The Daily Journal of Commerce from Kansas City, Missouri on January 25, 1876 · 1
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The Daily Journal of Commerce from Kansas City, Missouri · 1

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 25, 1876
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.A I. 0F; "COMMERCE.;.., , T ...V , ll . t ft f SJ M - ( 4t i. s , f ' f I .U J KANSA8 CITY. MO..1 TUfeSDAY,' JANUARY 25? 1876. J VOL XVIII-NO. 273 ESTABLISHED 1854 JOURNAL COMPANY, f f M A 1 r TOPEKA. KitnM iiHmHpnil UrlRlB to Count Same iHtlm f 8UM RapabllcM C.BI-IUm T-ott.w. (Pram Our Ova Ajrrarpusf t) Tortu, Jan. 24, U7(. In looking over the last Kansas Acrl onRural Report I notice the anthor plvee oat facts connected with ike origin of tka Damns of eonniiee that will be of Interest to readers who are not personally familiar with tka early history ol the state. Mirny yearn ago the Pawnee Indians allotted the sal ley of the principal tributary of the Kansas riser, to a powerful division of their tribe, which gave to their possession the name oi Pawnee Republic hence the name of the riser, and county of Republic. Marshall couoty was named for Gen. Frank J. Marshall, who established a ferry on the Big Blue at the crossing of the California trail in 1849, Within the present limits of the oounty. Brown county was named in honor of Albert G. Brown, senator from Mississippi at the time ol the passage of the Kao-as-Nebraska act, and not as has been frequently stated, to perpetuate the name of O. II. Brown, a member of the bogus legislature and a willing tool of the Border Ruffians. The territory included In Jackson county was, up to 1859, called Calhoun, when the legislature concluded old Candle Box" was not worthy of so much honor and accordingly changed the name. Osborne oounty was named in honor of Vincent B. Osborne, a private in Co. A, Second Kansas Cavalry, who lost a leg at Joy's ford on the Arkansas river. Mitchell county was not named for old stars," but for Capt. William D-Mitchell, company K, Secood Kansas, killed at Monroe's Cross-roads, North Carolina. Johnson county was named in honor of Thomas Johnson, who established a Meth-opist mission for the Shawnee Indians, in 1829, within the preseut limits of the county. Wabaunsee was named after celebrated chief of the Potawottomies. The philanthropic service! of Miss Clara E. Barton, of Massachusetts, In the sanitary department of the army during the rebellion, have been recognised by oar Kansas Solons in naming a county for her. Barbour was named for a free state martyr of 1855, who loll in Dougli county, near Luwrcnce. Butler was not named for "Old Ben," but for Andrew P. Butler, a senator from North Carolina for twelve years, and who was sealously in favor of a slave state. Montgomery was named in houor of Gen. Richard Montgomery, of revolutionary war fame, who fell at the attack on Quebec, in 1775, and not, as has been popularly supposed, for Col. James Mout-gomery, the Kansas abolitionist. Cowley was named for Lieut. Matthew Cowley, of the Ninth Kansas cavalry, who died at Little Rock, in 18C4. Harvey was named for CATP. JAMES M. HARVEY, of the Sixth Kansas, who after became governor of the state. For the last few years ho has droppod out of politics. Miller was changed to Osage In 1859; I.jkcns to Miami in 1801; Breckenridge to , act approved Jan. 14th', 1875, an act to Lyon in 18(J2, and Wise to Morris in the t provide for the resumption oUpecie pay-same year. McGee was changed to Cherokee in I8ti8, aud Howard to Chau- tnuqua and Elk in 1875. An effort was made in 1859 to change the name of Douglas county to Lincolu, but it was very fortunately defeated. In 1870 a part of the northwest was organized into a new county, and named Lincoln. There are sixty-nine organized and about thirty-five unorganized counties in the state. A bill is pending in the house at the present time to annul the organizations of several that have not citizons enough for county officers. A call has been issued by "Honest John" Guthrie, chairman of the Bute Central committee, to meet at the Tefft house on Wednesday to decide upon the time and place ol boldiug a STATS CONVENTION to elect delegates to the Cincinnati convention next June. The meeting will be an important one, and may he said to he the opening of the campaign. FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS SCRATE. Wariiixutok, Jan. 24. Senator Jones, of Nevada, was in his seat tor tbe first time this session. The clmir laid before the senate the annual report of tbe commissioner ol patents (nr 1776; laid on tbe table and ordered printed. Mr. Bheruian presented ten petitions of citizens of Ohio, asking governmest aid tu the construction of the Texas Pacific railroad. Similar petitions were presented by Cameron, 1cun and Wallace, all of which wure referred. Mr. Gold'.bwute presented the report of the committee of the Alabama legislature, aud tesliinouy taken by the committee in regard to the election of Geo. b). Spencer U. H. senator. Referred. Mr. Wright, from the judiciary committee, reported without amendment bill declaring the true intent nd meaning ol the L'liioo Facifie railroad acts; it provides that none of these acts shall be construed to authorize any subsidy or land grants to the Hannibal and St. Joseph railroad company or to the Central Branch of the Cuiou Faciliu company for auy extension ot road in excess of llit 100 miles next to the Missouri river. Placed on the calendar. Hy Mr. Morton, to estuhlisb a mint for the coinage ot gold and silver at Indian' apolis and appropriating certain government grounds aud buiidiug for the use of the same; and also money tor the purchase of necessary machinery. Mr. Kelly, from the committee on railroads, reported, with amendments, the seuate bill to extend the time for the construction and completion of the Northern Pacific railroad calendar. Mr. Bhertnan culled up the senate bill to provide for a commission oo the sub1 ject ot the alcoholic liquor traffic. Pending the discussion iko morning hour expired aud the chairman laid before the senate the unfinished busmens, being the resolution ot Mr Morton in regard to the recent election in Mississippi Mr. Mortou said his health was iu such n condition that he would not be able to cootiuue his remarks to-day. Mr. Davis calk'd up a resolution submitted by him a few days ago in regard to the investigation of books and accounts of the treasury department. Pending -estion being on motion of Mr. Edwards