Daily Missouri Republican from St. Louis, Missouri on August 11, 1866 · 2
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Daily Missouri Republican from St. Louis, Missouri · 2

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 11, 1866
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IIIP TEE REPUBLICAN. 8 T IA ii 11 a a AT(RDAY MOR3ING. AUGUST IL 18li6 Fat 7.zapenuteadest of Volta SchN,:s. JOHN F. WILLIAMS, OF M A CON. The Sold term' Mass M eet in fr.. The 'soldiers' meeting last night at the Courthouse was a large One, demonstrative of the fact that President JOHNSON and his nailonal p bare numerous supporters in the ranks of the soldiers of the Federal army. All the flattery and cajolery and aneuanes and brit ered by the Rahcals cannot,seduce the patriotic soldiers into a warfare against the Government tliey;fought to maintain. Soldiers Leagnes,' with sanctimonioua pretensions co becevolence and philanthropy to be realised, may be formed by Jacobins and 11,41 Legs; but the true soldier and patriot will not be led off by such baits into organised opposition to the President and the Governm-na The meeting last night was a demonstration which will make the Jacob-its tremble in their boots. Our reporter gives an secount o , 1b meeting in column. column. Free Pkpeeelt A,train. Throughout the South the retetscution deti,11 i. oese.1 in freedom et speech awl et Use pre. is Conroe, in this chargc. 7,hich - -c Ci.ss nerr "" Inrercourae, in this char ehi select out of a score of equely brought by the Democrat against the Conservative Union party, and the people of the South It is a little remarkable, however, that it ,ournal having any regard Mr consistency. should enter any complaint against limitations upon tree speech, while its own Radical fried e are practically exemplifying hostility to free speech by enforcing silence by means - of armed men. in the same paper, and on the same page, from which we clip the above, appears an official report GI a Radical meeting in Hickory county, at which various resolutions were adopted. The first one reads as billows: lieso!red, By the Radical tviton men of Illekory commit. in omen nitetiim annembled. that A. ie. Iticiairilion be not ;two that ton p.wienee bele a. n tOrnerrative inmorebel orator Is not region,' by the rope brit hAn I peopie ot this county. We ao wet wish to have the hitter nee4 or seemiton sown in earl:intuit, lien her will we permit any mmi with weapon atippnin troll ha bps to speak amting mad. Maher. that we win prevent iwn, pencesaly we sin. toicabiy it we mast. The Democrat publishes this resolution without rebuke or dionent. The threat contained in it wascarried out. Men armed with revolvers notified Colonel Ricrianosow. a Conservative Union man. that be could not, an should not, speak in Hickory Centre. We gave an amount yesterday of their success in preventing the exercise of free speech. If the Democrat bad env sense of shame, It would bare had the decency to condemn the cool effrontry and the atrocity of this ruffianly interference with the rights of the Coo-, omit-lee Union party in the person of one of its honored Repreeentatives in the paper in which it brings a false accusation against the Conaervatives for denying tree speech. If General hillERMAlt is intrusted with the duty of investigating the condition of affairs is Missouri, the proceedings of the Radical meeting is Hickory county. reported in the trelniettrat yesterdey. will shed nom light on the subject and will furnish a good standing point in the investigation- Intolerant as any portion of the South may have been I. frontier days, in the matter of free speech, it never riealled the intolerance of the Radical party in Missouri, whose professions of devotion to freedom &reproved to be hypocrisy and mockery by the brutal violenee prescribed by them, unrebuked in any Bethnal question restraining the political opponents from a he utteramse of their opinions. Radicals have shot down Conservatives in public meetings. They have murdered Con- wreath, e ciergymen on the road. They have . driven clergymen from their pulpits. They have intimidated hundreds from attending Conservative meetings. They are supplied with arms by Governor PLZITHER to restrain free speech, ',Hence Conservative speakers, break up Conservative meetings, dieturb the peace of Conservative neighborhoods, provoke broils, quarrels and murders, and carry the fall elections. All this may be, sad is in Missouri, and the Democrat has not one word to any in rebuke of it while forging its falsehoods concerning the Conservative Union party. If the Radicals were in any mane as law abiding as the Conservatives whom they vilify and calumniate, there would be a peaceful and happy time throughout the Union. Our Excellent Congress. The Radicel defenders of this body are put to their last shifts to find points of defence for the Congress, whose members have just dispersed after achieving that little gouge in the matter of their salaries. Those who want the people to forget the sins of this Cong rem, are very careful to hide from the knowledge of the peenie the psnidpation et the Radical members in the affair of the speculation in Mon tans. Some weeksago, it will be recollected, the President vetoed: "An act to enable the New Yore and Montana Iron Mining and Muufecturing Company to purchase a certain amount of the public landa not now in market" This veto exposed this attempt to carve out of the puiic domain an immense agate for the benefit ohs private corporation, almost without cost to the speculators concerned, and In a manner without precedent, contrary to ail our land laws, and discriminating unjustly in favor et a party of speculators agaituit actual settlers and pioneers seeking homes in Oar Western Territories The exposure of this job by the Executives was so withering that no attempt was male to obtain the two-thirle vote neeesso7 to pass the bill notwithstanding the veto. Eat the job was not abandoned. A few days afterwards it was revived and revamped and repassed by Conetess,tmder the title .('An act ereeting the Territory Montana into a surveying district, and tor other purposes." These "other parposee," which formed, in fact, the whole gist of the bill were almost a literal copy of the vetoed Montana bill. Ther: was no need that Montana should be made a new surveying distriet, it being already included in one sufficient for the wasets of the Territory. The only purpose of the proposition to appoint surveyors and receivets and regigers there, was to introduce a second tune the odious job already vetoed by the President, and to make these public Offi001.5. with &sitarists from the Federal Government. ivimply the favorei agents of a company of private speculaturs. But this artifice did not etscape the vigilant of Preside nt Joulescue. It was promptly met by another veto. Charity may assume that the first bill was passed ignorantly. hut no such excuse will help the best attempt. Its passage a second lime shows a guilty knowledge of its intent . and a criminal detixtuinanon to put LIATCOU,Th a job for the benefit of a gang of speculators, in the profile of whose specntotion no doubt dome of the members who voted for the bill were, by a corrupt agreement, to share. The National Intelligencer, with ell other honest journals, may well consider the facts as stated irrefutable proof of the deliberate per-&Ultimate of Congress in au attempt, with full knowledge of Its outrageousness, to consummate a foul wrong aud MUMMA fraud. The enormity of such a corrupt tranaactiuneannot be excused or palhatect. The Plibsdelphis Convention. The Hanford Tim states that the Convents at New Rumen, on the 1st inat , to elect delegates to the National Convention at Phil adelphia. w.is an eminent success. It was a gathering &ton all parta of the State, awl at WM41211011 et' ability front ovary empty, peeeenting an extraordinary array of talent and influence. It was composed in about equal proportions of Democrats aud Republicans. Senator Dixon prewidok and Inane an admirable oddreaa. It seemed to be generally needed that 'the 111,d0i011 ol the Republican party la ended.' For weeks peat our exchanges base broalthi ua daily accounts of zealous reopens, to the call in the difirent Stab, which indicate the unexampled enthasisam that low been swakeneZ in the heart of the AtiletiVagt people. Radicalism may well be confounded, as It is, by the demonstration. An Illinoisan Promoted. Csiona W. W. sAirross, of the Oak Illinois Infontry, L. received a due reward is hie promotion to the rank or Brieadiee General, to date from the fa or Vicksburg. Colonel SANFORDe inmeads sr rank is designed by Government as recornition cr gallant own-ow rendered at Jackson, Blackwater and Vichtherg, while in command of a brigade or Ills first division. salaam& army aorta. National Fia Preali. Company. A telegraphic dispatch, published Thareday. nonouneed an in' unction suit eonimeneed against ths National Express Company- We learn tiamigh Seers of Sim Company the. upon due inquiry it apposes that no intunenon egoism the Company bas been imued or bk to be. Mar prootome the dispatch a boot. CAIIMISMSIEVS bistrict Coves:Mon to momminste emadadat Say Convont hi .1141 District. will meet in Richmond. Ray minty, ayn Thu dav nent.I.6th but. i ncendiary Dispatchen: The Radical papers, sinee tine New Orleans riot, have seized upon that bloody allele with the sinister purlieu, to turn it to party account by exaggeration, miseepreeentation and falsehood, both respecting the facts themselves and the resronalbie Twin of the riot,. The telenraphic dispatches sent to Northern Radical papers from New Orleans are calculated and designed to inflame the Northern mind against the South, by representing rebellion rampant. Union men in peril and rebels rising again to power to oppress and drive out loyal men: The dispatches sent to the 'Sew York Tribune are specially open to the charge of mendacity and calumny. They are proved to be nuch by reliable dispatches pent to Washington and to other New York papers from New Orleans. and also by New Orleans papers, that pronounce mime of the Tribune dispatches false in every line and in every particular. But we do not understand why the Aasociated Press agent at New York should deem it his duty to spread broadcast over the land the lying telegruns of the Tribune. Yesterday , afternoon the dispatches from New York broug hi a "special" from the columns of that paper, which contains neither IMMO, Lieu nor truth, but a violent, prejudiced, one-sided statement by a Radical partisan, manifestly framed with the intent to create indignation and resentment toward the Conservative population of Louisiana. Among other things stated, it says: 'Union men are afraid to go out on the streets after dark, and invariably --earrieade their homes. 1iile the present police is compoemi Lf Thugs life is terribly ineecure night and day." 1.ii.er-IY444.4g--ll'ia is base. The New Orleans pavers of the Sib inst. brawl a like stoewent made by General BANKS le; h the charge of fal.ehood. Genend BANKS, c eying cut the Eadieal programme of mioeprosentation for party effect. charges that the Radical conspirators to overthrow the Government of Louisiana were singled out for prosecution, not because of their belonging to the Convention, but "because they were and had been fum supporters of the Government, end decided opponents of its enemies.' To perfect his siander of the citizens of New Orleans, in speaking of the Conventionists, he aids: "they were, therefore, marked men, because Union men." The meaning of this. of course, te not ambiguous. He charges that they were marked out i-or slaughter because they were Union men. It is difficult to characterize such a charge in terms sufficiently severe. It is pronounced an atrocious calumny and lie by New Orleans papers. Union men are as safe there as any where else. The Conventionista were opposen, resisted and condemned by puhlic epittion; not because they were Union men, but because they were conspirators to overterow the Constituted Government of die Slate. Some of them met their death in the nildst of a riot originated by megroets hounded on by Radical revolutionists and incendiaries. Rut not a Union man in New Orleans is in any mere peril in New Orleans than in St. Linis. Opposition to the Convention had nothing to do with the goes tion of Unionism. The Picayune says, that "the 11104 decided, honest, Illenonipromising and unwavering Union men of the city are to a man adversaries of the Convention movement. Such men as ROSELIUS, DU-RANT, Ilozinn, Itnvnt,we might extend the list and embrace nearly every man of culture and characterwho adhered to the Union canoe in the worst of times in this city, are the open, decided, laboring opponents of the schemes of the Convention Rump.' All such men are as free from molestation and reproach in the city of New Orleans as they would be in Chicago. They walk the streets, day and night, as safely as other men. A man must be la crazy fool or a very knavish Radical to scatter through the North theme lying stories of barricaded doors, and Life terribly insecure. The object is plain. To arouse afresh Northern hatred of the lictithto create alarm and distrust and alienationto create prejudice agaizst President donssos and his Conservative supporters because they favor conciliation, magnanimity and restoration of the South to the enjoyment of full political rights, and thuti carry the fall electionsis the Radical plot. It is "bleeding Kansas" over again, with variations and emendations and &Amin& dig falsifications. to fire the Northern heart, perpetuate the reign:of Radicalism, and the exclwsion of the South from the Union, until the next Presidential election. The New Orleans Picayune, alluding to the slanderous charge by BANKS, that Union men are marked out for slaughter, says : Eves these Convesittswists marked oat tor slanzbter are every day waikinn the sireets frealy unconcernedly, and no one think of molesting them, and ithout any apprehension on their part that they wilt be IDOleatell. the excitement against the Conventionielin faction has gi own out of their turlialeime on that question only, their proclaime conanitacy to organise revolunon, and the language cliii whish Oct fomented the evil passions of an ignorant mob et entitled Winners, and incited Mein P riot mud murder. It la the moat hitter nandar conceivable I ,st the rriini feeling of Llte city th st cm-late only in tellowsin it with soetdmen , aunt in !Mikan Cot the anacetatul ancompitsitnicut oltheir ottlacta. racy are tiin lead eeetee el the Unfon. the zest patrons t not, the deliberate authors t unspeakable vitamins., who. like 41.