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The Lima Citizen from Lima, Ohio • Page 1

The Lima Citizen from Lima, Ohio • Page 1

The Lima Citizeni
Lima, Ohio
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if Today's Chuckle An Intarruption it tha best way to make a tong story short tmo Cloudy Warmer Parity cloudy and continued mild today and tonight Wadnotday mostly cloudy and mild with scattered showers in tho attar-noon High today 65-70 Low tonight 55-60 (Waatharmay on Paga 12 MuImm Tern HnUrt Wiij at I 1 izeirn Edited Lima Dedicated Fourth Year No 133 Phone CA 5-8050 24 Page Md at Lena Oku NOVEMBER 15 1960 koGm tdJ 4 1 Polaris Missiles Loaded Aboard George Washington Polaris Sub To Put To Sea Today The city will be able to build a (said the letter probably will be pre-CHARLESTON SC The new north end fire station at Robbisente to the entire Council next Avenue Park without combining itlwle- The communication removes the center it was jast obstacle in the program with "a recreation learned nuclear powered submarine George Washington armed with 16 Polaris missiles was ready today to begin roaming the Atlantic The sleek sub its missiles armea with hydrogen bomb war- Lonnie's brother William and Lima The group was waiting on Breese Road oast of tho Routt interchange Pheasant season on private 10 but remains open on public lends until Jan 14 BIRD SEASON Just minutes before the pheasant season opened at 9 a today Citizen photographer Tom Brunk "shot" this picture of area hunters readying thalr weapons Two minutes latar Brunk related the men were blazing away at their elusive targets Left to right are Albert Benjamin and hia son Lonnie Oscar Grigs heads was scheduled to depart- the late A Larsen and Breckenridge donors of the park site will not insist that a recreation center be built as a condition to allowing part of the land to be used as a fire station site a source said Council President Homer Cooper received a communication from Crouse representing Galvin saying that Galvin and the heirs of the other donors have never insisted the recreation center be built as a condition for use of the park as a fire station site Cooper turned the communication over to Councilman Frank Klein chairman of the Buildings and Lands Committee Text of the letter was not made public Klein Police Repulse Teen-Agers Lima Owned Lima LIMA OHIO TUESDAY Discoverer Capsule Recovered Air Force Plane Makes Flying Catch By HENRY HARTZENBUSCH HONOLULU (AP) The US Air Force did it again Monday plucking a Discoverer satellite capsule out of the skies for the second time Proud airmen declared the catch was routine The Air Force which calls the gigantic recovery area -a could point to a cliqibing fielding av-rage Snared in the 250 by 50-mile 500 miles northeast of Honolulu was the military spy capsule ejeaed by Discoverer XVII The first 12 Discoverer capsules were lost in the vast Pacific Number XIII was the first recovered although it landed in the ocean and was retrieved by a Navy frogman dangling from a helicopter On Aug 19 a C119 Flying Boxcar made the first catch of an object from space That was Discoverer capsule Discoverer capsule was bagged The Flying Boxcar that gulped It appropriately dubbed Pelican II made the catch like An outfielder who does it up ian-cy after losing the ball in the sun The Pelican II was piloted by Capt Gene Jones 39 of Walla Walla Wash Jones and his nine-man crew almost missed their rendezvous His plane was late leaving Hick-am Air Force Base because of a fuel leak Then in the northern area of the park" Jones crew spotted the silver and orange parachute against the clear blue Pacific skies and made a run for it at 11000 feet barely ticked Jones told reporters later But the plane circled and went after the capsule again at 9500 feet The huge trapeze-like snare caught the chute and 21 minutes later the instrument-loaded capsule was reeled aboard The successful grab was made at 1:02 pm Hawaii 6:02 pm EST The Discoverer XVII capsule was in orbit longer than the previously recovered containers The others had been ejected from their satellites on the 17th pass around the earth- This one rocketed aloft Saturday at Vanderberg Air Force Base was ejected on its 31st time around The gold-plated capsule weighed 300 pounds when it left the 2100-pound satellite but only 125 pounds after its plunge back into the atmosphere was a little bit acorched around the said Capt Jones referring to the fiery reentry into the atmosphere After be and his crew joined by jubilant air force officials met reporters snd photographers Jones stepped into a C130 and flew the capsule to Sunnyvale Calif aouth of San Francisco where officials planned to examine the capsule at Air Force Ballistic Missile Division headquarter Syrian Blaze Kills 152 Children DAMASCUS