The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on July 3, 1938 · Page 32
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 32

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 3, 1938
Page 32
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T>—UGKT LINCOLN Sl’NDAT JOITINAL AND STAR, JtXY 3, Î93R.' Televised Drama Is Success But Many Problems Presentee. Staging And Production ■ To Be Major Problems, Broadcast Ot Broadway Play Reveals (B t International New» Service.) A lthough television! broadcasting from New | York has been temporarily sus-; pended for the summer, this; seems a likely moment to sur-j vey recent strides in that field* end look forward to what may be anticipated when experiments are resumed this fall. Much was revealed by the recent semi-public demonstration st which Gertrude Lawrence, Nancy Coleman and Paul McGrath, Broadway star.s, pre.sented a streamlined version of the stage hit, ‘‘Susan and God.” Critics and observers present were unanimous In their praise of the program and much impressed with the future possibilities. ! There seemed to be a general reaction, though, to the effect that the staging and production of tele- vi.sion programs would involve Buch expense and effort as to mke it a considerable headache for the sponsors. When Miss Lawrence and her fellow players were forced to emote for 22 minutes under glaring lights which gave off a terrific heat, there were some W’ho opined that television would be confronted by a major handicap in turning out programs daily —especially considering the effort involved in memorizing the lines and arranging .sets. Numerous Problems Involved A new radio drama for Jim Ameche is "Win Your Lady" which replaces Hollywood Playhouse during the summer months. Appearing with Ameche on the program will be Betty Lou Gerson shown above. The play will be aired over the NBC blue network Sundays for a 13 week period. - -O This problem is not as serious es it seems. Television need not mean that the type of entertainment now presented by radio need be completely replaced. The informal and unseen shows now coming over the microphone will type of entertainment other than that now proper to radio. Dancers, j jugglers and some of the old| vaudeville routines lose much of | their value when unseen, but may I ^11 be revived when television gets into full stride. i Doubtless television program production will be costly. After all, when the radio script calls for certain sound effects they are re- j produced artificially without consideration for the visual angle. A television fan will hardly be content to strain his imagination to keep up with the canned noises. not necessarily have to give way And scenery will have to be much | to formal and finished programs. | more realistic and elaborate. In fact, television may find that| All this discussion of television, much of its appeal will come from of course, fails to take into con- nllowing the public to look be- ; sidération the numerous technical hind the scenes and witness the difficulties which still stand in the actual manner in which the pro-; way of commercial broadcasting, gram goes over the air. The psy- At present the transmission i.s rhological attraction of this is , limited to a radius of about .50 evidenced by the manner in which' miles and engineers admit that the thou.sands clamor for tickets to ! rapid changes in technique will witness radio broadcasts today, i probably leave the present costly Television, of course, will open; sets outmoded as fast as they are the way to presentation of a new put on the market. Journal & Star Radio Programs KFOR Mutual and Columbia 1210 IllocTclee KOIL NBC Blue and Mutual 1260 Kliocrclea KFAB Columbia Basic 770 Kilocycle» WOW NBC Red Network 590 Kilocyclee SUNDAY MORNING 7.00 7 15 7 30 : 7 45 i «lient .............. 6tll?nt ............ . silent ................ Silent .................... »Turn Back Clock Tom Torrls Melody Moments Melody Moments Silent ..................... Silent ...................... Silent Silent ................... Silent ..................... Silent Silent ..................... Silent .................* ■ nn 11 Tnr» O’MArnlnwRiisxliin Tune« ........ Roundup ................ Bible Highlights 8 15 1 Top O' Morning Russian 'Tunes ... Roundup ,. ........ Bible Highlights 8 30 1 1 Lincoln Church OAR ReunlOiiRoundup ................Chapel Service 8 45 1 Lincoln Church GAR Reunion Cooperation .......... Chapel Service Tool Funny Paper!«• Pamero* ........ Charles Paul .. .. Chapel Service • 1ft { 1 Funnv Paper , Sunday Tune» ... Charles Paul Chapel Service 9 30 Star Parade . Major Bowes . . Major Bcwes ----Chapel Service 9 45 Star Parade Major Lowes .. .Major Bowes Garden of Memory 10 00 Sport Spotlit» Major Bowes .. Major Bowes ....Garden of Memory 10 15 Imperial Quarter Major Bowes . .. Major Bowes Eddie Butler 10 30 Star Parad» . Radio City . ., . Salt Lake Choir Mertdiau Music 10 45i Star Parade Radio City .......... Salt Lake Choir.Men (ten Mnsl; Tl 00, Church of Air . Radio ci*y ........... First PlymouthMadri)^al Singers 11 1.5 i Church of Air Radi.* City ........... First Plymouth .. Madrigal Singers li 30 Europe CallingComics ...................First Plymouth .. Glen Darwin 11 45 1 Romany Trail Comics ................... First Plymouth .. Glen Darwin Here is Joan Kay, one of the talented actresses heard on the "Court of Missing heirs" program which is aired over the CBS midwest network every Sunday night. The program tells the life story of persons who left estates and no known heirs to claim them. SUNDAY AFTERNOON 13 00 Lamplighter . la 15 1 Hlti dE Encores i 13 30 1 ZInn Arthur 13 45 I Charley Af Jan Magic Key of RCA Magic Key of RCA Magic Key of RCA Magic Key of RCA 1 00 1 News ........... I 15 i Sun. Afternoon 1 30 1 Sun. Afternoon 1 45 1 Jimmy Livingston New» ................. Sundsy Afternoon Three Cheers ......... Sundsy Vespers .. a 00 1 Hlway Program a 15 1 Hlway Program »130 1 B*nay Venuta a 45 1 Benay Venuta Sunday Vespers ... Carol Weymann .... Carol Weymann ... There was a Woman 3 00 Irving conn 3 15 1 Irving Conn . S 39 In Shanghai... 3 45 In Shanghai 4 00 Ir Hollywood . 4 1ft i In Hollywood 4 SO 1 Concert ............ 4 4.5 1 Concert . ... There wag a Woman Jean Sablón Gems of Melody ... Gems of Melody .. In Hollywood ......... In Hollywood ......... Pre.s. Roosevelt ........ Pres Roosevelt .. ft 00 Rhythm .............. ft 1ft 1 Rhythm .. ft 30 1 Brown Sister» *,46 1 Hollywood . Pres. Roosevelt . Pres Roo.sevelt Poptilsr Classics Popular da.sslcs .. . Brown Eiisembla New., ................. Summer Session, Summer Se.sslon Everybody'» Music Everybody'» Music Everybody's Music Everybody's Music CasUlitan» . Castlllian» . CBS Singers CBS Singer, Sunday Serenade» New» Kldoodler* Vincente Gome» Sunday Driver» Sunday Driver» Romane» Melodie» Romance Melodie, j KFAB At Nebraska City. Jiggs Miller and his Man on thej Street troupe will broadcast from Nebraska City next Saturday at 12:45 p. m. About 10 others will; accompany him. strange As Seems Ranger., world Is Your» World I, Your» All Czech Music Hour. An all-Czechoslovakian music program will be given on ‘‘Every- bodv’s Music” over KFAB and CBS at 1 p. m. today. Bedrich S m e t a n a's “Vysehrad” and Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” will be played. Texas Rangers Texas Rangers Oliver Drak« Dave Barai Phil Cook ........ Phil Cook prea. Roosevelt Pres. Roo.sevelt Pres. Roosevelt pres. Roosevelt Potpourri ........ Potpourri ........ Marlon Tally Marlon Tally Radio New» Reel Radio New, Reel Catholic Hour Catholic Hour Ga'.licchio Orch. Galllcchio Orch. Freddi» Ebener Freddi» Ebener 8 eighbnr. Neighbors SUNDAY EVENING 6 Od j Jimmy Dorsey g IR Jimmy Dorsey C SO Invlt. Walts « 4.R Invtt. Walts 7 00 I »tag« Erhoea 7 1ft Stage Echoes 7 30 Paul Baron . 7 4S I Paul Baron . « 00 News g 15 Entertainment g 30 Cont. Nigh«» I 45 I Cont. Nights I 00 Sunday Date B 15 Enrtc Madrtfu* « 30 I Revival ............ »45 Revival ..... 10 00 t Revival ............ 10:15 I Revival ........... 10 80 Weather Vane 10 45 I Bob Croeby New, , .... Racket, Unstrung Song, wa Remember Eong, we Remember Win Your Lady Win Your Lady Column Qul» ... Irene Rich ___ Norman Cloutier Norman Cloutier Cheerio .............. Cheerio ............. Music .................... Music Rtadlum Concert. RtadlUm Concert. Rtadlum Concert. Htadtum Concert. Stadium Concert. Stadium Concert Don Ameche Hour Don Ameche Hour Don Ameche Hour l>on Ameche Hour New, .......... Tambourltxa Revival .... Revival .... II 00 11:15 11 30 11 45 II 00 Mitchell Ayrea Mitchell Ayr«« Sign OU . ... Revival .... Revival ___ Bob Crosby Bob Ch-osby Joan êi Kermlt Joan A Kermlt Missing Heirs . Missing Heirs . Will McCune ........ Will McCure Prog, from WBBM Leighton Noble — Mi‘chell Ayres .... Mitchell Ayres , .. Husk O'Hare Orch. Henri Oendron .... Sign Off ........... Carlos Molinas Carlos Molinas Henry King ... Henry King Merry-go-round Merry-go-round Familiar Musle Familiar Music Hour of Charm Hour of Charm Round Table Round Table Fre« Press Discussion. The University of Chicago Round Table will discuss “Can America’s Press Be Free” during its regular hour over WOW and the NBC red network at 8:30 o’clock tonight. Philadelphia Concert. liUcy Monroe will be soloist, and Alfred Wallenstein will conduct the Philadelphia orchestra in a Robin Hood Dell Concert over KFOR Saturday starting at 6:30 p. m. and on KOIL at 7 p. m. Miriam Hopkins Guest Miriam Hopkins will be guest star on the Charlie McCarthy show tonight over WOW and the NBC red network at 6 o’clock. News Thesaurus Hobby Lobby Hobby Lobby Horace Henderson Horace Henderson Husk O’Hare .... Henri Oendron ... Sign Off ............... Job Clinic Job CUnlc Lang Thompson Lang Thompson Evening Reverlea Jack Spring Leon Mofleas Leon Mofle»» Thesaurus MONDAY MORNING 8 00IStieot . . ......... Silent .................. 8 15(Bilan« . .........Silent .................. • 30 (Silent . ........ Musical Clock ........ 8 45 ( Btlent . .............. Musical Clock ___ 7 OO ( MusicalClock .New» ...................... 7:1ft Musical Clock . Hurry Uper» .......... 7.SO I Mustael Clock Musical Clock ...., 7-45Musical Clock Musical Clock .... 8 M News .. Oana Krupa ............ 8 IS I Trafila Fnt, . . Asher .................. t 30 I Chapel Thoughts i 45 Bari Lavrenca • 00 Buckeya lOsur 9 15 Shop With Juna • 30 Get Thtn • 43 I Sylvia Cyda .. 10 »0 Marl) Moretlll 10.15 i Iren# Beaslay . 10 30 ! Diary Dream» 10 45 Modarn Moods Josh Higgins Jarry Sear» . Lady Couragec us Polly tha Shopper Get Thin ............. Homemaker» .. Top O' Morning. Top O’ Morning Top o^ Morning News ..................... Roundup ............... Roundup ............... Keep RoUln .... Baehflor Children Chspel Service . Myrt and Marga Hilltop House .. Tommy Watson 11 00 ! News ............ 11:15 Ted Malone .. 11 10 I Radio Oerdan iJtovtlaueg .... To be announced Kldoodler» ........... Dl»ry Dreams ... Modem Mood, .. Happy Gang .. Walt» TRna .... P»ppy Plunnar Otraat Beporteg Morning Reveries New, ..................... Big Sister ..... Real Life Stories Fsrm Front Time ‘n Tunes Tima *n Tunes Time *n Tunes News Thesaurus Musical Clock Musical Clock Coffe» pof Church Hymne Aunt Sally Woman In White SPOTLIGHT FEATURES David Harum Lorenro Jones Mystery Chef Kitty Keene Marty Dale ........ Tonic Tunea • * • • Helen Trent ____ Our Oal Sunday Gems of Malody.. Traveler» ....... First Call ............ Firm CaU ....... Betty and Bob Tha O NelUs Kitty Kelly * Judy and Jan# Vincent Curran Vie and Sade Houseboat Hannah Word« and Muate SUNDAY. ON KFOE— 1:00 p.m.—Benay Venuta Orchestra and Varieties. S:30 p.m.—Death In Shanghai, a Mutual Feature. 4 30 p m.—President Roosevelt speaks at the Gettysburg Encampment. ON KOIL- 8:30 a.m.—Program from Gettysburg Battlefield on the 75th anniversary of the three-day battle. • 5.30 a.m.—Malor Bowes’ and his Capitol ’Theater Family. » 30 p m.