Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 5, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1944
Page 8
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' Page Eight S^^^^^^^^^^^~ New Bulgarian Government Is Seeking Peace NAUOATUCK DAILY NEWS TUESDAY, 8EPTIMB1EB. (By Uiillod I'ros-t) Bulgaria— the second r.alkan country to quit ttic war is making her pence today with BHU.ih-Aiu- 'ci'lcan representative's in Cairo. The new Bulgarian-government has ordered the Bulgarian reprc- nontiilivc.M to conclude the Ariuis tine as quickly us possible. The pence talks began several days ngo. but wcr« Interrupted when the neclng the Kcd iinny urmyed on .former Bulgarian government resigned . However, the new Sofia regime, the northern Bulgarian frontier, rlccldod to go "head with the negotiations, The new government — headed by rremicr Muraviov, the prnsnnt pa'rty loader—also severed relations with Germany Although Kussln never WU.M «t war with Bulgaria, Moscw Is II- urlng largely in Bulgaria's move to- 'ward peace. The Soviet Union ul- roudv has announced' the clccliirfi- 'lUin'of nnutrallty by the previous Bulgarian government, and .Russia doesn't scorn too happy about, the Ifitost pence aspirations in SolUi. The BerniVomclftt Tass news ••nKoncy very bluntly tells the .HuN gars that neutrality Is not enough. •That I.'ulKiiriii will fare better if sho actively collaborates with the Allies ufc-a'.nst Germany. , I'rernier Muravlev maintains that .the British-American demands arc jticlnR met. The premier says that 'troops in Yugoslavia and Greece '•ni'f being recalled to Bulgaria, and that Germans arc being disarmed 'on Bulgarian sol!. • As for Peace with Finland, Dlplo- •niatic observers think that, the Kln- ;nish parliament met last night to 'plan lor a peace dclcgalun to go Jto Moscow. And when the final grouty with Kussiu is made. Finland may not xuffor too harshly. Observers in London believe that Finland will retain her 1M1 boundaries, and will bo permitted to retain her independence. Jt is also reported that ruinsla will make it possible Cor .Finland 'to stage an curly economic recovery. The fighting on the ICastern front •ferns to bo centered in Yugoslavia and Poland, In Yugoslavia—Marshal Tito's jiartisuns have launched an all-out drive to smash Nasti communications And in .Poland— I he Kussinns are advancing through Gorman lines between Warsaw and.Kast Prussia. . . Glenridge Estates Event Is Success (Continued from T'age 1) ^ Glenridge Estates is the finest kind of modern construction, with all details commensurate with war time, limitations, with moileni kitchen, hath, insulation, laundry in basement, etc.. and all city improvements and conveniences as city water, sanitary sewer, gas and elecricity in a real suburban setting, that yet is convenient to Naugatuck stores and factories. Is'tiugfituck's businessmen arc also said to have shown a great interest in the Glenridge Estates development with a line cross section of this group also having inspected the houses there the past two days. Mr. Hurley slated today that the Mulshing touches are now being placed on Chestnut street where are located the Ilrst live houses that are fully complete and which wrre inspected oy thousands over the week-end. All grade lines will also bo established there rind the the entire area where these homes will be open daily to the public will present a complete transformation. The builder was highly enthusiastic over the public reception accorded the Glenridge Estates homes, and while indicating that many homes have already been sold there stated that that the "Open House" over the week-end wns primarily to acquaint IVaugatuck with the fact that this is one of the llnost developments of one-t'arn- ilv homes in the entire East. Temperature Report It nothing else, the earthquake early this morning did at least one bit of good, Red Hermans, who .suffers terribly from insomnia, couldn't sleep again lust night. 13 ut when -the tremors came along, they rocked Red's bed, so quietly and so gently, that the redhead wns asleep before the earth stopped its vibrations- after the last shock. Ked woke up this morning only to see that It was warm ngiiln, then went back to sleep, thinking today was Labor day. Midnight 72 3 a, m ....... • ....... 0 a. m ......... 0 a. m ............. Noon .............. 1 p. m. . . : ......... .70 .08 .SO .80 .88 O-- Weather Report -o -o Massachusetts, Rhode Island and I Connecticut—Showers ending early tonight followed by diminishing cloudiness. Tomorrow pur My cloudy with moderate tompora- ture.