The Valley Falls New Era from Valley Falls, Kansas on October 16, 1897 · Page 5
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The Valley Falls New Era from Valley Falls, Kansas · Page 5

Valley Falls, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 16, 1897
Page 5
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h if a '3. '5 j1 n 1! P I hi It 'il i La Grippe, Followed DR. by Heart Disease, Cured MILES' HEART CURE. It. C. C. SI1ULTS, of T7lnterset, Iowa, inventor and Manufacturer of Shults' Safety WlxlEctrea Coupling, vrrltcs of Dr. Miles' Heart Cuio "Two years ago an attack o3 LaGrSppo left me with a "wcr.1: heart. I Lad run dovrn ia csh to rn era tkln and bone. I could not sleep lying down for srriothcrins spells; frequent sharp lar tin;: palna and palpitation caused a constant fear of sudden death, nothing could induce me to remain aay from homo over nlht. My local physician prescribed Dr. Xlles Heart Cure and in a few days I was ublo to sleep well and the pains gradually lessened, and finally ceased. I reduced the tho doses, having gained fifteen pounds, and am no'7 feeling better in every way than I bare for years." Dr. -Vines1 Kerned aro sold by all dru o - . tencCts or njoney re- Rtcre-:M Health cases of tbo heart and nerves f rce. Address, DK. MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind. 4J ' u? -i :ii7 ii 1 Groceries. I "7 Groceries. I Groceries. 1 Yes wo sell : ; .;t .s'eZZ them right. We sell great stack? of them and at the lowest prices too. "We have cut the prices all along the line where it is at all possible. Give us a call and be convinced. Yours Resptfully, :. 1A1 T71T T CPQ O O J? JLjJ.JZj0 OrMVTTTvTrNI vs w jjyu i l. v-r: Prepare for them by gettin o your -AT- E. M. TAYLOR'S Harness Shop. The Largest and Best Lino ot "Wlirps, BI aniets, Etc., in the County. Bring on your Repair Work. E. M TAYLOR, VALLEY FALLS. It AS. Uanted-An Idea VClMk fm ttitnlr of mom Blraple Protect Towr I4.: thjnrny brlnxyou wealth. rtnm Junit wewuutuBn c -- nten 3M7. Wtthtafftoo. D. O. for ttetr LBOU pna offer mm&mt et two Jrandrad InTwiUoas waatoO. 'WW! ,rf 7? TIT v 5- tgnm'Za won Valley Falls Sew Era. SATURDAY, OCT. 16, 1897. Railway Time Table, as in Effect Now. A. T. & S. F. R'Y. Pawencer and Expre, Eat Mnil. pafK-nper and e: press, Ea.t Pasouper and Expref, Weet Mail, j.a"f'ng?r and express, West.. Accommodation, Eatt 5 :4T m 5:31 p m ! :"4 a m 10:15 p m 1 :W a in Tickets bold to all points in the United States Through trains daily to Cnlifornia point? carry in? palace und tourist eWpers. Accident ticket! oid lor all trains. A favinjr of 10 per cent to purchaser by buying ronnd trip ticket to points where the one way fare doe not exceed $j.0u. F. J. E vans. Agent. U. P. (K. C. Div.) Papnjrer, mail and express, Ent.. I'atrbenger, mail and express, Wet. 1:S0 p m 12:o0p ta K. C. V. & X. W. Peatric mail and express, Wff-t 10:3$ a m j K. C. it Leavenworth mail and express. 2:17 p m , Seneca accomrnod itiou, Wet 1:50 a ni Accommodation. jLa.-t 11:54 w m BLOOMFIELD ITEMS. A light shower. Dear oh dear, there is another bound ou this road. Bro. Testerman, former pastor here, has become an elder. Mrs. Milliken, cousin of Mrs. G ra crrr arrived here to-day from Holton. Moses Moore made a trip to Holton and $25 bv tho same, last week. Bro. Thompson, formerly of Os-awkee, will be our minister the ensu- i"fc jitxr. I Oh keep sti1!, say nothing about it at all as all they want is a chance to tell it, themselves. Miss Ida Cline boards at home, teaching in tho Harman district, has d7 scholars enrolled. A dispatch brought Mrs. Marshall's father and brother from Greenwood county yesterday. Her sibter, Miss Llla, came Thursday. Prof. Rabb will give his singers a cuance to warble sweet melodies at his concert next week at the Muddy Creek school house. We had a unique sermon a few weeks ago that pleased our stiugv soul but what we needed was the preachiug of the grace of giving Drs. Gilman, Swallow and Sheldon have been in consultation over Mrs. Marshall, the former remains at the house most all the time. Dr. Sheldon returned to Topeka to-day. Mr. and Mrs. Martindale of Coffey county, while here visiting their daughter Mrs. Riley Cain, were at church last Sabbath. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall of Greenwood county, were in attendance, also. Mr. James and family, who have relatives hnre, are stopping with their cousin vm. James, and have con ciuaea io remain, at least a vear. They will have charge of the farm across the way. Hovering between life and death. with almost no hopes of recovery, is our esteemed friend at her o'd home. Mrs. Gragg's. Mrs. Jessie Marshall, who with her husband and two little girls are visiting relatives here, wis moved by its use. Those who use suddenly stricken down with what this remedy are no longer de-seemed a fatal case from the first, spondent or gloomv; nervousness ciuw buuut-u auu siranse ana saa io think of the broken links in life's great chain, oh how hard to bear, did uot our Father give hope of uniting again. UNO BLUE MOUND ITEMS. George Armsead is on the sick list. Farmers have commenced to gather their corn. M. M. Maxwell had his barn raised last Wednesday, Our school commenced last Mondav under the management of Miss Salhe Bruton. Wm. Davis and. sister Miss Emma spent Sunday with their sister Mrs. John Butts. her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Mc- A number of peonle from here at - tended the G. A. R. reunion at Leav- en worth this week. n .nnt tun ;-iQt--o f k- tion, heard the new minister last Sunday. Quite a number of young people enjoyed a pleasant evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Campbell, last Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Kauffman, of Prairie Hall, and Mr. Rogers of To- Kba, visited Saturday with John cClure'nd family. Topaz. WINCHESTER ITEMS. A nice rain fell &acday. Mrs. Johnson of Soldier, has been visiting Mrs. Bryant . Rev. Bryant will hold a meeting at the Christian chnrch. . Dr. Maxson und son of Xortonville, were over last Jb nday. Mr. Fields. W. IK Brown and Jes sie Brown were at Osk.-iloosa Monday. Frank Swallow, M. D., and Mr. Giutpr of valley Falls, were in town Tuesday. t t I i it m ur. oaney reports me oinn ot a daughter to Mr. : and Mrs. John Adams Oct. lOtb. Mart Bishop and family and II. G. Talcott and family are campiuer f.t Leavenworth this week. Mvrtle Carley, Rhetta MehafiK urin iviDg ana Jiari rrown auenueu the meeting at Hebron Tuesday nijrht Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Everett, Mr. and Mrs. William Goff, Mrs. Moore- h;ul, William McKemey, Samuel Richardson and others are in Leavenworth to see the sights. Married at. the R.' P. church Oct. 11 bv Rev. D. II. Coulter, Mr. Ivold Dunn and Miss May Wilson. The happy couple left for Leavenworth luesday to make their home. Death of an Old Citizen. Perry Brown was born in Hamilton countv. Indiana. Mav 11th. 1825. and died his home in yalley FalSj Qct 9, 1897, aged 72 years, 4 months and 27 days. He was married to Margaret Burk Jan. 11, 1819. In the fall of 1870 he moved to Jefferson county, Kansas, where he lived until his death. He united with the Christian church iu 1889 and lived a Christian t.hft rpmainflpr nf his lifo Funeral services were held at the residence onnaay aiternoou, concinctea by Ltev. not n well, pastor of the Christian church, and was attended by a large uumoer oi inenas ana reiauves. Card of Thanks. We wish to thank our kind friends and neighbors who assisted us during the late sickness and death of our husband, and father. Mrs. Perry Brown and Family. Every mother feels an inde scribable dread of the pain and danger attendant upon the 'a a " most critical period of her life. cecoraing , a mother should be a source of joy to all, but the suffering: and danger of the ordeal make its anticipation one of miserv. MOTHER'S FRIEND is tne remedy which relieves women of the great pain and suf fering incident to maternity; this hour which is dreaded as woman's severest trial is not onlv made painless, but all the danger is re nnncpi nnH ntlr H cfe n ditions are avoided, the system is made ready for the coming event, and the serious accidents so com- mon io me critical nour are obviated by the use of Mother's Friend. is a blessing to woTttan. 