-n. rirciude Hum their sympathies- Prolerlbe no slander, and turn cam to poptpar tare a, enemies of Leen been ifinent every man vain renews to accept as the only leaders lot the Union these disorderly mew. who ate 'mann be y mantes, or a Ift,srulatora on the pro to alminaelyes as the t - ebett tiny inaugurate, Dragging Every Thing ibto the Itt Last week the dentasts held their regular annual meeting in Boehm- The affairs which Properly concern them are enough, oue would suppose, to pleasantly and profitably occupy the time devoted by them to this annual reunion. But not so thought Major General buthsit. Somebody in the Dental Association, instigated probably by BUTLER himse if or some one of Rh-metes confidants or "strikers," got him to deliver a sweat before that body. Mem. Bert. intends to run foe Congress from the Lowell district.) At the clime of his remarks a resolute of thanks was tendered him, clotsing with the wish that be had been in New Orleans one week ago to subdue the riots. In the afternoon session objection was made to the incorporation of the resolution in the reeords of the Association by Dr. 3tcKalakes, of St Louis, who moved foe a ret eonsideration of the vote. A spirited debate followed, the Southern delegates warmly objecting to the resolution on the ground that it introduced politics, which was foreign to the purpose of the Association Dr. CIJIMi, of Savannah, attempted to speak, hut was at first hissed down. Ile afterward succeeded In explaining his position, claiming to be a Union man and an admirer of loyalty, but objecting to mingling politics with science. The weight of the discussion was carried by the Northern delegates, who defended the resolution on the ground that it was but the expression of the appreciation by the Association lability and loyalty. Of comae, all sane men (pity there are so few of them now) see that the objections to this resolution aed to the whole of Britten's attempts to exploiter the Convention, rest on the btrongest grounds of sense, reason and decency. but what of all that? Insanity is the prevailing meod. We do not see but that it must bavt full swing, like witchcraft and other demoniacal manifestations, which have nut& au tuaDy melautholy and horrid pages in history. M artyrs. The Neer York Express, commenting on the avidity with which presses like the Tribune seize every occasion and lay bold of every pretext for manufacturing martyrs out of the most queettonable material, asks how it hap . nom that those papers have never beard or the warder of Rev. Mr. HEADLEZ, of Missouri. This reverend gentleman, who, from all accounts, appears to have been a truly Christiaa min, and an honor to his meek profeemon. warn murdered outright in Webtiter county, in the Mate, on the 1M ofaluly, tips We me already given a statement of the chocking particulars. Ho was murdered on Sunday, while attempting to perform divine serviced and "Diet, because of that Mierapt This statement Imo not leen denied by any one, and is modeniabie. But the New York Tribune and papers of that sort have managed to betray only the aligirest knowledge that they have ever heard ot this execrable crime. From the remarks of the Express, we should judge that they had careftdiy withheld from their readers a knowledge of this crime for the evident reason that it was committed by Radical hands. The 39th Gontresth illtatious rstravaganca of OtIS body exceeds soy Ming that ever diagracrd our history. It in hard to may winch of its "ohland Profligate acts la the worat. 'she Ito.tow Post thinks that the amalleet thing it did was striking out the suoderate mum proposed for repairs of the Priaddenes host; to Mow their spite towards the occupant. They look good care. Lowesor . to advance their ova pay 66 per cent. over what they bad agreed to aerie their canaliseatm, to "date beck from tht tommencement of the More berefooed robmu w.i DEP vet known. Tnm editor of the Atchison lKensasithraul,- tom, calla (Imo. U. Pasatioros. of tillita liaiterat Id Sow York. Wac B. Reim of Phlladelphia. -awl ethers of that Niutorioua traitors and 4ndzeJL 11 th Obeariptou maa owes kis washe-woman, silk ought to collect forthwith Ito helmet woke N. toes such laaguage ha speaking of seek mon. Ha Wka dam. would beat his wither-aroma; legA4 Insult to (len. Sherman. , In the anommeentent at a Blatt soidiara welts!, to be bekil this eveama, the Bs:era:dean parot conspwoottsly the name or tient. tieu Sherman to, one or speakers. We are aothorized by tielL Sherman to : state Hist this use of his name was whdir without hat linos iege or consent.Dernocrar. The effrontery of the Democrat in the utterance of untruth la amazing. It had no authority whatever from Gen. SiinttitAN for any inch statement. It is imposeibie that he should Love authorized the Democrat to apeak for him at all on the subject. It is equally impossible that be should have authorised that paper to make a denial of a fact that did not exist The published call for the Soldiers' meeting announced that Gen. SIMI-MAN had been int. ited to address. the meeting, nothing more. When the Democrat aasumes to speak for Gen. S HERMAN In his behalf, and pretends to be cauttorised" to speak, it is apparent that its only authotity is its own Impertinence and disposition to pervert die truth. But the Democrat, with indisputable truth, might have stated that it was authorized" to state that the gentlemen of the Radical committee tbm waited on Generalfingunax to invite him to speak at the Radical bogua Soldiers meeting last night, were rebuffed in such a manner that they are not likely to ask him again to speak at a Radical meeting. The General declined having any thing to do with it. It is a shame, however, that the Democrat should so far have 10St its temper, and put decency to the blush, 18 to offer a public insult to General SHERMAN in connection with his refusal to appear at the political meeting. In a fit of spleen and resentment, after stating that the General would not appear to speak, it swvs': The also wish to hear speeehte from Wile of the hiloest as is ell so some ks tile mom eloquent men Of litr coi:Aryfrom Lghong mtloterk liLe Li.0 man Withrh. a,0 vitluent mows tike mieeloi ince' til tone an et portal.. y to- ingot at Union rsi k. Why such ralections, by sinister comparisons, on a gallant soldier? N-by such a fling a- him 113 this? Because he mitres to speak at a political meeting, is it to be insinuated that he la not brave"--nat eloquent"not a 'kitting soldier," and that thoqi who are ti li, ill be found making speeches to bogus Union withers' at Dillon Dark? It assuredly is the privilege of General StiEnnaS to decline sharing in the procetallugs of a Radical D.sunion meeting without being insulted and degraded by such innendocs as we hare quoted above. The Nation honors him, and will bear him in affectionate, admiring remembrance for generations alter the demagogues LOKAII and Oglesby are forgotten. Kirkwood seminary. This institution, located in a pleasant suburban vdlege on the l'ueitic Railroad, thirteen guiles film St. Louis, will reopen Monday, Septkinber luth, under the charge of the former teachers, assisted by another lady. A new two-story building, 16 by 3N feet, containing sehool-tooirs, recitatitin and musicrota's, will be rt adv tor occupancy the coming seeFion. Board can be obtained in the family of RPT. SAMPlit, K. SEED, and elsewhere in the neighborhood. TERM PER drARTER OP TES WEFIER: Boaid, including fuel and Itgatu, but not washing $7,0 T111:1013 in the &thanked claws. $10 to 4,115 11 now Lonsoua Sus Ten per cent. discount for advance payment. areulars may be had at the book stores in the city, and also of the Principal. Miss ANNA C. Stream, Kirkwood, Mo. ErzzazacesRev. EL A. Nelson, D. D, Hudson E. Bridge, J. W. Sutherland, Rev. Samuel J. Riocol, Gen. A. G. Edwards, 11.1. Bodley. Bent-fit of i he Southern Relief Association. Tbe Colton Dental Association, No. 517 Olive street, between Fifth and Sixth streets, offer to donate the receipts of their institution, for this day, to the Southern Relief Association. Let it not be forgotten. Those who through imaginary fears have postponed indefinitely needed dental operations should let the spirit of charity embolden them and hurry up to-day and enjoy the painless extraction of molars, incisors, and other dental organs, which the Dental Association will remove with an exquisite sense el delight . both to themselves and their patient& We cannot doubt, indeed, that the friends of the Southern Relief will take notice of this opporMnity to aid it, and part with a tooth or too in the spirit of genuine benevolence, which, enlivened by due administration. of laughing gas, will make the extraction of teeth a pastime and a Pike. Let it be remembered that the teeth taken from mouths in St. Louis to-day will furnuih the means to place food in other mouths, to be eaten by other teeth, and also to clothe comfortably worthy and needy women and chil diem The Agricultural FairMore Spe cial erenillIMM The Citizens Railway Company, of this city, has inat offered, through the Agricultural and Mechanical Associa,ion, a set of silver-ware for the invention which may be best adapted to plotect persons from being run over by street car wheelsthe premium to be awarded provided tLe same be considered practically worthy and meritorious. A private premium offered by Mr. C. S. 'WEISEL!, corner of Fifth and Olive streets was accidentally omitted from the printed schedule which has been in circulation for some weeks past. and is now announced. It is of particular interest to fanners in Missouri and Illinois, and consists of a set of plated silver-ware worth $100 for the best bale of cotton exhibited at the coming October Fair and raised in either of these States. Another Conservative Paper. The Columbus t Ky.) Chronicle, a large and handsomely printed paper, has been lately started at this important point. It is edited with marked ability and taste by Colonel A. J. BARRY, (son of the Postmaster General of the United States during President JAcKSON's administration). and la decidedly Conservative in politica. Columbus and St. Louis are about to be brought into the chows business relations, and as the Chronicle circulates extensively along the Southern railroad routes to and frets the former, our merchmits will evidently consult their own interest by freely advertising in it. Colonel Bannr wiU remain at the Southern Hotel a few days, and intends calling on our leading business men. Prospect Mr an 'Irrepressible Con fl The deck-bands imd roust-a-bonts or the Northwestern Union Packet Company's steamers have been on a strike for some time. To end the difficulty. the company sent to Cincinnati for negroes to supply the places of the strikers. On Sunday lash, the steamer Pembina passed Davenport, going up, having on board some three hundred and fifty of the AlUeriallk CitiZetil of African descent, bound for Dubuque and employment by the company. The Davenport L camera; from which we gather the above, expresses the fear that when the negroes arrive at Dubuque, an 'irrepressible conflict' will begin. Kirkwood Female Seminary. It will be observed by an advertisement that this institution will re-open on Monday, 10th prox- under the charge of the Miami fixano . l'heao ladies are kbown to us se admirably qualified, experienced and sucoessful teachers. The continued growth of their school has compelled the erection of a new building, which will be ready for occupancy the coming session. A limited number of boarding peplums"' be accommodated in this pleasant suburban viilage on the Pacific Railroad, thirteen miles from St. Louis. An Elegant Steam Engine. We viqited lesterclay the Examiner Machine Works el sir. Auoverrus Lommtax, lio. North Third tient, and were much pleased with the inspection of a highly finished steam engine el twenty-five borne powet built by him for Me,-srx J. G. GROUND & CO, of Leavenworth. Kausee. It was a gratifying exhibition of the kind of work which can be done in fit. LOTUS and proves that our mechanics have nothing to fear la oonipelition with itastern ones. Kirkwood Female Seminary-Attention is called to the said of Miss SbEED, Prineval of the Seminary at Kirkwood, informing the public of the re-opening of that institution for its next session on the loth proximo. A uow tealier has been added to the former corps, and a commodious new building will be completed by the dote above mentioned. Missouri Cotton. We were shown to-day by Menem BUSHES & Denman, sample of Dew cotton raised by caw of the firm on his hems plate 1 Pemieeot etanas, Moeearl. The bolls exhibited bad opened on July lath, an4 are full ',cheesy ootton,eoropering revocably with the staple of the cotton-del& ot the tar South. The stand st cotton la Pemiseet county is very fina, and promising large yield. Festival at tlartwood. WI call attention to the advertisement of ti. Musical Festival and Mop at Martin:10d, on the Ild instant. Th oommittees, vs Mara. Sr. ectiveiy engaged in prowons for the kir. 1 he pretends being in ald of the mit iiait Yawl. Osman sail Wit, litAked Jamul ELL1.1 a Now Work rohyommt.000mmittel I A wmillut otssmemo ot ettimity have goods fit Pea-mode C7 juiopmg A oca third More Id49W, OWNAA I4.A6 6(9141C WIDIOLOr W MAN-POL P1110". 