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The Yellow-Jacket from Moravian Falls, North Carolina • Page 1

The Yellow-Jacketi
Moravian Falls, North Carolina
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'-v -i 'J -i- Widest JPaid Bipctstation i 6f any papept Published, 25 cis a Year our Monro, the ONE FLAG, ONE SCHOOL, ONE PEOPLE, 1 NOW AND FOREVER SAVE OUR SCHOOLS WITH YOUR BALLOT OUR AIM, TO SV7AT OARS AND LEECHES, HYPOCRITES HUMBXJGS, A DASTARDS VOL. XXL MORAVIAN FALLS, NORTH CAROLINA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 5, J9I5. AW ii ti I .71 I TO THE PROTESTANT CLERGY u.vo i lyui lie; i cuucis Special Low lssIb During these dull times and until further notice, we hare decided ta accept subscriptions to "The Yellow Jacket at the special low price of TEN CENTS per year when sent in clubs bf ten or more at and 15 cents a year when, sent in clubs of less than ten at a time. Wemake this special low rate in order to help spread the Gospel ot Political Righteousness as taught by this paper. Now we cordially invite every American Patriot who reads this notice to make it his business to proceed at once to get up a club and send in before next issue.

Begin this very hour. Remember today Is the day of salvation in more ways than one Now let every blessed refaler do his duty- and let's make The Yellow Jacket the greatest little paper on the globe. Please do not send stamps. Address THE YELLOW JACKET, MORAVIAN FALLS, N. The Unpardonable Sin Once upon a Friday cherry, sick of prunes and of beans weary to a restaurant I hurried, 'feeling would have some chops.

I was tired of eating pancake mackerel and Salmon beefsteak, Friday fish, with Holy Water and the: other kinds of slops. As into the room rambled, and a joy within 1 me gamboled, to a seat I lightly ambler tripping gently o'er the floor. "Waiter" auoth yelling loudly, as4 he sauntered to me proudly, and he listened for my order, 'bring me in a mutton chop. Cook it well-in home-made butter, let It fry. and blaze and splutter, till it drips in rich red gravy, I would eat of meat once more.

And the waiter, always dreaming, straightway brought the chop a-steaming, mutton I chop like of which I'd never seen before. Little recked I of the morrow, doing penance for my sorrow, when I'd have to pay the "Father" to eradicate my sin For my system had a craving, notwithstanding the Pope's 4 raving against eating meat on tho he drinks booze by the tin. As I started in to eating, eyes aglow and proud- heart beating, suddenly there came a clatter from the restaurant front door. With much noise and clash and clatter, frequent- hiccoughs and loud chatter, in there walked a Holy Father, almost sprawling on the floor. "Waiter (hie) bring me a bottle, and be sure that it has got all thJe ingredients of Benedictine, Monastery beer and booze.

One more beer, and then another and some more 1quick, lest I smother let me drink until it runs into my pockets and my shoes. As the Holy Father gabbled and upon his priest-gown drabbled bits of sandwiches and fishes like drunk, Holy Fathers do, suddenly he saw me eating, and without a word of greeting, forthwith at me madly dashing full into a) rage flew: "Ignominious dog and -heathen, Friday's not the day nor season to eat meat, and well you know it, come and my Big Toe adore! You may rob and kill and pillage every creature in, the village, slash your wife's throat and commit all sorts of sins and crimes galore I forgive with my indulgence, give halp a refulgence, and you can go out into -the world and blithely. sin some more. But in eating meat oh Friday, you had better choked and died a criminal like Judas or the thieves that swung; upon the tree. Its the one sin that's unpardoned; it's sure proof that you're sin-hardened; drunkenness is mere diversion, priestly pastime in high glee.

Why a priest may ruin a and atone in Holy Water, and drown the mem'ry of the act, quaffing Monastery beer." Then (the priest arose and staggered out the door and on he swaggered, as he reeled from post to corner, looking thru vhis red eyes blear. He a1 god and a sinner; I -the loser, he the winner, ust because I made nrydinnrdf flesh meat instead of beer. Then I cursed his pagan tea ching, and from now henceforth I'm preaching doctrines of jfree Christian worship of the God that I adore. And that priest is no more creeping where my wife and daughter's sleeping, and this bachelor's name is mentioned at my residence ne'ermbre. Now reread The Yollbw 1 Jacket, boost its cause and with subs back it, and my family gets clubs for it, as we'll do forevermore.

