Daily Missouri Republican from St. Louis, Missouri on December 30, 1867 · 2
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Daily Missouri Republican from St. Louis, Missouri · 2

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1867
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THE REPUBLICAN. 8T. 1,01118: MONDAY MORNING. DEC. SO. 1887. - Christ Church. The sale and renting of the pews of this church will commence to-day, December 20tb, at D P. W. - The church will be open all day and a plan of the pews ready for examination The pews remaining unsold 'will be rented until Easter Konday. Eighth of January. - The ath tilliOn of the Democracy, and of all others opposed to the rule of Radicalism, as Istterly administered in Missouri and through the Federal Congress, is directed to the call of the St. Louis Central Democratic Committee, published elsewhere, for a meetine to be held at the Court-House, on the Sth of January. This call is in accordance with a time-honored observance of the anniversary of an event full of interest and Itonor to the whole country, the overthrow of foreign foe and the re-establishment of American Independence. A domestic foe is vox in our midst, endeavoring to sap the fountei tens of oar civil liberties. They are intts rel.d in places of trust and power, from lel they must be driven in order to preserve our rustliutkns. The call allnled Iroutains aa invitation to all lovers& freedom and detest-enter tyrante to ciyme together, to organize and prepare to olarAhal thPir forces in the great mutest of I818. The enemy is already demoralized. Impeachment and negro suffrage. keling measures of ow helical party. intended as a IMMVOITS of retaining power in their own lands, and sublecting the white race of the loud to a bated African rule, have been ignoroinionsly overwhelmed and disgraced. Another effort only is needed to overahelm the party that inaugurated these measures. Let the prepmutory organization for that effort be made on the Sth of January, by an earnest outpouring of the liberty-loving people of St. Louie, An enthusiastic meeting on eat oceasitu will give an earnest of what the niziority Lire resolved to achieve, and, with each odds as are known tu exist in opposition to the misgovernment of our State and nation, we have only to will to do so in order to insure success. She memorable 8th of January is a fitting era in bleb to enter Isom the resolve. - Important Orders by Genera! Grant. Gereral POPE, who has been using his satrapy the Third Military District in a manner most offensive to all who have any faith in civil government. has at last been relieved of his eonimand, and the country will feel relieved, too. General Fork is ordered to Wash ington for further orders. General MEADE, the hero of Gettysborz, is named as POPE.S Stle0egeOt in commend of the Third Di9trict. GCtleral OTtD, whose administration of the affairs of the Fourth Military District have, in general, been satisfactory, has been ordered to exchange places with General McDowEit., Low commanding the Department of California. This transfer 'surprises us a liule; but in General McDowEiL, we doubt not, the cweens Of Arkansas and Mississippi will find au ofticer intent only Upell doing what is right, reirardlees of partisan Litts or influences. Another feature of this order. which is is-rued by the General-in-Chief, is the removal of General Wactin Swava-E from the Freedmen's Bureau, and his asaiguni cot to the ottpinitud of his regiment at Nashville. Birch t Against Van Horn. We bare before sus the report of the Counts seienal Committee on Electieus in the caws of JAnts IL BIRCH ch-imitig the seat ocznpled by R. T. Vas Hoax as Representative hem the Sixth Congress..onal District of Ms ICUTL One ef the croncluding paragraphs of the report of the committee is in these words: I, the elan ol evidence inereelexel by the cntresttri bed heed the on,v as within his resth to eda,J.iiii the right of the pereoui rejected to be roeiveleil and veiii as qualined voters. there wool J be plausible gteund to claim that enough ought to lies prethmeo from it to at lewd raestei toe election. tiniero what is proved by tbe c:mtwtoat wee rebelted ty evidence from the other side. Hot the cnitettent woo tot confined to thi- pro it or eveleeee of lbw genezel nature at all. The previsions ot the Cometitnitou end taws el filiseenn tunitened peculiar lactic ics to establish bee ogee, t he rolled mpon proving Met legal voters were excluded trona regiet eaten eCI votteg as n nallEcd v 'bent. inasmuch S. the rejected Het el tee Registers met the rejected vete inreohed the niumes ot the persons and the candidates ler a been they voted. Unexplained by the testimony, this paragraph is calculated to do ioiustice to Judge "Luca, whereas, in the light of the Patimosiy, it will be seen that the "pecedar facilities" which are furnished by our Constitution and laws were illegally denied to Judge E. by the official partisios of VAN Roux, and that be was therefore without resource except to oast hinaself upon the "class of evidence" be did. This is made apparent Rom the testimony of Furcituouexa, LigGIG and LIVLNGSTON, an follow Quesilou to tivineetenWere on preeent daring the eessiou el the COUllti, Court ot this county, On the el h ot this munch. when Judge dames He Birth Ithe reatestabt In this ease) applied to the court to soaks an Order which would enable him to base a rtheeht of the Idiots which were cael tor him and Robert T. Van Horn, reepectivelf, at the late Nee vend:sew ia this 'wanly? 11 SO, State What the twang of the aturt ass. Abetter-1 was catualiy A eettrt at the timeJudee Birch wads ibeappusatien allosed oi. and I unoere "feed the reseom whieh was aseizited by tee prodding Sitiaico tin Yerevan,. his api.ii-ation to be that, ender the State low, width he read, the ballot boxes were net to be opened except twee the order of the pleprt court. and diet proper coart, dm presiding astice maned, atteant Longman PUNIEHOUSER etmilarly &Hewen the same question, and was further questioned and anewered as follows: Q. Did Judge 8.1-ch theroapen.prrvieI,pnbItoy 1.10e41 al Ira of the Justices thentiu the tech to nouttlit th hike these depieithms ior him. and to twig .he aeneeeary subigene deices riven to their k. to produce the ballot-bete.. registry hat sole poll-books, me as to be able to depose to the number Cl rejected votes, us well as the number ot accepted votee. which were cast I. Concird township. In this county. reepectivele, WO Cat. Van item and hum-Peat aud hat was the reeptinte of he oJ ibigOs Or J asilees? A. They all decheed to In an except Judge Estee, who sheet-seed that be would Like the matter into censiderauch void after dinner. And tie Judge litrch yea on the eve el etirtine Stu Washiagtoo, it wee agreed between Judge Eetes and eiyeelf. at the hisience lot J Toles birch. that he. Jo ige wits to nil wit witness Cl his final enwitnuon, tu it, in cuse be declined, witeess could teeidre to Cie tact first all the el astteee of the Comity Curt had declined to take the depoeitionst the contestant rely-the open that tortes hie team, tor tthiug the-e d. thotiens beep! two Juelices of the Peace. At r d dither Judge E.eco teid we that be hid isomidered the natter and declined to take the depasitioek. The testimony plum; tiseigtert iliat all three Collets Judges were elected on the same ticket with VAN Rows; the Clerk of the County Court, wbo was also elected on the same ticket, was questioned and answered as follows: Q. Why did you not count the ballots of Concord tow ash ip? A &inlay betstioe there was no ofridal cutler anode be the County Court for me to do so, with-eat which I had no sinuosity to do no tinder the law. s' HI :hue Peet! that ft!, t kite sten t Maya 'Lis utmost to procure and verif3, the registry lists, poll-books and ballots of the plected -voters, but was repulsed at tb9 3,49e, by the misruling al the Radical .....-ndees of his own - county. and 120. from necessity to resort to -the "chile. .o-1. testimony he diii"--suid to which it would seem, the sitting member 4 LIOSt probably owes the continued retention of his seat. The Taxes. At a 'tax reform" meeting in Chleago, last Friday night, Mr. Geo. W. ALLKW, of Wisconain, made an excellent speech, wherein, aumng ether things, be said that the people of the United Stateo last year paid over one thousand i I li on s of dollars in municipal, township. county, State and national taxesi They paid one bemired miliioua mormtaxes than the British, and out hundred and sixty millions more than the French- Mr. ALLEN added: I sel a Wpahlican, &ad heave and donow support the itepablectis columns, but I am not aired to .ay that the exteavagsncest, the shameless. enormous estravaganas et the appropriations and expenditures tit the Congress el the lilted States,w ere weltut a parallel in the blatory el all emilized nation.. Sir. Ido not abarge span that body, Dora single member ot that bath any corniotion wkatever: but there were cerrapt jobbers, lobtoyaita, blithe Mime balls. and those seats, and tbose boie.o coutinnally, hl messing those upon Coogress, and that tb-y, Mama' out cause and anottow cause, did make approm eats cm, is an well known aut Wet that body aim in the city ot aseington. Statements hire this, which come home to the oonsciousness of every observant citizen, are bound to shake the dominant party, anti, isomer or later. produce a reform. The whole machinery of collection and expenditure, employing (to quote again) "an army of men sufficient to have conquered Mexico, or even the whole of South Amtrira," should be so simplified at once as to require but few men and small expense- Al the legitimate expenses of the Government, including the payment of interest on the national debt, ought not to exceed fi250,000,000 p-L annum, whereas last year they were Illi6n,Nu,000. Honesty and integrity in the administration are the first requuntes of reliant; but these can never be expected to operate while the Radicals bold the reins of power. Radical Rejoicing. At a recent ek-ction in Wayne county, to fin a vacancy in the BOUM caused Dy the resignation of Jaunt S. laeldinerny, Dr. Jamas WOODS (Radical) wm elected. reuelvtog 97 mike, against 56 Totem' polled for two other candidate& In IMO. Wayne county polled 724 voice for President. Nevertheless. a Radical exchange mays the election of Dr. WOODS waa a victory for the Radiatla of Wayne thm they stay well be proud of. No doubt it in. To elect men to office without votea is something decidedly adapted to Radical rejoining. They should crow loudly this time . whether they are out of the treed, ur not. be Late Severe Battle in Para.. particulars of the late battle between the Paraguayans and the allies show the affair to bare been little other than a massacre, on bi..th sides. The Paraguayans bad been sadly discomfited in most ot their encounters for POMP time past, and yet Loess and bis lowera evince a stubborn purpooe to conquer disaster. The latest conflict of note is known as the battle of Tuyttly. It seems that the Paraguayans, eight thouaand strong, marched all night, with great caution and stillness, to ourprise the camp of Brazil and her allies at Tuyuty and that, on the morning of November 3d, they reached the intrenalments of the latter while the whole camp was in profound repose. They marched in and commenced the slaughter of men right in their tents, before they were discovered, and the allies, under the confusion and dismay, bad to rally and prepare for resistance as hest they could. They did rally, however, lLough suffering sevoolyt Their first success was achieved in routing two regiments of the enemy, which acted as a convoy. But the final failure of the Paraguayans in the conflict is attributable to another and different cause. A force of sonic two thousand men bad been sent to the rear of the allies to destroy or drive them in, and thus cfmolere the route. These fell upon the sutlers. drivers, screams and women, and a terrible massacre ersued. Carts and other combustible material were set on firc,innluiiuc the hospital itFrif. the blinditig smoke and flame only Waking the confusion more h.rruble. For an hour this scene of haroc raged with unmitigated horror. Bet the Paraguayans had possessed themoilves with the stortss of their enemies, and half naked, and famished by a tedious night's march. they began an indulgence which on proved their worm enemy. Having got bold or the wines and !liquors, they greedily drank of theme until a large proportion of the army became intoxicated, and sa a consequenee incapable of effective action. At this point the allies received some reinforcements. and those in the camp had. meantime. got into somothitg like order. Seeing the condition of their assailants they rallied arid made a bold charge . which resulted 1111 a cemplete rout. Msny of the Paraguayans were loaded down with spoils and plunder which they purposed to take back with them to Huniaiot, their stranghold,Which is now surrourded by the Allies. What with drunkenness and the disorder resulting from indiscriminate plunder, they soon became an easy prey to the now inspired and reassured The remainder of the fight was in ita turn a massacre. The retreatog assailants were cut down or captured, offering no availing resistance, and what at first promised lobe a victory soon became a rout. The triumph of the allies was complete. though purchased at a heavy cost. The Anglo Brazilian Times gives an official statement of the results. The allies lost 1,040 men, besides the Argentine - sutlers' camp, a pact of the Brazilian sutlers' camp, the hospitals and other huildiugs which wern burnt, and six guns. The lumen of theParaguayans on the other hand were extraordinary. The Brazilian report gives the number of the dead at 1.519 actually buried, and about SOO more still to bury at Palmer. on the margins of the Es-taro god Tuyuty. Of prisoners, the allies took 155, of whom 143 were wounded. This makes the total loss of the Paragnayans nearly 2,100 mencertainly an extraordinary loss. whoa we consider that they marched to Oa encounter with 8.000 men. The Aggassination at Munie Is. The latest news from 'ionna and Munich leaves no further doubt as to the guilt of the Countess EBERGEN-YI, and the statement that Conzt Crientricsv, the husband ot the poisoned lady, who was arrested in Munich, had his arms and legs chained and balled, seems to indicate that the Bavarian Court is assured of his being the accomplice of the murderess. The precaution token by this wretched woman to hide the evidences other crime had just the cppesitc tect. Ehe toek the teapot that still contained some of the poison along, with her to Vienna. and, wrapping it up with the key of her vietiles teem, she handtd the bundle to her servant girl, is ith the injunction to keep it in a Fife piece. so that nob,cly could discover it. The girl took the bundle to her sister's. the wife of a cooper, olio at once carried it k, the nearest police station as coon as she lied heard of the arrest of her sister's lady. The hotel-keeper at Munich, where the murderess had boarded, and the landlady of the Countess C MORIN bE r, cere both summoned to Vienna, and they at once recognized the Countess Eunice's-Yr as the same woman wbo passed at blumcit under the name of the Baroness VAY. Brevets in the Regular Army. From the Washington correspondence or Forney's Press we learn there were 3,527 brevet given in the regular army from the opening oil the war to the 30th of Siptember. I8a7, as folios st 151 major generals, 310 brigadiers, 400 colonels. 