Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 5, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1944
Page 7
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Page Seven Fall Is Upon Us. Sell Or Buy Needed Artiefet through A News Want Ad NOW! Inexpensive! Tlial (li'si'i'Ux's ii llircu pny, Tluw iVniu, Cla*i,.il Ad ill the 'Pro- Employment \\nnU-d — Mnlv ~Hl>\' WANTED U> Yi-.'irs or Over for ji;,rt nr Full Tlmo pt.EASANT WORK With 11 Definite Future Apply Nrw.1 OffU-o Today Help Wi»flti-«l — Fomiilo 1 K' r ' " r woniun wnntcd, school graduate with typIni: experience. Permanent position. Very pleasant office work. Apply News Office. _ tfOMAN~viint«l for Rrncrnl hOHse- wm-k and 10 care for child. Live in Own room. Excellent wages. Tulcphune 0-130 before 0 p. m. rtftity. _ ____ \VOMAX f»r concrnl housi'wcirk In Middlcbury. Week days only. Part or full time. Good wages, Cull Wtby. -1-2171. Mrs. Munftcr, I-AliT time olllff junltor. Apply Kox "A" In care of Naugatuck Announcements LOST—-Hunk Hook No. 4«,3-l-l on Is'ttugnluck Savings Bank has been lost. Any person having claims on said book In called xip- on to present the same to tho hank within iwo months or tho same book will he declared cancelled uiul extinguished, and ii new one lusucd in Hen thereof. Doted at Naugntuck, Conn;, Aug. 7, 19-1-1. AUR. 21 19-14: Sept. 5, 10-1-1 10117 nUICK SI'KCIAL—Convcrl.H)lo Coupe, equipped with radio and herUer. Needs n>;w Lop, otherwise, ill'very good-condition. 1C interested.' phone Watcrbury 'I-S017. LOST—Bunk Book No. 8.1)37.-.on the savings department of the Naujrntiick National Bank lias been lost. Any person hnvins claims on said book is caJIcd upon to present the same' to the bank within two months or the same book will be declared cancelled and extinguished and a new one issued In lieu thereof. Dated at Naugatuck, Conn., Aup. S, 19-H. 8-22 & 9-5. IDENTIFICATION l>mvrl<:t lost. .Marked "Marcia Goodwin." Finder please call NauKixluck 30-10 or return to 53 Nctllcton avenue and receive reward. $20 LOST In vicinity of Tuttle house. Finder call Waterbudy 0-0217. Doc lost.' Small, black, shabby, answers to "Butch." Near St. Francis' church. Tel. -1010. "A safe place to buy and sell" 19-10 PACKARD SUPER S SEDAN rackikr<:IAV"ai.orbni-y, Tnc •1S2 Watertown Avenue Dial -1-G109 .1930 Ford deluxe -I door. Radio and heater. Excellent tires. SvHUSIST GAHAGB Anlu T'iirts PUDG.U ~ PLYMOUTH - AUTHORIZED Sales Service Parts, Accessories M;ilcoJm "\V. Starr Corp. •ISS Watertown Ave. Dial 5-11-16 Contractors I'AIMSU HANGING and W. F. Cota, 17 Cedar Tel. 515!j. Street. PAINTING—11IA1, 42Mi ADOLF -I. KUDZMA NKW HAVEN KO.VD 12 Biislnr.iti Announconienta MONUMENTS Special prices on All Memorials W. RICHARDS 260 So. Main St. Naujjatuck Merchandise Feed And Fuel HUV WAR BONUS.ANI> ST AMI'S ! \VK arc shipping all kinds i>f day I'rom VermoiU. New York state and Canada. Asl\ for prices, no- liable Grain and Fuel Co, 5 Church St. Tel. 307li. OKPISTt Now— for. limited «ii])|)l of seasoned wood, for stove, fir plaoe and furnace. Aluo fiel stones, sand, .gmvel, one coa range, cpe <?as ran'sc. one wale heater, alao codar . t'c ivc c an clothesline points, and numm-ou other items. Lisnt 'trucking an moving. D,ial 2302 after 4 p. in G. Sail nurd I, 03S So.