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Pawhuska Journal-Capital from Pawhuska, Oklahoma • Page 1

Pawhuska Journal-Capital from Pawhuska, Oklahoma • Page 1

Pawhuska, Oklahoma
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OFFICIAL COUNTY PAPER Capital Phones NEW TELEPHONE BOOK CAPITAL, THE DAILY Business Phone Ill News Phone N9D TRUTHFUL AND PROGRESSIVE 1 he I)aly Capital Has as Many 1AID Subscribers in Pawhusha as There Are Homes in the City. Twice the Circulation Twice the Advertising Twice the News Reports OL. XX. GUARANTEED TWICE THE PAID CIRCULATION OF ANY OTHER PAWHUSHA NEWSPAPER OUR GUARANTEE The Daily Capital Uises an In. p.

ctmn of Circulation IhuHs. I Didy 1 me TWICE tin- PAID Circulation of any other Puwhuska Newspaper, tin- Advcitismg of the hi-pc-vU1 COST 1 1 in D. i i fie Capital. Associated Tress United press International Newj Service. cost ll ui o-v FKIlil 1 FOUNDED JANUARY 30.

lJ04 PAWHIIVKA. OKLAHOMA Woodrow ESCAPE WHILE WAR LEADER IS FIGHTING GRIM BATTLE FOR LIFE Walsh Resolution Passes In House Gasoline on Fire; Four Are Dead UkO hnt K( b. 1 i- of hr my. yaTilim mi tin flip built imik luvakfut, Mrs. Arthur Fiuitb aiiil Iht thn-f (bildrcn wvtv biirntl to tlratb.

Tin bmii-s umv (burrtd 1 a oinl inn when fin nii'M aviT'M'd. d'lbtul luiiiiP', a 1 oar it r. junijird from a nvond stmy 1 lou but was buniud. Dr. White Chosen Muskogee Physician Dr.

and Mr, ('rales E. White who have Teen residents of Pawhuska since last suiuim will leave the lat- ter part of the week for Muskogee to-make their home. Dr. Wh te has lately bei chosen city physician of thut city and with the opening of the Muskogee general hospital he will Le in ehai ge of the ppatienD cared for by the city. Dr.

White has been ill his professic)i here and has many friends who regret to li ar of the change in residence. iw' t-s i PROTEST BY OF Committee Capital to it tee in the REPORT LITTLE ROCK, Fell. 1 The most (hiring escape from the Arkansas penitentiary since Tom Slaughter made his way to and de.illi, oreuTed this- morning when F.merv Conned mid Joe Sullivan, conyi -ted if murder in runner-t ion with the 1 1 1 i 1 1 if Little Rock detective- made t'n iv v. ay to f. eedom.

The two men weie under sentiilce, to bo electri cuted on Folruniy 15 and it were in the death cell-. When lLunn! Meet With Com- Martin, warden, and his nephew, R. M. Haskins of Kansas City, brought the men their breakfast they over-1 powered them and then escaped from the penitentiary. Posses of officers and citizens are, now- scouring the country mar here looking for the men whom it is ex-1 pocted will not allow tD-m-elves to CUT LEGISLATURE 0.

U. FUNDS from University Matter IS READY What was Recess sady to Divulge "Found by Sub-Committee Relative to State Of- he taken alive i'icers When Measure is put Before the House there is no De- hate and it Quickly Through WOULD CANCEL LEASES Measure Calls for Cancellation of the Oil Leases Made by Former Secretary of Interior Fall WASHINGTON, Feb. 1. Without debate the house today passl the Walsh resolution, which had already-been approved by the senate, directing President Coulidge to bring about the cancellation of the Doheny and Sinclair naval reserve leases. WASHINGTON.

Feb. 1. Climaxing four days of aer'moni' us debating and 10 days of senati inal de-velopments, the senate Thursday aft- ernoon par jed the Walsh resqludon declaring that the leasing of oil in California and Wyoming to E. L. Doheny and Harry F.

Sinclair was surrounded by fraud and corruption, and directing President to institute legal nroceed'ngs to cancel the leases made bv the former secretary of the interior Albert B. Fall. Just as the senate about to vote on the Walsh resolution. Senator Howell, reoubliean of Nebraska. Droposed a substitute which would have President Coolidge immediately seize the lands leased to Sinclair and Doheny.

