbe Rock Away". Offertory. "Why Seek Ye the Living Among the Dead". Beceisional hymn, ''Christ the lord is KUea todsy," (old English melody) har-moulzed by Rev. R. M. bberinan Jr . . St. Andrew's Episcopal Chcrch Roger If. Peters, -nastor. Mornir.it service: rroeessional hymn, "We March on to Victory" Anthem, "Chmt, Our Passover"... Dec try Buck "Gloria Petri." Bial'a in K. Te beam," Festival ia C ....Dudley Bttck Jubilate." in Eb, . Dudley Buck Eyms, "At the Lamb's High Feat We ?ing'' Kyrl Kleison" :......J-yeneh Litany "Gloria ribi'" - ....iDankt Hymn ...."Jesus Christ Is RUen To4bt" Doxology..-.. '...........-Old Hundred" Oflertory - Soprano Solo Seneiaa," Kovelloln Eb. iTEKixa aaavica. ... Communion Hymn. 207. Gloria in Excelsia," old chant. Nunc Dlmitti-. ..'........Aara Recessional hymn. "The Strife I O'er, the Battle Done" ' The text of the sermon in be morning wiU be, "The Actuality of the Rien Body." and iu the evening, "The Dawn of the " Resurrection." Church of th Sacrxd Hkart. Special serricea will be held here on Easter Day. The morning mass will be at 7:30. Solemn high mass will be at 10:30; vespers at 7:30 The church is being decorated profusely with flowers during holy week and will consequently present a very beautiful appearance Sunday morning. -.First Prisbttcriab Church Rev. Robert F. Coyle. D. p., pastor. Morning service, 11 o'clock: -- Organ prelude, Offertolrs for Easter Day. ... -.Ldouard BatUle Doxoloer. "Old Hundred." , 1 avocation. ' . s le Deum (festival), D major Dudley Buck Comrregational Hymn Ko. 431; tune, "Prague" - Beading of Scttpture. -' Anthtffl, "God Hath Appointed a Day." .. . . - .-Btrthold Tourt V Prayer. Keeponse Vale Quartet, Beadmg of psalss. Choraa, "Tbe &edeapaon,,r.Caarle Gounod 'oucefc . . - - :. 4-.. - Offering. ' "Hosanna'..'..V.., ... ...... ufta Gmmter Keeeption of members and eommunioo. Congregational Hyma Ha. 439; tune, "DI. Special notice. HaUelnjah, ."Mount of Olives" .... .Beethoven .eeneaicuon. ; Evening ssrviceC 7:30 o'clockl Organ postlude. "Alleffro Aula Vivace. 1st Sonata. Mendelssohn Selection by 8nnday-school orcnestra,'Eas- ter tcnoes- Anthem. "Kajolce in the Lord" Arthur Page Heading of the Scripture. Congregational Hymn No. 213; tune, "Duke Street." Prayer. 1 Anthem. "King AU Glorious' ....... .J. Baniby Reading of Psa-m. Congregational Hymn No. 118; tune, VlO- tory." Address, Rev. B. F. Coyle, D. IX. Offarlnr "Hark, Hark, My Soul" ........... B, H. ShelleH Congreatioaal Hyian Ino. 201; tune, Uoro- . . nation." , . Short prayer. ' - , S horns, Th'.Xastah ...O. F. Handel 'oxology. . ' ' Benediction! - : Unto Doidudi Grand March. Queen ot Sheba ...i... Charla Gounod ' The choir will be composed as follows: Miss C. Northey, soprano ; Miss C. Dick-mann, contralto; Thomas Ricxard, basso; Bonj smin Clark, tenor. Chorus of forty voices. Miss V. De Fremery, .organiai; Benjamin Clark, chorister. . Secojid Pkesbytebiaj Chttbch Union street, near Adeline station. In tbe morn ing the pastor. P.ev. 11. 11. Rice, will preach on the subject. "Easter Thoughts From Mountain View." The music will be as follows besides the Congrational nymns: Solo and chorus. "How Far Is It Called to the Grave?"' Mrs. W. H. Carr Chorus. Christ Arose" w..Lowry Soprano solo. The .Resurrection' Mrs. Frank Elliott. EVENING SERVICE. "Hallelujah1....; Anthem. "Halleluia"n:,....i Choir Prayer. Hymn. "Christ Is My Redeemer".. Congregation Kecponsiro service, Matt. 28, ( Duet and semi-chorus. "Ciirist Arose." Address, symbols of Our Resurrection" By the Pastor. Rev. H. H. Rice Hymn. "Victory Thronsh Grace". .Cougreeation Recitation. "Easter MOrning" Kuoy roster "He la'Risen," semi-chorus. Recilatiou, "Christ at Emms ns".... Miss Dak in Sklo," rCarist Is Risen today" ....i.... - .4.