—Old Fashioned Revival. ON KFAB— 1 00 p.m.—Everybody’s Music. 4:00 p-tn.—Phil Cook's Almanac. g:30 p.m.—Lewlsohn Stadium Concerte, from Central Park, K. Y. ON WOW— g;00 p.m.—Don Amecha Hour, with Charlie McCarthy. 8 00 p m.—Hour of Charm, 9.30 p m,—Hobby Lobby MONDAY. ON KFOR— 7:30 p m.— Pat Bame# and hlg Barnstormers. • SO p.m —Pageant of Melody. ON KOIL— 3 00 p m.—Club Matinee 8 00 p m True or False, premier». 9 00 p m —Allas Jimmy Valentine. ON KFAB— 3 00 p m—Cornhusker Jamboree. 8:30 p m.—Pick and Pat. 7.00 p m.—Radio Theater ON WOW— 6 00 pm—Public Hero No L 8.30 p.m.—George Burse uftd Omoie Jje Betty Lou Gerson, Jim Ameche, Lois Zarley In Badio Photo News Radio, as yet, Is not visual but Lois Zarley, shown here, won a role on the "Woman in White" serial because of her looks. The role, that of Sybella Mansfield, is a "cultured continental type" and Author Irna Phillips found Miss Zarley's refined drawl and looks just what was needed for the part. A front-row view of Professor Quiz, heard over CBS Saturdays, includes top left, explaining the rules of the contest; top right, offers the hat containing the questions to the first contender; lower left, a young woman picks her puzzler; and lower right, a housewife, second place winner, gets her reward from the Professor while Announcer Bob Trout looks on. • ' ■VCW.V.V.VrAViA' 8 New Summer Shows Com^, To The Air During Week Many Winter Favorites To Start V ac at Ions From Ether; President To Be Heard Today, Friday One of the better known midwestem radio writers is Fayette Krum shown above whose serial "Girl Alone" is currently heard over an NBC network. The play recently celebrated its third anniversary on the air and Miss Krum appeared before the mike in an acting role for the first time. QUESTIONS and cv4nswers Radio listeners who may have questions to ask about radio artists and programs are Invited to send questions to ITie Radio Editor. Sunday Star and Journal, Lincoln. If the requested information is available answers wlil appear on this page the succeeding Sunday. Another of the summer air shows which starts this week .will be Hobby Lobby conducted by Dave Elman, shown here. Elman started his program on Mutual some time ago, then moved it to CBS last winter for an extended series. He will take over Jack Benny's spot on the NBC dial. BEHIND the eMlKE Q. When doe.s Paul Whiteman come on the air? What is his theme .song? A. Whiteman is currently heard over CBS and KFAB at 6:30 p. m. Fridays. Starting July 13 he will be heard Wednesdays at 6:30 p. m. His theme song is ‘‘Rhap.sody in Blue.” Q. Ha.s Nelson Eddy quit the Charley McCarthy program? A. Eddy left the program last spring for an extended concert tour. Q. Why has Boris Karloff left the “Lights Out” program that is on WOW Wednesday nights? A. Karloff was engaged to appear in a series of six special broadcasts which ended some time ago. Q. Would like to know how one can obtain an audition for the “Jamboree” program? A. Call Jiggs Miller at KFAB (B3214) and ask for audition date. Q. Is the dramatic story “A Tale of Today” on the air, and if so over what stations? A. The program is broadcast over the NBC red network Sundays at 4:30 p. m. Try WLW (700 ky.) or WMAQ (670 ky.). Q. Where can I get the “Guiding Light” program? A. Try WOW and NBC red network daily at 1:45 p. m. Q. Why is there so much melodrama and the unreal and fantastic in episodes today? A. This has the Que.stion Edi- T HERE'S quite a batch of broadcasting in store for listeners today and the com! ing week. The list includes two talks by President Roosevelt, premieres for several summer shows replacing winter favorites, and a number of other special broadcasts. Pre.vident Roosevelt takes to the i air first thi.s afternoon over ; KFAB, KFOR and KOIL via NBC, CBS and MBS In an address from Peace Memorial on Oak Ridge at Gettysburg. It will be heard starting at 4:30 p. m. and his talk concludes the 75th annual Civnl War reunion there. The