Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 5, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1944
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I I $ Vol. LXVIJI, No. 207 A Progressive Newspaper Tor a Progressive Community" WEATHER Showers. Cloudiness Full Report On Puc 8 ESTABLISHED 1885 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1944 -Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cent* : Americans Are Said To Be Fighting Inside Germany Several Problems To Be Presented At The Board Parley Tonight Glenridsre Estates Pire Hydrants Question One To Be Acted On By Boroough Wiii'ilcn I..eo J. Brophy announced tculxy that at tonight's meeting of the board of warden and burgesses, the plans jind profiler for the now Sheffield Lane-Locust street sewer, prepared by Borough Engineer CHat'lcs Curtis will bo submitted for approval of lho bor- ouRli fathers. This project i» one of the most comprehensive tackled here in aoniu time, in the lino of u sani- tiirysewt 1 :', and It is estimated thai thi- cost will probably bo greater :hnn rhe borough's income from :hc assessment of $3.50 a foot on both sides of Ihe street, in the- area covci-cd by the sewer. The Sheffield Lane sewer, the warden stated, will be approximately S.uuO fuel long and will be (|Uito un engineering feat tis it runs downhill into I'raspect street, crosses Ihe roadway and also must run under the brook at that point. It is estimated that the entire cost of the project will be clojc .'•-> SKi.000.00 and once started will take a full winter to complete, 'tho warden stated today that the sewn- is one thut him been badly needed for ninny ycara In tiiut section of the town. The question of a public dump win alsu come up at tonight's meet- in;.; but there is no progress in this la-id, Warden Brophy stated today, although the sltuati-on is regarded as well under control here, i^c-fust' Is carried into Waterbtiry :o a private dump where a charge of OS cents a loa.d is charged, ui« warden stated. -----••,-•••••• . •• l in; muuer of hydrants and other matters on the Clonrldgc Estate development off Park avenue will mi doubt also be brought bcto.e inr.iKtii'tt im-eling, it Is believed. Half -.jf Ihl.s area is in tho outside t;i.\ district and the matrer of fire hydrants for that sector of tho '"•vi-Kjpinenc poise* a pn>f>li-.... Warden Erophy staled. It is ox- (icct.-d that this problem wjll It Ironed out in the near future, a though changing of the tux tils inct requires an ncl of tho legis latiire, i ho warden declared. A number of routine matters ai also .scheduled to be acted upvr ('might, the warden declared, Kasputis Reported To Be Prisoner Parents Receive W. D. Tele- 'gram Concerning Son's Fate; Missing Since July 8 Drives Hit Holland And Reich ou*o ' '-^ • PERI/ VtftDUN CMAIONS FRANCE / Stnff-Sgt. Anthony Kasputis, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Kaspulis, C9 Scott street, is a prisoner of war of the Gorman government, ac- Three im-a.s which now nn; hlghligglitetl by the Hpcetuculur thrtiHt« against Hitler's homeland tire, H.S K(KIWII In tho map (1) near Parl, wheru the flrnt breakthrough into Germany wiw reported. The entire section arniuul the .Lorraine border iippi'urs-to he crumbling, an tho smash over the German harder proceeds. Particularly thrilling are reports of the thrust from Sedan (2) to thrv Xc'thurlumls and (3) at the British-Canadian gains through Arras and Lille to Brussels. (International) Several Changes Made In Teaching Personnel In Naugatuck Schools -SOT. ANTHONY KAS^PUTIS LATE. GHUMAN JiKl'OllT ^r.ondf.n. Sept. 5—(UP)—The G'Tnmn DXB news agency says A.lulf ;-ntlcr has held a long ""MCon-noi: with Japanese Ambtts- Siidnr O.shimn. Tho report stays tin- two t.'ilkud over tho Joint con- iltict of the war. oOo—— I 'K K.S II > (.; .VT'S IVA K N f \G cording to a telegram received by his parents last night. Staff Sgt. Kasput-is, an engineer and gunner on a heavy U.S. A..A. F. bomber, was reported missing in action July S, af:cr a flight over France, Tho telegram received last night stated that the Information that he was a prisoner came through the International Reel Cross, and (hat more news was forthcoming when it was available. Mrs. Knsputis, who said this morning that she had been terrifically worried about her son's fate, but. now tho burden of worry :uul been lifted, Is awaiting a. prisoner of war letter from her son. The sergeant's location u-ns not iiscloaod In Ihe telegram. He was awarded the Air Medal early this summer for "courage, coolness, and skill displayed," while nklng part in bombing missions over i\'a(ii-occupied France. The modal was sent to his parents last July, Prior to his entrance in the \rrny in April, 1943, he was employed by the U. S. Rubber Co. La attended -N'augatuck high school nd local grammar schools. As.