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The Valley Falls New Era from Valley Falls, Kansas • Page 1

The Valley Falls New Era from Valley Falls, Kansas • Page 1

Valley Falls, Kansas
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JUDGE. FROM FAR CALIFORNIA. strewn upon either side, ever fragrant and blooming twelve months in the year. 'Us true we are remote from old time and dearly loved friends AN INTKRK.VTING LETTER FROM OUR FRIEND A. O.

PATRICK. Volcanic Eruptions Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve cures them, also Old, Running and Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons, Coras, Warts, Cots, Braises, Burns, Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Best Pile cure ou earth. Drives ont Pains and Aches. Only 25 cents a box.

Cure guaranteed. Sold by L. H. Burnett, Druggist. A Former wr Man and WH Known to all our Header Writes a Letter from California.

BaEdircg Powder Made from pure cream of tartar Takes the Place Offered to C. B. Graves. Governor Stanley yesterday appointed W. A.

Johnson of Garnett, Anderson county, to be judge of the Court of Yisitation in place of Chas. B. Graves of Emporia, who declined to qualify. Judge Johnson has been a resident of Kansas since 1859. He was a captain in a Kansas regiment during the Civil war.

He served as district judge for a number of years, and was and relatives, which is a sore deprivation, yet my wife has a number of cousins not a days journey off, which is some consolation. It was with sadness all the family read of Miss King's death, as she was a favorite and beloved by them all. Some forty years ago our acquaintance began, and we well recalled the rainv night that usliend her into Kansas at the cabin of her sister, Mrs. Curtis Hicks. As school teacher at the Falls she gave universal satisfaction and endeared herself with Safeguards the food against alum $anta Monica, March 2G, 1899.

Editor New Era: I have been threatiug to write you a letter for a long time. 1 have not seen a copy of your paper since my arrival in California, although I hear you occasionally send me one to Westminster, where the family made a temporary halt, previous to purchasing near Santa Monica. This is the home of Thos. H. Elliott, an old citizen of the OBITUARY.

Mis. Clara A. McCoy was born at Warsaw Ky. Nov. 3, 1829, and died at tier home in NortouviUe Kansas March 27, 1890.

Her maiden name was Clara' A. Frazier. With her par-en's she moei to Indiana, where she Alum feakin ring powders are the greatest to health of the present day. I four years in the State Senate. Governor Morrill appointed him to be I presiding judge of the Appellate court, southern division.

He was the mcoaccrs YOU'LL BE GLAD I I loving regard to all the young folks ftOVAL BAKING POWOCR NEW YORK. vttaa nmloH in marrin.o'A In "Ezra at the time, and as pioneer school I JT rliaie Hayes Sep'. 1, 1859. who died at inarm of Colorado in 1859, she will ong be remembered by the oldest Resolution. Be it resolved by the Mayor and Council of the city of Valley Fallp, Pop landslide.

He is sixty-five years old. settlers of Denver as a woman of re If you avail yourself of the good news this advert iseuuxifc conveys. We take pasure in quoting prioer, to our callers on the spot, and will take more iu showing them our new spring stock of farm implements. something to be proud of. And as markable devotion and zeal to her Governor Stanley said he appointed that a plank sidewalk four (4) feet in width on three (3) two (2) by duties as preceptor to the girls and Judge Johnson, because he wanted Falls, who assisted in my location.

Just now everything looks lovely, one vast barley field all around me. From our house we can look down upon the Pacific ocean, and at night see the electric lights of not only Santa Monica, but Los Angeles and the Soldiers' Home. The latter is about a mile to the northeast. A little town has sprung up within the last six or nine months adjoining the Home union three children were born, of which Ahm B. Hayes is the only one that servives his mother.

On March 14, 1878 she was united in marriage to Wm. McCoy at Valley Falls. Mrs. McCoy was a kind and affectionate wife and mother, and was loved boys of the place. Miss Ring was two lawyers on the court, and John four (4) stringers, be constructed, son, having had experience on the held in such high esteem that the town company of Denver donated her commencing at the northwest corner of block seventy-seven (77) and run the possessor of one of our stubbl bench, suited him.