president’s talk marking the 150th opening of the Northwest Territory at Marietta, Ohio 1 will be broadcast over KFAB CBS. and KOIL and NBC blue 8:30 p. m. Friday. "Hobby Lobby" Start*. The new “summer shows” opening this week include the return of Dave Elman’s “Hobby Lobby” program as a substitute for the Jack Benny show. It will be aired over WOW and the NBC red network at the usual 9:30 p. m, time. The first program features a giraffe collector. ‘‘Winchell’s Column Quiz.” to be aired during the columnist’s four week vacation, will start tonight over KOIL and the NBC blue network at 7:30 p. m. Tyrone Power’s “Playhouse” series fades and is to be replaced tonight with a new summer series titled “Win Your Lady.” Jim Ameche and Betty Lou Gerson are to be starred, and the program is a 13 week .serial drama. KOIL and the NBC blue network broadcasts it at 7 p. m. Two On Town Hall. Two programs will take the spot formerly occupied by Fred Allen’s ‘‘Town Hall.” The lime i.s Wednesday at 7 p. m. over WOW and the NBC red network. The first half hour will be devoted to a show titled ‘‘Town Hall Big Game Hunt.” Norman Frescott will be master of ceremonies. The .second half will be given over to “For Men Only” heard at an earlier hour during the winter. It presents interesting people in in-\ terviews and Peter Van Steeden’s \ orchestra. Monday night a summer show titled “True Or False” comes to the air over KOIL and the NBC blue network at 3 o’clock. Dr. Harry Hagen conducts the program which is largely a test of general information of members of the studio audience. On the Tuesday night schedule “Attorney-At-Law,” a new dramatic series, will replace Fibber McGee and Molly while they are on summer vacation. Henry Hunter will be starred. The pro- i gram is heard over WOW and tl^ NBC red network at 7:30 p. m. Grant Park Concerts. Also Tuesday night Is the premiere of the Chicago Grant Park concerts which will be By BRUCE NICOLL Much of the radio gossip now is devoted to plans for npw programs to be aired next fall and winter. Some of the new shows being rumored about include Joe Penner fof a syrup company. Burns and Allen and Ray Noble with a cigaret sponsor, Kenny Baker, Phil Harris and Don Wilson again with Jack Benny for you know what company, and the Ford Sunday Evening hour returns Sept. 11. This young lady is Joan Tompkins who ploys the role of Judy in "Your Family and Mine," NBC network serial drama. At first glance Mis« Tompkin« might be taken for Jessica Diagonett®^ on® of tha radio's greatest Binger«. Robert Benchley, whose delightful lectures we have always thought should be a regular weekly feature on some program, may become master of ceremonies on ‘the Hollywood Hotel program next fall. The sponsor is also considering William Powell.. .Tommy Dor.sey will drop his amateur .swing contest on his ciggie show ...Harriet Parsons and her sponsor are all washed up which is probably a good thing.. .Pitcher Johnny Vande Meer of no hit fame is asking terrific prices for radio appearances and getting them. tor stumped too. Perhaps .'¡ome: over KFAB and CBS radio .serial authors feel this is at 8:30 o’clock. The concerts fea- necessary to attract and keep an j ture Chicago’s distinguished audience. j bands and orchestras, plus guest Q. What i.s the title of the book i soloists. “Big Sister” heard over KFAB? A. “Big Sister” is an original radio drama. Q. Are the Andrews Sisters really sisters? A. Yes. a Ks .»Vi». iFtlUUIV tIVtri Q. Where should I write to get ¡ j-ed network. There are also a number of revisions of regular programs. Glen Gray and his Casa Loma orchestra will join Burns and Allen Monday night on their program at 8:30 o’clock over WOW and the NBC pictures of Bing Crosby, Bob Burns, Robert Taylor and Martha Rae? A. Write Crosby, Burns and Taylor at National Broadcasting Co., Hollywood, Cal., and Martha Rae at Columbia Broadcasting System, Hollywood. The March of Time wiil be heard on Friday» starting thi.s week. The time