-.'igiicd to a squadron In the th Air I'-jrcc, Sgt. Kasputis has een overseas about'eight months. Miss O'Loug-hlin Transferred To Prospeet! Street; Miss Jackson Named ,• In' connection-with Che opening of the public schools here on Wednesday several changes. In the Leaching personnel oC tho various schools were announced here today by Superintendent of Schools Harold E. Chicendcn. Superintendent Chittcndcn -stated that Miss Florence O'Loughlin, for i the past several years, principal of Hop Brook school has been transferred to Prospect street school as principal. Miss O'Loughlin will teach eighth grndo at Prospect street school as she has been doing at Hop Brook, it was stated. Miss Agnes Jackson has .been named principal of Hop Brook scho~6I where she will teach the seventh and eighth grade classes, Superintendent Chittenden " • announced, Miss Jackson has ;been teaching seventh grade in the. Central avenue school. Fine Success Nearly 2,000 Persons Inspect Home Site Week-End Area Over Local Flyer A Member Of Famous Unit Lt. Edward C. Hoey Of Wai- nut Street With "Bomber Barons" In Pacific (Special to The NCWH) Headquarters, 13th AAF, Southwest Pacific, Sept. 0—First Lieutenant ' -Townsend Marcus of Charlestown, W. Va., recently took part In the 500th mission of the famous "JJomber Barons," a B-24 Liberator unit in the 13th AAF. Lieutenant Marcus is a first pilot in one of the heavy bombardment outfit and flew on the historic strike over Yap island, key Japanese air and naval base in the western Carolines. Smashing at supply and dispersal areas, our big Liberators started many fires and caused explosions.. 13th AAF officials rate the mission one of the most successful against this island fortress. ..' The ."Bomber Barons" are veterans ot Pacific warfare. Stationed at Hickwm Field at the time of the sneak .Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, this .unit has since had un enviable combat record, hitting vital enemy installations during the campaigns in the Solomons Central Pacific, and Northern New Guinea. It shared, in the pro-invasion bombardment of Bink and Nocmfoor • islands and helped to reduce the strongholds of Rabaul, Truk, and-' Wolcai. The other members of the crew Include:' 'Second; Lieutenant Richard H. Snider,' 'co-pilot of S'l" Shawnec terrace, Louisville, Ky. ' Second •L.lcute'nant" Edward C. Hc-ey..'- navigator . o'f 70' Walnut street, Naugiituck; Conn.. . .•;.... •''Second" Lieutenant Edmund'"A. Kuchlkc, bombardier of '15 llth avenue southwest, Rochester, Minn. Technical Sergeant Clyde J. Simpson, engineer of 1602 Skilcs a.yonue,. Kansas City, Mo, "Staff Sergeant Victor L. Darby, assistant engineer _ of 130 Ash Yanks Reported To Have Invaded Luxembourg And To Be Shelling The German City Of Aachen; British Gain As Yanks Crossed Belgian Border American soldier* march past :i stone marker on the road leading from Ardennes, France, into Xamur, Belgium. The underground urniy of Belgium came out to fight alongside the advancing Allies after Gen. Eisenhower h;i<] said, "The hour for which .yi>u have heen wniting so long lias struck." V. S. Signal Corps Radiophdo. (International Soundphoto) Earthquake, Felt Along Eastern Seaboard, Does No Serious Damage Here (Continued on Page 8} in-cr, Sept. r> UiiiiKi-vi-lt wii >"ir -(C'f)—rr<.',tl- iirti* thnt poftt- of fnk'nil p«r- MinnH tinixt not destroy vital (llll.llr M-rvllTN. Ill II IIII!.MMII(-C tO tin- fiinvi-iitliiiT of tin.- National '•''•lIlTiltilill Of I'VdlTHI TlllplnyCCM, Mr, llmwv.'lt ,„(,),, , hllt th( , clvl | iiTvIr,. i-miiMii.H.Hiun ulreiidy Im* ""t- up fair ruli'M to gnrcrn roduu- l ""is In federal employment. oOo ">H,I, CAM, CO.VKKKKNCK niii'trfird. Sept. &—(UP)—Gov- trniir K/iidwIn »nyx he will call nn important within next trn days to make .plans » gradual reconversion to prfleotimo production. .Local find ««'->' man[inwcr officials, mnnu- t*eti:r<.™ (,, U | inbor lander* will '' Invited to attend tho confer'•«(:..• which Li ainv:d at reducing ""employment after the war. oOo— W 'H.I. KXCIIAVOK r ° r Sept. -(UP)— , ... vl a ,«./ • N ' |1 " rl . v '"'•' A (I* mid Axli I>rl»- '''••<•» of ,..,„ W ||| ,„, exchanged • !