Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 10, 1974 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1974
Page 7
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Innovative Ways to Revitalize Iowa's Railroad Network Are Sought np.s Mnivfc TII T .... . . .' ...<>.. C_x DBS MOINES - The Iowa Energy Policy Council appears to be searching for some innovative ways to revitalize the state's network of railroads. Three million dollars has been earmarked by the Legislature for improving rail freight service in Iowa. The energy council is in the throes of developing criteria for allocating the money. At its meeting in Des Moines Saturday the council ordered its director, John Millhone, to head up a task force responsible for recommending guidelines to the council. These guidelines are to be presented at the ney^ council meeting, scheduled for July 18, and if approved by the PBS Bets on Japan Movies ByJAYSHARBUTT AP Television Writer , NEW YORK (AP) - "The Japanese Film" series seems one of the more improbable survivors of the recently-concluded program "auction" the Public Broadcasting Service held for the nation's public TV system. After all, who'd think many U.S. viewers would tune in for Japanese movie classics that range from what is called "a chilling Samurai morality tale" to a "striking parable" about modern Japanese society? The managements of at least 80 per cent of America's public TV stations, that's who. They were willing to include the series in the 26 they've agreed to help finance—93 were up for grabs—next' season under PBS' new ''station program cooperative" plan. Admittedly, the deal was sweetened by the fact the bulk of the show's cost was underwritten by a $448,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. But what else might account for the stations' interest in 13 English sub-titled movies that last two to three hours and are nowhere as well-known in the U.S. as, say, "Easy Rider" or "Citizen Kane"? The probable answer, says council the agency might be in a position at its Aug. 6 meeting to disburse part of the money. The council, however, hopes that interested parties, such as communities, railroads and shippers, will contact the council now rather than waiting until the August meeting. The state's five largest railroads already have submitted a plan for splitting the $3 million between them. Maurice Van Nostrand, chairman of the energy council as well as chairman of the -state commerce commission, said the railroads believe their plan is the best for the state "getting the most bang with its buck.'' The proposal by the railroads, however, drew mixed reaction from council members; most members viewed it as a starting point. A four-hour discussion Saturday centered primarily on how to get grain moved on light density track; very little time was spent on the problem of the small-town manufacturer using the rails to ship and received his goods. It also became self-evident that the $3 million appropriation was only a "drop in the bucket" to the overall needs of putting railroad trackage back in good shape. Several council members, led by State Representative Gregory Cusack, D-Davenport,-ta\ked about "puffing up" the total by requiring a local match to get any of the $3 million. Maintaining railroad trackage, especially the light density track, has been magnified by the 100 ton hopper car which is currently in vogue for shipping grain either to the Mississippi River so the grain can be loaded on barges or as part of a unit train directly to the gulf port area. Ralph Pilger, in charge of the commerce commission's railroad inspection program, said the huge cars, which weigh 263,000 pounds when fully loaded, just pound the light track to pieces, even when trains are moving only a few miles an hour. Van N osVrand-said the HO unit 100-ton hopper cars are doing the same thing to the railroads' main line tracks in the south and railroads have expressed concern. One alternative suggested by Pilger was adding more wheels to the large hopper cars so the weight is more evenly distributed. Pilger thought this would reduce wear on the rails. Among other things, the task force being named to develop the criteria for allocating the money will no doubt take .into consideration Savors Relief Summer heat and high humidity can make anyone miserable, even mammoth Suzy. The gentle pachyderm savors the relief "of a hosedown by a Sacramento Zoo handler and doesn't seem to mind one bit where he's standing. the series' internationally- known host. Dr. Edwin 0. Reischauer, is simply that, "there's a growing awareness in many parts of the country to the importance of Japan as a whole. "There's also a certain awareness here of the quality of the Japanese film medium. They (Japanese films) do have a very high reputation, particularly with young people in America, in the colleges. MAC DAVIS STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES including One Hell Of A Woman Good Friends And Fireplaces The Birthday Song Two Plus Two A Poor Mans Gold I .\ nit Anderson Smile lor Me including ornlnLove Thtr Luvt Ol My U»e £ Man liki'Youf D;nJdc Smile Ft" Me CHARLIE RICH BEHIND CLOSED DOORS including 1 Take It On Home / A Sunday Kind Of Woman II You Wouldn I Bi> My l ady The Most BiMulituI Girl You Newer Ru.illy Wiintud Mp VERY SPECIAL LOVE SONGS CHARLIE McCOY TheFoimtHorplnTheSoufti Iain a luckt'r ... /. „ .,,,. BOOTS RANDOLPH Country Boots inrlud'lq , S hC.inri<,r.t».ilU.imDiii.iy.ilomhB Bayou) I'tuml Cli.M-a Ounrs Stand B» V"ur Man . Silver Win!) 1 - Why Mi 1 V.V.WMH.lllll" Th.' Sou >('•*'. ,,nl I, .nil,,, i Tin. U.i|Jli..mOI ./,.., ... I.,,,, .,,,., M , „.. „„.„. Wli,W,. ] •„,! N..VI.,,. | .,„,, W.,,,MY.,,,|.,,yv,,i,,.,,.||,, / i, ,.-i,ii,i «,,,„„., Ragged Old Flag Johnny Cash Ray Price YourrThrOrsfTlwxj BarbaraFaiTchildlRidStuH including Try Me Vnu Always Con*u B.H V t» Hurtin Me Painling Pielly Piclu'fS And I tuvc fttu So Behind Closed Ddurs KiriSlutt including, Southern Comfort/AN t Do Is 0. «» c Donl Go Near7>ie Waier/ Of The Hill Ragged Old Flag Epic and Wonument Records On Columbia Hwy. 30 East Carroll, Iowa Times Herald, Carroll, la. _ Wednesday, July JO, 1974 / the social implications drawn by a community being cut-off from rail transportation. Should such a community receive the nod over one that has rail transportation, although it may be inadequate? State Senator James Gallagher, D-Jesup. also raised the question of repairing railroad crossings. Gallagher thought some benefit could be derived by repairing the pavement between the tracks in a great many instances. The council agreed that many of the crossings were "tacky" and perhaps something could be done. Pilger was quick to point out that the railroads have to maintain the crossings only in cities and towns, the code of Iowa is silent on crossings in the county. It was also suggested that perhaps the time has come for the railroads to be cut loose of their responsibility for maintaining the crossings. Some council members mentioned the possibility of reducing the number of crossings. Van Nostrand, for example, cited 11 crossings in an 11 block area in the south part of Des Moines. State Senator Calvin Hultman, R-Red Oak, perhaps summarized things best when he said the council is in the same positions "the little Dutch boy holding his finger in the dike." Other members of the council agreed, that any program the council develops will only be a stop-gap measure and the state must look to the newly created Department of Transportation for perfecting long-range programs. Iowa Dally Press Association Startles Passengers — Bending bus startles passengers in New York when this German-produced specialty executes a turn-and-a-half at intersections. The $85,000 bus is slightly narrower than conventional buses but 14 feet longer necessitating a rubber hinge in the middle for turning corners. It seats 63 and is undergoing performance tests by transit authorities. "And I think the idea of 'The Japanese Film' is extraordinarily interesting," aid Reischauer, U.S. Ambassador to Japan from 1961 to 1966 and now a Harvard professor. ;; TJie series, scheduled to be- gtn in November, was produced by public TV station KQED in San Francisco in association with the Pacific Film Archive of the University of California at Berkeley. 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