Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 5, 1891 · Page 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 8

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1891
Page 8
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i, n -v ; v "'A ?-., v. .'Vc-...----.. ." v OAKTiATn) DAILY EVENING TBIBTXNE ' TUESDAX, MAY, 5, 1891. WEST BERKLEY WINS It Has a Clear Majority in a " Nnminatintf flnnvflntinn. L J. BILDWIH'S TRIP TO PIEDSOST. The Fountain for Twenty-third Avenue. - A Wet Oakland Dor Csosht in s Itt Trap. KKRKEI.EY. The Knights-of Pythias will hold a meet-iuR this evening and initiate a candidate. J. F. Reynolds has returned to Montague aiter visiting his family m this town for a few days. Rod Cameron has been appointed mail carrier for Berkeley station by the railroad company. William Mcintosh has returned to town after spending a tew months in Southern California. George Tallman of Sacramento, formerly an old resident of this place, visited Berkeley last Sunday. She flower festival to be held in a few s will beeivea by the Methodist Church and not the Episcopal Church. Mrs. joi-epb Chappie and Misses A. Allen and Nellie Thompson ot Sacramento are visiting in town tnis week. The funeral of Mrs. John Ray took place this afternoon. Lookout Mountain Relief Corps, of which she was a member, was present. Judge L. H. Long expects to be able to get out ol doors by elertion day. His leg is all nght, but the physicians are afraid that he will overwork it and strain it again if he goes out too soon. The field glasses that were taken from the burglar, Nicholson, on his being arrested and taken to the County Jail, belong to the mi'itary department at the University of California and have been returned. Three boys were caught a few days ago shooting in the Alameda county reservoir in North Berkeley. They broke a few pickets off lrom the high fence which surrounds the reservoir and committed several depredations. Warrants for their arrest bare been issued and will be served on them. This offense is one for which the water company will prosecute the offenders to the full extent of the law. The Town Trustees met last evening and held a short meeting. The regular routine business was gone through and then the roat'er of the annexation election was brought up. A resoiunon was adopted fixing tbe date of the Newburv annexation on June 6th. The bid of the Oakland Paving Company for finishing work on Fulton street was laid over until the next meeting. Tbe salary of the Town Marshal was increased from $100 to $150 per month, 'lhe protest agaiDSt the acceptance of Duraut avenue was read and tbe time for hearing was set on May 18th. The board then adjourned and hurried to the East end of town to attend the Non-Partisan Taxpayers' Convention. The Non- Partisan Taxpayers held a convention in Odd Fellows' Hall last eveniog. Tbe convention was called to order by I. A. Boyntou, chairman of the Executive Committee, and nearly 100 delegates answered to their namts-. Out of the sixty delegates from West Berkeley fifty-eight were present, giving the West End a majority in the convention. Of the remaining (two) one was sick in bed and the other was not in town. J. W. Savage was chosen temporary chairman and W. M. Hey wood temporary secretary. The proper committees were appointed and the platform was finally submitted to tbe convention. It declared in iavor of numerous public improvements, enforcement of the law prohibiting sale of liquor within one mile of the University, starting the electric light plant, etc., and was adopted. It was then voted that tbe temporary Cllloers be the permanent officers of the convention and that the secretary act as treasurer also, The following Executive Committee was then selected: J. G. Leibert, II. M. Waterbury, J. J. Dunn, J. F. Teagtie, T. Henderkio, Robert Stewart, C. Johnson. Tne nominations were soon made. West Berkeley had tne majority and captured