Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 25, 1963 · Page 13
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 13

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1963
Page 13
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Winners Picked In Henderson County Program By TOM EICHHORN STRONGMUtlST—It's all over at Stronghurst. The Concessions, rides, livestock and performer* have moved on to other grounds, leaving behind only matted straw and other debris. But yesterday and the day before Were packed with activities, during the Hen •• •— • derson County 4-H and Junior Show. Foods, flowers, steers and baby beefs, swine and poultry—alt were displayed, weighed and judged Tuesday and Wednesday. in addition to judglngs, 4-H 'ern gave numerous talks and demonstrations. There were band concerts and tractor pulllngs, greased pigs and blue-jcancd kids. Last night in front of the grandstand, the program featured the trail riders dress revue and a livestock parade. Show Results Billy Weir of Gladstone grabbed the grand champion and reserve champion steer honors with his Angus breeds. Kerry Smith's Chester-Whites swept the swine event. The Little York youth had .the grand champion boar, gilt and barrow. Another impressive gathering of garlands was by Garry Rankin of Kirkwood. His Holsteins won grand and reserve championships in both the cow and dairy heifer events. Sharing honors grand champion in the sheep judging event were Jack McLain of Biggsville, pen of feeding lambs; Kalene White of Media, ram lamb; Randy Carpenter of Carman, ewe lamb, and Sheryl Corzatt of Stronghurst, marketing lamb and pen of three marketing lambs. Reserve honors went to Jean Steck of Carman, ewe lamb and pen of breeding lambs; McLain, ram lamb; Jerry Painter of Lomax, marketing lamb, , and Roger Van Tine of Gladstone, pen-of-chree marketing lambs. Other results of the judging, with only three places listed in order were: Caitle Angus—Heavyweight steer, Billy Weir of Gladstone, champion; Weir. rcsex*ve; Mary Corzatt, Media. Lightweight, Warren Fassett, Biggsville; Cheryl McChesney, Gladstone; Fassett. Junior calf, Steve Kettelkam-p, Media; John Miller, Kirkwood; Michael Miller, Kirkwood. Junior yearling, S. Kettelkamp, 1st and 2nd; Max Comstock, LaHarpe. Cow, S. Kettelkamp, champion female; Ray Miller, Kirkwood; Joe Bigger, Biggsville. Junior feeders: singles, rate of gain, M. Kettelkamp, 1st and 2nd; Dale Bertelsen, Monmouth Route 3. Singles, market quality, Weir, 1st and 2nd; M. Kettelkamp. Pen of four, rate of gain, Kettelkamp brothers, Bertelsen, Weir. Pen of four, market quality, Weir, Fassett, Kettelkamp brothers. Herclord—Heavyweight, Richard Day, Stronghurst; C. McChesney; Connie Day, Stronghurst. Lightweight, Linda McChesney, Gladstone; Ted Kern, LaHarpe; Leon Kern, LaHarpe. Junior calf. Leon Kern; Art McLain, Biggsville; Eddie Evans, Stronghurst. Senior calf, Leon Kern; Larry Gcarhart, Media; Gary Hobby, Lomax. Junior yearling, Leon Kern, champion; Jack Vest, Biggsville; Fred Steck, Carman. Senior yearling, Leon Kern, champion; Vest; McLain. Cow, Leon Kern, champion; 1st and 2nd; McLain. Junior feeders: Singles, rate of gain. Mike Day, Stronghurst, 1st and 2nd; T. Kern. Singles, market quality, T. Kern. Lynn Kern, LaHarpe; Leon Kern. Pen of four, rate of gain, C. and R. Day; Kern brothers; Gearhart brothers. Pen of four, market quality, Kern brothers; C. and R. Day; Gearhart brothers. Shorthorn — Heavyweight (1), Larry Reynolds, Gladstone, champion. Lightweight (2), Ricky Thompson, Smithshire reserve, 1st and 2nd. Junior calf (1), Thompson, champion. Senior calf, Thompson. Summer yearling (1), Barbara Campbell, Stronghurst, champion. Junior yearling, Thompson. Junior feeders: Singles, rate of gain, Reynolds. Singles, market quality, Reynolds. . • • •• Guernsey—junior 'calf (*). LeRoy A. Evans, Lomax. Senior call (1), Ricky Evans, Lomax. ^ Junior yearling, R. Evans: Larry Johnson, Gladstone; Penny Jo Rowley, Seaton. Senior yearling (1), L. Evans. Holflteln—-Junior calf (1), Garry Rankin, Kirkwood. Senior calf, G. Rankin, 1st and 2nd; Richard Wyatt, Lomax. Junior yearling, G. Rankin, reserve over all:. Sharilyn Rankin, Kirkwood; Douglas Wyatt, Sharilyn S WVi •• Lomax. Senior yearling, G. Ran kin, reserve Holsteln and champion heifer over all; S. Rankin, 2nd and ,'!rd. Cow, G. Rankin, champion; S. Rankin, G. Rankin. Brown Swiss—Senior calf (1), >.