to amend tbe resolution so as to have the investigation made by the oom mittee on finance instead of a special committee, which was agreed to, yeas 28, nays 22, resolution as amended was then agreed to ; on motion of Mr. Morrill, a preamble alleging that there were discrepancies in accounts of treasury, eto., was laid upon the table; the resolution agreed to as follows : Resolved, that tbe committee on finanoe ' bo instructed to investigate the books and accounts of the treasury department, par- ticwlarly with reference to discrepancies and alterations in amounts and figures that have been mada im them, and especially in the anneal statements of the ec-pendituree of the government, revenue collected, and public debt, contained in said reporta, and if aay ruck discrepancies and alterations be found to exist, to report the same and the extent and nature thereof, the yea hi whenever they ear, by what authority made, and any reasons that induced them, and report generally sock other and farther Information bearing upon the subject as to them may seem beet, and that said committee have power to ernd for persons nod papers. The senate then resumed the consideration of the bill to provide for a commission on the subject of alchoholie liquor traffic pending discussion. The senate went ioto executive tension and soon afterwards adjourned. NtliRg Washihotoh, Jan 24. The speaker called the states for bills, under which call the following bills were Introduced and referred : By Mr. Hale, amendatory of the bankroll Inw. By Mr. Wood, of New York, to provide for the suspension of the sioking fund until 1880 ; also to amend the act authorising the funding of the national debt. Hy Mr. Chittenden, to fund the legal tender debt of the United States. By Mr. Wbitehmise, for funding the legal tender notes into forty year, four per cent, gold bonds to tbe amount of 100.000,000, at a rate not to exoeed $V 000,000 a month. By Mr. Lapbam, fiiiog the first Monday of January as the time for meeting of congress ; also, constitutional amendment proposing to obauge the commencement of tbe presidential term from March 4th to Mav 1st By Mr. Ward, to protect life oo steamships, boats, and sailing vsssels; also to provide means of cheap transportation in interior waters. By Mr Woodworth, granting bounties to the heirs of soldiers who fought in the late war, who enlisted for Ices than one year, and who were killed or died by reason ot service. By Mr. Hurlhut, to provide for cheap transportation of freight between the At lantic ocean and the Ohio and Mi ippi valleys. By Mr. Morrison preparatory to the demption of Unitea States notes and the resumption of specie payments: the bill directs the secretary of the treasury to retain coin in the treasury until it shall amount to thirty per cent of the outstanding legal tender notes, and in the meantime, it suspend the resumption bill until after the first dav of January, 1879 ; it also require the National banks to retain coin interest received on its bonds deposited to secure circulation to the amount of their legal reserves and wuch sum, in addition thereto, as with legal reserves shall equal thirty per cent of their circulation, which amount of thirty per cent the banks are to retain as security for the redemption in coin of their own circulation; it also repeals the legal tender provision from the time that banks have thirty per cent in coin of their circulation. By Mr. A. 8. Williams of Michigan, constitutional amendment prohibiting senators and representatives from soliciting appointments to or removal from office, and providing for a civil service commiaS'On. By Mr. Wilson of Iowa, a constitu tional amendment providing that the terms of representatives shall commence the first day of January instead ot tbe fourth day ot March. By Mr. Beales, to reduce the tax on tobacco and whisky. Mr. Slone offered a resolution Instruct ing the post-office committee to investigate the straw bid system. Adopted. Mr. Willard offered a resolution instructing the committee on civil service reform to inqnire what legislation is necessary to prevent the solicitation of appointments to office and removals therefrom by senators and members of congress. Mr. Kelly offered the following, which was adopted : Revolted,, That the secretary of the treasury be directed to report to this house what amount of specie wns in the treasury oo the 31st of Dec., 1875, designating the amount of gold and silver respectively, and also the amount of silver purchased under the provisions of the rnenl; stating tbe date of several purchases, the price paid for each, and what amount of cost, if any, of such mrchases of silver has been paid or from the surplus revenue in the treasury, not otherwise appropriated, and wbat amount of five pur cent, bonds bearing gold interest, have beeu sold or disposed of for the purpose of providing means for the payment for said silver; the date of the several issues of said bonds, respectively ; tho ainouut of interest that has been paid thereon, and the amount that will have accrued but remain unpaid on the day proceeding tho date of the report mado, lu reaponce to this resolution. Mr. Morrison, from the committee on ways and means, reported a resolution directing that the papers laid before the house and the testimony taken before the committee on ways and means last congress, in. regard to the Pacific mail subsidy, he taken from the speakers table and referred to the judiciary committee, with instructions to inquire wbat action should be taken by the house In reference to persons now members of the house who are charged with complicity in the corrupt use of money for that purpose, or with giving facts or testimony in relation thereto. Adopted. Mr. Banning offered a resolution calling on the secretary of war for information as to the pay and allowances of army officers stationed in Washington since March, 1809. Adopted. Mr, Whitehouse offered a resolution instructing the committee on the civil service reform to inquire into any abuses or frauds which may exist in tbe administration and execution of existing laws affecting any branch of the public service. Adopted. Mr. Holman offered a resolution instructing the judiciary committee to inquire whether improper and fraudulent means were resorted to to influence legislation in regard to the Texas Pacific railroad bill oi the 3d of March, 1871, aud liether contracts and combinations were sutaequently entered into by the company in violation of that