Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 11, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1896
Page 5
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Patent Adjustable , Umbrella Roofs Your Umbrella Hade as Good as New While You Wait. DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER AFTERNOON OF RACING. iiifrton, 111:, altended : >he'De;wl : nirei>Mm'- pliy wedding ye.sterdny. -MA'; r -'' . Mr. nml Mrs. E. Hayes .n re at St. Jf>. .seph, Mfcli. . Will 'Sc-hroerter I ;•;. ' hfws •returtie&irony :•;.'• '• ' iC*.&. .-.'•''• • is THOUSANDS -OF- PAIRS -OF- SHOES Are sold each season by us to Men Women and Children. There are good reasons for it, Stock Always Fresh, Quality High, Styles Right, Prices Low and your money back if dissatisfied with your purchase. Stenenson & Klinsicl 403 Broadway. Riverside Cycle Club Will Another Race. Give THE FIRS! RATIONAL BANK INDIANA. -OF- n. a, Biw. r J. Manocx. 8 F. Tu>U9, DIRECTORS: W. H. Brtngtrarat. Dennis Chi. g. u. Harwood, •f\K Riverside Cycle club will have a-n afrernoon of racing on the "20th. Five event* luive been, arrange* for. he Hrst -will be -n live mile handicap, jo heat; second, om? mile; third, half- die; fonrJ-h, quarter-mac. Tlie second ruparutory heat or tho mile race for ic clwb championship will also be nin, nd possNrfytrlwj ti-nal heat of the race, re seems to be -a misunderstanding s to tho way In wlrich .tlite race is to K; mn. Under tlie rule there were ir«; riders tn tlie tlrst hea/t, run a-week r so ago, who are qualified to outer the iu'il. Mordiart, Grant and Llspenard ich got a place by eonrins In first, sec- mi or third. The next bunch of riders •HI qnaii'fy .In the same manner, the en- s In rive tiual will be those who have ecu red a place 1ur ^tho preparatory eats. Charley Grant and Frank Skinner re hot. The cause of it .is a little item lint appeared ta tho evening Reporter vlilch purported to tell Uie truth of a received by Joseph Kries from, tho Urawifordsville Cycle club for refresh-; uents givon. the boys while -they were n that ciity on the day of the race. Tlie >1U amounted to seventy cents and the >oys sny It was al-1 right. They want t understood that there was no liquor ncluded in the bill, nor were they -o£- ered anything of the sort. They were rented verj' nicely by the Crawfords- -Jlle cyclist, nnd were glyen a lunch „„ eggs, bread and milk,, and were well •ubbed down and token care of while here. They think it is an injustice to Jie Crawfordsvllle wheelanen to "roast" them undeservedly. Banking in H'tJbTpartuients promptly ftU0ly c«t n o%crs anfl Stockholder. •ought for. Strong Business Change. . James Beahoor baa purchased the Pelton meat market. H« now occupies the «w room Juat erected to the west oftheoiastaod.andltlahlalntenion to run a flrat-«las9 shop and,handle a f nil line of fresh and salt meat*. •. L DAILY JOURNAL i n ——— TUESDAY, AUGUST 11, M9tt W«mted.-A girl, at 000 High street. Geo. Harrison ha* the flnwt line of hammock* In the city. Buy a •Columbia/cigar and make « guess for the $25 prize.. Mrs. Andrew Boerner of Woodlawn Is recovering from a severe .Illness. Seven more days remain to make a guess, on the-wheel.