Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 2, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1944
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Vol. LXVIII, No. 206 ' 'A Progressive Newspaper iFor a Progressive Community'' WEATHER Fair Tonight. Cooler Full Report On Page S ESTABLISHEDTSST SATURDAY^SEPTEMBEK 2,1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cent! American 3rd Army Ready for Plunge Into Germany Naugatuck Soldier Meets Grandmother He Had Never "' ; 7 Seen In Town In Italy Nazis In Flight As Yanks Drive To German Border Sergeant Louis J. Vitiello Of Hill Street Tells Of . Happening- On War Front Meeting his grandmother, whom he had often henrcl about but hod never seen was the big thrill of the war to diitr- for Sergeant Technician Louis J. Viticllo of Hill street, .nor. of Mrs. Santa Viticllo, who was stationed foe a time In Italy. Sorsit'iinc Vitlollo met his grandmother. Airs. Madeline Tramoxxl, K se.iiili-nt of San Giovanni, a small town near Rome. Italy, and spent u throe-clay furlough at her home, nml »t:itus that It was one of the rnos'. joyous occasions of his life. Ttu> local soldier who is with nn Army troop nir carrier eo'mman hits tnki-n r>»rt In the Invasions o .Normandy mid southern Franc and is now hack In England. Mrs. Vitirllo stated today thti .ih,- had left Italy in 151-1 and ha rc>t si'i'n her mother since tht time. The lute father of tho soldlc visitrd Italy several years ago nn told Mrs. Vitiello that her mothc was still living- and gave her th name of rho town, SoiXfiint Vitiello, then u studen in S';iugatuck high school re uii'tuhorcd the conversations aboti li:s grandmother and her famll> ami nn arriving near Rome som wi'i'ks ago wrote her for the ad dress. On one of his furloughs th liieiil soldier walked 18 miles to San Giovanni, which Is located noai I-lome but has been practlcall} wiped out by nrtlllcry fire nnc l>oni))inpt;H, The bddge across the river nn the outskirts of the town wan blown up-'ti'nd ,th'e local soldier was forced to wade across. An rldf.'t'ly woman .sitting on a |>orch of n house nearby asked tho soldier, who cim speak Italian what he WHH doing thero, so he sat down nnd fid h?r ho-way looking foe hl.s grandmother's hou.'-e. and told her name. The woman knew Mrs,'. TcomoKXl and cllrccli-rl the loc.'il resident to tho address, where tho aged woman Is Jiving with hi'f daughter. Notice In accordance with the usual custom, there will bo no mifolicatiuu of Tho >i T auyat.uck J)aily News, next ^Monday, Labor Day, 4. (Continued on Pago 8) Naugatuck Soldier Sends His Thanks From Post In Burma f. F. C. Arthur Taylor, Jr., son 'T Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Taylor of NprinK street, writes to The .N'cws fr'>ru I'.urma, to state that he h:iw ri"?i-n;ly rfcnivecl a leather mern- or.-indum hook, the gift of the pif/'^r, ;md to express .his appre- tiMion Tfir it. f'- !•'. C. Taylor states the lim.k will In very handy fo.r ki.'i'fiinK the; addresses of present nnd f'iniior buddies, and also U> j«,' down notes of happenings in tin- war /one where ho is stu- ii<m(r<(. Tlic local soldier writes that ho hits U-:n ri-ceivinj,' copies of The ^'ows i-ck'ularly up until a short '»'i« HK«, hut lately the mall Into '•"i-ma liiis fnllun off quite a bit, Town Hall Work Is Approved rire Marshal Hickey's Office (X K.'s Plans And Sketches Of Mr. Moeckel Although Statu Fire Marshal Edward J. Hickry was not present at th<v conference a'. Hartford on Friday, officials of his office up- provod preliminary plans nnd sketches of proposed safety changes in the Naugatuck Town Hall building,, drawn up by Henry Moeckol, Sr., , local architectural engineer ..and presented by Warden GREAT BRITAIN Yanks Already Are Within Artillery Range Of Nazi Homeland; Germans Admit Belgium May Be Invaded Soon How French Found Toulon With tin; American Third Army in a race through northern Fruncc to reach Germany before tile mauled Gorman force*; can innii the rusty Siegfried lino that guards the Nazi frontier, tin: pace of the war In France Is running- twice as fuxt ax when the Jlitlor hordes conquered France four years ngo. 