683 lieutenant colonels, 990 majors, 770 captains, and 214 Iiintenanta Many of these besides received two brevets and some five. The reasons assigned for these promo. tions have been gien, and are thus summed Up. Some were brevetted for specified distillguisinst end ea' !ant Perrier..., then brertrled tor distinguished and gaits services tot pelletal; many were brevettsd tor met-lioness st-rvices which were too modest to be aseltied ; some brevets were owed Sick tor oarucatat Reliant d distingnished serVICett atter the brevets Imo been granteu lOr subsequent gallant and distinguishes eetvatcs An a.-istant surgeon was bievetted tot Isiah lul and antrit,rions services mime the coots. anent et the conspirators. in admanistenug to Their Us, wants. to date back to sin's, 1st 3. Meer were evettoo tar taitbrid abil meritorious setviees canceCted with rec and mastering nt 'TOM, ant Mal btevetted again far mudering them our401Oleatom tibeer, were brevetted tor ole tuna to-4 little guns. and (slattern...era and psym macro and gaamtssattes for faultful and di-small:shed serm so, tirithmu ern equipment. rrtg out ereenbicks at long intervals. and terms:bins buten and bard tack. It Las tiansutred in regard to this matter that the tea boards ordered to exam's the record st the regular officers, with their ciaistis t btevet pri-anothst in view. sat in t be tame building and acted in convert One ot these boards attenotsdesee cairns et the artillety and cavern. altile the oli3er Lan the itibaitly it; elmige. Llr aitreements nd br vet was reemmendet exsept tar gall Int conduct in tie field and In the tare of the-enemy. 'Dm number Lividly recommended am.mated to outs about one-third pis present list The altitiat- to it. comprising the great number who never saw a Lanai, much Irits pat tummies' in one, were all lianie in Ow War Department, wdb out the recommeonatiac of either bo's'n. s tni. in (het. attainst tho thief' el action it had established tar its guidance. Tzcsrzo in tie Chouteau Smith Mill and I, arm Association are miff for sale at the liansger's dliee, 420 Walnut street, under F"'"Ittrti Mottl, and at the different agencies tLioii)ioUt tbe eTtr. Telegraphic I terns. The grist mill of k redenek tionetts, ante Mita autee, was bunted om the night of the 27th inst., olvat g a loss ot some $5,000, A Charleston (S. C.) special says Gen. Canby has issued an woes tor a eonvention to meet In that ell on the L-4th of January. The total odkist reform Live a little ever 6,001 majority tor the mdlYelle, Hen. Mr. Obadiah Vallet tine, a c.,nductor on the real& g (t. I.) Railroad, was instantly killed at rtel rlushing ob th !Dentin of the 271h. Tire dace:Aid was steed lug on the platform of rhe car, bent torward to leok at one of the boxes that bad become heated schei.this bead mune in contact with a projecting timber ot the bridge. cuttitg his bead completely eft In the defalcation at the Shawmut bank in Boston, it is ascertained that the cash of the detanPing teller, Henry, h short $5,000 or $6,000 from omitting to credit deposits when received. and the balance, viz.: fk2i3O00 fa compouud interest votes, and 112T.- 000 m bills which are d to have been stolen from the trunk in the bulk vault on the day that the defaulter disappeared-A Washington dispatch says G. Howard thinks Cougrem will have to provide relict tor the destitute of the South. A propeAdon is made to bate a gasemment Menet tweedy-It ve or twenty-six millions si bil per cent., secured by hen on property and crops. Gen. H. does not approve ot this. bat favors a dIstributim ot Mod, the coot to be secured by a on crone. The Hantaville (Ala.) Advocate, a Radical paper, sr eak of the Ccustitut!,m recently framed hy the Radical Ikeoestruction Convention of Alabama, bays: lithe ConetitutPos is not modified, reeviremod as we are.. anti almost in a state of anarchy, its stops' , me obly tin meccilLed ar a CitOlce of crib,. not Oelenthst a. rigid and propir. But it is An our power to ruodit3 the evil. DOW, nod tor that purpose the Convention Amisht be called itsether It aloe repudiates the action or the Radical meet-Mgr in North Alabama, and says that the white Uniotists are Ignited and rejected as unsound. A t,barlette county (Va.) special says that along atti throughout the counties named below a reign ot terror prevails. The freedmen have become desperate, awaiting the dish ibution of prizes, and now seek nreure by house-harping. cattle-slaying and other ouiragee. The COUntieS of Amelia, Prince Edward, Limburg, Hallithx, blecklenberg and Pittsylvania are deluged with such outrages. A war ol lama it is declared, seems inevitable. be civil authorities are powerless to protect. and the poste are so remote that the whites bare determined to defend themselves. The resolution is, death before negro imprentacy. The forty acres and two mules, promised them at Christmas, not being forthcoming, caused this terrible state of attain. A Havana special gave Senor Print, President. the Cabinet ot the Dominican government, bad arrived theme en kis way to Washington as special Envoy Extraordinary. Senor Prral is net reserved as to the comunieeten which be bears. It is to close negotiations in relation to Ramona. The resignation of part of thibrars cabinet had been aceepted,and Vaverde, Cartel. and rerrionto, have been appointed to nil the vacancies. Gen. Valence's death has been confirmed. Congress had sanctioned a new chit code, and the reorganization el the Judictaly. The chief reason for closing the legislative chambers was the prectunatima of simnel law by ties ex-scythe. Extraordinary powers bad been conferred upon President Cabral, who was proving his abilities and energy ei character in the present emergency. He had returned tram Cabs to the capital. The provinces el St. Domingo, Cabs, Rona and banana we'. tranquil. In the northern part erase Republic the imeast revoinuen, under the lead W OWL Hungra, wait Will making progress. Issouri Items. The Fttl'estrea mys ,bat whim tbe negre6e.t.Cntumble were ameatibled In a church of tber own at that place, on the evenieg et the eerii Ines.. utzkine preparations for Christina& artnettrimken r0w0lel't riding part about 10 o'clock. died their pistele at one of the church doors, greatly alerming the imamate& Atter the tring.einimenced outside. the neRex. eroneebeee greet at the door from the inSide. An unlucky Ate frem one of their pistols hit Mario. Weed& a mitre soon, in the ferehead. Wang him, tied wounding& wry woman in the bind. 'The debates reran, roue eft in the dark awl-were net recoguized. The &airman very properly denounces the eattage hidb remlted an the homicide, and coals oe the authoritiee te ferret nut and brine the :nifty causes of It to justice. Whishey wait at the beam of the Ali affray occurred at S'argeon, Bent county, on the North Id 'sewn.) Railroad, on the Leh inst., besteett, Enoch Braaideneure and deem liemdersett, in whirl' the hitter wee killed. Both parties heel in tbe lame boom mei bad bad frequent quarrels. On this occasion. Btattelectenn tired at fleneerson thrcuch the window with a ride. the ball posting thiough his heart, awe ol couree killing him. After Le tell, Brandenburg went out and firel two more , hots from a ristcl, the halls strikieg hie victim near the mum place. Ile was subsequently arreetea and cenowitted to jail on the charge et murder in the first degree. The Iota, amount of taxes assessel in Adirain eunty tor the year 1667 Is 055,000. of winch 1044.000 bait already been paid in to the Collector. On the 234 Inst.. Jacksen Farmer, of r.creant Bill. CaSS ceentv, wets West by a jury before Justice Magill, Red tined $loe ler an azgravated email mei battery on William C. Webster. The fine wed costs ametubtd to S I IT 75. Tis is Fetlinz i pre:ty Welt rice 01 tutu-tie amusements. ..a high that it ?cr.. rietenlly &rowed up would make the enjeyetent boteetiong of a rarity. TLe Munn' of mineral taken eat at the Granby ifilneS, during the second week of December, reachod Foetal, being $10,0tie in excess of that of the preview eeer. At the recent Cathelie School Feir at Jeffersen City, Me nanageis realized the hantieome suds of SIX 2 75 ellen pee lug all expenses, besides from 1125 In ae0. w bleb had not been paid in at the summ,ng up. Ladle and gentlemen of other Wrenn imeeene than Catholies aseitted largely in the entertain-!pent. The Sedalia Tines undersMnals that the Pacific Railroad Cempeny has deermieed to rebuild tee Pat die Bowe, receetle butned at then place. The frame work is bents d ,ne at the C tannany's yerd at eithihgton. I he building is to be twins as calamine as the one burnee. and will east stern $30,- tieti to complete it. Mr. J. O. Ives. the former proprietor, no to take change of the house. A Man niunel Rebineon. Iviag ,even m, les weig of Sprineurld, ceinnit. led suicide some ten dela ago by ebonite& himself through the head with a pistol. He ha supposed to have been tisane. He removed to Greene county Irmo !ewe abut a seer ago. hie wee bad gtven birth to an intent only three deem befere hie death. Tits net proceces of a festival at Louisiana. on Christmas eve, for the beeelit of the Socead teeptite Church (leat place, was over re.75. A hatedeoine take, weed for at ten cenis a vale, broneht Ste, anti Mute Jennie Drake got the largest number of vote for beine the prettiest lady present. Air.Calvin Ware, of Spenceeeburg, Pike county, recent!) killed a grey eagle, measuring six feet six Metes tiom tip to up of wins, and weighing eight and a quarter pounds. When killed it had a wild gooee in its mhos, from which it mai mektng a moat. A dozen or mere of these rules hove been killed in dub State, within a few months. dauteb Batten. 16 years old, son of Air. William B into residing near Brown's mill, Lincoln nautili,. abate out uniting ea the Mb met., acchlentally theft bmssel t. the charge Mims gun entering his forehead over the lent eye, twittering his brains in every directiou, aid on ceuree cau-leg itstant death. Ca Ile have been Leeued tor the holding of Berne-metre Club meetenge in tike county. One is to be bell at Louisiana and the other at Clarksville, beth on the 4th of January. The call for the latter errs-leg is etened by some One huudred ani fifty of the mad proanment citizens of the townthip-Celninet. A call Mr a Democratic meeteng at New bee ton, radio otUnty. On the lith of Juniata,. eienid by John D. Biego, H. C. Wellman'. Win. Newlead and others of the m tet prowieent eitizeue of Bele, appear,. m the teeerce of the With inst. M (mut Verttou Poinits.a eels Gist two of its Mende see ;mitten', both of them menthat of the Church and Swanky Shoot onicers, hie a fight on the public equate", itt tliet town, a seek or ten dee.. ego. A feromenedeekieg bhck bear eapstirei in the neighborhood et White Liver. 'was ',traded tatrattzh the Ftritts on bp; ingteld on the day preceding & Imitating. 13 he Ia,,eod earl Bruin '-attracted marked attehtede' and wati tedewed by an immense mem:eaten. By way of putting a bulehiog touch to the Inehly morel a Lueemeete of Christmas utY. a Lein on the Fair Grounds was lainvirated, niece ab mehy dogs as lured be brought ae.siest him wese try,mned a lively tame of it. When the light anion tit ;tax or eight dogs were let loose sm Ins bewebtp, sh of which got whipped. S tees two be three butdred people witeacsecd the moral exhibitien. A &one; of fancy dress bells have been inaugurated at Si rimgfield by the elite of the coterie perbuseion. A d ',empo. a, Ere occurred at Weitrville. on the ! North Missouri heilroad, or :dm 2.1th nue, monolog in the hurmug ot Judge Gi Metes btore and Whtte, bead's tobacco factory. The Joel; was heavy. Monti ! the ezeoutit in not stated. nor the Cause of the are. Sherdi Deuebeity, of Jackeen county. deneueow "-s talea an cue itself" the denial of the strent.- buti,,b Staudarit. or his (the Sheriff's) etatement a mob at that place endeavored to get Andy McGuire out on bib bards for the purpoie of lynching him. lie mewed& that the editet of we Stemmed wee one of the mob, and may therefore feel interested in untie( the denial. Warrenehurgh fa the last three or tune years hat at ienteitied a most mierahle notoriety be its mob spirit and mob outraese, No pole le the State comes nor equalizing it ia this bad eminence. Tee Macon hews says the flair's in thet vicinity abonnd with tilax barite," which sportsmen kill by wholitale. As many as one bemired and Etty have kites kilted at one. ebotf They re in snub denee ticks as todarken the atmosphere, and when they settle on the ground they completely-cover it. Expert throwers bring them down with a stick SA they fly overhead. A third rail Is to be laid between the State line and the ferry landing at Kansuse Ciro, tor the pnrrose of tramderring Weight fec in the Unarm Pacific to the nahmo City At Camases toad. The work is to be done at one& The KOMRS City Advertiser save the fare teem that place to St. Louis, over the Facile road and the Kuntaii City 45,7 Cameron is the Smite as honor. the eetesing of the tatter-S14 50. Fr-melee tremeeliale, Rend Liett are,tht nannossneslilsoonl-S.