Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 25, 1963 · Page 5
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 5

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1963
Page 5
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Twenty Years Ago Benito's Rule Expired My fctGENE LEVIN ROME (AP)~"I want to make a mark on history with my wilt, like a lion with his claws." The words were Benito Mussolini's. Me made his mark. History re- Calls that he made Italy's trains run on time. History records that he made war a national policy, and history notes that 20 years ago today Benito Mussolini came to the beginning of the end. That was the day King Victor Emmanuel III put Mussolini under arrest. The shock of Allied landings in Sicily 16 days earlier had been too great for tottering Italy. Its Fascist leadership split. The military stepped in. Field Marshal Pictro Badoglio replaced Mussolini as premier. German forces freed Mussolini and helped him set up a Fascist republic in northern Italy. The end came on April 28, 1945, when the tommy guns of Italian partisans riddled Mussolini and his mistress, Claretta Petacci. Fascism's flame still burns in Italy. A million and a half Italians voted the Fascist ticket in national elections last April'. Thousands of young Fascists still thrill to a street fight with Communists —as their black shirt fathers did 40 years ago. But the Fascist vote represented only 5 per cent of the electorate, and there is no apparent heir to Mussolini, creator of fascism whose • doctrine inspired Adolf Hitler. Mussolini came to power in 1922, just before his 40th birthday. Thousands of his followers marched on Rome and forced the king to turn over the government to Mussolini. Mussolini, once a Socialist himself, said Italy needed a strong and vigorous leader. He took the title II Duce—the leader. He replaced Italian parliamentary institutions with what he called a corporate state—an economy of privately owned industry directed by the state through "corporations" of; business, labor and government representatives. In 1936 Mussolini led Italy against Ethiopia. Then came the Golesbufa Reaister-MaiI, CjgIfsburg. III. Thursday, July 25, ±9M "stab in the back'* agiitut France and World War II. Mussolini had become Adolf Hitler's partner. It was soon clear Hitler was the dominant partner. No attempt is made in the Average history book to explain the Fascist era, or to justify it. Th« accounts are straight, and somewhat thin. There L an Italian saying: "What has been has been." News Notes Of Fairview FAIRVIEW - Mrs. Vernon Keuhn of Smithfield was a coller in the home of Mrs. Oneta Miller Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Hollie Hopper and family of Evansville, Ind., have returned to their home after a visit here with Mr. and Mrs. Waller Hopper. Mr. and Mrs. Galen Mitchell attended the Crowl reunion in Prairie City Sunday. In the evening they attended the 25th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Moore in Galesburg. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Wilson were dismissed from the Graham hospital Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Miles Harden and Mrs. Kermit Richards of Gary, Ind., were overnight guests Friday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Harden. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brashear and family were Friday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Nott and Becky. Mrs. Dorma Lindstrom and Christy Jo have returned home from a visit in the home of Mr. ant' Mrs. Herman Freeze in Harvard. New Windsor Home Greets oans NEW WINt?SO!t-Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bottom of Chicago were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Anderson, Saturday. They also accompanied Mrs. Anderson to call on her father, A. E. Forseth of Woodhull at Moline Public Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Mario Forseth and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Robert Medd at Bettendorff Sunday and made the acquaintance of Robert Allen Medd, the new baby in the family. Mr. and Mrs. James Anderson and family visited at the La Vern Gobcn home in Rock Island Sunday. Greg Gobcn, who had visited relatives here, returned to his home. Mr. and Mrs. Max Lindstrom of Galesburg and Mrs. Anna Fallin of Aledo spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Youngberg. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Peterson attended the Knott family reunion Sunday at Long View Park in Rock Island. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Nelson returned home Saturday from a 10- day vacation trip. They were accompanied by Mrs. Nettie Johnson of Orion on a tour of Detroit, Mich., Mackinack Island, Ford plant at Dearborn, viewed Niagara Falls on the Canadian border at Ontario and other scenic sights. Croup Dines In Residence Near Maquon MAQUON—Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bybee entertained at a dinner Sunday at their home north of Maquon. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Bybee and David, Fairview; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bradbury, Terrie, Lorie, Stacey and Curt, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Clark, Becky and Jeff; Mr. and Mrs. Paul 0. Bryant and son Mike, Memphis, Tenn., Mr. and Mrs. Roy Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Williams and Dorothy Farmington, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil 'Fortman, Rapatee, Mrs. George Clark, Shelly Dee, and Brad, Knoxville. Summer Spotlight PRINTEtLPATTERN Quotes From Today's News (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By United Press International HOLLYWOOD - Actress Janet Leigh, commenting on the fall fashions now being introduced in Paris: "The Paris moguls of mode are like little boys playing with yo­ yos, the way they trifle with our skirt lengths; up, down, up, down." SIZES 10-18 Shower Honors Bride-elect YATES CITY - Miss Carolyn Blust, bride-elect, was the honoree at a miscellaneous shower given in the home of Mrs. Burl Nelson,. July 18. Co-hostesses with Mrs. Nelson were Mrs. Merrill Blust and Mrs. Herma Laurson. Mrs. Merrill Blust was in charge of a program of games. Miss Blust received many gifts and refreshments were served. Guests present were Mrs. Joe Palmer and Maridel, Mrs. Ells worth Cunningham and Becky, Mrs. Wayne Bird and Dianne, Mrs. Charles Garrett Jr., Mrs. Harlan Blust, Mrs. Denis Ramp, Miss Martha Talbf rt, Miss Connie Kennelley, Miss Karen Ficchpat- rick, Miss Jean Harms all of Yates City; Mrs. Larry Benson of Maquon, Mrs. Jerry Talley and Elizabeth, Mrs. Willis Dalton. NOTE: Band pattern order* direct to New York. Watch addreea below. Orders will NOT be accepted at Galetburg newipaper office Summer spotlights the two-piece dress—quietly, beautifully figured with tiny bows for waist emphasis. So wearable In cotton, shantung. Printed Pattern 4E22: Misses' Sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Size 16 requires 3% yards 35-inch fabric. FIFTY CENTS in coins toi mis pattern—add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, care of Galesburg Register- Mail. 411, Pattern Dept., 243 W 17th St., New York 11, N V Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE!, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER Just out I 304 design Ideas plus coupon for FREE pattern any one you choose in new Summer Pattern Catalog. Send 50 cents now Mrs. Albert Windish all of Elmwood; Miss Sharon Blust. Miss Lyndal Zongkes and Miss Shirley Saxton all of Peoria, Mrs. Delbert Perryman of Laura and Mrss Carolyn Polen of DeLong. LONDON — Gallery director Robert Katz, reacting to a city council decision to close the one- man show of Dr. Stephen Ward's paintings: "We will fight. This is bureaucracy gone mad." CHICAGO - The Rock Island Railroad in a letter to off-train employes warning that their jobs would be abolished if operating employes strike in protest to proposed new work rules: "You are notified that your position is abolished effective upon completion of the last tour of duty which can be completed be fore 12:01 a.m. July 30." Sole diet of the monarch butterfly is nectar and water. The Almanac By United Press International Today is Thursday, July 25, the 206th day of 1963 with 159 to follow. The moon is approaching its first quarter. The morning stars are Jupiter and Saturn. The evening stars are Mars and Saturn. Those born today include Amer ican playwright and producer David Belasco, in 1854. On this day in history: In 1866, Ulysses Grant became the first officer to be given the rank of general of the United States Army. In 1909, French aviator Louis Bleriot flew from Calais to Dover, the first visitor to England who did not go by water. In 1943. Italy's King Victor Emanuel dismissed Benito Mussolini as head of the Italian government. In 1956, two liners, the Andrea Doria and the Stockholm, collided near Nantucket. Fifty persons died. The Doctor- j (Continued from page 4) them out with tweeters. Do not use your fingers to pull them out or crush them because in this way you may get infectious matter on you. Once removed, the lick should be dropped into a fire or into kerosene, alcohol, or turpentine. If in removing them the head remains buried in your skin as sometimes happens, it must be dug out. This is a painful process at best. When the tick has been removed, whether whole or piecemeal, the wound should be painted with tincture of iodine and the hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and water. WHEN you go into a tick-infested area wear protective cloth ing with elastic at the openings High boots provide a further protection. The clothing should be sprayed with a tick repellent such as diethyltoluamide (Dcet). The body and clothing should be in spected daily or better still twice a day for ticks. This type of clothing also protects against chiggers. Q—What is thyrotoxicosis? A—It is a condition in which the