*, vum,i7 Arthur Kane, Media, champion. fto^^"MyfU>Ms u&h rv ,w A Wane rpcprvf .Tnhn **&3>J* J ^^MmOKSiidtffVl. 1 Cow, A. Kane, reserve; John Kane, Media. Ayrshire—Cow (1), Ken Shauman, Biggsville. swim* •Duroc—Gilt, Arthur Kane, Media, 1st and 2nd; Kenneth Carpenter, Carman. Boar, A. Kane, 1st and 2nd; Carpenter. Litter. A. Kane, 1st and 2nd; Carpenter. Hampshire Gilt, Mark Kettelkamp, Media, 1st and 2nd; Danny Kane, Media, Boar; D. Kane, Steve Kettelkamp, Media; D. Kane. Litter (2), S. Kettelkamp; D. Kane. Poland China —Gilt. John B, Kane, Media, reserve, 1st and 2nd; M. Kettelkamp. Boar, J. Kane; M. Kettelkamp; .1. Kane. Litter, J. Kane, M. Kettelkamp; J. Kane. Others—Kerry Smith, Little York, 1st nnd 2nd; Dannie Mowen, Carman. Boar, Smith, 1st and 2nd; Mowen. Litter, Smith, Mowen, Bobby Kane,. Media. Market barrows — Lightweight, Smith; Robert Hall, Biggsville, 2nd and 3rd. Heavyweight, M. Kettelkamp; Ed Melvin, Stronghurst; M. Kettelkamp. Pen of three, S. Kettelkamp; E. Melvin; Dennis Melvin, Stronghurst. Sheep Shropshire — Ewe Iamb, Jean Steck, Carman, reserve;- Peggy Steck, Carman; J. Steck. 'Ram lamb (2), J. Steck, 1st and 2nd. Pen of breeding lambs (1), J. Steck. Corriedale—Ewe lamb (2), Jerry Painter, Lomax; Steve Richmond, Carman. Ram lamb (2), S. Richmond, 1st and 2nd. Pen of breeding lambs (1), S. Richmond. Hampshire — Ewe lamb, Randy Carpenter, Carman, chaimpion; Jack McLain, Biggsville, 2nd and 3rd. Ram lamb (1), McLain, reserve. Pen of breeding lambs (2), McLain, champion; Ed and Laurie Cargill, Raritan. Suffold—Ewe lamb (2), George Richmond, Carman, 1st and 2nd. Ram lamb, G. Richmond. Pen of breeding lambs (1), G. Richmond. Others—Ewe lamb, Kalene White, Media; Roslyn Richmond, Carman, 2nd and 3rd. Ram lamb, White, 1st and 2nd, champion; R. Richmond. Pen of breeding lambs (2), White: R.' Richmond. Market lambs—Singles, Sheryl Corzatt, Stronghurst, champion and reserve, 1st and 2nd; Jerry Painter, Lomax. Pen of three, Corzatt, champions; Roger Van Tine, Gladstone, reserve, 2nd and 3rd. Tractor Pulling Under 4,000 pounds, Tim Wainman, Carman. Under 6,000, Charles Beard, Stronghurst, Under 7,000 John Shunick, Stronghurst. Under 8,000, Boyd Booten. Under 10,000, Everett Johnson, Carman. Fire fighting Began at Home CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. (AP) —Lightning touched off a rash of fires recently, but two firemen were a little slow in getting started on their runs. Chief George R. Buckner first took a few minutes to put out a blaze at his home, caused when lightning struck a telephone wire. Another bolt set Fireman George Crabtrce's toaster ablaze, burning it to a crisp. NAMED SANCIIO-Rilly Weir's Angus steer assumes a dignified pose after being picked grand champion over all breeds at the Stronghurst event. Sancho weighs in at 925 pounds. Weir, 11, weighs in at slightly less, is a member of the Biggsville Go-Gcttcrs 4-11 Club, and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Weir of Gladstone. (Galcsburg Register-Mail photos by Phil Turney) WINNING TWOSOME PLUS ONE—Garry Rankin, center, shows off the grand champion dairy heifer, left, and grand champion dairy cow. The Kirkwood youth also had the reserve cham­ pions in each evenfj and won the showmanship award, too. All we re Holsteins. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rankin, Garry is a member of the Rnzctta E.vcr-Ready 4-H Club. NO SPOTLIGHT BOSTON (UPI) - Gene Gua- rilia, least-known member of the Boston Celtics, is in, his fifth year with the World champions, averaging less than five minutes of playing time per game. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! LAMB CHOPS AFOOT—Sheryl Corzatt, 14, displays her grand champion marketing lamb. The animal is a cross of Suffolk and Shropshire breeds. Miss Corzatt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Corzatt of Stronghurst, is a member of the Media Cloverleaf 4-H Club. Too Much Parking MAYFIELD, Ky. (AP) — Most towns search for more parking space but the trend was reversed in May field. Graves County Fiscal Court voted to plow up a 35-car asphalt lot in the courthouse yard and sod it as part of the lawn. Judge Allen Cloar said removal of the lot would add beauty to the downtown area as well as eliminate a traffic and fire hazard. Appropriate Tee-Off RENO, Nev. (AP)—There was none of the usual gold-plated shovel business at a groundbreaking in Reno recently. Instead, officials chopped at the ground with nine irons and wedgies when they tore up the first turf for a new municipal golf course. READ THE WANT ADS! For a limited time we are making a special offer so that you will try our choice quality beef once , . . We know you'll come back. 10 POUND BOX SAUSAGE PATTIES WITH PURCHASE OF SIDE OF BEEF! ONIY Front Quarter of Beef Sides of Beef ONIY 54C 16 Hind Quarter of Beef....64c " All prices include complete processing. Western Zero Locker 456 EAST SOUTH STREET DIAL 343-2161 Old Settlers Day Set at Bishop Hill BISHOP HILL - The Bishop Hill Old Settlers Association met July 16 at the Colony School to make plans for Old Settlers Day, Sept. 14. Reports were given and workers were appointed as follows: Program, Mrs. Verna Bowman Anderson and Harold F. Nordstrom; entertainment, Rias Spets, Richard Stonberg, Charles Johnson, Harvey Peterson, concessions, Emery Chilberg, Walter Larson and William Dowell; seats, Howard Olson, ' Wayne Ericson, Bryce Nordstrom and Gerald Nelson; dance, Clifford Litton, Roland Olson and Orlie Chilberg; publicity, Mrs. Rias Spets and Mrs. John A. Oberg; dinner, Mrs. Clarence Peterson, Mrs. Esther Tarleton, Mrs. Roy Slover, Mrs. Samuel Mandel, Mrs. Emil Ericson, Mrs. Clarence Florine, Emil Ericson and Albin Johnson. Nominating, A. Gunnar Borg, Mrs. Orlie Chilberg and Harvey Peterson; historical tours, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Olson, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hedstrom, Mr, and Mrs. Merrill Nystrom, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Conrad, Mr. and Mrs. Iener Olson and Miss Margaret Jacobson; historical room committee, Mrs. Rudolph Johnson, Mrs. John A. Oberg and Miss Edla Warmer; electrician, Vernon E. Nordstrom; registration, Mrs. Laura Leff, Mrs. Roland Olson and Mrs. Fred Johnson; decorations, Emmitt Johnson, Harvey Nordine and Benny Florine. When Nun Steps Out of Room, Thief Steps In DECATUR, 111. (AP)-A thief took $1,500 from Ursuline Academy of St. Teresa Wednesday. Police said a nun left the school office momentarily. When she returned, a man, who explained he was looking for Mother Superior, was leaving. The nun entered the office and saw the money was missing from a cash drawer. JOHNS-MANVIUE INSULATION Call WHITE'S - 3420185 Your Neighbor Says KERRY SMITH AND FRIEND—Kerry Smith, 10, shows off his grand champion barrow. The Little York lad also won'the grand champion gilt and boar events at Stronghurst with his Chester Whites. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith and is a member of the Bald Bluff Busy-Bees 4-H Club. CJalesburg Ifegisfer-Mail GALESBURG, ILL., THURSD/AY, JULY 25, 1963 SEC. 2 PAGE 13 Media Youth Reports on Experiences in Denmark MEDIA—Ronald Isaacson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Isaacson, is spending five month.'j, in Denmark as a State Future Farmers of America delegate. Employe of Galesburg Firipi Ending 49 Years of Servicf* He left early in M.ay and trave to Copenhagen wherr.•/ he was met by K. B. Anderson, the Danish minister of agriculture. After a visit with Anderson, he traveled by train to Nap ; stved, about 60 miles southwest of Copenhagen, where he met 'Jne Gardejar Hansen family wflr'.h whom he is staying. The famil;/ has two daughters, Tove and ,P ,ente, ages 4 and 5, a •son Eric, 8, years old, and a hired hand Mo^ens.- The Hansens speak English,'',' but Mogens and Isaacson havf i developed their own language/ the youth reports. / Operate Dairy Farm Tr&.y live on an 80-acre dairy farr/y at the edge of the small village , Kyse. The family keeps 19//cows, some bulls and approximately. 