The senate decided to- vote f'rst on the Howell resolution and then on the Walsh resolution after each had gpnken for 10 minutes. In addition to demanding that an injunction he sought immediately to stop further operations on the Teapot dome and Elk Hills oil reserves, the resolution authorized the employment of special attorneys to handle all the litigation independent of the I department of justice. i A provision was inserted making! necessary for the senate to formally approve the selection of Silas H. Strawn of Chicago, and Thomas i W. Gregory of Texas, already named by the president to sfart proceedings-against Doheny and Sinclair.

I As soon as the Walh resolution -wes adopted the senme took up the: Robinson resolution demanding the' lesignation of Secretary of the Navy Denhy. WASHINGTON. Feb. 1 Albert B. Fall, former secretary of the in condition to appear before the senate oil investieat'on committee, the special medical commission appointed to examine him trd the -comm'ttee.

Chairman Lenroot announced on the basis of the report -that a new subpoena would he issued for Fill requiring his presence before the committee at 10 oclock Saturday. Denies Fogs Causes Accident', in Chicago CHICAGO, 111., Feb. 1. Scores of persons were injured, some perhaps fatally, in numerous elevated and surface car accidents here due to the dense fog. Automobiles crashed scores of times.

MANY WILL COME I TO APOLOGIZE Will Probably Make Public Ann uils tor Attack on News nape-r 'oiTcspuiuJi-nt. in Gallerv WASHINGTON, Felt. Senator Magma ef Minii'-sota, is expected to make public apology to Edward Maikham, b't. Paul newspaper ci ri jpondeot, vvlnnn JuliHsOii attacked in the -eliate press pallii y. An aignnient over the veracity of one of Markham's dispatches to his paper is said to have result! In a fight.

PLAN TO COMPEL WOMAN TO TALK Senators Decide they Have Power to Make Miss Lape Answer 'I heir Questions WASHINGTON, Feb. 1 Miss Esther Everett La (, the general manager of the Bok peace plan award, will he compelled to answer questions relating to the inner workings of thi Pol; project, the senate committee has decided. Miss Tape's refusal to answer questions propounded by members cf the committee recently caused a halt in the investigation. The committee has decided however that it has the power to compel th witness to answer questions n)r he held in contempt. STREET CARS QUIT SERVICE ON TIME Wlien Expired Cars at Akron, Ohio, Were Placed in the Barn and People Use Busses ARKON, Ohio, Feb.

1 This city is wd In it ear service today in com-i pliance with the city ordinance re-! qu ring the traction company to operation at the expiration of its 25 year franchise, at midnight last night unless continued to opera'e on a fice cent fare and free trans- fers. The puhl.c is using busses and pri-j vate cars to goito woik and to places of business. Mysterious Malady Seizes Venizelos A I HENS, 1-eh. 1. Premier E.

frun a i' malady which is puzzling the physician, it is b-arnc 1. The illness is not Ik 1 cved to he seriou'. Sometimes the simntoms disippcar tirely, it is said. BANDIT WEEPS AS Theodore Roberts Develops Pheumonia! is a committee from the state univer- sity hire jday for a conference with PITTSBURGH. Feb.

1. The-1 the joint survey committee in an ef- 0d.ire Roberts, the famous film star.j firt to prevent cuts in the university developed pneumonia, according, appropriation. j-to his physicians. "He is holding his The report of the recess legislative I however, it was announced. sub-committee is ready for the gen- eral committee today, accord ng to Vice-chairman Tolbot.

We will make a repojri of the fa.t and let the general committee use its own discretion regarding the in- troduetjon of impeachment proceed- -ing against any state official. Tolbert said, declaring that his would make no- recommendations. Another fight is expected over the proposed abandoment of the state drug farm at Darlington, as Senator Leedy declared he would Oppose the move as the state has already spent 7,000 in its improvement. (IfcQ rDTOPTOM ALL IMMIGRATION! Bill Introduced Plans For Quotas on Percentage Ilete in 1890 and for Examination A Broad WASHINGTON. 1-Thc bill 1 proposing restriction of immigration to this country to a percent of the foreign horn of each nation here in IN.

PENITENTIARY I Condemned Men Make EsuineJ irom death Celia at Ark-j ansas IVnitonliary Eaily lay OVERPOWER TWO 1 Warden and Nephew Are1 Held by Desperadoes While They Made Their Escape 1890, and permitting the virtual selection of immigrants at the port of embarkation has been ordered favor- i ably reported to the house by the im-! migration committee. hunting Wwiio FOUGHT OFFICERS BULLETINS CHAMONIX, France, Feb. 1 The American hockey team defeated Sweden by a score 20 today and play the Canadians in the finals tomorrow. WASHINGTON. Feb.

