Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin on January 16, 1975 · Page 55
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Wisconsin State Journal from Madison, Wisconsin · Page 55

Madison, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1975
Page 55
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WMM-Mrt stort tarty g.. PlteESiS Pettinger Sets Sights BvTmiwrnrR SJtrt Sports Writer Wisconsin swimmers proved that (heir victory over Michigan last year as no fluke by whip, ping (be Wolverines again at Aim Arbor last Friday night. Those are the only dimming victories the Badgers ever scored over lyiichijgan- The following . night they defeated Michigan State and stretched their dual-meet winning streak to 14 since losing to Indiana in Hawaii 'Dee 29, 1973. They will bid for No, 15 Friday night against Northwestern at the Nafatdnum, with Minnesota also swimming against the Wildcats. .'Still;-, this all might seem academic in light of the fact that the Badgers. must face Indiana again eventually. (Feb. 14 here). Few schools," if any, can match the Hopsiers in a dual meet. But there's more to it, according to Wisconsin Coach Jack Pettinger. Swimmers are concerned about victory,; true, but they also concentrate, on self -improvement better times, school records, and stature nationally. ' ., : . The Badgers know 1 : what' to expect from Indiana. Big 10 and : NCM rahpeitition is more wide-open, and the. Badgers : are striving for high finishes. to a game like football, goofy things can happen,"' Pettinger spalined, '-In sviimmihg;and track there, are more objective ways of Measuring talent. "'' .. ''We're. realistic," he said looking, ahead to Indiana, 'in all events except the sprints we at least can. present a good' race. We're going to get beat in most - caixs; but- we can compete on a reasonable i level. ' 'Working out the pace we want to follow" will be one aspect of the Indiana meet, according to . Pettinger:: "Hopefully it will be a way of getting ready for the Big 10 for many of the kids and a few for the NCAA: "' . "We're a little more aware of . the situation than last year," he said of upcoming big meets. "Second or third in the Big 10 would be fine, but not fourth. Wc have the personnel to finish second. "We'd like to finish within the top dozen in the NCAA. We're capable of finishing anywhere from 16th to ninth. List year we were out of it. '-If you're in the top IS in the country, you're pretty damn good." - About a week ago, the Badgers returned tanned and healthy from 18 days in Hawaii. The trip . vras made possible because each swimmer kicked in some of his -own money, the Swimming Club helped, the learn is using bus travel to ease budgetary strain, and the Marines provided housing in a barracks in Ilawaii. "The whole team improved," Pettinger said of the experience. "The only ones who didn't are ATTENTION! ICE FISHERMEN OUTDOORSMEN We have clothes & boots to keep you warm to 605 below zero. FONT ANA ARMY-NAVY Cdb State i Johnwii ' Modnon 357-S043 those who have been ill . Dan 'Striebcl has a virus and sore throat he can't shake. " r . '' "Steve Roxborough has tendonitis and his training has been curtailed all year. Fritz Warncke hasn't been up to par due to flu." Now, though, most of the' Badgers are ready for the big push, which includes tough dual . meets against Southern Illinois and Ohio State, as well as Indiana. : ;' ' ' . - , .' Pettinger. again will depend on - v.- - , T-r ," mi " aU,,Ct,?S RO(KE'ELTBItOWN GEORGE CONNOR Rosey Brown, Three Others Join Football Hall o fiVmv i (KT fru . . . ------ . ftwiKi tr Vr . 1 lOOthall Half (J k..,- ii will be increased to 85 this year with the enshrincment of George Connor of the Chicago Bears, Rooseyelt Brown of the'Ncw York Giants, Dante Lavelli of the Cleveland Browns, and Lenny Moore of the. Baltimore Colls The four were chosen by the hall 's 27;member board of selec-tioas and will be inducted Aug. 2 when the Cincinnati Bengals face Ibe Washington Redskins in the annual Hall of Fame game. The board's selections. were announced Wednesday by Dick Gallagher, director of the hall. - Connor's career spanned IS seasons with the Bears, for whom he played defensive tackle, of- ... , : iuu from 1EH8 to 1955. Ife entered