-Tand considerably less humid. Eastport to Block Island— No strut'.1 craft or storm warnings. Nl.VK FATAL ACCIOliNTS Hartford. Sept. 0—(UD—A total of nine accidental deaths were reported during Connecticut's Ln- bor Day week-end. latest victim w;is Mrs, Joseph Chai'low of New Britain, who succumbed t'j burns suffered when her clothing caughl flrr- while sho was working in the kitchen of her home. IJL'Y WAU HOXDS AMI STAMPS Adopts Strip Mining To Conserve Labor Birmingham. Ala. (U P)—The most extensive "strip pit" mining program in Alabama's history has been devised to offset the ncute man power shortage. " pit" or surface mining was adopted by engineers because of its relatively small manpower ruciuirement. Production of strip mlno nutllts wns estimated to run as high as 30 tons per mar. daily, compared to the aveniL-c three tons per man daily in underground miijcs Coal layers near the surface are Ilrst uncovered and prefaced for milling by removal of the "overburden" with bulldozers and giant steam shovels. After- the earth has been removed, workmen in.sorl dynamite charges and blast, the coal loose. These are 7,053 islands in the Philippines • archipelago. Naugatuck's Quality Drug Stores Include: Donovan's Prescription Pharmacy 217 Church Street Tel. 4125 Albert R. Adams 2 Church Street Tel. 2680 Olson Drug Store 174 Church Street Tel, 3341 Naugatuck Drug Co. 1 No. Main Street Tel. 42SS Parks Drug Co. 67 Rubber Avenue Tel. 2854 Edward J. Sodlosky 411 North Main St. Tel. 4921 Assault Charge Results In Fine, Suspended Sentence In borough court this morning, William Lnppcr, GG, Mlllville. was fined $20 and given-a six months juil sentence, suspended for a.yef/, on a charge of assault. He 'allegedly attempted to choke Mrs.. Cigrld Peterson, GO. of -K/jw Haven road last night, police said, while she was returning from an auction at the Millvillc library. Sgt. Anthony Farrnr and Patrol man George Smith arrested Lcp- per After being Identified by Mrs. Peterson and three boys who were at the scone of the assault. The case of. Stanley Slesus]cnski,- •12 Goodyear avenue, involving a' non-support, was tormniatcd with a' rioTie. He was arrested July 23. Stanley Lusas, of Waterbury, charged with non-support, was given a continuance .tp October 2. He was arrested May. 22, Irwin Dwy, Candee road, wttn granted a stay to September 38. Arrested August 31, he is charged with assault and breach of the peace. Judge Thomas Neory presided. ,. $4,209^Recovered In "Keg Of Nails Money" Case The total sum up to date in the recovery of money removed from a keg of "nails in a garage on Sheffield lane, belonging to Konstantine Kowalowski, S Ward strfeet, reached S-1,200 today, police said. The original amount was S-1,370. A five dollar bill and flashlights and air rifle shot, which were purchased by three youngsters who had round the money, were found yesterday near Locust street in the bushes. The robbery, which occurred Aug. 21, was discovered after Sgt. Anthony Farrar received a tip Friday from John Nowocinski. Morris street whose son, Henry, a News' boy, had received $1.000 to keep quiet tJie fact that he saw the three boys with the money near .Locust •street. Kowalowski was unaware of the fact that his money was missing, until police notified him . • Father Accuses Son Who Accuses Father ' Brunswick, "Me. (UP)—It, was a vicious circle when a father and son and a third man were -brought into municipal court, ... . Leonard Tripp of Harp-swell was .sentenced to 90' days in jail after his father testified he had stolen a shotgun from him.' Robert Tripp was sentenced to 00 days in jail when his son Leonard testified he had slolen some lumbering tools from Charles Kadley. Jr., of East Harpswell. But Rad ley—charged with tne theft of a lamp from a Lcwiston man—was acquitted when his w:fc testified she had purchased !hc lamp in Bath. Previously, Radlcy had testified against botli the Tripps. And, Mrs, Florence Gilliam—who had been living with the Tripps— wns sentenced to the women's reformatory on a morals charge. Total debts of the U. S. government, states, municipalities, business concerns and individuals at the end of 19-11 amounted to about $1813 billion, of which S120 billion was private indebtedness. Welcomed Back Extra! Extra! Tough Going In *• Town Clerk s Of fice '•''..It.' was tough going In Town Clerk Raymond- J. St. John's office this morning,''and that "tough" Is meant .literally, as a coat of. floor 'finish, applied Saturday, had not yet completely dried today. • Anyone standing in one spot tor over. 