• ||"nnj; UK- i,rxt three jfny* In • • |1 <l';n. Tin. Allied ri-piitrliiUv* In- 10 2:!l) AniiTlcun-i. r,"' 1 "' 1 - V( » lr u|ip«tlU> !•• it bit Jad,."; '""' yon ,, ri , io«|(|, l)f for nonitv fllffiTciit In food, stop nl '"•thiiinint, Ch»r<:)i St.—Adv. Three Naugatuck Youths Enlist In United States Navy Three Naugutuck residents and one from Beacon -Falls havn enlisted recently In the United States -Navy at the Wntorbury .Recruiting sation according to Information received todny from Chief James T. Kathbone, head of the recruiting division of the Navy for his vicinity. Among tho N'.iuxrauick young men who have enlisted are Leonard J. Leitton of 55 Andrew Avenue. Howard H, Hamnllnn of til Cliff street and John R. Fox of 33 Pleasant avenue. The Beacon Falls resident is John J. Eaukat. of Fcllspar avenue, Chief Rathbonc reports that enlistments in recent weeks have been very heavy with many 17-year olds signing up and not waiting for induction into the military services. Local Girl Is Sworn In As A Member of Waves APPOINTMENT ANNOUNCED Washington, Sept. 5—(UP)—The War department has announced the appointment of Major General Stephan G. Henry to the post of I assistant chief of staff for the army's personnel division. -Henry succeeds Major General Miller G. White who has been given an undisclosed overseas assignment. Ruth Thcsesa Connelly, 'daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Connelly, of Field street, was sworn -Into the Waves in New York city yesterday. She will receive orders to report'for duty Inter in the month. An Alumna of Naugatuck /high school, Miss Connelly'-was graduated from Paine-Hall, In New York this year after completing a laboratory technician course. She is employed in that capacity at the N.-iugat.uck 1 Chemical Co. Tho wave recruit is now one of four children in the armed forces. Corp. Leroy Connelly .is with an Army Air Force unit In Southern Franco, and is li veteran of .- the Mediterranean campaigns. He has been in the service about 31'months an dovcrscas 27 months. .. • . ! Another brother, Joseph, Is private first class In'* the U. S. Marine Corps, He is a veteran of the Snipan venture, and at the present is on Tlnlan. He has bceu in the service to ralmost.a year. A third brother, Charles, an Electrician's mnte. second class, is in the Navy, stationed somewhere in South America. He has been in the sea service aftout a year and a half. Their, father, Patrick J. Connely .has been in Iran since January, with a U.S. government construction unit there as a civilian. Nearl>* 2,000 persons inspected the new Glenridge Estates honie site development off Park avenue here over the week-end, Thomas Hurley head of the project stated when interviewed today. i Mr. Hurley expressed himself as amazed at the interest shown in tho development and stated'lthatthe number ol persons who viewed the live model homes that have already been completed, snti.a recor in his many years of building.'On house at Glenridge Estates is com plctcly furnished M». Hurley stat ed today, and this gave to prospcc live home owners a definite Idea o just how one of the houses wil appear when actually occupied. . Warden Leo J. Brophy was among the visitors .to the projec over tho week-end and oCber bor ough ollicials also inspected this newest addition to Nuugatuck'fa property list. Mr. Hurley pointed out thai street, Polly, Texas. - Technical Sergeant Ernest L. Morgan, radio operator of Route 0, Bakersfiold, Cn). Staff Sergeant Lonnie J. Gibson, assistant radio operator of 613 Ramsey, street, Alcoa, Tcnn. . Staff Sergeant Marvin V. Dooley, top turret gunner of Hopland, Cal. Staff Sergeant Robert K. Fentem, waist gunner of Colchester, JU. (Continued on Pa^c 8) Mrs. George Olson Of Hillside Avenue Died Sunday NOVEL PHIZES Mrs. Ada Marie (Gustnfson) Olson, wife of George Olson of 391 Hillside avenue, died Sunday. She was born In Sweden, June 18, 1889, . ! the daughter of the lato "August a i and Clara (Anderson) .Gustafson, Besides her husband,. Mrs, Olson; leaves one .son, Edmund, . three brothers, Vorncr E., Allan . and ; Gunna Ande all of Naugatuck. Private funeral services .will, be held Wednesday at the Aldersoh funeral home, 201 Meadow, street,. Rev. William R. Frendbcrgr, pastor of Salem Lutheran, .church, officiating. Burial will be in. Grove cemetery /-••;•.;•,•, Friends may call at thoij'fu'hcral home today from 3 to 5'Jutd-o'-T. to! 9 p. in. Stockholm, Sept. G—TU P)—A Swedish