---- ---71n5-loin named E. A. Brooke and John McGraw aline Chinon', were conimited to jail at hL Joseph, on the MO' thet On the tharee of borne. stealing. I be St. Joeeph Heroht,ot the gab. says there was au animated SkiStilish in &het ',Inn, on Ceristinis evehirgebetween a party ot whites and a party of blacks. Blow' were exchaegee thick and test, and the damages tiniseglislat wets a herein e. At length the negroes threw in, the spenge and beat a retreat. but not before the pollee had captured neweral of the contestants The St. Jueeph Union, referring to ettitrilald lug troM that place to St. Loins, went simple bue of them on er- tctt - rpin uterus through sleeping Ine ear eei Benny heyienly win Vilbist.146L0 about the time the Deno get. through. Life Convicts in the Massachusetts State Prison. Prom the Nemeton (Mass.) oernal, Dee. 23. lbe oldest einem, of the penmen a zuen named lionneweil. ot Cambridge, ano has leered within ito elle for ItG1 twenty years, halt a hie Ghee. In his was ot noAlufrclit,it latch termite-Mere in hie Ifl.rifluL ill tile 11011A0 C-orreese bon, at the instsgemete et big mother- Upon his rela ts! he bet bie parental borne on tire. resulting en the Stu-meg to ...Math of bee brether, for which he ea es reelected to be haneed, nisch entente wag alletWitlIF contemned to the imprisonment. Uttering Into the hospital of Me lemon with the Weirder ,we stool by the bedsole et a convict evidently in the lead ideals of etprfulnpti.oll. Near Wm tat a telAnW collYKt in attendance open les wants. The stolen adeltetatel hal inertly. odernig any centime that mtelet deeireol. Pim sick man mimed tor re rehebn if artecle, which was et once tent Mr. Hewes tweet' also it be wannest to bend word to lite parents; list he dectliteettodameg that his tither e'er mother lived a long way otr in Webtoon New I.e.k, that thee wrap 11.341' and unable to bear the expenm ,ef visiting h One li ester) es se sad one. Six or seven years ago, In TAlestern folestachusette. this convict tel. in love wale, young wemsn. Tke ateacbment was IMP nal, and. if-tends oppooleg. the Wattmeter' comet, eloped teezethes. 1 be re4tietee et the lady cursuel. and. evertaXenc them at the b fee, were ahout to carry the young woman ed to her home, when her corepanian begged the laver of a brief teterview. 1 hie yore granted, vo hen. as be asserts, Mee teemed to end their tumbles by e Kerne. ling buitide together. At the last Moment, howevdr. her emirates talicd bor. end ehe celled upon hem, as he rase, torte the deed nu her: be Urea cut her tenant and his own. bile Med. be recovseed, and wee tried and convected of murder. but was eared Mom the entiows b) a oenanutethen Of hie sentence to imprisonment foe le s h,1x lutes have elapeed. atoll new he also is about to pass au af.coutnts and penitent tbr the crime which he committed-A nutlet convect, oleo has a estrange hietory. is an Enelebman teamed Wilson. Twelve veers or more auto. be wee en the point et being discharged. has nt.-1,te heeler esteem', when on the morning ot the day of tele letettee. out of rev, I ge far same imaginary wrong, he murdered a fellow enevects lie slaN tried. convectod. and emetenced to be balm. I ins gallows wee erected lie the yard of the Charles eireeciall. the Simile and bis posse were present, lead the coreletened man sate &beet to be brought teeth to tenetereo the eeeence of the law, when an order roes received Mom Gov. Gardner, itt4y!ilg the execute u for a week. thetore the expiratios or that loet med. his semen's was commented to hie imprisonment III reolitare at the (;111-1.64,1)0111 Sillte Prison. and for twelve yams be lass bees the poke What.' 121st ol a cell. with the excepeten of an hour each day allowed tor exercise in the prisou aired. Hie health is Meting. beewever. Another 'voodoo- for tile no Jobe !teems, the young Man who killed his eweetheart ha Resbuly, a tear or two 1.4Jc, sued was seneenoed to be hung, but bad the teenier collulluted to ineterebeumeot lot lit.. Be hen behaeed well Gum his commitment to prison. Plummer, the ter heleehie neutweer and murderer, who was raved hem death ha the xerthoss et the late ex-Gov. Andrew. and sent to this institution for hie, teems to be la rather a poor state of health. Switzter vs. Anderson. Front the M191101114 Statesman, Dec. 27. There were nine regittrars ot voters in Calloway ID IMF. We have the testimony of etzht or them; and 4 i worthy or note that seven out of the eighty Realists and ad, together with POMO twelve or lirteen ot the mott respectable enizens at the courv,y. swear On their oaths that Thomse atatementa are tales. -False' is the wool need by ell of the them. too Imply untrue, but tiatte;:' an articulate tkottn4 which creeks like a wagon stint.. and orie winch we belteve will be heard potently tor truth in the hails of Coogrees. Min tor this "cevtificate" of Thomas. a piper which now Mantis ',mote the naMon doehly-dahreed by tames Out ot eight ants own registrars, the clamibbroA,411,001114 bot have been Illrardtt Mr. A; iern os. That Mertlileate- is Angerson'e stock In trade. MM Mae crutition el the chair in which be sirs at Witt bington Spotted and tabooed as it m by the Concurrent and u ncontradieted testimony ot seven-eighths ot he 'centrum. ot Callaway counter. and most of theta ittreere or Thomism' ewe appmaluut. we confess it is not cosy to tee by whet prurient Mr. Anderson Imola tint eurtnon cool arkeirgir te MI on it. CAWADIAX Railroads carried two and a half million paeneers last year, and killed severity-seven ot them. Their receipts were eleven minions, or lean then ten per cent. of the cot. Nearly 9,0u0 persons are amen yeti, of whom almost two-thirds look to the Urand frunk tor Weir par. How Shall Yotzng Men Sneed? 'The Bev. Dr. Burlingham deliveeed the fifth discourse ot a eeelea be is now giving to young leen, in the Second Itaptist Church. Ian sight There was a very large attendance. Ile hatted biz remarks upon the words I Timothy, 4. 4.--"Yor bodily exer prAltah HMO; but godliness LS profitable unta all things, having promlie of the life that now is, and of that whieh ift to come." In counnereing. Dr. Burlingham said be desired to take a bread view Of his subject. 'rid to speak ot success, as Witching all the interests et tame and eternity. There was a sneeces greater than that in business, aud though millions of money might be gathered a lite might be a failure, while not a dollar irisht enrich one's exchequer, and yet a hie be a splendid success. It cost an effort ibr a man to reelize the nature and attain to the reality of his true Micro s. s, and it was very easy to fell in both; mistakes were made in the theory and in the parsult ef Lutean welter., and they were rot only easy but frequent; everywhere they PAW men chasing baubles in the brie of Reding solid worth. Toe great secret ot real success was godliness, which was love to God and true religion. Re diet mt claim that, being a Christian always seeured the greatest amcunt ett boner, of health. of weeith, or of whatever else men considered profitable; sonoiimes they were benefitted by these being taken from them, and norm, cold and darkness alien bete a ith them choicest tremnres That was pre& table, and inset ministered teatheir success, a Lid, itemeted their iigt.ct goid go,!linest Wat Ftweefs even more, became it came to their rescue in all pussible condititas cud sanctified everythieg to their own grid; it took riches, took honesty, teak &link, took aiiknees , 1th:with:es and hatreis, ant made them all contribale ts their benefit. It would be ease to show that the suatoes of young mem in intellectual development and culture, wee largely dependent upon piety Or godliness, ler this, mote than any other agency, roused she potoffs and etpacitige ot the mind. Withent it the bigheet mental growth wee icapcasible Religion laid the foruntation of miumitioe or iLtelloostal training on the canscience, regulated by God's word anti oa the eyelet thi. in loll and ligiumate exercise; a ad it ws a vast edneatem-an educator which gate to tho mind a larger rano. a lottier attitude sad a bighcr and better insetration in Its possessor. If they waited wed at,rcO minds and the hieliest cunt development, they wouid bare to get their education unaer Christian ArilijOSA., piety e as also sit cessful in pratucting their happitee, ; it was its ptoi ince to give contentment Au all cis cumstanees, and calmness And peace amid all the Tap; and multtituieus caret, SOO glares of tue ; and it happiness was tint, aim. as he suppased it was, they could only 4,13tain it by being tetizons. Retire,u gave mon God te tall back upon, and under him they could teat beware!), so to their success. Ico 'Meg could diaturb theit peace when He was their suppott, their joy. their rock ; and in 210 other way valid they paseinbly succeed in being permaneutly happy. it oix2 psi-el-Om of young men to gains good reputation, and they sueccml best in this by being Chi ietate. Some persons might hate teal Chriblatnit, but they bated thcza because they were thertmeatett like the devil; some might ridicule and appear to tieepise them, but the wicked in thoir &art et hearts labatr tl,Sp;Sed a Christian. 'hue reloza,n mural an echo in every lumen heart ; sad whoever bad it in itb purity might flat have a reputation for intelligcnce or Jur Wisduni, talent or Lumeets Pu,sesb, but be meat have a repetation 14 boneitty, tor purity, for justice, tt uthildness, sin-eerily Cud for real inteteet in others' yentas. thee things beam equal. piety wee decidedly promotive ot buelucts succoss. Ile did not believe the& lying and cheating acre the merest road to wealth, sr licit it so obtained, was a curse awl a gate wh:ch burned into the hand that held It; also entailing moral ruia and death upon the children who inheretod it. The twasaing ranch wealth did not dmen-e the name Olauccebs. tar ho nc.oz was real which did not do sonic good to him wh, tamed it To be permanently Snrcefsial in business, industry wee essential; no avai ice nor art bittea couhl andante such imiustry; but the man who was ew eyed by Christian pi temples wee bonnet to keep the Apostolic injunetbn, mei be "Illigent ifl basmees." Another element at Plitesta was the securing and retaining ot the confientee of those Irbil whim they mignt be asiociated This could be accomplished by wawa-vet Pig latalueia inteutity,wido h must Ivrea sexist in a real Chnstiati Cod weuld. be beliered, honor and cruets with since.; him ate listst a Carta-den, and, though Le might ma get a great deal or nioacy, he world teal succeseBelicica bete 11,.led even, human interest it teethed, and was the grand promoter of StleZeSa, ultimo their physical blot prolessional and moral. soc:al and m.tertil anceess found ceateuntuatien in I-. Abe baing a Chriitlau, not only aided them in their success in the premnt. Ilk,, but 'metered them tor eteralty and the tile whorl' Is to come; and this sac more titan all, mate than bentli, tortune or lapitieese Indeed, this ',deg a t'bristnate was the higheet posible anemia The great aim ot Chen-es relights was the salvation et the soul. to take care ot welch was eternal sconen y. LAI soul IMP Deitlee!ed, MS was an awful 'allure. but lilt was saved. fife was a splendid sue. COOL It their souls went saved. they wood remain with God tor all eternity, on tint sea ot glass. from the crystal surtace of which they would never cease I to relleet the mace slid the glory ot the eternal One. That would be final, eve, lasting !melees, and abatteVer they might lack or gain on earth, u that wee vented, their lite would be a success, upon which they could loot with attitude fur ever. FROM TEXAS. S'Eralber Tropical netmon Finances Ce,ttoo FaalureriGrape CultureCosvention Itlection Itaileond Connec toombMarkets. Correspondence of the Bement:au. GALT ewes) to. Texas, Dec. 22, 11Z7. Here, in this beautiful Chum city of lemon. lying nestled in the blue waters of the Mexican Gulf, your corrrspoodeat writes to the readers ol the all Bitr ontacas. his the nd day of Dscember, ant the weather is as non, balmy and wares as May itselfwe migz.t term it almost tropical. for our markets are full to repletiou of ihrivish pees. lettuce, celery. radisbes, itc.. and our gardens still glorious in their wondrens wreath of street flowers. that beautitul weather in tact is continuing too long tor practical use. for cisterns are becoming dry. gardens wilted, and the Hind toe deenfoxecanewoolego-werag iooe ogegiug tor a neither to corn sweeping down, tainting in its trail plenty ot rain. - Texan is at present much depressed financially and Ler planters, disheartened aml sick ot failure& are beginning to esteem further attempts at planting utterly useleas. Cotton meters, espe,cialiy those wno Lave made large advances this year to ruined plantersosear the most woe-begone tail citupairing Imes posstble to imagine. The planting ot cotton this year liar proved peculiar' r unto, tithatebeary thine is the spring, aux in coinetueoce a backward crop then the iievastating 'sweep of the cotton worm. In tbousands ot instances utterly annihilating the cropand salt all that. the miserable cendw,t of tie worthless freedmen, who, in many" ea-- .nar the crop is mode, refuse to pich . thew. ana otb. combitie.d can!,, nate edimplerely Wrecked the planier 01 dle staple, advanam were made from this city and Houston to planters upon the Brazos ane elsewhere. in Bond varying te,,m $2.304., PS25:- 000 gold, and in alm,ct eeery inxtance not enough cotton has been made to IN I rr the bagging and rote and feed the freedmen. This is ruinous all around. The poet year's experience has taught tee turners the folly ot attempting to plant, an formerly. thoneands of acres of COriOn. and the advantage, or retlizr the necessity ot dividing the plantations into email terms. Tile necessity tor the partial shoodanment of cotton. has also become ainetrent, and the substitution ot the Ham's plan castor bean and grape. Matted ot cottdi is attractiog em iota &don-in try bumble opinion, there is no emntry on the lace of the glow, not excepting the fairest vine lands of Italy, trance, Spain or Germany, no well adapted as Texas for the succeasful cultivation er the grape. Upon the light, windy of her hills the most 'emulous of grapes grow will in spontaneous and unbounded prolusion rear atter year do these vine-clad hills bear in Enaiandbmut clusters many varieties of the tempting mutt; and Set, to tar. the cultivation of the grape has bowed Into bumble insigniecance before that once mighty, bat now dethroned, Sing Cotton. Thuusands tot &cresol' these grime lands are in the bande of teal estate agents no this city for vale at pikes varying front 00 cents to 62 per acre. Meesrs. Crawford and Simpson have of these Minis nearly 200,000 acres tor sale. CoL itnea, a real estate scent ot this city. has also many league& upon which waote communities might bud loonies, together with room and land in plenty for all. Texas needs and invites immigration; teaming millions can here find homes and the internist welcome that a Texan can give; homes that will cost theta comparatively nothing in comparison with the price of lands in Europe and New England. Tee registration ot voters in this State being coin-completed. Gen. Hancock has, in compliance with the act of Congress of the n.t March, 1807, Mined his Special Outer No. 213. giving notice that an election will be held upon the 10.11,1111i, 12th, 13th and llth days ot February, ItitiS, to determine wbether a Convention shall be held, and to elect delegate thereto. 