Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 30, 1964 · Page 18
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 18

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1964
Page 18
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18>Thurs., April 30, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts IN HOLLYWOOD Granger rings lian beile Belgii By Erskine Johnsoo HOLLYAVOOD — (NEA) -, Stewart Granger finally admitted he will wed 22-year-old Belgian beauty Caroline Le Cerf. It is a little embarrassing for Granger. The mother of the bride-to-be is two years younger than the star. Lance Reventlow is asking Jill St. John for a quick Mexican divorce to pave the way for marriage to actress Cheryl Holdridge. The grapevkie is twisting that Jill will be happy to obUge — for 5100,000 in cash, plus art objects worth $60,000. Robert Taylor's comment on why he's delighted to work with e.x-wifc Barbara Stanwyck in a new film: "Any actor who would turn down a chance to play opposite her would have to be out of his head. She is one of the best actresses in the business." If Liz Taylor accepts "The Sandpipers" as her next film, Hichard Burton will be included in the contract — as her director. . . . Gary Grant jetted to London, where his mother js seriously ill. . . . One-time pop-singing star and teenage idol Fabian will concentrate on a career as a straight actor. "If I wanted to stay in the singing business," he says, "I'd probably have to get three other guys with fright wigs and out-of-tune guitars." MGM will spend S25 million on British film production during the next 12 months. The "run-away" howls continue, but the fact remains that it is cheaper for Hollywood studios to make films overseas. Richard Boone is moving the family to Hawaii for a year. Jim BrottU, the Cleveland Browns' football great, thinks now that maybe the gridiron is safer. He's making his film debut in a new big screen west- em, "Rio Conchos," during which he is: Attacked and beaten by ban- didos, bound and dragged by his heals behind an Apache's horse, belted over the head with a gun stock, trapped in the burning of a hotel and caught in the gigantic explosion of a wagon- load of gunpowder. "They told me the role was 'demanding,' but this is ridiculous," was the fullback's comment. But, like the Cleveland Browns, Jim doesn't use stunt doubles. The fall of Steve Anthony's "fortress" home to make way for the HoUj'wood Jlotion Picture and Television Museum has an ironic parallel in the plot of the new Bettc Davis-Joaa Crawford movie. "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte." The story is pegged around tearing down the home of the TELEVISION IN REVIEW By BIGK OU BSOW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - The chief fact of this week's Emmy nominations is the overwhelm- mg confirmation by television that the public affairs people have relegated the entertain ment-makers to the servants' entrance. Last year, for the first fime, a documentary, "The Tunnel," was named as the season's best program. In the current nominations, four of the five candidates for "program of the year" are in the news-documentary field. They are: "The Kremlin;" "The Mafcmg of the President, 1960"; "American Revolution of '63." which was a three-hour prime-time study of the deseg regation problem; and the first "Town Mectmg of the World," a transoceanic Unking by communications satellite of interna tional figures for discussion. In a sense, even the fifth candidate, the "Blackhst" seg ment of "The Defenders" se rics, was a sort of dramatized tract ot a once-blazing issue. It dealt with the mability of an actor to get parts because of past poUtical affihations. The nomination of the program for the- highest Emmy award amounts to a strong statement by the television academy on the overall subject. Furthermore, another public affairs effort, "The Saga of Western Man," nominated