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Daily Record from Carrollton, Missouri • 1

Daily Recordi
Carrollton, Missouri
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DAILY RKCORD. VablvM kjr Krr4 frtulta A Record of the Proceedings of the M. E. Conference South. PRICE PIPE CENTS KOMBEB 4.

CAEEOLLTOX, SATUEDAT, SEPTEMBER 13, 1513. T. Mr PstreM. XlSmhre. In order that good photographs may be N'nt 11 ng perton-dly acquainted with obtained, it In well to remember the fol- member of, and vi to the Confcr-lowiug fact and suggestions: enre, it I natural th we should make A bright day is not necessary.

The some mistake. We shall try and rectify light is best when It is slightly cloudy, all of them before the minutes are pub Avoid coining late in the day. Never lished in the Wkeklt Kkcoro. come In a hurry. If you are pushed for Dr.

A. II. Bedford Is agent for the time, your expression will be wearied. Southern Methodist Publishing House, Forget trouble, and think cf some plea- at Nashville, instead of the Southwestern ant subject which will impart a pleasant Publishing House, at St. Louis, of which expression.

Your likeness will then le Albert Cunningham the authorized true and le picture good, especially if agent at thl Conference 31 EAT 3IARKET. AIaBRO HARTUNG. For a Deliciou Roast, A Delicate ISroil, A Tender Steak, A Toothsome Fry, A Juicy and Elegant Rake, Or an Artie lie aud lire call at the Mt Mark, next ItMef to 0 Jt furniture More, ride public M'. ssuf We deoire to return our acknowledgments to Rev. J.

1. Vincil. the able Secretary of the Conference. fr hi po-litcne. aud lor many lavor in supplying name and place.

He know every body, and his information ha been invaluable to us. IXPOBTAXT RAILROAD SEWS Bulluw. u4 smkvnltra lint- a Ac-IlHtVMll -lrr On xtiir From the North yesterday we cheering new aside from our exchange- lu relation to the building of the Barling-ton and South western Yiki people need not wait much longer; thing removing. are the wonlsof cheer sent n. and we acrept them a trust worth because we know they are made in good faith.

Ten car Iron arrived at on Saturday last for the continuation el the track south ward. Track-laying ha al ready commenced at that point down. Ad'fitionaJ shipments are to be made at once, and no cessation in the work southward i to be made until the entire work From the Bortiet-'B Uankeye. 9H. We are glad to announce that the temporary suspension of work on the Burlington and Southwestern Bail way has ended, and that things are In Bill Mr gain for an early completion to Sfanley titr.

the point ot intersection with the St. Louis, Kaua City aud Nortbcin Kailrnnd. It tea announced ome day ago Mitt E. B. Wani.

the well-known Detroit millionaire, bad hen chosen Pre-i-dent of tlm company, anil that it was e-fecfe that he would noil take active personal control it nff.ur. Capt. ha fern in thi city for ome days d. making arrangement lor theac'ive resumption of the bnircs el construction. Thee were completed and lie went over the line to give jerson: I attention toome matter.

He will goon St. where lie will settle tliedif-flcnlrr lia lceii of some d.iys standing. leiAeen tlie North Missouri and tlo- Burli'igtou and South western. In relati to the u-e ot the former's track by tie-latter. Ierween Bloomfield and Moulton.

Fol. J. W. tlie energetic contractor, Jio ha bad charge ot the previous construction, was lmy yesrenlay puttiug things into stiac tor work on l.irge srnle.

It i expected that there id some of the liveliest -uilroad building during the next sixty or r.inetv day -that the country lias seen during thi dull year. We understand that the company will pay eah lor the work required to lir.isn the road to Stanley it and a sr-i-faetory ndiustnicut ha leen maPt a tlie oiit-tanding floating debt, satisfactory to all parties. Captain Ward put three-quarter of a million of dollars into tlie concern; and with hi well-known energy and great, reputation a a business man and financier. will et once put hi great predestined artery of trade into Ibe leading tn.i-lion that it merits demand. Being part of the direct line between tlie rapidly developing new Southwest and the markets of the East via Chicago, it cannot flvil.

tinder ireper msnngvmetif to become one of the most important line in tlie country. Hilt SnJt, In ten barrel lot or by the carload, at Crouch's. Lovely Conference wtifilwr. Tlie Behemoth of the pre T-b-i-n T-u-ui-k-o-b. Ha.kel! A Quick 1 the place to get yotir egg, butter and lard.