1 lie Veneer entire press of the State are suit against the Convention. and strenuously urge the policy ot not voting at all. thereby defeating the session and saying the Constitution from the installment of negro enemas. The coatest will be a most doublial one, since eat al the 101,259 registered voters ot the State, the Coneervatiyes claire only a scant majority of 6,000. Thus it is evident that every Coneervative's absence from the polls Amoco.-sari in order to carry the day. The city of Galveston is steadily improving, and, when the Kansas Railway reaches us, she will at once take bar station among the cities of America. We sincerely hope the road will be pushed forward with an energy adequate to its speedy completion. We cermet report increased IladaatiOn in our market, nor. any marked depression. The stock ot dour en hand is lair, but trade somewhat Flue unbranded, Weil 10; superfine $it 54)12; double extra $13; triple 611 50,615; choice and family brands SE als Greve apples are quite scathe, and are welling readily nom store at 9100. For fear that we trespass en your spve and patkuce we wall ckse. remarking that Mr !Vigra lettm will contain obseryatiens upon climate and ten, descripth no of settlement& showing improved snit unimproved surfaces of lands an their adaptation to agriculture, also their average yield Ineottoa, corn, sugar end wheat to the acre. and the pm. at which they can be purchased or rented. Public works and lines of transportation will be fiesenbed, and these two great bransobee al Texas trade end haegnee, the raising ot sheep and cattle. .0 00." ..-T,TVLAIIISSIKfite'751.7r7rfaS.--- , f- THE MIssoURI REPUBLICANST. LOUIS, DECEMBER 30, lb(i7. -7-- LECTURE HY DN. BURLING- THE ORPHANS9 HOKE. AVIIISKrY F JUDS. I E1CHTH CF JANUAPIY. I FURS ! Funs ! ! HAM,. It Transfer to the Methodist Episeoinst Church South. Its Origin, With Other Interesting Particulars. There wee a very frill attendance at the Methodist Freseopal Church South corner of Eighth and Weshingten avenue yesterday morning, services 'melee been suspended in ail the more prominent chnichee of tbat denomination la our city. that an interested might Pave en ernortunityof teititying, by their progence.that they entertained a livelysermyethy in the welfare of the little orphans of herb sexes, who, until a short time back,. were wi (bout educational reemorces. and the very neseesartes or , life. But that those of our readers who ife not eon1 versant with its mime and eubecanent history may more frilly underetaed the object of the meeting. that was so largely atterded yesterday morning, we have taken some pains to collect the following facts, not only as CO evidence of that genuine philanthtopy that exists among our citizens who are not actuated by copidity, in the fartheranes of any grand design or great undertaking. but equally a 'subject ot interest to the people at large who takis an eepecial pride in the perpetuity of our many charitable inetitutions, that, with seemely an exceptien, have conferred incalcuiable bleesings upon suffering bumanity. Ou the first of December. ISM the thetteht first : occurred to one of our wealthy mere-ants of estabg an Orphans' Home, resnitite in a fixed datetmination to eoeteetrate, without regard to ex' pease, the eetabliehment of sitch a house, and which Mr. Wm. H. alarkbarn (the merehant in gaestion to where the main credit is dnej was will tile to bear. be I acting in concert with an e-eneeble lady resident of St. Louie, the former furnishing the mama as a beginnipg. the latter her tiros and energy as mitten. This was the origin of the Pierce. Accoraingly, on tee 14 of June, la,6, a dwelling known oaths Chomborg House, on the souttwat corner of Tweitth and Monroe streets, was rented and furnished, and the children taken thilter. During the following winter, it was found this bosses was too small; and the Deleyn's Mansi being then for sale, lt was purchased by Mr. Mark-hem and the Home finaliy eetablithell thrre, and where it retinues te this Os,. The object then in view as now. woe to tote care of the belplees orphan children et Metholist parents and, it able, to receive and provide lot any deditute orphens, without regard to the refill in of the wows; to educate them at the publ-e Scioto!, PO for as necessses for business. for trade ete., and koep ttem if possible &bele the condition of servants and mere rebore:a; and whim upoa the cue blot, as airthdy stated. the original founder ef this beneroterm enterprise proposed to beer the reepeumbal'y tor all neceseary expeneee, yet no one was debarred, en the ether, from contributing in aid of the enter-prat, ea he or she might think proper; end under each auspices it was dedieuted with a prayer to the God of the orphan to bless it altos and increarte Its grail !peg results. ITS LOCATION. OCILOTNCIA, do. The Orphans Home le betted on the senthweet corner of Twelfth and Brooklyn street!, immediately aejoin leg the Weimar Memnon, and in perbans as healthy, and in all ether reseects, as elieible a location as any in the city fer the purpoee desiguated, aid the Dobyn's Mansion imite.ria well adauteci tor tte purpose accordieg to Its cepecity as coy other dwelling not originally constructed tor a charitable end. 1 his property was purchased het Jonnary for (MOW, independent of the trees upon it, supposed to amount to Seel). The lot upon which the bohynie mansion was built, has a front of eighty feet on Twelfth street by INO feet, and adjoiutng this lot, the Home has a lease on 65 feet on the south side. , The Home bee been in operation TI menthe, and, hclndr repairs and itcielental expenees (the latter embrachm furniture, fixture,, clothing, marketing and groceries) beeexpended a little over $10,000. Since its opening fitly-five rebel's have been received, and of this number thirty now remain at the Home, or. a difference of twenty-five in the whole received sod nmeher remain lag. Of theee seven neve died; fifteen were taken out by blends; IMO by Mayor Thomas, mei one has micaped. Such, in bile!, is its history up to the present time. Latterly the idea was couceived of havine the control of the Orpheus' Home traneferred to the seep-'big of the Nether:1st Epieeopal Church Seth, and, with this end in view, a meeting was called yesterday niorning for the purpose of submittleg a ConstPutii tor its farther cuidance and prolection, the election .at tethers. rind, in short, the adeption or truth retolutn aitd provnions as werCel not enly retrieve the harden ei its support and care from flame wit have to Ion; and eeueirously administered to its necemilles, but at the same time, in-Meath its mammoth.. AS previously annetiocoti the Methodist Epleeopal Church South in tee northea4 comer ot Eigeth street and WAI,hiti:Aton aven ue, was Pelected as the molt fi Mine place, owing to the calamity orthe church, and at lej o'clock A.M., every aveilable mat was occupied. The meeting was called to order by the pastor, the Bev. Dr. Martin. by reaaiug a portton of the Soap-lures, eineine of an appropriate hymn and prayer. Inc Bev. Dr. Mottle then proceeded to explain the object of the lumetang Ina tew brief ant well-timed remarks, hoping that the audience would not con-stile the uneaten be might make to himself and his servitor, in behalf of tee Orphans' Home, as self-congratulatory or egotistical. its had first learned, n bile in New Orleans, laid opting. that Mr. Markham bad founded an Orphans' Hone, and, that the subject bad fireweed a great deal of interest in St. Leos; that be wee imitated to view the undertaking as a hazardous experiment for one man, ante,' he bad the fortune of a Girerd, and be was therefore of the opinion that the church should take charge of it in the future; that when the District Conference, of which be was a member, first called upon the (grebe to consider the proposition now under dmcueeten, he did not take part in it that a resolution wsa then passed ot a previsional character, namely, when the stun of tt0,000 hod been ealeed, the church would be able to carry it on, but not until then. Committees were appointed to rube the money; and although he, the volume, bad raised a million in his the. he had doubts, great doubts, that success would crown the efforts of that comn,ittee, and which limited out aa he had pre-dieted. He further remarked, that another convene tion was exiled on the Jetta of last November, when reeelutimis were pained, that they were as mush, nay. more than ever ethelaced or the importaace of establishing such a Home and under the timepiece of she church. Afterwards he was called upon to draft constitution. and immediately addressed Mandl to that work; be had done his best, and it was then prep.aed that a rervar ass' ca the epeaker's esthete, tion was, to define the powers of this society; next, who was to hold the propeller, and, after censuitaties, it was determined to appoint live truetees to be a corporate body, and apptinted hem the members of the congregation who had signed the Constitution; the tthstees to control everything. and all tende raised tor the endowment of the testa:vim to go into tivrir heeds. But be imbed it Cu be distinctly utitenteet. that when sitar A. or sister B. collected a thousaud dollars she is le deliver it to the trustece: and when money was dra on, it mast come out under a regular dratt, properly signed. The next propoeition woe to appomt a BoArdor rectors ..0 t be did trot Meth ; - Por l'ottihte4rt "his ivsahneePeer5edwh.enAanmotrn was made, nominating the Hon. Truman Polk as Chairman, and P.yor as Secretary, who were nearimeuely elected. At this etaem or toe meeting. bir W. M. Prottsmen rose to a personal endear,- Hen, he having been one tattle committee previously mehtioned, and be begged leave to differ with the brother who had preceded bini in the Mammies ot the resolutions; namely, that the entire proceeding had been rtpiesented as having already been azcerepliabieLand the members of the church had only ase et taken an initiatory step, and, as 'netters stood, It was sot a tine repteseutation of facts. or rather there was a msapprehension about the condition ot things that be wished corrected. An eleetion of office.5 was next in order, with the following result: President of the Associatioue-Wne II. Markham. Find Vice PresidentI...twig H. Baker. Seeend Vice PrettilentH leant Shaw. , onreet,,,,elien. Trueten Polk, Win. T. Gay, BAC. Baker, Jame. Baseett, John C. Bull. relinanent SecretaryAustin R. Moore. In contormance with the Constitution . it then drvolvd.d upon the President Mt nominate a Board of Director's, when the Itillewing ladies were proposed and elected: UM libellee, Mrs. W. Pinn. Mrs. C.C.Andoroon. Mrs. W T. Gay. Mrs. Leek wood. Mrs. L. IL Baker, hi rs.Pelk. Mrs. John 0Fslion. Mni. Ed stn. llro.L Colman. Mrs. Dr. th sant, Mrs. d. Arnat, Mee. Biesell. Mr.. 11.R. thAiuta. Mts. Jens Black, Mrs. C. Logan, Mrs. J. B. Coleman, Mts. bleCtimpbell. Mrs. W. C. Lodum Mrs. Nathan Coleman. ktrv. O. G Beer. hire. W. J. John, Mrs. Barbee. Mrs. MerTimm.. Mts. Weems. Mrs. Avis, Mrs. Jae. Biseell, Mrs- Jesetat Paden. Mrs. W. Laramie, Mr.. I. M. lease. Mrs J. Miller, Mrs. Vantleter, Ali P. Smyser, Mrs. J. C. Bush, Mr.. Dr. Pena, Mrs. McGoelinTbe Preeident was next istroduced to supply the 13SO101 of any who may decline to serve. The aret W etting will be held for further consultatien next Saturday, at 11 o'clock A. re.. in the hamment of the Centenary Church, corner of Filth and Pineothen a find and seemd directress will be elected from the timber present. The entire proceedings were listened to throughout with marked attention trom the boar of assembling to 1 o'clock r. N. or yesterday, and in her as we min learn gave every proudest of establishing the Orphan's Home upon a firmer foundation than ever. The Asmelation is compesed of isienibent of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, who give a contribution of one dollar to the gen eral tune. A sulacription was takes up to this effect, and a large bum hat already been pledged. Daring Conspiraes Attempt to hteal 08300.000 from the Merchants' Express Company. eInnes C. Engles,. of Providence, ft. i., and C. A. Peen, of Raton, were rreateil at Providence, on Friday, on the charra ot con spiracy to rob the M,rthattle Union Express Com pany of $300,000. The plot was one ot :he boldest conceived, 1110b1 maturely planned, it is wait, to conceive. At the tune ot the inaagutation Of the Plevehante Union Express Company. the Neptune Expredi Company, ol Providence, was purchased and absorbed in the new cotenant. be head of the ol I concern was Janice C. Engler, a man who made money by very Olareputable moans darter the war. lie insisted on being retained In the catabldhaterit, End euccemisti. The meteor the old earnestly was hit,0 transterred to the new. but Engley had before tins time privately got duplicate keys made, wet retained the second iwt intending at some time to achieve Ms gigantic robbety. Some time ago he took into his CoUnSel C. A. Ilvsn.or Boston. and they both agreed that Eild,000 should be rent trent New Vert( to Pt...widens:6, and there he abstracted bl Engley; upon whom no blame would. ot course, tall. They sought Mr. C. W. Fitch. of New York, as a party that would likely be able to raise the money. but Mr. Fitch apprised the express company ot the inlentied robbery. Once. by the merest cadent, Air. !fermis. the gent of the exprass own-Pony, found the duplicate kese. and tiled od a portion to prevert them from wiled, reldactug Mews. of course. where be found them. Engler and Dean procawded with their conspiracy, and the money was rent but the comae:We agents Ileff 0 advised batons-hard or the Intended robbery and were accordinglv cn the "addl. Engle; had a party at his boom, at which several persons whole who would be able to prove an alibi. All went smooth maul Engler went to the sate, but it wink' not open, the keys had been tampered with. Engley was about to go away in very ban bemor, when the watchers ateptted out of their bittatir platm and