The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 2, 1952 · Page 19
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 19

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 2, 1952
Page 19
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t-B LINCOLN SCNDAY JOCRNAL AND STAR November t, 195Î Play-by-Play Chart of Husker Loss to Missouri 0 TOiY NEBR BALL OPP BALL KICKOrF — PUNT KfCK OUTo»BOUNDS^ PLACE«* DPOPKICK'^^' RUN-----------------------PASS----------------------- PASS incomplete PASS IN'CEPTED 4 penalty ............ FUMBLE X TOUCHDOWN Sluggish Huskers Lose to Missouri Continued From Page 1-B Srardiiio tossed a long pass to the liusker 25 . Chuck Chamley went up and caught the ball but dropped it as he hit the ground. Officials ruled he had made the catch and called it a fumble. Pete Corpeny fell on the ball on the Husker 25 Rowekamp slashed through for a 14 -vard gain after a smack at But with the clock running out Jim Sommers .spilled Hook on the 6 -yard line as the half ended. • • • BORDOGNA uncorked a long pass in the first quarter that flew just over the outstretched finger; tips of fleet Emil Radik, who hac maneuvered into position behini the Tiger secondary. Nebraska got its offense rolling late In the first period after Dan Brown had intercepted a pass that was batted away from a Missouri receiver by Sommers on the liusker 20 . The Huskers went 75 yards before Cifra’s fumble on fourth down gave the Tigers the ball on their own 5 -yard line. j Bordogna pa.sscd to Cifra for IB yards and to Andy Lochr for 17 yards to pep the drive along with some fine running by C'erier- dahl that included a 22 -yard sprint around right end to the Mis.souri 13 . Nebraska was hurt by two official verdicts in the first half. Once the Huskers held Missouri on the Tiger 16 but interference was ruled on Dan Brown to give Mizzou a vital first down. The verdict on Chamley’s interception could have proved very costly if the clock hadn't run out to halt the Tiger drive. • • • THE HUSKERS made only 117 yards rushing but added 193 on passing for a total of 310 . Missouri worked through the Husker defenders for 184 yards rushing ¡but was limited to 53 yards passing by a much-improved Husker pass defense. Hook made 91 yards and Rowekamp 74 for the Tigers while Cederdahl was tops for Nebraska with 37 yards on four carries with Bordogna getting 33 yards on 17 tries. Nebraska tried 25 passes and hit 10 for 193 Statistics NM Fir^l Bown. (Total) .......................l.-i 13 By Hushing ......................... 9 8 By l’a*«,inK ................................. .Y 5 1 By I'tnaltie. . . . ................. 1 0 ' Kii',hia8 (Nuniher «>f lluih«*) .... 47 47 .Vumhcr Yard« i.aincd ............... ]4fi 204 Numbtr Yard« Ioi«t ................... 29 20 Net Yard« (iaincd ....... 117 184 Forward l’a««in« (Vnmhrr I ,\t(rmpir«l) ................ 2.3 1.3 5 . Numtxr ('«¡mrlctcd ............. 