1 Trie balloon voyoge I pronounced dodge. So the Thiti-honibtig. Call at A. M. GMek It yon want nice hat or a pair of bnota or shoe.

Ten pound of sugar for one dollar at Headquarters. Nice ham can be had cheap at Jacobs A Lock. Choice butter only tweotyflve cents at Haskell A Quicks. Jacobs A Lock have a fresh lot of candies, which they sell cheap. Old cheese sometime moves, which is more than can be said of the Thingumbob.

Jacob A Lock want chicken, butter, egg, and side meat, for which they will pay the highest price. --For your late style of prints and dress 'goods go to A. M. Dirk's, as he Is sell lug ills good at very low figure. If you think of bnilding a houe or makingany Improvements, do not think of buying your lumber elsewhere than at IV.

S. Crouch's, as he to determined to Veep pare with the market and time. Jut think! you can buy at Headquarters a nice set of goblet lor 73 cents; a nice glass set of six pieces for 73 cents; a nice set of tumblers for 40 cent; and other goods sit like low figures, at Haskell A Quicks. The procession lat week showed what the farmer thought of the Mitchell wagon, from the nunilicr of them In the procession. They are the wagons to buy Sold by 'V'.

S. Ckovch. Do you wish to invest your money in something a sate and sure as a Government bond? If so. you have only to insure your life in the Covennnt Mutual Life Insurance Company, of St. Louis.

With Its past seventy years of experiniee it now recommend itself a the oldest and mot reliable lnsnranre company of the West. It it strictly mutual, and all profit go to its policy-holders. Therefore. while you are in good health take out a policy with and save your homes for your children instead of hating Ix-tu sold after you are dead to pay off the incumbrance that now hang over you. Call at the office of Briscoe Houston, over Carroll Exchange Bank.

U. Devine l)rv. Visitors from 'the country attending Conference should not fail to call at the hardware and stove store in Combs block on Renton street, a few doors east of Baiun A Davids. They have a very large and complete stock of goods, to which they are constantly making additions in anticipation of the full trade. Go aud see them.

The best cook stove In the market is at F. IV. Devine A Bros. A choice stock ot tinware and stove furnishing good at F. W.

Devine A Ilros. A new and extensive stock of hardware Just received at F. IV. Devine A Bros yon are gracefully and neatly dressed in manner suited to your age. Arrangements lor the bullies should be made so a not to Interfere with their daily sleep.

They feel and look better after a nap. Let the children be well rested do not bring them when wearied, lyoveiy pictures can made of children, but such are difficult to secure. Permit me to manage the child, and to choose the position, aud I will procure good picture. I am prepared to make, all classes and sizes of photograph, and to color them In the latest 1 also give very careful attention to copying pictures. Enlarged pictures I can make from the smallest, picture, or from small negatives.

All work i done in the best quality at tlm: most reasonable rate. .1. W. Lerrwrcn. Photographic Art Gallery, Carrollton.

Fnrnllnrr. i We call attention to our extensive stock of furnlriire. mattrasses, bedstead, tables, chairs, mirrors, curtain-fixture, and kitchen furniture in nil styles and at any price desired. Wardrobes in elegant design always on hand. We make the furnishing of parlor and chamber sets a specialty.

A large stock of mouldings for picture frames always on hand. Coffins furnished to order at the lowest figures. Jacob, Fa hi A Co. J. W.

STRAYEB, siuecGr to Cole A Morri, dealer in Sfoyss, fere. Hardware, Agriculture! Implements, Main street, (opposite Tost Lowest Cash Prices Warranted. BOOTSAN DSHOES liofbtr Drmi Nr. Strangers visiting Carrollton during Conference will find this a pleasant, neat and oomfnrtade establishment, where toilet article, in every variety of style and price ran le purchased, or any other article kept in a well regulated drugstore. The proprietor.