everything. The following were the nominees : For Trustees W. K. Weir, East Berkeley; Richard Lloyd. West Berkeley; E. F. Nei-hause. West Berke'ey. School Directors C. Englebrizur. West Berkeley; John bquire;:. West Berkeley; A. L. bit. East llerieiev. Marshal, George Schmidt, West Berkeley, clerk, C. H. ispeare. West Berkeley; assessor, E. J. Ktewart, East Berkeley; treasurer, T. Ilause, East Berkeley; constables, W. McVey, West Berkeley, and A. F. Fonzo, East Berkeley. WKSr I.KKKELEY. W. C. Wright was taken to Nap county yesterday morning in hopes that a change of climate would prolong his life for a few weeks or months longer. He was taken to the train bv his two mends Philip Monroe and John F. Teague. and waa hardly able to walk without assistance. The delegates from this end of town to the Non-Parti-ian Taxpayers' convention came home lust niiht about midnight in high spirits. The principal fight had been for RiJhard Lloyd for Trustee, and he received the nomination by acclamation. Now every possible eflort will be made to elect biin. It is said by mam- that be will pet within forty votes of all cast in this end of town. GOLDEN J AT E. E. B. Clavson will soon leave for Orecon. John Lauderway is making improvements in hi3 store in a number of the Beaudrv bice Is. Mrs. E. C. Burns has returned trom Los Angeles, where she has beu visiting for a number of weeks. The Epworth Leasue has reorganize! into the Golden Gate Literary Society and .now has no connection with the church whatever. The Knishts of Pythias of this place will confer ranks on two candidates tomorrow evening. A delegation from the lodge at Berkeley wnl visit here for the purpose of discussing the advisability of a joint picnic to be held some time next montn. 1K1I KSTAL. Miss Minnie Carlton is soon to leave for a visit to Los Angeles county. Henry Behrman of Forty-sixth street is Buttering very much from granulation of the eyelid. Supervisor Pelouze ordered the streets sprinkled from Beikeley to the Oakland line on Saturday. Benjamin Solomon, Samuel Saar and Joe Kilborn worked very hard at decorating for tbe Temescal School. James McCourt-iiey painted a line bear flatt for T. D. Sullivan, which floated in honor of the President Saturday. Bruin looks sick now. Harry L. Coleman, superintendent of tbe Electric Railroad, says there is nothing wrong with the wheels of the cars. They are a little rough from being new. The 87 -tern throughout works perfectly. Temescal peop!e are daily getting free rides on them to Lorin, Berkeley and down to Thirty-ninth street. PIKDMOBiT. Men are still at work ou the bathhouse. The building is completed, but many little tfdd jobs are yet left to be finished. Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Barnes, who left a short while aeo for New Znalani. returned yesterday morning, as Mr. 3arnes bad some business here which hastily called bim back. E. J. Baldwin, the capitalist who has backed F. D. Black, the proprietor of the . Piedmont Hotel, paid bim a viit Sunday. Mr. Baldwin particularly admired the scenery from the hotel and thought tbe xide on the cable cars was sufficient recompense alnne to pay for tbe trouble of coming to Piedmont. WORTH OAKLAND. The Emerald Baseball Club defeated a Ban Francisco club last Sunday by a large core. Dr. Youag is having a portion of bis residence torn down in otder to build a Ure addition. W. Davis, who was rerently injured by a tram at Seventh and Washington streets, is able to be oat. William McDonald of the Union lea Company is haTine a handsome dwelling built on Thirty-first street, near Grore. E. 6. Culver, secretary of the Blood Horse Association, has taken a trip to Sacramento to yisit the HiRgius stock farm. WEST OAKLAND. Mr. and Mrs. G. H Cypress streets will Paso. Colby of Tenth and shortly leave for El Louis,Heine of 1080 Seventh street has applied for a liquor license. His indorsers are: Leander Fisk. John McLeod. A. A. De Mars, J. G. Poorman