He said if he had good lot upon which she built a plows, cultivators, riding, walkisg not seen the necessity for two lawyers, by all who had the pleasure of her tonflrued or tonffiieless, coxa school house, and in time made con he would have appointed ex-Lieuten siderable money during the Pikes ning thence souh on east side of Oak street to the southwest corner of said block, subject to inspection and approval of street commissioner. ant Governor D. W. Finney of Wood- I planters or anything in the farm ht trrounus, which contains now some son county. uo" plement line, yon, too, will be proud.

Peak excitement, but lost a greater portion by bad investments of her twenty-five or thirty houses, and buildings are still going up. So you The other candidates whose names It will be a delight, a great satisf were considered by the Governor yes- and confidence failed her not daring im to work ia your fields with ihm This resolution shall take effect find be in force from and after its publication in the Valley Falls New see we are in danger of being absorb financial agent. She returned to the Falls and in the early 70's built her residence. Miss Ring's first visit to ed by towns, although at present no terday were Robert Heizerof Osage kind of implements that wo can sea City and James A. Troutman of To- she A56 joo.

Seeing is believing. i the house and much of the time to peKa. 'How did you come ont, Tom, when you tvi4 immediate neighbors, and our chick ens have a large field to range. The Denver was by ox team, being forty-five days on the trip. Her last visit was only a few years ago, going by Graves yesterday notified ner room uouKu wcw.tyu.- to fIthMlo pKM Mlir Conm Graves yesterday Judge Eka.

J. A. Evans, Attest: Mayor. C. W.

Brooks, City Clerk. TO CONSUMPTIVES. As an honest remedy, Foley's Hon fruit prospect on our ranch could be no better. Going to have an abun rail in a day as delegate to a National Governor Stanley that he could not accept the office of judge of the court of visitation. plication Of trOUDleS tnat Seemea tO out? In puch a manner, dear boy, thnt there itst baffle medical skill she was patient enonh of lhHt "lt to any and fully resigned to Providence.

The funeral services were held at the And in S1'10 a certain cultivate M. E. Church on the 28. conducted plow, p'auter or other farm Educational convention, and with dance of peaches, prunes, plums, ap ricots, pears, besides walnuts and ap ey and Tar does not hold out false words BDarklinsr with the vitality of pies, of which their is five acres, and hopes in jadvance4 stages, but truth a. i youth, shook hands with ten thousand ii tjtt it tool a thorough trial you will know five acres of lemons, which give fully claims to give comfort and re- i wm wh nm ni v-it mains mm delegates there assembled.

Miss continual yield being picked any ltei in the very worse cases, ana in Ring, according to her own words, in month in the year. There is a wind 4 'I was not a candidate for the office. It was offered me by wire, and I accepted without giving the matter due deliberation. It would be a bad business venture for me to take the place, and that is why I have declined. I am sorry that 1 have caused the Governor and the other candidates so the very early stages to effect a cure.

her serene old aere, lectured one and whether it is the best thittg you ever saw and if you are well posted yoa. will know whether it ft the best invention out. That is the kind of ajj ricultural instruments we handle foe? protection of tall cypress tre -J around Oar Hose Cart. Hood. A large number of friends and neighbors, were present to extend their sympathy to the bereaved family, The choir furnished some very ap- our whole place.

The new hose cart arrived Monday California, by reason of her genial climate, lias certainly gieat advantage over Kansas. A new era has afternoon by way of the Santa Fe. It is a regular beauty and no mistake. propnaH mne.cfer the occasion aod harrtinK tl.o ntia weighs 380 pounds, wheeb are now." ail tnat was moriai oi our menu i or grasses. It will pav veu to look aL dawned in the way of diversified crops nriia lo.w frtot ThA naoniirn nam 5 feet high, steel spokes and bal eiuage Lj raves nas been retained by C3U nnr ortnrla fri" ii lmi winter among the farmers of the state, and bearing, is guaranteed to carry 500 all how to prolong life, that machinery in action lasts longer than chinery idle, as much as to say iKat active exercise escapes the corroding rust of mental and physical laziness; She was entirely a remarkable womn highly cultured and full of fun, and enjoyed society as much so as the youngest, evidently her happy dispo-.