bad him wrested. Sort:Wad his gmad project. Report of a Special Committee of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce. Setae weelte ftgo tbe Board ot (Mitten of the Chamber of Commerce appolPIIII a committee to investigate and report upon the alleged on be Internal Revenue. in the maned...tare and tette et witiskey. Tioe committee gave the very chute attentiou, ad submitted the Sellowleg report. The Chamber anil have the 'Naar presentel tor special coneideration on Monday next. It le as follower "Jr:.. A. GANG, Reg, Provident Cincinnati Chtmnt Cow nienet "The committee appointed by Your liteaGi to report uphn tee Nauru, en the internal revenne. ilegoil to be pracuted by Those Interested in the manufacture of dietlitert apirite. beg leave te that these Maude are toned in be open, nahinahing and merman.. So great are these trends, so seendalcus the praefices. that the question arises, It the law bejustly administered. boor ran the continnounce at each conilliCt be explained? l'he answer, we think. viol be tnutid, dna, in the law !teeth Toe tax upon Spirits is so disproportionate to the cost at productma. teat it can never be colleted. The present large margin dishonest manufacture; and. it all the revenue glees wen. tilled by brangt nien, it Is the opinien of in iny it wend yet require an aim", in to large a country ail ibis, to subpres the bidden P.M', whore product would epeedily supplant that of the boaeat distiller. Tali tax is now, and alwayg will be, a prohibitory nix 11140 fair and open busineen Yet, while the ilex, and estate for rponte, it will he Puppliell. and the Mud of corruption tecreareti berm.' centred, Again we ark, blur the government shown a nthtrete desire. nu its part, to do its ditty. by the sepeintment ot imitable periatus to carry out the complicated machinery ot internal revenue imposed even the country? The major parr of the eat...awes poblisheo throughout tbe cottotry Ahern edt 7,11.14i sely, CO1101000 between the &beer and nrionfacturer; and, in mane Inctatusis. the reel:Ion under the g .vertment hati been bought solely to ocean:Aline fortunes by intidelity and treachery. This is truly a hoard tolde state ot wraith. The honied man. will buil shown a ilsaire to fulfil the reirturemenrs al his office tound bmiseil superseded, awl trailuted by threw wbose weenie had been exposed; while inhere. &agility, towinally a pittance as salary. a son acrithrial lert uses as truly art veiling to the publ.c as tiny ante dinicalt hf cenecialment to the poi-season That the law imposing a tax up at all (Mantra ',vitas hat proved a tenure. there can be I0 doubt but whether toe fijure anise from an excess flax levied. a want of executive satiny en the part ot the Revenue Itepar-ment, or the total Ornaotalikation ot the people. asr to that bigh sense St 0.0al Obil2I;00, fat T.41111IIIII In the true patnot and lend citizen. yaw CE.11,:Ilitoe cannot say. let it is the belrr.l.rI all WhO watrbed the guratton ot the SiriaSny taxand minteed tee eh taget nfaile from nom to Mee. Ilizt it bas been a IIAtia trent twat to Met- Cangrese, la taxiing atocks to be made, and not stock on hand. demerahzed the 'eau-emote Ft It. anti totated Innt to ba-entoe a apeculator. Tte anvance al 'ha tax tram tweer y cctvs to tw daliere per ealion. by tendril...I ineps, was bat dm entiumg device at the ale t or. by cr he ketert the pr. NY ni Ott his an...mutilated stock.. le out paving Bev tax to llie gen rourentas ail be bed t eat the 'kiwi lax, while the price Ca,' enbaneed by the hinter tax. to be levied on ad storks that shedi I he hereafter rnaoe, 0011111g le cainpeituon with his assn. Taus the whole machinery of the whickey excuse law wa, aoluared o In- lit the spent and. fine uht tie covernment. Who are responsible LW such legislation? Not the penile, tor th,ot arumtioted. tie a nnattetst necessity. that evens,' of taxation whichdthoneat.y inaugurated and tallbtaily ailtei,tereo, wrath' mit ortv have pint th Interest, but core far toward Diving the public debt. "It would be elie tel seek retirees nom any denartmcnt le Washington eo long as II.0 pretcilt IIW exists. or the bawled warthouse systeta Is adhered to. "Your Committee would theloihre reaatitMend the Chamber of Commerce to tare it. fittentiOft O'necete.,aelcng such moddicathans of the revenue lawv as will I. Abolish all bonded werehonvea. and collect the tax at the place where Wit ankle is manufactured. "2. Withdrew front ell revenue Ricers 'nett di'.. eretionat y powers as may have been eranted to them, Cl complowaorg wttinparilas charged with haul-'net t trans...men "6. Compel all partieS, wt.. property bas been IIIZed tar Ill0I10100. 01 the law, to stand trill or the rotrir of their cases Lenore the gowns of the Ithitesi Mates; And when convicted, to suffer hapnsonment in VA l'eadenticry. as other Intone, the Ira. of property no .erzed. w 'nob It Baal' be the out', ot the gavcrtarent to destroy. "4. Close the antridery or autaulactory of each person to convicted, ter one year. a4Ain-t the oacut ancy Of any berium pursuing the same bus Sera. Zr. 'to alter the nix ma ihstilind awns to any cents per gallon. "6. Whatever may be the tex, tat it shall he collected at the din theft. sitter by itansterring the it. d ;wetly Into the h.-IP-tiptop CI oftleer Fill' by fit gavertstneut, to be re-Rimed to the manufacturer noon rot pay.eft the Laor by compelling tile teenutacturer to tildes upon each tent uge, !tette() ital delivery, a etiap .4111111 iv. value to tate Ins ;. it itia such inctlibcarions of the law, and the co-operair .n or courts ut the rural dodricte, and B. arils at Triviae in eines, in the selecteeri ot revenue efilecrs. It is bell-end tikes can lie c and the conic ry ri-lisvcd at that thigatmare at pondercy ninth hate depress. d leen-now trade in an its branches fer g long a t "lours reopectrail v. rt.' ell he TLOR F.NC Et SAN!. J. HALE, JOHN GOULD, P. AN irtic.WG. U. r. BARU.. IDevroiall of a Ntorions Sly indler A Large Amount ot Property I:ecoN ered Corifessiori of Ihe Prisoner. Front the Cln,lt.n 1-n la. flc. M. NI' nee a month ano, Deteettve Kelley land IV! attentiot tatted to the Actuats of a min, who assay more extensive dead tits with the pawnhrokers of the coy than scented exactty necetsary or lezitintate I.-. a peretas In tis apparent circumstances. aria lid stgeer sespation- hong loonArst, he ceterntined o keep amen opon Ins movements. lie did so, a .,ft ascertained lb et he wee. or nut been, in the en's' ty GI All. n tk Mackey. nod thi t. every day cr twa be mould visit s rse pawnbroker's testa thehment anti diotefe Cl cools of various lon.11, 111111 ne had homme the patron at menus every matb establish:tit nt in the este. trui!y aliened tow that there woo e.,ma Titian', connected with his transactions. he determined upon his attest, trusting somenbart to tot wits la spatting the mystery. latiote putting Ids plans lutO eadtithD, a velment hat' Well issued for las arrest, ttn testestitty morning the 1-low. whos, name is Witham Pauee, watt taken to the Police Court to answer to Me charge ot towel y. and discharged. This dal not douse Kelly's opinion ot the man in the le tat, and in the afternoon he wa, re-arrested Dy that ottiter, and the titer's he had disposed it were collected and tate!, to the Central Puttee Sistion. rimy made IniFet Pluseous collection, and isst evening the twinoner was induced by Kt II, to ten front show most of the goods bad been obtained. There was a lot of vista. gr banes trout the to:lowing 'inns; T. E. EteltY, H. rhelts, and E. G. L Faxon. In the 041- leetion thorn was also a piece of Linissels esepet from J. Went; another piece satin M. Adler; a ohs Item Mr. Cross; a valuattle rocking-0mm trim Isauer Rimpkin; three guns trona Mr. liaupteenn. and a gold watch, anti a, lalge lot of clothing, blankets. etc., Item other parues whose Sallied were not leF med. The case was not wholly developed, and it wm net known whetter he had stolen any of the goats outocht or not. On his perstm war found a I t of forged orders, drafts, notes. etc, awl his plan seems to have hem. while punattng the business ot an titsItitisterer. to get s hill ea g totis ana peyote the paretae money by giving smut fraudulent ',Alper. math 211 Mae Iotmd upon ate person. as cal:Metal security. in Gas msnoer. in a inuntles tune, ha been able to col tees quite an Moults of g a, all toe papere !peen ita irEaiiiy hibti Rome time to run before they matures', or dm.. h.1 suspected mop ct dishonesty. In :platoon to the above saes. it was ado learned that he had. white in the Motel, of sn, Mackey. telkeisa a bill km th brim am nearly er.). aol Irta pocketed the money. The talk At' yet btu partially tlevetoped, hat enough haa ne,n !earned to ehow bun to bet an exoert wittater, sod, it is isosiltle, Mat Dna tel the AlcMinee or The atl,ccr who Mut ht Lecksastaaares,pstesniamassateenstesson--. tos-estssettenweta--vtatt ntl.e raa;..114y Ira diecovtied. Desperate Burglary anti Robbery in New JerseyRomantic and kiueeessful Pursuit of Robbers. Ism the Teuton True Atnencan, Dec 23. 011 SUMlay Mend ng. khan; lidinpast two tacoek, Che store ad dwe1g ot Zr. II,ury Halter, or' Lembeiat tie. brother co Ed cant M Greene rtrret, In this city. was motored in 3 de-ino-ate and Initi manner. Tam Madams drat gm orb th more, alai. it said. t.,uk geniis awl Jewell, to the lineman ad CUM. Then they sum ten or the &firma., and, we iiiaptiOnS 1011101 Itir Hooker and hm wild, asleep. One bad as haat Soehisb knife, sal Lae eft et a revo!vet, winch they 11,11 iiyir thsm. hwaken.hit theniolettiath!ed to knew whore Yalu. bled were. lin. third man. it - e nominal at the tht. "1'1. 'L.01" 0.!Ol the etbere dna tbe ours. isir...enem-r. it as Ft-ye t',,e1 in Lowey, and Hier helped tnemsalved to whntOver they ennbi get, while Mr. II. wad kapt at WV, which. it is said. dmoubtoil to some Ilul Wore ia leuelry an4 timbals. Ad sitin a thode deamma ,I0- lane. Mr. H. started to give the Marna. atni, it is utd, no ot tne viand be beak wim to ring or carno to be rung a church 1,11. TIti aeon aroused Use penple, oniyerd Dine wa3111e. ant 01114.mt search was mane lot the villains, tut without sue-grip. Mr Hooker ale set into unitiou the Lambertville Vigilance and Pnreurn2 Society. ami procurmg a d1et2la. himielt started tor llenten. The Pursuing Society mattered. dome gaming down the Yentsylvanis side and others on the Jersey chin. Arriving at Monist they mama a horse and sleigh bolompng to damned Vansreilale, Ltinbertvane. which these lellOWS h..t evialentiv steien tor the ptirpOee 01 cart3the teeMeeleeli and plitiMre. Tliey led the horse dad to a teeee. and hiananly rts,ed the Delaware bridge. Mr. Hooker gave in-anemia at the poilee rtation in this city. awl the whole lore was inaniailainely put into re.misiton. mid while they scouted the entire city, Mr. Lanai-al Hooker and detective tont ge L.. titan wont to Rocdmitown. Hid br Mier also went down. Alter moving mound vary adroitly tar some Moe. they lecognized two at them at the American Hotel. Theoriser was found at Tnnit.3 it,tel, Where be was moviag about In tine style in the parlor etnere the lathe, and (Jeered to haedear somata the inwelry to Olie al them. They vete a, once seemed and brought to Trenton. Their names are Samuel Pleicock, thariee asd Matthew Walterethe latter nmetnen years at age. They admitted winos Haag. All the gouda and money were reeovereal. A special car was telegraphed for te Lasnbertviihs, and arrived last nmat. and tbe thieved heavily hueed. were laicals to Flemington. An Uncommon Circumstance. Mr. Thomas Young. an ol I and respected citizen, Heise one and a half miles wmt et Initcposdeece. related to as on Christmas Day the Wilowing circumataree: th., the first day or January, IsS2, Col. Burris' command pamed Mr. Touted residence. SW.trCy ado wards one of his men, who was behind the main command, came along, to he up to the ilimr anti ordered dinner. Wiiiie this was torilli cooked, be led his horse Into the kitchen, and then deliberately commenced roWsing the house ot all little vainabl belonging to Mr. Young's wile and dthghier. lie bad tilled Ina pat sets, and even hie vest and caat bosoms, when Mr. Young, aided by bin tubby, atrinitud to get the tellow's wands; they then tied the gent, and relieved him lids captured booty. but tittered him no violence, which his acts richly deserved. The into:Mot tend!, mon maga him leave the premises. In searching the bowie to ses what tangos be missing. M. Young lowed that Ws daughter's gold eithin and locket were gone. Time rolled ids Ws steady wheels. Nothing was beard of the man. or Wats and locket. The war raged and robbery inereaied. The circumstance above related hail almoo t. been torgitten by the tamliy. Co ellen had the house been robbed entiseonsat to that time. St Die 'Air weeks strive, Mr. Young received from Washington City a litter informing him that a chop letter directed to him at this pines, had been wormed to the dead lett.r otheethat it contained something valuble. and would be tent to hue upon receipt ol a letter stamp. Last Monday be received the drop leiter containing the annum I lgotten odd chain and locket, but not a word or evek a mark on the paper ite sesi in the eurelope. ere all sneh Ilona as the above returned through the nost-othee department, it would keno our P. M.'s buoy tor the next twelve months, and would pay the expenses of that department ior the Lest he years to come. Not only that. but it wotild canoe much rejoicing in ibis land of ours. Old wen who are now wanting for the necessaries ot lite, wou.d have plenty young men would have meats to berm bumness In Me. and the ladies weuld have a great deal mere jeweiry and silks to wear and te decorate their lovely forms with. flow many could claim the fettlin or such artdelti. The men who returrad to Mr. Young his daughter'. chain and locket. will die an honeot man. and we hope go to beaven.--iindependeuth Sentinel Itec-Ze. Cheyenne Items. The Argus teams that the telerraith line of the Until. Medic lamb-nod Complus, wat be extended to Fort Sanders in the ethrse ot elebt or ten days. The pules aft nearly all nip. and In a Am! time the celebrated Laramie Plains will cougrstniate tnemselves on being in ColillUILIMILL1011 with the Marto City. The AratIl SW save Wells. Farm) it Co bsve recovered SO000 in Measure. which we motto Mom the Ione Vallee stew, a leer 4tlye ago. roe hist' - wgswgg were also ruptured- They were two Mlnent who had been working in the vietuity of Late city, ASTER two years and two months' work the railway tunnel near Censtantana, in Alger's bag been banhed. 