-Maln strco Machinery, JCIcct'rlc LATHES — Sevenil iix'cd Atlas— South Bend and Logan/ Al» drill Presses.- Table and Bam saws, wood turning lathes am o t h e r machine tools. Lincoln Stores, Gl W. Main slreet., Wi torbury. Phone a'-0177. Mr. An drews, !J8:i Clolhlnj,' LADIES' Jt-GENTLEMEN'S SUIT, Tailor made, $23.75. New Fall an Winter Styles. • JOHN MAGONE 307 N. Main St Household Article* COMTLKTli home furnishings bought foi- cash. Highest price.' paid for electric refrigerators washers, and- stoves, regardless of condition. Francis -Furniture Co. 4-19 NORTH MAIN STRKKT Telephone 3000 AMKKICAN Walnut dinlnjr 'tuhli: C chair. Also 2 trunks. Phone 3102 Africa's groat Nile-river is 4, 037 miles long-. For Sale J-ICIIT rm»m. 2-fumlly house. All improvoments. in pood condition. 2-car sni-ase and Uirgo lot. Price 15.',700. Also 12-room 2-faml!y house, jrarajrc and extra bulld- \r. K lot. Price $G,300. A, Shcpley. Tel. 2-133. __ six room, onc-fumily, nil Improvement.-'. Johnson St. Two family house on Scott St. John Mealy. Tel. 5031. ......... mid investment. Three family. M-room house. Hot water " h.-at two floors. 3-car curly occupancy on second floor. Conn-ally located. Yearly income ,<13SO. Price S13.500. 5-ycnrs modern 10-room, 2-family hous)e,«12,000 Also 12-roorn, 2-family house, centrally located, S5.500. Patsy Labrloln. realtor. 172 High St. Phone 3<tri8 or 583-1. SiX-room and jftinici 1 . .i llf)t finished on Nixon avenue. Open for inspection. Tel. 3021. TIIKKK finnily hoiiso imcl Iwo-cur L-ariiRe on Hill street; annual income from rents, $1.032. Sale price $7,800. See Joseph V. Rosko. S Union St. Tel. 4028 or 2052. No Sweets For Iowa Girl With Perfect Teeth .•ilk Wanted T<> ONK. Two ami thrci.- family lioiixc-f wanted. Also farms and lots, Tel. (5031. WK IIAVK IIUVKKS for 1-2-3 family houses. Jos. V. Kosko, 3 Union St. Tel, -102S-2PD2. Wuiited To Kent AMKHICAN rouple, no children, di.-sire -1 i-oom rent. Apply box "p.," Care of The !Ncws. JIOTSK fcir rent fin Goodyear avc- nnn. Call -1212 on or after Tuesday. ' They keep fighling- You keep buying WAR 80JVDS (UP)—The discovery of an 18-year-old Iowa plrl with a perfect set of teeth is reported by the American Dental Association's magazine. She is Lois Price, a waitress of Jefferson, Iowa, who has never- had pastry .cnndy. ice cream, soft drinks, coffee, lea. or commercial vitamlrts. The story of Miss Price's perfect teeth is described in an article by Or, A. G. Barker, D.'D.S., also of Jefferson, who stiys, "During the years of my dental practice, 1 have' examined the teeth of approximately 20,000 people. Of that vast multitude I have found but one person whose teeth have fulfilled all the necessary specifications," Dr. Barker lists the followins specifications, al'. of which Miss Pi-lco meets: "A perfect set of teeth must be ahsolulcly free from dental caries ;decay). "They must be sb.ecl, shaped and sot true and properly in the dental arch. They must have proper shade, colorings and transluccncc