and another. American Council, No. 8. Young Men's Institute, gave its second quarterly ball at Fraternity Hall last evening, a full account of which will appear on the society page of Saturday's edition of this paper. Cement sidewalks are being laid on the following streets: Pine street from Eighth to Taylor; Sixteenth street from Peralta to Campbell; Chase street from Wood to Pine; Eighth street from Wood to Pine; Eighth street from Chester to Center, and on Kirkhsm street from Eighth to Twelfth. West Oakland has of late been extremely quiet, no disturbances or excitement of any kind having happened. The arrests in this part of town are fewer than in any other part. The patrolmen from Center street to the bay are agreeably surprised at the state of affairs, for not tor years have they had so little to do here. W. Dean, Sr., engineer on engine 32 of the local trains, met with an injury yesterday at his home on Eighth street near Magnolia street. A rat trap had been aet in the cellar in hones of catching some of the pests which infest Mr. Dean's cellar. During ihe afternoon Mr. Dean heard a peculiar noise coming from the vicinity of the trap, and so he proceeded to investigate. In tbe cellar a queer sight met his eyes, mere in tbe cage constructed tor rats was a utile dog. Mr. Dean appreciated the animal's situation at once, so he opened the trap to let tbe canine out. The result was that now the dog rescuer suffers with a badly lacerated hand on whioh are plainly visible marks of a dog's teeth. AST OAKLAND. J. L. Cook has bought the real estate office of E. C. Gilbert. Charles G. Mann of Tenth street will shortly leave on a visit to Coronado Beach. He will be gone a few weeks. The Orion Lodge, No. 32, left today for San Leaudro on a fraternal visit and to confer the second and third degrees. E. K. Watterman, the East Oakland real estate dealer, will abortly leave for bis ranch in Los Angeles, where be will remain for a short time. The old railroad building In East Oakland, probably the oldest structure in the vicinity, was torn down yesterday. Of late it has been used as railroad shops. The Rebecka Degree Lodge of Fast Oakland gave a pleasant entertainment at Odd Fellows' Hall last evening. Along and interesting programme was presented. Mrs. E. Crouch, Miss Crouch and Mrs. L. Tainter of Monomonee, Wis., left yesterday for Chico, where they will visit friends and relatives, returning next Monday. A. Virginia tea will be given at the Centennial Presbyterian Church on Thursday evening. A hue programme has been ar ranged, all who take part will be in Continental garb. Refreshments will be served during the evening. The Young Ladies' Home Missionary Society of the Brooklyn Presbyterian Cnurch gave a tea party on last Thursday evening for the benefit of the Prospect Hill Mission. The evening was spent in a delightful wav with social conversation, while at a later hour refreshments were served. During the evening the following programme was carried out: Piano and violin duet, "Lucia di Lammermoor," by the Misses Blankart; recitation, "Exhibition D;iv," by Miss Sylvia Chapman; vocal solo, "My True Love Hath My Heart," Mrs. A. A. Dewing ; vocal solo, "Star of My Heart." Miss Emily Lawrence; vocal solo, "Daddy," Mrs. Dewing. Next Tuesday evening the Twenty-third Avenue Women's Christian Temperance Union will present its new fountain to the city. At a meeting held yesterday in tbe Centennial Presbyterian Church the order of exercises was decided upon. A band will ne in attendarce to make thinks lively, and speeches will be made. Under the masonry of the fountain will be placed an iron box, in which will be a copy of each of tbe Oakland and San Francisco daily palters, the Union Signal and the Pacific Ensign. The following committee will have charge of the decorations: Mrs. Moody, Mrs. Cutter, Mrs. Dow, Mrs. Woobridge, Mrs. Draper, Mrs. Glenn, Mrs. Baker. Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Rohtrt. The cost of the fountain is about SitlO. It will be erected on the corner of Fourteenth street and Twenty-third avenue. A SUCCESSFUL. SALE. Tbe McCInre Academy Tract Brings Good Prices. W. J. Dingee's auction sale of the property formerly occupied by the McClure Academy was very successful yesterday. Out of twenty-one lots nineteen were sold. Tbe purchasers and prices were: Lot 1, H. Harfst. $2750; lot 2. "W. E. Barnard, $1000: lot 3. J. Tisch, $1475; lot 4, P. Reader, ?l,r00; lot "i.T. Stanton. $1500; lot 6.T. Stanton, $1500; lot 7, J. risen, $8'J0; lot 8, E. W. Merchant. $fX; lot 9. N. Sonne, $950; lot 14. D. Libbv, $2875; lot 20, A. K. Gunn. $3i00; lot 21, A. F. Gunn, $4550; total, $24,-Ob0. LICENSED TO MARRY. Same. kesidesck. agi. jlanuel E. Vargas, Pleaianton ?& May Uaulina, Pieasautoa 21 Manuel F. P. de Oliveira. Centerville 2 Maria de Faria, Centerville 18 i LouijE. O'Connor. Oakland. 24 i Katharine M. Kousn, Oakland 18 ! Moses I. Squire. Redding 30 Ptuebe A. Frisbie, bcasta 2d Antonio S. IVAlreyo. Mission San Jose, tiara C. Andrade, Mission sian Jc6e ... Millard F. Schaffer, Santa Crnz Clara Vinzent, Sauta Cruz Willsrd L. Prussia. San Jos Minnie Comptou, Los Angeles John B. Hobion. Auburn JuiiaS. Keetl. Sau teandro . ........ .. 23 ...26 .34 ...26 .25 ...22 ...46 . . .30 George L. G. Morris. Oakland 61 Elizabeth Quee, Oakland 45 Joseph Venmann, Oakland 26 Caroline Partensky, Oakland 18 Richard McKinstry. Oakland 33 Katie Eastman, San Francisco 34 Francisco R. Vielra, Oakland 22 Louise L. Silveira, Oakland 22 Cbarles K. Beecher, Stockton 21 Nellie V. Bougner, Oakland 19 T oo CleTer to Work. Mike Foley and Joseph Reardon. the two men from San Francisco who were arrested as pickpockets by Detective Holland, on tbe day of the Presidential race through Oakland, have been charged with vagrancy. Foley pleaded guilty this morning and will be sentenced tomorrow. Reardon pleaded not guilty, and the ease went over to tomorrow. "The Kxamlner" Baildlng. L. C. Strauss, the business manager of the Oakland bureau of the Sao Francisco Examiner, has securrd the lease of the Friedman building now in coarse of erection on Broadway, next to the Union Bank. The building will be known as the Examiner building, and the Oakland bureau of that paper will occupy it when completed. No Money for the Constables. The Oakland Township Justice's Court is almost deserted, and the constables complain that they are not making their salt. Few new cases are commenced, and everybody in the township seems to be behaving himself. It Keeps Callers Oataide. Auditor Snow, la order to avoid being worried to death, this morning posted the following notice on his office door: The Council has taken no action legalising outstand ac demands on the general fund. May 5, 1891. Napa &oda Pore and healthful. MANY THANKS. - . . The Ladles of the Free Clinic ca the Concert sad Dr. Wool key's Klsxtnesa. The Board of Managers of the Oakland Free Clinic Association met yesterday afternoon. Partial reports were received from the committees having the recent concert in charge and the following resolutions were adopted : Reiolvcd, That the thanks of tbe Oakland Free Clinic Association be hereby extended to Sigmund Beel for bis assistance la arranging the details of the concert. Rttolvtd, That the thanks of the Clinic Association be also offered to the following artists, who so generously contributed musical numbers, thereby making the concert a success: Messrs. Sigmund Beel, John Metcalf. Donald de V. Graham, Mrs. Carmlcbae Carr,' Hiss Bessie Wall, Mrs. Olive Batchelder and the German Quarte. Club. Be it also Resolved, That the sincere thanks of the association aie also due Mr. Mothersolel for his generous donation of his theater, and they are also offered the attaches of the theater for valuable service rendered. -Retolved, That the Free Clinic Association appreciates to the fullest extent the kindly