newspaper "reports :that wo novel prizes will be awarded his year in both physics and chemistry. Last year's awards in hose groups reverted to tho gcn- iral, fund. One award will bo made as usual in the fields Of literature ind medicine. School Librarian Reported To Have Asked For Leave Mis's Elizabeth F. Cass, librarian at the Naugatuck high school for the past several years, was reported today to have asked for a leave of absence for one year to. continue her studies. Miss Cass was said to have been a' candidate for a teaching position-now vacant at Naugatuck high school, a matter that still has not been interpreted by the board of education that has held no meetings in. the 'past two montTis. The other person mentioned for the High school teaching post was Miss Elizabeth Mcegan. principal of Central Avenue school, Miss Cass is said to have been supported by the Republican mcm- icrs of the board of educatnon vith Miss Mbcpan alleged to have he backing of the Democratic mcmbors of. the group, Vacations and the absence on juslnesa of members of the board, nt various times is saifl to have ccn the- reason why the scheduled Tcctlhgs did not materially ,Miss\Cass's- request for a leave f absence will no doubt contribute toward smoothing out differences nard; two sisters, Mrs. Hugo Eqf opinion .that may have prevailed =rson and Mrs. Hans Nelson, ;among board members, it was felt here today. .Firemen Put Out Three Brush Fires Soldier Sleepless For 12 Days Pfc. John Moruska Tells Of Terrific Shelling In Southern France Zone Pfc John Moruska of the United States Army who is now in Southern France with the American invasion forces, writes to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter'Moruska of Cherry street extension, thai recently he h:id practically no sleep for nearly two weeks due to the incessant shelling in that area where he was located. The Naugatuck soldier wrote home to the effect that the crasl of shells and their passing over head kept a sound of intents thunder beating down continuous ly, the noise being so terrific an steady that the Americans eoulc sleep only in cat naps. Pfc. Moruska who is 25 year;of age, has been in the Army foi more than two years nnd has bcei overseas for 21 months. Ho was with an Army transportation uni' as a truck driver when last hcarc from. ; The local soldier has seen intense action on many fronts since going overseas, "having been stationed in England, North Africa Sicily! Italy and now southern France. He was a driver with the American Railway Express before entering the service. Tremors Felt In Borough At Approximately 12:39 A. M. The whole of the eastern seaboard was shaken early this morning by an earthquake. Actually there were two tremors, but the one arriving at 12:39 a. m.. and which lasted for about IS seconds was the one most widely felt. Local residents who were still awake this morning at that time, heard dishes rattling, and felt the house shudder. One' local resident on the west side of town said that several dishes fell from a shelf, and apples in an over-laden basket were also caused to rail. One local woman's bed moved across the room spurred by the vibj-ations, it was said today. Hnrold SlurUia, superintendent of streets, said that no damage to streets or water mains was reported. :tnd apparently the tremors passed on with r,o ill effects. Tho second 'quake, according to tho United Press,, occurred several Hours later, but was not as intense as the first one. Brussels Radio Retracts Unconfirmed Report That Germany Had Capitulated INDICATIONS ARE GERMANS EXPECT MOMENTOUS EVENTS Allies Have Taken More Than 65,000 Prisoners In Southern -France (By United Frew.) American troops, urc reported fiKhUnx iiiKidc Germany A French frontier Alfftntch to tile Ix>ndon Kveninfr >'CWH HH>-K they arc hattlinir.thc Xiucte around the Industrial city of Saarbruuckcn, just over the the German frontier. The dispatch alno adds that .American tunkn in northeunt- crn France have reached tho outskirts of Strasbourg, a French city on the German border and Rhine, STARTING FUKLOUGHS: Fort Dcvcns,'• Mass., Sept. 5 — (UP)—Nine hundred more New England war veterans have arrived at -Fort Dcvcns. The men are starting- 21-day...-furloughs under the army rotation plan. Several .'