1. Oklahoma farmers are still ed a meeting of the Macdonald labor cabinet this Duelers f'laim that End for Great American Leader is hut Matter of a Few Hours at Belt READY TO GO hen Told that He Haa Only a Short Time to Live the Great Statesman Expresses No Regret BULLETIN WASHINGTON, Fefc. 1. The condition of Mr. Wilson was extremely serious at 2:36 clock and announcement of 1 is death is expecteJ itomen-irily.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 1-Wilson is at death's door. Wasted by months of suf -ring th war time president is fight ng wha' twe physicians believe is his last bat tie. He rallied slightly at rctm and talked in whispers to thus: about him. The crisis may be reached before nightfull.

You have done the beat you could hut Im a broken macbn'ie," Mr. WT son said Dr. Cary Grayson, hit physician, just before fell asleep1. Then he added, "but Im rcudy. Grew Suddenly Worse WASHINGTON, Feb.

Woodrow Isons illness has taken a sudden turn for the worse and his condition is negardeiiBhy.hia physicians as vwrj serious. Already weakened by more than four years of suffering he has sustain' 1 during the past few days a digest tive disorders, at first 'regarder a harmless, but which are now threatening tq be too serious for him to master. Yesterdays condition showed slight improvement and when he retired for the night it was thought he might be the road to recovery. He slept little however and his physician. Rear Admiral Grayson, found toward morning alarming indications of all relapse.

Mr. Wilson had a restless night and has lopt strength. During the night he took a sudden and turn for the worse. I regard his ton d.tion as very serious. Reported Dying WASHINGTON, Ftb.

1 Woodrow Wilson, fipmer president, is dy ng in the quiet sirttitude of his Street home. At 11 oclock Admiral Cary-T. Grayson, attending physician stat- 1 there was little hope for the dent. i All of the members of the family h-ive been summoned hdme. Thers have been many messages of sympathy among which was one 1 from President Calvin Coolidge.

Inspect Schools at Barmdall and Avant Luther Russell and Miss Ella Me-lone inspected the schools at Barnsdal and Avant on Thursday and report 'th of the hools in gi condition. Ine high school inspector will go to Tuba for the week-end and the inspection of hgh schools in this minty will be resumed Monday. HE TELLS STORY an oil field worker in the fields about Peru and Edna, Kansas. He said i hat he was in Coffeyville last Sunday night and met the man who accompanied hir-i on the bank nibbing expedition, and whose name he gave although it is being withheld by thfr officers. The stranger suggested that they rob the DeNoya bank assuring Guffey that it could be done cisilv.

The robbery was framed" at Coffeyville Monday and the pair drove to DeNoya Wednesday night. They stayed in DeNoya until t-me of the robbery and flight. (Continued oo page two.) WILSON Pourin'? Concrete For New Building The Da, i- I'hiilipi (', i.d ruction (- Ihi' iieonii.g stalled to pour lie- ion. icte for tie (a-t wall of the Mi- National Rank 1 llild ng. Mr.

Phillips, who is in charge of the ivwk state! had been considerable de lay line to waiting- on the excavation 1 'V most of I lie diet ntove.J, iv-Ck of pouring the concrete vvo'd I I ru bed. FIRE DAMAGES SUBURBAN STORE Souk r.ri 1 by Fire and Water and Building is Badly Damaged in Early Morning Blaze The Coat-; Grocery, at 10th and Woo bird, was badly 'damage (J by a iv of iinkniwii origin which broke i-t morning at 2:13 n'cloek. Wl-de tin- d'-jia'-t ment made a (U ek 'ii the amgs hud gaiined a good start and the (bynugc is heavy, is c-timalcd that the damage to the -t ck will 111- ill the i.oighhi.i-hno.l ip 82.000. The roof, one side and thi) interior tin 1, 1 1 i i an- badly burned an 1 toe dam.i?, to the building will be at least $500 and perhaps more. HERE TONIGHT Gi il lit Ik-i idfes Team will Hfiv Except imially Hard Game to Dope lb" high basketball; i'u- cagers t-i- i d'-t h- hgli (i 1 gym" and -rts the game ihould he i -1 onally good one.

I i-o are -ah! to have an "i -on this y--ar and the 1 a am is a'-o the best in 1 -f I 1 1 li be D.xon lid I 1 11 1 ah I I Fa. 1 1 ok in the j.nii ns will play in the curtain 'art pi'iimptiv at ix inn ill k. Ti iPKKA, -1 ha i or: I i MU'Ol) -tnte audi-d warrants ddier bonus I- a- bond i hk vi i 5 i'll1 fair. 'k-kieirleirlritlt ir docs printing. I I WOODROW OFFICERS GET TWO Officers Clai-u Cars Used 1 Bank Robbers Wen Both Stolen ami Now Search for )v i.ers Buy ant a embers i the heiitfs got two more ears Thut -day when ctptuiel the 1-omI roadster and Hudson -n-d ill eil by idle bank robbers in their efforts to escape.