'ii minutes, was practically unabc to move. And woe to hl?n who -.wore -rubber-soled and heeled shoes! -Now it is evident- why shoe strings were" Invented. 'We know ; how" an.-insect feels upon landing on flypaper.- Although no one was reported to -be- stranded at the office, it will not' be a surprise to Joi«sl Even, assistant town clerk, If several pairs of shoes are found at the office tomorrow morning, stuck fast to the floor. i . At any ruin, even under apparent difficulties, two warranty deeds and a marriage license were filed. Elbert. Jones sold a lot on Jones Hill road to Enrl C. White, and Carmcla Contnldo, sold a house and lot 'on Carroll street to Carmcla Mariano. And John Halloran, Jr., and Shirley Benedict, both of. Ansonla, tiled wedding intentions. Allies Said To Be Fighting In Germany (Continued from Page 1) Film actor Cesar Romero, now DoHun'H Mate second class, U. S. Coast Guard, home on leave after oltflit months service In the Central Pacific area, Is greeted by screen actress Dotty Grable on his visit to studio whom he playinl star roles before joining the U. S. Const Guard. (Inti'rna- tionitl) ing toward Germany and Luxembourg. And, there are many unconfirmed reports on both sweeps. The Americans are said to have invaded Luxembourg. They arc said to have reached or driven across the Nazi frontier on abroad front. And their artillery is said to be shelling the German city of Aachen. ' 'But a late front line dispatch lays '"Lieutenant General Patton's fbi-ces battled the Germans lUsi Kht in the small village of Ponta-Mousson. This is on the Moselle river 13 miles south of Metz. However, . Nazi; broadcasts lndi T catc that .the Germans arc expecting momentous developments—and soon. The German people were 'told to burn everything in the path of General Eisenhower's .armies. "And warnings were issued against til'th columnists within the i-tcich. Meanwhile,' the British -army in 'Holland .is mainlaining- its rapid advances, and,apparently has started to outflank l.-jtterdam, the big port city, 'from the southwest. Other" British forces, rolling into the Belgian city .of Antwerp, the j'irst 'biy port.captured since Cherbourg, are tightening 'the trap they havo closed on some 100.0UU Germans holding out far to the wast. The Nazis" arc dug in at IDunr kcrquc, Calais', Boulogne, and Le Havre in France. • ' Tney've turned down an ultimatum to surrender to Le Havre, and explosions have been hca«f. from the Boulogne, Calais a:f. Dunkerque sectors, indicating that perhaps the Germans are blowing up their installations bei-jrc abandoning the ports. . Elsewhere in northern France, .tho>British- libcralcd the industrial :city of-Lillc, near -the Belgian border. ' In, southern France,- the Americans arc reported to have taken a _road junction about 100 miles south of the American lines in northern France. A report (by a C-B-S correspondent) fi-jro Switzerland., says the Americans have captured ' the town of Pontarlicr, SO miles r.-jrth of Geneva, and •62 miles northeast of Montrcvcl— the last place won by our trroops. Latest dispatches from Allied headquarlcrs merely report further advances above Monlrcvol. .Allied headquarters says the bag of -prisoners in southern France now totals more than 60,•000. In Italy, the British and Canadians are approaching the Adriatic coastal port of P.imini, on the scml.hcrn edge of the strategic Po river valley. Nazi paratroopers are lighting desperately .in an attempt to stem the Allied advance. .At the western end of the front, Lhc American fifth army gained new ground lowurd Lucca and Prato, loss than ten miles from the western anchor of the Nnxi Gothic line. Air war in western Europe flured on a major scale today. More than 1250 American bombers and fighters thundered over Germany's Khincland to attack the ciliea of Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Ludwigshafen.' Rail yards, synthetic oil plants . and motor factories wore raided. R.-A-F mosquito bombers raided Karlsruhe'last night. ===== — Sgt Frank Mikaitis Reported To Be Missing In Action Staff Sgt. Frank V, M.ikaitis, son of Mr.-and Mrs. Peter Mikaitis. JIM North Hoadlcy street, was reported missing in fiction August --. lifter a bombing mission over Germany, according to a telegram received by bin wife, Mrs. Ann Mik- aitis, of City Hill street, Sunday. Sgt, Mikailis, a rad.