Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 2, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1944
Page 5
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9 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Hopi Indian Snake Clan Faces Doom -r CinlUip, N'. M. <U Pi—Throuph out the kinds of the Hopl Indians trllieninen are discuss'ui),' the pos •iiliilliy 'hat the Snake Clnn o IliHi'Villr Village, in Arl/.ona mlgh Indians:, themselves, wll me tn live, but tho clitn iij iluomed. difficulty results from tin. iniibility of tho ckm to select r siioci-ssor lu tbe snake priest who ilii'il two yrars aj,'o, just before hi. WILM to direct tbe snake dance cerc- jiiu.'iy 'Vlu'-cbuk-ta." If no ncu jii-ii-st is ebosen. tbe Snake Clan u-ill ilie. and with it the Snake nance at Hotevilla. [.'tulcr rribiU tradition the new priest must be either a brother 01 :, iH'i'hrw of tbe priest wbo died two years uj;o. Three men are fliirilitr. but flu-re are. difficulties In nuniinj; any one of them. One brother bus been declared ini'liKihlo because he has lived with white people. A nephew has born ruled out for the same reason. lirntlier Too III That narrowed the choice of one reMi.'ilni:iK brother, who was sel- octi-ii us priest and accepted the position -and then became ill, I:'.e- cniiso df bis illness, be said, ho could not take on the arduous duties oC snake priest. AUo, he n-asiiiied, .his illness a ni>rn that be should not serve in th important position. It w.-i.-i considered possible that lie ininhi recunskler. but his illness also has worried the elders Starlet Makes Her Camera Debut Old Hotel Register Contains Famous; Names ' ^'•••-^ Boston (UP)— Brought to light, recently during the waste ..paper salvage drive, a yellowed'register of the. 03-yenr-old Hotel Ve'ndomo in Boston's Back Buy was fount! to contain |ho names oC dozens of famous persons who stayed there during- the prim '.80'a and say '90s. .Among the names wyre those oC Harriet •Beechcr"Stowc, author of "Uncle Tom's;, Cabin'. 1 ; Lillian Russell, Oscar Wl'l'de.-Daniel'-'Frohmnri, President Martin. Van Eurcn, Thomas A. Edison, Gen . U, S. Grant and Adm. Robert E.-Peary. in the spring of 1881, *Snruh Kernhardt was appearing u.t :L .Boston theater. Old Timers stll.l re- , call how, _ ajler nn'ch triumphant performance,, the "Divine Sarah" would pai-ade to the Vcndome, trailed by a retinue of servants that contemporary accounts said "made her entrance into the city ! appear like a sumptuous safari." 1 Back in 1.903, property paid about S3 per cent of all state tax revenue. Durinfr 19-iO it accounted for slightly more than 0 per cent. -, Little Rock Mermaid Voted Camp Favorite Little Rock, Ark., (UP)—Little Rock has a bathing- beauty queen who can actually swim—and what is more, .she is a champion. The mermaid is Miss Rosalind Kramer, daughter of a well known Little Kock swimming; instructor. Far the past ftvo years Miss Krn- ' mer has been * t »t e champion' and at .present la the women's '-state, free-style UU*» holder. . ' . !.:•£. Soldiers stationed at nearby Camp RobiriRon recently" *clcctM|- Mis* Kramer-as "Minn Camp inson ot 3914." • • Tlie Suez' cannl Is 104.5 long. The Panama canal 1* 4Oj8 miles In length. -:.",'. '<•& •Shown Boxing for hrr first picture, in Los Angeles is livo-inoiilh-old Juliet Column, <l:in-liter of film star Ronald Column and the former Uunita Hume. We can't, help but acrvo with Column, who xaltl, "l(. is iinis she Is K"t"K to Iw very beautiful." (International Soiiniljiliuto) who must nami; of the village, :))!• priest, If no priest cnn ho named before time for the Sn.iku Ounce, the Snake Clan of Hotcvilla will die, Ir-ai-Jn^ (inly t\\'ft other villages ..... sliipaulvi mid ShunKopovi — to .'mid thi. 1 il.