Roanoke-Chowan Times from Rich Square, North Carolina on February 13, 1913 · Page 4
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Roanoke-Chowan Times from Rich Square, North Carolina · Page 4

Rich Square, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1913
Page 4
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I H K U t A N K It J t W A .nM t S, . f ti U Il-.l V, FEB tltf AB V 13 : .1 ) J T' taflke-loowati Tines: PUBLISHED fciVEKY THURSDAY. RY AMDRIW J. COM S BE. Entered at the Rich Square I'osioffice as Second Class mail matter. SUBSCRIPTION: M.ixt pel year in advance ADVERTISING RATliS: 50 cents an inch for first insertion, jolumn width. 15 cents an inch for each additional insertion without change f copy. Inducements offered for yearly contracts. RICH SQUARE. N. C. Feb. 13. 1913 The editor will not be responsible for the views or statements of correspondentsand reserves the right at all times to revise or reject any article he aiay think proper. One side, only, of the paper must be written on and the real name of the writer accompany the contribution. No tttention will be paid to anonymous -ommunications. New Advertisements. Fine Stock Aulander Live Stock & Supply Co. Play Postponed-M. F. H. Wanted Dept. 45. For Sale R. W. Fleetwood. Notice J. A. Davis, Reduction Sale Peek -Parker & Co. Low Prices Wyvnn Bros. For Sale U Vaughan. Sta'.emeot Beiiks of Rich Square, Woodland SIX MONTHS' SCHOOL TERM. Last week in discussing the bill to increase the number of judges and solicitors we expressed the opinion that no increase would be made by the present Legislature as there was no demand for it except from a small number of lawyers who want to fill the offices and no need j$ad been shown for the increase, but before the editorial was in print the Legislature passed tne bill and clinched it so no reconsideration c in be had at this session. That act will increase the bur et' n on th State and counties iitKMjt one hundred and twenty thousand dollars a year. For a Ion a: time there has been a strong, persistent and almoa universal demand for a six months' school term in every school district in the State. This demand has come from the rural communities, the State Farmers' Union, the Teachers' Assembly, the Junior Order, the Baptist State Convention, the North Carolina County Superintendents' Association and other civic and religious bodies. It seem to us this demand is irresistible. The only obtrude in the way is lack of fu d?, but if the Legislature can find a way to raise a large sum to pay additional high-salaried officers for which there has been no demand and no necessity shown, surely it can find a way not only to meet the universal demand for better school facilities for the country boy and girl, but can adequately provide for all of our other State educational institutions and take better care of our unfortunate poor, the insane, the blind, and the inmates of our Soldiers Home. Cotton Mills lor Panama. The National Assembly of Pan ama recently enacted a law to encourage cotton manufacturing in the Republic of Panama. The Executive is authorized to accord certain privileges to individuals or companies who formally make application therefor. Among these privileges is included the importation, free of all duty, for 10 years, of machinery destined exclusively for the manufacture of yarns (hilados) and tissues of cotton, and the free importation of primary materials for the same industry (cotton and hilaz as) so long as they are not produced in the country in quatiti ti.-d sufficient for the needs of manufactories. Subscribe to the Times. Woodland Mews. Rev. W. C Merritt preached a very helpful and inspiring sermon to a large audience at the Methodist church Sunday night. Mr. Lonnie Perry of Colerain visited in our town Friday and Sundav. Mr and Mrs. Horace Futrell, who recently returned from New York, spent Saturday night and Sunday in the home of Mr. Paul Purvis. Mr. Charles Copeland of Eagle town visited relatives here Sun day. The Medal Contest Droved quite a success. All the contest ants deserve much credit but the lucky one was Miss Vester Ben-thall. Miss Beatrice Futrell of Ash ley's Grove began school here Monday. Mr. R. C Benthall is still in the West buying horses and mules. He writes home that he will return the last of the week with the best car-load of horses and mules that has ever been seen in this section. Misses Ruth Dowell of Lasker and Ethel Futrell of Jackson accompanied Miss Lillian Pope to her home here Friday. They re turned Sundav afternoon. Several from here attended the funeral services of Mrs. H. U. Griffith, at Menola, Sundav afternoon. Mis3 Mary Ella Copeland visited in the home of Mr. W. J. Jessup at George Saturday night and Sunday. Messrs. Ralph Parker of Las ker, George Gilliam and Harry Boyce of Rich Square were callers in the home of Mr. G. B. Pope