10 NurtiKr had Intt-rcrrtcd ........... : j 2 .Net Yards Pained ... 19:i5^1 T«>tal I’la.»« tUMshes and I'au«.) . 72 60 ; \ et ) ard« ................................ 310237 , I’unt« i\ umber» ............................. 5 7 Average Vards ................... 38.6 .15.6 i .VtimhvT had nioc-k«d ................. 0 0 kiik.tffs (V limber) ....................... 2 3 Avcratr..' 3'ards ................... 31*5 50 3 , kirk llrturns > Number Punt 'Return» ............... 4 2 yards Punt Returns ............. 15 24 Number Kickoff Return» ........... 3 2 1' Y'ards Kukoff Returns O') 18 I, Pass Interreption iteiurn* (Number) 2 3 1 Yards Returns ................... 011 Fumbles (Number) ....................... 3 4 Ball Ix>st ......................... 3 4 Hall Imst On Downs ................... 41 Penalties (Nuinherl............................8 6 Vards I'enali/ed 5035 Field lioals (Number .Yitempted) ..0 . 1 .Number Suctessfu»0 1 Individual Statistics XEBKAHK.y RushingCarried Gain L om Ket Bord.'gna . .. ................... 17 51 18 3.3 Cifra ........... ................... 5i;j 0 13 Smith ................... 5 11 0 11 Ced« rd.ahl ,. ................... 437 0 37 N'lnak ........ ................... .35 2 3 Korin* k ................... 69 8 1 Thayer . . . . ................... 215 0 15 Uevnulds . . ...... 5 5 14 I'dSSiflK Atpd Com.Intrcpd. Yard» B.'rdi'tina ......... 1.3 7 2 15« N'niak ........... 3 0 * ^ Hcvn.'lds 0 28 Cifra........ 1 1 0 9 TotKh- Receising Canght Yardi dow«g Cifra I.iM hr ... 23 0 ..................... 3 89 1 ____..................... 1 23 0 Smith .... ..................... 2 3« 0 Noiak ___..................... 1 11 0 Konnek ... ..................... 1 11 0 Total PiintlngNo.Yard* Aug. No\ak ....................... 2 73 .3fls5 Cederdahl .. . ....................... J 38 38 Reynold» .. 2 MI8901RI Timei 82 41 RushingCarriedGain L om Net *^Lardino ................. 610 15 5 Hook ................... 19 91 0 91 1 Rowekamn ................. 14 79 5 74 1 Carras ...... 8 24 0 24 PassingAipd Com. Intrcpd. Yards t Scardino............. 7 2 1 25 ' Hook ............. 6 3 1 28 Tonch- ReertsingCaDgbt Vani« downs ;Hd.II..................... 1 9 0 1 Rowekamp ..................... 2 18 0 ! Hanncrs 2 26 0 Total Ì I'unrtng No. Yard* Art. ■ Fcssler ....................... 7 249 35 6 Woods Walters ^Mess ill Nebraska Draws Same Fire. Too Bv NI.AI.E C'DITI.E Sundnv Writer There’s been a good d» al <»f talk . ,,, whom couitesy and good H' the mess in f.niner, anythn are some messes n,,mjr lately alKuit ington," i)ut then nearer id iiaiul that Nebraska’s list don’t hunterfolk could put the finger on. report.s in Tlu'se are the me' ses being left by hunters on farms. You undoubtedly have heard of the "game hog." Now iiirrt an equally obnoxious relative, the two-legged sporting skunk. ley .ilninst as as the hounding rahhii. So tills year the huntei ^ to latuai.s ng aie Last Big Prep Week Huffs Kiljic Ulalb 20-14, Oil Late Kallv Bobcats To Host Kearney Texas