—Bee Hive. 23c for $l_boys' longl-lnen pants and ibc and 15c for sweaters at Otto's.' They may only 'last, a few days, tho* $1 pants for 25c. Read OttoVs ad. '•By smoking fno Coiunnbla cigar you may receive a $25 prize. There are som« suits In Otto's job lo at $5 that formerly sold for $18; sum mer suite' lined'throughout with. Pon gee sink. , - ,Tolra Anderson, who lives near \al paralso, has been adjudged Insane an -application for his admission to Long Cliff has been'made. ••"•'• ff Awarded HlKheat Konort-WorM's Fair, MOST PERFECT MADE. Gnp* Oeam otTirUr Powdef. JFr« Ammonw,AUimor any other adulttnn 40 Yean the St«r.d»rd. ANOTHER ONE ORGANIZED. Republican Club With Sixty-Five Hembers at Waverly. Another McKinley dub wae organlzcft ast night wl.tr- am eatlmsinstic membership of sixty-five. The New "Waverb neighborhood is not behtod Jo Interest n this national question of sound money and will-be found on the right side when the day comes .to express the will of the people., Following are the officers elected: President—Harry Whistler. Vice Pwsldent—P. E. Shnderi?. Secretary-A. C. Wallack. Treasurer—S. C. Williams-' After the organization hod .been completed the Hon. W.. T. Wilson- spoke, and he -taM the closest attention of h.ls seventy-five or more hearers throughout his two hours' speech. Dr. J.-Z. Powell was. also present and assisted in organizing tlie <"3ub. PERSONAL. D. M. Burke of Elwood visited here Sunday. Miss Juliet Finch is visiting at Knights-town. Miss Laura Kelly of Kokomo Is visit- Ing In tlie city. T. O. Brynnt and wife of Kokomo.vi*- ited here Sunday. Mr. aiMT.Mrs. Ben Martin are ylsUlng friends at Delphi. MSes Maggie ShlBu has returned, from a tour' of tlie West. . - • Dr. J, H. Allen hns'returned from a trip to. Niagara Falls.; Mrs. •VValter; Dedrick is 'visiting her parents-at'F.t. Wayne. .Harley .Tones and Sid Ka-uftmon were •at-Fort Wayne Sunday.. -•',-• , • Kelson Hnnun of-Kokomo was In thft city on"'business'yesterday. :'•"' •' • . ''Mr/aihd.-Jlre'.'Frtil Sl^are'-tne guests !of rel'aHves:,at..Terre Halile. ; ^ ' •: .. - -Charles Wllllains of Delphi wa? In the ally -yesterday'-.on business., ,:'...--. .. Carl- Keller has returned from an, extended-visit at Dunkirk; N. Y. •' '•• Mrs. Charley Demerty and -children are visiting relatives at-Walton. Mrs. Dennis TJhl and daughter, Miss LeonoTa ) .,have returned! from Inaiann- POWB." '.'''-• '• ,"'-• • '• -. Miss -Gusste Ovennan.::has returnea -from n visit with- friends.at., Englewood. •' "' ''. '• - ' •';•• ''- '• '-Mrs. Anthony Dewenterand daughter Miss Theresa,'WJU'Dewenter, allof Lafayette, and F A Dewenter of Bloom- Mrs, Paul Tabcr ;i visit at Peru. Miss Geva Brain Is to vli'it for n week; i . v ?'v? ; -;•;-''.' '"'• v'."-' N. R. Doniildsou is at ^Oolovsido resort*. ,<spunding his vacation,. \ ;.'„.-;,.'• ..,.-;;,- •,--''. Miss- Hwirlet-tn-'Fox is lici^.Trom-^Qn-; ricello visiting friends..vjft*'.-.,.j. ''.'.,^'.' ' Mr.s. Thomas Ro!lijii?9jtinjrt.l sqn/jirif in Fulton.connty .for a- y.i£l$^,\ 'Ji '$'•' -''"-V- Mr.flind Mi-si r..F*'Sn|:rrow,;wiU v.teit this week-at Kentli}u,dj^;;- <j :. i .- ' -'. . -Mrs. Margaret'.Snla. ,jiufl '"daughter, Ora, are at,Mi H.arry L"Mlins.rciu after a 'stay of two weete^_;-'; . Charles -.Cnrc;y' of .SrJtBBSlCTil;'- 'IB--. the guest of W. O. . Mrs. C. H. Clnincli. : « ...^ ^.^~- r .^~ i .^-;. ; Y., for 11 visit wttn-lieF-pivpSiiS^ 1 -""" 1 ^'-Wesley Walton was one-of tdie exeur- slonistfi to Fort Wayne Sunday. "-'••' • Miss Cora Jackson, who Iras been visiting at W-ntasli is at. Iio.-yie4vs;aan. Mr. and- Mw. C. S. Johnson, of High street are visiting at Eog|^'I-4iko..-".'"* Misses Margaret n'nd..Maii]pe Magec a-re spending a week a.t -5ila,ckinac.. The family of G.