Sunday afternoon. Mr. 5 P. Griffin and family have moved to their beautiful home near the Baptist church. We gladly welcome these good people to our town. Don't forget Miss McNemar's recital Friday evening, Feb. 14 This promises to be one of the most enjoyable occasions of the season. Everybody come and lets enjoy Valentine together. After the entertainment the Bar-acas and Philatheas of the Baptist church -will serve refresh ments of various kinds, in the school rooms which will be beautifully decorated for the occa sion. We hope no one will leave without partaking of these delicacies which will be in abundance. A booth will be arranged in one of the rooms, where souvenirs of the evening will be sold. Don't leave without securing one. Doors will be opened at 7:30. Admission 25 and 15 cents. Mr. R. B. Benthall and Miss Helen Futrell attended services at Potecasi Sunday morning. Rev. 0. L. Stringfield will give a lecture in the Baptist church here Thursday night in the interest of the Anti-Saloon League oi North Carolina. A large crowd is expected to attend this lecture The Literary Society will hold its regular meeting Saturdy night on account of the Recital Friday night. Rev. J. W. Downey went io Norfolk Tuesday on business. Miss Jessie Griffin is suffering of LaGrippe this week. Miss Dayloe spent from Friday until Monday in her home near Aulander. Mr. and Mrs, W. J. Griffin visited in Menola Sunday. Mr. R. R Benthall is in Norfolk this week on business. For-Sale, Fine Jersey Cow. - Now giving two gallons of milk a day on light feed. Milk very rich. Will make from four to six pounds of butter a week. Expected to drop calf in May. U. Vaughan, Adnir. of Mary E Vauirhan. Murfrecsboro, ' C. Potecasi News Rev. L. A. Parker , filled his regular appointments nere Satur day and Sunday, giving able sermons to large and appreciative audiences. Mrs. Rebecca Futrell left Monday for Roxobet where she a ill spend some time with her daugh ter, Mrs. J. F Cale. Mr. T. H. Hart has sold his home here. He will take his children with him to Gates, where he has recently married. . Mr. Grady Parker is on tne sick list this week; also Mrs. W. J. Baugham. Mrs. J. B. Johnson spent Thurs day and Friday in JacKson with her sister, Mrs. Burnett. Dr. C. G. Powell soent a portion of last week with his Pro t tiers, Messrs. J. M. and J B. Pow ell, of Franklin. He also went to Suffolk on business. Mr. J. R. beale and son, Mr. Lee Beale, spent Monday with Mrs. J. B. Vick of Conway. . Mrs. C. W. Draper of George spent the week end with her mother, Mrs. J. R. beale. Miss Maggie S. Baugham, who haa been up in Caswell countv teaching, is exptcteJ home tn s week. Mrs. E. C. Parker returned to her home in Menola Wednesday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Harre.l spenc Sunday and Monday in Severn with Mr. and Mrs. J. H. S. Britt. Mrs Fannie Baugham mill move into the Hart homers soon ps it is vacated. Mr. Zeb Baugham of this place who is clerking netr St John:, spent Sunday with his 'mother here. Report of the Condition of The Bank of Rich Suuare, at Rich Square, in the State of North Carolina, at the close of business 4th day of Feb., 1913. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts $92,818 00 Overdrafts secured 888.24 Banking bouses,$l,575.00;fur- niture and fixtures, $906.26 2 481.26 Due from Banks and Bankers 47,361.13 Cash items 472.38 Cold coin 453.50 Silver coin, etc 678.09 Nat'l bank & other I J. S. notes 612.00 Total $145,764 60 LIABILITIES Capital stock paid in $10,000.00 Surplus fund 10,000.00 Undivided profits, less current - ex: enses and taxes paid 2,397.80 Dividends unpaid 31.50 Time certificates of deposit 16,630.00 Deposits subject to check 74,531.66 SavingB deposits 24,953.66 ashier's checks outstanding 7.219.98 Total $145,764.60 State of North Carolina, County of Northampton, ss: I, M. L. Martin, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. M. L. Martin, Cashier. Correct Attest: J. T. Bolton, J. W. Weaver, James E Smith, Directors. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 4th day of February, 1912. L. H. Martin, Notary Public. My commission expires March. 24, 1913. Executor's Notice to ... Creditors Having qualified before the clerk of the Superior court of Northampton county, North Carolina, a the Exi cu tnx of the last Will and Testament of the late w. T. Stephenson of the said county, this is to notify all persons in debted to his estate to make prompt settlement with me, and all persons holding claims against the estate of the said w, T. Steprtenson will present them to me at Garysburg, N. c. duly verified on or before the 31st day of January, 1914, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery, This the 30th day of January, 1913. EUNICE L. STEPHE SON, Executrix of w. T. Stephenson, I Gay & Midyette, Attorneys, We offer the New York World thrte time ti wfek arm ihr Kuan OKK-CHOWAN TlMKS ill! one year for'Sl 0 'i'1 "f dew ri'lliPCriP- III..