--.. ...Hattie Chamberlain Recitation. Scripture"-- By Class of Boys "Beheld Him," semi-chorus. Recitation, "faster boliioquy" ..Anna Howlsnd Duet. Recitation, "At Easter Tide"... .Florence Wren Hymn, "Hallelujah, Christ Is Risen" Congregation Benediction. CKSTEN51AL pEESBYTEBt'tS CHURCH Rev. John Mormon, pastor. Morning: Organ voluntary. j "Easter Anthem". Lush. Invocation. ! . - - Hymn, "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today." tcripiure lesttoa. ' Antbem, "The Lord is Great".. Porter. Prayer. Hyinn. "Christ Above all Glory Seated." Offertory, solo by Mrs. Eva Wren, "I Know That Mv Redeemer Llveth." Sermon, "The Power of Christ's Resurrection." i Anthem, "Easter Bells." t ' Praver. Hymn. "Christ U Risen Again." Benediction,: In ths) evening there will be an Easter praise and responsive service, at which the following anthems will ba rendered: ' "He's Risen". . Edwin Clare. "His Tender Care".... Porter- "I Am the Resurrection" ....McGranahan. The choir will be composed as follows: Sopranos, Mrs. Eva Wren and Mrs. A. L. Cameron; altos. Miss Morse and.Mis Belle Wliyte; tenor, John Glenn and E. Van Arnringe; bassos, J. W., McKay and J. B. Warren. ; ' . Presbttekian Church Tkxescal Easter Sab'batb will be appropriately observed in tms church. Tbe ladies will have the church beautifully decorated, music appropriate to the occasion will be rendered, and an Easter sermon will be preached by the- pastor. Rev. James Curry, in the morning. An Easter praise service by choir and congregation wdl be given in the evening. Free seats, and ail cordially welcome. Brooklyn Presbyterian Church All the services tomorrow at this church will be appropriate to Easier. Rev. E. 8. Chapman. D. D., the pastor, will preach at 11 a. m.. and at nieht mere will be an elaborate Easter service rendered' by the - new Cnorsl Society of the church and Sunday scnooi. , , j Welsh Pre3byterias Church Rev. O. Jones, A. M.. ef Michigan, will preach, in English, at 10:45 a. m. and 7 p. m. Sunday ! school at the close of the morning services. First Congregational" Church Morning service: , . "Christians Hail the Morn" Gilmore "Christ is Risen" J. Warren "Angelic Voices," soprano ; solo and chorus .Shelly "Easter Morn" Wagner The pastor will deliver an Easter sermon; subject, "The Eternal Fellowship of Our Deeds." 1 Evening praise ssrvice:' Prelude, Messiah Orchestra "Hymn of Invocation," page 83 Hymnal. Mtnaeissonn Responiive reading. Prayer. . ' - . - . String quartet, "Evening Prayer" Renekke Jzfferiory Alto solo and chorus, "Angelic voices ' znclly Address. "God so Loved the World" ....... :.: Professor Kash "Crucifixion" : Stainer The Resurrection Foreto'd by Moieg "Gloria". Beethoven The Resurrection Foretold by Christ . "Gloria" Spohr The sepulchre Sealed and Watched. Baritone solo, TO. Xight of Gloom" Holden The "Women at the sepulchre Alto solo and choral, "While My Watch I Keep'" Gounod The Rock Rolled Away Recitative and baritone solo. "Now Is Christ Arisen"' (Easter cantata i-... ..Jonc Soprauo solo and chorus. .Berthold-Tours The Resurrection a Source of Comfort... Soprano solo and chorus, "Glory to the Risen King" ........ Shelly Prayer. orchestral postlude, "L'nfold Ye Portals".. '. Gounod Soloists Mrs. Schutz, Mrs-! Xickol,- Dr. Bleih. J. K. McLean, pastor. Professor C. S. Nash, pulpit assistant. ; I Sscosd Congregational ChurchJ Chase street. West Oakland Tbe church will be handsomely decorated, and the pastor will be assisted both morning and evening by Rev. J. A. Smith, the cou verted actor. The choir, consisting of Miss May and Miss Sadie Goocb.i E. M. Corliss, and George ! Coliyer, will be assisted bv Professor John Sands. Miss uora wyccoii win presiae at tbe organ. ; The following are the programmes for the day Morning serves: Organ volunto . - - ; . . DozoloKy- , Invocation, j t Scripture response. - Antaem, Uft Your QIK voicts, Mozart Lesson. ; ' Frayer. As'.bem, "Christ, Onr Passover".. .Dank Aolires. Hymn by congregation. Sermon by Rev. J. A. Smith. Anthem.' -The Easter Hymn"............ JVirreJio Collection. , . Hymn. ! . Benedtctioa. XVKNIKO SERVICE. ; . Song, "He Lives, Our Risen Kingf . Sunday scbojl. choir and orchestra. . Scripture response. Song. "Earter cairnes". , , Sunday school, choir and orchestra. Ra station, "Easter Bella" Miss Nellie Gross. Hyma by choir and congregation. -Prayer. - 1 Anthem. The Trot Faster"... ExctU Reciuuon, "Amen".. ;-. olga Oleeon. Song. "Let Him In" - 8tmday chool, choir and orchestra. Recitation, "Chiseled Life" . Mis Lily Ziezenbeln. 