to blend perfectly with the surrounding gum tissue, the eyes, hair and complexion. "They must have -perfect cusps, grooves, pits fissures and marginal ridges. In other words, they must match exactly the engraved cuts of perfectly formed teeth as shown In G. V. Black's 'Dental Anatomy.' They must occlude perfectly. The roots must be set sound, dense well-formed process covered by healthy pink pum tissue." I Mi»s Price, formerly Dr. Baker's , dental assistant, is now a waitress on the S.S. North American. Hoi- teeth were cxarnined last spring at a meeting of -the Iowa Stain Dental Society which reported "she was in a class by herself for perfect teeth." Dr. Baker states. He adds that he believes her diet, Patriots M-uss Up Nazi Friend In Marseille, us In 1'nrls ;iml elsi.-whrn; in Franco, >'a/.i sympathizers are given roiiKh lr<,-iitiin-lit whenever and whortivor they arc encountered. Here, in ;> typical street r.Kiu. --nrii^ed patriot,, who long suffered under the Gi-rimsn yoke, muss up one of their countrymen win) elaborated with the- enemy. (HVI lUdiophoto. (International Soundphoto) Involving low sugar content, has much to do with Riving Lois Price her perfect set ot teeth. Avoids Crash With Jug Of Coffee Providing Pressure PRIVATE BUCK Ilv J.LOVH TLT.M.NG UnlU-d I'ress Staff Corn,-s|M)ndont Hofwlquarters, Fleet Air Winp Four (UP)—Seven men rode hack from Paramiishiro Island recently in a battle-blistered Ventura bomber with flying skill, a spare compass, some ingenuity, a JUK o!' col- fee, and perhaps a Kuimlian spirit to thank for their return . The flying skill was displayed by Lt John W.'Pool of Corpus Christi. Texas, aided by Knsis'r. Bernard Piellev of Pottsvi'.le. Pa., von, la., notified the Held that; the ship was landing with wounded men that the crew discovered tho hydraulic syster.i li;id beer, -shot out. Pool headed the plane down but as suon as; the wheels were lowered fen- si landing— creating pressuro on the hydraulic system—the hydraulic fluid squirted from tho explosion - jihfitYcrcd r e c d 1 i n c. spraying; the interior oC the plane with an oily fluid. "I thought we had hit the water for sure," Warner said. Circled Field Pool took the plane up and circled the field, and tho engineer, Charles Scott ol' Turlock, Calif:., squeezed the broken line with his pliers to stop thn leak. 0 "But we sti'.l needed some fluid to make up for the 'juice' lost, so .we could got the flaps down,' Ridley of Pottsvi'.le. Pa., who j poQl saic] . "Luckily we'd been too wheeled into a cloud bank after j busj , Qn thc W!xy bnck co c i r i n i c tho cannon shell from .1 Japanese oul . co ff co 0! - can 0 [ orange juice IlKhtcr exploded inside their _ onc ( ,[ which was conveniently stuhbv-wir.crcd plane. But before . opcn . by a sho;l fragment "S«e what I rnwn, Sir? Each pig«on can carry three times, a» many. , ^. . stubby-wir.ped . evndinR the llphtcrs. Pool and us ftunncr. Arthur Haycr.ifl of Cedar Rapids, ' la., sprayed two enemy pianos with tracers Pool'and his crow had been on a raid nfrainst the northern Japanese island when jumped by enemy fighters—seven comins in low and ciL'ht or