sition contributing much to her longevity. But the summons came ut and she has joined the innumerable caravan to the silent hulls of death. She simnlv wrapped the unint -ry of nas ended in a wet, oaciuvaru space: the Cross estate in the litigation try at JNortonviUe. which has been commenced against This removes another one of our feet of rubber hose. It is a very ligh by reason of which it is now called the "Laud of Sugar, Milk and rnnmnir cart ana cost, lam down in it; and his fees in this controversy old and respected citizens, but their Fruit." In some localities the lieet and there comes a rush of farm woti, when the sunshine, and brer-zps of spring are truly here, you will need, something wo have in store.

alrmo HL-oK- ir-ill ho mnro ihun tKo memory snail be h.GVt green and sugar industry is all the go. Many cherished with due consideration. salary of a court of visitation judge fanners have learned the lesson that E. F. Holland.

Valley Falls, 105. The boys have also ordered 500 feet of cotton hose to be equipped with the Anderson coupler. We will have in a few days the best equipped during an entire term. Aspiring Author What do it is not profitable on a single line cropping, but put in a rotation The politicians say that Judge HAVE YOU KIDNEY TROUBLE? est novel? Publisher The title ic not in cout-ifttney wiiim Graves still has his eve on a Supreme uown her couch around her and nod A 50c trial bottle of Foley's Kid- lire department the state, due to court judgeship If this is true, he to pleasant dream s. ney Cure will prevent serious results make heroine a woman of th; ji i jr i ii i me unnring enoris oi me memuers A.

G. Patr ic from this usually fatal disease. probably figures that a position on the court of visitation would not ma of the lire department in conjunction 111-4 I.lfe Mr. E. Lilly, a pr terially improve his chances.

If the constitutional amendment increasing Advertised List of Letters. Following is the List of Letters re- You may also gladden the oneoC two hearts that bent as our if y'm should purchase for her a Hut stoe'H range, or usual cast range or even th common cook stoves with a full setoff with the city council. A Jrct Hook Free! When Dr. H. V.

Pierce, of Buffalo, N. published the first edition of his great work, The Feople's Com- of Hannibal, lahiy la.d a won croups, as land is. bound to exhaust its fertility in time by putting in wheat, oats and barley. Creameries and cheese factories are being put up almost everywhere, which afford a cash market for all the milk that can be supplied. Dairies are being started, feeding the cows on alfalfa and sugar beets, and all say the field is inviting.

California fanners are onto the racket. It is not here like it is in Kansas, for we have no snow, ice and mud half derful deliverance from a fright the number of justices from three to maining in the alley Falls, Kansas, seven carries in 1900, four justices Postofiice, for the week ending Mch. will be appointed in 1901, and Judge 2otb, 1899, and uncalled for. Persons ful 'death. Ia telling of it he says: furniture of fifty pieces such as have on display.

Or perhaps sti 'T ItTAQ tnl'An M'ltll I IT. lAII Vlr mou benso Medical Adviser, ne an Graves will be in line of appointment calling for the letters will please say nounced that after copies had that ran into Pneumonia. My lungs had twelve years experience "advertised." would prefer a fine, new drop hoadl New Home sewing machine; or been sold at the regular price, $1.50 became hardened. I was so weak I on the district bench. ladies list.

per copy, the profit on which would couldn't even sit up in bed. Nothing new style, ball bearing washing, or Judges Postlethwaite and Crum Ghasky Cagle, Cricket Hatfield. the year, but really summer the year helped me. I expectpd to soon die repay him for the great amount of iset of silver knives aid forks, tec- yesterday took possession of the gentlemen's list. labor and money expended in pro round, and the alfalfa held is never of Consumption, when I heard of Dr.

spoons, table spoons, coil'ee pot, ieb rooms of the old railroad board, but Arthur Brown. H. M. Howard. ducing it, he would distribute the no business will be transacted till the idle, like Topsy, "it just grows.

Ring's New Discovery. One bottle Geo. W. King, Jesse Tate, third judge qualifies. next half million free.