the pro ranks after being named an All-American in 1946 and 1947 while playing for Notre Dame. "This is something you always hope for," said Brown, who was the Giants' starting offensive right tackle from 1953 to 1965. Brown brought his 6-3, 255-pound frame to the Giants as "a NITRO 9 - TV 1-IJr--.. WTRO POWEREB Available at yaar laal Rnmmmm store or Fomorw on lode Geneva Hwy, 47 (4M1 275-220 Brad Horner, Murphy ' Reinschriebcr.Uaul Jahie, Jeff Evans, Gil Cyr, Mike Imhoff, Mf - Plummer, Mike McGuire. and Neil Rogers. "Thow,guys are-very dependable," Pettinger said. "Thcv can. 9" ip, for. a big meet if : they' have to. -;;Vfeinschreiber is just super steady. You can count on him not screwing up. Homer can,really get ready, for a big race against a wsign opponent, too. ''HorneiMhas improved the i'ul"ltl ra'i cnoice out of jr ci -t; . - inuiyaii ount.-Lmnng ms career, the Giants Won six "divisional titles and the National Football League crown in 1956. Now a scout with the Giants, Brown carm-d all-pro honors six times and was selected to pla'v in eight Pro Bowls. He was voted (he NFL's lineman of the year in 1956r .Lavelli caught 386 passes for .6,488 yards and 62 touchdowns in his 11 seasons -1946-1956 - with the Browns; "It's something you always look forward to," Lavelli said. "A lot: of my friends have made it. I'm. real happy about it, especially since my hometown of Hudson is only about 30 miles MATC Caaers Pin v mergers May The Martionn Arno College basketball team returns w wmierence action tonight, facing Mid-State Technical Institute of Wisconsin Rapids at Mid-State. Aerodynomkolly designed for crosswind stability; reclining buckef seots,-specrouj rear carrying budgel-priced. to take o look . . -AP Wirepfiofb High most," the coach added: "He has .improved a little bit in a whole bunch of places. He's maturing -and' getting stronger from year-round swimming. He has, been training hard in tlje sumnwrifor the last four years. "His improvement . is an accumulation of all those things.. He has gained experience, loo, and knows his races better. " Friday night's meet against the Wildcats at the Natutorium starts at 7. TiTt IAVHLIJ LENNY MOORE 1 f Fame -from the Hall of Fa. ' " Moore was the Colts' No. I draft cnoice out of Penn State. in 1956 and won rookie or the year honors. " He i was a flanker-running back, and his ability to catch passes made him a perfect complement to quarterback Johnny Unitas. The Colts had Moore on their roster from 1956 to 1967, during which time he caught 363 passes for 6,039 yards and had a com-. bined yardage total of 12,449" with ujuunuowns. SNOWMOBILE INSURANCE CHECK OUR TS FIRST! Safe Driver Discounts Group fiores Coverage continue during lojf-up period. For information tali: Madisan: 24t-3!23 Sun Pioirie: W7-5300 t Ske Inc. All good reasons ond a test drive! y DRIVE X X. m $ 1 gas mm f '"4 car AS JUDGED BY US ENVIRONMENTAL AGENCY 29.1 MILES PiR GALLON! WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL, THURSDAY, JANUARY 16 1975 Sieelers' Harris Makes Fact Equal Expectation By DAVE ANDERSON (c) N.V. Times News Service - 1,1 i'tfi'iUe wisdom, tte eoads and outs of the Pittsburfili Stoelcrs were hopir.g to select Willie iFk from,San Dlefi0 state-,hn s 5 the National Football League draft of college plavers fiS Si"SWWld N)pen -'Wir t"rn arrived in the first round. Now hey were confronted with settling a disagreement over nmiung backs between Chuck Noll, the coach and Art Soy J1,I5,tlir0Cl0r Wo!1 had Irssod will, iiobcrt Newnouse of the University of Houston, but the club owner's -son was eanipaigning for Franco Harris or Penn Slate "Neuhouso is faster," Noll kept saying. "Harris is big and fast," Rooney said. Realizing that BucKanon might be gone berore the Steelers could select him, Rooney hod defended his opinion on Harris with research. He ctacted out the careers of severai sm Trl Z S backs, as NewfKwse was, in contrast with big backs "Liut1 fW5- like Nliko Garrett and Dickie Post, might have one grea year," he told Noll, "but you never see a fitUo guy pi,? SifeaVCarS-tack t0 bmk" The bis EUys d0- Ti,e Z fWi have longer and more consistent careers than the little guvs " " "All right,'' Noll finally agreed. "I'll go along with you on ILirris, but you better