Jr. M. Leftwich, i a practical druggist, and has er.soiiHi of all the detail. of the establishment. He will ie happy to meet hi many friend and customers nt all times at his store on the southeast corner of the Public Square.! Ilrrad Hrrad Well bred people are fond of good sweetbread, because health and comfort arc bred by the u-c of nth bread. The very best of bread, crackers, cakes, and the choicest confection are always to be found at George Hosick's Bakery. Main street. Those desiring anything in the bakery line will find by calling on Mr. Hoasick the best and always the freshest.

TO ORDER. MADE All It lube. When you write, if you want to write right, you will write with the right kind of riting material. These can be found nowhere in the city so conveniently aud cheaply a at the post Book ot all kind always in stock. IV.

F. Gibson. CHAS. HOHMEIEIi I prepared to make either COMMON OR FINE BOOTS ou abort notice mu! ou roatooalric term. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE AND PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO.

WEST SIDE OF PUBLIC SQUARE. CAKROLI.TU.V. Mo. 7 iy Fresh Arriral of Fall and inter MILLINERY GOODS! MRS. HAZEN Tm Km4 Orrrarrra.

I keep constantly on hand a large stork of road plow, of excellent quality, warranted to do good work, and at lower figures than they can be bought elsewhere. John Dozier, Brick shop east of James Livery Stable. uo'JT-tl. lias ju-t amt is now a tsrre and welt sWected of Kali aud Winter lember flbr ('Mfrmtrf. I keep a very extensive stock ot pen, pencils, and all kind ofatationery.

text-book on all the sclenciee-, all the prominent periodical, and all the live daily p.ixrs iu the country. H'all nt the post-office. W. F. Gic.son.

New Drff Hlarf. For elegant notion, gtutionery, ink or medicines, call on O. A.tJIazen. He has a full stock of the best in the market. Next door to Odd Fellows Block.

Dont fail to call on him. Ribbon. We have undoubtedly the finest stock of ribbons ever brought to Carrollton. Just received latest styles by W. II.

Day A Co. For ltrnt. A good brick store room and cellar, with warehouse attached, in a good location. Enquire of Thomas Orchard. MtUl Alive And can be found at the' old stnnd opposite the depot, where I will pay the highest market price in CASH for ail kinds of grain aud live stock.

Geo. W. Brasher. Flsxlrmis I keep constantly on hand a large stock of lime, cement, piaster, hair, etc. The iiest stock in Carroll county, and at farmers prices, at the Norbome Lumber Yard.

It. W. Forrkst. BAUM DAVID, DEALERS IN Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes Hats, Caps, CLOTH I IV STYLES OK Millinery Goods, Mnrkrt Housekeepers will find fresh and tender meat of all kinds nt all hour ot the ay and evening, and bologna of the hest quality, at the market house of Betzler ou Benton street, next door to Millers harness shop. AND A1ERCIIAAT TAILORING GOODS, Northeast corner Sqnare.

And i fplly rrpparctl to furnish all her old aa a hcM- LiiMiiniiTv with flic LATEST STYLES AND NO ELTIES! In hr line. CahI.lto, Sipl. lith, 1CI. CARROLLTON WOOLKiY 31ILLS. jalO Harm Mid Soddlrry.

Mr. J. T. Standley, next door but one to the old post office on Benton street, has an excellent stoek ot home made harnesses and saddle, and horse furnishing goods. Persons in need of goods in that line will do well to give iiim a call.

Stock and workmanship guaranteed. MILLINERY Si IS ESS-HA IilA A AD The WKHD." F. F. We request tlicj ladies to Judge from poyomil examination whether it Is uny exaggeration to "say the FAMILY FAVORITE will execute a greater variety of sewing, with fewer attachment, ami le aunoynnee, than any other SEWING MACHINE. Universal adaptation, nnequnlud beauty and simplicity, perfection of inuteriul, and style ol construction and finish recommend it a THE BEST.

Te. in the reach of nil. Salesroom office southwest corner of public square, Carrolliou, Mo. F. II.