Guard Starili Win Jcnnint*. Cor- Bun. T..ordo, Roberti. yussoi'Ri Kndv TIurliy II.Trrmcr», pcnv. Wilson, TMcIl Tiickle<i r, o 1 (1 m « n. Borfschulte, vards •Furh’,. nhilllrt. nutter. laiard^ Martin. CaOle. B # # 'Follín SO THE ballooning Husker nrcL"%clrtini‘’”FMX% Schoon- bubble was finally broken as the maktr. FcwUr, Mmifield. Thomecrek. C«r- Huskers w'ent down to their first conference defeat. There was little j lake ins four-legged eounterpart hmldit g'' to add aiiotlier role to then .‘«tnoke. .ludging from the l.inetdii uiea, this IS beeonung an alnu>st universal ref|Uest. • • • TO SO.ME hunters it is, per- hap;, .1 tiille "11111" Wliat huMuesa tittes a farmer have fus mg about a secnched wood: or B% IlH'K BE( KER St.itc ,S|M»rls Writer Nehr.eka’.s prep football teams :ire eonuug down to the wire Ihi.s week with .sevt'ral .sehooLs ready having paeketl away mole-kins ftir tla* year. I.«It Wick's \ r«r'» hc»rf» SALT LAKE (’!TV (/!*) Colorado Ttiii\er-ntv turned an inter- I-»-ptt'd pass into a gamf'-winning lonefitlfivvn Saturday tt> def»>at by a 20-14 margin a Ctnh I’niversity fotilhall team that out.played the Buffs most of the way. The inspired Hedskin.s, playin al- before a homecoming crowd of their 15 . 028 , tallid their first down midway in the first period 11 .. 4111 ' taa Tht w».n he the last big wetkThey held the upper hand until rFNTU.% 1 . riii RCH mxFKiiF.JirK on a 16 -yard sprint by Billy Quinn wdh thhigs taTu im^ P*-«- interct-ption. with 2 >. To! when Ix-ath began making his s. t-ssion fo a few scattered Karnes minutes left, gave the (.olden Buf- , , oM KHKxrK known. He pounced on an eonferenee playoffs faloes the break that meant Hrflttihiuff t 2 <a «1 iiu»k iniii Tiiirt. lO) SMU fumble of a kickoff return Hcrtc, Ourson. Rofvek.imp, Bauman. VKBRASKA , . . „„.,„1 r.ndi Txx-hr. Schahacker, Fmanuci, comparison between this Nebraska ¡nor, Bndik. AUSTIN (A*)—A raging defen-;club and the one that battled Col-; T.irki»»-oiivcr. liusmann. Minnick. Erana, recovered a fumble¡orado to a draw last w^eck. S" fiuardi—Prochaika. Braiof, Curtlf, ¡and blocked a punt to set up two The Scarlet drew penalties time '"’J:,";’/!* o^rtim''sco« after time for offside and spoiled several bids in this sive guard Coo- Paul- XKHK\bK\ Kr 4 mt'> «I n COI.LKl.K first-quarter touchdowns Texas rolled over SMU, 31-14 Saturday. Marvin I..eath, a .senior who has never lettered and w’ho got his first starting defensive assign- CONFK.RKSCK Blent, was the rampaging player S c I hm I ii I c I.lMid In Parfnihesei Frld.'iy r-ikVi.'i.-iii.'