act. Adopted. The house then adjourned. SUICIDE. A Gorutuu Fouud Dead, Hanging by the Neck, Near Lexlugtou Supposed Suicide Caused by Fi nanoial Embarrassment Hkdalia, Mo., Jan. 21. A German named Rudolph Muinili, was found hung ing to a beam in his tannery, a mile west ol Lexiugton, about ten oclock this morning. He had been missing since Saturday, and it is presumed had been dead uearlj two days; the cause oi the suicide said to lm financial embarrassment. Topeka SutM. Tui'eka, Jan. 21. Both bouses of the legislature met this afternooo aud settled down to regular business and did a good deal of routine work, but perfected noth ing of any importance. Tbe statement that Cspt. Morris Lad been appointed warden of the peuiteu-tiary is uot true; no appointment hat ret been made nor none will be made till .at before tbe time of Maj. Hopkins expires, which will be on the 19th of Feb-tumrj. ' AwaMlsslsg. Nnw, Jan. 24. A telegram today from Postmaster Goodwin, at Washington Landing parish, states that ex-Senator W. J. Oust, of that parish, had been assassinated. No farther particulars were giveu. Colonel Oflut was elected Democratic state senator in lHttt, and was here as member of the Democratic convention few weeks ego. new, YORK letter. Spiritual Seanoa by a Fam-oua Londdn medium. Queer Doing la the Drk--Splr- ltnal liable Made of Paper. .1 il 1 1 j lit Phantom Drinking Water Bu-pernatural V til tore, eto. New Yoax, Jan. 18, 1879. In response to the advertisement of Anna Eva Fay, the celebrated spiritual physical test medium of London, I repaired to her parlors yesterday to attend private seance. On entering I was ushered into a large, nicely-farnished parlor, divided midway by an arch. Facing the froot end of the room, and pretty well filling it, were some sixty or eighty persons, seated oo chairs ranged in rows. Between the front windows was a table, on which were several bells, a guitar, a flute, a tambourine, and some other things. The ordinary furniture of a par-lar was distributed around the apartment, and it bad unmistakably the appearance a room in which oo special preparation for tbe occasion had been made. I did not see all this on entering, but after the eeance I subjected the place to a more careful examination. After some delay Mr. Fay entered and made a short prefatory address. He said, effeot, that they did oot undertake to y by what agency the phenomena, which be hoped would take place In the presence of Mrs. Fay, were performed ; whether by electricity, the odic or other power, they only claimed that they were performed by some other agency outside of Mrs. Fay. As soon as he concluded Mrs. Fay entered. Bhe it under medium bight, slight and girlish, and quite pleasing in appearanoe. Bbe does not look to be over twenty-two. Her dress was in band-some light silk, .and , diamonds sparkled her ears and at her throat. The sleeves of her dress reached only to hor elbows. seating the audience sufficient space had been left in the front right-hand corn-ofthe parlor for her performance. At Mr. Fay's request two gentlemen were appointed to act as a committee of examination ; and 1 have not a shadow O! doubt to the honesty with which they performed their office. In fact the whole thing was carried on so clow to the spectators that they did not have to depeod very much on the committee. 1 will try and describe just what I saw, leaving it to the reader to decide if he can whether it was spirits or electricity, or jugglery. As a preliminary to the manipulations, Mrs. Fay's wrists were securely tied behiod her, by the committee, with long strips of white cotton, a couple of inches in width, the bandages being sewed. Two staples were next put in the jamb ot the door which opened into tbe hall, one at the height bf Mrs. Fay's wrist, the other at her neck, when seated in a camp-chair. To the lower one her wrists were fastened separate baud which passed around them; and soother strip encircled her neck, and was attached to the upper staple. Her feet were fastened to a piece of furniture near by, and as an additional precaution penoiea were placed on her toes. To prevent tbe possibility of Mrs. ay using her bands, each of the two gentlemen couuted a oertain number of shot of course unknown to her and placed them in one of her hands. All of the lights hut one were put out, end during each manifestation this was turned down low. Mr. Fay maintained that this was a necessary condition to the working ot the power. Mr. Fay being satisfactorily secured, the tamborine, bells aud flute were played on her lap The goe was turned down, and Mr. Fay and an assistant both of whom were always in plain sight hfted a large cloth sufficiently high to hide the lady from view, Mr. Fav requesting the unseen power which be addressed ns "Willie" to cause tbe bells to ring, the tatnbo-rine to play, and to convey the flute to Mrs. F'e mouth. Instantly the bell aud tamborine jingled, and the notes of the flute were plainly heard. On the light being turned up, the curtain dropped. The different instruments were seen scattered about the floor. There was always abundant light to see pretty distinct everything uot hidden by the cloth. A guitar was next placed in Mrs. Fay's lap, in addition to the other things, and on the cloth being raised, it was not only played upon, but the end was lifted above the curtain. Then followed a succession of really amazing performances A ring was borrowed from one of the spectators and laid in the medium's lap. Almost instantly she called for a light which was the signal for turning up the gas and dropping the cloth, when one of the committee extracted the ring from the inside of her ear. A piece of paper on which each of the committee had placed a murk, toguther with a pair of scissors, was laid in her lap. For less than a miuute she was hidden from view, dunng which time the cutting ot the scissors could be distinctly heard ; the curtain was dropped, and it was found that two babies bad been cut from the paper, which was identified by thecoramittee. A tambourine was laid on her knees, aud ou tins was placed a glass half full of water, the audieuce beiog assured of the quantity ot water by close inspection. When tho curtain was raised the souud of drinking could be heard, and when it was lowered tbe empty glass was held between Mrs. Fay's teeth. 