Syria worit fire disaster in memory killed 152 school children trapped in a burning theater at Amude 400 miles northeast of hero on the Turkish border Only 40 of those attending the special showing of an educational film Sunday night escaped from the frame building and half of them were Injured Almost every family in town lost at least one child in the roaring blaze' The victims were given a mass burial Monday in W01 pj Orleans Price 7 Cecil Sounded Out By Kennedy In Meeting Reservation Extends To All Republicans By MARVIN ARROWSMITII PALM BEACH Fla (AP) -President-elect John Kennedy was reported today to have discovered that Vice President Richard Nixon aas reservations about the idea of republicans taking key positions in the new Democratic administration Kennedy winner over Nixon in the presidential election is understood to have sounded out the vice president on this matter at their history-making conference Monday at Key Biscayne Fla where Nixon is vacationing Kennedy returned to his headquarters here immediately after the 63-minute meeting and prepared to confer at -lunch today with a Democrat who may get a Cabinet post or some other top position in the Kennedy regime He is Connecticut Gov Abraham Ribicoff a key adviser to Kennedy during the campaign Kennedy told a news conference after his session with Nixon that he did not offer the vice president a post in theKie administration- But sources in a position to know said Kennedy discussed with Nixon the possibility of naming some Republicans to important positions particularly in the fields of foreign policy and national security Nixon it was urderstood did not speak flatly against the idea But he is known to question against the background of the hot contest he gave Kennedy on the popular it would be wise from the standpoint of his future for renowned Republicans to join the Kennedy team Both the president-elect and Nixon called the Kennedy-instigated conference cordial rnd frank Kennedy termed it viry beneficial to him jtnd said he and the vice president will meet again probably early next month A key to any reluctance on part regarding Republicans filling top positions under Kennedy appeared to be reflected in remarks at his news conference He said any differences he and Kennedy have in the next four years will be based on principle and not personal considerations Kennedy a bit earlier had responded when asked whether he had discussed with Nixon the possibility of appointing Republicans that the conference dealt with a whole range of including problems facing the nation and how to handle them The president-elect and Nixon greeted each cordially on arrival from Palm Beach As for his own plans Nixon was noncpmmital lie said he intends to spend about a soaking up Flonda sunshine Lead Dwindles WASHINGTON (AP) Presi-dcnt-elect John Kennedy had a dwindling lead today over Richard 51 Nixon in the popular vote Nixon had narrowed the margin to 257590 As officials counted absentee ballots and votes trickled in from unreported precincts lead was cut 14227 votes in 24 hours With 1636 precincts out and thousands of absentee ballots uncounted Kennedy had 33741774 vote and Nixon had 33491181 rotes Sunspot Explosion TOKYO (AP "Tho MggeA sunspot explosion in wss rcrortrd today by the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory Overseas radio eommdnications wtrt briefly disrupted Admiral 5 Others Die In Air Crash si in 2 Monday came back today to take their books from the school Police reinforced their line around the school as a safeguard against possible violence One federal official asking that his name not be used said earlier that we are going to have violence come Police Supt Joseph Giarruso estimated he had about 100 men around the school McDonogh No 19 One bomb threat had been received he said but officers discounted ft Giarrusso said a special detail of school board employes was on duty to investigate all packages received at the school About two dozen children went into the school before its 8:45 am opening but the three Negro girls had not arrived Police ordered everyone from tha sidewalk in front of the school except those entering the building One white woman across the street said are here to stop anybody from going into A newsman asked how she and others intended to do this (Please Turn To Page 2 Col 8) neighbors called the sheriff! office Sheriff Keeler said it was a lucky thing the little girl stick around or the killer might have grabbed her too Keeler said the only mark of identification that Cheryl remembers about the killer is that he wore horn rimmed glasses But beyond that the sheriff sdded he has no none that divulge at any rate 1 1 0 Reported Dead In Train Crash VIENNA Austria (AP) At least 110 people were killed and 106 Injured in a train crash at the station