in Other categories, might well have been added to the pro gram of the year candidates, The four-part show offered the hours entiUed "1492," "1776, "1898" and "1964." Unless one takes this year's Emmy entertainment awards seriously, it. should be no par ticular surprise that such shows as "East Side-West Side" and the Richard Boone anthology, which gathered fistful of nominations, have been canceled. Similar non sense has occurred before — Bob Newhart comes to mind. And the ratings are still kmg, despite the congressional inves Ugation of last year. Unpleasantly noficeable is the mere handful of nominations for entertainment specials —chiefly because fewer of any distinction are being tried, and this trend will get worse next season. The weekly serials are the vast majority of candidates this year. Finally, one wonders when the academy is going to get around to recognizing excellence in the field of sports coverage with full honors. Certainly ABC-T\''s Winter Olympics programs, many of them in prime time, were a standout of the video season. For quick relief FAIKVIEW, Utah (UPI)—The whole botUeful into a container manufacturer of a widely ad- of water. vertised indigestion tablet can call on a three-year-old Guem sey cow for a testimonial, if he wishes. Farmer Calvin Garlick found the cow lying in a pasture, badly bloated. He ran to the house, obtained the bottle of tablets from his wife and dumped the The Garlicks forced the bubbling liquid into the cow, waited a minute and watched as bossy, bellering and belching, got to her feet—apparently relieved. SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads Classified Ads Trading Stamp Directory S. A H. GrMii Stamps THE HAKRIS CO. 17 E. State Phone Ta3-23SS Medley Answer to Previous Puzzis m ACBOSS ITaxi 4 Kind of clerk 8 Clothes 12 Camel's hair cloth 13 Poems 140reEkgod of war 15 Favoril« 16 limits 18landed properties 20Puff op aiMiriner's direction SITermini' Z40atof (Fir.) 26 Soft cheese -fixe 6 Smaller asiomit 7 East (FT.) 3 Buckets 9 Killer whals 10 Native o£ Latvia 11 Essential beinS 17 Ransom 19 Genus of geese 23 Baseball teams 24 Possess 25 Not dosed 26 Becloud 81 Color 27 Theological 33 Protective movements by device 1 Lost and Found LOST — Man's brown waUet, April 23rd. Keivard. 793-1159. 2 Personals WANTED—Parties who witnessed ac- cidept on Olive and Buena Vista, AprU 24th. please phone 792-7137. 4 Employment Wanted REAL. ESTATE salesman, part-time weekends. 793-5301. CARPEivJitR, cabinet maker, small al- teratioos. repairs. Vaikins, 737-0596. PAINTING —A-l workmanship, rea- DeWitt. 793-3722. Arius 58 European bUckbird 27Danisli county 29 Large plant 30 Each 32 Closer 34 Swerved 35 Domain 38 Kind of gates 40 Have recourse 41 Ocean currents 48 Sea bird 42 Mineral springs 50 Tatter 43 Boy's name in Finland 44 Head (Fr.) 46 ."Vppear 47 Tidy way for a highway. Like Anthony, she temporarily holds off the wreckers and police with a character Bette plays to make I rifle. The Channel Swim: Victor Borge hosts ABC-'H-'s "Hollywood Palace" May 23 .. Ernest Hemingway's window is interviewed for an hour on NBC- TV's "Today" show Tuesday. .. Raymond (Perry Mason) Burr, guests with CBS-TV's Red Skelton May 12. 37 Tears 39 Chest rattle 40 Hoarfrost 4! Unit of weight 42 Gluts 45 Stupid 49 Selected SMVeight of India 02 Poker stake 53 Toward the sheltered side 54 .Male 55 Soothsayer 56 Physical exercise buildings (coH.) S7Saintc (ab.) DOW.V 1 STecvcIcss Carmcnt 2 Lincoln and Burrows 3 Pitchers and catchers 4 Strong point r 3 i i 6 7 B 5- — rr 12 13 14 li 16 17 \i 19 2i 25 28 29 u i r a 43 44 46 47 48 «9 bl 62 54 3b 57" 30 5onable. "Bob" PRACTICAI. nurse. light housework. care for convalescent by hour or week. Live out 792-7076. ZEGEKS Painting and Decorating, licensed and insured. Free esU- mates. 792-2661. i HelD Wanted MAN for playground and club groups. 792-2280. 