assistance of the newspapers of Oakland and San Francisco. Jtetolved, That the Free Clinic Association ap-preciaies the fsTor Riven them by the Oakland Gas Light Company. And Resolved further. That the very sincere thanks of the ladies of tbe Free Clinic Association are due Dr. E. H. Woolsey for his generosity in providing a location for the Clinic and in furnishing the necessary medical service, thereby making it possible for the ladies of the Clinic Association to organize a successful charity. GTJSTAV DBES8L.ER'S DEATH. It Was Not CsttMd by Poison, bat by m Runted Hlood Teasel. Gustav Dressier, s shoe dealer, whose place of business is at 615 East Twelfth atreet, waa found in an unconscious condition in the little room back of his shop yesterday morning. He died at about midnight last night It was at first thought that he had committed auicide, but it is believed that he died from the bursting of a small blood vessel in tbe brain, caused by an incurable disease, from which he was Buffering. An inquest will be held tonight Dr. Steele's Lust Lecture. Dr. C. H. Steele; wfll deliver this evening at the First Presbyterian Church the last lecture of his series of illustrated lectures. The subject will be "Mountains and Lakes oi Switzerland." Tbe proceeds are lor the benefit of the West Oakland Free Kindergarten. CNION PACIFIC RAILWAY. Only route to the East running a through daily Pallman sleeping car line via Ogden to Chicago. Through Pullman tourist service daily to Denver. Omaha and Kansas City. Through Pullman tourist service to Chicago and St. Paul, Tuesdays; Boston, Saturdays. All second-class passengers carried on the FAST MAIL, and TWENTY-TWO HOURS quicker time made to Chicago than any Una via Ogden and Missouri River. For tickets or information, call or address, GEO. B. SEAMAN. Passenger Agt., Twelfth and Broadway. The President Stopped. At 15th and Broadway tbe Presidential party halted and crowned the American Lyon Furniture King. Artistic Dressmaking. Miss Fulton, Playter Block, 1210 San Pablo avenue, 1209 Broadway, room 32. Depot for pure California wine, Theo. Gier's, 915 Washington street Douglas's Banjo, first premium Mechanics Fair, Wise's 1003 Broadway. at King- Solomon If alive todav, would be surprised to see the new furniture and carpets at H. Scuell-bass', 408 11th street. Oakland Dispensary, Located at 772 Seventh st, medical A surgical service free to 3 4 p. m. Round Hats Real Tart. M. Rev Wilson's fine Millinery, 1255 San Pablo Ave. 500 Fifteenth St. Pure Wine Vinegar, 25 cents per gallon, at Watso:; & Co.'s, 1006 and 1008 Washington street. Tbe President Stopped. At 15th and Broadway tne Presidential party halted and crowned the American Lyoh Furniture Kine. Ice Cream. Order your ice cream by telephone 497 of Lehnhardt, Fourteenth street, next to the Postothce. Ice cream and water ices in bricks or freezers served to all parts of the city. KXCUBSIOSS east Every Tuesday. Pullman Tourist S'eeping Cars to Chicago without change. Shortest route; quickest time; select company; lowest rates. For descriptive circular, berths and tickets apply toE. A. Holbroak, General Traffic Agent. Chicago and Northwestern Railway ,2 New Montgomery Street, under Palace Hotel, San Francisco. Who at a loss to know what to have for a dessert at dinner, order a quart or more of Lehnbardt'6 delicious ice cream, delivered without extra charge to all parts of the city. Lehnhardt's tine confectionery, 471 Fourteenth street, next door to Postoliice We are headquarters for ladies' merino and lisle thread Underwear. Palace Cloak Co., 1009 Washington street. Odd Itednteads At H. Schellhaas, 40x11th street Clark Wise & Bro., sell more pianos than anv house in Oakland. Drink Napa Soda before breakfast loth the method and iwahs nh 8ymp of Figs is taken; it ia pleasant did refreshing to the taste, and acta fantly yet promptly on the Kidneys, liver and Bowels, clean sec the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cores