1 THE MISSOURI REPUBLICAN--MT. LOUIS. AUGUST 11. 18664 111211 CliI iU1tfl1SRY I Mass Meeting OF SO LIM RS 11-110 Mill UHL TO THE COVERNMENT! Large Assemblage of Ofdeers and Soldiers. A. 1310- C1-1 0 NV EP .. The President's Policy Sotained. Llogstent Speeches. MUSIC AND FIRE-WORKS. The ISISSI meeting at the Mgt-House last night, of soldiers who remain loral to the Government. was a very impoeing affair- The eedi for the meeting, teethed by so many 'gallant officers and soldiers who bad bluetit tbrough the war, Insured a taro attendance of those wto, after baring perilled their fives on the battle-field in maintaining the Union, are min !lime now to menhir their record and gutty their proud escutcheon by liglitine in tie ranks re the LiStanlon Radical patty. They see in that pare a new rebellion against the Constitution and the Government, whose avowed principles and public meaeures merit condi- mriation and reprid.atian as truly as the sece-atou ordinances t het preceded the he eceasion ot the meeting last night wee to conine morate the Battle of WI teen's Creek, and to itelity the coufidence of one pm triot soldiers in Pre& 'dent Jetthede. and in the wise poiley r eeommended he I UI tor the harmonious renoration of all the Steles to their tirlittut position -In the Uteon. The crowd was a very large one Fourth street, from Market to Climate wan a perfect jam ot human Menge. There wee choice music, fire-woths and lively epeaktog, to entertain the throng. Valiant officers ot the Union army oecupied the platform and delivered effective speeches in in rithes thin or the President's policy and hem denunciation of the traitorous &wheal crew eenspiring to overthrow the Government and the Conetitation. Hundreds and thousanie of beetle officers ad twentieth in the crowd respondel wit. crewel:mg cheers to the iipeakers as they denouneed the itathcal deidaion party aod discioted the patriotic policy ot Andrew Johnson. The names of Gene. Grant and Sbennan were received with turouituous appleusetheir Coneerestave views and sympatbies and dee otion to (be Government endear-tug them to the Union soldiers even more strongly than their matchiene skill and glatioue Anthem in arms. The meeting turnished proof of what ever, intelligent man keen, but which Ind not been deInotetrated, that the had ical 'pretenee that the Uvien soldiete were in accord with the Radical party was an impudent a:enrapture and an inthlent tehielthed. Maj. Jones called the meeting to order. and in so he mid that the Committee on I nvitations had not theticht best to go to the adjoining Suttee ot Indiana, or any of the great States of the Calm to procure speakers for tbe edification of throe who might attend. They thought best to get mielispeakers as bad served four or live years in the service of the United States. The meeting to-night was called for the parpose of celebrating the anniversary of the battle ot Wilson's Creek. - Re regretted that many of the speakers who were expected to address the meeting were absent from the city, lie propoiled the 'billowing officers for the orgameation of the meeting: Parthenon Themes Carley, Col and Bet Brig Gen Volo. VICE-PRESIDENTS Edward Stevens. Sent :lath Mo Vols, A Arnaud. Capt eth Mo Vobe S 0 t lob. Capt let Mo Art Vols. . t harlee Voget, Pvt einh Mo Vole. m J Bawkms, Capt 7th Mo Vols. bee Krinneick, Col etth Mo Vols. Ethard Morgan, eseat U S N. J iro ft flambee, Pet 1st hid Vols &harks ftueppele, Pet 5tb Ma Car. C k Schneider, Sergt let Mo VA. Joiselib it 'Uwe& S Vols. Geo A G.thnn, Copt 40th Mo Vole. Chauncey H T.arten, Pet Let Mo Art. eke. Koontz. 37th Wie Von J ames B Steger. Capt 7th Mo Tots. iirsey Ven atoning. Care 3d Ara City. bttpacu 1. Adre,.e. beet itith ate Vole PEA kik:TARIFA. John O'Connell, Lieut lot Mo Art. M A Doyle. Capt ith Mo Vols. be hat of officers as proposed by Mae Jones were elected. rrnen Or GEL CenLY. Ger. Curly, upon taking the chair. returned his atecere thanks tor the distinguiehed honor conferred spin him in selecting him as one of the old soldiers to preside over this meeting. Ile was glad tome so 1 many ot the old and troth veterans asecmbied here this evening. He was glad to sin that there were so , many that were eble to eistineuish the rennale meeting non that of the counstrielt, which has been held at I urner's Rail in Me same ot the soldiers et Mutsourt. Vim have a inembled here this evening to celebrate the filth anniversary es the battle of W aeon', Creesa battle that is memorable In the history of our late tebellion. and more parCcularly on the part ol M,ssovrl. l'he battle of Wilson's creek was the tittnina point in behalf ol the State ot Miosouri, set it compelled bee to remain in the Crum. Gen. Lyes was at that time in command of but a matt army m the mate el Musoure, and trom Boouve he followed Sterime Frioe to the South-trust border, where Poe- couthinid Ins borers with amen of McCullough. !hey bad thee 2-g.000 meo. awl Lyon had but 4.500. a Niece whkb wer not able to eonspele with that of the enemy. Lyon bad written. in the meon tam-. for leinfircemeeta, to the manwriding General at the Depirtment Sts tooth and the Department of the Miseourt. lie had tried three tomes ma receind no response. and aster a log delay the nintriandint Otmend thought ;doper townie tome others. and torwarthd one or two ergOutula at lin Con stand. ben. Lyon thoin.ht proper to aghl the barle evil what force be had and cod not att arty longer tor reinitroCelnenta. in the ea-military men and ot the a hirers eneaced there. Gen. Lyon won the home. but la the tatter cud to the conten he nil a Ferrier Mason to the Union Cotter,. He was eacrificre while plenty of troopi remained here at St. Louis. be was icirinceil by the ambition of a Lopublienn General who Wall command Of the Determine t ot the kiiseeun. A Gmeral timed John C. Fremont, who was m Huse days ouncondig schemes tor the Ptesioence in lElle be the issuing et a proclamation oridnancipstho in the Stale of Athenian ; and while so busily engensl in coot-acting these schemes, be pato no atteinton to the entreaties oi Gen. Lyon who was fighting the eoenty at the leant. Geo. Fremont send ith unit in a great measure building forts around St. Loam for the proleetiou or himself and the citizens of St. Louis. He also was fitting out and remoter a large number of gunboats to Cairo, litre there was uti enemy to nem At that tune, Gem Intir who was thee Colonel ot the 1st Missouri, telegraphed to Wothintton that G-a. Fremont had neglected to Monk reintincersents to Gen Lyoii. aud nor that Renee Fremont Owed him in arrest, and kept him Under arrest for metal months. tie.. Lyon was sarriticed in behalf al the Union cause in the State of Miseouti, all through the annetion and political ultimates schemes ot a man who wanted to make tunnel& conspiesomi at that Woe before the people ot America tor the Mime of President. But the Presinent of the United States thought prooer to anbut Fremont', proclamation of Opinion) toe the negro. mod to put it cello a Wither day. Alter some further Minion to Gen. Lyon and the battle of Wdeon's Creek, Gen. Cartel introduced CoL Peckham. SPEECH Or COL. rittitilan. Col. Peckham was greeted with several round. of cheers slier which, without stmter ceremony. be ptoceeded to my that the meeting to-eiget was not sorb a meeting as was proposed to be held. We had tiordi taithlaity.to celebrate Inc &alimentary ot the baffle ot Wilisn'e Creek to se partisan spirit. We greeted to celebrate it as members of the Ameritnn Government; tree to its interests and true to III bag, but there was a potty that woind not tolerate ouch a patriotic demonstration. be MiniOari Democrat claims to be super level, anu the ocean Of loyal mee. .ad the Westliche Poet likewise managed by ti mint wilco, ads and daunted traded Rue to induce the belief (hot the soldiers of the Union were against the Government of the country (voices, that's played out), awl they relied a meeting to celebrate the anniversary oi the battle of Wilsonbi creek at Turner's Hail and Union Park, at which all were to be excluded who would not engage in a crusade against the President el the United Staten Soldiers, meant In no crusade Millet the recognized authorities IS the tiovoruntent. as pious...) The South, a ben IL went off into re-helmet, did not so much rebel again( the thirty-lour or thirty-Fix inates in the name. as 111,1 rebelled aitteliet Mr. Lit cOlts'll AdMiniatration. I EU kb buatairlali his Asian intonation 113 I aril fir east tieing the AtitninOotration sit Piesident Johnson While he I. President. A Veal number of as Booing that we were eeriedod trom the meeting at turner's Hati.conethied to bare a celebration ol our own. We lived to bare celeb.ation in no perinea seine but as they have forced lids upon tie we most meet ta be Democrat says we amounced Gen. Shuman to apprar as a speaker. We antrounc4 lien Sherman as having been Invited. and if lien. Shanties had taken any Sewn at this be would have let us know, and not have run down to the sanctum IS the Mundial Democrat to authorize them le say that we weir using los name without authority. 'Cheers.) We invited Gen. laminae, and we here retailrett no letter item hies senor us to ttlttew his name. I know Gen. attention well eeougb to say that be is a shine ei the Government, and that he will stand true to the Government. and if the Radical party enemas a war upon ttoi Aombuitiration tit' Andrew Jobetion, von mil tied ribeemaa putting alma the disturbers of the patine aa be did the rebels. Ton ail remember that in 18131 Men. Lyon sent OM Clads. Jeeloion, sod bad an Interview e oh how, and be tat a Ilea in his ear. Tenon:lay there woo another cognate:ace betweea the Counnatekw st this Departhent and the Goverrier at this State, sad ;list the tioniroter will nein that he camot with impunity at me pOrtioin of the ponies ot this State mania soother portion of the loyal men it :honest Would that WoCOold he as St. Laws, the theater of the Roble Lyons ach.ovements, tome together and join in bothise to has memory, bat they will sot permit us, they have side mows. la be as it that bits up Union Park to nicht Why, gentlemen they Can fill up any ra.k in ra,r coy so tall that they can scarcely get in. but who ate throe men that will till them up? het me ten you who they ate. There Sr. mane too0 and brave settnere that are in that movement, bat the In-at msjortty m them never Mu any right to call therniwitra no.dows. I wont tr lead to you a little d metre. Whea Gen. Lyon ma at ithringlield, milling fur Hoops, here come, a dispatch So Sto LOUIE. BIRD'S POINT. Auzast S. WI. Maj. Geo Finelittect Tee Woo Waist to ea some and at detained much longer use worn-so., be Seared. Their time or sorrow eleirot rairrdat. Provide tor their return. I bey are sts tie ass in thee present spirit. I wait your newer. jib )BERT hvglttj EU. These are the men Mat are at Union reek ton ight, gentlemen; nion Park le Eliot with a zegimeat or mouaboadr when ear poor Id Mattered reatineat went down tinh Sherman to ihe sea leaving their O.,.g MIK the way nets Atlanta attach the CarelMiteenri Demme& aerate sat Ulla morning Moil lays that them who wish se mistime the de-des si ear mins mot the death slinwerat Leon at Wilena's Creek.. will meet with lieseral Opt. Theme who orient to celebrate our Motorise, at Vicksburg. AllsnM and lirchatond yid beet Generals bogni Wills sad Others M Unholl kick this evinces. The Demon ewe dist the toldere Will be ell lionai Mark and the Uepperbeads here Let ite see about that In HMI, when WO triad to mini a helpade twins and osacheded le tetanal ear eikeke dem S t the fro., . a toasting or dicers eel eakiteed vies left ittm iv with Thames O. Vietebee wee MM. th.flo.Ltenek..."tral:Ilia.""461.lionl..hesslealsose"b.o." 1 :":1.1"'"'nt.r.la"..itz:assraLt:kaab.......areaw. barthoiluiefile Wmalthaurrambisellt...sameatWAlebeall and melanoma whom will nem Wn.9.4naliasa.autr omsTite.itimodnisme a....64110 th: eim ensile in primmer), laratthise the etteetitty nele!edutg se die out et the &readmit army Missouri hit troops; and, arlierele. 