1 will only mention one other of the strange feAts which were performed in the light seance. An empty wooden pail was laid the lady's lap. Hardly a second lapsed wheu she called for the light. The pail was inverted over her head. At the cloee of the light seance, a sharp knife was borrowed aud placed in her lap, and when the cloth was raised, tho band which fastened her tied wrists to the staple was cut Tbe bandages, which hAd beeu repeatedly and carefully examined during the performance, were now subjected to n fresh inspection, and found " i. I L-. ! Vf k I unaltered. The shot in Mrs. Fnv's hand was also found to be undisturbed. By (his time, 1 do not think a person in tho room had tho slightest doubt as to the truth of Mr. Fay's assertion that the agency by which the feats were accomplished were outside of Mrs. Fay. It was physically impossible for her to buve performed them Herself. After the lipht eance, n dark Aoanoe was given. Kighteeu cutup chairs were formed in n circle in the middle of the room, and these were occupied by members of the audience, Mrs. Fuy silting in the center. This circle was formed three times, giving most of the audience an opportunity to take part. In one of the circles I succeeded in getting a iduco. We took hold of bands, and the hells, tambourines, etc., wore distributed around. The gas being extinguished, the muiith-s-tatious begau. As an assurance that Mrs. Fa was not causing these performances, she kept constantly clappiug her hands, and part of tbe time allowed her bauds to he held by a geutlcwau in the circle. The manifestations consisted of the sounding of different instruments, touching of handa, etc. The medium also announced, At short intervals, the presence of some person- a visitor from the spirit world, apparently who was interested in some member of the audieuoe. For instance: ' A young woman comet here and inquires for the tall gentleman with the Light beard at my right" " Uow does she look?" utters a vqice through the darkness. 41 Bbe has long blaek hair, and died of consumption." These communications were generally too vague to be particularly valuable, however. " Borne one comes here," said Mrs. Fay, and wants to nee tho lady behind me He ears hie name Is Jo King." "Perhaps be Is joking. to meted a miserable being nt the other end of tho room. The performance was, on the whole, exceedingly interesting, and well worth eeing. If it was a mere trick, It wa done so skillfully no to throw tho jugglery of the Japanese completely into the shade. If it was tho worxing of oome natarai laws, as yet unknown to science, the maoifentatione assume nn Interest which deserves more then contemptuous disregard. Poor kfsniDUM. StSBSB AIM SsaSB. Or TfAwmrS 1 Sir Ton. Jan. It. tAlS otwtwO at IIS and efcemt itAttfell sales Of K Hi 7 having hsw mod ( thera Altana. La-4'arr7tnn nM - -ShhI 4awBwwl 1 rr tome with n rivnr4 u Af, Invswtmmt HtainH heavy. Itallr"! hoed strong. Mils bonra strariy. Mfrto-lircllint SVIi rlf (tefilgnbal mteimil; tons strong nS advanced to atlSMt right, 4 to tarpons si n- -, OmMin A8 (nor Coupon 0pini N Firm IS-su'a (NRiUsr).. .K154 ..-II7S MU'. -UiH lM0a (orpnM)J 1S CanrneT r .......124 Tmia. A'a Md) ..... 4A Tnn. Sa (qaw)... 44 Mtworft V W C. P ........ ....I'CS U. P..... .1QS trufts SI. Pint S9S Oo orrfrfti...... TJ. t. wr $ do mfotvd...... 7 I. W ...........101 Tm Haute 4 do ftrrffrrrd..,.. to a and A do lrirrrd.....l07 O. ard Si frd IteaL. .nH .1IMH w. u l hrlftok.U, Alam W'lU A Farto. ...... Amrlcoa....MM.M, fa 0. S WS Ert 104 do profrrd..MM. Si Uarlwn do M. C. U..F VV S4 EC 97! a and n V. W 41 If. W. prrfrrml...M C., C , U and I A s N. J.C..... .I07 B. I,..... ..I07 C.. S. aod a, ......118 U. and -U. Jo...... 21 !. and L. Ill Panama SI Mo. Padflo 12 A. and P. prof...... B Mari p,ma do preferred...... ft U. P. grant W doalnklna tuod. 94 Mew Vrk laasaa 0y TatarrepM Hew Toro, FIvUI'K Bdtor Inquiry; auprr wretaru 04 JfWt 4 7A; rotmoflo to fair hi Midi M; good to eteutco, $1 ilk so; wMt wtiret oxtfa. t- -ave7 7A. URAIN Wbamt quid, Mmdy aod ran llalfed baatlMma; Vo. 2 Clilroiro, l ZV.4I t; No. I Chicago prime in aP-re and allnat, $1 in winter red vrei rrn, ! 30; whits, $1 4V0I SO. Rye, waatsrn, '4 Harter dull. Cora asiiraand In dmml and lower; mixed itTadre, AVd Hi mixed wealarn and old in alore anil afloat, ffiMTJc. Data quid and ateadr; mixed weaiern, 4AA-WC, white woat era, tfl'iV'i ' UHOCKHIBH Tnfltoqulet. Sugan quiet. Kgss Irm; wtrn, PROVISION P"rt hrery; new mrea,92SAfa9 21 on. IM quiet: new plain maaa limit; new extra, 12'riJv Cut mrata, w era, quiet: middle. quiet; weterr lonq dear, io, r l heavy; prime mean, mh ami January, rfc.Feh. I.i A 12 l-ieth, May 12, Juno u. butter, choice. Arm: other henry; weaiern loS. WHISKY Mewdy A1 A. Msia nariM, 0y re'eqraph.l Hr. toms, Jan, 21. HEM!' Dull and unchanged. FI. OCR Inactive hut ateedy. RAIN Wheel dull and lower Nn. 4 red, Offered at l 0A; fl OT'-f hid; No. s ..ff-nl at 21 : SI 17s I1I1I; N. t, I 1141 M. Oirn un h iti(e,l; No. 2, mixed 4na44rreh; Kebunry. Oate alatdy; No 2 mixed SS'yW Accaali and February. Barley dull and unciiaotod. Kys lu-at-lKe; No. 1. ottered t6!c: 7c Ida PROVISION Pork unchanged; I9 78 cnah. Green meats nominal; no aulea. Dry tail menu; de.Hera apart on round lota; packer held firm, and aip-iiu of oountry packer not offering. Bacon pa In (nlr Johhliw d mend; ahoiildera, 9c; abort rili, 1 1 abort clear, ifecaah; loow abort dear no Id Lnnl in demand at , I 11, f Irnut nii'ua. vui iiu Bellm Hllllef dull weak nod unchnt f. tun inaettre at ISo. WHISKY Lower at $1 0A. HAY Hull and unchanged. ChiMiia asrset, CRinaoc. Jan. 24. and dedinod; No t spring, f I faty; No. 2, 2l 0ut apol; February and March; No. a, 7tf4c. tiro, dull xml a shade lower; No. 2 mixed, spot; 42e bid for Feh. Onlft to good demand; No. 2, Hie, iml; bid for Feb. Harley very firm, bolder ask Ititt hlguer rates; 82c, tuvl; 78c for Fab. Hya Ann; FuoVISlONH Pork closed Arm; 810 08 cash; A V IJ'-alP 15 Feh.; $11 4J!y4l-J 4-5, March. 8U-7o 419 72W for April. Lard in lair demand and lower SnCffcasfi; 12 0ft12(r7t, Fc.; (!.' 5, March. Hulk tueala, abort rib, lOc; abort drer, 1(14. WHISKY Steady and unchanged at SI 08. ChlcMKO Live Slock SKarhel By Telegraph. I Chicago, Jan. 24. CATTLb Receipt since Saturday, 1,300. Market active; prices Arm; eboleo to extra quoted at 8-5 SO 6 ; fulr to good, 1 A.'(Rl7-5; feeder, 4 28; alorkers, At 0o'A4 ;, I '2 .5o4- V. KeClpU for d.y 14.0W (otfirial); alnrr dtlurd-iy, I'.iea). Market active; prices Heady, pmken, fl 0 d7 KS; bacon grades $72&t7hO; ahippiug not wautod; nominally, $ 2&q87 4u; PliiladelpUlaa, A7 AO. HI. Mnl Lire Stork Market. By Tehwraph.l Rr. Louia, Jan. 24. CATn.i-(fiiirt and unchangt-d; little doing; hkI to prime shipping alei-ra, l 5(Ha 1 75; fair , 4 on 41 ZV peiiy ateera, $.1 0081 75; choice n.v-lirecowa, f.l50tl7S; fulr to gootf do, fi 75.