ton ho'vorinj.,'. above in the sun Thc flfrht that followed was short and fast; but, like all air combat, in thc North Pacific, the battle with suns was only hal. tho npht. The long over-water flighi. home in a damaged plane still remained. Comlm** Knockn'.! Out The Jap fire had knocked out the compass and other instruments in tho pilot's compartment. but Ensign Jack Warner of Edinboro, Pa., thc navigator, went to work with the spare eompass still undamaged despite thc shell explosion within the plane. "I was working ovor ono of the men and Pool was calling for nheading: He was in thc fog and wanted a course home," Warner said "I'd -never worked with this typo of compass before, but finally Kiclley :ind I got a course worked out. It must have .boon .okay because later the other instru- working ar.d home." were headed torn open • by a she'.l fragment So we poured it all into tho hy-. draulic fluid container. It . \va.r just enough to bring, the pressure up so wo could land. Thc crash crew stood by as Pool brought the plane in low,, for a perfect landing, holding the wh'cel- Icss tail up until thc plane slowed down and thc tail clattered over thc landing mat. •' ' . Thc crew jumped out a'nd headed for tho interrogation room. "I'll bo along; in a. minute,".Kiel- Icy said. In a moment ^ic joined the group. In his hand was a. small crucifix. • , • Humming Postman Composes First Tune Gainesville, Tex. (UP) — Who would think that being a postman was a good way to become-a song writer? But W..A. Lowry,. local. mall-toter. says that this is so. Humming tunes is a pretty goo',d way to break the monotony when making thf rounds. • "-,.,' After J!5 years he had "pretty well worn out all the" "tunes he knew; so he started making them UANIC Kttto acpoxit boxes wanted. Highest cash prices paid. Wire collect, write or phone what you have to tffer, J. 33. Murphey, Republic 608-1, 815 Yeatman- Ave., Webster Groves 19, Mo; DIAMONDS And Old Gold IVmghL Watch repairing our specialty. . GRAND JEW.EMnT ' 112 Grand Street- Dial 5-0082 wanted to liuy. Naugatuck 30D3. Dial A S H r ° r irollr MUSICAL. INSTRUMENTS. Mecca Music Co. 203 Bank 4-1422 BABY unto liedb, .'(i.'l.OB; Imliy :uito sen.ts, Mystis talking boards, $1.79 up. Also large selection of toys, THE RADIO SHOP 180 Grand .St. • Wnlcrbury CHILDBJSN'S—Table & Clmlr Setw, High Chairs, Rocking Chairs, ,Basim;tti>s and Play Pens. U'ir selection, of toys. Lowest prices in town.- 'Rli" Af-'(-)\ T - KIDDIE CENTER. .^v^--*^ ST. Wtby. HOI) AVANT'IO'D- 1 BOY'S PRE-WAR UJ^N.I..U.U. - Dial'.Wal-crbury '3-2350 GUEKN, cream, combination oil, gas range with .Florence burner; hot water coil: Reasonable. Tel.' 215T. Articles For Sale K1L1, BEOUUGS and their oRffs with-Special Insecticide, "fl cents quart bottle. Adams Pharmacy. JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP We buy, sell,'exchange, and rop:ilr all kinds' o£ -instrument.';. Lowest prices in the. city. 3SCKJS2 So. Main- St., Watby, Conn'. Education 3.1 Local And Prlvntc Instructor I-EARN" S , field. Masseurs needed. Evening classes. Write for free booklet. College 'Mass a g c, 77 Plaza, Bridgeport. LEARN Sclcntillc M:U*«:IBC, Rood field.. Masseurs needed. Evening classes. Write for free booklet. College Mas si age, 77 Plaza, Bridgeport. Services us- I.»rofexi.lonaf Services KXCKLLKNT ING and slip covers. Amazingly low prices. Allen'* Upholstering Studio. Mastercraft Artists. 