\CK meui, vms mu (U) who scuttled SMU before Mustangs could get started. a Peru I W rileian ■I llaitlnil on at ( hadron ( 7 ) Texas already had a 7-0 the lead in this way. Defensively the Huskers got good jobs from Ed Husmann, Jerry Minnick, Verl Scott. Schabacker. Emanuel and Brasee. The secondary played well against the dreaded Tiger air arm. Backs Bcynoldi, Thavcr, Novak. Ceder* d.ih'. Bord'una. Smith, Cifra. Korlnek, Broun. Ycislcy. CTiamley, Gohdc, Sommen MPiotirl 0 0 7 3—10 Nchraika 0 0 0 O— 0 MliionrI icorfnt: (Touchdown) Mcrrifleld. (Plact-mi-nt), Fuchi : (Field loal), Fuch*. VehMika »corlnt: (Touchdown). Ixtehr. Officiali: Cliff Oadcn, Wichita, referee: Grady SkiUcm, Oklahoma, umpire: Cecil Mullerieilc. St. Louw Unlver-iit», Uacttnan; Dick Pendleton, Oklahoma, iudie. this pam|M-icd poh-cat h aves a pn n. is .stmk in ins wake. It’s a slink that ,,f vimttnu; g.ip Cornhuskt-r tarmcis don’t fnrgt-t Ciisily. Tht y reinenilx'r tht .strip«*d stinkers so will, in f.tct. that nny of us who fnay in sinulai (iress nppronch thi farm will nune than likelv he < based off. • • • Tin: Sl’OUTINti .skunk is twen more of it pmhlem thi sea:!*n than in rmrmal Not onlv flas Ifie pi »tluilL't d di y sp* H mine,: mo:t (hii k hunting, it h . ifmu- .somethn.i, f-r m<>ie .serioti- i re- iiteil a file ha/aid on e\i ry aetf of f.innland m Nehr.i ka. I’hose of you w ho have In «'ii pheaNanl hunting aie all too aw;tn of this conditn»!!. Hverytime > .i humped a (-.rnstalk it brokt* with a (rack loud i tiough to frighten binis yards away. One recent afternoon thi- wiiter hunted a small wooden draw in Ca«s rnuntv. The i :iv ine was about .silly hn. ine.;; .. 'I’oo fuint- i-ts find th«> t.irnier’s I' U bed-wire- y fasti iH-d gatfS a botlu i -oine efioi»'. .So ftu V ildu't risk sfialctiing IlitMr little tiands. 'I'tiry !»'a\(« the gatf «low n. U’hat dot it m.ittor thi' faina r ‘ li\« to.k m.un: wlieii- it shonhln't ■ • • • now \Hol I till ‘ iim. ..son- .ilile’’ I. inai ' lb w .i unhip|)y wtaii .1 bmiit I h ft .i alb-w ing .1 1 I ade bull |iiue bit d « ow. It onlv luim-d the f u niei ehaiu e for a Idoodetl calf that ytar. .And take the t .i: «' «if another ii'it ntly ‘‘unie i.stui.thle ” f rnier \V hrn pia .r ant), fhw iq) laU fai from his hoin«' hunl*'|s blast«'«! ;iway in the «iireetion of the bulbi-, ini’s. Ile h:id nothing to he an- law i d about. And it must h.ive .... , , „ h«'« ii tlr'llim; to have that shot 2 . 5 U to .100 yards long. At ttie upper ^vm«lo\v^ nd, a cottontail jumped up. hvi r.s yard of his proyri'ss d«»wn the ietufh of th«' b *t-roven>l ravin« cou! be hoard. That'^ ml«'r«‘sting It’s »K«i tr.Agir. fire etiiibl h.«\e swept down (hat little \al- • • • M II \T Mtor r tbes«' «'afit.inkt r- ou !:nfu«‘i w (lo (bm’t Wont you t(* hiuit in fa !.! wii« 1 « th«'V have ' took ' .At-y i'ia- « ¡=n ti ll a pheasant AU,h\H Every Aftemooo and Ail Day Sat A Hun. Coll 2-7828 for Reservations IJnroln B um ling Pnrlurq 2:i6 %o. 12 ft I'in h. \ e ti .11 b. •f -b, V. , I *Ult •« I ! I It ( I . uw Ai d wli.U if they «to > I r .. ti w polb-t- «»lit «'I • \, p ,!oosf',*t I ,ke long • iv«- . P. twooM tt II na tb: I N ■ «' Ulito .«Oli - -m«' (■( f plorfv ( f nu ¡ I ,i- I- ,1. S ! o \ « t I ,\0 111 «' « \eiw piol U-m • r > ; oct (tn^ ‘ 0 1 M«> Kith, t- d ♦ «I I. Hunters, I « n w lu u tlu.t tl all •rvo! • to a«' . 