-incy tills year as schod- ul-d. Ariiuni; the K! Ilojii villafros, i'ive hol'.l the Snake Danco. \Valpl and (ivi WI year. N held it last year, Shipaulvi and scheduled to hold it ladio Program Beamed West Reaches Servicemen Around World Ily 1JK.V GAI.r.OB United Press Stuff Correspondent this U'bite Mini's Affair The Sn.lko Priest whose dentil caused tin 1 crisis at Hotevilla died just before tbe Shakft Dance two years a^o. tt dccui-rocl durinp tho l.-i.-:t I- day bci'oro the ceremony. too hit,' to cancel the ceremony t'o.-- tiiat year because no tribal Business can !»• conducted and no irnp"[-iant decisions cnn be made ilm-iiur tbe 1'2 clays of preparation iniiMeilititely preceding the ritual. An i.Id blind man was named in tin- rnieruimcy to take the place (>( the leaving the selection of a permanunt successor until tin's year. When rx new priest is named, It I Is doubtful that white, men will find out about It »:i>no all through lory. The Hopis their rituals the whiti: man. until word lias tbe Hopi torrl- don't consider business of the T.OY CIOTS HOT FOOT Sp lil'f. ash prinKfiuld, III. (UP)— -T^arry Rat- C, walked bai-ofncit through an pile ne;ir his homo. The ashes proved to bo hot and Larry wns t.-iken In a hospital suffering from third decree burns on both foot. Jungle Music Mi-Milii. r s ,,r "'"it in OiintH ''•fl lieliiml •'•Mis Mere t|| «-l'l. rhlll), .tl •wisx.. t:i|i the howitzer .sulviiifed ;i piiuiu y ||,e rrlri-utlnK , itriniji ii, H [eiis to iiu'ini ,,f MHforil, ivories of the -Tup I'll '»• II Is out of tune, prod' from f»lii.vln<r »ii H tho >');>""' luiliuiiiil anthem fur |.lm Hirer .veai-M. Marine Corps 1 '». (Inlernalioiuil Suunrt- pliolo) Minneapolis (UP)—Randy Merriman looks ikie a Hollywood hero, pours out trap's like crax.y, grimaces like an outraged chimpanzee, and thinks servicemen tux wonderful. This remarkable salad of talenls frets a. workout six nights a week over KSTP, Twin Cities radio sta- i tion, in a program called "Over seas Special." which, with a c i-, of two vocalists in addition to Merriman, provides Xorthwos! servicemen all over tbe world w th home-made entertainment and remarkable variety of persona services. This wide arena for tho show if possible by KSTP's directional beam, which sonclo tbe broadcast due westward all around the world. Though it may sound implausible that's tbe way i: works. -Merrimun has letters from a suilor on a battleship stationed off Uic British Isles. Tbe only way the program could have reached the frob was across western United States, the Pacific, Siberia; northern Europe and England, In a fashion only a radio cn- Kineer could explain, the program is heard everywhere ar.d it's not shortwave. Letters come from Alaska, the Central Pacific, Australia and other scattered points. Merriman uniquely projects- his personality across the hundreds uf miles and tbe servicemen respond. Submarine Gets NIIWK A submarine commander in the Pacific wrote that when the un- derseas crn.fl. surfaced tbe boys would pick up KSTP's news broadcasts which arc part of tho throe- hour "Overseas Special" show. The program is the only live contact for hundreds of servicemen and Randy does the best he- can with ,1 prodigiously fertile in-, tellijjcnce to make it lively. When some of the servicemen listeners visit the Twin Cities, Randy puts them on the air. To the RAJT base naa.r Winnipeg", Canada, come British servicemen from all parts of the Empire. After Randy had them on his fih o \v during furloughs he received calls from local listeners, offei in^r to show tbe boys a i.'-ooct time. These people, Merriman says, often provided n. full week of entertainment for their guests. Families of such servicemen lune in from New Zealand and Australia and often hear the voice of ri l&np-abscnt son. Randy treasures their letters of appreciation. Morrimnn snatches all travel! I talent for his broadcast. He's h Cab Galloway and his orchost wbo camu up and put on a • minute, show. Bonita Granvil H. B. Warner, Murjjo, Van, Monroe and others have done Hit stuff for Merriman's world-wit audience. TSehcursrtl Is Fun Watching the "rehearsal" is much fun as tbe shpw Kandy find his two vocalists, Lyn Montgomery, a singer whose tn ents have increased notably iind Mcrrimnn'.s off-the-cuff lutelnf,' and Ray StchH, a. former Scabc will riddle around with nucsc tions, do a "bum - to - dum - dun solo, duo or trio, R.