.heaters of war are-'rcpresent- ed in the group. .. "•• . •; The local fire department answered .calls to three brush fires over'the^wcek-cnd. One was a fire Sunday ecvcnlnf; in a lot off Melbourne street, which firemen had ttb put out .again Monday. Another blaze occurred,in a lot on Hoadley street, Monday, a fire that pave firemen a stubborn battle before it was. put out, it was . reported today. ' • •' —When'you think of music, think of. Metro Music Mart, 88 Church street, sheet music, records, etc. Joined our Record Club? Mrs. Mihalko's Condition "Good" The condition of Mrs. Anna Mihalko, 334 South Main street, was reported "good" today by authorities at St. Mary's hospital. Mrs. Mihalko suffered head injuries and a fractured wrist when she fell down a' stairway in front of her home Friday evening. —Send the youngsters hack to school In Rood clc:in clothe*. Call Slinlett-T.ux, W(hy. 8-1IB8—It's an economy lesson • you will lenrn Miss McDonough Reported To Have Resigned N.H.S. Post Miss Helen McDonough, of MH1- ville avenue, for the post several years a teacher in the Naugatuck High school, is reported to have already submitted her resignation to take effect in approximately a month. Miss McDonough, a daughter of Common Pleas Judge John F. Mc- Doough, is understood to be re signing to take up the study of aw. The Naugntuck High school .cncher is n graduate of the Col- ege of New Rochellc. The local resident is one of the nost popular members of the N.'tu- gatuck High school staff. She has ilso taken a prominent part 171 DOrough activities, being official egistrar of 1he Naugatuck Honor II committee and also t-ook part n Naugatuek's 100th Anniversary ' which was held here in 'unc. . The Brussels radio announced and then took back an unconfirmed report that Germany had capitulated to the Allies. Brussels radio then said that the fight goes •jn. The retraction was made IC&.T than two hours after the radio station, • in- Allied hands, issued its sensational and' unconfirmed report. Allied headquarters also has announced that, the-bre^flcast rumor of Germany's surrender is untrue. In its first broadcast, the B.rus- sels radio .quoted so-called foreign, stations as announcing the Keich-'s capitulation. Bui. even then it was stressed that there- was no confirmation of'the news. And the report received additional doubt when Allied monitors icard nothing even resembling the Brussels announcement. It appeared that the capitulation •um'or originated from the garbling of a description of how 10,X)0 Germans surrendered afier bong pocketed near Mons. The false report serves as a reminder that many more such false nnouncements may come in these ramatic days of the war and that hey must be received with great reserve and accepted only when they come from official sources. Allied fighting men arc advancing today in iheir effort to make German defeat final and official. But official censorship again blankets the progress of the American tirst and third armies slrik- (Continued on Page 8) J. Frances Lewis, Former Art Teacher Of Local Schools, Dies WIT.L CELEBRATE Rome, Sept. 5—<UP)—The United tales Fifth Army is making plans o celebrate the first anniversary of TC American .landing in Salerno, taly on September 9th. Lieut. Gen. fark Clark will issue a special or- er of the day which will be broadcast to the troop;;. Miss J. Frances Lewis, SO. of IS Rockwell avenue, art supervisor of the Naugatuck public schools for 35 years, died Sunday in St. Mary's hospital, Watcrbury. She came lo Xnupatuck in 1899, "taking a posiiton as teacher of art in the local schools, from which she retired 10 years ago, Miss Lewis wn» born May 26, 1S65. in Dorchester, Mass.. the daughter of the late James Frank. lin and Hannah June (Hunt) Lewis. .... Survivors include a sister, Mrs. Lily T. Chadwlck, of Brooklinc, Mass.; and. three nieces, Misa Ethel Border Lewis, with whom she made her home, and the Misses Failh and Edith Chadwick, both of Boston. Miss Lewis was a member of tho Connecticut Daughters of the American Revolution, of the New England nnd Genealogy society, of the Salem Normal. and State Teachers Colleges association nnd of Terry Beach association of Saco, Maine. She was also a member of St. Michael's Episcopal church. The funeral will be held Wednesday at 11 a, in. at St. Michael's churc)7. Rev. Arthur F. Lewis, rector, officiating. Burial will be at the convenience of the family. Friends may call at the residence this afternoon and evening. —Riiphiicl'K, XauffHtuck Fnxhlon Center for Women, already !» wlnjr tho nmrnrt new Fanhlons Tor Fall In Coat*, Dreimos, Suit* find AcociMorlm,—Adv.

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