Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 19, 1895 · Page 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 8

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1895
Page 8
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J .. " ft OAKIiAITD DAILY EVENING gciBimC. TUESDAY. MARCH 19; i Haussler Makes a Bad Break; access ha bad achieved in aalecttng that ward "assisted." J- - Tbe anbstaneef his atory waa detailed to Mies Waiters and u denied ao far aa it relataa to a claim he made aha bad insulted biih. 6ba said tbat alt . the eritieUm in which she indulged was to tba cfiact that Haussler bad ao right to destroy bar pie-; tures. Ehe said tbat that act showed mat-ice baeaosa Haussler destroyed her prop erty within three minutes alter she left bis gallery. SBATSSEGURB. ; MtIcians"E:CieB the Board ol EdccaioD. 4 MUCH AT STAKE. Mrs. Dulcicb Subra ts Her Pisa to the Court. He.--Is . Under Arrest or. Battery. Changes That Are to Next Month. ccur The present Board of Education will mVrrf.rt V. rnIract to Lnitri Dut- "P out of office on April 1st. Only three A Lifij Forcibly Thrown From Bis Gallery, biisEecites (ts Facts Luting Up to His Atrack. Mrs. Sate Grogan-Dulcich told J edge E1U worth , this morning that ber aged mother is wandering in her mind and not a fit person to appear in court as a witness. That is one reason whv the lady could not produce desired evidence on the point that he was m&rried br contract to Luicri Dul- cich manT rears aso. Tne woman claims of to have merried Dulcich supposing that her husband, Terrance Crogau, wap dead. Years after it was learneu mat urogan was iiTing aad that the woman was never legallv separated from him. However, she wants' to bold Dalcich to'bis early contract and demands a divorce and oiie-baif of bis estate valued at $25,000. Today trie plsinun announced that ane rested ber case on the evidence before toe court. Attornev Gedrge W. Jieea. who reprey sents the defendant with A. A. Moore, at once made a motion for a nou-sniL 'There is not a particle ot evidence In this case. said M . Keen, --roeuonnuaia a single charge made in the complaint. We beheve tbat tbe action snouia be aismissea and oar client told to go home." The arguments on the motion are being heard in court. Employes ire In 8) Diafst ot Losing Ttelf PcsWoas; Always in touch he good keeper and Dr. Price's Cream Powder. house-Bait iag STOLE HIS CLOTHES. an interesting case will be tried in the .Ponce Court next Wednesday, when F. O. Haussler, tne Broadway photographer, will answer to the charge of battery. This in a very ordinary complaint within the domain of the Judge, but in this instance the victim is not a big. bnriy mortal of the aleruer sex, but a fraghe aud pretty youn;; lady ol artistic taste and refinement, named M m Liura YV sitters, whose home is in bruit Vale. Mies Watters ii an artist and has been in iheemoloy ot Hausi.er for nine or ten month - Mm baa tbe enthusiasm and de, vot on,. as well as tne gift of a true artist, and is well versed in the business. Although not tar advanced in ber teens the has done some reuiarkablv fine work in the photographic stu no, and a great deal tbat has goue out with Haussier'a usme attached to it has been the result of ber labor and skill, bbe is especially an adept in tbe matter of retouching though, of course, this fact, through the peculiar manner in which gallery business in bandied, cannot be brought to tne attention of the patron, so that credit may be bestowed where it is rifbly merited. Miss Wattere was called on by a iKim sE reporter this morning. At first sue refused to speak regaruing tne assault she bad sustained at the bauds of Haussler, but finally consented und told ber story, greatly regretf ug the emergency which dragged ber name before tbe public. Mtss watteb'f stohy. "I have been working m Mr. Hauisler's place for nine or ten months 1 guess," she aaid, "not for the remuneration which the situation affords, but because ot the love I "have for the businjs. 1 nave been doing retouching, and so t.tr as 1 know 1 have always given satisfaction. 