"Almost unanimously the Protest- ant churches line I un to nUiAa. religious teaching from the daily education of the h- pp (and arch-liar) Glennon, in a statement made on Sunday, Ju ne 20th, 1915, and quoted in Western Watchman, June 24th. 1915- naW A 1 .1 i --o- I ituuitui cttxiuiic i xduerarcny has opposed the i reading I of the Bible and the Lord's -Prayer in the public schools in practically every State in the Union, and has forded Illinois and other states Bible reading in public criminal offense. to make schools a v-'-'Ja'jj. vauioiics) owe rrtn to the Pope jin! purely temporal matters." Priest Noll in uur ounaay lsitor, Bureau of (mis) July 11, 1915 page 3, cox 6.

i "All, from far and near, who o-fess themselves sons of the Roirian jPontiff, rightly demand a guarantee that the common Father i of all should be, and should be seen to he, perfectly free from ALL POWER in the administration of his apostolic, office." Pope Benedict Xr, First Encyclocal Letter, issued Nov. 1st, 1914. i "Tell us we think more of he Church than we doof the Uni States of course, we Tell us we are Catholics first and! Americans or Englishmen afterwards; of course we are. Tell us, in the conflict beteween the church and he civil government, we take the de of the church; of course i we io. To hell with the government of United States.

The Roman Cathc lie Church is everything to all the Catholics of the fworld; they renounce all nationalities where (there is a question of loyalty to her. They say we are uatnoiics Americans decidedly first afterward. There is no doubt about it. NVe are Catholics first and love the church more than we love any uhd all the governments ofj the wo ld. Why is the Pope such a tremendous power? Why, the Pope is lie ruler of the world.

All; the emperors, all tha i kings, all the princes, all the presidents of the world today are a these altar boys mine. The Pone is the ruler of of the world." Priest IX Sw Phelan, thHe times blessed and approved by three Popes, in a sermon preached June 30, 1912, in St. Louis. "I am the representative I of God on earth." Pope Benedict XV, tc a representative of Liberte Paris, quoted and approved by the Western Catholic Watchman, June 24, 1915, page 10, col. 1.

i 1 "You should sdbmit to the doctrines of the Church, even i at the cost of sacrificing political principles." Statement of John Bozano, Archbishop and Apostolic Deleglate to the U. the highest representative of the Pope in this coumry, in a letter to Thos. J. Carey, 320 Cottage Texas, re plying to Mr. Carey's letter dated June 10, 1912.

I "No, it is, not true. The Pabal delegate represents the Pope only in matter spiritual. He has Ino standing with the government and i i fit was not; intended that; he shjonld nave." Pnest Noll in answer to I a question as to whether the Romish Church maintains an embassy (at Washington. I i And The Yellov Jacket asserts that every man that is not as blind as a bullbat knows that Rome a complete embassy at Washington, with political headquarters and lobbyist priests, who keep the pathway hot to the White House. They forced the Navy Chaplaincy bill; they forced the veto of theliteracy test of the immigration I bill; and they lobbied the Indian school appropriations and a thousand other papal schemes too numerous and wellknown to mention, Catholic Church seeks no favors, wants nothing for her chil dren which she would not equally want non-Catholics to have." Priest Noll in this same department of misinformation, July, 11, issue of Our Sunday Visitor.

1 The adult who would advance such a bald falsehood at this late day ought to be scoured for intellectual hollowhorn and bored for the simples. "Outside the Catholic Church, when a man dies, bury him like you would bury a I dog. Don't talk about the future life is ended the tomb is all that is left Priest D. S. Pliejlan, Western Watchman, May 27, 19l5, page 19, col.

2. j. "Not one, not even one, gets salvation outside of Lateran Council. "Not one iwho is not in the Roman Catholic Church, shall ever partake of -life eternal." Pope innocent III in his "Profession of Faith" demanded of the Waldenses; Pope Eugeniu IV, in the Bull Cantate Domina Pope tlregory XVI, aad Pope' Pius IX, in August 1864 Encyclical repeat this pfonunciamento. These are but afew of the official utterances.

Every reader of The Yellow Jacket knows how Jesuit Private Secretary Tumulty has forced Masons; G. A. R. veterans, Protestants and other non-Catholics out of government-positions to make room (for Knights "of I Columbus toe-bussers, Roman Catholic law-breakexs and anti-American religious high-binders. Bishop Burt says that two Methodists were discharged from their positions in the government printing office, that they joined the Catholic Church and were immediately reinstated in their offices.

The frantic efforts of Knights of Columbus' Congressmen Gallivan, Mah-er ail dV-Fitzgerald to exclude Protestant newspapers from the U. S. mails is known to everybody. Everybody knows that because Protestant' Wei. Black wanted to exercise his constitutional right of free speech he was killed by Catholic Knights of Columbus.

Catholic books, magazines and perodicals are freely admitted to- public libraries where Protestant literature is barred by Roman Catholic managers. For instance the works of Sidney CL Tapp which are decidedly anti-Papal have been boycotted by the Ronian "Beast." Copies of patriotic papers exposing Roman rottenness (Continuedon page 3, col. 2.) OF AMERICA. This is the day of salvation. The time has come when you must save not only yourselves, but the Protestant religion which you and your chnrches profess.