2 MEN lor car washing. Apply ffil W. Redlands Blvd. DEPENDA housekeeper to couple. Live in. care for elderly month. 796-4642 evenings. EXPERIENCED baker. Inquire' 104 Orange Street between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. E5CPERIENCED female feeders and folders. Union wages and t>enefits. Apply at 212 E. Citrus. Redlands Laundry & Linen Supply. 10 For Rent A —APARTMENTS 254 CENl'KR — luriiished upstairs. Clean, cheerful. 793-4728. 2 BEDROOM, unfurnished, close la. $85. 783-2188. after 5 p.m. 793-4820. CHEERFUL lower compact, lumisbed. $60. 793-4723. 126 NOBWOOD—I bedroom unfurnished duplex, clean. $70. 793-4723. —tRY 0VEgC5aJra'S~nENTALS ' 627 Brookslde Eves. 792-6520 ONE double and one single, utilities paid. NO children, no pets. Inquire at 248 Cajon. _ _ 1 Bfit)R<)OM. nicely furnished. Pool, yard care, water paid. $90. 792-6131 or 792-3360. XX>VEL.Y unfurnished 2" bedroom apartment. Air conditioned. Hardwood floors. 624 Pine. 792 1104. BEDROOM furnished apartments. $65 and 570 per monttu No pets, no children. 792^1. DHlCTSlSHfib deluxe lower, modi em 2 liedroom, 2 l>ath. fireplace. Garage, patio, front and rear entrances. S150. 792-4731. BEDKOdil uniumished. No chil- drcn or pets. Newly decorated. S75. 12419 Bidgewood Dr., Yucaipa. 793-3674 or 84S-1243-_ FURNISHED attractive 2 bedroom house in spacious court Carport, storage. laundry facilities. Swimming pooh $95 month. DurrcU Unit D. 924 E. Central. 793-5785. 9 Room and Board Retirement hotel for senior citizens, home cooking, friendly atmosphere. 302 Nordina St. Redlands. 792-9063. 10 For Rent — APARTMENTS IJSFURNISHED. 2 bedrooms. faraUy room. Good location. $70. 792-8190. BEDROOM, furnished; garai Close to Sage's. 792-6823. Want to Sen Your Carl You-U Find a Beady CALL PY 3-3221 rODAT 2 AND 3 room tumished apartments. $50 up per month, weekly rates. Swimming p o o L Shady trailer space. $20 up. Mission Motel & Trailer I'ark. Hlway 99, 3 miles west of Redlands. UNIVERSITY MANOR Redlands Fashionable Gardei GENERAL ELECTRIC COLD MEDALLION APARTMENTS 2 BEDROOMS —2 BATHS Apartment living with all the convenience of a private. luxury home. Decorator's carpeting and drapes, air conditioning. I'M music and many other features. INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE PATIOS RECREATION LOUNGE HEATED POOL Located next to Sylvan Park, within minutes to shopping centers. Norton and Mentone Rocket. Reasonably priced. MANAGER ON PREMISES. APT. « 792-8559 133 UNIVEBSITV ST. REDLANDS NOTICE OF DIRECT PRIMARY ELECTION Notice By Registrar of Voters of Time and Place of Direct Primary Election, Political Parties Entitled to Participate Therein, Offices For V/hich Candidates Are To Be Nominated or Elected, and Names and Addresses of Candidates. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a consolidated primaiy election is to be held in the County of San Bernardino on the 2nd day of June, 1964, and that hereinafter under the designation of each of the political parties entitled to participate therein there is stated the title of each office to be voted on, and the name and address of each pei-son for whom a nomination paper has been filed for each office and who is entitled to be voted for in this county, the name of each person being stated under the name of the party or principle he represents. DEMOCRATIC PARTY CONGRESSIONAL OFFICES Tide of Office Name of CaodldaU United States Senator Clair Engle United States Senator Lynn W. Johnston- United States Senator-, GeorEe Mcl^in „ Tost Ortice Address of Candidate 1010 Jackson St., Red Bluff 8115 E. Third St.. Downey * United States Senator Henry A. Mcrmcl ». United States Senator Mark Morris „ United States Senator. ^.Guido Joseph Pavia United States Senator Pierre Salinger 1031 S. Grand Ave., Los An^clcs 1350 E. Eighth St.. Long Beach , 3120 X. Inyo St., Bakersficld „.1698 Sierra Ave.. Napa -JTmanucI Braude -.Walter R. iBuck) Buchanan.. —Demos Cordeiro . Alan Cranston .