1 have worked bard for Mr. Haussler, I,.! he has not seemed to appreciate it. tie has been curt and gruff and discourteous to me at all times and he has treated many of bis patrons in the same manner. I Lave known him to get angry riRht in - tbe presence of his customers. 1 nave Known People to Cume there and direct h 8 aiten H. Bartwell's Rotm Plundered a Tiuef. by dlenry Beck, a boy living in West Oakland, was charged today at the City Prison with burglary. Yesterday afternoon the room of H. Bartwell in the lodging house at 070 Broadway was entered, and the thief made off with a suit of clothes,, a dressing case, three scarf pins, a pair oi sleeve buttons, and some other small article. The police last night arrested several young men. Among them was Beck.' Be wore a coat and vest which Bartwell positively identified as among theproperty stolen from the room. Tbe boy'emotber the members will retain their seats in the new board. These are Charles G. Heed, J. W. Evans and . B. Clement. Tba retiring members are C. H. Keding-ton, J. G. Chestnut, J. U. Todd. J. C. Kud, A M. Rosborougb, F. li. Girard, T. F. Mock and J. O. Whitehead. The board does not meddle ninth in politics. In fact it is one of tbe departments of the city which comes and goes alonz the even tenor of ita way and is dis turbed little if eny by tbe sharp fights; which cnaracterize the local campaigns. ; Patronage is scarce in tbe school department, for it has long been an established custom in the board to let employes alone bo long as they exhibit competency and ft od behavior in their respective positions. There is no wild scramble therefore tor sinecures in tbe way of janitorships and tbe like. There are many janitors in tha employ of the school department who have grown gray in the service. Thev fear not tbe outgoing of tbe old and incoming of the new boards each two years, for -there bas seldom been a failure to adhere to the unwritten law at least that faithful service is all that ia required to bold a position. The politicians, therefore, leave tbe school department very much to itself. Ihey know it is about nss.e-ts to alterant to displace the servants of the city who handle tbe business of the pub ic schools. Snperintendent McC ymondi and bis cleric ii. J. C. Adnev.are very secure in their positions, for they were appointed for a term of four years and the term Is only hall expired. ITS TRACES LINGER LCMGL Wkr tba Grip Is So Meefc Mr Veare TkM Usar Oia.r Smsm That KSret Vm. If tbe grip would ran its eonrse Uke another Idlseade, and then go away, laaviag no trace be- 1 UaJ. ft woull suit bs daneerona anouca to I jurtifr all the precaution against It. But tbe evil mat grip aoe iitsi alter u. reopi wno cLi't tiet their looo. end eomp'.ain ot cold baads and feet; or erf haltered a or rex. or are lormeatel by a preaisteat cough aay. "Ibave never been well Bioce I had tbe grip." The reaaonis kimoie enough, lhere fcas beea an immense drain of vital iorce during the battle with the disease, and this toes has never been made gOvML Thus the weakened tody. like a town without tort locations, is open to the eaeay. A second stuck of grip is, lor this reason, more serious than the first How shall ta a harmful conieqaeacvof the fint battle be semedied. and now shaii a second siege be prevented? Here ia an answer: 'My lanes have been weak for four months after a severe attack oi the rrtp," says Mrs. Uagae. of Bridgepert, Pa. wlhre weeks eeo I be an using Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey, and c an highly recommend it. 1 wish i bad tried it sooner." tr the benefit ot reop!e who like to know tto why and wherefore, itahouid be said that Duffy'. Pure Malt Wniskey is a medicinal stimulant, which stirs ail the functions of the body to such Jtirisk and healthy action that the grip can find no weak spot to selzj npon. Hard work, anxiety an I exposure drag down the most vigorous constitution. It is only a question of time, nness the strength be sni-ta.ned by a wtimuiant that goes to help the respiratory, digestive and excretory organs. Because Daffy's Pure Malt Whiskey doe. this, it ha rotoed the dreaded grip ot its terrors. Please remember, though, that a remedy used promptly is doublea in value. GETTING READY FOR EASTER? ,4;- DEESS GOODS SILK WAISTS BELTS Yon will probably want a new dress for that day; if ao, k) not fail tot look us over; we have the most complete line of SpHng and Summer Dress Goods in Oakland, without ex- ceptiop . la these prices we show fine value : $2,75, $3.50, $4.50, $5.50, $8 per Suit Are just the thing now, but come rather expensive jf pnx chased ready mane. 