Gaivkk, Agent. Tkf rtoiUnx Tmrfr C'arrnlUwu It .1 tluit wot of St. Louis we have in our midst the finest "store ot this kind, and filled with stocks of good equal to that found In large "cities. We reler especially to the Clothing Hoiim of L. Rothschild, whose store i situated under Ely's Hotel, and whose stock at present I complete in every department.

We admire enterprise, ami Rothschild I one ot our young enterprising business men, and ought to be well mflN an ni In fu)) npomtlon and routaiitly have ou AN ASSOimiCXT Uh The IrilSil. ThePet of the Kitcbencan be found only at Ed. Devines, next door south of Wilcoxson's Bank. A 10 on hand a large stock of stoves tinw are and kitchen furniture. Arrival. Shoes and boots in large variety and at prices to suit customer, by I.rscoMBE, McCombs A Co. PtM and OrfRiNt leading first-da instrument sold on monthly installment. Parties dering to purchase ill find it to their interest to commit witli or address F. II.

Gains, Agent, 'Carrollton, Mo. Court Holt ICretaorwnl. North side public quare. Warm meal at ail hours ot the day. Coffee ami lunch at a few minute notice.

Fine cigar of the best brands, and confectioneries of all kind. Snei.i.KR Brother. Mrs. Wm. H.

Kelly Its. Just new and ch-stn stock of fin MILLINERY GOODS, for.prlng and summer wear. Hair work 00811 anode, at reasonable prices. JEAxYS, FLANNELS, At WM. II.

KEt.LVS Jewelry Store, Kenton strvot, Carrollton, Mo. Hit Frmb llmter. Jacobs A Lock are prepared to lurnisli fresh butter dining the Conference, in any quantity lor family use. V.anbrr At rbonir. Dont haul lumber twenty miles when you can get it close at homo, at les prices.

Go to Norbornc and Inquire for ouc Bob. Forrest. TWEEDS, BLANKETS, Repfellants, Stocking Yarns, Jtc. Rolls and Single Yarns EXCHANGED Full 1VOOL. Ilowka and NiHloit.

I have one of the largest and best selection of book, stationery, cigars and tuition of every variety ever offered in Carrollton, at very cheap rates. Don't forget to call on me. young muu. it you want a nice present for some young lady. First door fiorth ol Wilcox sons Bank.


L1MEY vadIiI fiifurm Ihf iltfvn of liiH -itrrminiirik' ciifr fltnC be ha abled to lii tork of tobacco ami tiM-k ofi AcftTlinnim, Atatiouery. clr. wbb (i he will chrap. CnII and ir )mirihf biofi hnyinr, at th Slur1, ntp Puhir St(itinv one dMr wil Braokeii'a rucorj l)a not ftrvl the Mine and laca. JOII.

S. JATIF, LiYery, Feci sii Sale Staldes, WASHINGTON AV CARROLLTON. Bia rwih to all pnr train. hark, and rarriaki altiiv In ivadlm fkr 4r-nira, weddlnir. hkatiui'.

or Vhinir partk. a Lip or funeral at raMnall rat l.amber. I.nbrr. Dres-ed finishing luinlter. rough lumber, flooring, ceiling, siding, world without end.

Come aud see mo at Norbome, if you need it. It. W. Forrest. Carpet.

The largest stock in the city, at very-low rates. Come aud see them. W. II. Day A Co.

Um.t Trimniins. Sah. doors, blinds, and moulding, of all kind and perfectly dry, at the Nor-born 1ai mbor R. W. Forrest.

Dll. A car loatl of con) oil at wholesale only. The celebrated I L. At the lumber vanl of W. S.

Crouch. and bnu Our stock of boot and shoes, jnsl arriving, I unsurpassed in excellence of workmanship, durability, style, and prices. Call ui-d see them. W. II.

Day A CO. I IsMk Here. City Mills turned out 2. COO sacks best flour in thirty days. Try our flour.

Blanks printed to order, promptly. CASH PAID for WOOL. FKIS OK TKtsT, haud'mc arj lc, iv at "KiX'vrC Lev..

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