9 persistent ttesuM le made by the We-cliche Post to dieptease the usdertakore by bearing noon the patresic Miens of three who are willing to remand to the need ot the efountty. eh the personal at political oppeeltim eatertmned to I bugle individual, whose edert leads 204 is comblued with ours. and whom Mama m this elforS is the memos not Ma man. hot Cl the cause ibr which we am ready to go forth to bottle; and, whereto. the M'atetlari Demormar, by giving pubiicity to ttanslatme a of sash article.. is hindering and delmoug the orgarlization of she neer veer:tents and weighing doom our Worts, therefore, Deft Itesofred. let. That we reeneettulle ask of the papers a centation of the publication of articles of inlets tendency, end in lieu thereof we a-k them. as we have a riebt to stek, to iPtItt OP the setinenee of their papers to early connpiete one eragnizationa. MI. That we are determined thirt thrs, our epees! to the press. phalli he respected and pooled's to, ard that we writ sot. in any wise. fuller; to any oppoyetioe from fees of the Union, whether open or rovers, and that we pledge each other to assail and In a monis manner oven throw all opposition to our organization of men tot the detente of the Union. Whether it be individuate or newspapers. So you see that the parses that carted fro lentity for this intent at Turners Hall, or obstructed us.. recrultithe for our shattered regimenta, that I booms C. Fletcher bad to write revolutions threatenlog them that it theydid not desist be would tome them remeet salt hire we were down in lemma:see, we all knew bow that paper me yonder ectiner of Fourth and Pine vildied the soldrers and toe atimintstratron of Me Lincoln, and that richt in the mirelie of the war. We know that It Med its ye,' b ist to break up the trne Union luny I. Pint, that its delegates went en to Washmelen to disturb thew ha. teeny, C r they thougat that by so doing they could deleat Mr. Lincela, but when they WO there and mw the pat. lobe thmonstrst,ot. they were cowed, and wilted, and faltered In their purpose. Talk to me at Radical loyalty. It is the muse Radical loyalty that has been riCsinT. a temptera ui mrror tins Siete since the war Nosed. Demi. and cheers.) Who ever heard of a Radical meeting betas thstoroed in tins State But the Coneervatives canton announce a sleeting to support the pansy ot Mr. Johnsen. but what hired bulliea, with patrols belted reund them. furembed by the autorines or the State, to try toarreak up the meeting. yet I am asked to au-tam n a rem that countenances earth a Hens. Col. Peckham then paid a well merited trioute to Gen. Lame laza reviewed his campaign num the eime be kit St. L ono until be tell at Wilson's Creek.siter which he raid: Art two or three or those in trout at me hove been interrupting me fly aakins how about the Fe Irons. I alit say something or that question. The , mans bad my son. ereat sympathy ten ersl, SO truce &at I wanted to 9,e Ir. land free, US I wanted to tee 91issourt Ire... I waived to see the patriot Seemly succeed; but. emote:men, there came s t when President Jidinson stool In the, no-it-en. 1 here ems a tel 0-th Otte ma rev 0 Congrem watching for an opportunity to luirreich him If he was tweet:lied. where would be our price? he patriots of the MI demanded of Andrew Johnime that be should put himself in a position that he could not be Impenched. They said to him, here VP a law, It has got to be entOreed. It Is Tour duty. Voil have Naomi to to it. Ile bts rintv, seri 'veneer the posiiantalion. Now then. wnat del Cenerese to with this two-thirds in Alertly? The Radicals had hue t wo-thirds wojority in Congress. but did they help von? (No ) They di ilia do it. Mr. Anemic a Johnson man in Con dress, introdueesi a retiolution to repeal the neutrality laws. And the tee-third Roitleal mciorisv it it c sold plss a negro Bureau bill. and a negro Civil Rights bill amid not pate that bill to repeal the neutrality !awe 'I hey reletred it to a comlni.lee of Metre and there it will tot. But the moot isuehabie thing In the world is to see that old harlot on yowler corner tackling the Fertilize., and kerne to get their voter. But right in the notate DI the Ferran excitement M. W. Hogan, one of ysnr Couters. run for ashool Dirertor in the eat ward, Ned whet did the Rid-Kate thel Whi they put its a man to beat him, and be beetled the boots MI the Radical candidate that they put up against bun. Allot alluding turther to the Fenian meets, the speaker concluded by reserring to the new Corotatut son 'three. be ',ter provision". took the power out et the teneMe ot the people and Miffed it in the beetle of the Govereor. In conelusiiin he asked to be permitted to intriAnce another Copperhead e Nitre Cotmerbeadom wart very acceptable at the battler of Ironton and Pilot knob. an reicurfence which had made his name nog through the recorrie re the Mate. but be would my to the soldiers here aseembkd that there were several thousanits just such Copperbea is who were standing skinnier to shoulder With President Johnson and the Imola. Niemen OF Cole DASH) MURPHY. Fellow-cititene and lietdivesTh te not thrt. best time that we have met. We Met d ye years ago in the at. Lotus amenat tor the purpose of maintainIng the Government of the United States. We there rallied under the leadership of General Lyon and Col. Blair. men who were attasbed to the Governweet ot the United States. We went two the service tor the defence of the Union and to estableab the authority of the laws in every part of the Unron. As it was understood at that Me that. having secompirshed our tam, that everhouid retain to our homes and remove a welcome front the camens,that we should be received with open arena. but what has been the result? Do we met such demonetration es this? I No.) We returned goon! homes alter four or dye 'taro of hardship and bloody battle and we are etigmansed as Copperheads sad Mehl because we dare to declare ourvelves in laver of the Union of our foro-tathere. (cheers.) In reply and In detente of ourselves we I rem WM DOI it tor the Union that are nought? And the POPO et Colgate back: 'No. tue (Joins you not the great cause tee which we kasha. WI were &fining for human liberty." And steal hr human liberty. DO called? I will give you an Idea of whet h Urban liberty le, by reading a revolution adehted by this Soldierly' COntentiOn, SO Caged, Windt met to-day at I miters' Hall: Prudent. 1 bat race or color shall be no reason to exclude total men Dom the management of public snake. at bat Is human liberty? Chat IS What we have been betting Mr. When we writ into this war, and Mkt the am had been named a certain terrain or time. it wasdeclared hat tbe war sae wag.' the the preservation of the 1-7 MOD and the enrorceteent of the laws. and that when Das teas aixonaplished toe war ought to cease. They declare lbw the negro as the patriot of the country. and that next to the negro sect the sok ter the neechantes come in. tint rem-tunes ass read by a man of tie name ra Henry brain, who served one yeas in the elst Momoran infantry. and was never satanic at St. Louis daring his term of kenos. Ibis man St. Orm, of Convention sotoriety. was also in the Conventiou, sod homed we are going to fix It to that rebels can't, vote. St. Gem. you know, bad a very great dma tebels. lie Dever mould kt them gel within hit, mints or bun. ta ho ate the Men who spose at this Turner's Hall Cia.ventron? Fleet aim :uremia is Cot. Charles E. Mote, a man who besieged the other day that be had been in twice as many betties ati Gen. Blair. When be made that statement he knew that he lied. Col. Cheeks B. arose ti speak from my owu knowledge) hae never been in a Mode in this rebellion. lie came here irom Iowa as Lieutenant Colonel ot a car alm mermen, and remained ii. the Mantel altseouri about am months. but old nominee whatever, tnat slut ot any benefit to the tiovezument, ant then resit:tied to save Masotti' boo demurest' from t Se service tor ItirthCianCy. (LaUghter and cheers.) That is one man. Another is Col. Adolphus ti. Beaten Whyte dor be see veto tee? Ile never connnanited corporal's rule. lie never, was ou bode or St. Laura our any ba.t ileM during the wnole rebellion. Anotber one ass Capt. Guelaytis hem ot eonVentrost netoaret v, one to the most acme ot the oar-cal part yoi ho IMP rationed doe n at Ste. Genevieve at the time ot Pnee's raid, anti when be heard that some men were coming, and that mine rebels were within a couple of onto., St. tiem retreated in good order berme the laiseiseippa river It to lain. and torn sew, on SO Pt. Lome to get rations tor be men (Laughte r aim applause., Tha;. la the trades men that controileet lest Convention. The true withers acre but there. Raj- Jones, of the eth Mitiourt liffantry, then addressed the meeting in a neat and effective speech. Capt. lurid,. of the Regular United States Army o r the Law twenty-hve years, them spoke of the duties or the soloret as a citizen. tie treated that the tiers bore assembled knew their duty. and bad the mallarbese tette it. 1 The etieretary then read the following lettere; Sr. Louie, August 9. 1866. COL. E. C. HARRINGTONDear Sin It would give tate greet ph tome to comply wah your invitation to be preeent end make a speech at the soldiers' meetrng to be held at the Court-House to-morrow evening, but as I have area appotatett a delegate to the thiladelpuia Conventron and have uta ie aafa:icemen to to Marl on to-nantrogr, it will be irnpueathie tor me to wont ly with your request. I am rad to see that this is a Meeting called irrenstivw of Party. irm the true soldiers of the Republic, as such belong to no party. They bate height the battles of the geometry lot all parties arid tot that the country wee cars a debt of gratitude. When they have lain wade their armor and atingle again wain their fellow-wizenI. they me tem to unite thenivelves as citizens with whatever party they may prefer; but when they undertake, by a military organizatton of soldiers as such. and not as citizens, to control the politics of the country. it means to me they ate taking tbe lina step towards the estabashment ot a military des-potions, at war with the priatopkva of our floe institutions. The um sootier who haa portant his lite in dehisce of tame Instituteons, will be slow to lend homed to ouch a Monne. But it Is artaget her tit and proper that they should u pon seenatows like this, meet meet-her to commemorate the gallent achtennente ot themselves and Mei Immune an I especnolly that they shorn, as I doubt not they will, pay some I bate et respect to the memory of that brave waterer and ratline-hero Siena. Nathaniel Lyon who. upon the acid of Wthoon's Crook, gave up his lily tor his eollipty. It was my good iortune to know his ibillnately. and a braver man or one more true to tasty impulse of duty and of petters,- sem sever lived. I am, reaptettally, your obedient servant. JAS.. BROADHEAD. LI-r1Eg FROSE GEE. WILLIAMS. Cd nem C. S. CsAntunflOWSIt or CLAIMS. Sr. Lowe, Mo., Assam 0, lnao. I Messrs- Thos. &inky. C.P. L. Johnson. C. Carr, sn. C. Joum and Eugene C. Harmslen, Ceinsultteofieerte I have the honor to ac knowledge the receipt of your note of this date. inviting me te re present at and addrele a meetieg Old Soldier, trtendly to the Posernmeot, who propose mdetorstfug the annivereary ot we battle of ilson's Creek on the evening us tbe I0,b inst. it iii give me greet measure to attend tne pre-noted evaluation, act' Le meet on such so Ulteree14- 1311 anniTenoszyp be gallant soldier ot Missouri whoe during the rro I swim. swum pitabett lie mach tor be gone and MiliCil of these nude and ut our soma:MP .X.111111'71 maw. bowerer, respecttully ask to be geese Wein atr tepting buy sddreee, es I ant wholty tines-Cue to.lued to pub., spes i ant gentlemen, very respectfully. Tour ubewent eel vant- A. ea. WILIAANS. The meeting turn adjourned. The Blowing Cave of Georgia. ItAINEt.VILLE, Ala.. August 2. 1066. Editor of the Mobilo Dotty limes: Antony OsalGy eibot toteresthog items contained in your tate stow. i stowed a perectsph in reused to one ot tieorcias greatest a Aural eutiositlett--1 Atithie to "1160.110i Cave," se it is culled by the inhabitable el the sec nob tp inch it as let-sled. that a leer particulars in record to this truly it; stage pkeitemenen WOW, adenoids& and iced 10 turd: inquiry. I eet diem 4...a1 lowing iAve 0 situateu on Lb pimientos' et Col. David Borrow. Decatur coeuttromonna, twentyis,ven mites ircia Thomismtie. the liermwas et the eavammeb erid Dud liorrout. TM cave hi at lee bowing Cl a titian. mstursi bone (whose (hounder wbli.ol at may stoont exceed fairy feet). in per-Melly smooth plate, amd startmetted with a demo reps, et wood. I brie are so su In-idiom to lead to the simpositam Met th wee occasioned by any erupIgen et a volcanic or convoinve mature, CO the fire el tbe surrounotor country. Aka Well me the honte0,014 otookiterbm 0 et the cave itself. is wholly tree of stoics. raggedness and other marks el convulsive aritnn. When first discovered and breach& lute voiles be Cole. ilat tone 11110 Mcii.iip. to the year IMO or -37, the entice ot tbe cam wee three or fear tees to the lett es the proseat one. awl panels linger. Col. biellieley proposed elpt.trlog a. but In auellInting b. toem it with lead end due ad fatting to teach Dottent. Wine op the undertaking es tee hazardous frit lurb..t venture. The 1.0vent 'mouth erase cave is about one and a M.