1 Anthem. Christ Being Raised".. J. Eleey Aaaress, ini cnaunag uie ot unnat Rer. J. A. Smith. Offertory, "With Verdure Clad" Miss May Gooco. Hymn by choir and cougregation." Benediction.- . GOLDEW GATK CoKGMGATIOltAl CHURCH, Thirty-fourth and Adeline streets: Orean voluntary. v " ' 0ori. Jtftfsdft Doxology. Invonation. Anthem. "The Lord Is aang,...........Pitsii Scripture reading. : - Hymn 309. , ' .' Prayer. -' ' : ' ' -'"- ' ;- . -' " Duet, -m tbe Cross 01 Christ 1 Giory"....SKaa Hymn 478. Announcements. Anthem. "Kow Is Christ Risen From the " ..Allen Dead" Address. .". '. . . Rev. W. A, Tenoy. O n ertory .......... ..... . . Mrs. Moore. Anthem, "Halleluiah" Hymn 190. 1 . Miss Mary E. Warren, organist' A. T. Sutherland, musical director. PuLGsisT Congregational Church. East Oakland ADDrooriate Easter services will be beld in tbe church Sunday morning and , evening. The volunteer choir have taken great pains to make the music attractive, and the church will be appropriately deco-rated. 1 . . German Methodist Episcopal Church A. Lemkan, pastor: Hymn. "Praise God That Jesus Lives." Solo, alto Mias K. Beekman Prayer by tbe Pastor. " Tbe Resurrection" Leslie ' - Choir. Duet, soprano and alto, Mist L. Hoppe and Miss K. Beekman.. Reading of Scriptures. Hymn, " Great Mediator " Von Weber Sermon by the Pastor. Suqject: "The Resur- rection. -. Hymn, "Come Bring Palms of Victory".-. Webb' bicrament ot the Lord's Supper. . Benediction. j " . X Evening services In the evening an Easter programme will be rendered by the Sabbath school and the choir. The chiiaren will be examined in catechism and will re ceive certificates of examination from the pastor. . . . Following are tbe members of tbe choir:' Sopranos Miss L. Hoppe, Mrs. H. Sohm, Mrs. A. Lemkan; aitos Misses Edith and Ella Beekman; tenors H. Sohm, Karl Scoffers; basses H. Fnchs. E. Hoppe. First Methodist Episcopal Church ' Morning service : "Ho Is Risen" r Ilolloway "Lift Your Glad Voicei," soprano solo. .Holden "sing the Triumph Seng' Williams Evening service: y "This is the Day" , A Cooke "Christ Our Passover".... ...Schilling "Easter Eve" Alto soio, violin oblieato. Oounod "Christ Is Risen" , Wagner Choir: - Miss Dora Good sell, soprano; Miss Esther Needham, alto; Dan Lawrence, tenor; Harry Lawrence, bass. Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church At 11 a. m. the pastor will preach from the texf'VHe is Risen as He SaiQ," Matthew xxviii., 6. The church will bo beautifully decorated. The motto, "He Is Risen," will be worked in pansies and VTolets and suspended in rear of pulpit- The music will be under the direction of Professor Waterman, and will bs excellent. Selah Brown wtll lecture in the evening; subject, 'Fulfillment of Prophecvjas Seen by a Traveller.", T. H. Woodward, pastor. : Eighth Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church The chorus choir of twenty-eight voices, under tbe direction of V. J. Lloyd, will be assisted by Miss Geor&ie Knowlton, recently of New York; Oscar Taylor, solo b as; Miss V. Sutton, solo alto; Miss Alice Bletbin, .solo soprano, and Miss Lewis, organist. The numbers for morning service are: Holden's festival anthem. "Now Begins the Exalted La :" "Gloria." Danks: f offertory, "I Know That My Redeemer Liveth Messtah). Evening, grand Sunday School Easter service, assisted by the choir and orcue$tra of ten piece, under the leadership of Mr. Reynolds. Asbury Methodist Church SouTHcpr-ner Fifteenth and Clay The pastorllev. A. C Bane, will preach at 11 a. n. and 7 p.m. Morning subject: "The Meaning of Christ's Resurrection," an EaSter sermon. Evening subject: "A Thing Impossible to Man," a revival sermon. Sundav school 9:45 a. m. Young" People's meeting, 6:15 p. m. Eevival services at the tent, corner of Eighteenth street and San Pablo avenue, every niht during the