-iS 25; native atocker, A2.50J4 00; loodere, 44(44 37!4 ltec,-ipU, Nio. HiMiii vtr,lttg. Unht to heavy, shipping, A'50 7 n0; parktug, 7 007 15; extra, 7 28. cvlpta, 4,500, IN GENERAL. The Costly Residenoe of Ingor-soll, One of the Tweed Ring, Destroyed by Fire. Iron Steamer Curoiidalot 8tnk iu the MiaslHsippi ltivor. A Tonnessoe Farmer Hiddlod with Bullets, in Payment of an Old Bebellion Grudge. Daiullug Iteporl of the Wealth of the Black Uills bold Mines. Mkmi'hib, Jan. 25. Mra. Mary Ryan, while going (o church fast evening, was assaulted by a negro highwayman ou Fourth street, and severely injured with a club; her screams caused the negro to leave. Tbe Jackson. Tenn., Whig and T i-luiu, of the 22d inat., says: Dock Mangum, n noted guerilla, on the federal side during the war, was assassinated while at work in his field about twelve miles above Savannah, the Tennessee river. Mangoro was n desperate and determined man, and hud performed numerous acts of duriug aud cruelty. Two masked men rode up to the fence near where he plowing, both being armed with shotguns, and literally riddled him with balls. They then placed bis corpse on n horse, and carried it away, ana perhaps thre1 it in the river. The paper adds: When the matter is solved, it will be found that Manguiu was taken off lor some atrocity committed during the rebellion. Up to this writing, the guilty parties have not been apprehended. St Lotus, Jan. 21 The new iron steamer, Larondolet, bouud from New Orleans to this port, sunk at three o'clock this morning, near Jefferson Barracks, eighteen miles below this city. She lies in nineteen feet of water, and can be raisod. Bhe had a cargo of sugar, salt, Ac., valued at about f 100,000, the greater part of which is destroyed. Nrw Yoke, Jan. 24Tbe magnificent residence of James Ingersoll, the chair maker of tbe Tweed riug, near South Norwalk, Conneticut, burned this morn ing. Loss, one hundred thousand dollars. Insurance eighty thousand dollars. Br. Paul, Jan. 24. Special dispatches from Bismarck contain glowing accounts of the Black Hills country; a party carrying the mails between Bismarck and the Black Hills had returned, and gave wonderful reports of the richness of tha country; the reports are vouched for as thoroughly trustworthy. California Joe, a person of renown among the gold miners, saw thirty-four dollars takeo out ona pan, there neing one nugget worth 920. ( All tbe returning party brought specimens of gold of splendid quality. They all agree in statements regarding beauty and richness of the country, and say Custara report was not at all exaggerated. Muewed la 1 Ounce, Utah, Jan. 24. The Central Pacific express train east is snow-bound at Welle station and will not oome in today. - Teams are leaving Arkanaae City every day, loaded with flour for the raw-nee, ud Kw egenciee. st'.w. .v - . WAYWABg WILLIAM. i Angular AWohol Leads Mo : Kee Initio Devious Ways, Aid It Ray ko, Truly Said that . Waya.JVhlch are. Dtrk, And MTrtkii that are Tnl Unve Lei H IllUm lo Iko lMltlon, From Which AH nrw Waiting lo Boo MoKeo BIto Into JoflknoD City, Where lie Will No Loafer Reign i Khedive Among Kindred Ifplllto. 8t. Louts, Jeff? 21. Although it wea generally understood that the greater part of to-day would be giveo up to legal arguments, the uttendance upon tbe trial of Wm.- McKee tor alleged complicity with the whisky ring, far surpassed the accommodations of the court-room. The jurors remained at their hotel under the guard of a deputy-marshal. Immediately upoo tbe opening of tbe court Judge Chester H. Krum continued the argument for the defeose, citing u great number of authorities, English and American, to show the incompetency of the evidence of accomplices while uncorroborated ; special reference was made to the com of the United Htates e. Wm. Fullerton, tried in New York in 1870, where the evidence was mainly that of accomplices, and where the oourt intervened after the testimony waa in, and ordered the acquittal of the defendant; Judge Krum claimed that Ihe court oould not be satisfied, from the evidence before it, that McKee'e connection with the ring had been shown, and asked that the ease be allowed to go no further. Col. Broadhead, counsel for Ihe prosecution, followed Judge Krum, and said it was an absurdity to bold that the court, at this stage of the case, should stop proceeding and exclude further testimony, tell the jury that tbe evidence thus far introduced waa perjured, and instruct them they could find no verdict; the same rules obtain in conspiracy trials, as in othor cases; the court is judge of competency and legality ot testimony and if. at the end of the cose, it is evideot to the court there has been no legal testimony to prove the issue, then tbe jury can be instructed to acquit, but the court can only give this instruction on tbe ground that the testimony it truo does not sustain the issue ; the counsel read numerous authorities to prove hia position and show that conspiracy in this case bad been established, that the defendant was connected with it, and that, therefore, the declarations of co-consirators wore competent ; the real point at issue is whether the prosecution shall be permitted to introduce evidence to prove that Megrue gave money to Jno. Leavenworth, at onetime n collector of the ring fnnd, but sioce dead, with instructions to pay it to McKee, that Leavenworth subsequently reported to Megrue that he did pay it to McKee; the dufense claim that this is incompetent testimony, while tbe prosecution contend to tbe contrary and assert that the conspiracy was a continued act from 1871 to 185, and that everything in regard to its history is competent testimony; no single act is a completed offense; no declaration before or after any specific act which formed a part of the general whole are irrelevant, etc. Maj Ijicien Eaton then read an argument for the prosecution, and wns followed bv Judge (Hover for the defense, who made a strong argument in behalf til his client, and spoke with a great deal of teeling and some excitement ( The court will give a decision of the question to-morrow Forflm News. Berlin, Jan. 24. The Spanish diplomatic representative nt the various courts have vorbally informed the government that after tha defeat of Ihe Carliats, which is expected in a short