( wet lii digutete-. through winch at one period he day there ealag 010004 entreut of sn. Dot.. Mare, but 3 tellUbaelle strmIts. woo roar ska bead at a dioattre ol 60 or 70 varlets the winter OK la copapaity with moral la-dim. 1 visited the cave at the nate el his -blowing out"; snd be Way of Mermen'. one a the ow..., threw bet veil into the ntolith et it. winch vies brows bee the tor to the beirld of six et ilevou leek 1 then Dn.. e.y hore heavy nooks oneinto at with a like meth. Novena' anodes heavier Mao tether et the above were rted. but immediately expelled. At mother netted of the day the suction is relatively all creel. Any bight he Lae hold no& the anew onstautly times into the cam Dr. Dutton. the Smut ceeloglet,a nentlemin thigh semolina seedy. liested 61 at toe tlo heitat10110 Of neK min, end Darrow. and cove It as hi hoe s (bet these those reventeel phenomena were mooed by the ebb and tee et the 110e. and that do moo hal el itinaul on. et the tathoinlerm time stake so Da-memos in that ponies el tiourcia. I behave to deente theory commit. Leading Crean all points late Me Mein anaIndien Dom Mop warn. indleatme nisch notice be the este by dm redunia ete the ate of the w bole Inam woks up tbe echoes of the tweet . and it wm probably themuz a placermotinsairetty lihre theu reit ground Menlo J., ihno:1L Tea DPI den's! Boma &Maims are to nom es Ms .011 alb, 111 October, tot tile porpoop etwitog 8,01hOp In the Oise at Roo. Nark it.Ine 'roil Holm D. olio bee Maned Ito ei nueoluep Itpsonpato of Nemeth me parte aelment, to rata be was abeam I' lag die Goma Convention of lea. A neintucincer imam was lined $4 Lc preventleg bb Aar frogs getsing wvt on boadar, . 441 Southern :Newts i Rev. T. N. Babson. of Covingtoti. Ky , who ores reported es missing by the esplosieu of the steamer Gen. Lytle. wag M the lathe. cabin et the time el the loodent, and escaped uninjured. An orgenisathe has been pedheted throughout the South tor exhuming and interring the Contederete dead. The proximal cemeteries Will be at Gettysburg and Franklin, tenneseee. The bineissippi levee Commiseioners have really tendered their tuanks tithe editor of the New York Tribune Mt supporting the memorials sent to Conaress to aid in repairing the levee& The leilger nye that a teemenddos meteor pewee! over San Antonio on the night Of the elith which was so brilliant as to illuminate the entire oty. Col. John D. Ashton. formerly of the Mb Georgia Cavalry. of Burkeeounty. Georgia. Ithe chit the bead end mortally wounded, by hale, W. Kearny, of Bullock comity, in Savannah on Thursday week. James A. Porter' POO of Alexander J. Porter. of Nashville, and Allison Tended, of Loolevine, were drowned ther Nestled on the list, white bathing in the Cumberland river. The latter bad manfully saved the life of James Manney. gen of Gen. ard was attempting to rave Porter. whole he wet hte rail late. lee le Pearce at GaCvestoi,1,.14, at fivz cents per retied. The feet-stone over the grave or IIieJo. Davie, sot ot x -President Davis, was stseed from the cements ie It (limiter a few days ago. John C. Preekeneelee denies that be orered his tervtees to help whip the F,nians ducice their late invesion of Canada. PIT. dem H. Madden. tsr thirty yeara a respectable citizen of Columbus, Cs., is dead. Col. W. C. Lanklord. of Franklin county, North Candi' a, bas grown ethilegee the present season which weigh fourteen pothole and ave antes. A tal I of speed was mule on the 6th between Mr. A. IL BMW', telegraph operator of the Montgomery dem, and Mr. Tit) Mr Adams, operator of the Mobile ogee. The contest was for a silver telegraph key. Mr. B311.1 sending five hundred 500) worth m nitre. n mieutes; .or. Adams seedier tive himareo Cssii ,n twelve it'll Client., thirty-one (i1) eecouda, Bauer arrnged 31,1 worth per minute. Adams ge per. minute, who wee declared winner berme beaten his coanyetitor eliteeonds. Col. S. Rut herfird. who presided at the recent sittings of the State Col; rat Committee of Virginia. died suddenly in Richmond it an telvanced age on the 4th inst. He was for several years Lieutenant-Governor of the State. One Sam. Clark, of '31eattanoo.na. shot and lust intly titled his father-in-law on the 1th inst. The Atlanta Intelligeneer of Sunday says; Detectives trim the city of hie mond arrived in the city yestemay. for the purpose of identifying Chas. Damont. who has been in our jail for some time past. He was recognized at once bathe man who bad killed a woman at Richmond, and then shot the policeman who attempted to arrest bleu tie will be returned to Richmond in a few daye. and it is tobeheped that he wilt not escape from those having him in charge, , as did his accomplice. Yonne. 1 be grew receipts of the late tnurnament at Hunts. rile were S3,000. The proats 1,500 will be dens' ted to el acting a Methodist Church in that pine. In Aebtrille, St. &lax county, Alabama, a band, of men went to the house of Mr. Kinthick to kill him; be and his son mended, and killed meet them; the Land retired for a while. when K. and hie inn lied; the band retorted and burnt hie louse; they wiepped two citixees of Asheville tbe mme day.thel burnt three gin bonees in the county. one bringing mr. Byer, wnich bad 300 busbeis of wheat. S. says the Cherokee Advertiser, The IPW,Illete men oi Lauderdale, kt ne., blth subscribed and paid over e5.090 tin the purpose of beikting a new Court-House at that place. Gov. Humphreys has comnored the sentence, Willem, the Yazoo horse thin t and murderer, for twenty-debt days. A petition numerously signed by the ladies of loam, inking tor the e0thellea.2011 of his sentence, on the rround of his having been a grad soldier, was sent to the Governor. 'this he rehired to do, but reprieved him tor roce weeks, to give him ample time to prepare for death. The town of Holly Senna" has a population of LAO whites and 741 Necks. Ptheiient Johneon has notified the Secretary of State of teeth that Throckinorton, the newly elected Governor, can be inaugurated, and that the Legislature will be permitted to bold its 'maks. This defeats the scheme of the Texas &wheals, who sent a depuradou to Washington to importune the Pretedent to continue military rule In the State-Thomas 11111Deell and John Dew, citizens of Bell county, Texas, were arrested and murdered two weeks ago near their homes, by a squad ot U. S. soldiers. I be President bag been metuorlabzed on the subject. At Baton Risme, last Saturday night week. Mr. Jobs Daly Burk was shit dead by a negro while sit. Wilton the gallery with his sisters. The nagro was diecovered, and pretended that his gun was die-charged at ramitus, but the Gazette says that signs were discovered ol some one having been lurking about the premises. A negro woman, named Sands Miller, died in Columbus,Ga., on the eth inst. The demised was eve tort eight inches in height, and measured am feet acmes her chest. Her weight was seven hundred and ninety-eight pounds, and it en:turfed the muscular efforts ot mis strong men to remove the body from the upper floor or the tenement in which she died to the hallway where she was to be codined. rho remains were buried under the direction at the Commissioners of Charities and Correction'. The cedin, being of unusual size, bad to be specialty made lot hi r. lion. Joshua Hill has determined to accept the poet of Collectot of the port of Savannah. bin. Zadock Martin, an old end respected citizen of Pankling county. tie., died you suddenly on last Surelay evening. firs dieethe In said to be dropsy ot tie heart. Provinlow has appointed a tuan who acted as gunemith to the Confederates judge. A Nashville minister has just laden how to SIT.0,000. The regress are eresnizing a colored Spite-opt. Church in Louisville. Mrs. Hutton. ot Washington counts. Vs ,commit-led icicle a few dupe ago by shooting herself witt a musket. She was partially deranged. Ike Degrees west of Arkansas, wan were former!, held 111 slaves by the Chocktaws and Chicaneries, have toes metamorphosed into Indians by the terms of a recently promeigated treaty with the tribes menuoned. Ali nepoes resident in the us don are mcoepoiated into the reepective wires. and they are to have and enjoy all the rglea, privileges &DO immunities enjoyed by the Choctaws aed Cluck - maws the !metres. including a forty acre slum and the right of tribal sufirmfe. I tie funny pert of It es. that a bile the negto, as negro. can elate the &melt ot the Civil Rights bill. no Choctaw be meet. In be. coining an Indian, one of the reel Original Jacob-sea. be means to be Odeon of the United Stales, and gets beyond the pale of Radical &dentin opy. Ita Iroad Meeting at Greenville. tilltaltatiLZ, Wend. CoUaTT. Ho, August ad, 'sac. Poreux Miader 111 REPITISLICALIIThe citizens of Rimmed and vicinity assembled at the Court-Howe this evening porseant to notice, It order to give expreorion to the public seetiment or this POC. bon of the conntry. to consectioe with the extension of the St. Lotus and Iron Mountain Radroed, connecting with some point on the Mississippi Race south ot iSis. otor ithatanding the melee was very Mort, and the meeting at thie Some quite unexpected . yet so great is the nterest mannested by the peMile JO regard to the extension email road, Wet we bad a large ano respectable audience, who, In We einem,- Mon of their views on the subject. seemed wide awake to the unportsoce of the road, ea connected with the savicultiaral and mineral restouces of this et antry.only waltang an event of that kind to be treely and richly developed. Go meant, duly seconded. Dr. D. D. Tmons was unanimously valid to the cLair to prestile OVsfir meet lee, and Mbert LI ,yd as secreistry. On motim. Zemke Smith. Li. W. Crettb and Jame Blanks were appointed as a committee to than resolutions. Tim committee. liter redline. presented the &atoning resolutions, 'high were tutuilinottaly adopted.: Rewired. 1. net we mire the estenaine of the St. Lows and iroo Mountain Railroad south. on the mist direct route to Memphis or &Wien& twilit a brooch through Rheoulleio and Itelinotit, if pews-bible) at We earhe,1 poasbieday. Z. ihat neither Mateo county se a municipality. nor the cIune in Weir indwells& espeetty. out he bentou nettbooting counties to &SolintlinGa and the sub-mie(,.n of mock to aid in tbeentertono 3. Ibet MS)tieCottlaT wilt grain Lee right ot way tit bald road in er &by utile Mooed. Item the 3tt iesolution be &mewled so as to read, that. la &coition to to We thirty-eight umagend doilore heretoore subscribed by We county of Wayee to aid IOW wad, theeitimms of mild couoty bike a lake amount re moos In said road. 6. that uat Weeks of tie, people of tins county are due, end they are hereby reamadlotiv tenet, ed to J. W. Luerson tor his utioreet end amondaoce, I. the lumen& ot mod road. I. that the proceedings oil this meetinz neblished m the Sr. Lome ift.eutstiosn. St. Lotus Democrat, the Irobtou sondmaat Miamian I:lumpsae and the Iridium Review. Dr. D. D. Romeo made gismo aopropriate remarks on the amebae, and the Ilea. J. W. Emerson being called int, resocestio0 in an eloquent 'peed', which wee Retested to with deep interest by the eneembly, who with anxious boot, are patamtly wading to see emote tanadite men of the early completion of mkt reed. On motion. the meeting adjolumed eine dee. A u.ai 'AAA( 11). Seco Mary. The New Orleans Riots. Flom the N. Y. Express.. There la soching important trote New Orleans. Hem blicridau towns. ad quiet. and bi inseei.e.- doe onto the ergs.. of Inn into not is cult procreeeinc. tie weeders it prueent Ca retain satiates imprecise, until the close of be 'enslave...sea le the awed tue the Tribune to pit UU,bu tnipatchee like the ;olio tug: aseueSeetian Of Union men me.' be looked for by the beetince of the M tyor. Already mend eft& pie et the kind bare heels mak, but the wr- ested coareae of ese aesailoa nee esseeled them 11,na k v. ry thie su I...eh ere reeeleThg..hotka to kekee, he ter Ihe penAily ot avoteentatioe. Bosses caused so mach bleed dee la inmitir by iti nue hoe end entitnenne. the Tribene end l'h c3rrepposahasto iglu be content with the thie1d1 thaw. The Melrose bee been vide-seed to the "'Lode ot die fr hew:" TICS scir0111.11ANA evertms9,-,why cou petweqh such genetti mei se-ewe in I. om Now Orleans as Vile U MI 001sa iiighatik,k- cred," due.7 K. W. WHiT KKR. lett UAL Vole. A RI 11,0hD, tons- AleteM & 1066. A owe mune apology Whose, aa Shea; The depatch alluded to maw tto the Tribune office Isle neon de sight of the not. We 604 SO MINIMS SC the time et senlying or correcting st. But tweak' else to be cite received any Ascii Ilem, et published any eh rh news. 