-isticulate rapic ly and the show is all set. Wha keeps it moving is Merriman versatility, covering evcrythin from hillbilly dialogue ,'o flip Rufr for a. studio audience and Rand wanders down with a portable m crophonc, asking any zany cjucs tion tliiit occurs to him. The pro firam looks n.s If a. lot of rehears als have pone into It, but all th rehearsing takes place in a brie Succeeds Phillips A former member of tin Control Commission in Samuel lleber has been :ip|iolnt~ ed U. S. political officer nt Supreme lle:idqu:irlors of tho Allied Kxpedilliniary Furre, as successor to William Phillips, (International) five minutes before Randy steps up lo the microphono. After U'uit. as the KSTP engineers njrrcc. any thing SOCK. There have been many change? since the program started five years ago. The regular broadcast now mixes Merriman, news, organ music, am! anything else Randj can find :'or the three 'hours. Dor ing football season, t.he show puts on .1 rcbroadcast lasting till early dawn Sunday of the previous Saturday's University of Minnesota Cophor football game. Is '"rfl ton Don't Hurry .... When you do your gift shopping nt Clyne, you will enjoy inspecting our many sparkling Items. Mirrors, pictures, paintings, artificial flowers, spun class, statuary. Josephine R. Mnnito. gift stylist, is nt your service. • n few steps from exchange PI.' GALLON AVERAGE MIRACLE WALL FINISH PER GALLON G. C. Murphy Co. J1JJV AND .SAVJS AT THI-: HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. ROCCO BADO. Prop, FI7.T.KD 13UN.S iind CO1T.1DE CAKKS CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street TKL. .'JOTS .Prompt, K.v[)i:rt; WATCH & JI-JWK JIKI'AJKIXG William Schpero 180 CHURCH ST. — 1 FliRht Up — GKIHATKB SKRVICE rom your clothes when they in, 1 cleaned rn^ulnrly liy our .\|>ert workmen. I'rompt serv- cc. D. LIEBERMAN 20 CIIUUCH STREKT BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS ANNOUNCING THE r OPENING, SUNDAY, SEPT. 3rd OF GLENRIDGE ESTATES QUINN AND CHESTNUT STREETS (JUST WEST OF PARK AVENUE) NAUGATUCK. CONNECTICUT 6 ROOM HOUSES (4 BED ROOMS) • • • • REVELATION IN MODERN SUBURBAN LIVING "'*'. • • • RESTRICTED COMMUNITY, BEAUTIFUL WOODED RESIDENTL4L SECTION • * • PERMANENT CONSTRUCTION OF PRE-WAR DESIGN AND WORKMANSHIP • • • HOUSES MA Y BE PURCHASED ON LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT PL 4N OR MAY BE RENTED LOOK AT THESE FEATURES: Sanitary Si>«-er, City W:Hor, Gas' ami Electricity. S Coats of Planter Throughout I louses IMI: Air Jlooting- System Economical Hot. \V;Uor Heallncr Unit Insulated. LriKlcrs and 'Gutters durable Asphalt SninRlr- Roofirie Ornamcnuil Shutters. Concrete Stoops both Front and Sido. I^iiulscaiiod. ^ Sidewalks and Curbs. Special Hardware. :>"d Ultra Modorn nieol.rlcal Fixlnron. Colonial Lieht and Knocker at Front Kntrancc. Slodi-rn Bath and Kitchen. Domestic Science Kitchen Cabinets. Spacious CIothcK and I.inen Closet*.-, with doom. Knilt in Veijotiaii Crystal Mirror Medicine. Cabinet,. Inlaid Linoleum. •Double Flooring—Special Oak. All Wax Finished. Many Electrical .Baso 1'lllKs. I'oun.'d Concrete » r oundation. Vnivliliin,' SpucioiiN Cellar for IJecrcation Rnom. Modern rinmbiiiK- Fixtures. - Konms Iteaiitifiilly Decorated. Mall Delivery to Your Door. Liiundry in Uasenicntl l . FHA Insureil Financing. gEach Dwelling-oil Plot Approximately 60 Feet By 150 Feet; Plenty cf Garden and Yard Space f 5 MODEL HOMES READY FOR 1 YOUR INSPECTION! "| OPEN DAILY STARTING SUNDAY, SEPT. 3RD ' ----BUILDERS FOR 36 YEARS, WE INVITE COMPARISON --

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