time, Spain hopes to be able to quollthe Cuban insurrectiou through increased reinforcements; no foreign troubles are expected because the rnited States jistinctly repudiates the idea of annexing Cuba. Nr.w York, Jan. 21 A Berlin despatch says: Should China fail in rendering indemnification aud inflicting punishment for the plundering of tho German schonor Anna near Amoy; the German government intimates its demands will be exacted by force; asquadrou will be held in readiness to proceed to Chinese waters should emergencies arise. Madrid, Jan. 24. The second ballot required at Barcelona took place yesterday; the Sagasta candidate withdrew and CantolAr waa probably elected. Parir, Jan. 24 The Bouapartist association styled the Conservative National convention, has issued a manifesto announcing that they will support McMahon nnti) the expiratioo of bis term in 1888 ; they will then demand that an appeal to the people be made for determining a future lor government of France. DIED OF A. LAWSUIT. Tbe Dlarjr of aw Exhausted LUlgaul. From the Hartford Cornual. A tattered memorandum book waa recently found oo the steps of a very bumble dwelling "out West." Some of tbe entries are as follows : Mv father had a slight misunderstanding with n neighbor about a division fence, which he had inherited from my grandfather. After several disputes ho consulted a lawyer, who bud a good many children, but little practice. This was fatal. A suit was commenced. Several years ago my htwvor said I must get ready for the trial. 1 did so and weut to court at every term. But it was tottpnoed upon everv pretense which toman iugenuity oould invent 170. March term Counsel for defendant moved a continuance, because he was engaged in the court ot common pleas. Court granted the motion, hut intimated, with great dignity, that such an excuse would uuveraviul with him again. "September fora Counsel trying a cose in au adjoining couuty. Judge hesitated, but yielded. " December term Defendant ill. Proved by the certificate of a respectable phyician. "1872. March term Counsel had made ... engagement to meet a clieut from New York, who could not conveniently leave his business again. Continued, tbe judge suggesting that New York clients might find counsel nearer home. 1873. Septemlier term Carried the title deeds to my lawyer. Surveyor examined tbe premises, said the defendant bad enoroached on me. But another surveyor (partner amt pupil of the first one) said that my deed spoke of a hacksluck stump in the liu of the fence, a foot in diameter; whereas, the only tree anywhere near the ieuce was a pepperidge tree, not more tbau seven Inches and a half across; case postponed to employ other surveyors. "December term Counsel agreed that court might visit premises in dispute. Judge refused to go, bus said the jury might do so, provided that nobody went with them to explain and confuse. Next morning n heavy snow fell, and bounda net were covered. Case continued. "1874, September term Motion to postpone, on the ground that the defendant's attorney wished to be absent, bunting, for a few days Motion prevailed. 1 remonstrated, but my oouueel said the lawyers were very accommodating gentlemen, and tha courtesies of the bar quired it "1875. March term 0ns of the jurors taken tick. Motion lo go on with the trial with eleven juror. Defendant's oonaeel objected with great strength of voice, aad demanded a fall Jery, pure and simple. I think ha called It the 'palladium of our liberties.' Case postponed. "September tom Received a bill for retainer, term fees, a forks' fees and expenses. One item was for the amount of n retainer, which my lawyer declined from the defendant Offered bin the farm, provide I gained tbe case, He said this would aot be deemed honorable practice, bat be would take it aod giro me credit as far as it went. "Took the earn lor the West coming mostly on freight train and niter nightfall. "Mem. Don't forget Inscription for my tombstone 'Here lies one who died of n law-suit, bequeathed by bis father."' WANtUNUTON. , UlMl Mrws fra as the Seal st lisa ranMi. - Washixoto, Jen. 24. The senate committee on railroads to-day agreed to recommend fbe passage of a bill to extend the time for completing the Northern Pacific railroad, with amendments limiting the extension of time to the main hoe to n period of eight years Instead of ton ; the section proposing to repeal the law requiring the company to pay the costs of surveying aod conveyancing will be omitted from the bill as reported. The committee referred to a sub-committee Beoator West's bill to recover certain bonds and coupons alleged to have been isseed to the union and Central Pacific railroads in excess of the limitation of law. Messrs. West, Dawes, Mitchell and Galon, are sub-committees. Col. Scott will be here to-morrow evpoing 'in odvo-eacy of the Texas Pacific railroad bill. The commissioner of Indian affaire, was before the house committee oo appropriation to-day, asking for two hundred and sixty thousand dollars required to fill the deficiency, which is owing to the extraordinary issues of supplies made to subsist numerous bonds of Bionx at Red Cloud agency, in tbe conference held by the late commissioner to treat for tbe cession of the Black bills; supplies have became nearly exhausted. WASiiiRuTotr, Jan. 24 The select committee on the Texas border trouble, today examined two citizens of that state, who gave detailed accounts of the cattle thieving by Mexicans on the Texas side of tbe Rio Grande river, and referred to the excitement caused among the people in consequeoce of the invasion and depredations. Maj. James F. Johnson has arrived here as special messenger from Montgomery, Alabama, bringing with him a memorial of the legislature, and other papers, alleging the illegality of the electioo of Spencer to the United Statoe senate. KANSAS GOSSIP. McPherson wants n bank. Thirty post-offices in Butlor county. Montgomery county has eight towns The loin Republican wants a dog tax. Saline is rebuilding her " burnt di trict" Game ia plenty in Montgomery this winter. Rosebud school-house Is in Jackson county. Council Grove is shipping brooms to Denver. Manhattan talks of an "old settlers reunion." Independence girls gather bouquets on the prairie. Kansas flouring mills are running night and day. Leavitt's bell ringers are visiting Kansas towns. A cheese factory is to be established in Rooks county. Coal is not safe in Solomon unless locked up nights. There are two orezy men in the Cowley