Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 9, 1968 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1968
Page 14
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HOPE (ARK) STAR, Printed by Offset Stockmen Hold Annual Barbecue Here Thousands Gamble in Caribbean Left to right: Ralph Montgomery, Dale Jones, Robert LaGrone, Blant Jones, Wayne Atterbury, Bill Mosley and Cecil Bittle. — Mrs. Ned Purtle photos with Star camera By EUGENE J. BROWN The Danbury (Conn.) News* Times DANBURY, Conn, (AP) - If gambling is an evil, thousands of North American tourists are willing to jet several thousand miles across the water to meet that evil head on among the Caribbean islands. The gambling fraternity does have the choice of flying to Las Vegas, Nev., where you don't need an up-to-date smallpox vaccination but where you do meet the ever present Internal Revenue Service agents who may sidle up to you in the midst of a winning streak and whisper in your ear: "Don't forget to declare your winnings on your Form 1040." And if you lose, what glamor is there losing in just another of the 50 states when you could say: "They took me in Curacao; they busted me in Antigua; look at my tropical tan." But without junkets gambling would be a minor enterprise. Briefly the junket is a chartered plane or a group of tourists who pay $300 and get everything else free including the free chips. A junket requires a junketeer or an agent, or a tourguide as he may be called. Its his job to develop tours from his particu* lar city for a particular las Ve» gas casino. So successful is this system that the plane traffic at Las Vegas looks like Kennedy Airport. The small islands of the Caribbean, short of income to meet the needs of their poverty- stricken population, have not been blind to the "Vegas junket syndrome." With their tropical beaches, low-salaried help and cooperative governments, the gambling syndicates have set up shop on the islands by simply taking over the junket format. In a manner these gambling junkets have an "almost-free" hooker attached. For instance, if a person wanted to go to Antigua or practically any other island in the Caribbean for the purpose of trying his luck against the casino odds, his fare plus four or five days at a luxurious hotel including most of the extras would be $500. He could take his wife along too (and many do) for only $225 extra. And in addition he would receive $500 free in nonnegotiable gambling chips. The term "nonnegotiable" designates the chips that are to be used for gambling only and can't be cashed immediately upon arrival at your destination. These special chips are "seed" to start your streak of luck. It would be indeed a rare bird who failed to succumb to the gaming tables when he or she is sure that he can win on his free chips. So sure is the house that you will gamble and lose, that if you show a sincere desire to play the games, they will even give you the cash for your free chips. All you've got to do is play a little and pray a lot. Gambling with free "junket" chips is much the same as eating peanuts. Whoever stopped at one peanut? There is obviously something wrong with the logic Thursday, May 9,1968 of those who go on a gambling junket. For the casino to give you $500 of free chips which reimburses you for the $500 junket expenses, they must expect you to lose. To break even the house must figure on your losing your $500 free chip money plus an average of $500 in hard cash. Thus the average player is out his $500 tour expense plus $500 in cash. The favorite casino gambling games seem to be of the standard American variety: blackjack or 21, roulette and dice. VVHKRK'I) YOti DRIVF. IN? PMOl-NIX, Ari/. (AP) Bit