11 le twenty-miven hundred and meat- eight loct bog, mut ut cut Walrus& ruck Celebrallen el- the natille of Zew Or team. Call of tlic Democratic Central Committee of St, Louts County, by a Maus rir-ectinz, at. the Court House. notyn .7 fill! DTI'. elty Cowl. lerrTTg. OF Sr. Louts Cove ry Den. 21i, led I In accordnine a sib atustom long establiebed. it is recoramend.d that the ag.rnachiwz anniversarv of the battle oll New Orleans be surtab'y mnumemorated by the Democracy of St. Leal,. county. This oatasion altmds an opportutilry to camVue and oreanize the elements of oportutimt to the Radical party, under whose control the country is sofferieg untold and incalculable evil& We therekore tall emu every Man who feels an intermit lo presort- flg the Constitution of the country: in perpetuating the liberties and rights for which the Union wee formed; in overthrowing that party or proscription and tyranny who's recklemeess in legislation and profligacy in administration have Involved the country In unneoessary, oppreesive end ruinous bization--all those, in thole, wbo desire the restoration of the Government, tojoiti the Democracy on the Eighth of Janu r. and take steps to make their energies elective n the tinning mimpaign. There are now hut two parties la the landRadical and Democratic. In the ranks of the latter !wiring all citizens, no matter what thew past party Affiliations may have been. if they are now oppoeed to the Jacobin rule of the deminant party. No distinctions are ow recognmed among those who battle for the Government es homed by the painote of onr earlier history against the petty of high taxes, extravagance, corrupt,on. COOIMCS11011, lest-oath, mititaty domeuiuon, centralizati and kindred evils. Holding these seztinients, we hereby issue our tall tel a GRAND DE ItOCRATIC MASS MEETING, At the Court Howe. to take p'ace or YI o'clock on the evotime of JANUAR EIGH111. Let there be a general atteridenee of tee fsenlecratc party. swot of ha who feel wiPing to act with them, tor the tuture prosperity and good tit thew count! y. SA M. T. CLOVGt, J. J. LINDLEY. I.DCIS V. Bot; , IL S. MN YOEN. 1.0. J. sPAUNII,T, JAS. s. 4,1 I I.N. A. J. P J, It. c. e tat hit, .1ti. VitheSt W it M Thid. LOAN I r. joitN ft,).1S, .1. S. VAN WA GO iNER, And others will whitese the meeting. M. RENICK. Chalreasa. MILTON H. V. Asti, Serretary. Serioes Itiot at -Fortress Monroe. FORTaltwit Mnarat,a, tMe. Christmas in Qui VicibLS has not Eltp-wl al as qufell3 as we canto have weltetl. anti a b ',omen tiur noty t., re,ard seta; math aythnt wearied in fit:apron. by witich tate kinth hi 4h 11 ri.ithe,fr ,S1- most bcatcu be death, whikt Stvoral others were Mimed. e A bent MI. o'Cloek tlds afteranon. thoman LtIttle titer. Di-lady Slier ift of Littsbeth City Solintir. who redid. p In Haniptott. Lad scoot 'Wheat ty with a colored boy, some ten or twelve years okt, wheat a colored man came along mot took the b o'n ;vitt. L it-timer was consider tidy umier the Mita -ace or Minor at the time. and ater abusitig the neEcro a fee minutest, ocioeintely putt tt on a r.,v dyer ad shot tbfough the bent. The bill entered the ritcht side of hie sac-,jest torw ittl or the ow ro.r,n g out on the opposite wee. 1114 wound wan otennatt by Dr. elaughiln DIA though be sari urea. bat little hopes are entertained foe blt reetvery. ma Soon dB LatInost Shot then. Vs be Ifit tato his house and I eked the d yarn, fee news spre id amen the freedmen very opal: v, ay I soon a Cr pnrd ot them Wants to a..S.al,oie atotlizad La tialer'S Maine. Httine ot the citizeits. fearlog a riot, endear nett to fitted the tionentent, but seem tante by net lat,n040- Ike not it AS then rend, but oebtre at 146 ireisbcd. becks hegsn flying through the WInfl,r.v.. and rush was made on Litftruer's bonnet Ha SlW tb on atio e,,ItavOled ta estrape by Jaw., et thrcoch a 'window, but wad met nd a siotri or the flaw Indocusttsd mob. 'en TwoceP4P-1 F.. btae hint one nod eituily. tie w.ot sant In the meek, a brick eat tan head open, and be would hare 44013 a de ti is in in a kw utociebts itut lor the !maul, inUati.ren,a two Cr threeeclored men who hid not let thetr draftsman get the better of rhetr ruthmenet, ant who seized it On and col, lett him through the crowd to Le jai! ter phaeton, es Just as the it olosad nu him aunt. halt a dozen bricks struck it as a tottlinx salute. The not Innte I shout bait Si. bout, duri..e 'shad" thee tan excite-cent nap in,t-npe. Gana. aidtol and anctlicate witch mcd promiscuously, and ,ever: d oernonn (nonhuntafautst Wats injured. Dr Hope is reported te bete been ,bot while drmsing the 'hairdo or a calored Man 1711110-ti ii the metre. lust bin wound is not "grinds. 1 he Urine men of IlImpton nay it wan a wceder that Lattimm was not killed entnekt, and his TodVe DUT1,1 UT S 11,00p, AP noon ad the tiot begtn, a me-Henget wts litputllell to the military post at Came H raittse. atIPM a IL olis!ant. wiien a entrd was a; once seat be Mei Putman which arrived on the PIP4 &boat the time tettoto I was locnikt nos rim gaud tom tom Emeccd fh ue.lrng qPlrt. lattimet le tate of the uarecenstructen eivti odieers t ffrimPlcfn violent tette' during the nor. hs n,ted lee ki5 extreme dislike to Northern Men amt n:2roes has drawn a pfst d and tort:stetted to shoot two off tbree Cuba' Dien within tarn pint tow w,ek,6, an.1 is f-alt1 to be ass exceedingly umagreeaide tuna to get al re with-It Is hoped that the proseat gmd bnatiu: "rin hates good terpienpv b re Wit him to tr ., aitb mere respect tstth whites 1611141 bineks, He ass a broth-roc-law dim In the name et re or m ta. He remeatly thew. revolver and thretenett to 101,,,4 bederat Other woo was Isa.latt' tarongit Ft toupton on a cultbatg Sacana,00,ad.tt nramotty a,,,,se the tell, w d wa anti iecked him op in jail. Toole at no such thing as pantshlog these teilo es bet ire a civil cot rt, lot the citizen, either through Sear or persninul violence Cr part) displelisities diverted!, let them tag rent- re. A Novel Case Of trixneThe Paducah tapreAs I:obbery. - From the Evansviee Journal. We alluded aeme days aga to the recent robber, et the uI.se,Eer of the A.13 one Express tIoimosny nt Paducah. Mkt stated that the wh an mut bad been reeovered or seemed. Wo learned ye,nerday toe toil particular ot tbe reMarkable Intr. It Mlle renoneroi Chef the tirat tenant tan la th,s one: 11.e messenger in the IMItaa, Wink returebye ahnt trot the express. rift) a I. the boat, nal attached. anoched ianon. siregred some Glistens. and ribbed et a laces amount moseysant, at It. Vise, to be neer $5,000. no tact' are. lb the messerger was returnmg to the hew. contrary to the order, et the Superintendent, alcme. 1ie Leto. hod atede the wharf-beet. the shore doers 0: which were shut. awl in the shadow of the boat. the mght was very dark. The noesseeger Fut beiseath his coat. unties his arra, a package raditalistneMeney I. Um am Mat al 0,- 7,'2 04. a d framer the oibr anti a eta Al package of expre, gesso. A, he wais pe-shig thr ugh the sh ow sir the whorl's at. a lire and aiI Iduk sp. proacbi it, and the larms naus 'ALA it be wee she express tura...tiger. Not suepeecils any danger. he pealaTtly an-bse rt Ile 1.?3 the magi n most, Tilt are tbe very man we are lookout tor," aml laid his band rpen ShouNler. Too Illowene-r, Lot 'inmost sawing the Wis.,. Part but suspecting eume sitg nem. comienced to Nigh nut wean toe smeller Len eeited brae. Be ebented fer 'bele," mti nes truce on toe bend with a bIlly by gassil tan. TLC tor,Z,Ir one et t he .tulle inn., pavta,r, a ! tare, if lie in ala Wye rt e ieg titet be Iredid masa CO frUicr flOi0. r robbers then dint:zed him to s eonsidetabe ton as end Mtent threnzh Lira,'" as tn. aarMt le, but found nothing Ol lime -the 1110,thilVr bnin,r. dttLix C the Er-t struggle. let the peciekees fed wait-out their beteg noticed by the assailants. Ag'r searching Lim close!y. the robters !et him g,. He rt mosso to t, e ;Amy where the assault wee ma IC. and thgre b end the pit.k me m iney. The i lea at mom do brat Lerma Ms mind that the attach up.. bun iteutd serve to attract sit-olei n men There wes a large Sae of in II., that be cool p:opt-tete nitithut PU,Ihi.iYti or demo ion. and iti a moment a man wi.a 1, id Moira hese es,..eetned honest, awl Ltd n.j yed Ilse iuUuo Cauh,lea.:0 vt ate eatiola)ers. beCtate u thu-E An ag,tm UI tne ennapany west to larestte,te the wager. lie watched toe meesetiger tJr tea days. ablaibeed Lat l! that e.:41:vnl ij,v sueposioits. 'Mese tintlIn4ets weth cE.,tuntlieted. I tie tut tenger was Iltbkn's l'addled His Own Canoe a Ohs' 'lance tit 204109 3ICes. Mr. It Pork), a wealthy Ed2,hadeed. ass piddtel b Misch- in a canoe, riled July Iser, a distatme Of 0,0441 miles. lie Marred trosu Live, c.I. mot alter hadillirg ales g toe cutt,t anti out to the lri.h Sea fir 'eyeful davs, be touched it mint notate en the Line. Wesnace sailed anis Cumberland coests, lung the majority of the Englinb L sees in les frill beat. Ile the, proceeded round the ...rads of WM-- lona-Ire, Kakeiliolgtrashire. and AN...bite, etasional Iv baLtlfair led Utak bag a geological strardy of the oatutry, till reachieg the frith ot Clyde, us uldeli be staved tor setterst weeks, expl trans the hayseed kegs m the Frith, and of meet the wee-Iran islands. Returatiog to tiiamtea,, Si. pastoted thratuth the Furth and clyde renal to bleaLIT.,M0,1N a behte he sailed to Leith, The ,moots in win b Mr. l'oole areomplished his votes built tor him ia Canada, he a Mibe of Cough umrega iddledS, and is toesposed CI eve 'beet of birch brk. beaasitally melded. 1 be eline ii vecy ligb t. weigliMe when emm yorilvisxy paudels.and meaeores tit Caen feet six tweet, king. with a bcea,iIh ot brim of three Met Pis mcitts,atid is one toot three inches in depth. In this trail bcat Mr. Poole. as a geologist eel mining engineer, voyaged tor eight years among the rive, et British North Anlerles Ub the Becky Maintains, across which he min isd th. and paid iIo.t tiiereaPer dowo the many streams arising on the west watershed ea the Rocky Monetetes down to the Fontic . by its means he proceeded to Qmesa Coo, lout whieh he extdortil, hating been the drat White man who set hot on tbe isilanl. raiment all Ids wanderings am og tbe Wends ea Brined, Cantos. his, he ',whiled or. lees then is,000 ethm. and it Lite clause ot One of his geol.:feel uoey. he was the holy IUrTIVflC metooer ot a party of eighty-am, Eur,prans end tildhille. Is slemPalem is a rennin eht.s ot Jews who there that a number of the original stones of Soldmon's Temple still 'emelt- at the H,IV City, and on stated Oreeet11. they asseellIe to kiss tbese geolog'e est Belie.. It la affirmed by Ileeeten; that the these bave actuaIly been Worn away by these loving elutes. DIAJZIES -P011- 1E30E3- THE TRADE SUPPLIED At New Tort Wholesale Prices. ta.0. 503 Xortis Fourth street 13. l' Gr. ST. LOUIS WATER BONDS. Irr- These Bonds bearing 6 per cent- Uoid longest. mai principal payable U. GOLD. aro bow tiered tor sale b. the TRADERS BANK At s alight advance over their purchased erica. Theme kbiatts offer to the Investor equal Acurity, and a Luker percentage than the 3-4 Government Bonds. Dirties holding 5-110s or 1.110s. or any other marketable securlues Or bonds, con have them converted inte WATER BONDi On advantageous terms. i Constant!y on bend and tit, sale: E. B. BOVACNA EN BONDS, MIS5Or El SINKS, BT. LOUIS CIT Y AND COYNE Y BONDS. Call and Time Loans made on rood collateral security. Unreel paid on time &ponce. Beads and Gold benefit and avid on orders ea comudaelon. CUBRENCY and ilaILD EXCHANGE on NEW YORK tor see in sums to nig Ezebaue tor sale on all ilso principal titles in Europe. WM. TAUSSIO. I'vesident. H. U. WKRNSW, A. Catbter. TRADERS RINK, Dauer of Maim dad rtue streets. AT LEWIS & CROSHONS, tt 1 1 Norf b k-ourtat Street. LA DI I'S' DB17-Si, CR LOREN'S AND C I'FLEMEN'S FURS, S FUR ROBES, 8:e.. Zke We ba. ELE4ANT STffreK of Vto OnTe coda made up tm t4 ItEll.iftr.r mlnr.er.wht:b we Proco. so SELL AT VERT LOW PEICT.S. STEINBERG'S STEINI11:11G'S STEINBERG'S - FURS FURS FUITS FURS FURS FURS AK E "GOOD AND CREAP.' 10-4 I. 1.'4mt-tit street, OPPOilTE PLANTER, HOU-E. FURS! FURS!! AT Trig 1, A E.:113 E Fur Emporium, Corner Fifth and Cheannt streets-For IA DI E S, GETS and CHILDREN. An eat reVy sear. and Inanalattaavd ander ity earn lase, and win be Sok twe than elamebere 4t. 1.7b1,,, by ALBERT FISCHER. h. ;i r I Id !cot II 211,91114 NI) CAA'S, Go To ttr 4'ealrit, tf.o, t m4.317 Girt nu; Nwn, jurettan (Tu .reat. 7:1!4VIrt11 REPORT t7- Vo!nlnes IS te NW. mcb rot zahr. vb I,Ie am, ne311 by zno AT. Lori NOOK All t743. No. 99 Nona Yowl!! mreet. 11St)ILIII REPI,RS. r7- Volumes IS to IS. tack lo-11Wo& fol.. ode obt.P.00le ono retail. by Z- P. GRAY. N.. 5.00, NortI Poore. Greet- Versodob Row."Wookimnul 2.ort St.ppo The Creat Etterial Annul!. Rostetter's rite States Almanac for Ist& for distribu 'IOC. GRATIS. throughout the tutted Warns and an civitiJtil eounirfes of the Western fiemstphere. will be pub-tithed about the first of Jan intl. and In bo WitJt to landersterd ti.e trim philosophy of hellth shaula read and ponder the valuable sugtettidne It contains. In addition to en ailmtratIe medical trestbte on the cease., preventior art cure of a great variety of diseases. It ernbraoes a large. ;ancient Of information interesting to the merchset, the mechanic, we miner. the farmer, ,ho planter. ..ad prefeadier al man; sue the calettletions have been made ter such meridians and latitudes as are meet suitable for a correct and eomprehensive NAY:03Ln C AL! NDAII. The nature. ayes. and el raordinary sanitary effects of IICIS 'ETTER'S STOVACH the !fault tonte end alterative of more then half the brittles World. ere follv Pet forth is Itt e ogee. trittott ere eleo intereportod erlth eitttrtel Illattratione We rertres tor the honeobottl end farm mementos date. teed other tastrecttre end grancrof reeolorg me-ter. ertglret d Peened- Among the A nauett le epee,: tette are operMg of the year. lb atil be Ogle et V. roost awful. end grey be bad for tiae Sond for coulee to the cle, efertory. at ri!,b1s, eb.Pa.or to the erarent tweet for HOtTP 1-1 EWA trrONArti al r Tr I. The BITTERS are eeld la ovary ally, to sad T111350101 the noted States. I Li.A.IN11- I ;t)t)Ifirlii We ma.e,eactare BLINK SCK)Kie ever, dleserelle& egrk0. for CEALSM AN1E ERS. CDE, STY. etheUIT &N. r RAABVIZ Conn's, AwizA.ett Roog., TowNAalr PLAT BOOLE. Zatireadt 1Worli & rett&:17. 