week. Eiuhtii Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. Dr. Heacock will preach an appropriate Easter sermon in the ' Eighth Avenue Methodist .episcopal Uhurcn in the morning, and in the evening the Sunday school and kindergarten will render an intetesiing Easter service of music, recitative and responsive readines, The choir will render some choice music at each service. Chester-Street Methodist Episcopal Church Laster services will be held to morrow morning, and in the evening Rev. G. orthrup, tbe singing evangelist. will conduct the service. Rev. J. H. Wythe jr., pastor. M ETnoDisT Episcopal, Church, Thirtv- fourtb street. Rev. E. P. Dennett, pastor, will preacn at 11 a. m. an taster sermon. At 7:3 J p. m. there will be an Easter Bun- day-school concert. First Baptist Church The following programme ami be rendered on Easter Sunday morning. Special music will also be given at tne evening service. Ad propriate discourses will be delivered by the pastor, Rev. C. H. Hobart. Time of service, 11 a. m. and t :j'J p. h. James r'olutt. organist and director. Hsntism at the opening ot tne evening service: PreluJs. "Relizieuie." Organ IF. T. Best Doxology, "Old Hundred"....- Congregation invocation. , - Chorus, "Gloria," (Mozart's Twelfth, Mass) unoir. Readine of the Scriptures. Recitative, "All tney that tee him, laugh nira to scorn, tney shoot out taelr lips and shake their heads saying" G. A. HalL Chorus: "He trusted In God that, he would deliver him, let him deliver him, if he delight in him," (HenHah) Cbo.'r. Prayer. Aria: "He was despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief" (Messiah). Miss L. ji. Sedgloy. Notices Offerings. Recitative, "He was cut off out of the land oi tbe living; tor the traugggressiou of thy people wa3 be stricken." Air, "But thou didst not leave his soul in he'd: nor didst thou suffer thy hoiy one to see corruption " . l . . . MissM. L-Breck. Chorus, "L'ft up your beads, O ye gate" ( M est tan ) Choifc Hymn. "Anglia" ; . ,- Congrega'.ioa Sermon by the psitor. . Chorus, "Hallelujah! for the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth" (Messiah): Choir. Postlude, "March in G.".Ori?an. . . . William Ilia Members 01 tne choir sopranos. Miss M. u. Breck. Mra W. W. Garthwaite, Mr. A. I. Thompson. Miss G. H. Adams, Miss G. F. H. Barne. miss u. eerner, missu.m. uasweii, mus 8. A. Poilitt. Miss B. ocrivner, Mis A. M. Tay lor; altos, Miss u M. Sedgley. Mrs. H. C. Buso, Miss A. U Aaauis,iiBS A. u. Kobcrtson, Miss M. L. Stevens: ten rs. ii. A. Halt W. J. Oaken. A.G. Cliff, D. McDonald, H. P. Garthwaite; Lass, J. A. Robertson, a. a. v esster. P. u. Aiken, A. Brown, E. C. .Brown, A. Furbish, Vi. W. Garthwaite, J. G. Hoyt, A. P. Park er, C. G. Reed. Tenth-avenur Baptist Church The following will be the order of service for tomorrow: Doxology; invocation; hymn 137: Scripture,, Matt, xxviii, 1-8; antbem, "Christ Arisen;- Scripture, Luke xxiv, M2; anthem.- "The Lord is Risen;" rrayer; offertory; solo, "I Know That My f Redeemer Liveth;" announcements; ser mon. "The MoJern Resurrection;" antbem, "Hark, the Voice of Angels;" hymn 306. ., First Free Baptist Church, Twenty-first street, near San Pablo avenue N. L. Rowell, D. D.. pasor, will preach at 11 a. il. Subject: "Results That Follow a Disbelief of Christ's Resurrection." Sunday school at 2:15. p. x. Young People's meeting at 60 p.m. At 7:30 p. m. an Eaater concert will be given. Seats all free. , Beth-Kd en Baptist Church, California Hall. 1Q15 Clay street The pastor, K. A. McGuinn will speak in the morninc on The Christ, the First Fruits of Them That Slept," and m tne evening Rev. R. Carlton of Alabama will give a Btble read- in- . -, . -, . Eb iNzzis Baptist Church (on Sixth tree near -Market). At 6 A. m., early praise meeting; 11 a. w' ' preachina from the text. "The Stone Waa Boiled Awav. for It Was Very Great"; 7:30 r. x., a grand jubilee concert, lea oy aiis xhomaa and J. L. Groy of Nasbviiie, Tsnn. ' Tenth Avenue Baptist Church. "The Modern ReeurrecBoa" will be the' topic of Rev. Frank Dixon's morning sermon, in the evening the theme will be, "Religious Hindrances in the Wayof Religion.' ' " Ftkst English " LuthzrahXchurch at Young Men's Christian Association Hail. entrance 522 Twelfth street. Morning ex ercises at 11 o'clock: "Jubilate and Gloria" ... . i. . Scriptures, first Corinthians. x, 18. Easter Bells. Quartet Hymn .SehgebfrlHn V, 6-8;Mark, M. c. maver. Prayer. Select solo............ Miss Amelia Yolk man ot san Francisco. Offertorv. . Baptum and cohfirmatiou and .new members. Hymn F. Schneider, Brief address by the pastor, Graif. entitled 'Ths Risen Christ." Easter Anthem'... :.. Quartet. -The celebration of the Holy Communion. Hymn, "Calm and Beautiful we Morn".. .....j Benediction, - Eveoinz exeroises ' at 7; concert: t Vesper Chaut . . Psalm xeviti-resd spontaneousii. Scripture Ltsioos. Matthew, xxviii: Hymn by the Sunday scnoow; Prayer. r Vocal solo , Miss KeerL Easter Sunrise reading Miss Annie strassDur?! master carois , Ouartet- Off ertory. Address, "A Vase of Eastor Lilies, ror. Song bv the Sundav school. Select Reading. . miss uii;e r-ou. Instrumental Solo. .-. 1 Eugene Babb Address, "Easter Eggs of Long Ago".. William Moller. "Easter Eve" - .. Quartet Distributiou of Easter Eggs. Soprano Solo. ; ' Miss Belle Arness. Address, "Easter Joy"..: Mrs. s. E. Bittie-iiyers. Song, "A Nest of Easter Eggs" nut Lome v leman. Benediction. German Lutheran Zion Church The Easier service of the German Lutherau Zion Church tomorrow morning, being the last divine service ef tbe congregation in its present place of wojship.'at the cor ner ot ibirteentn ana Jiay streets, prior 10 its removal to Twelfth and Myrtle streets, will be one of special Interest The church will be tastefully decorated with smilax and palms and lilies. The pastor of tbe church,: Rev. J. H. Tbeiss, will officiate and preach an Easter sermon; taking for bis text. Mark xw 1-8: . "The .Sweet Consolation 1 of the Glorious FactVCbrist is Risen (i' A solemn communion service will also be held according to the rites of the church, the twenty-seven young Christians who were confirmed in the cnurch last Sunday partaking for the first time. The choir of the church under the able leadershio of Professor J. G. Tbeiss, will render selections from Handel, St. Marcus German Lutheran Church Filbert street, between SeveDtn and Eighth streets. Services will commence at 10:30 a. m. with tbe following programme: Psalm, "Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates." Choir. A selection, entitled "O Sanctissima." 1 . - Choir. Solo, "Christ Our Pas-over." i Mrs. Yonder Horst. Sermon by tbe pastor. Rev. A. Jatbo. Subject, "Christ ia Risen." The services will be followed by the Lord's Supper Unitarian Church The services tomorrow morning wilt derive a, special interest from the fact that it will he their pastor's last appearance - in the pulpit for some months, as he leaves next week for his projected European trip. There will be no evening service. The musical and other exercises are as follows, a handsomely printed order of service being followed: Or&an voluntary . 1 Mrs. Hardy. Easter carol, "Alleiina!" . ; G. W. Warren. j Address of Welcome by the Pastor.1 Carol, "The Day of Days" i Len G. J. Elvey. s Air I.. Sfende'ssohn Sunday School Orchestra. "Childhood and Easter"... ..Celia Thaxter Baptism of children. Antbem, "Hear My Prsyer" MenileUmhn Mme. Julie Rosewald and the Chorus Choir. Song, "Easter and Immortality," , Prayer. ' Rexponse by Sunday School Orchestra. Address - . Rev. C. W. Wendte. "In Thankful Remembrance." Quartet - Hymn,.,"Auf Wiedersehn".... .Mendelssohn , , unorus unoir. Reception of new members. ; The offertory. , "In flam mat us," Stabat Slater ........ j. . . Mme. Julie Rosewald. Closing enrol, . I Benediction. - 1 " ' , Tbe musical programmewill be rendered under the direction of D. P. Hughes by the chorus choir of thirty voices and male quartet consisting of Messrs. Harry Baker, D. P. Hughes, Edward Von Adeluug, and Harry Lawrence. Mme. Julie Rosewald has been secured for the soprano solos. The Sunday School orchestra has been drilled by T. A. Langstroth. The carols sung are taken from Rev. C. W. Wendte's successful musical publication, "The Carol." . ' 1 1 TJniveesalist Church Service at 11 a.m. : Organ voluntary. ; ! i Gloria, choir U .! ..... ,. Mozart Easter responsive service, ''Gloria Patri." Prayer. Lord's Prayer, chant Scripture lesson. I "Jubilate".... -.