As this num Outdoor labor, with us, is just as cave great relief. I continued to use pot, A good coffee mill conies haadjp about as often as any other article ul the household, in fact it is a grinding; necessity, and we can furnish yotL agreeable'inj January as May or June nnd now am well and strong, I in Kansas. The cost of living is usu- caQt fiay too miici, jn jtg praise." say too mucn in its praise, ber of copies has already been sold, he is now giving away, absolutely N. E. Talbott, Wm.

F. Hill, postal card. DEPARTMENT LETTERS. Frpnk Pierce. Ernest P.

Karb, P. M. City Election. Oh my but it was quiet. There ally as cheap as in Kansas, with none free, 500,000 copies of this most com that one at a low price.

were 83 votes polled and out of the This marvellous medicine is the sur1 est and quickest euro in the world of your hardships of climates and al plete, interesting and valuable com- old iUT-m Colonel Ah. my boy, that faithful number there were only two lady mmi KPiiso mpaicai worK ever tjud- I there was the means oi caving my life. ternating days of excessive heat, jumping to freezing breezes way be whex weak, weary and wasted for all Throat and Lung Trouble. Regular sizes 50 cents and 1.00. Trial bottles free at L.

II. Burnett's lished the recipient only being re voters. All of the candidates were out with their good clothes on, and voters. All of the candidates were out wun tneir gooa ciotnes on, ana Friend -Really, colonel? Colonel Yes; he kicked me Jn the nf From Kidney Diseases, wny not low zero. For a while it looked rather Toix 77 some say John McGinty paid as high try Foley's Kidney Cure, a gusran- thal 1 and lhe other chi pot eress, twenty-one (21) one-cent stamps mJ rry iVluucJf ulo while I wm in the hohpiiai.

gloomy for the farmers and fruit Drug Store; every bottle guaranteed. as iwenty-nve cents ior votes, mis fnAd mftdicine. as twenty-five cents for votes. raisers out here, as every indication iocoYercosioIma.HDRon,y,B?alUe The good Dews will Socn bo pub- may and may not be a fact. booK will be soot poet paid.

It is a rKObKA31 h. ni-nnino ha. A Few Late Styles, we give a few of was for another dry year, but this month has given more than the usual However the ticket elected is a the late Below 9 1 veritable medical library, complete in one volume. Contains 1008 pages, thev might interest stamps thinking amount of rain, and almost every "corker" and we can rest assured that they will conduct themselves becom i i the heating stove exiled to tho storage room by the way we make speciality of storing household and For the Teacher Association, to be Held In First M. E.

Church, Valley FaUs, Saturday, April 8, at 2:00 O'clock. thing is assured, which will entirely some OI our profusely illustrated. The Free Edition is precisely the same as that various Miaut" ui um aicoiu Sone, The School Chorus. ing the dignity of the office. Below we give the official vote.

make prosperous times. Many of our friends in Jefferson county, from to be worn a deal for spring great Object Lesson In Nature Work with Primary Pupils, Miss Kamm. ftumoHion. Mis Laura VanCleave, Mi6S Jlc- gowns. what we can hear, are already predict sold at $1.50 except only that the books are in strong manilla paper covers instead of cloth.

Send now other goods ami wm no more needed until bureau cools the air au steam whitens in the frosty breeze that' summer is here, gettiug warm, hot, hotter, and Well, one way Violets to be worn on anv sort ing our return to Kansas. They need of a The For Mayor, F. C. Shaffer, 66. For Councilman, Neil McLeod, 63.

For Councilman, Lou Hauck, 65. For Councilman, John McGinty, costume still remain stylish. not be so sure of that for we are here Question, Misa Stella Meuame. Paper, The Relation of the High School to the Country School W. L.

Dunbar. Discussion, W. II. Rice, J. A.

Decker, John Bruton. Duet, Under the Old Umbrella, Hugh Reppert, Hazel Mitchel. HfottiswU in ncrn(r Kate Bell. fashion is a prettv one, and manv before all are given away. City Council.

tr- li riM vfirs. nnd "nerhans i n-nman roinu 4 li ic 1 -i 65. tr one. 1171 I I I I1UUJVU AV- IV1 lit. I 1 ik- lllf- LlillL.