13 LNIJ Ii (4. We oreptreo to tune E4.11 ILI RUMBA. Illiste BOOKS. mAJA2.1...sE8, to, t. IL ts, Inaa style& et TtiRiCh Y U'CU, UMW hyren VS VAAL.. OF ataslza. annithy sun' Anneracan agar. al:;aalaLe; tbou, i Al1 Car an4 nit Woe atria& La e srr IA 0 emta I very bft,t Nock and warnianzPip ba abat nasta Capita Stock CEORCE KNAPP CO.. 131 &MI Caernat stra4t. Loam --- n. RADWAY'S READY RELIEF, The Cheapest. and Betrt 31,.lielne for Penal' 77 tree in the World! The moment R WRAY. BRADT RELIEY salted externe:lyor taker internallv, acording to difetlanSr.it.,;,oa, whatever olse. eraser to ettiab R t Va READY RELIEF in hivaleabla hese be good with ono hive &entrance et doing good Is alt emote leiter. paid Vi il.trovntort eayeriescert. Sr it tetrad with lath...ea. Dtytterts. 'tore Throat, bad Coughs,. Boar-enema Habeas Colic. Isfatamatoo or the Ebdrele, Stomach, Lang,. Lis-er. Kidneys. or led,' Crony.. goirry, .ever snd beset sr inth Heedoehe Tie Doirtaater, Tnothar ha b ars- he, or with Lavaboes. Pais in the Ittek, or Rho,- atatbrso or with Diarrhea Cholera liortsw or Draw tory: or with Berm. ,i,ra.;h or I:robes: or with Strain'. Crotry or Sparta the woostsorte et KA.DW AT'S RLADI ELL EIF will cue yon of the worst et ;hoot vyrirtiaMs to a few boor. gat ay Dreggsta everlwitera. Pritt4 SO Costa per Wit 11ENN ETT SHEA AcN131 cyrzi CLOTHEMJIOUS am, Soutl.west corn-r Muth ha:4 titve, DARBY blITILDINO. mARItt Ell, on I-brittle,. Pee. it. Trirtty ("bomb by thy Et g :shoo Hawke. y,,,iYett be ,I1 Rev. 7. 'CAR. W. AV to KALE. tale et....ught-y of tie hue Denoni s-verson n the 2 et tbe Mired Pteldteterien t urer F. the Pee. J. 41-1 Armre,r, Ntr. V. ti. ho CULLY to 3:teaSA1AH EL S111 I if. a1 ot St Lon N on the tYtb teat, at Sp. ST;etiaer el,rf1.0,. he the Fee. F- t t-r t"Itttor. FERDtNelNi, BULLER to alien it Qt7EN:1,. all ot thiA e it y. On Ito 2etit m-q., at st John'a (rhumb, by Rey. Fth., Smith, Wg. KFNNEDY to Moe LIZZLE 1.01eti, both Of SI. Lou24. en the LlIth int.. st Ott. oko. 0.11"4v' -ryrti o-r-fie--nre717. t A .a.1 it3L.11: C. M AHASS EY, is!! ot !I!" city. 131 E I o. on Dee. 2Pils last, GEORGE BOYLE. In the Toth year or bit. age. Funeral witl tai e place from his resideues. 133:i Ct....mean alTIMIO, On Tuesday, the 211t inst., at 2 o'ilsok P. W. on Sunday, the 2ti inst.. JOHN HOEBAUGH, aged 56 years. tits funeral trill take pito, this day at 3 o'clock P. tin tram his late residence. No. tete Thirteemb street, between Carr SIMI BHIdIC. Frietels or nil tam ily ate invited te attend. On the morning or tle 25th Mat.. at ,he residanee 04 tet sn Limit avenue. LUCY L. ilaugaI r at J..1 a D. md Zr) J. Shade:, in the ad yew of her are. el, the 25th Mat,. after a short MAR-GA LI T, the beloved wife ot Jame. Breeduut. On -Saturday. IMO. th. GEORGE HYLE, in the eta year ot his age. On Wednesday. Dee. 25 ltiNT. at miautes past 11 oeleek A. M... L dE, only ebdil of Duval arid Lk Ilatetmen. aged 3 years 11 months arid 22 davit .. rrit ould fill Volumes to eatszaexsie the names of dt e.t.a an I nil, sell Sureets Coolant. for the asu. Burnett's Gt.04IS Lsve been awaxiled several medals abd Wideman Burnett 'rakes be-4 Celogne Water in the world ADM' HAN D-BoonBumett 'Lakes a fine irriume, called "Florimet- It has the odor of a Chotee Longest. .Astlinia--Wbitcowb's Remedy always relieves the w,ntra.s. Sold by all Dress.bla. Ask your Family 12liyairian ht a rr.tat' Nciti.er Aver ttot. Iva tell iitio that it tor hir ci the Oroz echos at a mild mars live . a ete machit trb,tfue, Sn ake.anee aed a tie. trizer In st Oit. I trAt it t- five se!aanie few, dia in one- Suit.' univereeity y tithg,tiatai ittstebellors Hair DyeThis ete..11d Wor bye is the hest in toe world. ilhrtt Isles Rllble. 111.13ntaneosethe outs Deflect Itye Se the shoonott est. No thheoloss tant.hat tree to n ttute. Genoese sirted. WIE LIAM A. 1, ELO R. .4.! Ivy Ltre-Flete sod Pet ths'etto sed O loos I.roe. cot. Second toui 1 ine airtime. 61. Loss. Ilst.tor.T " 8.."Y "1"4 New York MISSOURI STATE LOTTERY. blaws 1, umBEas. EXTRA CLAS4 NO. 713Dee To I. 6, , 59., 60, 2, 23, 47, 63, 49, 1, 75, 67, 41. DRAWS NUNREKS. CLASS SAC IleDee. 28. Mt 10,32, 43, 5.3, 13, 60, 19, 49, 66, 31, 70, 52, IS. Sealed analysis sant tree by ablressing. EICRRAY. EDDY a ect. 746. li, rr EN nos Silt KN1CHTS 1 IL The monli.otto of I V AN flok: COM Mo N- 11, RT. O. M. are Dere!". ,oudeo to Wert at tht,';1'I'Itri'inEVEVit7f It:.1-SrUll'Ia; Eiae'elt; o oclork. In loll &et. ard lento. care. ft.f insialiselos. y,,,uoe Sir lintithis al W.ted to ALtee.t. ay order of the E. C. DAVID IthOWNIEK. Recorder . krt TTEN..s. Si. KNIGHTS l'S A stated tooenabl of St. loolo Corm- matelerv. No 3,. K. r...w.la ha beh al the A.ylem on MiiS.DAT EVENING. the 3eth N lust at 2 o'clock. for In,talleLloa Of othcera. Xe2,1rmstelerv. No 3,. K. rw.la he bold 111 the .ylum on MoNit.T Es-EN!;. the 3Oth N lust. at 3 o'clock. tor in,tallaLion Of careers. lbe Ntr Kt.ligLiA will atu ea in 6,11 arena Calton.. exc wine tIL..pettu Itkatto.Sk Knights are clo.-toon.ly invited to. tend Be order. U. M. STONE, E- C. Atto.t: lox. WILLI Lt.ozo Recorler. HOME WANTED. I- WISH TO EXCHANGE INIf ft. groan& wmtlow-itillin itteet Mod Ewing at emu Of tome of the be-I sxru-srg iio nnos et or iiiiimprotel ittrizu Tan ate in alto fpit. 41I to I.Vou acres. Wlited os coa plezo! IIDOI rwlmind In LIvitiestamt, e!taroton ll'ars,11 oin gain g toll payment tor pleti lAtrellIng, of not less than rz rooms. to,sodes bash r,.101.. Well nat.teii. With hit moeem twproeemeIts, t,tin erg back ttphi: .ttunwil in dolortale loe-thtr. between i ixt.et,th amml Liwid STelitte. and Notion and Cbeatal prtliartit. Inqiore A. JOIT,TWVA., 411 !II arils it tin sueet. Alht lee. 4 IFTYR JAN rA HY 1st, IPAA, th SS. LOnitt SM Woolen Mot ...mug C. tl 1.0.1t,telY Mot tog. do. but cowl., titernactto arbetty to a ithetotaie trattoby Litt Pwce OE C. S. MOW Prim L , --n:;- ,z-"tizat---- 2.7 ,c1,;150 REWARD. SHIPMAN. ILL.. SITUR 4er-t.1 IL DAT nit;It. be ro O. Onit. I ron-zrA, 1, TT. ,1112.-k nfl hJrV;t ttio, talth. vrtit S cna:!! t"rta 'war thr e-r,,r Joint en the left bind he; one 1,,,s-arair 'h nn !.-trta darker than th, fro, ,siss a ste 'tire 1-y yp.ra ot! la-t she'd. is heel. WO: were 1,th 1,srefooted ertv.n eo ; i.i.hSt t 60,61 00.66 ,r iUi lt,,en bed; IWO 0660 0( 63(0660, Mkt two saddle& PPOED A man of Vet con otesios. sr,h e-srh !et ea the rteht .;,;e ; ether, timi. heat, rot man, wt ati heavejlark st ill ore IO for the recovery of o- 1,, 9130 for horses..4 thieves. ..11t. RULIZ r Erat.enr.of Walnut add 11411; SC L.'s,. PPPTIT tVNO'VP""" u.k .T.Toliday resenrs Ty A VINt; Jt7ST tECEIVETI FROM L NEW Tung. assi Et 14111t 1,144c eupakooLt, Fancy :nd Onamnial Goo, Is. oront varnOy and suited to every theta and every' nun, we wt-ls to e t. our et,.I4 Ut intorno, that they too nom ON triXbir ot out KEW ITO SPMCIIS STORE, ecz FIFTH STREET, Vine anti olive. SIEGEL & FOB Gee Fitters, wimple...Wet and retetti &eaters I. I boodelserta, S. ... Coal fixturrela. mad Inepriero Sr Bronze. Parsa Stateettes, Ear. THFILTSCH & CO, IFID FIFE BD SHIFT MD MAN't-FACTrizZR4, AND DEALEM Floramberl' 3tateriaLli Noe, olp and 521 Locust street. ST. Loris. EXTENSION OF TNE ST. LOWS AND CCUNTAIN C:tizens of St. Lorna and ttif County Cmrts atd citizens of the counties throneh which vie 1;he is located. and all others who dcsire the completion of this great enterprise. and at the same time a good investment of their money, sre invited to subscribe to the Stock or the Bonds of the Company as thev may prol,r. With proper assistance and co-operation of the public spirtited people of Missouri. this road. now 211 under contract. can be completed in WK.. film eight-en months. For perticul Ira apply at the (Mice of the Company. corner of Fourth and Myrtle PtIvets, or to ALLEN. C(,F P NI' ET'S Banking Houae, corner of Second and Cli,snut goreet" THO. ALLEN, Pre-idt-nt. Pott Ige Patent Grates ITAvz crirs rsITERS T., Ran erarvon x der Am& Orders eent to Na. Sit 0.,-e Deilrecri r,tI. nd Smin sLreeo up istR!rrd wili ree-Irt immirLatt tt Ltwe- J. W. ePALDINki Axes& ClIECCIN & 1-1AEKNESS, Livery and Sale Stable, Corner Fenno anti tonna street". t I I Corner Nino and tocoot stavots. ST. LOUIS. NO. Orlet arte-Irtne rtve-t to tbe arzd eare of stock- Abe ovel7 aOwanee given to traders Os wen toe Fro lidera Salings Institlitin, 513 OLIVE STREET. taPEN DAILY rRom t4 3 P.M.. awl or N MIA r ENE S1N414 to r 1,1-tr4nz, depoito In now Anno4. nverived asol Ineorele nilnloo 1 c vore; Currer.t dtpostrs receirea. Ittd tile inalai fontf ue. tt.:.-24.1 t. frst,r10,: U. n. Bonds bo,..gtL A1,194,14; nen IL' nlet: States 11.4,41, S-,11., in ontiildenoinAnsuboso, coi.staoCy 4,411.44 am& ig a41.1,4 J. ?. Ut rresPent. P A. KAN LET f, AMERICAN BANK IA1301:1S, Capiliit Mock, e4;30,090 I rocs E MILTE5BERGEIL JOHN' F. Toll,. Vice Pre.idrin. EARIP)Or CubtarE. FIEBESMANS Amoisual Castier. r1,1119 BANK IS 'N OW OPE't d brisiee.50. -11- and wt 9 no a Kenerni Isonkin4 businese. Donwsoe and luretin sch .nge. ti.veroxnent ,st,nrines ...id just and Cain housht and sold- 1..be.ai pid Woe drio,its- Northwest corner itam and Mee street St. Loans, las. The Busy nee. 'RUH UNDERSIG'Fitto PROPO4Ei, m9 soon as awthciect awatber et sobscrthers are ob. laintal to insane success. to conacion e La aublicitti ot el a it.otiliv Newspaper in the ty ot to be ca !ec 'Ugh; it soil b. puoti bed weeIly a 43 pct annum in advance. and will se devote, to tee nestle:, tip cornett tatted. the instructive a id the iwtiertsi I ins. Four cspiee will he eta eve yi.as to etne WO. OW alit: nice coulee tor VP). the truth copy to the setter ap tbe club. Opec men copses 1111 bfl Pe gratit to Zit 1.e. appiy for them. Op the rneetpt .tr he tostrtia tr. all ..tibccribent who ere dissaiistled witb the PS001. by no wiptly Ovine notice of the ism; us the anderstased., Cikb have it sa.ppeci ZIA their money relent,. Aduress JAMES B.- HAMMOND. sT. LotaA. MO. 12 UP T UR E. Q C IFFARTFIn Di- proved 11.1tcal Lore Immo mw ' ,.e a ca vi of rezeclAc dunto tA Utterer. Do h2nd 2 ,2111..,,,,LOO. AL;DOM I N AL StlP'virrLitr, sett ILJ IMAs-rie ritt is o udmc tee 41,4 t.A.Tif! STEN!KIN4S. ter ver,cooe 4P2 Ploore 4.,spnno, 2.,perbgt. to1.6.04. graee,; pt y tAkikOff mane.; Layartence 113 rostra Sta a Marmot fOrtLst. name IF.AVIAL.,41. Lemke 910 ALL WHOM it MAY CONCERN: AL I deem, it toy dutr to Wort., tho 'unlit-. thy !rota le.v ow a ex aert.LLee. 1 be!-eve Neumey,r, Jr7r. to br cbraper and sunertor to any ozhor Powder rAl LOI La a, ir the IMIAt wilco nt,perly hal died- DVitEL 9. Cal 1..;Hr.. Pr,netnal titaarry man ot LiALLA MAT. No?enth, I AL t..n:e to Ibe tore. G. JOITV lIttaryrf4. 1:...-e!a..nred and 101 rate by .,.1.CM LI' an N So. SI Juatil t!1 -urea lin1,101 ,nt,l, Are,. ?or the W. aft !SolL,t 1LIT A NT EDOn theist ot January next by a respott.tb:e Itot promot i.nvtrnc t, t,,t, a co,- roAloot SLone iletwer. ttb-tet Attli Irmo strt, Addx.di rott-iiCco 1,-,E 236. eastlag btu ebt t.tb.e. et:. CIÁSE- NO. 134In the DiAtriet Court of Use tAnt-ti ..r r tb, Emterrt District of litesorti lr. th, oatt-- of J R Bunk nplt b ILINKFATItY.Eletem District ee Lit Wirklairlet,.1 hdeeftr To 10,orn it mi.. 111211 tVSC tot!co et' h-ts appamtlatt,t . . rot, of At. Lotto., )n tip 449m" of $t Lotto. a.4, State of Al isdoari. trithift District. wh. bat ao,,a a, judge4 A Lauk row upvis 1t un peuttoa, by thy bstetet C,ttrt t soid day of Dom-ember. AL. D. S. M. !ITfl. -1,:gmett. 1111C OTICE IN BAN K FTC .as Mates or Amerlft. in.tent Distrbft of triwon to M.o. rote... that on the '24th dal of Do. c umber. A. D.. Warrant in BankruptJr ww lowed tt ost the cutoto ot Benjam.n kimtati. of St. Louis, n Oft Cf.rity of St.. ianti S. ate at .40 boo beer lbMilted S bantru.ft on his own pelt:on: that the Pa, ment of any debt...arid delivery ist env property belroneirk to ttatib bankrupt. to Dim. or Sr his u.t and ins trworet or soy protect, by hire aro forktilden b. law: that a meeung the creditors of amd bunkrupt, to km', their kelp., awl it choose or or more Aiitiiinten Sr his e,,a will be held at a Court of Bank ...Doi,. to he laftetn at A. W. cor. Third and Pine streets. sr. Loeb, voi. before tnelen Eutaw lt,e1.5tur. on Me HA as. January. A Li. I'. at 2 o clock P. X ot. Lotus. X, 2nth that of December. A D. her J. & 17. & Marehdt. Mretenzer. Erot Met Ito- O'lleE IN BANK , rrt; Y 4.1 Stat. or America. Irdwtorn illistaibit Stlimourt as,. 11.4 it to Orr noteet;mt de the ;ittit dal of December A. It ler. warrst t in hir,knuttry tree trotted ee-tteot the date or Samuel E. Bender...pm or ist. Louts. tri the entIttke at Mt Loow and Ottate of ktiotwort. who ba Woo ads J lotted a bankrant cm but wins posittout that the moment or any debta and deilver of any property beimUlla, to such beetroot to tont or fbr hi, mat and the trmister Sr any Driminty h hbn aro MIbutton by law; Mat a meettot or Dui creditors or tho bankrow; to prow their debts. awl to choose ono (Jr more ...Zak,. or hi. e.tato will be held at a Court of Kankrunc-e. to be holden at room No. le.Law ltSildnfi.lbint mut Piss woes. rty Lou Ma.. beton. En. Roztster. lb. ;int day or Jannary. A l Iskt. m La tee!wit A X Loam. Ito, ,u2 LIAIr 1).cc.a.,- A. D. 1.1. J. IL RottE114. r. s. Marshal. Si Mt-asunder. Ewtern Iludrict at ail stork 1114-VTICE IN ELVNKRUPTCYIinited AN Stat. of Aunties. Bootera Instrera litseourt to. Thot is R ye notice trase on the Mut dew off December. A. D. ItaL a warrant la bonarootey w. Ward maxima tes rotate of A:ne,leo Berthold. or St Lout. la the county of zit Louie and atas bowoue, wbo h. been aditerreo a bona-rats, on bet ewe pernioo: thtt tat roteo,st aey debts tad dolitet of any property belonging to .,,11 e attkropt to Wry. Or for but nee. and the intruder or aoy protertt be him aro feriedden by law; lb rt a tonhl e. of itto eredutora of the sot bontrunt., prove their debts. end te eh000e ono or more some-noes ot his e.tate, trill be held at a Coort Of Bankroseit. to holeort at odic southwest eornee of Third and Pine S treets. St. Loots. Me- before Loelen Baton. Beirister. on the II th da or January. A D at r. as Low, Mo, lth day of December. A Es. J. B. RottlEtts,. B. Marshal. to 51tea.hter. Eastern lhatner or Missend. "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, EttSt- ern Districts( Mi....idse. retied States Maaebals Proclamation, I. J. B. Bogert. Unitoa .4tattet Barthel for tne Eastern District of Mlisouri. do hereby give Public notice lira in the case of the l'olted itatim vs ref Ac.. J. B. Rogers, against :at barrels of distilled smug, commonly called htaltwimm. 