You are the leaders in religious thought in America. Are you keeping abreast of the times? Are you posting yourselves as you should, to cope with the intrigues of the Romish clergy? Do you realize that Papal supremacy in this country means the destruction of tree worship, and the annihilation of your own church? Do you know that the Roman Catholic representatives in this country designate Protestantism as "a murderous hag slowly dying of congenital rottenness and corruption?" Do you approve by your silent indifference, the official characterization that Priest IPhelan, the American mouthpiece of the last three Popes, has gtFen Protestants, in declaring to I the American Catholics that "The men who openly profess themselves Protestants are a disgrace to our common humanity?" Do you propose to submit in silence to such insults and slurs, while the Jesuit jugglers and Romish Hierarchy deliberately plot the destruction of the life-work hi which you are engaged? It is incomprehensible to me that Protestant preachers, in face of all that Rome has heaped upon them and their religion, can kmger re-main silent, and I am glad to say that many have spoken from their pulpits in no uncertain tones. For two years I have been making the fight for Protestantism and freedom of; conscience and- constitutional worship in this I have borne threats, rebuffs, plots, boycott, official handicap and everything else that the hellish Hierarchy could heap on me in their futile effort- to -put my paper out of the United States mails. I have amassed a collection of startling facts about Romanism which I have published in my Anti-Catholic Dictionary which leave absolutely no room for doubt in the mind of any reasoning man. With this book available at only 50 cents, there is absolutely no excuse, for any man's remaining in ignorance of the plans and purposes of Rome.

I Yet in spite" of all this, frequently I read of half-baked Protestant clergymen who rise in their pulpits and endorse Roman CathoM ioism- deliberately deceiving their congregations. The day lor Romish truckling is past. Protestantism must either defend itself against the aggressions of Roman, Catholicism or suffer the consequences of its sleepy apathetic indifference. God forbid that! the Protestant preachers shall ever be gagged in free America. Men, in the name of humanity.

I call on Read The yon to take a stand. Yellow Jacket. It has never misstated the facts Read my Anti-Catholic Dictionary. Then, if you are still unconvinced, all I have to say is that records reeking in the blood of helpless innocence have ceased to fir the zeal of the Protestant followers of Luther, Huss, Calvin and Wesley, as they did of yore. i R.

DON LAWS. PROTESTANT I MARRIAGES A SIN. Priest Phelan wrote an editorial in his Western Watchman of June 24th, 1915, about the marriage of a Catholic to a Protestant wife and said: "The test! came when, the first child) was born. How have it baptized in the Catholic Church without' having that unlawful mar riage rectified?" (A marriage a Protestant Church', remember.) "There was a joint visit to be made to the priest, a public confession of wrong-doing, and perhaps a second marriage ceremony. The young man lacked the courage and put the matter off.

The Protestant wife did not want her I child brought up a heathen and insisted on its being baptized. The poor Catholic" husband consented on the theory that the Protestant religion was better than jio religion atall. Other children came! and they too, were baptized Protestants. The burden of sin now bearing on. the young Catholic man became so heavy that it crushed out all his Catholic manhood and he 'gave up his religion in despair." Any sane man that cannot understand that; ought to be bored for the simples.

The next time a Catholic tells youj that Rome does not regard Protestant marriage legal read him Priest-Phelan's official utterance' and ask him if he thinks you are a copper-riveted fool. "GREAT AXD WOJDERFUL BOOK." Rev. W. B. Abernethy, A.

M. D. ex-President; Of Rutherford College, and the most eloquent pulpit orator in Southern Methodism, says: "I have examined Laws' Anti-Catholic Dictionary. 1 1 think itis great, wonderful in every respect, and ought to, have an enormous ale," Sermon whether sex hygiene or eugenics shall be taught in our public schools, not; whether our next president shall be a Republican or a Democrat for no matter how important these, or any other like problems that are at; present agitating the public mind may be, they all pale into utter insignificance beside that supremely vital and memento us question of WIIETHER OR NOT AMERICA SHALL USE MADE ALL CATHOLIC. This Is the issue, and upon this issue we, as American citizens, must assert ourselves.

The command has gone out from Rome where our Lord' God the Pope, the Infallible Father of the Vatican, sits in papal "splendor as the vice-scrent of Jesus Christ upon earth. He has issued the order that as this country was discovered by a loyal son of the "true church" it belongs to them byj right of discovery and consequently, they have tolerated, the obnoxious presence of the cursed heretics altogether too long. These Dago Popes apparently would have us forget that Christopher Columbus not only NEVER discovered America, but that he was not a Catholic but a heretic. It makes little difference to them how well it is known that good old Christopo Columbo was a Jew and a Mason. Just as they crucified Jesus, who was a Jew, and then made him their God, whom they (Continued on page 4, col.