of Steblova in Czechoslovakia Monday night radio Prague said today The broadcast said the disaster occurred when two local trains I crowded with passenger collided on a siding in the railway station Steblova ia a small town in Bohemia some 73 miles east of Prague by Spencerville Charlts McDarles to start hunting 25 traffic lands closet Dec NEW ORLEANS La (AP)-Po-licemen repulsed 100 or more teen-agers today trying to break into the grounds of McDonogh No 19 public school one of two integrated Monday for the first time The teen-agers defied police orders to stay on the opposite side of file street from the threq-story school They circled the block and tried to gain entrance to the school where three Negro girls came to first-grade classes this morning accompanied by six US marshals Mounted police and foot patrolmen tried to hold the white youths back but they scattered in all directions There were reports that less than 250 pupils of the total combined enrollment of 1000 attended classes at the wo schools Police arrested a man at the Frantz school and hustled him away Officers said he was carrying a concealed weapon but it turned out to be a toy pistol A number of white mothers who withdrew their children when the Negroes integrated McDonogh 0 Monday The city was informed Monday that John Galvin and the heirs Albatrosi amphibian at the time of the crash Also on board were a pilot copilot a crewman and one officer passenger The Navy withheld their names pending notification of next of kin The Navy also withheld the names of those aboard the helicopter from the antisubmarine warfare carrier USS Hornet The wreckage of the Albatross was found about 2700 feet up Mt Mariveles on Bataan Peninsula overlooking Subic Bay where the United States maintains its key base for supporting 7th Fleet operations in the South China Sea Spring from Laconia NH starred in football and lacrosse at Annapolis where he was graduated in 1330 He won the Navy commendation ribbon while a gunnery officer on the cruiser Louisville off Guadalcanal in World War and later commanded the heavy cruiser Helena He assumed command at Subic in February 1959 after serving as chief of staff of the 7th fleet The Springs had a son Lt (JG) Arthur Spring who is stationed at the navy nuclear power plant school in Windsor Conn Elizabeth Taylor 'Still Sick Girl' LONDON (AP)-Elizabetb American doctor said today the actress is sick Dr Red Kennamer of Los Angeles et the urging of Miss husband Eddie Fisher arrived Monday night the actress suffering Intense head pains was semi-conscious under sedation encouraged the doctor said this morning He said he hoped to be able to issue a medical bulletin later In the day With Dr Cary Goldman and Lord Evans Miss British phytlclam Dr Kennamer had just come from the movie star's bedside Lord Evans ls one of Queen Elizabeth doctor! He wai brought Into the case last month when the beautiful actresa continued to run a fever every afternoon of building new north and west end fire stations The councilmen Monday night accepted deeds to a tract at 1500 Spring St for a site for the new west end station Crouse said in the letter that Galvin and the heirs of the other donors would like to see the money saved in site purchase by building the station at Robb Park used to improve the park He added that Galvin and the heirs of the donors were not enthusiastic about constructs a recreation building just because the money is available The letter clears up what apparently was a misunderstanding between Crouse and Recreation Di-(Please Turn To Page 2 CoL 8) Indian Lake To Close Schools RUSSELLS POINT Public schools in the Indian Lake School District will be closed Dec 12 because of a lack 'of funds for school maintenance it was announced today William Corvin executive head of the district made the announcement in behalf of the Indian Lake Board of Education following action taken at a meeting Monday night attended by more than 100 property owners and interested persons in the district The board voted to close the schools in Lewistown and Lakeview with a provision that they remain closed until funds are provided Board members in the same session passed a resolution for a spe rial election which would put two special levies up for approval by electors The first will ask for a renewal of a 21 mill levy and the second will ask for a new or additional two mill levy The spectal levies were defeated by a 16-vote margin at last election The board will petition the Logan County Board of Elections to hold the special elections Dec 13 a day after the school closing date The schools will reopeh Dec 14 if the either of the two levies or both are approved Supt Corvin said The Indian Lake Local school Board not only has the right to close the schools Dec 13 as planned but has the obligation