Air. Mt-adiam stated ibis morning then was little doubt hut the cais vvt-re stub a though the LaivlmAa officers do not have postal mid notices on the ears a- yet. Tin-dan -s piaetically a new car and v.i-pi'(',hal-ly stolen vary leeen'ly. I'm-officers expei l( ge notice- on the cats today or tomorrow. 3 ilu Wives of Attorneys Will lie the Guests of Honor at Affair at Methodist Chureh The members of the Oscgt t'oui ty Bar Association will entertain th-ir.

wives a ini fronds at a banquet -i-litel tiiinim-nt to lie veil the et hod 'hu rrh. Tile entertainment committee b.i-arranged wonderfel n-u I he ennunit li in cha-' of 1 l-e I state they li dm uic, a i i cl. 1 1 (Mur al LEGISLATURE IS i ri i. a Oklahoma Sohms Work if Illness tal to Woodrow Will Wii I St OKLAIIOM A CITY, The Oklahoma h-gi lai i- ittg bulb-tins hourly a to ton of Woodrow Wii-on. news of tie- great war 1 -1 -1 C- he received the hgi'-ljtuic ml Representative F.lam.

1 i ka, has prepared a resol'd ion in-ing the L-gisIaturc re i-" unt and passed slmuid news tie democratic lea'U-i's death re 1 th? fum.ri,, I WICHITA. er, who with her husband -i small grocery, talked two of robbing -the store, business was carried on 'U checks and credit account 1 i I ROCKS 0UINT0N Whole Town Shakes When Gas Explodes Under Two Story Building in Heart of Business District MeALESTER, Okla. Feb. 1-The town of Quinton was rocked today by an explosion of natural gas undt a two story building in the heart of the city. Nobody was injured in the which was felt for stiles.

No -e followed the blast. The damage is estimated at sevoial thousand doliais Poshes Scour Mountains For Moonshiners tVho Killed One Officer in Pilrbed Battle SPARTA, 'ii nn. Feb. 1-lVses iaio scouring the mountains for he TOPEK, Kails. All railroads en.

niooiishiners whoj parnipated in the i battle in which Deputy Sheriff Welch tenr-g 1 upeka have re eiveu authon- I and two niuonshun i were killed, zatiun from the state publ utilities rrmmissirn to reduce fares to mem-. hers of Masonic organizations plan-1 ning to attend the Masonic conclave February 2o-28. The off cers were dismantling a huge stid when they were fired upon by the moonsh nei who were in ambush. The battle followed. FOR ALBERTY SALE Man wko Took Part In DeNoya Robbery Tells ef First Attempt in the Realm of Crime Swine Breeders from Every Part of the County Will be Here to Bid on Choice Animals Offered 1 1 i There will be held in this city Sat-r- the animals and in addition will be I many mail bids Sent in b' th0S atI urday afternoon one of the most im portant mid-winter sales in the those at distant points who cannot attend the sale.

1 The man captured by Deputy Sheriff Smith Leahy Thursday afternoon after the robbery of the bank ui DeNoya now realizes that his fir-t attempt at a major crime will probably land him in the big stone house at McAU-ster lr at least twenty-five years, while then- is a bare bat he nmv net a hot seat the dread electric chair for his crime. The man in custody gave his name as (leorge Guffey when he talked to Assistant County Attorney McKenzie Thursday night and sad he wa The Capital does job printing. It is certain that many of the ani- 192G-21. mals will bring prices for this choice pork which will make pork i LONDON, Feb. 1.

Great chops at $1.00 a pound seem cheap. Britain has j-ecognized the so-t The sale will start promptly at 1:20 government. Dejure recognition ofthe soviet follow- oclock and it is expected that the suffering from federal hoards deflation policy in United States when George Alberty wilt offer fortyfive of hoieest animals. The Alberty herd of Poland Chinas has made a clean sweep in competition Missouri and Oklahoma and are said to he about the typeist" herd in the mid-west if not the United States. The sale has been nationally advertised and swine breeders from a dozen states will be here to bid on last of the offerings will be disposed of by 3:30 oclock.

The sale is certain jo go down as the gdeatest ever held in Osage County..

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