designer of ;i coin-opcnited downtown parking lot litre apparently either believes in Harmim's comment about suckers or thinks motorists \vould rather pay 20 cen'ts than drive one-half block. The lot extends across half a city block from a fairly busy street to one that's not so busy. If a motorist uses the entrance on the busy street side, he pays 50 cents; if he dri\es half a block further arid enters from the other street, the charue is .11) cents. § ' Leo Ray. Left to right: Bill Spradllng, Ralph Montgomery and Succeeds Him T -_„,- __„.. ,, IT* i< L ° J , ( f\7 Sff^*, Edmonds of Mountain I Home was appointed Tuesday |py Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller /to complete the term of her late | husband as Baxter County sher- IJut* . I-4(st weekend the Cattleman's Ifesdftfelon of Hempstead rfeld its annual barbecue at the University of Arkansas Experiment St^on. Newly elected officers are Dee Coffee, president; Ralph Montgomery, first vice-president; Barney Starkey, second vice-president and N. B. Coleman, secretary-treasurer. WANTED BY THE FBI I ' v ;' > ' ' *C« : JAMES EARL RAY, also known as Eric Starvo Gait, t Harv0y Lowmyer, John Willard, James McBride, James Walton, W, C. Herron and James O'Conner. James Eavl Ray, a Missouri prison escapee, sought under the alias Eric Starvo Gait in connection with the gunshot slaying of Civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, jr., is one of the FBI's "Ton Most Wanted Fugitives," FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover ordered, the /special addition of Ray to the "Top Ten" list to insure widespread riisseralnation of Ray's photograph and description to speed his location. , Bay has been intensively sought since the murder of Dr. King OR April 4, 1968, as he stood on the balcony of a Memphis. Tennessee, motel. An exhaustive FBI fingerprint search, comparing latent fingerprints uncovered in the Dr. King case against fingerprints of over 63,000 persons on whom wanted notices were posted, etermined tUftfc Qalt and Ray are identical. A Federal warrant, issued at Birmingham, Alabama, on April 17, 1968, charges Eay, under the alias of Gait, with conspiring to Interfere with a Constitutional Riuht oi a citizen. Ray, who !pse»ped on April 23, 1961, from the Missouri State Penitentiary, is Iso sought for unlawful flight to uvoict confinement for robbery. Js long erJfiRJnal record also includes convictions for burglary and forging UJ3. Pftftal Money Orders. * A White American, born in Alton, Illinois, on March 10, 182S, Bay is 5'10" tall, weighs 163 to 174 pounds, has blue eyes and short feiWU na4r. He has a nervous habit uf tugging at an ear lobe and his J^ft ear protrudes noticeably. Known as n "loner" and *'OrifteiV Ray nas worked as a baker, laborer and color matcher. Ho has taken dancijif lessons and completed a course at a school ol bartending. Consider R»y armed and extremely dangerous, Report any in- concerning him to the nearest FBI office. THE t FRIENDLY/./I FOLKS / VL* 1400 ill With coupons in your "Sunyner Stamp Festival" Circular and in this ad. Prices effective through Saturday, May 11. Quantity rights reserved. Copyright 1968, The Kroger Co. Boston Roll Roast CENTER CUT Chuck Roast FULL SHANK HALF Fully Cooked Hams --i- „ USDA( (CHOICE Lb. L** m*~t ..... U.S. Choic Tenderay Beef Lb. Fresh Fresh Silver Platter mm -m. anvei ridUBi 59t Pork Steak Lb. Cooked Hi _ Butt Portion Country Style Slab Ground Beef 5 & $2 55 Sliced Bacon Sho;ideripast ,59$ Canadian BacoZ$l?» 9 ^k'toins 65* U.S. Choice Tenderay Beef T Fres-Shore Krispies rOlR LOOTS Lb.OjC English Cut Roast u69$ FJ S |, Stix 4 P8 £$l p"r e D llH Onittt fiswpSM&r*"''- -••> "• 5," 6ke ,i,-i ...