'the whole statement wee printed. ne iambi, Meet op a Amok eadtessante. ace le a eandge re she Veracity ot beched reaorda 01 tradosachams 01 the Smith. Tun LONDON PAPERS announce the birth or a daughter to air J141.101 Doke, J DUO 1. Sir James is 73 pm of so, soul le oue child, filitu daughter, ykho was bons two yew's $co. Ile wee INK married until he wss sa his 70sh year. 11311. tharrele -late Yeate DEA.D.We Imre leen the d i M bottjtoteesator that Itee JP the owebnionol Ibtwouttbor1 bee. Cateter. the anneal ea eshatittoe at Le recent bailie lair In that Wry wheat leek the Mrs& premium. died ta He ram valued et Se.ede. MIL Wunimaup ALLAGnan died be Dem le Ad. koti rank TIIK AS ESTE:Itli AMM)4,1 ITED PREs Annual 3leetingTransnet Bulginess ani Adjournment From the Detroit Pm Preis: ath. I be anon meeting of the Western Asseciated Pre., esmaleaced ta this city yesterday AL ti o'- deck. 1 he President. Mr:Osborn, of the Istitsville Joerbal. being abeent, the chair was tiled by H. N. Walker. of Ihe Detroit Free Pres-elite Secretary and 'remitter. H. E. Baker. of the Advertiser and Tallinn, read Ms business oral tiDaileial -report, which were atmepted. here were Deficient the ',Mowing representatives ot canoes WlItern newspapers: t noHenry M. Kmith. of the Republic-tail John L. Wilson of thi Jourost; IT. &Chandler. of the I Imes; Horace While, ot the Tribune; U. B.akoly. ot the Post ClevelortilA. W. Fairbanks, et the Herald; E. Cowles. et the Lesder. ChsearattiM. IIoStet. of the Covernereisa. DetroitH. Walker, of the Free Preto; IT. E. Raker arid W. S George, ot the Advertiser mod Tel-bone, Charles F. Liar ke and W. A. Howard, of the Poet. tooisnagsvhs--A. IT Comer. el tte Journal; Chas. W. Hall. of Hie Herald. Mitwaukee-- E. D. Jet-main. of the Sent Pitc-buseb..-th Brit:ham of the Comishireial. St LothiJobli Knape. of the Kerititti-ea; is. 31. Greets. et ILA Joispatek; Theo. Plate, at tbe eetisthe Peltoe and L. R. take. Of the WIlerItYPIA. W. Campiselli of the In toiliione.r. Tbe .t..to I reeteiviog news dispatches Dv the ACtintic ratite Yris Ito-tied t. 1 SpeCIDI of nee. Messrs. Waite, Halstead, it terbanka, Hall Aril Brigham. A et-vomit:tee et' five was appoir.ted to C011.1 lee the ncv of h sing a grotusted scale ot prices. to be made applirable to itufereve cities In preneetion i. ibeir pot:aflame. ID arranging a scale ot prices to he pato tbr the special dispatch., sent to the AIM. CIatioll. The committee confOSUI of Metiers. Knapp, eDDIDIlet. ileoree. Fairbanks and Csenn'hnL The meeting there whourned HIS 3 r. 111- ArtERNOCON DEDA1011. The A senciallon met pursuant to adisurnmont. I be Committee on the waterlog tit Intederenee through the Atlantic Cable. reported Humus, Mr. la bite, in savor ot presenting a Ittenloriat to tras N lock Aiisoctered Press. as I he Western acme-Mt-A Irtse would respeetrully represent I, the New York Sesic IOLA that in theirjuiteinebt. bot tees titan an average of 'fal orts per day of news and market report &maid 343 reired by :tie Ameraati press I broush Cie Auto-to. Cable. and that In the apperttonment of the etpcpsce of dispatches by the cable. between the wormy; and everting papers, each should par Sor loose dispotcbes that it has preeLdertee in publishing. I Le whole oneation of root and quality of DP WI) discussed As eotimderable leogth. It was stated tbt w,:i.ildithest eco.t OS g ne two ,. w a,olzis.pen wi:Lly b the Nett York Aatioentel Press. scything to their propeal. OD a baolo Of 441 wode per day. woalii pay teepee. leaving the renclittiter ot the press of the country to pay t$24O.4s4). It wan OILIMIted that there woe bt he ate papers ontaide of New York that would t he thiS Dew0. Di thing AD average extra neat to ench oh aonuslly. A motion to stnke out the last part of the repirt reit-reale to the apporti omen, or expenses between niotningand eyepiece paper was hoa 3 to 13; alter a Inch be niemonal woe acheated. he totem, ttee on graduating the ex ems of the travail reports now received by the Amemation. reported in tarot oh Narrate the whole matter to a Beard oh Directors, as they had no data whatever ow el-.!elt act. The recommendatiou was adopted. The Alisocratioa then preceseled to btellot for OMcra for the ensuing year, wiles the IDIAIWIDIt were ebesen: PresidentHenry N. Walker, of the Detroit free Preto. Secretary and Treetenrer--It. E. Baker, of the Detatat AtiVe rtaor leireetot listateati, of the eilleiDDIVI Ceremen al; Jobn Knapp. ot the St. Louis ttErt-RLICAN D. Blakely. ot I be Calesto Post- a. W. Fairbanks, ot the Clevelana Recall. and C. D. Brigham. ot he Phishurah Commercial. 1 he ANI0t11,1oll aillournA to meet next year at St. 144010. 41 ottrh !HOD as should he ckatsoate I by the Prealitent And Direriort. Atter tile whoutinuent of the Ageneittlem, the Board of Direct...re met, and appointed Mester Halstead and Brien-tot as their executive e Ise. and instructed the President and Seeretary to a-cerusta the amount now paid by each menener of the Aaeociabon tor the apestal repsrto bb ee tt II-iiee.. IDearb ot St LouisanMaj. Leo IP. Walker. irem ta Franked (Ky., Yeoman. Died. at his ressfeece In South grenktoed, very alenly of apoplexy. on the morning of the Ith lost., Maj. Lea el; biker. be the faitth year of Ina dtatb et btaL Walker produced s prothuni feeling theaduthe is this the atv et bp adoption, kw be sae go arlable one COUlle011a and lund-bearted that be bad made many friends and so enemies since be ban taken up Ms residence in oar midst- He Vail both m St. bona. Mo., in 1817, and in early menhood was in the employment or the Allititle.111 For Gempany In the Rocky .leaustains, whore be tlpeut a Number al years. He itecustonied to relate kis experience during Halle Miventurotes years with great maristaction, and to tell mane anecdotes of the thipothe and aloneraim eers ul taw wile regions. Auer his return be eettied S. Louie, Lai on the breaking out of the Mariam war be became adjutant to Coi. Clark, who was Chief of Artillery m the expedition to thilnum b um, aid reeved during the w held war. lakiog op his residence again in St. Lams. he was athestotned to entertain mpg agreeably, at hie roother'e beaterful :Palen. near that city, the many odic do or the army winee sequaintance be hail formed in ea Mexican anathema. I been will bear ot hie death with extreme - reeret, for he Ind formed a Weep and towing friendetep with many of them. matted a iady of Charleston. S. C.. and was memtowed to spew much ot has tone ra thet beautiful bet unfortunate city. Here the breaking out et tee late liar formal him. arid he immediately offered bet swath to Preselent Laurie. and wee 'tongued to duty on the staff et Gen. Ripley. He mos in Chntleston donne mush of the wee, and dill serve" te main other floostswaa in the seven days' battles before Riehmitho, era when ver he was be disnnuershed himaelt by the coolness of kis courage anal lus undaunted bearing benne the einniy. Since the came we loot he hot minket in Frankton, and, while cherishing a dthp regret Mr iii failure, be enteriamed ati bitterneth against them who differed with bran, neither against, theme w ho server' In the ranks or his enemies. bet with inane of them be was on tenth of the mires triendly antercietes A universal regret was expressed on the announce-meth ot his death. but 1st ourself. pereoesily. it was more than a regret tor our intereituaw was so constant mo so agreeabie that we feel les death aa a pereobal ea:mealy. His was a high, generous end noble nature. and seemed by bather to dent& meth-bees or a leek of nethiy tontines in any one, arid 21,0iglittl all intercourse with arch as lait Pant ble in bie deportment he was modest and retiring. and rather disuun to strangers, hut span a Other swima y be Ilea iOnild to pewees a w.I1111 and groer000 heart and to clesve unto thine he liked unit as abiding ten2C,IV. It may be is vain that we pour our regrets .on the dull. will ear of death. but we gave end rethived tokens of esteem while hie wise common to us: ano now that our (nerd can so louver bear, we note notary to anthem and to themes the sitherito of our him, ratios tor Ms CoUleg slid rein, monde. sod the depth of our regret ibt the toes we have eustaltied bia deaf h. Maj. Walker leaves a widow and Ire childreet. and be atm leaves many dmisole to repair teem le-I. them. as tar is mar be: by every maionity or irkrereb'p but if to we his dent' a a ll,r1"0$1 bereavement-hew unutterable mew be the marine of these is he knew him in the ndearine relatioteden of husinfit and Mawr? la UM relationship they sinned worshipped him; so in bis death they are merely nuitt, II If a sincere eysonathy amid bring them any relwt.they teteht one in every tap tokens ot ethrow for their lies. but anasoLigion can only come from the Lend that brought the inaction. an 1 Ile hau promised to be a tither to the tatherthas and a husband to tire widow. elhere is baim in Gilead and a playtimes these." The New Orleans RiotersR. King Cutler snot Dr. Dostie. gt-elan New Orleans Coereepoodence Cincinnati Gazette litartical) A little loiter eame ,h o.iy stroke of the emote in ali thei sea tragedy. The bonder ot the convent sou, the hero who would do and dare and deior Ms ins-born Mee tor seer outrage. bad not yet beam Limed. Arrayed is spottees white he lint bees ono to eater the Mambos before the openinz ot the tooventset. but Melee the laing beton. no eve of nen bad been eheered. no heart ol misrelates woeful:ter served. no imol of policeman indamed by the radiant safest ei iL King Curler- The last ember hail been omen out to the mob, and the last negro stabbed: the chamhee woo occupied otily by the pollee, son other riatera awl the dead; but mill the hero etas nassemg. At last a bri.ibt thouent struck a policeman. Ile ettil wed the ohmney. its throat was narrow- and Kmg Cutlers was huke, nod Pio. tortead of being quite swallowed op. theta he Mock! In a moment a nondetcript inure came op the strret. between Policere-ri rioters. all so atueseed that. for the moment. th.. hut their Annette tor amour. liepuldsout or atm. klieg Cozier sits blank. His white hot. jarent...1 down over hie blackened nwe and ears. iota a MCI painted was already colored, tore outlaw. Om white coat bung dein& all blai,k bohi,1. the sparkiing ithirt wont "revertant a titling tattoo to correspond-The wand mod of his rolomintoev pantalown--but alas! that wee where bean...it; and no omit L. Downy, to the Edliorof the New York Wend: The Evening Poet of yesterday nintaine an article on the leauera of " Parties in New orleana." signed K. F. lk His rem irk, on Dr. A. P. fondle bans called my attention. Mine an himself I Mien hot little. except Of hie outrageoaa motion on We night es the New Orteatas moos-boom not. 'the Lints macerating that simanefol adats are these: A concert was given be billow and gentlemen.areatears, tor the timed, of Made Bournos. one or thew tricot who nutted no go to France to lintels her musical education. A natal brilhant assembly graced the we ion. Cal. W. W. Wheeler' bad engaged a large Private boa lor (.en. Sbstnnau and Mad the nunistintro boa and Caned States army and Levy woe well repreoeuted. Everytiong ways harmonious, when tilts Lie. Doshe nutted in with a band of desecration). a, eked with Oriole anti each it inning a II itt. At a goal, diet shook bor dots in the au' an I yelled tor 11 iodic Doodle." rk., ladies were meob scared. the United States Wanes die..led. Capt. kliller. acimg mayor. Dot whining the concert stow laid, trig i to quiet the people. The gentlemen teurs played the asitiottal OWL but as the ecoltd port of die performance. Dr. WWI agent got up to reason the Ow. I then loin Manor littler that my daughter Ione of ilia Pam:NW performer.) required my prof...aims, and area;d 1,ftak up , he evoicert. 1 drove her home. ro show the spent ot the mato. v that ventoe. I moo mention that Vol. k hones smith, commanding the Duryea Zottav a. count not commis hie toolgthatoo. He tide a dog note the heed of a young man and told him. ion are a pewter. a hy don't yea pal on a unison. like Ina. and OMR, to Crime per ram Colinqy, lush ad ot owateit bore In We cowardly otatther to alio in twin and ohtlitivn." iho tediant ottic.r was mortally weeoded at Port Hodson. bi bile ly the at the New Oriacia h000ttak o. datightel IN...p..14,i ate I.. band him a nate of amok.. and a to toque,. in the name ot one at the ladvotaateur thews at ase ehera-bweie. tindelewood Foliate College, Pt. Charles Mo. rigns scrioot wif.a. BE RE-OPENED too BUth do, et pteuthrr, with fut. of l'uo !is rat D to The CO:tete tri.e 4 ',pm.... tr what Bo-U Of Biota 1,,AB arrive Darden taro erviy for circular at 1k. prilacioal boal.foio St- 1.4tio, ..r t BLENCH STIWT111,. rtoshtert, Affttrtw St- Ca, do., Mo. JtEletet wigetecy. tlIATEKILLIAN & Ca, Na. 413 Wash-A-- , 'As non, A Aetit Sod Colomisottee bte to i syte tkfl4 iert;tory. male atd t'oetti, ; tit tcrlipy.1; Itspr Sa 1, Utir:-i I arn.ytt okylris owl botottir work 311 IVIDOr 1.e ilkefal ,nimlnactlo of "Lew bft y talnITM-1,4,,Ve coroyalroLlon. tbitti tr.or Iut .1 tor my tYyttt Itortoy.111-his TrrriLlory go tool yy.tPo slot pribenC ittlost mottos rYtyIt.. to Hi.- ryb-nt 1o1 ir,y9. ortySpOOdeOg syo;tyl ettrolar two. no mono& of order. air NO ITSCAT PP RI-EIs a rare fins Wine, of Arta spot 4P-ItaLual later. It to she Pura Jaks of a 111091 aciacb.12 at d ,r1Penlik, Grape. .bat bUrpadiee c.ten, asp rst.;e ism. is toe country. Al. orbo are ;totwilt...t otton. ottaintmet a pare mad mper14r lama. wan be dri,it tett 'GA -Mt; ac.1 PEIG-IL" Church pool.. Ott opheated to examine th . Waite far ealarna.tos oarp0- 111. Tb. loco ake aral by atiA rwswetable ..11-44tate sad &niers,. alGtia abet. Ga a etr.. sali Sae Agent., M. Laski, - ImoS1( ) aEr:i:.1.k,Rb....1):LiSmtrt., :-.! oormsto-.,. tie vv. ton., August Stn. onv larrsi mare Mu e. about a years oke.a.vitt 14 bastion .1101ribOS Man; b,001 V M. on tbs WM abotbdsv an,' on U. -n ,,,I. o web ; shod It' I round. 