- 1 THE WHITE WYANHOTTES NOW FOR 8ALR Rhode Island Reds Rose Comb. Pure Bred I have for sale a few Cockerels April and May hatched. The Reds are the best all purpose fowls. I have also a few Barred Plymouth Rock Cockerels same age as above. Now is your chance. First order gets first choice. Price, R- I- Reds, $1.25 each. Plymouth Rock, $1.00. U G. POWELL, Potecasi, N C Notice. Road and School Taxes. I will be at the following places on the dates named belrw for the purpose of collecting the one dollar road tax in lieu of three days work. I will also collect school tax from who have not paid. Those who owe any of these taxes will please meet and pay. This is the final limit. The law will be enforced after these appointments. Jackson, Feb. 3, March 1. Gumberry, . Feb. 5. Seaboard, " 1 and & Lasker. Feb. "7. Rich Square. " 8. Creeksville, " 11. Potecasi, " 12. Woodland, " 13. W. E. Futrell's " 13. (night.) New Town, " 14. Conway, " 15. Rehoboth, "18. Margarettsville. " 20 Pendleton, " 21. Severn, " 22. Pleasant Hill. " 25. Thomas Store. " 26. Vultare. " 27. Garysburg, " 28. Privilege and bank stock tax will also be received. HlNTON L. JOYNER, Sheriff & Special Tax Collector. January 20, 1913. Notice. Sale of Land. Under and by virtue of authority conferred upon me as trustee in a certain deed of trust executed by L. L. DeLoatch, W J. DeLoatch and wife Rachel DeLoatch, Rebecca DeLoatch and Francis DeLoatch, on the 2nd day of February, 1912, to me as trustee, which is recorded in the Register of Deeds office in book 142 at page 84, having been made in the paj -ment of the note-therein secured and at the request o.' the bolder of said not". 1 will on Monday, the 3rd day of March, 1913, at or about 12 o'clock M. offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash at the court house door in Jackson, N C, that one certain tract or parcel of land situated in Northampton coun y. Wiccscanee Township, State of North Carolina and described as fol ows: Bounded on the north by the lands . of G. T. Revelle, on the east by the land of Jack Johnson and Mary Wa'snington tract, and on the West hy J E. Piland land and containing forty-six acres more ir less and being the same land conveyed by G. T Revel e to Auther DeLoatch which dVed is recorded in Register of Deed office for said county in book 113 at page 240, This Jan. 31st, 1913, Raymond G Parker, Trustee. FIRST SPRING For Now Ladies, while the weather choice of the newest and best things the Northern markets can get out. Never in the history of Rich Square, or any other country & 1 I 1 l . t a 1 . I . r tuwu, u uiicic cm urau buuii vuuipicie auu u-wiBM3 hub ui urvaa Goods been shown. 1 have a most beautiful line of Flouncings and Banding to match for your white dresses, which will be one of the leading things for spring, and with my line of Embroidered and Bordered Voile and Mexican Drawn Work Raltine and all styles of Silks and Messahns to go with them, how can any lady say that she can't find the newest things at John Baughams? II can snow you a Moft Complete Line of Ginghams, Linens arid Piques and the Striped Ratines for your Jacket or one piece Suits. USee my line of Linens, Crashes and the biggest and prettiest line of Drapery Goods that can be shown. See the Hemstitched Stenciled Scieens and also the plain for stenciling. Now ask to see my Hue of Druggets and Bugs. A nice Matting Drusnrett f.r $2 61) and Velvet Brussels for $10. to $18 00. Now start out with , our spring business and come to see my line and I will prove to you that this s the place and time tor you io buy while everything is new and yot. can get your choice. Kvery Department is full and ready for vour inspection, and yet J. have souoe Special Bargains in Men's and Ladies' Suits and a few more Cloaks. Come out aad I will do my best to meet with your approval in all ways. .Yours to please. JOHN BAUGHAM NEW BRICK STORE. North State Phone No. My machine will meet all South down Phone me. DON T 7uin YOUR SIGHT SET THEPROPER. GLASSES IT DON'T PAY to jog along, eyes. That pain when reading or most valuable asset is in danger. It may be only a temporary ailment, which can be treated, and permanently cured without the aid of glassess. If ro. we will tell you and it won't cost you a cent for the ex amination And if you require glasses our expert optician will tit your e.ves perfectly, at a most reasonable cost. Our advice to you is don't delay come today sure. Futrell & Worrell, uare' THE ROANOKE-CHOWAN TIMES AND THE PROGRESSIVE FARMER One Year Only $1.50. Send your subscriptions to this office. 1913 is cool and pleasant and you want to Rich Square, N. C. Bound Trains, if you will come giving little or no heed to your afterwards, is the warning that vour'

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