-F. Gettyt;. has returned from Lake Maxlnknckoe. '• ' Tho Mil-ltary -band w'ilf;g-!ve a concert a;t the park tomorrow_evening. ' Miss G'ilwon is at lio-me.npun. after a visit nt MonriccJilo and• Rose, Jjaw^i... " - M-isses Clara and Lou;Sn,vderot-Mon- ticello'were here for a. rWt.'Simday. , Theodore Chor-k o,f Tcri-e'Ha-ute spent Sunday in, the eiitj', pnest'Vf lii;; w ; Jfe. Mr. and.Mrs.'J. B. Messloger vlsitctt Sunday at Fort Wnync.w.LUi.relatives., Mr. and Mrs. F. W,Pros*h,.wora at Delphili to spend. Sunday witk:rola,tJves, Miss Mny Bennett of Montiee'l'lo- Is vlsiriw Miss Hattie Ballotf ; l.n'the"clty. G-oorge. Boilers of Fraiikfort.'yisl.fed Joseph'Rembitsch of tMsblty .over Sunday. ' -.- •-' '<•' ' '- •• • D. W. Dysart of. tlie TandaBit.offlce*. nt Terrc Ha-ute was ];ere to spend Sunday. .T. C, Edgeworit-h of .flio-Vandalja ; lias gone to spend a vflcatloji. : -iV6'-Ma'fik?nac, Mich-. ' Mr. Joe Sliewmon hias spending several days Mich. . • •'•' -,-" '' : ''" : ' ? '' John Faiwcett, city wWtor.of tlie ; Dcl ph-l Tlimes, will! call on' -.friends here to. night. ' ' Mr. and Mr,*. A. I*, ^lynii have re- luraed Crom Teni after. a^vlsrt''of : several days. . , • Deck Beiimett and wife of-. Kokomo, were the gucsw .of relatives:here;over Sunday. Grace M-tathorn of .Royal Center- is die guest of tlia faimily of W. C Thomas. • '° v ij ~"' '.' "'"'• P. M. Kelly, well known here, called on -friends yesterday. He was on his way'to Chicago. ••• .! ••-;.-•• Jks. L. Rpsttae :is iwck from Indiiina polls, being called by tlie IHntss of hei siter, Ma^. A. Schnefef:''*"-'" 1 r '' J ' : / ; ' . Mr. awl Mrs. George W".' Ha1gli.."ab< Mrs. Herald and son a.re.*i)eid1ng f il..jca ent.iom at St. Josequli, Mlch..-,. ;:: -...,- -.-:: Mfeses BeKe n.«l Uieille-Jlorrison o, SlielbyvlUe, are vtelHnjtHi-C.. OJishniai n-nd'ffl.mily 1'or a -few days.'^"'^ - '-'-'- :: " i 'Mr. and Mis. Polinan: are^iere' : fr6n Aansterdam, N. Y.,_ tifej'gu'eatS^p't-th! family of H. Brookme^r, si; v .;, ; ;. c ';;-; ' The Rev, W. R. Ix>wfc\-i$iW!.hed : ;Sun ay nt Elwood. He. '"" by his daughter, Mfef , Editor Sutton of the DSij4y; Heporte Is at St.'Louis at;eMffi'j'jiie;!inMP meeting of tiie Ediitpiitalfsss^piatlon. Mr. and Mrs. E. Bi," McQgnpeH 'an Mrs. C. B. Ste-Tenuson- hascre^ne.-.-.to S Joseph, Midi., to speift1J*-'*ew weefc. H. O. Wilson hns i-c.turii«l- i to;'Fort Wayne a»er.a sb'oj-t'^SJif^fil^ne'fain, Uv of W. H. Wilson .bobp/WesjfsJdj.;-. 'MM. Eliza Ross isi• J»SCSa*?9P. .?? rre ' Haute -for a visit wiO»., : herr;dtragbter, Mrs. A'. F. BrenJltager-Df'Race street.: " The family of S.•••Tones;« it Richmond for a visit beforg_^roc>edinR to Atlantic Ci.tj- for a' ata^.ftf'fjyo^.ekg., Clmrles Michelle a,ud;,ia,mUy. v have,returned from Lake Max-jBkuckee whcro they camped for s>yer^^e.wpV_ ; ... '' ioal $12 Lliht Wool Suits tor $5. A Most Remarkable Offer INCLUDING SILVERWARE FREE. GENUINE Rogers Silverware Free. Here's a ; New;;List. '•-.Previous L'iet-Bevoked Oci'fpr MolBOya Sweaters. 8c tor 25c':'cejiulpid""aiid Fiberloid . ,..;coii.awf : -' ; ![.'.•'''••- .. • - '^ -^ : " /J "'' ' ' •• Be for 4pc Cell'uioid and Fiberloid • -.' Cuffs. ; ... i'~••-->..• lor '35c baibriggan^Underwear. |3Q. for SCc.Bal^ll^Half Hose, for *3'. K^fti''iiM'Wopl Sweaterf. iC fqr OOc Gait Befts^cx..