'I be above rta ern Mli no WA to any en rentratmg said mob, NI Vi. MILK Y V t4 et L. Won. med. to NiNeA.eist.h mat Tyremil.,th- malt St. L'OR SALEA. iel.Ae of IA month i ot Iwo .2.- v.,. N. a Alen ant 304 Morth Vutb sus., 4nav Aube Aor stoma. Vr.ce 111 .34. It nto y011 SALW-A No.1 Store mot fixture. on se Ilabl lot Mr.& an. boonwaa. ngetry uflm.MI y St 2114, 4 nal awns Can mug Siddlo ufl Jr gilAION FOR SALE in the eentral part ror Mu any Will too sold stow'. If sot', oti.o, Assis as go. MO Noel& TOON .0 wise mid Loss. fr DUMONT G. JDNES, t ry Jiit1 i REPUBLICAN orrice. Miwsourt Reports. Iv- Volumes No. 16 to 86 mi inclusive, Ow sale. wholes. or Mod by J. D. CHZEVEZ. So. 12 4iore street. Somers Vain ar4 3111S. WINSE,01,17, An experienced Nam end redialle Phrsicbts. Presents to the Attention of Mothers her SOOTHIFIC SYRUP. For thildren Terthing, which greatly Sictillotes the peocon of SPthille. by soft odor dia mow toducian ail lattlign1110101a. IMO Okay ALL PAIS 1 nd spasmodic schism and is Sure to Regulate the Bowe Ir. Dewed upon M. modlefs, k will gtve reit to yourostwe and Fetid and Heath 19 Your !thins. We hay at up and told this article he ever de years red CAN SAY IN CONFIDeNCE AWD I atria or hm have berry brew Mite to oh el sae ettaM heft ...,--thttA ha. IT Val.. IS S Br,GLA thstt.11 re sr rtrt a ring. when timely has. Newer did we Snow ea lostente of dissditio action by any owe who swot it. Oa the magnify. ail ei. dieforhte I WM Us opernions. sad Meal in terms of cohmendaries ot ita thalaral affects Dad medical Mimes We meat M this matter ..What WI Do KNOW." alter !I tears. earrrieseez a:.D rtIDGE nth IhrttatION FOR YES rri-tuLlfilrn or What WI WEIS lCItIl. In Ihsto4 oTrry motance where the Went h mitering from tam end esbehtelion . relief will he found in Ibleeti or twenty minutes eller um arme is administered. Fall itrectiono for aline Wtfl heraselralaM None IrCaniaC ankh the he Chile of cuarta a rEa Eldda. New York. is an the outoide wrapper. Sold by MI Dromists throughout the world. Price, only 35 cent.; per bottle. Soda eodoin re- Eureka. Inz InratlitIM fildar RESE0ILATI V K. I A.2..s 1r b a at inc. meg ;ghly UM? to Os ortlrot, co or too eh int.) ette,-t sat -.WW2 ail dot sees .1 th. p. ,,r!e.tolne he not frets !Otto' Jff. ze ring It season tad not lbethrot lose stodoce Mee. St wee bottle. So41 olp Depot No. 24 :North tittb Wee. St. LAO. Er-Diarrhoea, Dysen terySu In tiler COMPLAIN 1. etc.Swydity, ured br slog 2.1AillIkk,'A CoMPor ND 1EXTRAC l or BmnNis P1.NT. Premiered eld gold by J k P. MACCIBOI. M. Lmli, oul sold by all Drmights. god SPECI AL, CAUTION. WINSi.OW a lowrill!it; Tsi LI? S becono, so popular that .1i111.116 halite, laws loat oS artialas whinithoi, SIn. VWctoira Plane late sahib hit VIII M. WI1,11.9W Of Ta .)eJ1itI1 IT RUT NOT (Alb:NEC 4:11 WWI ANT vrita I. 3 in MA It It I ED. the ath hist , at the residence of P. S. Gerhart he the Hes Pt. Cannot', Mr. A. T. UCIE NELLIE H. S EVENS, bathos Sr. Lows. On the Sth hir at the residence of P. H. Gerhart, by the Her. Itr.G &neon. M. A. T. to M. NELLIE K. sli EVENS, both et St. I...ALA. ISci cards. In Trtre ft2nto. Indisni on Wednesday. the azii nes- at the realtionee 4 the bride's ftther. by the Re, Mr. Jeireii. H. H. REACH, of Litchtlebt, Illoneiti, to Miss IMAM& HAW!. DIED. usrust lOth. at one-quartor to I o'clock. GORGE epAhLrm. win pt Butera Zell, aged le years, 2 math. tad PaYL rosette will take plac; !It Use tesideneeC decea.' ed, No. ate rweittli street. between Fran--Z.Z1 aTe. Due and Wash meet. at 9 o'clock this (Saturdal) dorning,where relatives sod friends are respect:any 'nested te attend without further settee. At Litthfield. julv 27th. is the arb year I of his Ore. Doctor SKILLMAN, formerly at Alton. Baltimore, V ickthorg aud New rheas pupae pleaA copy. Ow the lab inst. at 12 a. SOPHIA. wife of Fred. kisgeteann, aged 31 years. The fluseral will tato peace front the residence, loath side, Franklin avenue, between Sixteeutb and Seventeenth, to-day at 3 o'clock. Friends of the flintily are respeetraily invited to atteed. Is St. Louts. an Teenday eremitic 7th I. at 'veck. kik..N ION Wadi, aged 33 years. Wheeling, T. papers, please .op. et At 1flocIo.k F. 11., HELEN ZANE DUN SHY, htent daughter of Anthony esti Cynthia Donlity,th the tifteenth snouts of her age. Funeral will take place trout the residence of her parent., VI Pine streegat 4 o'clock P. lit. tits day. Friends of the family invited to attend. Wheeling. Went Irk rata, papers please copy. tin Friday. the 10th inst.. at the red,' ewe of Rotten fete Mrs. SALLIE E. He NTHORS. who of Capt. Tim. E. ti anthem, aged 30 years. Due notice of the Aineral will be given. Pittsburgh, Notate and New Oractuispapera, please copy. On the morning of the leth. "ANNIE. Want d inchter of Wm. IL and Mary Conway, aged years. be funeral win take place on Saturday IROTAillit at 10 Weitlek from the residence of her parents. No. 312 Clark avenue. Oe Friday. the lerb instant. JAMES RICHARD, oldest son ot Daniel A. and Mary IS. Kirwin, aged 9 years and 7 months. The funeral will take place this deo at 9 o'clock. A. from No. GI Mellanphy street. Primal ot the aunqs are invited to attend. On the leth instant. bit. JOHN WALSH, in the Zki year ol his age. be ittneral will take Place from the famill residence. Tenth and Market streets, this day, at 2 o'clock P. N. Friends of the faintly me respectfully Invited to attend. On Fri -ay. 10th inst.. JOIT.N DCNE. aged 73 years. His funeral win take phew this day at 2 o'clock P. 11-. from the residence of Frank Dune. on Collins street between Carr and Cherry tenets. Friends atd acquaintances are harried to attend. tr WP are authorized to annoy, teSt HS la 12 1 e ttlas tw- tar A: tt.r-10 L the 1,-artn t'encr,PROuttat rotatnet UI tb ra-thak bet tectIon. Peet on the John. bakeh lb ro- Brick lit-whineIlia Nattra..; Br. k Machtta la a VA, Uttliott tItz ttlitenintt, at Inta sub nil two ttort4 poser in tate.ltt tore t net It;. tea twat teetted edam ask nekerm lenerea II t,e ',atone ,ot-tt Out DeVet a "Mat ...it choke for 1. We .41 Cake It hart sad retand the monov. Irn write Ace-Mettle tonTiot m toWnsthittli 4 tortiteesti root, A idrA Liza Area lit Brokaw ,y. '4. Y jli Pa OP- The Bette of the City is knows he the Lady trkue itebette Ph leada Ace II w RIa mtg. wh-ch Iwars t, ow. the tbo,t C13011111011Z 10 a. SD., r bst,,,ne tretn,c be wain 'ruin in4ral, pre ag srme tbe bar mom tal In( aft. SM1 S.WA74 rA to n n tattte an nay le no onrtla ,410, tot Lb ton.. Al VI. 4gent. Sold evetyahere. IT f. wv.,d Tkorra,tav Or Maguire's Hair Restorative. P.LIABLZ TESIMM3Cllmaimsloa, NO, August I. VOL Nemo. Meer lair Gentlesseeit affords me seminar pleamte ta these days et quaelterit a aor sear lams. the tarter ernes at 'Fatale ato at-un ty ot. mama to ham spaimony to the truth shiest et net: yea etalm .Cr air talat SU TO Pain- I but hoes nett-em ter over tt yearest bath beSSe el tee pea: ibliPlikighld arab as totot,able d hot., me ha r fading eat and aartie bald. tried wary au the Dostaras lame-Med reinedt ...wheat res melee ear. er se hes,. btu tortisi relief and had pm maseett theta at a herniate sad tenoseem their sane. Is tray eel. heart el your remedy. I wee ledneed make a trial et it ha. reduced al, the effect claimed The deeme is my head I eenet-er cured the seal , is cress mid tree from Isatesi. tee hair has arose eat and cowered the must that sere halo ter haw is teetered le ita eritinel eel r. mat deed ad stiff aro dedi a ed,r and les, a. testiest, ttretry and (teem no Ma Una( my "Gelb. lose tettod S.t. R. II ll.ta PttItttti of the Methodist L Church Soma- as Ma Mom. Prepart and soot be J. & C. NAG CULL Cho mos ard DateOat" mad:omit corset Secord and tiere tree lc NE. Louie itta mad lickw pi, it:Ht ipkem b23 The Or.rti I tiono.4,1e. -W.,- Anot.otoneous. Te t. oen,t ti,ot o ion;.1.1otmeaS---30 .qopui leno. A Pstr .r. New 1,4 Al3v. zi of Mtliolearsr,okwtS. ,ho 11Ar. Soot 11, ,,,, ISSOgla LODGE ND. I A. F. A.li It trUl h..t1 a cal .4 T1114 ittatureaat EVEN' 44. at It. Celock V Vt tuil attecdarce i U,e agetaitcW ett. B5 arca af the W. 31. sail EJ. C. DEANE. Set-team AION-P,T T6 LOANIn gums 1 from 4.,11111Wo to SW.011u AGOG to P. 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Mo.. will be pet &lett, four 16-101 Dohan an tar laid coaltal of seeeare Dollars weir ,litate. St IC oiler or the he:weal B 4r, and h saniakCe Co, viaihwmt earn, of Third nal Cheanat at twig- ha ittockholders will be Bova. d et paysteall of Use balance, III MC) et- tee canna, or Ilydend. art1121 Brit le ARO POEPPI rreuerm. r1,11B CO-PARTNERAHiP b-Pretotore hwee ...v....ea P. W. J 104 KA and MILT Ian 40,1 LIP., under, the souse and tole et Jr ',41,.4 LCILE, setoh ere., eerner SreeLlee En std Mrt.-e,rites sae-teal,' dteoteed. P.M JPSKA. Ant. II. WILLI.thi,u1S Ltirt L'RAN1 Irt )N ?HUI. hos this day sold out IN Ls hoc mot lg. Sheer of trOt Mi. hACtt A PO. The blyte roe et' the late Stut Wit be eted L. remaining otra-nk oho of I c.w.o. Out bootees ftetiott 2te style ot itANcto a ,t1 GRAIN V,Or 'Mtn. A- P. APtatIN, Arettot It, le(01. V. W. 'MAMAS. 1-1LiNt IS A. .1,Al'G 111114 COMPIM PSI ion .Yfere hangs, BD DRALLEIRS Lime. Cement, Plaster Parts, &rte., No. 117 North Second Street, sr. LOUIS. asa MARS LE -110ItUltlEtt 113-. old Si.ey mad Cesats3hs. ELEGANT CHIMNEY PIECE& t tedeorriptions of Marble Work; lower All it, th a 0 W L U 3 CO - er. 0.00 alat Waeu0stree40, di. Locks: 001 IOW GOLD DUST! BOVORT AT BERT RATES. g J. A. GAYLORD, No. 35 Oil, itte4e. LONDON BOOKS. Now orEmNo. en entirety Sala inwarla 1 r ftID and Ski. It111411 'obit al,,s 11...116, pug roartvwd pm Cana a Lama' tem even I diode.. easaA4euee IMP Owl be teemed gee Nina Man till Ma sasma Imaarialloaa eueeembee annobb "TAT311 & DRIIITIA M. In merely et INPtaldi aaa Wipe Bomm I neretesel e afteeibeed biese016:14Zi1, Ir4ree 41Weeseed. INT 11 V Spring and summer Medicine. FLUID EXTR ICT SARSAPARILLA COM BIN ED WITH IODIDE OP LIME PREPARED FOR G. W. PMES, BOSTON, EIV James R. Alchok 4c Co., MANITTAC 117E171 CHE EMT NANCFACTUREild 0. TUE ELIXIR PERUVIAN BARE WITH E'rtrytc,xitte tvf Iron, Whirls boo becoro so Moorih's, knows so Twite anti Redipesta, ire, By Pbrsietens and IhrmtWil ie ail pirts of tle eourtrv. Th. Ni. Prep.1Coe " Sarsaparilla in Combination ith Iodide of Lime," Presests one at the most prompt limiter assets ha a ro eapehis or exerting' tell action aeon the systraL ard this in miaow and pleaaant doeen It to concesPd that the &bereave. resolvent. ea tonic effects al Iodate are exerted mess decidedly wiser hienciated grit other alteratives. le combination; sod I. Sarsaparilla swims to eats perfectly WV. sevionsher edelaitiono. - The drat effeet hisn'ts eheerved wheal "Sarsaparilla with iodide of - Lime" to Mem is an irgeome of wattles. nommen Mat m bee &dog peopertee at marked gliaracke. Its &Melones efeeta ere atembet to Ito meaty combination witb Itto blood god dreamt Pal, actor Mom wanes and etilitren improve will' ambits flu gas, and the vital itmetioas assents a U.11.4 gout dam It is admitobly adapted to a Inge ea otri Of emote and scale affections phinter to ebildivo. It is gaited te them, both by he mildness mid elk-hoary st medicinal stf.gt gag the pigma nt. attractive gime et the remedy lity he CIVIS 'Mr hog period obese semotituttatial billeanges es. dented. and ao toPsmasame, or MignetMa, nom to mks tbe syrup. onommtemet-Y Inns Swellnim. Zo- lobe Dieemis &ad Distortions et ape Spine. it abroad be notstently, modimohlt dooms, anal reim Alb given p, tho Spring of the Tear and During the Warm Weather, the ticesmalatioa of notteld manias to the spates rem to become mamtest and eery tcoableamam. LeaMtialm Headache, Moak Contemn. LOIS et Appettte, Pairs lo the Joint& ladteettlas. MS, are very geonatom I.( ever devised to beam adapted to extermionto drive ad Mime aagleam thaw ilits sem eatatotmaton "Sarsaparilla with Iodide of Lime." 7. preparation like at. er Tate drrroximodOes So 4. me OM - Alterative, or Blood Purifier, ka net before bass placed maga Me Mk et Manieds. Indeed. I M an entbrely sew and ICIMITIO10 twienhiss Urea in sio respect resembling anything Meilen empion& The opinion of owned rota omeerning IL tha dew :Melon of Ps ChenliCal sharweer, therapies:le Telma mem am at ma, etc-, ars oven in a eareaMr. which am fie had al the Oen at say and all lesecion Draftable. FOB SALE 15 ST. LOUIS BY ALL DRUGGISTS. attell lionThatecimMweeirit 13ITTTE11. TEST RECEIVED A SELECT LOT OF t. rest Damv RUTTER, In tune and ma Packages- alto, ONS RUNDIEZD Inkta thus II &ow. an lc. 217 Pine street, new No. sell It TIVY & BRO. VALUABLE FARMING LANDS FOR SJLE. A ndrain County, MisslurL INOIR SALEEleven hundred sod 21211 a thu-7-eolht aeree ad land lm Aadruta eosellt. -ae ttiammn. 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Sanaaanon veLl Ifr .nle on Ine rroned. Alla, AD iKl.rn41. Lee. remand Ws. ONLY 'relair CEN1S. L warn tteti-rretn TM adios will apron roe paim to mote rhts Pt-env-At a sweet. The ,-ot.a.