be right." " ' " aney was rigfi. Newhouse has been a useful runner for the ai?'Si i5l eil"opod for 158 yattls as t,le StK'Iors "I'm not surpriscti," Harris' mother was saying Monday. "It is lus destiny." h..' risrwas ii"Sto return to Ml. Holly, N.J., will, her hustand. Cad after their Super Bowl weekend. Small and slender, she sun speaks with the thick accent she had in Italv as the lecn-Sir. 3 K:riean r8cant after World War II endL During the Nazi occupation, she and her father often hid in the mountains aimo their to, not far from Pisa "One day wesawsrmko in (h cin, ,i ,u .. sa-s. "We learned later that the Germans killed cvervbody in that town with machineguns. COO peopte. Then the Germans burned the Realignment Aired Today STEVENS POINT - Five groutts of people wilt meet here loday to decide which changes, if any, will Ik made in the alignment of slafo high schools. Meeting wilt be members of the Wisconsin Interscliolastic Athletic yssn. (WIAA) executive of- fice, the WIAA Board of Control, the WIAA Advisory Council, representatives of each of the slate's 48 public-schonl conferences, and representatives onndividually interested schools. Tlie meeting, which bens at 10:30 a.m. at the Holiday Inn, will be conducted by the Advisory Council, a . 15 -member group oT school administrators. From southwestern Wisconsin are principals William McBay of Janesville Craig and Gary Einer-son of DeEorcst. Following the meeting,-; the Board of Control can finalize any steps agreed upon: Included on the seven-member group arc President'Douglas Ritchie, the superintendent, of Madison schools; Vice-President John Mulrooncy, superintendent at Prairie du Chien; and Principal John Newhouse rif Whitewater. SKI JUMPING BIACKHAWK SKI CLUB ADMISSION UNDER 12 FREE SUNDAY, Jan. 19, 1 p.nu Violliwnl cf iltloi ton oil Mwy. 101 Fiih Bldg. Supply. Ictre rienfonl Vitw trj. l llKlchinH! U Tu.n 11 M IhrMiinrli H fa tti Jumj ftH rmUmf. f. FULL4PLY j$lTEliRA0l1 i DELUXE 29 $ocm iVJi5 L 4 ply polyester cord fooTiSnTTi P CHARGE IT! JB - WTIT SET IT. 1 2J" . Adjuat the limine 6. Mjutlu orfcurrtor 5. Check the (hufinj tyettm DOWNTOWN 1234 E. Washington Ave. Phone 256-4875 Hew hwi: WmJiy Hm fnimy lt 5:30, Wanhn t tt 12 FRANCO HARRIS Another time, during a Km ljombanlment of her town she S S11 V'aSC W,,crc.sl had beyn sta- Nt long after she had hurried aiay, an artillery shell exploded in what had been her ' ''It was not my dt-stiny lo die that day, it was my destiny lo lne, sl says, "l bcliera in the destiny. The destiny is there for Sere"' jUSt likC FmK' dC5liriy l Play f0r 1,10 Piltsbursh .Sf s. ("e Steelers finally were destined to i ?"Ph over the Minnesota Vikings Sunday as another dull and boring Super Bowl game. It was often wierri perhaps, but not dull and boring. At least not to those who believe inat a iiass-nisler can be as exciting as a passer. ' By tboir nature, Super Bowl teams perform somewhat conservatively. That's why they qualified. But a relentless defense and a relentless running game, which the Steelers won with, isn't dull SSK' U'S rCi,ily t0mi tiK WaV "S inVCnt0rS dcsifinc(i il 10 In the evolution of tlie NFL, perhaps too many people believe he Super Bowl should be a montage of the weekly television highlights every play classic and memorable. Perhaps all the iistant replays have produced a sophistication that football is bet. (er off without. And all those people here Sunday with the black-and-gnld : Stec cr woolen caps didn't seem bored. Their team had won and thats what learn games are all about. Ciiui Harris wasn't tared cither. Iter sou had won an American Motors automobile from Sport Magazine as (lie game's most valuable player, and now she hopes to go to New York next week for tlie award. "For breakfast at Tiffany's," she said. H""uijf i-ufHiuers u ner rretn. GHJIMPIOM IT. .11 n . . . uii M-iJiy uiacKwaii8 I4 15 1850 Pfut'l 60FE S.V.CSO.,3 3'2"tt' PVa'ITSFET BsnkAmericard 53) AmencanEnpreis cnnrr, . . FORGET 17! mm ENERGY SAVING TUNE-UP SECTION 5, PAGE 3 destiny. . Master Charae ran: ifii MQUNTMUG! 11 MCKUPVWI, CAMPER! in LUBE and ON, CHANCE Includes up to 5 qoam of premium Pcnnfriil Moior Oil. HILLDALE 702 N. Midvok Mvd. Phono 238-841 p.m., Stwif 1 14

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