II 1 -w I The new city officials met Wednes to add to the comfort of the borne is to procure a gasoline slove. end avoML the great heat from the ccal or wood the For Councilman, H. H. Mitchell, IWV' ill i. K.J IV day evening and were sworn in, bonds 68.

We have a lovely home and every thing as convenient as one could favorite kind at res TI ey a re Discussion, Mies Sudie Anderson, Mies Eva Gunn, E. S. Shrader, Mrs. Mary Witt. Recitation.

Flora Legler. stove at or before the iaeal tifna. filed and approved. much more serviceable thau the un For Councilman, W. F.

Hiser, 63. wish. cars are handy to TTnr Pitv lllorlr V. "RnrW fil barefoot boy With 1 lhe omcials and committees are as nog joy, dressed, and this mny be the reason our door and cheap fare which every I 1 I A. 'at'- Normal.

after chasing the winged butterfly For Police Judge, A. B. Schaeffer, for their popularity. follows: Mayor, F. C.

Shaffer. way you wish to go, and agoodmar- will come home for cooling 62. Pique will be med for early H. C. Miller, I.

J. Bradford. J. W. Lakin, Prof.

D. L. Stanley. A cordial In vitaUon is extended to all breeze-have as. ket atjhome for almost everything we Police Judge, A.

B. Schaeffer. at the will and she appetite. can raise. And this is not all.

For Marshal, Louis Newman, 67. For Street Commissioner, W. J. City Attorney, G. W.

McCammon. mer suits. There are some very pref ty shades in this material, and a most stylish costume can lx? made wiihj Health is better tnan riches, ana we A TV ABM FRIEND Foley's Colic Cure is very hot, but Fox, 66. nm mrtm thnn lilnsspd with ntir share. Lou Xewman, Marshal.

Lou Hauck, City Treasurer. E. I. Burkert, City Clerk. The judges were Homer Law, John when diluted it is a warm friend in- aiO rugged and hearty.without any aches f' i.i-..i a The hats this bajlt Wvy Lnngrtrnm and James Shackelford, deed to those infferiDg from bowel or nains.

ana aoie uo a jtoou uii Improvement Neil McLeod, It never fails, 2oc and i i wnrlc at flllV time. With us it has and the clerks Misses Louisa Schuler and Anna Falls. complaints. 50c Will Hiser, John McGinty. and worn low over ihe face.

Ail shades of blue and red are Uacd a great deal. Some uf tliv very pret been a big improvement upon Kan Water Works H. H. Mitch -4 ell, Will Hiser, John McGinty. 5 sas.

The same with my wife, who is ellent health, and in love with Notice There will be a business meeting tiest hats are the. co oiv .1 utii i Accounts, Lou Hauck, Xeil Mc Christians as Ships. The Christian is a ship. The church with her services, workers, and ministers, is the dockyard, where by the and white are with violets. Black Leod, H.

H. Mitchell. rnmfortable eirht room, two-story also ve louable- at the Congregational church, Sunday, April 9th, at 12 o'clock. The question of calling a new minister Printing, Will Hiser, Lou Hauck, house, with a good, large barn, and II. H.

Mitchell. as a man confesses thaJesa. Christ HaiQWare I 111 plemeiltS fa tia Snn nf (Irul and ucea nlm tn hA 1 1 rhicken house a plenty. A loveiyi Atadruer store, a marvelous cure Board of Health, F. C.

Shaffer, M. and other business will be considered. A full attendance jof the members of the church and congregation blue 'grass lawn with palm trees put-1 for all kidney complaints, nervous ex- the Lord of his. life he hzs bsta christened and is readr for tla Utachinr. F.

Marks, Xeil McLeod, John Mc Ginty, Will Hiser. eido the circle, and a nice gravelly Ihaustion and exhaustion and female TTalk to the front gate, with rosea I wesStness. It is Foley's Kidney Core. Her. J.

Snane NlcncCV I YaJlev iJallS. JUmcaQ. reqecctsd. 1.

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