3.) Our Lay Text: "I do not pretend to be a prophet. But though not a prophet, I see a very dark cloud on our horizon. That dark cloud is coming from Rome. It is filled with tears of blood. It will rise and increase till its flanks wilT be torn by a flash of Hghtnmg, followed by a.

fearful peal of thunder. Then a cyclone, such as the world has never seen will pass over the country, spreading ruin and desolation from north Jo south. After it is over, there will be long days of peace and prosperity; for popery with its Jesuits and merciless inquisition, will have been forever swept away' from our country. Neither I you, but our children will see these things." ABRAHAM LINCOLN. FELLOW PATRIOTS: This sermon is addressed to those who still possess a drop of ricn, red blood-in their veins: in whose heart still beats a throb of patriotism, and who still believe- that it is not TOO LATE to tear the mask from the "Beast of the Tiber" who is attempting to make this country Catholic i We will not attempt to mince matters for a single moment, but will strike straight ifrom the shoulder, and TELL THE TRUTH regardless of whom it may; hurt.

Fellow Patriots: There Is one really vital issue before' the American people today; not whether votes shall be given to women; not OlltM feceied I A Patriotic Arsenal of Facts that Fall on Political Romanism Like Bombs from an Aeroplane. The One Book Eyery Protestant Kecds. -m -mrr trr A I i nr JI i 1 Wanted. Book Ton Have Alrrays Volume. Answers Rome's Questions Ac-(es ybu to Combat Every Romish Argu A Complete Library in One curately and Historically.

Enah ment with a Knock-out Quotation from Romish I Teachers themselves. Alphabetically Arranged.1 No Trpuble to Find What You Want. No Li Matter What Otner J500kS xou iiaye, jcour jjiorary is noi ujmpieie witn-out This Anti-Catholic Masterpiece; i i What Cardinal Gibbons' "Faith of Our Fathers" is to Roman Catholics FLAWS' ANTI-CATHOLIC DICTIONARY AND PROTESTANT HANDBOOK is to Protestant Patriots. A Million copies of Gibbons'! book were distributed, and I have prepared a book that completely annihilates Cardinal Gibbons' subtle Jesuit arguments, and leaves Roman Catholicism not one leg to stand on. And I want every subscriber to iThe Yellow Jacket to buy this book.

It is worth ten times as much to you as The Yellow Jacket and will cost only fifty cents. Don't send stamps. For' -tvo years I have been preparing this; volume to meet the needs of Protestants1 for a concise complete volume of material covering every attitude of Roman Catholic dogma and political pretense. As i editor and publisher of The Yellow Jacket with its more than three million readers every issue, I have received thousands of questions covering every moot-edi point of the Roman Catholic Church. I answer fhem all in this book.

Politics, history, religion" convents, and the papal, Jesuit and other oaihs are completely exposed. Every feature of Roman Catholicism, from Constantino and John VTI the Woman Pope, down to Benedict XV, the latest Vice-Gerent, made plain to everybody. Every! page a mine ofl information concisely and tersely stated in trenchant Y. J. style.

And take it from me: You'll i be more than pleased with this Great Book. I made it expressly to supply your need to put the Hierarchy to Flight. The Price of this book is 50 cents by mail postpaid. Please don't send stamps. Send orders to I 71 Red-Hot Republican Monthly Moravian Fjalls, C.

Every Republican in the United States who wants to see the G. O. go under the wire in ,1916 should read The Rascal Whipper. The current isssue ought to put ten thousand Wilson Democrats on the mourners? bench'before Dog Days are over. Put a little Rascal Whipper dope on a Democrat and he hikes off down the pike like a stray dog with a tin can tied to his tail.

The Rascal Whipper simply eats 'em alive without pepper. salt or seasoning. The Whipper's normal Republican temperature at birth in 1914 was 200 in the shade and it has 1 been getting hotter every issue since. Subscription 25 cents per year. In clubs 20 cents.

No stamps takeni. Send for a bundle of sample copies and watch the Dems climb trees andr howl for mercy. The Rascal Whipper, lloraiiaa Falls, i i A. 1 R. DON LAWS, The Yellbw' Jacket, Moravian Falls, N.

C. As a special inducement to get this book in the hands of every patriot The Yellow Jacket vouches for the reliabty of The Rancal, Don Laws, Editorof The Yellow Jacket. I rwill send The 'Yellow! Jacket for one year and a copy of tne nrst edition of this great book to" erverV person sending lae cents within the next 20 Please dont send stamps, I 'i If. -Vc.

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