'Darkest, Ike., in a cAtot Of seizure and fortelTore, ander the Act of COn at.pro wed March d. 1,et and also under the nets to which the same is amendatory. I did, on the 23J day tot December. A. D. IS6;. at the cliT of St- Louis. artett ami take Into sly 008.,IlOn, toy oikte comiNly. AO barrels or distilled spirits, commonly called hichwines. 44 of sand 1.,rels being marked ilits Terme... whnte whiskey, metaled, and it of saiii barrels being unmarked. And I h ereby. al... give public notice that the woe kisigned tor the o.tora 0t s,idlysersid, anal 11w beande this carse. le the third day et February, h. D. Iskit and I hereby sdro. ni-b and mourn-in all persons claiming any intereet in said 54) tercels distilled 'Orli, r knowing or baring an) thing to sae, y the an nimbi nor be de-freed to to tortsited Tv tbe United Awe, and to...condemned and oold to mower the sca,er 4 sod thot thrY niMeot benon said fh.t.ctot Court Abt lot K een.. In the city ot St. Loot, is said Disuing ou aid So do. Si P,btnalll. Den- at NS o'clock a- n orbest and where 63111 Catlin Will be heard, then and tte-re interpose their claim, and answer sail ink rMar.art. nag natio their alleaaddas Is that beha lf J. S. WHIPWI. r. s Marshal for the Faators Drat of 3ils.datt. St. Lotus, Ito-. Dee- 31 IN THE ST. Louis clEcurr cortrr December Tenn. Ina. Mender. December It lealwin Dart.. by her next friend, John Stranota v.-- Franc. bane. No. at Ma dye. cornea the NonttrY and dna as mitiinonal arndamt from whieh t atinara Met tin dankly. tray .1h-coaled ami eb.e.ttM himwit Pon ht. wont place Of abAo ID thl 8..ita. or hao concealed itioneit yo bat the ordinary procima of law he yented noon him, whertr-te, ft ...hoe of Diainia by amorser. it !a ordend by the Conn It.t the defend:tot be noutied that a cavil aciion het been roomette.st riamitat nat. the orient and tensrti natant of "title h I. . ot tain a deer. of Anoint se tin annals of crony, and deacrtion..d nate he aoriew at the next A aril terrn this Court to ne be.iyan and bell at the City of it.. Lynda within aill tor the colony at Loen. on the tint Monday of Amid nett. aml. on or before the third day thereof. answer the pia.- he's moitoe. the name will be taken agalast him as eetleamill. -tad it is further ordered that &dope hereof be pobiteried aireOrd:Elj late in the litayourt ran. a newepaper onatell and patollalbed ta the MIS et $t- Lome- A tree same- Attest. JOIRM LEWIS. Cwt. J. b. Altagney Cr4MMINC1S4) ..T e oTtacK FOR RENT OR LEASE-- ,MNRMIMM,atb AMUSEMENTS. -------- P,e113rfes Opera Flame, PIN', T. THIRD A!gD FOURTII STS. lityricE TO THE T. p.m.aer, I. order equalfe bh erieme el the other p'toes ef arrrls rntfl III the t,:!IF mbe ch-tr,re retO ere Ho. halefIC o p.rmo lb ,..,rters, mIt .pert lbst prce.o4.: ,bot,,hoyeifig scrre of pe f. r t able ae;,,vCr A Cret.vm,.70 cents; it.e.Prwmt Atilt, TS eMite; rib axe Oen., acre.: felorftt Rexene SO eeete1.2st meek cq he poeu,r acwr Mr. El, .1, A OSSe. 34,!. t1. irst melt nr t'Ve V1.11 e..rmit ea dr.ms ne IRM.TA VE Sr. tbe Man m! be smes 1r gap., R.01,,t.L.S. Mr. twin A team Dmer orm st T. COTISMeInt at hair-test 'V 1177s6it's Opera Muse coRNEI rirrn AND PINS STREL:rs rErri.WIT.,0V Hots Peorunreon Weenazi J 0. EIHWARD Teen., ..ws TycIDED SCICriS O WILAI91 NPC,TTFIRFAMly.Y Itr,0Ier.?1,4 nreerle ell 3: H IRV Y. the mr-0?,..0 vet rotneetan in An.eriee. Ane,I Uhfl1 fmno "Pare" out .ri a -Lark." NEW ILAM RiNn ells4; eiLNIVAle iee in actave prepr,raoloa. o'clock. Trenble errinnenceent 0. Moe,: ih,erred 4e0e. 14e. 11.11sett'; Opera House Conies Filth anfi pine etreets. Grand Family Matinee New Year's Day, Ottfrnpie 77t cotre, FIrrn STilEAT. rEivrEcs WAT-YEI AND ELY. SPALDING A CIDWELLProvrietots arml Man wen IVFONDAY TVESDAY AND wEnlir ITA day evatings,, bee. Sun and 314. and dad- is'. and NEW YEARS ArrEnNooN, A n hrrnrnee In-al7een f Holiday Kneel:ie. Trte great mpeetacalar Pantov1,0e. MEDINA, Replete ar!b tart:ing altratione, naesteriona tram. sum at:one a rA az,,al imeta.morphoi.ei. anon 1,11, Owen'. Leen e,t:::e6: ilE Vis. 1BAC... ,14,N. n. J131 CIVIV Al IVE, DILLY EN; F. R,W11 as 01, r c,!on 1.1( P, K ER a. the Nezro. sad IPLe Cj'R't)!T an tb. at,1 a Pe 41 Vele Ethiep!an,s. new, Ter:e horear.1-me. new Vocl!serne and new ACZOnallen, by the Yen,er n ,7 e E.,Prege 11:1-Ci and Par laertn (oath ernalle el.,' r .1t rv. S4 eent. Pyste Roane, aid, tn 34 ren 7. Cbllalteigne fib t. CLd upon L..a C A nr. W. lettrislies Theatre. at A tiCET sTtNrir. nrr. PV,Trt AND SIS re VN Seem Week et Lotti's Grard Opera. )Dt FVK1,b.c. aetb, Walla la Grail,' Le tendary opera or TIex- r'reiseltyttzYse Frede,,iei fa her eiterte oerseter o arreh, ,Isopi F.r,r1,a ifo hp, pi,o1T, rnte Aoe!.es Franz Immo, ID ire adiat red part o' .. ex. Jo, Wein ;ira to pArt I ....... -r ,wr Herr "Week aa isl,am !eat Direotor. T.04-3, Erentairrfte 11.nieltr nr th. R. r meal41A,lit Urfa. 4oeeend aerroa-to, 6, 'CI Mr 3 Pr the boas, el , seenrs.4 e r,:1,, 51 ',Rt. tA7ro, family errelle.73 ren : gallery. 36 e eote. cam be oecured U Wi B-z 0thC MS toy in GRAIM NEW YEAR'S BALL A At ILTnicon halt, A li...i.i. Corner of Fifth and Biddle streets.'...,on Monday ,5 Tuthday Eregs DECEMBER 30 AND M, Va. nr,E,, E procs to be devoted to the building A. at tho l'athoVe 4.twmol-Hoor,e, eorner of APavollls 8tteet kW, Ca 8 avessne. so Ne gives. Anda the mammas. we. t 01 ,),, fiol,,ssna gen 'men: J8sre.S1!e418. A. Y. 3iiii.r. Bernard Quiftwy. ',he V ulalIT P. A 1,e-s7in. Jos 1:r r, t; Y. 1),,. I .het!;Asa, J. J. Neet.yi- P,,er Calms., J. liamarty. WaL rowel,. N. ki. Pae:A.a. lii:KI:111ZO ceol otacb- .. 0 1 CRUD LILL 0 J.,1 . b; ,-'1. T FL!,,,,.,,Auer.,,Hr.ii.',,E,,Itrilti! I - '.,.,.1 thfir roar. at Ball mt Prot'. Eleorr. Dortertft AcsolvIrtv..corrr rtilrd tri PI, .treo,, on 'DI If fli Dp,ersher.1,,i'l; W No &rem im the besaett ol tios Ntclovr LECTURE TO St DILITIELZA PPOA2 lo "The Knights el SL Patrick," P. L. FOY, Esq., On Monday Evening. Jam 6,1557, At bIll poet seven &clock Al the Polytechnic nail. or EJTCT--"Ilte C31,141i,11 MI in.nosrl arta in 1,00rd Of a tt ramie Datawpg:,,.. Tit TT Cit217 TWO LECTURES, Will be deliTereci by JOI1N GOrG11, htt Nereantile Ha TEWILSDAY and FRIDAY EVZ:11-103p Jam 2d and 3d,18al. mrearraatry ends- te be bad a tete beekoteres. moil as the doer. Lecture sotonatateo az o'cluea. - ELECTION NOTICES. neelen Am verve tee ee,p T. Louts. Des 11. WI. TILECTION NOTICEThe annuni electiem 1-4 for wren fa rec-ora !, 17,11 s, the Wade of the oel Tuesday. Janne.", T. Itek koila open from II a. N. to r. a. C. C. Fait AMON. geeTtgart 3ATIO2AL BANN or IAN Paves or venoms.? ke NT. torts ST.1.0213. December .e, MT. VLECTION NoneE-4, e!ection irm D4KA r,40,,,stOs Reek witi be IN.'S at the Basile,' LI.nee. on Wednesday. the -talk of Janttsee. Isan. Foote open Men IS cclock a N. to 2 a'clock r. LD01. P. cuarIN aas..2aM OPTICS PACITIC ISSTI2XCh CegraST, t '4, I .L L. Dec M. iwr ',Olio! ANNUAL ELECTIOS bOR NIN n DIRECTOR. a), verve the enAnne rear. lel tel la tee at tais ram ee, MON D A Y. the Ata Tlf DAY Of JAN CARY. leNi. tI.. pen !Torn 12 Vyi ck N. to I P-M WALTES Ii. PO, tEN. Se,- Orrice sa. !one WI-Tral. Horse Brmarto Co.. .v. las Ch..ast .tre-t. Dec. W. ;1467. f VOTICE c,TOCKPOLDEES The AN review etoetbly festal meet or Ten lasilsra per ahcre t.451t...4pSóS at tint dice the tath day air JANUARY. beteg the that al,astay sal, month., 4t.o.ss,d4- e, are required to prodsce their reeelpta and exchange Meal lar ottaa,e.k.. 2,4 Trl-t es in ar d',AtIlantd, of appommtent, dais acknoethedayi ace tweeds& itak.cc boom front S o'clock a. a- to 4 e'ci...ck r. n LMtKwiTZ. Secjr. re7t . I . LITC17.3.112- A., ea& eienoft ear Diree,oe ofiht, Rank 10,! ae held at Sr. ofhca of th can the aware it IS à. 111- and: r. on Monday. JvI,rI WM. D.-tikan.Y. Castner. TIMID NATIoNAL BAK OF T. lOriza.: T. I ,r11, Dec.,,,:p G. 14L : flectTepp Notice-11)e r-2:11Ir anti,' OW ,n e 41);-pcorg of Vis Hank. yell be In'tt on 11-F,bAlf. k4rn Ja aary. ai Lao B!,k1 ?oda oi,en 1 nt III kan!. na m to 3,eloca P. M. lift S. A. S101)1) RP. "VLF CTION N01.14.EMemhanti Na!ion.11-4 nt! I e,t. will be an Weed,' r ikkeive tkir.e,rk irk this bulk bebt o It.1.I,th. 14. v of t!e reine or the tma.,, rot nee or Lee-we Io. Main etreett, between the luursoI o'clo,k a.. tit! E. TE 1,1-W AW,173-Ner. t IoN NAL'IONAL K T. bee,,ni,e,r 1l : irr The A nrinnt f.r cit DIFettot, 01 th 1.k Ilriq tor. Itc4,1t111 UP'D.T. , 1;ti 1;441Line: hclas ct Iv hsti r JJ11, 3LITIHEW.4. Jr. Ewhier. SIVO? U NTIC,NAt RISK. St Lows, Dec. E tTAL ELL:C.10PN t.r mue Di-L of th b.nk, wz,I be briI TrE4D.V.Jbm. 141P Ime. at Lg N.tlyen the hrm-sor WA.. M. And 3 r. x. E. D. JtANK-.4.easItter.. Ina NY Loris Nal,. Pat DaSe.: Sr. Loris. Dee. IL. rrnE ANNITAL FLFCTIoN Putt NINA -a Director.. to wry. ilia on-inn, year. atoll So tr!tt si our bl.na toe room, oa rocs ,cy Jan 14, 1.113. Poll epos now io A. IL. 0113 r. a A DP.T1,4- A CaohlerOrrice us Ina GAZA. ircer sue Isn. Co Or !..T. tWIS. o. Oe Lurie. Dec Hi. IltrT rrint ANNI7AL MEETING OF TIIS E. os th;a 4.7.,incanir wilt be lio1.1 oa ItSDA T. Jot! nary t vats at the make ot tao Compony. tor U,. el. -Ctn. of N tse li,revtora itte Mbot year. rolls open tom 12 it. 4- 3 Sr-. r 3L ACti- BACA. Seelltoelr. - - - - Orrice MIS.Iiteeirkt Vatter INarn ayes Co..: Loins. Dec 21. Iset pLErTTON ItOTICEAn -1,-tion of It Direeters for Ibis Coaoarre. dorP,E v....Will bet el4 on it ESDAY. Ct. tilt Lity of JA 11' ART. P.Pi. at ino arcs et tito Commas kcal open tr-ta Ina. it. to 4 r. it WM- IL ',YENNING& Praohloat. OFrICE St 7..-,1IS GRAIN ALEYAT011 CO..: ST. Lori. D., 713,er IL 1L : Viection NotieeThe s.-cond ano.1 election for tbr. 13, Directo rs. len be tieM rho wt., or the Company. Lace, toot of nieet. litiN DAY. 3tan of Decerober. Pet opeft tnnIt IS a- A. to I P. IL .10131 P. S341T11. Secrerszy. Cenci or The T. Lotts urrAt tire Dit CO. t Dee. 441441. t ging ANNUAL ELECTION OF SEVEN a in it L Tor !hie Cowpany. to 'erre in piece Ji there boo terms empire. will be held between the imers of A. had 2 r. C.. el. Mewl., .linewie Stk. kW& ail the elites et the Cele t.3121,. o.13 Olive treat.. tt Al I T. ,ecretere J)0ATMANTg SAVING INSTITUTION The block beblers t,f the Itearteen Iltitution are btreby nut.illcd that the Anneal le.1-obeel ct twir Direetoi, will be be:.! At th,it es It E,De Y. "Te JAN I Ahl NEIL.; t CeillibeW:e X. and dose et 3 C. BODC MEIN, emshierSt. Louis. Me- 24, Ithl. Orrice, ow 'Mt ProKtux. issItexace Conrssr. t ,,t rt M, De, e hbor Dt. rt t To THIP, STOCKHoLl FIRS OF TfTE PlitENIX IltiorlitAtteM etIK PANT OF Sr. LttuittNotte is hereby given that the -lunsi elettton fee seveeteen Director, to serve (or the ettoutue veer, will be held at the otheP ot the 4 empary. oathettet sorrow Of Kant and Vine tktreets. to the eitst et L .ort, he TUP,DAT.THK VoUttritIEN Ili DAT 41W JANUAKT NEM. Toil "nil bop eat tram II eetects s. tts h'elcult r. x. o atdLas. By fader et the Ittthr4 Direetoro. ktliE it Limei.125D. Seeretare. ST. MIS 1111111TER EMS SIX PER CERT. rsTzteEsT Principal and interest Pays) le in Gala. TOE SALE ET THE Xational Bank of le State of Missouri 11 S 11, 0 IT 1 S'.. u3t.t TO SM. ILT S. 3- 10-464 and 7.3No converted luta, WATLIL YA,NIIKS tavoyable term National Munk of the State of Missouri IN ST. LOCISCArnrAht. ta.4110.304) 1 otcwitzrD, 'SHIM JA.. EL BI tirEcIN, CHAS. L. PI -C t..thVIerr'.. tvirrt THE ABREY RACE courisEs APPIY 10 CIILL IL ELIJAHIA. It-ttt---,........,. ,ddnktt..tt' t .4 VIM . ENIENTS. )pera 1'attle9 AUD ?MIRTH TA 0 THE PritLIC' in Se ertuallte bit, helms ea9t the en: in the who chaere a Douse halene to p Yu., or last twice. et. a' "Ine t.,I.osearg &earns. r Reno-red krata TS auto; 21S !Menet Roam So neon.- ir actor tit. Eli -.la A !LAMA. 1.27. lest notht nf rts ',AIRY.) TA VI.: er, the Man lona.L.2. We. twin A lam, nener S hail-red 'V steel, 13pe3a Arla fur AND TINS "intik:rig. lots Pborantroa k Aleittaftal Tema., airs ITSS Wil.,:erre itro,dee.-Ilirnt straw T. the im:,lh-st 23-leer; eerie, Anvil Cho-, fens a Lark.- NEW ILAM I'!; I'AtNIYAL. t prepara,loaet Trouble eestitenerte et IL erred stab, 1Zie Opera liouse an,1 Pine streets. 1111y Matinee ear's Day, oTtaer Theetae, Ti WALHUT AND ELY. L....Proprietors and Lassen SDAY AND wEnlirFsse tout and 314. and dm. lat. tS AFTERNOON, et ef Holiday Nevehice The alter. EDINA, obtalta, 'notations, Irma imetamorphoide- Pt- 'rot' Inh a lawee'e Lire bitViat loBAC, .th HILLY EN; ths E ER ae the Nerre. sad Wei r.c el eels Ethienlan,,es. new VOCI!,M0 and new Actebatica. n Tthene. and rat-battle (melt yonnar Z1,12 we Rego. bill te 34 rirest open tree C ia 771eciti-e. )rTri AND SLK re ST'S. Latis Grad Opera. Des. 3Itb, Webola Gym Le 7eiseltutz Itserte rtracter e Arti,he asin2 rnle Ane,.es aitast part e' . ....... Otztear 31a eat Diterter. Tisneb ter nr the Lc meetalA.lit 1,4 1 Mr sf the bona. I!; amat iiy creek rten.: gallery. 0 aechresi at the B-z thdice ,,ta YEAR'S BALL it-11k halt, and Biddle streetetia Tue4day Eregs 30 AND M, 167. e devoted to the building eni-Hoo,e, eorner of S4555014 e i.e given lodes the manage. iemehr Bernard cthigist. ttehn Jos Ertl' HAL. I ...het!, la, US "lomat-tr. Wm Cola beta a DILL. r ACHINERY,L,! quniral, cInn Linn Prof. Beery. ;hysteric rl rion ttreet, on IGE.OLI ereshee. lei; to be &tea ire' Tanning TITRE, MZ&ZD PSOAZ S - i el SL Patrick," For, Esq., .er.log.Iart. 6,1557, t seven &clock 1 ytechnic nal rotatort! none novo- mole nattent;i,.. SI FrT :CTU R ES, deli.cred by t. GOrGII, i I,brary rRIDAY EITZ:11-10 rind 3d, ISal. to te bad at tta bppluderee. 'pompom at acs'eleed NOTICES. ATI nyte Pcy. eo,t Loci& Dos IL WI. CE-The annual election in Y.. lot at the ellice et the moot Ided. It. r. N. C Ftlearsos. Pecretnrt. Pram or Ilmotrat.? Lo-a nein, December ISM ell1-4, election Ilyr Di-obi be bald at the Basking 2.2th of January, 149, A A Z. to 2 select P. P. Li),. P. CUlirl t.toasSM t'r- I ott Dec le. LEcTlos NINS the enthmg yele. te, 'I MAO D A Ir. tbo E1Tfl SAY Of en horn 12 n1 ck a. set le.rit LITER II. PO" ITS. Spey. IL Horta Symbros Co,. -t. sa 1,Pe;. Lot. at. MI-I KE1OLDERS - The taster Ten lbsilse per obese the Mats day eit JAN1.1- tY si ttlit meeth 4ta,.2h0,14- , their mot, phi and exchanie rel., es loth. We-thrombi of tiele,-1 sod "wearied took a- a- to 4 eCiock r. MACKW LIZ. Seey. flow Bass or St. Latta.) Lot to. Deo A. 1S1. 2 re,inlar Diesesera alibi, lthek al! Ito :.a.zt 'settees, the nears it 10 W11. IL-EIHNSLY, eaebler. ,L RANK OF Deeerthcr G. 104L : co:ice-The r--2,thlr 1-et,pyl of this Hank. sell Ihe las.aary. at toe Ba ,k, ,g N. to 1,tioca S. A Re. N There will be an Weeders I r ,tta on 1 the I,. t!e routs or the hani.. See rect., between the loon on IS US R. TEATMAN, Cutler. a. K OP T. 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