thyroid puts out too much thy roxin, the substance the thyroid normally secretes into the blood. This may cause a type of goiter or enlargement of the thyroid known as toxic goiter. Q—What can be done to relieve twitching of the eyelids. A—This common complaint is almost always due to fatigue. Get more rest at night regularly and the twitching should stop after a few days. That doesn't mean that it won't return if you get overtired again. Henderson 4 -H Tour Planned HENDERSON - The Henderson Aggies 4-H Club met recently. The 4-H club tour will be Aug. 15. The club will go to Alpha to see the nursery and Moorman feeds, then back to Galesburg. Aggies will play their first ball game Sunday at Allonn. Talks were given by Jerry Ulfti on "Red N»se \n cutflt," Sullivan, "Peed Ratio for $tMfl n f^ Leroy Watt era, "Slatted PfMfff for Hogs"; Joe Pechaflcfl, w OTB»v. ing a Barrow for Show"} Dotfilit Ilennefent "Parasite Control t'a Continued Job"; Dick Galbreflth,, "Advantages of Purebred Mogi /V and Albert Nelson, "Beginning Electricity Projects I Can MakeV' Dale Moberg gave a demons tin* tion on corn borers. Norway produces and uses :nore hydroelectric power per capita than any other nation. Canada ranks second. TOP POP TUNES • Six Days on the Road • Don't Say Goodnight —Dave Dudley —Shirelles • Wipe Out — Surfaris • Raja —Astronauts • From Mc To You • Abilene • —Geo. Hamilton —Del Shannon • Abilene • —Geo. Hamilton • Grpcn Green —New Christy Minst. • Denise • Grpcn Green —New Christy Minst. —Randy & Rainbows • Re Careful of Stones • Judy's Turn To Cry You Thrown —Dion —Lesley. Gore • I'm Afraid To Go Home • Mockingbird —Brian Ilylanri —Inez Tnxx • Dankc Schocn • Surfin Hottenanny —Wayne Newton —Al Casey • Hopeless —A. Williams • Hello Muddah, • Surf City Hello Faddah —Jan & Dean —Allan Sherman • Tie Me Kangaroo Down • Scarlet O'Hara Sport —Rolf Harris —Bobby Gregg • Shut Down —Beach Boys • Blowin' in the Wind • Candy Girl —Peter, Paul & Mary —Four Seasons • Sukiyaki —Sakamoto • Ring of Fire • This is AH I Ask —Johnny Cash —Tony Bennett • Fingertips Ft. 2 • Make the World Go Away —Stevic Wonder —Timi Yuro • Not Mc —Orlons • The Dreamer • Detroit City —Bobby Bare —Neil Sedaka Great . . . Great hew new new "Chuck Berry on Stage" At The PLATTER A thought for the day—Russian novelist. Ivan Turgeniev said: "I agree with no man's opinions. I have some of my own." HOT WEATHER BEST BUYS IN REFRIGERATORS and FREEZERS i Come in and see our complete line of Frigidaire Refrigerators and Freezers. We hove over 30 refrigerators in stock at the present time, so buy now while the prices ore low and get immediate delivery. FRIGIDAIRE Most beautiful Frigfdaire styling ever — yours at budget price. Full-width freezer chest holds 63 -lbs. of frozen food^ > Sliding Chill Drawer keeps fresh meat fresh and it quick chills food. • Full-width fruit and vegetable Hydrator plus storage in the door. > Frigidaire dependability, too.. EASY TERMS $ 95 209 WITH WORKING TRADE FRIGIDAIRE FOOD FREEZER Holds 577 lbs.! • New super-efficient insulation gives maximum storage space in minimum floorspace. • Proved zero zone freezing, even in hot weather, • Roomy Slide-Aside Basket plus fast-freeze shelf, • Interior light; lock K keys). • Ask about Food Spoilage Waatanty, $ Bonk Financing on oil New and Used Appliance* 259" JOHNSON'S APPLI ChtSt Model CFF-T7 18.5 CU. ft. Main and Cherry Our Service Is the BIG Difference 343-9317 End of Month Sale of Fashion For this special "CLEAR-OUT SALE", we have selected hundreds of new fashion items to offer at very special prices. Savings to 50% Pant Tops $4.98 The newest Top creation that can be worn with skirts or pants. Reversible — print one side, solid color the other side. Cokesbury Sportswear Save 25 per cent Our entire line of Cokesbury Sportswear will be put on sale this weekend at a savings of up to 25%. Shorts — Jamaicas — Bermudas — shirts and slacks. Spring Coats Half Price Our entire stock of spring coats. Ideal for early fall. Some in all-season types. $9.00 Rack of Dresses One special rack of dresses — only one of a style Some priced as high as $22.98. Young Modern Dresses __$8.00 One group of new fashions for the young modern Miss. Junior sizes. Summer fabrics. Values up to $ 14.98. Rack of Dresses Reduced 33 per cent One rack of dresses in assorted styles and fabrics reduced up to 33%. Some wools — some jerseys — also some cottons. All new merchandise. Not more than two in a style and size. $5.98 Summer Dresses One special rack of sleeveless summer dresses in attractive prints and stripes. Also, some "shift" styles. Values up to $8.98. Summer Skirts $2.98 Summer skirts in pastels and white. Just a few left. Formerly priced up to $7.98. Print Blouses $2.98 Attractive cotton blouses in prints and a few solids. From our famous maker of Gabey Shirts. Formerly priced as high as $5.98. SAY CHARGE IT! Kellogg's for Newer Fashions At Lowest Prices Anywhere %

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