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Dspnty United States Marshal W'i.ham -Smith came in last cigut from Madison county with Nat Rao J, alius Texts Jack, who ia under indictment here for participating in the B act: Stouo train robbery iat October. KeJ was badly wounded in the fight that took i)l ace be:weeu the bandits and the express guard, but. madd hi j escape. He is till suHiring from his wound, but c'aims he ha,s rheumatism He has a brother living in Midiaon county, and Deputy fcniith. knowing tins fact, wts on tiiu lootout far hiui in tba; vicinity, and foju 1 him. ' Smith also arrested a man named Mi lard in the Creek nation, but who gives his name as spauld.ng. lie was with lteed. HOTELS. ' I yk 1 ItAIliKOAIIS. IIOTKli CilKI.L.IX Royal Baking Powder makes hot bread wholesome. Perfectly leavens without fermentation. Qual-ities that are peculiar to it alone. claimed, however, that she had purchased tbe clothing for ber son at a store. Bart well was so thoroughly convi need of tbe identity of the property that he swore to a complaint against the wearer of the clothe s. A MENU 'll iOilOltltOW. Wednesday, March 20th. tion to certain features of their photo graphs and 1 have seen him take those photographs out oi their bands and tear them up right in the lace ot those customers.! have also known him to tell women that they were not ladies. "Weil, 1 became tired of his manners. Tbey caused me a great deal of trouble, so 1 told my sister a wet ago 1 guess, tbat I wuld not work for air. Haussler any longer. She said I could do tust.as I liked. Last Thursday night therefore 1 informed Mr. Haussler that 1 would leave and that made him angry. 1 told him that I did not like tbe way I was treated, end during the conversation I took occa sion to tell him tbat 1 had worked hard for bim and tbat he did not seem to appreciate it, although I did not leave him because I wanted to have my salary raised. '-Well, he did not want to close matters then, so I went home and to tbe gallery next morning. 1 tola the manager, Mr Schneider, that I was going to leave. I gnest he told Mir tlaussler what 1 had told him and that made Mr. Uauseler still more angry. In the evening I re peated the story to Mr. Haussler himself and suggested that a settlement he made, He received me in a very gruff manner, and told me to call around in the mornine and set my money. I told bim that I thought 1 would not come Saturday morn ing, and be said if 1 did not uant to come for the money I could send for it. This was said in a harsh and angry man ner and he closed the talk by rudely tell ing me to get out ot tne gallery. "1 called at tbe place next mornine and was received in anything but a pleasant manner, finally 1 got whatever money was coming to me. 1 did not have much to say to him and left tbe place. In about three minutes I returned, became I bai forgotten a package in which 1 had seV' erai photographs, specimens of my work. When 1 got back 1 could not find the , package, and 1 asked Mr. Haussler about it. He aaid that he bad burned it. 1 told him that , he bad no business opening a package belonging to me and then he commenced to abuse me. DISCOURTEOUS CONDUCT. 