-j operator and gunner on a U, S. A. A. K. bomber, was apparently on, his 'sixth raid, as his wife received :.. letter dated the 21ut of this month, which stated that he had completed his fifth mission. He arrived overseas August 4. A- graduate of Naugatuck nij-n school, he-entered the Army Apnl j.J '4U1H. Prior to his entrance Into the armed forces he wus employed by the . John Hancock Insurance. Co. Thinks War With Japan Will End Year After Germany Falls Jefferson City. Missouri, Sept. 0 —(UP)—The national head of the American Legion, Warren Alhor- ton, foresees the end of the war with Japa.n within one year after the fall of Germany. Al.hcrton warned delegates at the annual Missouri convention of the American Legion that the United States .should never :ag-''in be caught unprepared. He said that our military unprcparcdncss is one of the main reasons Ihia war has lasted longer than the first World wa:'. GLORIOUS SEPTEMBER WITH Irr SUNNY DAYS AND COOL EVENING^ OF RELAXATION; TO ENJOY j ? '.''/' Just enough of the evenings— K thirty of them to help you realize 4 that autumn's around the corner, ^ —and fall clothes should be on ; your mind. ' ' ; : j Every man should have his mind made up to look into this $45 proposition of ours—these suits and topcoats are top hanger clothes that make good in every way. - - Record*! Courtcoun Service Several Problems For Board Parley (Continued from Page 1) Miss Anna Dowlinc who ha.s b leaching ,-first grade in avenue school has been transferred to the Rubber avenue school where she will teach second grade. Superintendent, of Schools. Chi'.ten- dcn also stated today. The new tonchnr appointees, MIF* Catherine O'TooJc and Miss Amelia Gallucci, 'will report at Central avenue Wednesday morning but their grades have not as yet been assipiy!d':ithcm, .the school head in dicatcd. Mrs. Charles J. Baxter, it wn: announced here today Superin 'tcndent Chitt.cndcn, will do substi tutc work this year at the Nau^a tuck hich school. Superintendent, of School Chit- tcndcn stated today that he antic pates. nn average enrollment i local public schools here on Wednesday, with the possibility that TAYLOR ROAST F* F F THERMOMETER $1.50 Tnyolr HUMIUGUIDE Fur Health and Comfort TEMPLETON'S TEMI'LETOX'S WATEKBCKY DIAL 1080 O'o Toll Charcc) LOVINE O.ECTR1C CO. 8 Church Strcci Summer Dance; Program! For Friday, Saturday -and Sunday Evening*.. ' JOE KOCK and Kin. ROCK and • BYE-BOV8-> In rolkuw and Modern DMkx Music : Sunday Dancing 5 to » P. H White Eaglt Restaurant BRIDGE STREET . . Member of Connecticut" v . BcKtaurant Am»oct«Uoi. , the enrollment at N'augatuck school may be below average due to war conditions. Nnugatuck's parochial schools nt St. Francis. nnCT'St. Hedwig's nr- also ready for their fall opening here on Wednesday. Rov. Albert Taylor Is superintendent _of St. Francis 1 and Rev. S. J. Nalawnjk pastor of St. Hcdwig's, is head o: the St. Hedwig's school system. Registrar Makes Sure He'll Obey Own Rules Boston (U P) —Massachusetts' motor vehicle registrar doesn't intend to get caught violating any of his own regulations. When Rudolph F. King took office recently he announced that he would not drive an automobile during his term as registrar. Meanwhile his predecessor, Frank A Goodwin, 70, bought nn automobile and announced that for the first time in his life he was going to get a driver's license, now that he was "out" as registrar. BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS .IRON CORDS IRONING BOARDS YARD CLOTHES DRYERS NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEARY -BUILDING Tel. 5212 The Philippine islands cover Jl-1.000 square miles, almost as lai'fic 'is Italy, and slightly larger than the British isles. FALL TERM Wednesday, Sept. 6 ..Enroll Any Day This Week POST JUNIOR COLEGE Smart Fall DRESSES $£95 Wools - Crepes ® up iGREATOAKFARM OXFORD ROAD Tel. BMO J MILK — EGGS i Delivery To All Parts Of * Naiijraluck » SKIRT or PANTS FREE with order, . this week only. Church St. 9 Too Late To Classify WHITE (fold Gnicit wrist, watch I with chromium band, lost in Ben- II con Falls. Please cnll 5826, Beacon Falls. BUYING NEW HOME; Your Savings Bank Can Help You NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed QUALITY RUBBER FOOTWEAR Made In Naugatuck Is Serving AH Over The World UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant '', Naugatuck Conn. LAWNS The hot, dry wcathor has ruined many of Naupntuck'a beautiful lawns. Before the fall rains set in it would to ^ apply n. generous ';imftunt of Driconurc. This if peat moss and cow manure—treated to remove weed seeds. This is nn excellent fertilizer and ground conditioner for new and, old lawns.' Wo Have Plenty in Stock. — Also — Turn in your fuel oU'coupons and have your tank filled now—this is important. . The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St. Phone 5236

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