51.00 PER BOTTLE at all Drug-Stores. v- ouxih jr uAtiresB uu reveipt ox price. BOOKS containing invaluable information of Xa Afi ... rnCL to any address, upon application, by Tbo BEADFUXD BEGULAT0& CO., AUaata, Ga. nw - JULCicait iu sit iruuieo. will DO senc "Phlegm la Polnor. Phlegm is the refuse matter thrown off from the throat. If it lodges in tn0 throat it will irritate, inflame and poison bronchial tubes, vocal cords, aud tin ally lungs, and is the begin uing of consumption. Snow's Pine knowo that wiU clear the throat of roi mi m of f oi 1 and keep it clear. A guaranteed cure of influenza, coughing, lung 1 fever, catarrh, croup, asthma and gppe. Money back if Snow's Pine I-xpectorant does not cure. All drng- I rZryirT. K'T on receipt of price 6y F. A. Snow & Co., Manufacturing Chemists, Tope- ica, ias. . Are yon lacking in strength and energy. Are von nervour, despond ent, irritable, bilious, constipated and generally rnn down in health t If so ! your liver is torpid, and a few doses of Herbine will cure yon. Her bine has no equal as a health restorer. At Baby pjnel Burnett s. M - .... AN OP EN To MOTHERS, WE ARE ASSERTING IN THE COURTS OUR RIGHT TO THE V V EXCLUSIVE USE OF THE WORD C ASTORIA," AND " PITCHER'S CASTORIA," AS OUR TRADE MARK. J, DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Hyannis, Massachusetts ivas the originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA' tte same that has borne and does now ,,r i. 0Ti CTeTg t bear the facsimile signature of OutyfMcJ: wrapper.l Tliis is the original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA " wluch has been ! used in the homes of the Mothers of America for over thirty years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it is the kind you have always bought on the and has the signature of 47;' wrap per. No one has authority from me to use my name ex- cepz me Lentaur company of which Laos. u. Fletcfier isi President. March 8, 1897. Q& Do Not Be Deceived. Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute which some druggist may offer you ! (because he makes a few more pennies on it), the in- ! gredients of Which even he does not know. "The End You Have Always Bought" -1 BEARS THE FAC-SIMILE SIGNATURE OF ; Insist on Having The Kind That Never Failed You. THE CENTAUR COMPANY. TT MURRAY STREET. NEW YORK CITY. J. C. SWIL'ER'&GO, IDEALERS IN: Drugs, Wall Paper, Marreloas Results. From a letter written bv Rev. J. Gtunderman,of Dimondale, Mich., we are permitted to make this extract: "I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. King's New Discovery, as the results were almost marvelous in the case of my wife. While I was pastor of the Baptist Church at Rives Junc tion she was brought down with Pneumonia succeeding La; Grippe. Terrible paroxysms of coughiug would last hours with little interrup tion and it seemed as if she could not survive them, A friend recommend ed Dr. King's New Discovery; it was quick in its work and highly satisfac tory in results." 1 rial bottles free at L. H. Burnett's Drug Store. Regular size 50c. and $1.00. Poland China Stales for Sale. - No. 1 extra good Poland China Males, serviceible, for sale at Orchard Hill. , I. O. Webstes, CASTOR OA For Iiifaiits and ChildrezL nail str l ' -T ' " - j, a LETTER ii XlI' i i (j?o Books & Stationery, TXTASTED-TRUSTWORTHY AND ACTIVB it pentlemen or ladle to travel for retjoni- and expenses. Position steady. Reftrencp. Enclose helf-addreed t am ped envelope. ' The Dow minion Comuanv. Dent. Y (Miiniicro. J M . C5 I . I Oak Hill Roller HiD I v. ay HENRY LEGLER , Proprietor, Volley Falls, teas. Manufacturer of HIGH PATENT AND CHOICE a 4-1 l 7? b mm OF FLOUR i7 Si TRY OUR O raicitLE PLATE, " NONE BETTER MADE. MONEY TOLOAN At 7 &7 1 2 pr ctotraight On gilt-edged farm security. ; D. W. INVERARITY, 4 The Blue ,Bibbon; Abstract Office,; OSKALOOSA, KANSAS. HC7Arwtract8 of Title to all Lands in Jefferson county made at rea , enable rates. . f

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