-.JIarold E. Fields- United States Scnator_„ United States Senator-^ United States Senator.,.. United States Senator.,,. United States Senator-,. Representative in Congress, 18th District iThat portion of 18tb District within San Bernardino County) „ _.ilarlan Hagen Representative in Congress. 18th District <That portion of 18th District within San Fairmont Hotel. San Francisco .9221 CharJcvilJe Dr. Beverly Hills 1146 S. Muirficld Rd,. Los Angeles 13199 Ave. 144. Tipton -:7060 Old Trace Rd.. Us Altoi Hills -2142 E. Onyx, Orange -1206 N. Kaweah. Hanford ..Watiam J, "Biir* Wadt.-. Bernardino Countyl Representative in Congress. 33rd District Ronald J. Busch Representative in Congress, 33rd District.™.Jlobcrt O. Cooley . Representative in Congress, 33rd District Ken W. Dyal „ Representative in Congress, 33rd District Sylvester Bcinbcrg Representative in Congress. 33rd District David Earle Jordan.— Representative In Concress. 33rd District Donald G. "Bud" Mauldin„ 1013 Lorene Ave.. OildaJe ~_—631 Crescent Ave-, San Bernardino 811 N. Sage St.. Rialto — 6907 Dwight Way, San Bernardino _.I3:t5 Monterey St.. Rcdlandi 457 eth St. San Bernardino 332 W. 18th St., San Bernardino LEGISUTIYE OFFICES Name of Candidate Till* rf Of!ir» Member ot A>>rmb]y, 2Rth Assembly District iThat portion of 2Sth Assembly District within San Bernardino Countyi Jack T. Casey „ Member of Assembly. T2nd Assembly District John P. Quimby , •Member nf Asycmbly. 73i-d Assembly District T^ay CooAticr Poit Offire Addreis of Candidate .,.:06 Pacific St.. Bakcrsficld _5822 Olive St.. Rialto ._25619 Pacific St.. San Bernardino MEMBERS OF COUNTY CENTRAL COMMITTEE Tide of Office Member of County Ctntra! Committee. l5t Sury»r \-i50nal District iThTM to b« elected'- Xxtne cf CaadidaU Carl H. RClstcr Aubrey J. Burke.. . Bill Hubbard _ C. C. Healey ..Xouis Punoett .— Foit Ctfice Addreii af Candidatt J23963 Park Lane. Crestline _I91S6 Carlisle Rd.. Apple ValJey Box is. Star Route (OiXS, -San Bemartlino _5674 The Plaia. Twentynine Palms _2IM7 Pine Ridse Ai-e.. Apple ViUcy Pri.«cilla E. Harder.- Lillian Serra Harold A. Bailin.. -8315 Cherry A%*e.. Fontanm -16587 Athol. Fontana J- Vernon Brashear William H. cBilli Lentl Merrill K. Zimmer Jack Brashear Charles Adams Member of County Central Committee. 2nd Super\-isorial District Olan F. Thompson ^ tSix to be clcctcdi.-- ...Andrew J. Malahan_. Member of Count.v Central Committee, ord Supervisorial District (Three to be elected' _718 W. 16th St.. UpUnd ._6«3 Hellman Ave., AlU Lomi _173U RandaU Ave™ Fontana -g-*^ Vernon. Montclair _]80 13th Ave.. Upland _9890 Rose Ave.. Monlclalr _3+4 E. Bialto. Rialto .-U77 l.oma Sola Ave., Upland C. J. Dunson „ George Franklin Ashton. Jack D. Jloorc .Frank Bunn Paul J. Kleibrink.. Member of County Central Committee. 4th Supen-isonal District (Four to be elected' Ennque Gonzales .. Garland W. Cosstephen«._ Esther J. Hargett— _ Walter Barton Townsend..Tom Hargett —10603 Arlesia St. Loma Linda —1544 Crown St. Redlands — 1S37 Garden St.. Redlands —-33720 Washinston Dr.. Vucalpa —2463 %V. Victoria St. San Bernardino —179 E. Kins St. San Bemardtno 17797 San Bernardino Ave.. Fontatia -12315 Michigan, Colton -23302 Clcndora Dr.. Cotton -12315 Michigan. Colton Member of County Central Committee. Sth Super\i»orial District Carl E. Carlson iFiva to be electedi Leonard A. Brodenck Harold J. Berk Rc\- V. Duncan Robert CecU Butler- Phi! Dreyer Samuel Martin . Richard M. Anderson- Harry E. Reynolds Charles L. Bramc .J5858 Arlington Dr.. San Bernardino _27M Ladcra Rd.. San Bernardino .220 E. 52nd St.. San Bernardino 2235 Old Waterman Canyon Rd.. San Bernardino .1369 W. Evans St. San Bemartlino _6S3 X. Avery. San Bernardino .175 W. llarshall Blvd, San Bernardino -1205 Pumalo St. San Bernardino -610 W. 26th St.. San Bemardtno -363 Alexander Ave.. San Bemardlns REPUBLICAN PARTY CONGRESSIONAL OFFICES Title of Office Name sf Candldala Post Offic* Address of Candidita United States Senator George Murphy _ 807 N. Rodeo Dr.. Beverly Hilla United States Senator Fred Hall 10 63d PJ.. Long Beach 3 United Slates Senator .Lcland M. Kaiser 82 Elena Ave., Atherton Representative in Congress. IBlh District (That portion of 18th District within San Bernardino County) _ Joseph A. Dunwoody 3331 Dundee Ct, Bakcrsfield Representative in Congress. ISth District •That portion of 18th District within San Bernardino County) „ James E. Williams, Jr. 201 Kanal, Porterville Representative in Congress. 