-,• ••• • Pork Butt.Roast., Luncheon Meats 5s:49t Catfish Steaks pfcTlVFPjmlenfo" anV&lVrhT ieon Meats 8149$ Bucket Chicken Breast u> 49$ Frozen Rock Cornish Mb Game Hens '£79$ Fres-Shore .<•>.••.,..,.Lb. Market Made Pork Sausage Breaded Perch 2 #89* slice! Ham 65* Fres-Shon Brtaded ,.,„ ?'H5f .i! am l-b.05$ Fres-Shore Breaded Fish Sticks Singleton Pieces Breaded Shrimp KROGER, ASSORTED FLAVORS Cake Mixes Mb. 3-oz. Box 2 Mb. Duncan Mines Double Fudge Brownie Mix '$49$ Angelfood Cake This week's Revere Ware Special 10" SKILLET Assorted Flavors Each Heavenly Light x-Mium i£S COUPON •• I TOP VAIUE STAMPS •• fHn^ttt •' may *r •)( »l fh* lltmf llttfj ^^ 100 Stamps with purchase of H '/rgal. carton Kroger ,mm ICECREAM DIM 100 Stamps with purchase ol mm 2 Ibs. or more Kwick mm Krlsp BACON Q mm 100 Stamps with purchase of •• $2.00 or more FRESH mm FRUITS & VEGETABLES D mm 100 Stamps with purchase of mm any 2 packages ol mm DANISH PASTRY Q mm 100 Stamps with purchase ol •• $3.00 or more ol mm FROZEN FOODS .D« 100 Stamps with purchase ol •• 5 packages Birds Eye •• FROZEN VEGETABLES D mm 100 Stamps with purchase of •• any BROOM, MOP or Hi ATTACHMENT Q •• 100 Startrplt wtth purchase or •§ 3-lb. can Kroger Vac-Park Mi or 10-oz. jar Spotlight _ mm Instant COFFEE D •• 50 Stamps with purchase of •• quarter sliced PORK •• _ n LOIN D 1 * 50 Stamps with purchase ol •• 2 loaves Kroger Mel-0- •• SolfSANOWICH BREAD Q •• 50 Stamps with purchase ol I*" 2 packages Country Oven •• DONUTS D 2 50 Stamps with purchase ol mm 2-lb. can Folgers ** COFFEE D "• 25 Stamps with purchase o' mm l2-oi. bottle Vermont tm Maid SYRUP D J" 25 Stamps with l-pt.,8-oz. JJ* bottle Vermont Maid ™ SYRUP D j" Z5 Stamps with purchase of ™ one '^-gallon bottle of ™ MIRACLE WHITE Q "| 25 Stamps with purchase of ^ 1-lb. Folgers COFFEE.. D mm Good ihru Sol. only, May II, 1968 ^_ railllllllllllllEi I Enlttles you ID buy '^ Krogcr Grod* 'A* Lorgs . vV Kroger Jello Gelatin %oo< Coffee Creamer • i*« IM i«m 11-oz. Jar 59$ i»iii»i.iiiV elm. {/&, with this coupon and S5 ot larger ': additional puchase excluding tobacco. Good thiough Saturday Mo, II, 1968. White or Assorted Bathroom Tisjoe-wilh coupon in this ad l(r ' 9 " Campbell Perfect with peaches or strawberries. White Cloud 2-Roll Good fo» 7< towo'd pu'chon of WhiU or Atlortvd Uglhioom Tutu WHITE CLOUD ' (With lint coupon. Without thii coupon ..,26f j. Good thru Sal., May It, 1968. ' Pork n' Beans 6 ^$1 Alma Shoestring Potatoes Kroger Whole Green Beans 4 5 £ ans Kroger Cream Style Golden Corn Hunt Solid Pack Tomatoes Avondale *| M H • I III * I11 .4'^$! Sweet Peas 6 ;$1 ivroger Hamburger Slices Kosher Pickles ft Kroger Sweet Gherkins ]£' 39$ Kroger Hamburger Slices or No Garlic Dill Pickles O9$ JWEiiSgaSI! 4 100-ft. OOx Pkgs OOV Power 4 14-oz. Btls. $1 Nortk-m Facial Tissue 2 100-Ct. Aurora Tissue 4%'$] Detergent * ^ Trend liquid &\ Tomato Heinz Ketchup Kraft Regular, Hickory Smoked, B.B.Q. Sauce" 0 ! ^i:39$ Kroger Cinnamon Rolls Pillsbury Buttermilk Biscuits Sara Lee Pound Cake Birds Eye Cool Whip 3 r ,?88c Mandarin Oranges 4';,88C Kraft Jet Puff Marshmallows 4^$! Behold Furniture Polish ?c°a z n79( Johnson Jubilee Wax IO S79$ Mothers Day Flowers COMPUTE ASSORTMENT Hydrangeas pot $1.59 Chrysanthemums....pot 1.99 Azaleas pot 1.59 Caladiums pot 1.59 Geraniums pot 2.39 Waxed Paper Waxtex Foil Alcoa Wrap 3 ^ 88( Dog Show r Purina ICEBERG Lettuce Ffesh, crijp, tender—down to the tender heart. Head U.S. No. 1 Arkansas Fancy, Long, Golden Ears Yellow Corn 5 F. 49$ Long Green Cucumbers 2 For 25t Medium, New Crop Yellow Onions 3 29( Golden Crown, serves 4 people Instant Potatoes .....ft, 25$ Watermeloni for only onGieys'

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