- 25c for 50s and 75c Foye and Cbild- - ren'6 Straw Hats.: |0c for 25c-»i>a-35e'B»ys and Child- Alpaca Costs &'jl&. Duck Pants: You need not take over $2 worth to secure choice of Knives, Forks, Spoons or Sugar shells and you need not take goods quoted in this lot YOU TAKE JUST WHAT YOU WANT. This list is quoted jut t to give you an idoa o( How Cheap You Can Buy and K et a valuable piece of Silver Free. Everytime you repeat the purchaeeol Clothing Shoes or Furnishines amounting to & or $3 cash you are presented with"a pieca of Silverware until you reach the Limit, 26 Pieces, "hem in addition you will be presented with a Handsome Plush Case. KRAUS "Of Course" i a touv of also visit Viiew hotel. ;he M!cli.lfi:i.u in Chicago. -..•>•.;; -. .• . Misses Mayiue nnd ..TettuJe Mullen of ciilciigo luive returned -to tlfeir home after h-vlsit with- F.'-C: Murphy and fam- .]y ot Higln Btreet. Miss ^raiT.'BroAtspn'.bt.-PeL-u, was a gmestSu-ndayit.the.-hbme of E. R. Penrose, nt No.-ll<H.;Spcar <?^.^- sll( - wl " retuMi home today. •.- ••' • ':.: \ Mrs. Robert • Plunder of Deer Creek -waship/'wns^'at'-BaroiltoB, Ohio, .to attend a family reunion. "Friday. . Mr. Fiy.nn'arja.d.nugli.ter were aten ' ..:.. ....,.,• ., Enoln,. the- little-daughter o£ Hr. and MK. C. j! Moo.ro, Is very ^ek with (Uphtlicrin.- t ' l T l vi'o f '*thW-V;Wiaren to Uio fajiiJily liave"al'so r 'l)a.d' flic disease, but iVe'roeoyered sufficient^ to be around. Geowe W, T^ndoril'o): 'Kokonio and V. Snidfl] »f,-Wlnamac..were to the city- yesterday on business,. Mr. Smltli Is part owner of -the' Gticat Western Canning' works at WlnnJiiife' He has always' been :i st.aunc.il Democrat until ^•l^spAiV.ibitt .tlie. free .silver idea was too"'«tiions"foiv,hiim. He said to a Journal reporter '.yesterday: "If the Dem- ocriifs do /not noratnate a p'resldentliil ticket a t In'd iihltipoHs ; ja-Sep|ixsn,ber, I will vote. for McKtnley, aud I am not so wire-but thnt'l will 1 Jn any event," OF SARAH LONG. Long died :U her residence sbietfU'ast''evening at i liiness tr£ but a fe.w dearhiAvflS d-uc .to. U«irt disease. She was sixty-three years- of age. No ve'yetbeen announced futieral.'"' •' .';" '''.''. '. ' GAVE HIMSELF.,UP. . : Frank Fries,, the .^Rabash brakenian who shot his -eo'BWctor,-.-'a maa named Hiihes, at-Ati3k»w-8'Saturday, gave himself up to the autlj&rtfe*-la»t'night at 'Huitlngtoi^ntt^wif lM«l "P- The ,. . _. v«i'.'.i^.*~ •"'1,^.1* *SVrt/i»«. ftnt*t*\nf\ fit .., on with b!oo<lhouRd^'vTh^fnJiired man Is till. in a s .are the guests' JfOr'Jewi flayof -M1JM, ; Gertrude .' Murdock.ACl.akfi, ^a^ku'e- : kee.> • -. ." : - • . •_• i-r 1 '-^'! t'. '•«;'• C-'-"-- '' essJe Ar.noldviWtbi'bas.-hfie.nr.vlA- Misses; Maggie HoJpBr.nnijI .'Mary Baner will go to Ken^and,-this -week for a visit-d-urimw thett vaciition. .-... ••Mr. nnd Mrsi.-.T.-"C;- l CocIiblirn, 'and some of the i>oj-S"fro-m ''Mr: CockbVirn's Sunday sdiool class/speniirTery^plcas, .Clia-rles Penzel liaf^ui-Mdt'-f'rbih'h- toilr of the Great .^aJyfiSv and n-..visit with 'friends io'.Cliicago-i.nnd 'Mllwaii- • lCC6i • " '' "'" u J """ "•* ' "' :T ' ' Miss Glenn Bevan v anO;Rnehe]-'GrpvesJ are the guests. fOr'^^vi dayjt^f 'Miisi> . .Miss JessJe .. .Itlng MlJw:J'une'7JeJatejPt>r..a few- days,' has returned .-to. - to Mrs. D. C. EUiotfe-^son daughter. Louise, -J|«tTi-.j«*teTday.- spend a"'few N, J/' ". ., ' . A party and •wifei''pr..M,,,J -of Topeka,.-Ka •Jni.-for : St-Joseph, have engaged qtKrtOTJ %t "the Lake 40 cents u Mrs. H George -Subscribe for.' •month;': ' •'-' '-•'• attend t0!.buisl.n,es.s. 0 ., :> v_. ( ..' ' . Cora "crbinwJjSMAjioceptcd a po sitlon .flsistenojsrtiiSlJef .WFp. C'.. Justice ''Mrs.'Mary 'Crbiner b'jfe*ixiugh.t lift, feet t'i'on.tagic! on L B£p.p<^wa}' adjotning Hetli!s addition^.;- ,'-.