33rd District Jack Allen 3150 Valencia Ave.. San Bernardino Representative in Congress. 33rd District Faith Deuprey 983 W. Arrow Hwy., Upland Representative in Congress. 33rd District Jerry L. Pettis 24934 Tulip Ave., Loma Linda Representative in Congress, 33rd District V. Dennis Wardle ..3350 Mayfield Ave., San Bernardino LEGISLATIVE OFFICES Name of Candidate Title of Oirice Member of Assembly, 2ath Assembly District I That portion of 2Sth Assembly District within San Bernardino County;—JCer.ncth R. Koether Member of Assembly, 72nd Assembly District James L. (Jim) Chrlstensen... Member of Assembly. 72nd Assembly District Clayton M. Stanhope Member of Assembly. 73rd Assembly District Stewart Hinckley Post Office Address ot Candidate -210 Ward St., Ridgecrest -.1217 Ukiah Way, Upland -4352 San Bernardino St, Montclair ...1405 Kincaid Rd.. Redlands MEMBERS OF COUNTY CENTRAL COMMITTEE Title of Office Name of Candidate David Clark DeRoo Post Office Address of Candidate —1418 Kincaid St. Rcdlandj .._1536 Crown St. Redlands „ . Nick Karahalios _ „„_ rVmr».''r „J ^m."' "587 Walnut Rd-, Redlands Central Committee. James J. (Jim) Richardson 35136 Beech Ave. Yucaipa (Four to be electedi Edward Stielstra 828 CoUege Ave., Redlands Member of County Central Committee, John C. Perry C. Jerry Lewis- William S. Hellyer.. _248 W. 27th St, San Bernardino —..„,„.,„.Jack L. Coyle Sth Supervisorial District Arthur B. Petersen.. (Four to be elected)- _a Lydon Lipplncott. .7111 Canyon Rd.. San Bernardino J517 Valencia Ave., San Bernardino nvc, i>aa ocmarn B. R. 1. Box 18, San Bernardino -~ 5.98 Saturn Ct. San Bernardino .3500 Hlllhurst Dr., San Bernardino .h. ^SE.^ '•P'^.-X. number of candidates nominated for election to !.^f„ ."L*'*?'^''- Republican Party County Central Committee. Ist 2nd. and 4th Super­ visorial DUtrlcu. does not e.xceed the number of candidates to be elected fronTuid district" on that party 5 ballijt. In lieu thereof, under the provisions of law, the board of tuperviaori shall declare elected the following candidates who have been nominated: supervisors snaii Title of Office Memtjer of County Central Committee, 1st Supervisorial District (Four to be elected) Slember of County Central Committee. 2nd Supervisorial District (Six to b« electedi Member of County Central Committee. 4th Supervisorial District (Three to be elected' .Name of Candidate Robert Earl (Bob) Goodman.- Carjl Kroaser _ George H. Osbom. _Mary F. (Maggi) Stross- David L. Armstrong John Casino . Harry S. Drake- Post Office Address of Candldale -1231 Nancy St. Barstow -610 W. Alt View. Barstow -7530 Balsa Ave.. Vucca VaUey .Jia29 KlickiUt Ave.. Apple Valley =488 Sierra Dr., Upland Shervrin Grossman Lovon C. Phillips. -June Wallin —512 E. Van Koevering. RUlto 1224 E. Raymond St. Ontario —.2468 N. Ocean View Dr., Upland -!735 N. Wilson Ave., Upland —1540 N, EucUd Ave.. OnUrio F'I'.V,, ^'^ W. B St, Colton X,"""St- Colton Cecil Merle Murray llOO Lyndon Dr.. Colton STATE (AND DISTRICT) OFFICES NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN' THAT (oUawing are the nonpartisan offices tor which randtdaiei are to be nominated at the consolidated primar>* election, together with the names and addreixes of all persons for whom nomination paper* have been filed for each office, and that candidates for these offices may be voted for, at