Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on July 10, 1974 · Page 3
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July 10, 1974

Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 3

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1974
Page 3
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Daily Times Herald EDITORIALS Wednesday, July 10, 1974 Another Big Step While the project is still in the preliminary planning stage, members of the Carroll City Council are to be highly commended for taking definite steps to provide this community with a recreational center which will answer a long' felt need for such a facility. The idea for such a recreational complex has been in the minds of civic officials and community leaders for some time; but it was at a council meeting last week when concrete action was launched towards the realization of such a goal. Original thinking on providing the facility has centered on an all-inclusive center designed to serve a wide cross section of all citizens of Carroll. Principle considerations have been given to the inclusion of a gymnasium adequate enough to serve all local school demands, an indoor swimming pool, a public auditorium, handball courts, exercise and weight rooms, and perhaps 'other features which would fit into a well-planned community center dedicated to the physical and cultural well being of all residents. But. final planning will not be attempted until after full opportunity has been given for extensive • consideration of the idea by Carroll residents. A public meeting is to be called for open and complete discussion of the proposed recreational center when everyone will be given an opportunity to be heard. Every effort will be made to explain fully how such a recreation headquarters will fit in extremely well with the overall development of Carroll as an enterprising and complete city. One of the basic justifications for such a community endeavor involves the benefits it would present for the youth. Fitted into the programs of both Carroll Community and Kuemper Catholic high schools, an adequate gymnasium, along with year around swimming, and perhaps other physical education endeavors, could not but greatly enhance the development of all school students in the city. Many progressive cities such as Carroll have long enjoyed the advantages of a Y.M.C.A. or similar community building devoted to physical and cultural development on a city wide basis. Carroll has the ideal location for such a center on existing city property in the Graham Park area adjoining the already developed football and baseball fields where ample parking'is already provided. And such a proposed center would certainly round out a complete recreational complex and stand as a sound and thoroughly worthwhile investment. Curb on Gifts Congress is moving toward assertion of its authority over transfers of nuclear technology to other countries. This action, heralded by the Senate-House Atomic Energy Committee's unanimous approval of legislation to this effect, is belated but nonetheless welcome. Law requiring congressional approval of any large-scale nuclear aid abroad should have been on the books long ago. Had it been, President Nixon's agreements to provide both Egypt and Israel with nuclear technology and related assistance might not have come as such a surprise. There would then have been compelling reasons to inform Congress in advance as to what was contemplated. As it is, Congress is in the position of debating the matter after it is all but an accomplished fact. The debate will be inhibited to some extent by the consciousness that rejecting the agreements made unilaterally by Mr. Nixon might be construed as congressional fai.lure to support the chief executive in an important foreign policy matter. Reluctance to offend the two recipient nations and thus possibly endanger the delicate balance of peace in the Middle East may also figure in the discussion. "Better late than never" applies in this case, however. If the bill, retroactive to June 1, is passed as expected, Congress will at least be able to make sure that the agreement contains stringent safeguards against misuse of the nuclear technology and materials supplied. Helping of Honey One of parental life's sources of frustration is toddlers' penchant for locking themselves in the bathroom. This demands persuasion — which on occasion is spiced with predictions about what will happen if You Don't Come Right Out! Other methods work better, as witness what occurred in Columbus, Ohio, when three-year-old Jeffrey McCutcheon locked himself in. Usual means having failed, a fireman summoned to the scene whispered, "Hey, would you like to see a fire truck?" Out walked Jeffrey. Of course, there's not always a fire truck at hand. But it does go to show that honey catches more flies than vinegar. "I Can Still Lick Any Man in the House!" Viewpoint 'Yes Men' By Ray Cromley Advice Woman Serves Catfood Casserole By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: There is something I need to know but I'm too embarassed to ask anyone else, so I'm asking you: For years I've heard that in order for catfood and dogfood to be sold in grocery stores, it has to be fit for human consumption. Well, I know that tuna fish is rich in protein, and