habitual constipation. Byropof Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and ae oeptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and trmly Beneficial In its effects, its many excellent qualities commend it to all. It is for sale in iOcand $1 bottles by all leading druggists Manufactured only by the CALIFORNIA FIB SYRUP CO, MAM fUAMQllO. CAU uvmvuu. n. mm rone 4r. , FIOSBEB FfiENCE fiilERT M. 4 J. LONGE, Proprietors. N. . cor. Tentb and Webster St Oakland. CaX. FIRST QUALITY FRENCH BREAD delivered In all parts of Oakland, Berkeley aad Alameda, -Trench Rolls made to order. $TJkCOB5 Oil; Rheumatism. Neuralgia. N. Ogden, Mich.. May 17, 1890. "A hair bottle of your Invaluable medicine, St. Jacobs Oil. cured me of rheumatism and rheumatic swelling of the knee. It is the best in the universe." 3. M. L. POKTEK. Eagerstown, Md April 0, 189a I, and o thers of my family, hare used St Jacobs Oil for neuralgia and found it a speedy, effective cure." Mrs. Agsies Kellet. IT HAS NO EQUAL. HONEST PAINT ! If yon are going to paint and want to know that you get a strictly Pare Paint, either buy or specify Bus. well's Jlixed Paint Any color or shade, made to order for either inside or outside painting. Tbe Painter baa only to apply tbe paint Ofllce, Salesroom and Factory. 60LE MANUFACTURERS E. G. BUSWELL & CO., Cor. Broadway and 4th Sts., Opposite the Hall of Records, Oakland. FIVE POPULAR LECTURES By Dr. C. H Steele, Illustrated with Stereoptlcon views, will be given for the benefit of the West Oakland Free Kindergarten, at tbe ' ' FIKST HKKS1SYTERIAN CHURCH. Corner Fourteenth and Franklin Streets, Commencing each evening at 8 p. m. SUBJECTS. " DATES. London, the Worlds' Metropolis, Tuesday, April 31. Picturesque Ireland, Tuesday, April 28. Paris, the Beauliful, Friday, May 1. Mountains and Lakes of Switzerland, Tuesday, Slay 5. Single admission, 25 cent. Season Tickets $1. Tickets cau be procured at the principal Drug Stores, and of the Board ot Managers. MILK, CREAM, BUTTER, AT THE OAKLAND CREAM DEPOT 1367 Broadway. Oakland. J. It. MOTT & CO., PROP'S. Pure Jersey Milk and Cream; Fresh Butter and Buttermilk daily; Sweet Skim Milk, 10c per Gallon. Also proprietors Sau Pablo Avenue. Santa Clara Creamery, 1403 WILLIAM SAGEHORN, -OKALIB LN FLOUR, HAY, And GRAIN. a-A tent for "CROWN rLOCB. Slartlx Street, aetweas Broadwsr and Washlneton. Teleobone No. 231, BUT TOUR DOORS, WINDOWS, BLIXDS, WEIGHTS and CORDS of The California Door Company, 460 SECOND STREET, OAKLAND. AlsoSCGAR PINE IXMKER for sale at factory, feixteenth and Wood fctreets. REMOVAL. OR. MARY H. KENNEY HAS REMOVED "HER OFTirE AN'D REV deuce to 1003 Clay street, corner of Tenth, where she has added massage, electricty aad all kinds of baths for the treaisneui ot all nery-ous and chronic diseases FRANK For m Good Hot Lunch and Nice, Cool Glass of National Lager A Kast Oakland steam Jieer. AND RIIiliY'S839 BROADWAY, LI1JJJJ 1 U BET.ClKA 7TK3T1. NEW 6LENW00D, NEW 0AKW00D DALiZIKL & MOULER, "BEST ON EARTH." Piper Heidsieck Tobacco CHAMPAGNE FLAVOR. AH Betailers Keep It. 0. W. IIORDWELL, Draper and Tailor, 216 BUSH STREET. San Frahcisco. - - Cx j. P. & B. BUILDING PAPERI The Cheapest and Best Building Paper in the Market. Gaiveraal Grade. S2.75 per 1,000 Square feet. P1E1FFIHE PiHT CO., t2& For sale by all Oakland hardware dealers. I ADTKBTIBKHXaTS. WILLIAM J. DINGEE, Real Estate Agent & Auctioneer, Nos. 400 and 462 8th St., Oakland. IN CONJUNCTION WITH GRAND Peremptory Auction Sale! Of the Choicest Property In 1 The Sanitarium of Northern California, and Choicest Family Res idenco Location in the State By Order of HON,, WILLIAM M. STEWART, SATURDAY, SATURDAY MAY 9, 1891 At 2 o'clock r. m., on the premises, fronting VersaiHes6San Jose aves., Washington & Pearl sts.. And but "4 Block from Versailles are. Station, S. P. C. (Xarroir-gang-eJR.R. 44 - - 44 MAGNIFICENT E LOTS! LARGE SIZES, 50x272 50xl40i 