the consolidated pnmar>* election, by any voter of this county, whether rcgijtered ai intendins to a/iiliate with any political party or not- NONPARTISAN OFFICES JUDICIAL OFFICES Title of Office Judge of the Superior Court Office No. I- _ Judge of the Superior Court. Office No. 2 Judge of the Superior Court. Office No. 3. N^me of Candidal* -Archie D. Mitchell -James E. Cunningham. Sr.. -Henry M. Busch. -John W, Kerrigan Judge of the Superior Court. Office No. 4-, Judge of the Superior Court Office No. 5 Harold B. Haberkom— Judge of the MunicilMl Court. San Bernardino Judicial District. Office No. I- Thomas M. Haldorsea- Judge of the Municipal Court. San Bemartlino Judicial District Office No. a_ Thomas C. Parry Judge ot the Justice Court Amboy.Ludlow Judicial Post Office Address of Candidal* —126 Harvanl Place. Ontario -446 20tlt Street, Sao Bernardino -1429 North Euclid Ave;, Upland 3197 Pepper Tree Lane, —San Bernardino -612 East Ralston Ave., San Bernardino -3695 Valencia Ave., San Bernardino 250 Willow Drive, San Bernardino John P. Jfeilson.. District Judge of the Justice Court. Baker Judicial District. -.Joseph A. Plank. Judge of the Justice Court. _ , Baker Judicial District Patil R. Logan Judge of the JusUce Court Barstow Judicial District .Iva M. FowelL Judge ot the Justice Court . Barstow Judicial District .^eUIe St ^agcI Judge of the Justice Court . _ _ ^ Barstow JudicUl District -Donald W. Partridge- Judge of the Justice Court. ES'icr!.^_i""!lf!L _.-Orea B. Matth.w._ Judge of the Justice Court. Bloomington Judicial _ . . _ . District Roberta Beal» Judge of the Justice Court. Bloomington Judicial District -P. O. Box ST, Essex -P. O. Box 66, Baker -P. O. Box 32, Baker -J2S0 Buena VIota, Barstow -960 Nancy Avenue, Barstow -36739 Colby Street. Bantow -P. O. Box 3S, Big Bear Lam -18823 Marygold Av»., Bloomington .Raymond Constantini _XB590 Valley Blvd.. Bloomlsfton JUDICIAL OFFICES Title of Office Name of Candidal* Post Office Address of Candida** Judge of the Justice Court, Bi~,?« Wilfred L. Emblen— -..10161 Alder Ave., Bloomington Judge of the Justice Court, DSI""-"-.''"'"."^' Wally Taggart 18047 Taylor Street BltMrnington Judge of the Justice Court, _ _ _ „, „ Calzona Judicial pistrict...David Aaron P. O. Box 477. Earp CWno JuS'Sai ^Disfrict.-..Henry G. Femcase. 12973 I3th Street Chino Judge of the Justice Court. Chino Judicial District. Anson C. Beeroan. 12080 Silicon Street. Chino Judge of the Justice Court. 12833 Ninth Street Apartment J, Chino Judicial District Edward (Ed) Cisneroj. Chino Judge of the Justice Court, Colton Judicial District Lawrence E. Madsen 822 East E Street, Colton Judge of the Justice Court, Crest Forest Judicial _ . District Ira Fox, Jr. 722 High Road, Crestline Judge of the Justice Court. Crest Forest Judicial _ _ _ . District _ Joe Storto P. O. Box 1073, Crestline Judge of the Justice Court. Cucamonga Judicial District D. Larry Thorae 7813 Valle Vista, Cucamonga Judge of the Justice Court. Etiwar.da Judicial District Burt Shelby _ „ 13033 Baseline Ave., Etiwanda Judge of the Justice Court. Tontana Judicial District-.Milton Estler Milleroan . 8386 Mango Avenue. Fontana Judge of the Justice Court. Highland Judicial District ...David H. Roddick ^7366 Lillian Lane. Highland Judge of the Justice Court Kelso Judicial District Robert P. Mohle General Eelivary. Kelso Judge ot the Justice Court Mission Judicial District .Vando E. Unger 24516 Central Avenue. Loma LInd« Judge of the Justice Court. Needles Judicial Dlstrict-Fartj B. Wilkin. 2161i "E" Street Needles Judge of the Justice Court. Redlands Judicial District...Bcn G. Alexander. 