-i r j*s£ci .'The Royal ArcM&gisej i >5:as.con,ferre • • '••-••' : if ; -u> Logan •at.-the : GlmT»ter, No. 2--R •G: C. Allman: in •watch and chain ai ;.-' Logan Division^ ' TIpton a R reg whei e sett-led. 'organdzer .... \yoikinji ',itt,)tiw,Jflien«ts.ot th " .• •;the io»g7fqr-"cooJ;. : «e«33C5yinxl It, is to 'b ihopett theIipteiict!or.|«ico<-;-Jhe . -Gb leap :wentlifir uianrhvJll pro-ve:truej-.an'd tha tbiis'llttle :iar.;'awl .a . . Keub -ftyioid, ' . . fetjteej wffl ttei»Uew .were un .' ••'wBiie'fl«N>nbe v >lept sweetly ,coyered PRINCESS MAUD'S GOWNS. it* mpln to Foullsh Women Who Pi 'ir Foreign Goods. A most (iutcrtaJnirg a-nd unique re^ port has reached Mie state department rom United States Consul Meeker at iradford, inclosing two samples of the vedding gowns selected for the trous- eeau of Princess Maud. One is of pure flack mohair, with raised black diar mond figures. The second is ft pure white mohair, with small flowered ef- ects. These were selected from a arge number of samples submitted for approval by the Bradford merchants, vho are very proud of the distinction conferred upon their town by tho choice of their wares for the use of royalty, and naturally expect nn enormous -us'h of patronage as n result of the advertisement f It appears also from Mr. Meeker s report that America is not the only country where the- modish s«t believe that goods must be of foreign origin tobe worthy of their use and attention. Ihe British merchants have complained for u Jong time because of the preference shown for French and other European fabrics over the productions of linear own looms, although they made goods of undoubted superiority not only in quality, but in design, Mr Mocker cite« some interesting facts to show this home prejudice ngainst local goods and its small foundation. He says it transpires that some Bradford goods had already been selected at a London draper's by the royal family simply on their merits and without knowing thattuey were of domestic origin. It has been discovered tha* English dress goods.hnve been imported into France and re-exported to England and sold ns French goods. One of the prominent manufacturer* of Bradford hnd long been trying In. vain to induce his wife to have a gown made of hw own goods. His triumph, can be imagined when upon one occasion she appeared fresh from the honfls of her London dressmaker handsomely gowned in a fabric made by himself but sold in London as a "French novelty." . • NIAGARA FALLS VIA WABASH August 18,^ 1896. Special Train Will L?ave LOGANSPOET at 5 p, TO. August 18, arriving Niagara Falls at 6:35 next morning. ONLY $10. For the Bound Trip from Logang- port. Tickets good on special trala only. now: r '•t MOTHER RIDES A WHEEL. CMt II Bicycle «icf Cutchet Her dlent Son After » Hot IUc«. Pedestrians on Twelfth street, near Kobey, Chicago, the other morning were treated to the unusual sight of a mother pursuing her son an a buytple <md, after a hot sprint, captnring v t,be unruly member of her household and inflicting punishment, 'fhe first intimation of the impending comedy came when a feminine .voice was heard calling: "Jack Calahan, if you don't come here this blessed minute I'll tan your jacket so't- you won't forget, it for a week." Jock was busily engaged in a game of mumbledy-iJeg with another boy of his tige on the lawn beside the roadway nnd paid no attention to the summons until his mother appeared with a; see* tion of a trunk strap in her hajid.'