'ite sald I was not a lady, and ordered, me to get out of the place imm ediately and as he did this he caught me by the peck and pushed me right right down the first flUtht of steps. The force he used threw me against tbe side wall and hurt me on the side and shoulder. Not satisfied with this, he followed me to the first landing and caught hold of me again and pushed me down the long flight of stairs to the street. There we were in the presence of the public, and he was not 90 rought as he bad been up stairs; I suppose because he feared some of the passers-by would see him. I was suffering from being thrown agaiust tbe wall, aud greatly mortified, and went to my sister's and told ber about it. She was pained at the treatment I had received and talked with Mr. Aldricb about it, and they finally con eluded that the propsr thing to do was to have Haussler arrested. I have worked well for Mr. Haussler. At times, when he . would lose some of tbe men to whom be was paying $20 and S25 a week. I would do their work uncomplainingly for $5 a week. "this xa the way be bas treated me." HaVBSLXR'S lame ex t use. Uausaier was seen afterwards by a . Tbibcx reporter, and spoke of the occur rence in a facetious, manner. He said that be had simply "assisted" Miss Waiters out of bis studio, and he almost smiled at tbe PROPERLY . PREPARED PRESCRIPTIONS ' i' Cut Rate Prices BREAKFAST. Fruit. Hominy. Poached Kggs. Hashed Brown Potatoes. PopOyers. Couaa. ' Corn Fritters. 1XNCH. Tea. Sandwiches. PIKKKB. Veal Soun. Cannelon of Beef. Mushroom Sauce. Scalloped Potatoes. , Brussels Sprouts. . Cabbage Salad. Wafers. Cheese Straws. Mince Pie. Coflee. . A NEWJOVE. More Lstters cf Admiaisiration Asked For. The Kirkham Estate Takes a Fresft Turn. Bo Djtalls YjI Known ol Lidj Yarde . Enlier'i Deatn. A cablegram was received in Oaklan late yesierdav afternoon announcing tbe death of Lsdy Yarde-Buller in Devonshire on March 15tb- It was stated that ber death was rather sudden. Tbe dstails concerning ber- last illness are rather xneaeer. Attornev ueorge is. JJe uoiiahas bled aa application in the Superior Court of this county askinrfor special letters of ad rain itration on behalf of Public Administrator Kuight. He seis forth that the estate is valued at 1500,000 and tbat there are two heirs, Arthur and Ralph Blair, minora. C, a fire broke out in the hold and soon spread to the uopsr decks. Itiere waj a ptnic amia; the pa- sengers as the flitnes b9gan to envelop the ste imer and it required tho efforts ot the captain and crew to prevent them trom jnraplug ovei board. fortunately, the steamer Ains worth was in tbe vicinity and reached the burning boat in tim to rescus the passengers and crew. The boat and cargo, valued at $49,000. is a total loss. Looks Like Crlrat. New London, Wis., March 19. Mra. William Ryan, agad 8), who has been living for several years alone on a farm in tbe town of Lebanon, eight miles from here, waa found dead in her home last night, and by the disarranged ap pearance of the furniture ioul play is suapected. Fast friends the intelligent public and the manufacturers of Dr. Price's Baking Powder. FOR A LIFE. IhsSimnniids Family to Con es t ia tbe C:nrts. Big Damage Suit Against the Southern Pacific. Ktlit-d ;v r a Ufbt St. Jti-Ei'ii, Mo., .Marcri 19. El ward I'aUon, a merchant at Elmo, quarreleJ wiia GoJired l'elerson over the settlement of a bill, vhen Peterson struck 1 lV.ttan and was shot fata! I v through the ctns-. ll.-.tton gve himself up. Peterson' friends threaten to lynch the murderer, who is in j.ul under a deputy guard. A Vv - Dweller Deuel. Cincinnati, March lyjA Commercial (la:elte spsciai iroin Cuarleston, ' W. Va., says that 1.9 wis Pavne, a negro hermit, known aa "I'LCle Frank," who lived in a civh in tne rocks above Kauawhs Fa'.lw, w.s fouaJ deal in his cave yes'terdiy. Hj was balieved to bs nearly 100 ye irs o 1. rpHE MOST FAVORABLY LOCATED AND 1 lead r Hotel of Oaklan 1. Cornr lenth ana Washingum fcts.j OaL.und. Si. N. H.VKTMAN, Proprietor ! AfH?il C'iv Of the late election uuamiously dec'ares the M.M8o:i l'idruont Bakery serves the b?st cur of C itTee, everything neat and ta3ty. The popular place for an excellent lunch at noon. A. M. iSeblueter, prop. THE. JUAN ITA HOTEL, Cor. 18th and San Pablo, WAS RE-rGPENED January 3d BY MRS. C. SHAW anil MOS. A. CURTIi The Hotel, which le U catert in oca of the m si desirable treeU in the cicv h&R bi-cu thoroughly renovated and tilted up. and will be conducted in