--) .......Choir ... Fairbank ' : cooin, . j Prayer: ..'" ' -Christ Is Riien," Eo&si Choir. : Addresses by Rev. B. Goodenough, pator. and Rev. Q. IL Sninn, Universaiiss Evangelist. ' -Offertory Solo by Miss CarrolL Hymn 1004 t Communion service and recognition ot meubera -Sunday-school Easter exereises at 12.30 p.x. Seventh Dat Advextists' Church, Twelfth and Brush streeis-4-Services Sunday evening at 7 :30 o'clock. Tonic : " The Time, .... . . i . i . . i UDject, ana iuemonai oi wirisi s resuzTec-tion." Text: "I am lie. that liveth. and behold I am alive for evermore, amen; and have tbe keys of hell and death." A choice selection of appropriate music will be rendered. Oakland Gospel Hat.l 475 Sixth street between Broadway and Washington streets. Lord's Supper, 11 a. m. ; Sunday school, 3 p. x. ; preaching of the Gospel, 7:30 p. M. All are cordial! y invited, and seats are all free. i - .- Christ's "mission, 821 Broadway Meet ings all day. 11 a. m.. d f. x. ana 8 p. m. Street meetings at 2:30 and 7:30 p. x. Meeting at the County I Jail at 10 a. at. Meetings led by Major Frank Robinson. - Ckeistadelphian - Church. A Christa-delphian lecture will be given in tbe Odd Fellows' Hall, upstairs, at 3 p. m. ; Subject. "The Popnlar Doctrine of Heaven and Hell Not Taught in the Bible.' Theosophibt Hall. Mr. Williams will apdreas the society on "The Utility of The-osopby," at the synagogue, corner Thirteenth and Clay streets, at 2:45 p. x. All are Invited. , , - ALAMEDA. West End M. E. Church 11 a. xj Singing, "The Wondrous Cross." by school and congregation. . Praver hr nastor. Charles tv HaswelJ. intham rhrio.' th Lard, u Risen i To. - ! BesTXnsive Scripture readings by congregation, - i i Singing. "Morning Red." 1 Recitation, "Easter Voices.? . Recitation, "Under the Snow." Singing, "Rejoice: The Lord-is King. " Responsive readings. "Paul's Testimony Concerning trie Resurracliin." Sermon bv the pasieiv Text Matt xxviii: "He fa not here;1 fori he is risen, as he said. Come, aee the piace where the Lord lay." " Singlag, "Aacenshm hynusv" "Else, Glori- - ! . I . '. - - . . -...-! . - . . ' TT.r.'' ' "" ". ' ' ' . : . i. . 'V. : v v reception of ; KMiAZW&T ' - " : 'i v' ' r- t . Rev. Phiiin .; . mw ' ; v. . ' J : .r WVUV.v j M'-;lr;, U JV n K UM.-' 1 3i 'I.I tlJXSjr 'I A 1 . t ' tl. I dl TUI NiV---; ;. -r : .-T-- ;-",V,ve?r5 eyy otj OuripCAl "frgpy ous Conqueror, rise unto thy native) skies," etc. - Benediction. i The collection taken will be for missions. Evening: ' A eivice of song. ". Prayer. Reading, a poem by Sir Edwin Arnold, en titled "Mary s Account of the Kesurrec-Uon." i Singing, "Jesus is Waiting to Save." ' ! Sermon subject: '-Hope as a Christian Grace.' Singing. 'To Jesus I Will Go and Be Saved. ' Benediction. ; ; German IJvanoelical Lutheran Church ( Holtz Hail) At 7:15 p. x., celebration of holy communion. D. R. Cold well will sing "Resurrection." The choir, augmented by an orchestra, will render "The Heavens Praise Thee." by Beethoven. H. E. J. On-gerth will preach from the subject: 'fWby Weepest Thou?" ' j . ' j First Presbtterian Church Easter sermon atll a. x. bv the pastor. Rev. E. Y. Garrette, wuh Easter praise service by the choir. At 7 p. m. the Sunday rchool will conduct an Easter praise service. - ( BEKKELEV, St. Mark's Church Tomorrow morning the cuoir will redder the following music: Organ pt elude, j Processional Hyma 90, "Jesus Christ - Is Risen Today." -i Eaater Anthem, "Christ Our Passover".. Tours "Gloria Patri ' , Urcatorcx "Te Deum" .1..... ...Tours "Jnbilate Deo". .. i. .....IL J. Stewart Anthem, "Christ Is Risen From the Dead" ; ! Smith Gloria Tibi" i i .. '. ... Saxton Hymn 111, "Once the Angel Started Back." , Offertory, baritone solo. ' "eanctus" j '..'