1 Grand St, Watcrbury. Dial -1-O6-I5 DINA SCHOOL OF MUSIC STUDIOS—WATEY. 4-5028 553 South Main—11 Wilson Street p; a no— Voice'— Mandolin Children, Adults, Advanced, Beginners. Rapid Piano Course for Adults JIKD top Inttulatlnjr- wool. AH type*. Installed it desired. T. J. Mon- t.imbault, E30 No. Main St. Union City. Tel. 2683. CUSTOM REUrilOLSTERING — Special 2-piccc Suite $59 GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO. Naugatuck . 4690 IS YOUH PIANO In tip-top »b»n* for your coming fall and wintc*- plcasui^:? Call Metro Mu«lc Marl, 88 Church St., for expert service. Dial 5287. Wanted To Rcrnlor Service* Er-KCTRICAI, Rcfuftrlnf Scrvlc* Appliancen' a specialty. Rnj' Decker, 402 N. Main St. Tel. 4OQO. in »UBNEBS cleaned and repaired. All work guaranteed. Tel. 3025, Harry Churchill. ATTENTION: Oruerx taken for new Elccli-olux clcancra. Also pn.rl.-J and repairs. I. Ninsen. Bonded repairman. 3 Teresa, ave. Dial -!822. 10 Cleaning: And KTEVMA>"S rCaugaluck's Great Dry Clcsnlng Firm, offers its first cl«s» dry cleaning not only in family garments, but blankets, rugs «.ml other spPCi'iHics in this field. " 76- Church Street BUZ .S;\\VVKB " By ROY CRANK up. He worked it out to. one day's ;iralLri-a nomn. . round per verse. . ;-; It'"wasn't, until after' the radio And now he has jtist sold ni_a operator, Lee Lawrence of Ruth- ''flrst'song. WEIL, IT. ; SAWYER, SO WE MEET AGAIN. ENTER, MYNHEER, THE COBRA IS EXPECTING YOU. ACT. ROBtXSOJ* rl THE PARTYS AIXSET^-^-^- 3 ^ [j OPLS ? OH. Bijr THEY TO ROLL- FREE EATS- ^ WHAT UUJ DOOM,GIF n«\'r»ll ME A! WEUSEDS TVT POOCH -- -- , i'^OUMEAN! ARE YOU "-LTHSYRE NOT GONNA USE FORSlRLS? (KEEPTWE L WMOLE EVEN A SWOON f MOON BLOCK (ROPED' SKCRET AGENT X9 PREPARING- ran me By ROBERT STOKfe A HATt Z- CORRIGAH, YOU SPEAK A /HIXTUf?e Or UISH AHO LOW fi= VOL'S "ICM'S"....|T 16 "ICM NOT "ICK" t£T 'T COVE -I>tf BOOF Of Y0t;« MOUTH ', *] X-fl TAKES *» [i-r^w^r^- wi- COUC65 IN eesAi* ' (EH • N,.. / THAT 14 THE FUEHRER'S VOICF / -ENOUSH TO MAKE AN EDUCATED / QERAfAN SHl'DDER! MOWEVE YOJ -MAY HAVE TO DISCUSS \ SPEECHE* WITH THE OTHEiZ V^ PRISONER*-. TMEN, PAR INTO THC NUSHT, x>9 READS 0OOK* ON SEBWAN MlSTOIW, "CUtTOW, 1 -WAR FAKE..., BARNEV GOOGLE AND SNl'irFV SMITH t^^^^^^Ky^-?^- By BILLY UE BECK •• WAN WRCRRFT SIGMTGO OFF TWE PORT 80UO--- QUICK . UEUTENRNT, rv\v MOLD ^OUR FIRE \\ ITS C\ WA\JV CRRRVER- PIGEON FIRST CLASSY CLEftR RUNOJftN FOR ft RICK BBADFORD 6HOW SOME. SPEED ,Y^^" WHAT '- SAMbY.' WE'VE GOT TO | '^i, TMEY . BOY5 UP - BUT QUICK.' Bv \VII,I.r.-VM RITT and CLARKNCK GBAl GOSH'. NO.' BOY, AM / DUMB/I WOW/ IT EVER OCCURRED. TO YOUR MASTERMIND', DRAT&A MAY BE WONbERING WHY THEY. "HAVEN'T FETCHED HIM THE , NA1RROR BY THIS TIME ? By WAI>LY BISI1O MUGGS AND SKEETER CAUSE YOM SURE O GO .(3RAMPS; 'PIP' VOU A'S A TO SCKOOU CHICAGO.

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