1 di ..n tlu > .ol (It IIS. along with .and .1 ft'w how 1 gaim-s. IJncoln High bids for the 1952 h«»nors at (¡rand Island Friday night in what should b«' a rugged tl t for the Links. (¡land bdand has fought to Fa'tern Divt'ion honor*: in the Itu; Ten (’onleii*nee with a fine bail elub. OTIir.U BK; ten »etion tlm w« «'k se< •' Fremont at Hastings ('flumbiis goes (lUt «*f the loop to pl.iy Ord while (’urte entt'rtaiiu powiTtul Hioki'ti Bow. Kearn« V .»ml N'oith I’l.dt«' hav g.ite open ('(„iforem-e- activitv. to join a ,,n 1 , 1 -xington whib* Kearn«-v plays ho -1 to (¡otht'nhurg MeUook will trv a .Southw«-st l«>e, m«« ting lloldreg.e at MeC’ook. IN\o of the state’s l'\.%sn B P 4 iwers collide when Cu/ad joiirnevx to Mimlen. York takes on Bi'.itrlee as the Dukes try to huild their Ubiss B i»restlge against another (’lass A for. Davlil ('Uv. spilled off the pile by Fullerton, takes on Aurora while Aiihiirn tries to nab a vtet«»rv against Nebraska (ity. Falls ( ity will entertain Falr- liiirv. Luu'oln N’oi 1 h« a-t g.'Cs to Sioux Uity to play Fa.d Higli School for thi- (in Thui'.iav game, I,'.- ! «- 1 U- View vpats Ashland t ami I iu'«>ln (’atlu'dial t*'sls it siren-th a:;.iin: t St. B.»na\entur«- . f I’l.Ulinbu;-, N.-if ’k ‘w;-dr :i « di from V.a.kti'H, SD. whib- S-.uth ami Noith i'.utl. m th«* li'i» Omah.i t«.it-:ll«- ('reiglUon I’lup go«" . , I . tl-o n\«T to n > «-t Tlmma- .l« lt« I on of j’oiineil Bluffs. that viitory. Defensive Giiard R«»v Shepard hauled in the Utah aerlal, thrown bv (|uarterl».iek Ihm ltvd.aleh. to give ('olorado the hall on tlie Utah I». With llalf- baeks (’arroll llardv and Wo«»dv Shelton lioing in«»st of the gaining the Biiflal«M*s ponndril to the Utah 16 . Hirdy pass«'d 1 «« (juartei hack Hoger Wilhams, w ho « aiiglit th«’ hall on the l’t ih 1 . (^n tlie n« \» pl.iv Wilhams simelud Norfolk «IO iM»Fi'FM»i:\ r Omaha IliKhland. Kan. itti at the 33 and Quinn pounded over at Falrbury rSiw«.ur'r reniriJ bis socond touchdown nine •I i.nthrr ( 23 ) plays later. Hv f KOI 1 nu' Leath rocketed through to block V , ii ¡ 1 ? (iviif a punt at the SMU 12 . and Texas, Sunday Sports Staff Qpg^ges grabbed the balL Fvi'rything i.s over but the to take it to the 2 . Gib Dawson shouting m Nebra.ska’.s thr(*e col- hit for the touchdow’n. leg«' football eircuit.s. ¡"lawson kicked the third of four Peru, which .shared the Ne- point.s, and Texas was over the hr.oka (’ollege Gonforenet' title hill and out of sight with 21 point.s' with Doane v('ar, wraj»}i<’d ii|) before S.MU woke up. undmpiit«'«! honors thi.s sc'ason. S.MU pushed 78 yards in the t’oricordia repeated as C'entral second period, but Texas matched New greiMele«« way to keep hair neat all dw V S«mti west th,''e.‘nh r ..n a «,u.u l.-rba. k sm-ak ^ hureh ( o lege ( onfen'nee rham- that with 62 yarrls, the last 32 on 'I'h«’ PI itti’i' t" .’