50x122 50x150 ANNOUNCEMENT: Under instructions from Hon. Wrn. M. Stew-art. we are authorized to offer at PL'KLIC AUCTION SALK 44 Selected Residence Lots, beinsr the choicest of ALAMEDA PROPERTY, ami fronting Versailles and San Jose aves.. Wash-ingtou and Pearl sts., and only one-half block from the Versailles-aye. station, on the S. P. C. (Narrow-guage) Railroad, littiuir Extra Litre Subdivisions, streets In -plrndld C'oudl t !u. Ktectric-llKht Illuminations. Krlucat lonal Facilities tne Best in the State. Do not, under any eir'iimstatanccs. faillo examine this choice resilience property in this elegant eit of Alameda, au.l invest in a big paying venture ar;'i the best plai'e lor a home in the state of California Free transportation between a'.l points fn the city, children going to and from school free ot expense. LOOK AT THESE UNPRECEDENTED TEW. Only on"-fifth rash; balance in 1, 2 and 3 years, with interest at a per rent per annum, interest payable monthly, which, inclu les the mortgage tax. THE CITY OF ALAMEDA Is four miles in length and one mile in breadth, and is traversed by two team railroads a quarter of a mile apart. SEWERAGE. Central avenue extends iho length of the CTty and lollows the elevation, from which water flows nortn and soutn. Versailles and i-an Jose avtnuts. Washington and 1'earl streets sewered, loriy miles f Bewers are in the streets and avenues of the city. The system is the best evvr devised. o eiiy in the hrate is hs well located for drainage, and none so well provided with sewers. LIGHT. Tha town is lighted by eighty-five electric lights. WATER. The city is supplied with pure water, pumped continuously from artesian wells directly into the water mains. STREETS. Are broad, ranging from t'.O to l "0feet. During the year about thirty miles of streets have been maeadumii'ed and much more is now under contract. Many mile of artificial stone sidewalks have been laid and improvements arv still being mado at an undiminished rate. THE PROPERTY. Tbe property to tc sole! is the very choicest of the unsold portion of 'his deiiiibtfui city, is situated on high ground in the most desirahle locality in Alaoe la, and is surrouuded by fine improvements. The property offered is but a short distance from two steam railroads, ana witniu one-half to seven blocks oi a station. RAILROADS, ETC. A street-car line from Oakland passes along Santa Clara avenue, which is to be cumi;;ed into anelect.ie road, c.omrter hourly (making VAl) steam trains to and from .an Francisco run from 5:3J a. M. to midnight. Time oi transit thirty-five minutes. Monthly tickets, allowing one round trii to Sen Francisco and return, or at the rate ot :"i cents per iare. No fare is charged for joints within the city. There is no other city in California where there are like facilities for travel, better climate, better water or equally good sewerage or sanitary conditions. The growth of shruhbery. flowers and beautiful lawns, the macadamized streets and ston? sidewalks are already giving the city tre appearance of a well-cared-for paik, and are making it the most desirable place for homes in the State. The property offered for s:e is thoroughly improved by macadamized streets, and everythin? is ready for building. To reach the.e choice lots ta e South Pacific Coast (narrow gauire) Railroad at foot of Market stre.-t for Alameda, get otF at Versailles avenue station, next station to I'ark station. For further particulars, catalogues, etc, inquire of WILLIAM J. DINGEE, Real Fstat Agent and Auctioneer, 400 and 462 Klghth St., Oakland. Or EASTON. ELDRinOK & CO.. Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers, 638 Market street, opposite Palace Hotel, ban Francisco. GRATEFUL COMFORTING EPPS'S COCOA. BREAKFAST. "By a thorough knowledge or the natural laws which govern the operations of dtgentlsn aad nutrition, aad by a careful application of the nos properties of wil selected cocoa, Mr. Epps bas provided onr breakfast tables witn a daiicauily flavored beverage which may uva ns maoy heavy doctors' bills. It is by tbe ludicloas use of suca artici of diet that a consmattoa may be gradually built op until strong enough to resict every tendency to disease. Hundreds ot subtle maladies are floating around ns ready to attack wherever there Is a weak point. We may escape many a fatal rhsft by keeping onnie res weil fortified with pure blood and a pronerly nourished frame." -civil Service Qazette." Made simply with boiling water or milk Bold only in hair pound Mas. by Grocer, labeled thus: 1AMES EPPS CO, Homotopathic Chemists London, England. ORDER SKIM MILK At 10 cents a gallon at the Jersey Milk, Cream and Butter Co., 1253 Broadway. ALL KINDS Of DAIRY PRODUCE c RES DENC A D TKRT1 8 THE LEADING Fancy Goods House In Oakland PRICES ALWAYS THE LOWEST. New and Beautiful Goods in Every Department A visit to our Establishment will convince you that we have the Largest and Handsomest assortment of the following lines at the Lowest Prices in Oakland. GRAND DISPLAY OF Silks, Ribbons, Plushes, Laces, Embroideries In B'aok and Writs, Ruchings, Dress Trimmings SPECfAL Gloves, Lin an Goods, Hoisery, Neckwear, Underwear, Corsets, Etc., A MAGNIFICENT DISPLAY OF NOVELTIES. ABRAHAMSON BROS. Corner Thirteenth and Broadway, CHARLOTTE RUSSE A Good-Sized,Decorated Charlotte Russe Cake sent to any address for TELEPHONE 541. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT THE o TROY LAUNDRY EAST OAKLAND, Has been Purchased and Removed to 1064-1068 FOURTEENTH Ave.. Near Brooklyn Statioi AND WILL BE RUN AS A FIRST-CLASS STEAM LAUNDRY. By Strict Attention to Business, Careful Work and Moderate Charges the Undersigned hope to Merit Patronage. Custom Sol iciteti. Driver will Call LUND & HUNT, Proprietors. . -SAMUELS, 123 to 129 Post St., San Francisco, IMPORTER OF DRY GOODS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. Lsdisa' Misses' and Infants' Wardrobes. iBrldal OstfiU complet Iniaata Outfits com plete. Monrning outfits complete. Also have every article that is kept in s first class store, at THK LOWS ST r KICKS aad THJE MOST RELIABLE GOODS. ID. SA.MTJEXj8. " 553ik' Corner Broadway and 15th Street, OnW one block from the Narrow Gauee Depot. A First-class Hotel and Family Home, with Improved Elevator, and Families and Tourists. On Draught Everywhere. YAIMP nUIIUP IllkJP Has Removei bi9 Japanese Bazar from 1206 Broad YllPsU UHUNU LUtlU way. (next to Wonder Millinery Store) to 1163 WASHINGTON STREET. In Our N w Quarters We will be Better Able to Show all Our Choice Goods H. L. ADAMS, Attorney at Law, Notary Public, Insurance, CoLections. Representing Fltty Great Comercial Agencies, with an Attorney in Every City iu the World. Eeference: any Bank or Business House in the City of Oakland. Office. NO. 957 Broadway. COLLECTIONS A SPECIALTY Mo Chirgre Unless Successful. Eichwede, Muhr & Co siiuu ia Fancy anil Staple Groceries, FAMILY WINES, And Liquors. N.W. Cor. Seyenth and Adeline Btreeta OAKXAMX Telephone 269. Feu Bella. X HIHTR, VALUES IN Oakland F. & PAGH Proprietor Unsurpassed Table. Special inducements to P po m o Call for it. POPULAR OPES MB CONCERT -AT- BLAIR PARK! ON LINK OF PIEDMONT CABLE ROAD MUSIC: SATURDAY, Louis H.&etzaus1 Famou Orchestra of Soloists. SUNDAY, Fifth Infantry Segt Band finest Scenic Cable Ridi oa tta Coast Transfers Give to and frena Foerteentl Street Can. DROP BUSINESS That Does Not Pay And try raising chickens with the Picific Ineuhator and Brooder. The best In tha chs, nies Institute and Sacramento Bute Fair. Depot for Thoroughbred Poultry, and Poultry Appliances. GalTaoixed Wire Netting; Bone Mills, Etc. Pacific Cout Sendee stamps for post are on our new 62-page colored catalogue, coutalnioz 80 colored cute ot thoroughbred fowls to TUT? T 1 ftinn TYTAytti imATi nr 134S Castro St, Cor. 17th. . Oaklsns, Calient i7 pec SEE

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