-ea of St. Loan will Ord d a OnVen, ttonft teeerpe trona rne heat it die eit t.or a dor ow enorymeet In the -owner,. end at the gene than ant to .14.tee me surtenne De., 44 lite ,e,bTek 01 to ale i.rentat enote. etuldno itall-pewe. 'whet. to the ilop i5 DoLar, MANAGER Mrs H W Lefs34,- Mrn :arth Itoto,,lar Ws. Anna ftro,W, w,iI o.00de - A Itecenatone H ia Flemah Tbr , Wtt Ezzate Dart o:eo II L V-tare ' Do 'Ilene Wra It Roe. P natele Lolite earthen", RJ Lorawood I W Crane 1..,a Harr e C Hoene, Maw tee Gill J I. Traer Jatneot SalLot Aw ewe beet Joe E SlrePisfl Dr 1440 RID& Itlion L E S Seyuboar hAraltJ SiIloat 1,,,tae W orren thonleen Pool " Sontoe It HO'nell Koht K Mienie Pry Mry C Thown 11,nace Halton Juba Oio Art 44 othow Jr A lir; EdorAtle A &lie K Atom . I W Pnwris P Firtzerld Aqee Monte Matthew, X Senwider Kt Metnetre Matthews Al Dunn Jails Mxxwell Dr snaelloott To BMW,' 4,,Itie E ode In Si.... rye " D fillske, . Mary Samara,' teehles - Stual Anus Wank, Dr Bert it A J Mereao4 Dora aeltel,loor Dr Maxwell H lo,robe lees Mitton ,rrith E W Ileorrnana xe,te Gee W Truer Peen Lena M oleDmokt Nthatalannele II Cla H ,rt Retie wan 4r,hn 11,4ton Jos rtetnA.Ano Miry G 1101,InenIn L MassiseLl Anew.. 11. iren-11 DettrAcrat And Dtstettch eery. ASHY TROTTT.tas ?AIM ;,tiaroZm SATrIKDAY. Ai:GUST H. - I' oubl iedm aura. and stake 2..S41. IV P. nu! enter Oar-3, rrd J. di Ilinnta.dr rand" Canard and how Aikm. I ag k - all JNO. B. IIEF'-E13.24. WET FOR THE BIG SIMI AJEK E'S llyppoolymplad and Mammoth "..11:EL1173e; Foiir Ilays COnly! LOCATIONLINDELL LOT. Wednealay. Timrwlay. Friday, &um's'. ArGCST SS. Sat. 1114. IQ. LOOS. landoro noveroadloo of koctoot tagallIcoodo Oacalai ttpleaato. roamed kat Weis WM. Li KZ. ..... Propriei;.7 ani )(Inner. VIM Orate POeformattee WIENODAT RENTIOn. Douro open At clock ; meo-otoo ontomesco a ctock. Manner., Thoroday. rolay d stotutda boom own at O'clock; exec mea coretnenco a 3 clock. Grand Ortootot ProccaoLa Wedioltdoye 41 SW. moot the sontIntl a 10 ocl -tADM IS.110N-6411, Ceuta; Chadian owlet leo. elt Couto. tall Or ILTERITITE WILL BUILD Er THE SY4TEL Purify the 13 103d, AND Excie the Absorbento to Ileatthy DR- D. JAYNE'S ALTERATIVE IS A bTA-11) ila compotad ca boa alleles acerb tong einevience has proven le poison the meta sate and efficient alterative and (Motormen propertial and enraging Co annealed paean. ne 111411.10M of gaiter eta it preparstioas. Having berate as tee tate laseude teesseada peasene wee have been relased to mend beedi ken its ate. It Ito recernaended le tee allarted ebb mane eve eleace tio ism maim le areas-alit emirate new tee batman mean the creases ter whoop care It is dreamed Fr Purifyit g the Elaod, Tite Alterative arta be Weird to be a mos eifecdoo medicine- Acting directly ou the circa edam. it wales SU blood sad WOMB With it bite every donee add dere ag ha h.,7 removing every partici, ad distend Tina ibe liyMalli. For Scrofula, in all its Forms. latimber Clearatiese et the Pesti est Sows Iniarca, west et So Joints. Stands. Swellirge. Eruptions. Tuners. Me, the Alumnae boo bees lama ore moinestly useeesent. By tte lanes es the tact. le dearer es vireo ea poieesein orimaido trim attach them &seams eariamts. For Skin Disoatos, The lissiettlete cense of which sin IliMITO be foss& is be au chars:tett state et the pores JAYNE'S ALT'SADS'S le & ceases remedy. It tett only elineSI limo obeileate ewe et the pores. bee trees the bleed es& ;seepages& tient all mess:lee awl aces pullets& whack, ate se liable is abstract the smelt setssi Meer Ag erten& Dt- D. Jere Ses's nestle 311edieStes ere seed Is SL Leeds by elm A. Deems. COLLIN 3 111303.. asta b. Druggist, S, entity. Dysenterv, Dlarrhces. Cholera, Summer Complain!, All Bawd Affections etc., Are Prompay Cured by Jayne's Carminative Bats IT LS QUICK, SAFE Kotto CERTAIN itt -e ft. ee doe afford." itEnbetiliblek relate 'seta voneiallP SJthLflIS ertd- A.ze doe, elt .m,-te Is virtue...liner es II snome: to We 'unmet indeeeces 01 elmsete teeing equalie eOecti,e t.,ttuad.e. is a Atki respects asel it ...dm to bes i evege zamaaiy ettoold toe selaf4..e.ttlil DIABRIDEA AND DI-74.N TEN'S --11 a,eer bibs to subdue b. 1004 .1111etil at louse compd.'s. moo matter INPM ssbut cads, they etuunubs. 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WILLIAMS, or MACON. The Sold iers' Mass M ee t n The lob:tiers' meeting last nieht at the Courthouse was a large One, demonstritive of the fact that President Joeirsoss and his naSional p :-.1iry bare numerous eupporters in the ranks - of the soldiers of the Federal army. All the - flattery and cejoiery and tentacles and bribes offered by the Radicals cannoteseduce the patriotic soldiers into a warfare against the Government they;fought to maintain. Soldier, Leagues," with sanctimoniona pretensions of becevolence and philanthropy to be realised, may be formed by Jacobins and Iffeei Legs; but the true soldier and patriot will not be led off by such baits into oreaniseel opposition to the President and the Governm-ne The meeting last night wu a demonstration which will make the Jacoleas tremble in their boots. Our reporter gives an as-count o , the meeting in another column. Free flpeeeli &train. Throughout the Feiuth the constitution IP 441,1 lir nem. lã freedom ot speech and et use pros. thass.ene. There is lie course, in this char.. which select out of a score of equely Cam! - brought by the Democrat against the Corset-reeve Union party, and the people of the South. It is a little remarkable, however, that C ,ournal having any regard by cowlstency.eliould enter any complaint against limitations upon tree speech, while its own Radical fried e are practically exemplifying hostility to free speech by enforcing silence by means - of armed men in the same paper, and on the same page, from which we clip the above, appears an official report el a Radical meeting in Hickory county, at which various resolutions were adopted. The first ow: reads as billows: lieso!red, By be Radical Uts!on men of Ilichoty emelt. in ease meets amembled. that A. ie. be entitl," that haa p.esence bele a,. a it.,31,berratilrit nretiel snuor Is not regain,' by the gone bio 1.A:hi people ot this county. We ao woe wish to have- the bitter wee or sormibin Aiwa in earl:inapt, neither Will 1Se permit soy man with melees anima nose Ins lips to sleek awe a4. Wig. Maher. that we win prevent bon, peaceatay we ma. toicibie it weenie. The Democrat publishes this roolution withut rebuke or diesent. The threat contained in it wasearried out Men armed with revolvers notified Colonel Ricrianosom. a Conservative Colon man. that be could sot, an should not, speak in Hickory Centre. We gave an amount yesterday of their success in preventing the exerciee of free speech. If the Dereoczat bad any sense of shame, it would bare had the decency to condemn the cool effrontry and the atrocity of this ruffianly interference with the rights of the Coo-, servative Union party in the person of one of its boomed Repreeentatives, in the paper in hich it brings a false accusation against the Coneervatives for denying tree speech. If General hillERMAX is intrusted with the duty of investigating the condition of affairs in Missouri, the proceedings of the Radical meeting in Hickory county. reported in the beeMeerat yeaterdsy. will shed nome light on the subject and will furnish a good standing point in the investigation. Intolerant as any portion of the South may have been I. Bonner days, in the matter of fres speech, it never rivalled the intolerance of the Radical party in Missouri, whose professions of devotion to freedom are proved to be hypocrisy and mockery by the brutal violenee prescribed by them, unrebulted in any Radical question reetraining the political opponents from a fie utterames of their opinions. Radicals have shot down Conservatives in public meetings. They have murdered Conservative ciergymen on the road. They have driven clergymen from their pul, pits. They -have intimidated hundreds from attending Conservative meetings. They are supplied with arm' by Governor PLZITHER to restrain free speech, "silence Conservative speakers, break up Conservative meetings, diaturb the peace of Conservative neighbor- hoods, provoke broils, quarrels and murders, and carry the fall elections. All this may be, wad is in Missouri, and the Democrat has not one word to any in rebuke of it while forging its falsehoods concerning the Conservative Union party. If the Radicals were in any were ea law abiding as the Conservatives whom they vilify and calumniate, there would be a peaceful and happy time throughout the , Union. Our Excellent Congress. The Radical defenders of this body are put to their last shifts to find points of defence for the Congress, whose members have just diepersed after achieving that little gouge in the matter of their salaries. Those who want the people to forget the sins of this Congresa, are very careful to hide from the knowledge of the pewee the participation of the Radical members in the affair of the speculation in Mon. tam. Some weeksAgo, it will be recollected, the President vetoed: "An act to enable the New Yore and Montana Iron Mining and Manufaccturing Company to purchase a certain amount of the public lands not now in market." This veto exposed this attempt to carve in of the puiic domain an immense agate for the 1 benefit of a private corporation, almost with- out cost to the speculators concerned, and in a manner without precedent, contrary to ail our land laws, and discriminating unjustly in fill.01 of a party of speculators against act- i cal settlers and pioneer, seeking homes in our Western Territories. Ihe exposure of this job by the Executives was eo withering that no attempt was made 1 to obtain the two-thirds vote necess.o7 to pass 1 the bill notwithstanding the veto. Eat the job was not abandoned. A few days afterwards 4 it was revived and revamped and repassed by Comereuunder the title .('An act erecting the 1 Territory Montana into a surveying district, and 4 kr other purposes." These "other parpuses," 4 which formed, in fact, the whole gist of the t bill, were almost a literal copy of the vetoed 4 Montana bill. Ther: was no need that Montana should be made a new surveying district, it beiux al- ready included in one sufficient for the waist. of the Territory. The only purpose of the proposition to appoint surveyors and receiveis and regieters there, was to introduce a seeped time the odious job already vetoed by the President, and se make these public officers, with rotaries from the Federal Government. -simply the favored agents of a company of private speculaters. But this artifice did not escape the vigilant's of Preside us Jonetecot. It was promptly met by another veto. Charity may assume that the first bill was passed ignorantly. lint no such excuse will lhelp the lass attempt. Its passage a second time shows a guilty knowksige of ita intent, and a criminal deaumilnauon to put tiarett,Th a job for the benefit of a gang of speculators, in the profile of whose speculotion no doubt some of the members who voted for the bill were, by a corrupt agreement, to share. The National Intelligencer, with all other honest journals, may well consider the facts as stetted irrefutable proof of the deliberate parse:tenets of Congress in an attempt, with full knowledge of its outrageousness, to consummate a foul wroug nod MUMMA fraud. The enormity of such a corrupt traneactionCannot I be excussed or palliated. The Philadelphia' Convention. The Hanford Times states that the Conven- Ron at isSew Ruffen, on the 1st inst , to elect delegates to the !Simonet Convention at Phil adelphia, was an eminent success. It was a a gathering from all parts of the State, and a et gentlemen of ability front ovary comity, a peesmiting an extraordinary array of talent a and influence. It was composed in about equal 1 proportions of Democrats and Republicans. 3 &motor Duos, wooded and made on adwirabie 1 eddrese. It seemed to be generally come- a sled that 'the 111,d0i011 cit the Republican party is ended.' For weeks post our exchanges have brow:" as j daily accounts of se-aloes responses to the e eell in the difirent fitetes, which indicate we unexampled enthusiast that toe been awakened in the heart of the AMeriCagt pets, cl pie. Radicalism may well be confounded, -it is, by the demonstration. An Illinoisan Promoted- 4 Colonel W. W. -iairroan, of the Usk Illinois Infantry, ilia received a due reward la hi41 pro- I emotion to the rank of Brigadier General, 10 I dude from the fall of Vicksburg. Colonel I SANFORD Increase of rank is designed by 1 Government as a niciagoltion of genesis sewn- I es rendered at Jackson, Black-water and Vicksburg, widie in command of a brigade of the first division. unbent& army corps. 4 National Express Company. A teiegraphic &impeach, published Thursday. enneseeed an in' unction suit onisseaced against the National Express Company. We I learn tiaoagh Aileen of She Company that I upon due inquiry it appears that no injunction against the Company bas been issued or IA ; to be. Thai pessimisms the diapatch a btlae- hood. Cesiesvosolvo District Coves:Mon to womehlato a antidadate Ler Oonvest hi "L Il141 - I Distric t. will meet in Richinuad Ray 00Unti, onT).,swinv newt.161b init. a - - I NI" Oh. e Wive ago

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