with regular tuna so expensive, I tried making a casserole with catfood tuna. My family really went for it. I hid the cans so nobody .Wouldknow what I had done. My family has been asking me to make that special tuna casserole "like last time," but I'm worried. Is there something in catfood that will harm humans? The price is certainly right, but I don't want to take any chances with my family's health; Please advise me,,: : '';•"•• f' '''' ;>i """ " "-'"•"• SLIGHTLY WORRIED DEAR SLIGHTLY: I didn't pussyfoot around, I went right to the leading catfood manufacturers, and the word Daily Times Herald 508 North Court Street Carroll, Iowa Daily Except Sundays and Holidays other than Washington's Birthday and Veteran's Day, by the Herald Publishing Company. JAMES W. WILSON, Publisher HOWARD B.WILSON, Editor W. L. REITZ. News Editor JAMES B.WILSON, Vice President, General Manager Entered as second-class matter at the post-office at Carroll, Iowa, under the act of March 2,1697. Member of the Associated Press The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP dispatches. Official Paper of County and City Subscription Rates By carrier boy delivery per weeK $ .60 BY MAIL Carroll County and All Adjoining Counties, where carrier service is not available, per year $20.00 Outside of Carroll and Adjoining Counties in Zones 1 and 2 per year $23.00 All Other Mail in the United States, pei year $27.00 from them is: "Don't serve catfood to humans." i- . • . DEAR ABBY: Please don't think this is a stupid question, but can an unwed mother join Parents Without Partners? And if so, how do I go about finding out if there is a chapter near me? Thank you. INTERESTED DEAR INTERESTED: Parents Without Partners, Inc. is for divorced parents, separated parents, unwed parents and widowed parents. In other words, it's for any and all single parents with living children. Look for their telephone number in your directory. Or write to their International Headquarters: 7910 WoodmonfAve.; "Washington DC •• 20014.^- ••••' .:/ "•••/- <->,.. : DEAR ABBY: My husband and I bought a lovely suburban home. I became friendly with a neighbor who taught me a lot about .gardening. She and I liked each other. Suddenly my husband became desperately ill. He fought hard to live, but it was terminal. During his illness, this neighbor came over often to cheer me up. After my husband died, my neighbor came over. I told her how grateful I was to her for all she hctd done, then she said: "May I ask a big favor of you?" Then she asked if I would SELL her a bracelet I had. I told her it was a gift from my husband, and I didn't want to sell it. Abby, she begged and begged, telling me how much she liked that bracelet, so I finally agreed to let her have it for $150 — exactly what my husband had paid for it some 15 years before. Well, that woman wore the bracelet constantly. Finally, I couldn't bear to see it on her, so I asked her to please, please sell it back to me. At first she refused. Then she said she would — for $500! (It's worth $350 in today's market, but the money isn't important.) The thought of that greedy woman wearing my memories on her wrist BERRY'S WORLD © 1974 by NEA, Inc. "// we had known it was going to be like this this evening, we could have invited some Democratic congressmen!" makes me sick. What would you do? WRONGED DEAR WRONGED: I'd buy the bracelet back, before she raises the price. WASHINGTON - (NEA) -Thereal danger in the current furor over the extent of Henry Kissinger's involvement in the Ellsberg case wiretaps is that legitimate criticism of, and dissent from, his actions and policies will not get the attention they deserve. One of the secretary of state's actions causing deep concern among officials aware of it is his systematic removal of highly competent experts who dared disagree with him on the technical effects of strategic arms concessions which Kissinger wanted to make to the Soviet Union. None of these men who have been removed from their jobs made their differences public. Neither had they been meddling in affairs which did not concern them. All were technicians operating in fields of their own expertise. They had given honest estimates and advice in secret meetings held in connection with the second round of the Stratetic Arms Limitation Talks, or SALT II as they are known. Mr. X, the State Department's lop politico-military expert, couldn't be fired because of job security so he was banished to an obscure foreign service post. The reason: He differed with Kissinger on some critical estimates of the effects of proposed SALT concessions. Mr. Y, a highly competent strategic arms expert in the Pentagon, is looking for a job. Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger was unable to protect him. The problem: He disagreed with Kissinger on what could safely be conceded to the Russians in strategic aims. Mr. Z, one of the government's most experienced men in two phases of military nuclear matters, was permanently removed from National Security Council staff sessions on SALT. The reason: He disagreed with Kissinger aides on the range of concessions this country should consider in one aspect of the talks. The exact terms of the disagreements are classified top secret. But it can be said that in part they reflect basic differences in judgment and in part they involve an attempt by the technical men to prevent sloppiness in the writing of any treaty with the Russians. The experts also were willing to make optimistic assumptions about matters not yet scientifically proven. There is a concern among some men at the Pentagon and Department of State that Kissinger is like certain food faddists who jump to conclusions on insufficient scientific evidence. There is also worry over Kissinger's known impatience with technicalities and his predeliction for handling so many details personally that he is overtired and unable to develop his thinking as rigorously as he once did in his brilliant books on foreign policy. The loopholes in the SALT I agreement are now well publicized. They came about because then Kissinger failed to rely on the technical men available. Instead, he pushed ahead, confident of his own intelligence and superb analytical ability, believing there was nothing he could not personally do. Now we are in the same situation, with Kissinger, knowing full well he is a genius, assuming he can handle all aspects of a military-technical-scientific-political problem — SALT II —without recourse to the advice of those who would counter him. No matter how wise a man may be, he becomes dangerous if he hears only the voices of men saying yes and shuts out all who differ. This is especially true in highly complicated technical matters which involve the very basis of American security. Barbs Homemnking i We once went to the airport to watch planes — now we stay home and watch prices soar. Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub — that's the office car pool. The difference between"Et 'Criticism and a critique'ls that you get billed for the latter. Somehow, "detergent dramas" just don't do for us what soap operas did. People who pour over their work get the accounting department all upset over the coffee stains. Ever notice that anyone who laughs at your jokes is a pretty sharp individual? Shoe on Other Foot By Polly Cramer POLLY'S PROBLEM DEAR POLLY — My two- year-old has a pair of gold-colored imitation suede shoes> similar tq bowling shoes. Like normal boys do he planted both feet in a mud puddle. These shoes are practically new and should be worn several more months before they are outgrown. I hate to lose the money spent for them. They have rubber-type soles but now are stiff as boards, muddy and so filthy I wonder how to get them clean. I am afraid to put them in the washer. Children's clothes are so high we cannot shorten their wearing span. I do hope someone can help me. — DEBBIE. DEAR POLLY — One of my Pet Peeves is with newspaper want ads. Since women's lib has demanded so many changes many newspapers run a\] the help-wanted ads, under, a general heading. One.has to search the many columns to find a specific job listing.,— MRS.H.W. DEAR POLLY - M.P.R. wanted to know how to clean the soiled velvet headboard oh a bed. I suggest a smooth paste made with fuller's earth (buy at the drug store). Apply and allow to dry. This absorbs grease and moisture. When dry, dust off gently, This also works beautifully on greasy wallpaper soiled where someone has leaned his head. —MRS.D.A. ^—^^•^^^^^^•""•^•••••••^•^^•^•••••M Carroll Wholesale Market Hwv. 71 North Prices Good thru Tuei., July 16 the Store That Sets The Low Food Prices Every Day! Try Us, You'll Like Us - The Price is Right Monday thru Thursday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. - Saturday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. 83< . 12-Oz. Hormel Spam Instant **.**. Nestea 3-0, 99* Bake-Rite & 1 1 O Shortening 3 -Lb. * I Rich Frozen ± _ _ _ Bread 5 Pak $ 1 ° 9 Kraft Miracle Whip Western Orange or Grape Drink 44-0*. . .48-Oz. 3 for Reg. 50ft. *\f\ + Saran Wrap 29* Comet 14-Oz. ,• f\ + Cleanser 3 for 49* Sunshine Chocolate Hydrox Cookies 2o-oz. Hershey Chocolate Syrup Tide Shurfresh ,6-Oz. . Family Size 29< $2°9 Shurfresh M t + Stick Oleo lb . 41* Land-O-Lakes Sliced Cheese 3-Lbs. FREE 10 WINNERS OF 2-1/2 GALLONS Shurfresh lee Cream Just come in and register. No purchase necessary. LAST WEEK WINNERS OF 2-Va GALS. OF SHURFRESH ICE CREAM Merlin Tiefenthaler, Breda Paul Lenz, Carroll Jack Grimsman, Carroll Vera Kennebeck, Auburn Leona Helgerson, Lake View Norbert Wiederin, Carroll Betty Sheehan, Carroll Roy Lemker, Carroll Sally Vonnahme, Carroll Floyd Schrad, Breda Milwaukee Best BEER V2Pak*T" BUCKHORN BEER 24 bottles, *3" Plut Dtpoiit 161/2' per bottle PEPSI-COLA 16-Oz. J^JP^ 8 Pak 99* Frozen 10-Oz. _ ^^ Strawberries 3 for 89* Food King _ ^^ Grape Jelly 32-01. O9* Heinz _ ^— Catsup 32-0.. 69* Kellogg's _ _ Corn Flakes IB-OZ. 5 I * Shurfine 4. ^ «»-^ Coffee 2 Lb,.^2 29 Victor Aluminum m ^^ Foil ,8-,nch49* Prize of Iowa ^f f^ Butter Lb . 79* Facial Tissue 3 for 89* Royal Arms M F + Toilet Tissue 4 R O II, 45* Fresh Peaches Lb. Santa Rosa ^% f^ + Plums Lb. 39* Cherries LB. 49 New 'B' Size f\f\+ White Potatoes . ,o-Lb, 9V* CLIP & SAVE COUPON WORTH 71' Downy Fabric Softener 96-Oz. $1.79 Without Coupon Good only at Carroll Wholesale thru July 16 1 coupon per family CUP & SAVE COUPON WORTH 88< ALL Concentrated 10-Lbs. $2.39 Without Coupon Good only at Carroll Wholesale thru July 16 I coupon per family with coupon

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