county jail. Butler county has 179,000 seres of government land. The Osage City Free Press is to be issued semi-weekly. The Presbyterian church at Lyndon is without a pastor. A theatrical company is to be organized in ludependence. The chaplain of state senate gota 93 per day for bis services. A narrow guage railroad is talked of up the Mill Creek valley. Solomon City says she must have a barber and a public hall, A colony of Quakers have recently settled in Sumner ceunty. Atchison will have her new elevator completed by the first of February. And now the latest discovery is chalk; this time in Rooks county. Eggs are selling three dozeo for a quarter in Eldorado, Butler couoty. One firm in Independence has paid for grain and hogs this season 91(15,924.59. Solomon wants foundries aad machine shops T So do all the towns in Kansas. The Junction City schools opened after the Christmas vacation with 4U9 pupils. A wild cat in Chase eonnty recently 'cleaned out" a dozen dogs in two minutes. Ottawa has a debating society called " Tbe Senate." J. K. Goodin is president. ' The girls of Waterville have discarded croquet and taken to pitchiug horse hoes. A firm in Independence has paid 91G5.924 to farmers for produce in the last five months. Miss Lizzie Burton, formerly of Topeka, is winning golden opiuious in the east as a rare singer. The Republican press of tho second district is almost nnaimuous for Webb. Wilder for congress, There are six ladies employed in the centennial rooms in Topeka, preparing material for the exposition. An Osborne county cow attempted to swallow an ordinary Kansas turnip. Her bide brought five cents a pound The Missouri Pacifio railroad is building n new bridge over Five Mile creek, near the freight depot jo Leavenworth. Pottawatomie hunters are having good success this winter in catching beaver, uiiuk, coon aud other fur-bearing auimals. A debating club in Marion county have decided the question "shall tho Republican party be continued iu power" in tho affirmative. A young chap from the rural districts went into an Emporia drug store, the other day, and asked to see a copy of Wilder's Auimals ol Kausas." Among the hotel arrivals in Topeka re notice the name of James Hell. We heard they were going to have Hell in Topeka this winter. Kirwin Chief. The Condcnssr is the name of a new paper published weekly in Olathe by J B. Pollock. It is n spicy and readable sheet, full of instructive and entertaining reading, and will always receive a oordial welcome to our exchange table. A six-weeks-old baby on Ridge street. New York, with hair ana teeth like those of an adult, recently gave iu mother terrible fright by sitting up in iu cradle and talking. The mother, being a Jewess, Summoned a rabbi, who performed the religions rite for casting out devils, whereupon the strange infant instantly died. The spirituahsU say the baby was a medium, and that a spirit spoke through LE ATEN WORTH A Tmb USy riawlsso LtATtirwoKTn. Kam., Jan. $4 Lixxie Deane, employed In tho Planters hotel, of this city, committed refolds by drowning Banday afternoon Bhe waa temporarily insane, The la test gastronomic feat beard of la the eating of a eaa of ebomakers' paste, by a young epicure In Counoil Grove, the other day. No bad results. DIED tiff AVA, 0 awM. QkUmmj JWteO. WTTiNR On Mood?, JtaiMrr 940), el half n 4kiI 'dock a. el amrM fevwr, Jult (mra, Saeghuv g C4 W. H. and InM W. 8 too, ait 2 on, It nMSlhs ini 9 dr, FumtxI swim will be bald ol the reran ts1 nUdp to Hoi dm trat, between Iadpadera venue and Msth etraei, at eae edoefe p. m. today. AUIABU NAILS AUMAIIL,K HORSE NAIL COMF1 AKurcnu8 or Patent Hammered, Hammer Pointed, Poliahed and Blued Horse Nails! PBOtt BBNSBOZff IRON. TTie quality et AuHtele Walls I tally fuaro A BUM8INU, Secretary, SB Chamber Street, New Work. A full atork ol Awmolb Naiu, pointed and unpotnied. ran be found at the warehouse ol 'J. F. Kfehard A Oo., Kum City. Mo. CRACKER FACTORY. J. T. COBLE, KANSAS CITY STEAM CRACKER FACTORY, (Formerly Taylor Brae.) Steam Coffee, Spice AID MUSTARD MUXS, Chicago aod St. Louia Priom duplicated lor II First Clam (foods. Moot but First Clara (food lUaulseturad. 1010 Main st.. KANSAS CITY. MO. New Advertisements TO EMIGRANTS. FREE IF YOU ARE GOING to TEXAS -OR- GOING to KANSAS (fend your name aod your Friend and Neighbors1 Dame and addrraa on a patal card, or by letter, aud reratre by return mall a Beaulful Pamphlet, lllii.tratltig and describing the UBEAT SOUTH-5YEHT, hrr Itlcft, town, rirert, railroad., arhooU, mineral, lock, manulactortw, laruta, land, ete. Pu l InmrtUAtluD, with large oounty aud sectional mn, newNpaitera, UluMrudon, rale ol fare add freight aud other rahuible Information Interesting to en-ry man, woman aud eUUd, mailed fro ol charge. Address JAS. D. BROWN, Texas and JLanaaa Immigration Ageot, BED ALIA, MO. BMOBJNO TOBACCO. VAX IT V FAIR. .. 1 shared from beet Virginia Naluml l,aaf. For Ueonchuum and Cigarettes. Does uot make the .ngue aoro. Hample on receipt ol -JOcenta. Highest award, Vfanua 1878. tfena for circular. WM. A. KIKBALLACO., Pass urns Tonacco Wnaxa. BocbeeUr, I. T. From a Gentleman of St. Paul. Minn. A fortunate accident threw to my way some Vanity Pair. I can only aay that It la the beat Uiluicco that 1 ever smoki-d. To quota the words of the great Htr laeoc Newton, a pipe of it "makes otic thluk liko a phllosoper and act likes Oauur-itan." I ulmlly add uiy testimony ol Itaaxoel-Ituco to that of thousands of other smokers. Does Mol Make the Tongue Bore. Bvnaz Vanity Fai It la a wonderful solace, and the brat proof that U works no Injury, ta the n-frmht-d fi ling you awake with next morning, cndous that there is no reasonable task you could not perform. J. A. BACHMAN A BBO., Kansas City, Mo , Wholesale Aranta. LEGAL Assignee's Isle. rlALLWIIOMITMAY CONCERN NOTICE la hereby (Iras that I, Ermine Cut, Jr., so-signee in bankruptcy ol James C. Modaker, will, in nceordanoo with au order of tho United Blatea UlHtrlct (ourt, fr the Western District ol Missouri, made lb 2ulb day of January, A. D. 1878, aril tlte following described ml esute, situate lu the city ol Kansas, County ol Jeckaoo, HUleof It: Beginning at a point 70 feet . . t line uf Delaware street, and 72 feet 9 inches uorth el the oorlb Uue of Ninth street; thence north 20 feet ; thence weet 40 feet: thence south 8t feet to the oorth line of a strip of 5 round belonging lo tha heirs of Edward Masuch, cceaaed , thence east along said line 40 feat to tbe west line of lot sold to Mrs. Harriet March. Iy aaid assignoe; thence north along said wot Una 8u feet to the Ilia place of beginning. Such sale to be at public Teudue, for cash to the highest bidder, at the south dour ol the Court House la thediy of Kansas, on Tacsdaj, tbe lath May r Febraary, A. D. 1N76, Irtdween (he boor of 8 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. tu. of said day. KRMIN January 21. 