50 hogs. Crops are oats, barley 'and'Beets, Isaacson says, f and none of the land is wasted Beets are planted in rows about 22 inches apart in a high concentration, and then are thinned out by hand until each plant is 12 inches from the next with no weeds allowed. Isaacson says this fall the tops will be thrown into a silage chopper to make silage, and then a machine is used to dig the beets. These are piled up and covered and then used as needed during the winter for the cows. He has just returned from a ed via New York City and London trip to the Tyrol, and now plans on touring Denmark. Points of interest he will see include the governmental experimental farm, the highest mountain in Sjaelland (about 500 feet high), and various cooperative plants and farms. He has visited Herman Swanson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Swanson of St. Peter, Minn. Swanson is stationed in Munich, Germany, with the Army. Isaacson is scheduled to return to the United States in October. His address is Ronald Isaacson; Gardejer Ernst Hansen; Hasojord; Kyse; P. R. Hullinge, Sjaelland; Denmark. James ,VI. Weir Eclw; aid K. Shetler James M. Weir will conclude 49 years of. work in the wholesale grocery business July 31 when he retires frorr , the W. A. Jordan Co. Weir has served as vice president and general manager of the company here, and since April 1961 has ae/ . e d as the firm's director of pure.' .iasing. He has been with Deadline Set For Filing Wage Reports CHICAGO — In a statement issued,, today, Director of Labor Robert R. Donnelly reminded employers that Wednesday, July 31,' is the deadline for filing contrj- . bution and wage reports and ft/,r paying unemployment contrib u- tions covering the second quarter of 1963. "Penalty for late fi'Jing of reports is two per ce /.it a month, with a $10 minirnurrand interest on deliquent payments accrues at one per cent," Donnelly cautioned. Employers who were* not subject to the Illinois Uner nployment Compensation Act piy.or to 1963 should check their employment experience for this y ear to determine if they are noy, liable for the payment of contributions, the director emphasized . Any employer who has h ?i?. four or more workers on his 'payroll within each of 20 or more, "calei dar weeks in 1963 is now subject to the Act from Jan. 1„/'1963, the beginning of this year. If his 20th week of four workei.'?, occurred during May or June, t'n'in July 31 is the deadline for h^j reports and payments / ae/ .ed c'.iasi the loo' al company since 1945, and before. that was associated with the Ridenour-Baker Mercantile Co..' of Oklahoma City, Okla. P .eplacing Weir as director of py* rchasing will be Edward K. Si letler, who has been affiliated V .vith the local firm since 1946. Shetler has served as a salesman previous to his promotion. He and his wife Marjorie live at 835 W. North St. Weir has not announced his retirement plans, but expects to spend time visiting his two sons and daughter. During his 18 years in Galesburg, Weir has been president of the Rotary Club and has been a member of the Chamber of Commerce and First United Presbyterian Church. His wife Frances and he live at 1086 IS'. Cherry St. covering both the first and second quarters of 3963. The rate for newly liable employers is 2.7 per cent. Remittances should be made payable to the Director of Labor and should be mailed or delivered with the reports to the Illinois Division of Unemployment Compensation, 165 North Canal St., Room 200, Chicago 6, Illinois. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! One Driver, Please TULSA, Okla. (AP)-A lass on the lap is a legal lapse if .you 're driving a car, Judge Luther Lane ruled. Police who stopped a car found Claude D. Sackett, 24, operating the accelerator and brake while Carol Baker, 19, was sitting on his lap doing the steering. Lane fined the two Tulsans $6 each— Sackett for careless driving arid Miss Baker for interfering with a driver. (/omis-trsi/mt)* $ 3 PER BUNDLE Values to 8.90 Special oiier of a special group of room lois. There are 10 rolls to a bundle and in most cases, you save more than 1 2- Wou will find patterns for most rooms. 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