•‘"re t(u* winning eounter. pion, and f.tiihur.v replaced a T. Jones-to-lom Stolhandskc ’ ,('ook at the head of the 4 -.TC • I'T.MI, th«' prt'-gaine nmb-rdog outeaim'd ('olor.ido, win. h «'arlier this s«’as«»n h«-lit th«* nation'.s third- rank*'d (iklahoma Soont'is to n tie. by 242 to 18.5 yariis on the ground and 129 to 73 y.irds in the ;iir. I’tah rolled up 22 first downs to 12 for Colorado. Until the «losing mimit«'S, Colorado had he«'n ah«*a.l only oneo — hrii'fly -m the thir«l p«'riod. Ry- 'dnb'h had fumhleil the hall and L« »op Ihe final round of NCC games up this week end, with Kearney getting the last rrark at I’eru’s powerful Bobcats. Ill what should be the number two attraction, AVayne and Hastings Collegr mix it up in llroiK'ho territory. Other N(T offerings will pit Midland and Wesleyan in Lincoln and Doane and ( hadron at Chadroii. 'I'hree Central Church Confer- 11 - Colorado K'covend «»n tlu' i'tah enee t*'nni.s are involved in Fri- 43 . (juu'kly, ’/-ark pnss«'d «fay games, Concordia goes to to Williams, waitin. only a f«*w .m« riing. Kan., and A'ork and > .irds from p'ay t«*rntory, and th»* Tarkio, Mo., sfjuare off in a battle Colorado ouai terb:iek scamper«'»! io escap«’ th«' bH»|) Viasement in a a touch-low I). flit on Mis.souri soil. ■I .» a *• " In 4 -Jl’ play, Fairbury liosts .Norfolk .imi Scott.shluff travels northward to meet the Bla< k Hills I’e.nch«’!'«. SWEAT CLOTHING HEAVY WEIGHT GRAY $215 $225 Shtrl, Pants All SisM HARRY REED SPORT SHOP ,.,.ji ..|... •MIVl It •rint. 'IP , V« ill. n> lit.. n 1 I t V. oil SalVlv Pro\i(l<‘s ,Marj:iii lor Tulsa f TUM rosi : bii i » e llte-iS P Btrewt OPEN ALLEYS Ertrj Attenooo aad All Dwy A Sun. mm : For Reservation! CALL 2-7850 alw .i\s ask p« rinlsMi»n to iinnt «m l.irms aiul alter that act \(dh the ««»iii- inon ««»urte«,«. 2 . M e can de« lare a '>p« hunting season l«»r (ariners onlv that runs concurrentB with the«»n, i’lie game with no hag limit would be—sp«)rting skunks, naturally. R y Perk i- -,'oir '! e t' llf- ■ .-k, pi.;\ ■ f.s* p.uuit*- f-ir Î-V 1 . 1 ' SS-- 1 : \ cr- ;t‘v s 1 -- 't dl*-r- Ht> the * '«-tv m m m a ■■■n.". . Wika x tr.i\*'ls to .Axt. ll for the ■IX man hi.'hlight ..n Thursd.ay. .''.'* slate iiu'lud.'S Alvo at 11 L.SA, (ikla. i.-Pi—lulsa Fnd S!, t!mg. Wocnl Hi\er at Amherst. Allen C«x>k b.b»eked an Oklahoma h ,1 :tt - ia at Bartley. Bt .iver A. A M. punt lor an automatic Cr- sr g at Milford, I’lysst s at safety in the .se«'ond (ju trter Sat- B<-'vM.od. Fdi’on at He.i Willow ut.i. y to pro\ ule Tulsa’s (¡oId*‘ii ..f Mi « o. k. L«' at .Sutherlaml, Humcane w ith the wimung mar- 1 ! . : .4 ll.H)p«‘r, Huskm at Law - Kin in a 23-21 ('«»nqiiest of its old «■Hi. an ! Doniphan at North vf.q«- ii\al. Leap (¡aio<‘ N i«>lali«tns (!all«‘«l Alarming .n a’ tnvng number • BOWL-MOR 2 Nebraska’s Finost! 2 OpCMl • Laiic^K ^ Êmt. mmé Km .— au Uae * Mmdsf Uoa rriéar- K««r> Aftmmm • e PsoDislo é Lmotà • Mk* m t-uu BONDED FOR QUALITY O EVERVESS roi H M \r PARTY SttVi THE BIGGEST In Sparkling Watar I I LI 32 Ol. BOM I Is 15 « Also HANDY 7 O/.. BOTTI.LH PEPSI COLA BOTTLING CO. LIMUth, KIHKAGKA ’m M ; ere gaire .