Cr8t-c.aj itv'e. Th Kooms are Large and Most Comfortable anl ensure n p e&saqt home fur Fami.les. lac building is healed throughoat with fiteain. i fella -hrisr iilii Subset Limited Tbe Southern Pacific Company's magnificent Ycstilm'e I Tr.iin, between taa 1'rancioCo sn.l New Orleans, hcv- starts on its flyinit tianscontinentnl trip an hour and a half earlier and arrives iathe j I Southern metropolis two hours earlier than formerly, reducin'' the run to 7S hours aud opening several oiher popular routes to prominent pastern -.tie:. Immediate connection is r.ovsmale ia New Or'.ears with the fat throuU trains of the Illinois Central for Memphis. St. Lous and Cheapo; the Ol'EEN & Crescent for Chattano' -ja, CuiciT.nati, Cleveland. Huff i!o. New York and Boston; also the I'iedmonT Air Line and the SeaboarA Air Link, lor Atlanta. Dan ville, Richmond, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Niv.v York, and other K stern cities an.l in many cases reiiucinij the t.nm an entire day. To be whirled across the continent fioai ocean to ocean in 31 days, lrota; San Prancisco to New York, with only-one chau'e, in the most prdatial train that ever c:oss?d a continent, and in a climate ot perpetual Spring, is possible Jjv the Sunset Route onlv, and on tha SUNSET LIMITcU. Remember that it costs ouly the regular fare to travel on this train; that it leaves Oaklaud Pier every Thursday at 9: 27 a. m. Inqune of M. K. DeCora, iictec Agent, 7th and Broad wav siation, or J. IJ. Wright, Aent at 10th street station. it I'.ST A I'HAN T8. C pg 3" Fo: bebt brines : y professional MtJliSwt. inixf'.oiri-!; clnm iroth dai.y. 4t3 Twelfth strr-.t. FKvNK. I'liAUCS. For fine old Kantucty Uou bon and Rye WLuky go to Theo. oier's. 915 Wahlifgtou su The best oi wines, liquors end cigars, at "Our Corner," tifieenth and San Pablo. Ike Fester, proprietor. Ivr.o. wilt, '.'15 atiaiueton street, sols (pent for tue reuownej tiuby UiU wines, liv-tiiacru vauey. hnrjiiturw .l Crpetl Cheap for coin aH. Schellhaas". H At liouiv. 48 klievrnih Street, Schelliiaai, tne furniture dealer. Get vonr watches ana jewelry repaired by K." Wickmau. Jeweler, lormeny with tihreve, 12io Broad wav. iiiFCKTEn ase and pcrter. the oes. for tarsi Jtlb. t li-to. tior'4. 11-T Washington atr.'e- Hacks ami cabs at all hoars, telephone . City Halt l.ivery and Uurney Cab Company, Fourteenth and Washington btree'is. Special aiteniion given to board- me horse-. The tnder .Sew Mansgemco'.. BALTIMORE Restaurant OYSTER0 HOUSE 463 and 485 Seventh si, between Wash ington and Broadway Best of meals aerred br proless.onal cooti CeOi-EN DAY AM) NlCriT. , Oysters in every style. Fine Wines and Liquors 1'rivaie rooms lot ladies aod families. J1 P. Ilecanip, l'rep SODIoEBN f ACiFIC COMPANY Train leave and are duo to arri-n OA.KijA.Krp r'TBrt. LCavo. j FROM JUKCII 12, lfi AEsava. UNlVEltSAIi f Restaurant L Oyster House 475-SEVEVTH STREET rest Meal in Tovri : UtoU and Upwards Meals at AH H.ur. Iar orMrh". isALADK TO URDEB. Choice vt'Ine. I.iiuirs aud Cipars. Iriva;e iieinis fur Indies ani Parti. O18 of tba R3suls ot tbe Knzl at tiis Estmry Bridge. N 'lha boys are FLINT'S DRUG STORE 117 1 BROAD WAY . naa Cob. rotrEsaiH 6x. sons of the deceased. in Eneland. Laay varae-miner was a aaugnter 01 the lata General Ralph W. Kirkham, who lived at the corner ot Eighth and Oak streets. Soma years ago she married an Englishman named Blair. He died and then she married Walter Yarde-Buller. For many years she bas been a resident of L,nffland. When her father died she came to this city to look after her interests in tbe estate. Alter remaining at tne jviruaam mansion for a time she had trouble with the family and departed in anger, taking up her resi dence in ban Francisco. Mrs. Kirknam had been vary ill and her brother-in-law. Guitave L. Vlii, applied for letters of guardianship on bar estate, claiming that she was incompetent. Mrs. Butler then cam to tbe front and created a scandal bv her char res azainst tha fam ily, in order to save trouble Mr oux withdrew his petition. Mrs. Bailer then filed a petition in court asking to