«ijd fire in her eye. Jack leaped upoa Ma bicycle, whch was leaning ngainst the curb, and sped eastward toward Ash- limd avenue. Mounting her own whee she sped after the unsuspecting Jack and had almost overtaken him when n cry from a boy friend put him on his guard. Then ensued an exciting chase The boy, who had almost reached Ash land -avenue, turned quickly when 1" mother was almost within reach and «hot west on, the smooth asphalt pave men* as fast cs his feet could work the pedals. Surely but Blowly the worn an drew up to the boy, and just as they reached Bobey- street the .second time reached out and grasped his coat tail 'A moment-more and Jack was Jed home 5t> triumph", and from the. doleful walls that emanated from-, the open door i; was evident that the mother's was being made good. lit frx*f.t*l to/ tonboy*. D». Kate 'G. Homer, of Pender, Neb, wai reeentl, 1 ,' slocted coroner of' th« town. The cowboys call her an ange becaaae of her self-sacrificing life Whenever she goe» on a trip over th prairie to viwt some gick peraon some gallant but bashful cowboy follows at a diBlarice to net that r.o hnrm oTc«ak« the pretty young doctor. SPECIAL EXCURSION -TO- The Logansport Humane Society (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animal* £. S. Rice—PrcB. Ceo, W. Wallori— Sec. . J. J. HIldebrundt-TreM. • W. M. Blubop—Human* OIHcer. .. E. S. HIM. J. C. Hrfloy. F. acouiboufk • GeoW Walters, J.J. Ulldettwdt, , Peeked Juittce. Iu»h Idiml. Mrs. W. D. Fratt Un. J. N. MeD. TtJephone No. S). Be;oit caws oT cruelty to Secietanr. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents 'A month. . . Hammocks at your own price at Qeo. Harrlaon'i. . . • Thei-e will be a picnic at Curvetoi Thureday. • Come today and try your luck. Seven more days remain to mnke a, guess on the w-lieel.—Bee Hive. Remember, a guoss.on the wheel goes . every purchase. Xo matter how smaiH.—Bee Hive MIT?. Mark K. IJvi-ngstoue i* now the .. owner of the Kennedy property on Pratt street, having bought it of Bm- mctt Hersley of Richmond for $000. TJie K. of P, picnic at Poplar Grove Sunday w.is attended by Henry .Stoll, Charles... Fepgiison, -Boh Weir and Sam Anderson of this city, who made tli<? trip on ilicdr wheels. A KokO'ino f.™i% has been, blessed with' the ad vein of triTtfets, all boys. Th« baWcs oacli 5vc3»rh six pounds, and are perfectly, .healthy. The father is ;m ardeii't Re'jJliMJciin hud has named tlie youngsters jifcKinloy. ITobart and. Mount. -.'••••' Hnrrj' Frank doesn't expect to sell everybody; i;n the city nnrt county; be doa« expect to sdl to any one in need of • goods for the next 30 doys, to gladden rheir licart's at actual half-prices. Everyone will attend wheHwr they nre old .)x-itroi).s or not. . T)ie..AJ].Around FishiJK; cJnli, beadei] by WillJam Oamser and Henvy. Po^t, re- .turned .Saturdiiy aight i,n ^ood ph.ips' frqiii.down (lie,Wiibasli... .They brought• vt1th.tli«K .fifty poiuvds of one -fisb. v Tliey bad'lieen in can).]) one wef-k,-and no one.was snake Wt[p.n.oT.&m)stnick,, ; ''Oeorge La.yiie, of Royal Center, had an enJoyaWe experience Sumlay after-' -noon \vlieu Uie sun wns doing its best.' While fording Crooked Creek below. Georgetown Iv'e Iwrse becaime pousefieed of .1 determination to discontinue the' Journey, and baJked in five fet of water.. The watSfe dasbe<l over the bed ..and the gun-raised blisters tor half an hour when; the hoise ngnln clianged hl«. mind and went ashore.

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