340 FounUin Avenue. Redlanda Judge ot the Justice Court, Redlands Judicial District-Charles A. Blerschbach 624 Lakeside. Redlands Judge of the Justice Court, Rialto Judicial District William A. Friedrich 6727 Park Avenue. Rialto Judge of the Justice Court, Trona Judicial District Samuel T. Downs P. O. Box 91, Trona Judge of the Justice Court. Twcntyninc Palms Judicial 6430 Athol Avenue. District _ John W. Allen _..Twentynine Palms Judge of the Justice Court. Twcntynine Palms Judicial Star Route 1. Box 691, District _ David A. Fall _. Twentynine Palms Judge of the Justice Court, Upland Judicial District. ..George D. Imhoff. 935 North First Avenue, Upland Judge of the Justice Court. Victor JudicUl District Edward E. Volk 16210 Tejon Street. Victorvill* Judge of the Justice Court. Yermo-Bellevllle Judicial District - James E. Shope 225 Second Street, Yermo Judge of the Justice Court, Yucaipa Judicial District.-William J. Clark. Jr Rout* 1. Box 627, Yucaipa COUNTY OFFICES Title of Office Name of Candidal! Post Office Address of Candidal* Super\*isor, 1st Super­ visorial District Ross Dana 50016 Rimrock Road. Apple Valley Supervisor, 1st Super­ visorial District Fred H. Anslel. Jr. p. O. Box 66, Amboy Supervisor. 1st Super­ visorial District Wm. A. IBill) Betlerley 20966 Rancherlas Road, Apple Valley Supervisor, 3rd Super­ visorial District S. Wesley Break 26195 Beaumont Avenue. Sedtand* Supervisor. 3rd Super­ visorial District Ralph L. Kirsch — 31049 Suiuet Drive, Redlands Supervisor, 3rd Super­ visorial District ____AI Short _ 602 Esther Way. Redlands Supervisor, 5th Super­ visorial District (Mrs.) Nancy E. Smith 25283 18lh Street San Bernardlna Suiservisor. 5th Super­ visorial Dijtrict Billie Jo Bailey 1707 Herringfon Ave.. San BemaixIlB* Supervisor. 5th Super- 3978 Mountain View Ave., visorial District Daniel J. -Danny" Collins San Bernardino Supervisor. Sth Super­ visorial District _ _.-E. George Bodlne 7991 Pedley Road, San Bemardln* DISTRICT OFFICES Title of Ollltf Name of Candidal* Post Olllce Address of Candldst* Director. Big Bear Municipal Water District Division Three -Darrell H. Altimui Box 1223, Big Bear Laka Director. Big Bear Municipal Water District Division Three A. Ernest Berkheimer. P. O. Box 1677, B!g Bear Lak* Director, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District Division One _ Alfred Morrison Hermaa HOI Lyndon Drive, Colton Director, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, Division One James W. Collinj. 194«« Country Club Dr., Rialto Director. San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, Division One C. Patrick Milligaa 10«S N. Primose Ave., Bialto Director, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water DUtrict. DlvUion Two LeKoy Holmes 1207 Massachusette St, San Bemardto* Director, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water „ , ^ „ „ DUtrict Division Two Ralph C. Velasquez : 1307 Perrls St, San Bernardino NOTlt:E IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN that the General Election heretofore called for the election of one director of the Big Bear Municipal n'ater District Dlvlaion Five, which said election, under the provisions of law. was to be consolidated witlx the Consolidated Primary Election to be held June 2. 19«. shaU not be held: In lieu thereof uw Board of Supervisors. County of Ean Bernardino, will appoint the following condldate who was nominated for the position of Director, DivUion Five: Title of Office Name ef Candidal* Post Offic* Adlteti ot Candldst* Director, Big Bear Municipal Water District. Division Five Howard D. Qinton _304 W. Big Bear Blvd.. Big Bear Ctty DISTRICT OFFICES 1 !?c.|rMd' K ?9S "si2 „i ,ot Sc-h^driS^^-StiLH^S"!? gSf SsTuTna -'of ^^^S?^"- caMs ^Jho ^t^nlnSLgTfM Name *r Candliat* Title of Office Director. Chino Basin Municipal Water DUtrict, Division One Robert S. Walline. Director, Chino Basin Municipal Water DUtrict. Division Five -Carl B Post OffIc* Address of Candidat* .1441 North Second Ave., Upland I Camellan Ave., Alta Loma be ^^iS ^^J^ HHipY GIVEN that at the consolidated primary election the pons will ELEANOR FELTON. Registrar of Voter*.

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