.' l:4 1. 7brs Hymn 207, "Breed of the World" "Gloria In Excelsior." 1 , Organist, Miss Maude Weliendorff. Altos Miss H. M. Gomperiz. Miss M. Esston. Tenors Mrs. G. W. Fletcher, Miss L. Hail. Bassos A. T. Lange, B. F. Cummings. Sopranos H. BJ Sharpe, James V. Wilder. . ; i i First Congregational Church b. W. Hill, pastor. : Text: - Romans jvi.' 4, second clause: "Like as Chrnt," etc. EAJTEt MUSIC. "Hoeanna" ; Grani'cr i "Christ our Psstover' ....... j ..Tours "Break? Forth Into Joy"...... Jianiby Oh! Riten Lord"....:.. : ....... Bambj The text" lor the serraoa will be taken from Romans vi. 4: "Like as Christ Was Kaised from the Dead." . ' . . j i ' The choir will be composed of the following ladies and gentlemen: .Mrs. Eathboue, Mrs. Rickard, . Misses Ricksrd, Bergen, Barker, Messrs. Somers, Morse, Sm:ti, Magee, Rickard, Merrill ; Mr. Lipman, organist. . In the place of the usual evening services there will be a 5 o'clock Easter service for children. J , , , j " Congregational Church The following Easter music will be rendered at 11 o'clock : Solo, "fl osan n a ". L . . . .. . . Gronier Solo, 'Christ Our Passover"....,. ,.2bur Solo, "Ureak r orth Into Joy" Barnby Solo, "O Risen Lord". i Baruby i Tbe ch6ir will be composed of Mrs. Kathbone, Miss L. Rickard, Mrs. T. Rickard, Miss Barker, Misses Bergen,. Messrs. Somers, Morse, Rickard, '. Magee, 8mith and Merrill. - ' . I First Pbesbytirias-. Chcbch. Bmt. ; H. A. KetchumJ pastor. ' J- Hycin. ! Invocation. 1 " Autiiem, "This Is the Day'.. '. Cooke Hymn. i ', f Reading of scriptures. ' ' ! "Sanetus." from "Mozart's Twelfth Mass." -Prsyer. . i j - I ; "Gloria" J..... i. i Danls Hyma. ; ' . 'j : .' Sermon. i I . 1 Anthem. "They Bare , Taken Away My Lord".... : Stoiner Organist and director,! Professor E. Meredith. Evening service by the Sunday school. Superintendent, William SelL First Unit a elan Church. Rev. Edward B. Payne, pastor. There will be a special service at 11 a. x. in Unity Halt The church and the Sunday school will unite in the service. Music appropriate to the day, responsive readings and an address by the pastor. Gospel Temperance The regular Gospel Temperance meeting will be held at 3:30 Sunday afternoon at the First. Methodist Church. A large attendance is desired. Goodmnjia Good speeches. ' j "WEST BERKELEY. Church op the Good Shepherd The regular services will be held at this church by Lay Reader W. Chase. "At 7 p. x. a children's Easter service will be held. Rev. Mr. Randolph officiating.; -- - , ' Pkesbtterias Churck Easter ' seryicet will : be held both morning and evtning. .if' ' i v V . w r - . r iu'viiv Sermon by the pastor at 11 a. x. from First Cor. xv:20. . Services in the evening at 7:30 o'clock under the auspices of- the Sabbath school, i Special music and an' address by the pastor. I Methodist Episcopal Church Easier services will - be held at this church both ' morning and evening. At 11 o'clock a short address by tbe pastor, Rev. J. B. Ratter,; will be followed by exercises and music appropriate to to 'the occasioa by tbe Sunday ichooL In the, evening an Easter i service entitled, "Tbe Universal Kingdom," will be rendered, with anotber service, ''The A B C Missions." , A cordial invitation is extended to all to attend these services, i V THE GArVic TODAY. i ORE BY INNINGS. 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 j - : 1 ' Oakland - - - -3 0 - ... Los Angal8$-4 0 . ! Batteries Oakland, O'Neill and Wilson; Los Ahgcles, Stafford and Wright. WELIj deserved. W. D, Eaclish Cooipllmented by the Alameda Democrats. ug elect as the first delegate 'Lei chosen to oar State convention tbe first Democrat in the State, one who ia always foremost rn oar charges and hindmost in our victories." This is the manner in which: Hon." William D. English was placed in nomination before the Democratic I cohorts last evening.. He was unanimously elected, as he deserved to be, for there is no Democrat in this city who commands greater respect within and without his party than Mr. English. u loophole; I t