is 7:30 p. m. The Pulitzer Prize play series being heard currently over KOIL and the NBC blue network will be broadcast an hour earlier starting this week. The time is 7 p. m. Q. I am thinking of taking a Grand Central Station, CBS drama radio engineer course and was wondering if that field is crowded so much that there isn’t much chance to secure employment? ALso what is the approximate wage? A. Radio engineering at present has a generous supply of young men who attended trade school for a few weeks and then felt they were equipped to meet broadca.sting’s problems. Radio stations are always on the lookout for thoroughly trained men, and progress is rapid when this is evident. Most stations offer a .series, moves to Tuesday night this week and the time is 7 p. m. CBS De Kruii Series. One of the few Fourth of July programs .scheduled in advame for broadcasting is to be heard the “World I.s Yours” program over WOW and the NBC red network this afternoon at 2:30 p. m. It will dramatize the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Five of Dr. Paul de Kruif's famous books are being dramatized over CBS with the aid of the Federal Theater’s Radio division. This story was making the rounds of radio row last week: A young man called on a big radio executive recently. “The reason I’m here Is because I’m in love with your daughter and want to marry her.” “Are you working?” asked the father. “Well, I’m not exactly working,” answered the young man, “But I’m registered at banknight.” Ok...’s 23 Skidoo. All-Star Gkzm« To B® Aired Wednesday On 2 Net« Baseball’s big show, the All- Star game to be held at Cincinnati next Wednesday will be broadcast by Columbia and NBC blue network. It starts on KFAB at 12:30 p. m. and on KOIL at 12:15 p. m. “starting” salary of between $20: The series, called “Men and $25 weekly. Network engi-1 Death,” are being aired over neers start at $50 weekly. | KFAB Thursdays at 6:30 p. m. Q. Could you kindly tell me ; This week will be devoted to the Now One Man Show. Had Hughes, “One Man Stock Company” will open a new program series over KFOR and KOIL Monday at 11:30 a. m. titled “Plunerville General Store.” It will be heard Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It will be a comedy program of life in a small town revolving around the store. the name of the theme song for the Mary Marlin program, on WOW? Is it published and available? A. The theme is Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” a standard work which may be purchased at nearly any music store. Q. Is Dorothy Lamour married, and if so to whom? A. She is married to Herbie Kay. Q. Is Don Ameche married? A. He is married to the former Honoré Prendergast. Q. Who are the players in “Our Gal Sunday?” A. Our Gal Sunday Is Dorothy Lowell; Jay Jostyn Ls Jackie; Robert Strauss, Lively; Carle ton Young, Bill; Karl Swenson, Lord Henry; and Irene Hubbard, Mrs. Sedgwick. Q. Is Bill Miller at KFAB married? A. No. Q. Why is True .Story not on anymore? A. The program is off the air for the summer. Q. Would you tell me where I could write the following: Jack Wells, Buddy Clark, Mildred Bailey and Lawrence Welk? A. Write Wells in care of Anson Weeks’ band, Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco; Clark in 18thdiscoveries of Spallansani, century Italian scientist. The CBS Radio Theater, one of the big winter favorites, will fade from the air for the summer Monday night. Constance Bennett, Herbert Marshall and George Brent will be starred in “I Found Stella Parish.” The time is 7 p. m. on KFAB. care of Columbia Broadcasting System, New York City; Mildred Bailey at Paramount Theater, New York City. Welk is making some recordings in New York City but address unknown. DEAFNESS OVERCOME ........ Consult your Doetar. thao seeura the correct custom fitted Aeeastlcan. Ere» Home snd Office demonstration. ACOUSTICON Acousticon Institut« #^JohnFAvrps sse Natl Bank af Com. Bid«*

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