■r U!' Cp:i Í id B-. ' 1 - «• ■ : «'r.s. T :e if M-n, Cann.ngham 1 : Ihe I’ d b.’.ii ting luck 1 » , t ;f ic: f!\e phc-;:.‘.mt s«-ason. "Tl « I:.",!« IS g»"\v Pr(‘d an.i di ,-e. u i ■’ h« s.i' 1 ," .ind turn t«> re el hunt rig” The battle, which kept TuLsa’ii U«rgi‘."t home crowii in fi\e yi'ar*^ — 22 , 009-111 th«'ir s«at.s to the \t-iy eml, gave the winners sec- «iiui pia« e m the Missouri Valley CT'iiti'rene«'. Aft«'r the seoie, Tul;..« still trailed by 12 points but th«’ tally. the dvinc momi'nts «»f ^ You get a y t h o r o ugh, scientific job when done by us. See FRANK Get it fixed right! Frank's Body Shop 11.3 sa. 1 » I « w \'s this vi-ar, pi Bill Cunningh; m, eoniing in C. I"«' Commis- the iir."t half. se«‘tnerl to inspir« th«* Hurricant in the last two per­ ii«'- a d Save On Auto Parts 65*® starter*. (•enratom ('arhuretori M mlniila A«t* Gl«>* Ifi.tallk* llan. N-ST. AUTO PARTS ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ : WIRING : { WANTED t ^ • Rfqiidentlal ^ • Comnierrial EalUml«.« mt Ftrwi nrtMi ^ Utvm rvm ^ M. P. "Curly" Marsholl ♦ ♦ tic«*!»«« eioctmuui 4-4059 Uscoln ♦ J ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ It's Easy WHEELING with thf WHEELEZY Mr.amlinrd one* rontlrurllon 1 ((hi In MrtghI . . W III h»ndl« up to 5«H>.lb laaU. • Ith ra»r. ('limb» »trp» in Whrrl* t!l% (*»hi«»n ( hairr o( »ln|lt er doublr han* dir» — opr n ar »olid B«»r. Hide rhoirr of «brrls. Indmtrial » heeh ¿L' Ca»ten JUDAH DISTRIBUTING CO. 1609 N Si. Lincoln, Nebr. I'hoiie 2 * I 2.‘»2 'ê Get on Easiest SI. in the new '53 Easiest to hondie . . . 39 ways finer for 'S3 Not an ounce of fat on it! Its lithe and lively Supersonic Engine scoots like a wildcat when it’s lawful. And stops just as fast— with its “Sure-Stop, Long- Life” brakes! Drlvt it ftiay ... far • psnny a mil« f«r gas«iin«t e«m« in ani s«t th« n«a 'IS H«nry J e«rsair . . . Easitst t« l««h at . . , Eisiast ta rlGa la . . • Easiast ta kaap up . . Easiast ta awa! SI SIS Dalivarai! Gorwin L. Hulbert KAIMFR rRAZir.R-HENRf i. 1120 P HI. 2-6Slf 'V-T'-new grooming discovery now in Vitolis-outdotes messy oils • Not an animal, vegetable or mineral oil, "V-7” is a completely new kind of grcair/«« grooming agent now in Vitalii Hair Tonic. • Keepv your hair in place all day without gummy film or matted-down l(x>k. Vour hair stays neat, natural-looking. • New finer Vitalis also jitls itngltng good-^ht more refreshing than creams or oils. • Routs embarr.xssing dandruff flakes. Just massage Vitalis briskly onto scalp with the famous "60-Setiond NX'orkout." • Doublo your money bock if you don’t agree new V’ltalis w ith‘'V-7" is the finest hair tonic you ever used. (Return empty bottle to Uristol-.M>ers, 630 Fifth Ave., New York fO, N. V. Ofler expires December 31, 1952.) Try new finer Vitalis HAIR TONIC Mew gteatekss dKX>mir.g daecMvyI

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