By Which the Interstate Commarca Law ' ! Gzq Bfj EvadsS. V A Number ef Firms and Railroads Wno Take Advantage of It. i Chicago, April 10. It has been claimed by the law officers of the Government lhat it is impossible to 1 obain ' evidence to con vict for violations of the interstate commerce law. because both railroad officials and shippers could refuse to testify on the ground that they might criminate themselves.' ,"'"""! The Tribune by way of answering this prints over a page Of. f ac-aimiliea, documents and attested copies, all of which , it claims would be : admissible in evidence, showing numerous violations of the law. These violations take the form 'of favors to large shippers, 1 in the way of rebates under the disguise of commissions to clerks, anderbiliing weights cars, manipulation of elevator charges,: repayment of fictitious lighterage, charges and payment of excessive rates for the as of private cart, etc. : ' , , - .. -r Among the .firms and roads implicated, according to tbe Tribune, are J. Y. Farweil & Co., Armour & Co., Swift & Co., Morris & Co.. all of Chicago; the Standard Oil and Sugar Trust; J. B. Manning. Buffalo; Lackawanna, West Shore, New York Central, and other roads. - i f New York, April 16. According to a dispateh from Chicago this morning there is evidence that the New York Central. West Shore and Lackawanna Railroads have been guilty ot violating the Interstate Commerce law. Goodwin, Long and Sloan of the. freight department I of these- roads deny the truth of this, ' and declare emphatically that no such flagrant violation of the law has been attempted. Farther-more, tbey had not even heard that any rebate had been granted. Kerkana Predicts a Wet Easter. - Sax Frahcisco, April lb. Forecast; cat rains. . , ""'." ' "'. Lo- i ' a r' i s-- tjAUteuTvif cay GONE ALOFT. , Tba Spirit of the Mao Who Mads Rockets . for Fifty Years. The Straere Luck Tnst Attended Him While Others Were Blown to Pieces. PhiLadelphia, April& Samuel Jackson the most famous pyrotechnist of this, country, is dead. V . ' j Jackson's face showed the marks of many explosions. . TweiveN. of. his estab-liahments were wrecked, twico, with wotul fatality, ill' . i He began the manufacture of fireworks in this cUyin 1837, continuing in business -until 1887, from which time he devoted . himself to the manufacture of danger, sig- ; nals for railroads. He was famous for tie artistic beauty of his pyrotechnic displays, and, has giveh, exhibitions in every large city of North and South America. , ..y jHa managed the magnificent display at the Centennial Exposition, and his inventions include the cartridge as widely used during the Civil war( In 1862 an explosion at his cartridge factory In this city .killed eighteen men, and - ten years ago another at the Chester danger signal plant killed twenty. : , boomers; Their Thirst for Land Ovsrsotnu That for :j Liquor. ' ; "vf:;.'.- Everything Is Harmonious and Orderly - . on the Recently Opened Bliss ton ReaerTatlon. Watertows, S. D., April 16. The line kt the land ottice this morning war longer than before the opening. Of the 1000 filings i made yesterday sixty were rejected On account of conflict Everything is reported as harmonious on the loer end of the res- i ervation. . -('.' ;1 ; It is noteworthy that during the entire rush not one case of drunkenness was . re-' ported. .''.- j. - . , Lidgewood, N. D., April 16. There was scarcely any trouble here in jet,tling, and in almcsttery insuince boomers got what they wanted. ; Here and there two men were occasionally seen laying claim, to tba ' same quarter section. ' i Theie will be plenty of fine farming land to be had for several weeks to come, aa tbe greatest rush was made from points' east and south of tbe reservation. GOT A GIRL Who Can't Bake Bread ! T1TT KOT TRY THE LOG CABIN white, , : ; GRAHAIkl, ; RYE, GLUTEN?, ; : TRAOC MARK : ; J : : Every Loaf Labeled. - .- J, 473 Eleventh Street : : Oakling ' . ' '. -.. - . . ' 9i Delivery Wagemtk i . . i - r '

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