have her mother declared incom petent and James Stanley appointed guar dian. Tbe indications were that there would be a big family row. Mrs. Buller waa finally induced to withdraw her pti tion and made a compromise with her relatives. Just how much property she re ceived no one seems to Know. 1 he agree ment waa. however, tbat she should re turn to Eneland at once. When ana cot ber money sne left tba State. j Tha Kirkham estate was ueu jrp la a measure. y - Tba uenerai nan wiuea ma en tire estate to his widow and at bar death tba property waa to go tbatnreeiangbeT, LI rjmciAfibi llaicblO A. G. Gurnett appeared in tha Superior Court today and represented that bs was the friend of the eight m inor children of the late M. G. Simmonds, On his representation he was appoint J guardian ad litem of tha minors. The guardian at once commenced an action in the Superior Court against the Southern Pacific Company and the South Paeiho Coast Company to recover $50,000 for tbe death ot Simoionds. Tne complaint sets forth that tbe deceased -came to his death by reason of the uegligence of the corporation. Tne suit promises to be aa interesting one in manv respects. Xbe guardian bas employed Delmas and Short ridge as attorneys to make tne contest. fcimmonds was a passenger in the last car of tbe harrow gauge train on ' October Z, imi. One car either tumped the track or the derailmg- switch was thrown open while it waspassing over it. it was dragged on to the bridge and toppled over and fell Into tbe estuary. Simmonds made a des perate effort to save bis lite, lie saw the danger and rushed out of the car and jamped into tbe estuary. Tbe water was rather tow at tn ttnae ana ne siuce in tne mud. in an instant tha car fell upon bim and crushed bim. Tbe next day his body was recovered. The deceased left a widow and eiebt children ia destitute circumstaacaa. Tbe friends of the family' made an effort to compromise the ease, but tne railroad company would not come up to the terms demanded. An offer was made to the widow by the agents of tbe company, but she deemed it too small and would not accept. The question of damages will now be decided by a jury. EW YEAR'S M. Catusich; & Co., - Props. SOMETHING NEW " Boy the Best tor ihe Least Money." 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We'll not try to lie big sum we have the people in retailers' profits. Bat we'll ask you: have yon shared ? And if not, will yon? RATES CUT IX Painless Dentistry EXTHACTIOS (Painless) KOc StX Os-V 1EB1H, O.MiX $H.OO GtuiranMed. PAINLESS FILLING. BONE or CEMEriT, only Mo aMalgav. on y. tuo buLD, rota II &up COLU CltOWNS, Only $5. CK0WN AND BRIDGE WORK, H FERXOOTH All (uaraateed. EILSTRIP DENTAL PiSLOSS, 1034 o'w'y T.30A 5168 A etooA :30 A 8:30 A :wA 9:30 A W:i7 4:xsr 4:s P 8:33 P 6:23? 5: 0 t J:irO P t:of lor its 3:45 5:to -. Atlantic fcxprc. 0?'.eu nj ku: EeuiCia, Vac a vi He. iinraiey. .-aa and Uodilit;?, via Uavia.. C: ilsrtinez, Avon, t-sa KamoivVallejo, Napa, Csllatoca and -aat Kosa. 5:5. .iles. Jose, etoetc-ton. Gait, lone, .-a';-Taiuento. Marvsviilo. Oroville. aud . Kei bl-X Kew Urlaans Kxpreit, lor KanrtotHl (or in- ierai'.o baura nor lara. M Anse'.aa. Dtmitts, hi Pao. Na Orler I and hast . Eao'a tRo'ite Atlantic kiprei for ilojava ana hast !0,,AA Maruufj ani -tocatua ! Pleriaui Miltou to:dil f fcuuseS S.inr.i.rl" Kvery hureday: o:Il vestibnle throue'i triu, an irHii.ijco lal .ten ur:iai lii46 R Kl'.ei, taa Joie an t j . I.ivermore )tl:ltA' Uartlaez. Nan i, baa Ha- tuou. Vnllejo, taliato- H, anta ttoka staw A. Benlcia, V'icavll!, hupxrto. VvofKllaal. K n u u H iBa Jin, AiHryjTi.ie, Ocaviil ku'1 oacraniento IOiAO Nie.-s -.i oie. Liver-ir.ijra. j-tix-ktjn, iio- :lerc;d ai;d . Fre c .... i lou A j-e ft .reasfor ' Freauo. ') . tra. Bakers:. enl. --nta Barbara I os An -ilea ... (0:t0 .. Ilaywuiiia. 1mi and hHO Josi 7:13 A European Mrll or Og- juji.j,'. ni'.te a Val.Vo YliiVit Orvg.j Kxirvas for Mi-;ra;r:e:iio. Marvs- v lie. cnioo. Rertitin, i;ruu.l,i'ueloouiii and ht-v. 1 A estimate saved Oakland Parcel Delivery Co. 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