1 WINES AND LIQUORS. B.A.FEINEMAN & CO. RECTIFIERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS III LIQUORS iwici ud Domric 414 DELAW ABE STBEET Kanaaa CHty, Mo. ciuurs uoHTxnra. I Dr. CRAMS Lightning InstauUy ourae nourmlgta and ail nervous pel no bold by Cram A MeUb'r, 118 K. Randolph street Chicago, and all atst-dsaadruggleu, fouaateattd ft r bottle. Agents wiu-d And fur sale by C. P. Hvhuan A Oo., Woeher A Co., H. A. (ttiuuia, and HlUUnsua 4 Mufinaa, ftrunlsta, Kns City. SHOW OASES. A. R. JACKSON, Sliow Cases! 228 Mats St.. Kansas Cltv. KLECTKOPLATINO. Ureeleys ElectropUtlag. Works ' 60 Mla StMt. Jmnlrr tS .luta a rtuWHUuM, fwk. UpooM, Kan Had. VMUUlM, Mu, Ul Uw tart ilyfo aad at raaeuastie yrfotoi . . ta aokaa mael. !S STAR HOME I7AELO SSI f.r.:, ""'V UNION HORSE NAIL OHIOAOO, Iljlj, Tha Star Nalls are all Pointed, Flnltho4 and Blaod, ready to drive, and made from the beet ' X 1ST OHWA "X For rate hy lljlralraa fewopV FURNITURE. CARPET. CUBTAIKA ETC. UOCBtoOM TO WOODS A UUIATBI, - Wholesale and Retail Dealers in FURNTME CARPETS CURTAINS ETC, 649 & 651 Main Street, Kansas City, Mo. WATCHES, DIAMOND! AND WMJT. noon JACCARD & CO. IWUialliWIIMali WATCHES! DIinOVDS, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE, Etc. Eto Southwest Cor. Sixth and Main. KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI. F Jtwalry made to order. BngraTtng deee la tbe beet rtyle, Watebm sad Jewelry naalieArara CInrka ol all thw brat Tartniira on band, tlrrat mdurtloo to prims, " HATfa CAPi, ETC. BIRD & HAWKINS, CAPS, Back Gloves and Mittens,. -FANCY ROBES, Eto. At Wholesale Onlv. 407 DELAWARE ST KANSAS CITY, M0. PRODUOS AMD GILLESPIE, REED & DEWAR, GENERAL GRAIN AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS Office and Salesroom, Over the Missouri Valley Bank, West Kansas City, Mo. Tho year o 4 Seven teen (fevaotyratz, la one to he reutenilrerd well ; Whau a cargo of Ira wti h the water ralz, Ahuut which our history can tell. ThvCenU-nntat year has pome, Blow ttk Ala and boat Urn drum. In tte Boston watera the Tea want down, The rrault ol great oppression, ut U struct the keynote, the work begun And England lost nor greet puaaoralon. The Centennial year has eoiue. Blow lb Ala and beat tbe drum. Since then, such an Important part Tka play'd, Which quickly rent freedom's warealoug, Let the water loll and tha Tra be made And w will eelebrat it with a song. ThaCeotetinUI year has oome, Blow tli Ait ana best the drum. Blow ye the trumpet, blow Tbe gladly joyful sound, Let all (tie people know Where good Tn en eer be found. Tlu Centennial year bra oome, Blow the Af ana brat the drum. Oar Tui are all af An quality and to plentiful supply, and In order to nioet the pnealug waut of the times the price la wlail 10 rr oei to off mA oMfomers. AU Teas warranted tu pirate or cash rbuufly S. W. MEYERS & CO. Diamond Tea Store! Cor. Ninth and Main Sta. pORMETS. Mol Ue (IKhl'IRK! Bowara of ISIIATIOSII TUUMMDN'N WORLU-BBNOWNIU) PATENT GLOVE-FITTINQ OOKSET Mo oonst baa ssw an- )oyd such a world-wide The deaiand eotteuntly in- popularity. The deaiand lor toein U eotteuntly inline, hl.CALHk they unlveveal seUsi action maaaiii give are Handtoma, Burahla, loiauuiiiaj, Slid A FIB PbCT PIT. AstlwIW aw Ocr lebto Otora-PW-fisr, and Ms Fur Puawasfy that the name of fhsmsra aud trdNuarb. a Omen, la stamped en the Corea t. Tide Oau lion la beanaa af tha many Mkraaissr tamatfewe re head affra Ueontoa, wbfeb have no marU vnmavar. THOMBOir. LANODON AOO..N.Y , jute irapurfoM fqieafom Am ton y. A coM jaouu aaiMoua AIaSO AFULLUNE0F LADIES' Trimmed Hats. COMMISSION. MEDICAL. SnruicaTanft Meal Mint? 12th Straw! od Orand Arana. H. R. Payne, M. D. P. Coounr, M. D aS Fm. .mra ante MtUtkslfe. Fils aaS Fa Tvu rswursd SIMM yata a iui, a4 asaie ptntad la errrj sm. Dunw aad Cuim insira ( a are axibod eei .taihisL efto-tra la as C iSs Wts ral ra Mt4Ur USitiumi m nil ljn4 aad C4Sw sair.i. lull issmil sad U hUad mwH i. eito-Pum m rtMAisa toUa aafciX; . aad ,in mnnI ta r to-- , LL. is aad lmN(ts4 U dlu-MM n( lh .arua im, 4.UIU ffS4 asMS. rtnMMeU) wura. Zap BaSIsaily aasad. BmI th following TotUmoalals ' L Utwlr ewrra r lr. fay 1 " daarbto. I spelt X) lh niUtos let futoCtok, Prm. Chxra. Mt IWTtaaaruOt our! of all other .- 1 skillful." Maa. M W. Wimm af Uatafto. Ma.saye Dr.OsaS. J. tarrawhTrto.lig lailtohaii rak aad Mrslftilsara ay llak'l It onalil aolhadaae.' -- Min K. Vaaasa afrarkwIUa, tla.srs,,l Wmra ftatoSW. aato of thr Throat aad Luag. aiy MW aa 4l.uln4 of -JW bata taaailiotoooaa esdar ora ofaartas ar Ua' Baa4 for I ha Hini't. JnrSXAL, rtoalarir teraad. tW toTtonrUw lafhraaiM. AdaMDfa?4VZaOUOUtr EDUOATIORAXto ST. MARYS COLLEGE St. Marys, Kansas, Os the Pasils RailranS. The next Tram nt this weO knows Institution, begins on roVaruraxT Amt, 1876. Board and Tuition for 5 lontbi. $75. Parents ara requested to send their tens 1 fur lb beginning f the term. : For Prospeeira, eto, apply to BKY. F. H. MTUNTBBBCE, A J., 1 HOTELS. GARDNER ouau. Cor, Michigan Av. and Jackson SL CHICAGO. ILLIMOM. fTlHIB elegant hotel aektwwfedgra no rival if that I In Its mananmnent, appolnlmrata, r tetaUda. U tbe Inner reaped U adbsde Ue serat ebarui- log aud uuohsuucted view bum two a t Its lofty Iron la of Ink Michigan as tar as the eye can teach, the Anrat wsleraoap rlew to America. Is diagonally opposite the Ukut Eiiositioh Ri'iuu mu, and out on block frum the Wahwh Avenue aad dials Hlreet Unra ef Horae Railway, fowdlug lo all porta of the city, sod oonvunient to placra - It naa i 1 r -- .. 8M large end efegeotly furnished rooms, with all muders improveaaanie, tosludfag Tufts Piraangar Klerator. C. If UAtlHKKT Prortflor. rROFRBUOMAXs OABM. ANDREW OAXIaFT. RTEBIMRTSBBGEOK! Cot. Flflmlk mat LmmS SI.., aaa.A. oitt, . . kihovii Tk, M Malmal hr Kill HmHM u Vraafo S8 88 ate per fools. GEO. B. PRENTXS3, Veterinary Burgeon, V y . . - i . aoriHSi Nlxtfe Street, Bel Hale uff Vileet, XAV8A8 OITT, MO. Binno, . OJUK Cfa OiUGH dh OObt ewarannau A AUe,' DOOK-DIUDn . A4BteakMMCjtuwa COUNTY AND OITY WORW pmivtoi : f . s v . 1 I i i

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