and duty to do so rather than operate at a deficit This is the opinion of Byron Morton assistant state superintendent of public Instruction who spoke last night at a meeting of county boards of education and county school administrators at Lafayette school school boards are not allowed to engage in deficit Morton told The Lima Citizen "and when the board finda lt-aclf without any money for operating expensea it can and should close the schools until some method of finding the necessary funds preaents itself" A 4 10 mills operating Tcvy was turned down by the voters in the Indian Lake School District Nov I by vote of 131 to 1247 a margin of 16 votes The school board met in a special session last week to put the Issue 210 mill levy and a two mill additional operating levy on (Please Turn To Page 2 Cot I) It's The Big Day For Hunters Limaland hunters were taking to the open field today in droves in search of the ringnecked pheasant king of game birds and tie swift rabbit Predictions are that more hunters than ever will be out gunning for pheasant rabbit and quail and the morning turnout vindicated that belief The experts say too that pheasant prospects are Their main concern though is with hunter last season four persons were killed in Ohio hunting accidents with 54 others wounded The implication from the State Wildlife Division is that a dead hunter hunt again so be careful The pheasant season opened at 9 am and lasts until Dec 10 on private lands or until Jan 14 on public hunting sites Daily limit is two cock birds and a possession limit of four Rabbit hunting is expected to be below last level except in western Ohio The season lasts until Jan i on private lands Jan 14 on public and the daily bag limit is four with a possession limit of eight Quail population Is rated best southern Ohio but a severe winter means fewer birds than in 1959 the Wildlife Division experts say The quail season runs through Dec 10 with a daily bag limit of six and a possession limit of 12 Also opening today are the Hungarian partridge season (through Dec 10 on private land Jan 14 in public areas) and trapping muskrats mink raccoons skunks and opossums (until Feb 28) Hunting for raccoons skunks and opossums became legal Nov 1 There is closed season on black bear wild turkeys snow-shoe hares and pheasants but grouse are legal game Detween daylight and -dark except Idurtng the two-day gun deer season Dec 15-16 Waterfowl may be hunted a half-hour before sunrise to sunset Enforcement Supervisor Copeland of the Wildlife Division points out that hunters without a place to go should not overlook the 125 public hunting areas around the state of these especially In southeastern Olio have very Ught hunting he lay offer the possibility of a uncrowd-cd hunt even on opening All agencies are stressing the theme of getting permission to hunt obeying the laws practicing safety and having a good time Offenders Quizzed In Paulding Sex-Murder By CARL ZIMMERMAN MANILA Philippines (AP) Rear Adm' Arthur Spring 52 commander of the big US naval base at Subic Bay bis wife and four other persons were killed today when their Navy patrol plane crashed Into a Philippine mountain and burned A UB Marine helicopter searching for the missing plane crashed near the wreckage Three of the seven persons aboard also were killed Two US Air Force paratrooper medics later jumped to the remote crash site and found the victims The bodies were not Immediately identified but a Navy public information officer said: is a safe assumption that Adm and Mrs Spring are dead They were definitely on the plane and there were no The Springs attended a military dinner-dance in Manila Monday night They were flying back to Subic Bay aboard a twin-engine 1 1 in- ADMIRAL SPRINO Insido Tfo Citizen Comici 2223 Editorial 10 Financial 12 Sports IS 16 17 Theater -It Town Topics 3 TV Want Ada 38 13 20 21 Women'! 11 PAULDING Ohio (AP)-Author-(ties today checked out a number of known sex offenders in northwestern Ohio trying to get a lead on what Sheriff John Keeler calls the sex slaying of 14 year-old Nancy Eagleson The sheriff said today that a sexual attack on the young Paulding girl appeared to be the only motive behind her death fully-clothed except for her was found in a wooded area early Monday by two hunter near the hamlet of Junction tight miles northeast of here The undergarments were lying close by A preliminary autopsy report the sheriff said showed the girl had been criminally assaulted and ihot once through the bead wllh a small caliber weapon Nancy and her alstcr Cheryl 5 were returning home from a movie Sunday night when the killer struck Ho dragged Nancy off a Paulding street and into his cir and rode off Cheryl ran to a house at the first sign of danger tic A.

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