'Arroww show the direction of the drives that may soon brine an end to hostilities with the Germans.. (International) '. No Rush To Get Out Of Town Anticipated Over Labor Day Weekend Leo'J. Brophy, .When Wat-don"" Moeckel reached Hartford on Friday they found that Fire Marshal Hlckey wa.i out of town and the meeting was held with the architectural engineer of hi* office, n Mr. RuthcrCordiunrJ Captain Styles of the State Police, also attached to that 'office , Mr. Moeckel submitted a resume of the work on the Town Hall nilldinfc that he has done in thc iast two week*, gave detailed in- crpretfilions of the structural ketches of the building and told f various tc.sts he had made of arious points. A resume of the electrical wiring of the building was also presented at the meeting, it was said. Thc state officials indicated tha Mr. Moeckel was proceeding the right lines In all fields in con nuction with his work'on-the (Tuild ing. Another meeting with Fire Marshal Hickcy may not be ncccs sary before the work Is completed and estimates on tho safely changes arc sought from thc firm of W. J. Mcgin. Inc., Warden Brophy indicated today. Largest Local Plant In Operation On Holiday Is Apparent Reason" • A largo exodus'of'local residents over Labor Lay week-end does not scorn in thc offing, as a report from the tlckel, office at the New Haven Railroad; here said that there has Jiot been nny unusual sale of tickets..A slight rush, though, was expected later today. The fact lhat thc U. S. Rubber Co., thc leading employer of personnel in the borough, will, operate on Monday, along with several other plants, seems to bo the' reason for the unusually low,sale at this holiday time. Local stores will close for the day, and Ihe library, banks, and the municipal offices will also observe .the holiday with a suspen- Mrs. May Hauser Sees Husband, SPnsoiiierlOf War Mrs, May Hauser, 39 Central avenue, has returned to Nnupaluck after visiting 'In. WHlinmsport, Ponn., with her husband, Pfc. Max Hauser, who recently returned to this country after being in. an Italian prison camp for 21 months Pfc Hausor, captured in North Africa, December 10, 1942, -was -hemp- flown to a German camp; when' the p'.ane was forced down. He was* then hclci at *n Italian camp in Sicily. Ur.dcr oath, Pfc.' Hauser could not divulge how he got back to the LATE. . . SLOAN'S STATEMENT Husband Of Local Woman Reported Missing In Action promptness it did a r c w Tnylor states thai It Is pri-at to rt-ad all about the horn l"wn when one Is so many thous J'nrls ,,,t fniic-t nu'ay, and he tol lo ^'s all the local doinjrs and Hlgl »cPooi a n(! other 'amatour sports •'"['ponuips with a grca dealt of lntO!',;l{.. ..His fiddress Is Headquarters .n,i Ord. Battalion. A, P. O, 680 'ustmaster, Nuv, . '„',-''• C;LI '« of .I "ork, .N, Y. The Czar Started Monroe Thinking A decree by the ban- "liK fishing around Alaska. t^cn Russian territory, wns V"! Iittli; incident that started .f.'imo.x Monroe, Oth U. ' S, ^resident, thinking and led to n '« woctrinf. xivu-nlng agpres- •iors awny f,. om thc Aniorlcoa. ''»>• UVir Bonds regulttrly lru ' hfl cl< lip this principle, 30 'niportnnt to our freedom nnd *''fety. A llttU. News Want Ad, »"ni'in ff !t (, tlyct . fot , somc '"tic OH you no longer need, rH, - lp y°" rntsc bond cnsh. Phone 222S " n »y War Urmds l''i>r Your Frppdom" According to a War Department telegram to Mrs. Constance D. JtjrosK, 3 Frcorrjnn Jane, yesterday, her husband Pfc. John Jarosz has been missing in action since August 15, .somewhere in France. Thc telegram stated that more information will be sent as soon HS it Is available. It is believed he was taking part in operations in Southern Franco, us he was previously stationed In Italy. In this last letter dated August 8. Pfc. Jarosx. .said he. was expecting to move again, but did not figure on going- to France. Pfc. Jarosx, who is in the field artillery, la a veteran of the North African and Italian campagins, taking part in Anuio beachhead actions in the latter. In the service since May 10, 1942, he was sent overseas August 22, 1D"I3. Prior to his entrance into the service, he was employed by the Cooper Oven Thermometer Co. of Tcrryvillc, His parents. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph" Jarosz live in Pcquabuck, Conn. sion of business. ,, -, , „ » , .-. — . United States—whether he was an ihc ration board will open in the ; exchange prisoner— 'whether'he es- daytimc but will not conduct any capcd, or whether he was liberated business m the evening; Thc post upon the arrival of the Allies in Los 'Angeles,. Sept. 2—CUP)— Alfred Sloan—president of General Motors—says his vnst'organ- ization can convert to peacetime 'production.,in four .months. -But, he "adds, another two -months-will be required to reach maximum efficiency. He lists thc reconver- sion cost at $75,000,000 He prc-. diets about 75 per cent of the war, workers now employed by the automobile concern can be kept on in the postwar period. oOo SHORTEST DISTANCES When French troops occupied Toulon, France, they found only the hulls of sunken ships in the harbor, a reminder of the. scuttling of France's fleet by the late Admiral Darlan. Allied engineers arc working to clear the harbor. U. S. Signal Corps Radiophoto. (International) Honesty Of Naugatuck News Carrier Leads To Solution Of $4,370 Theft P< office will remain open un'.il noon, although no deliveries in town or tho rural districts wlil .be made. The Union City 'branch , will be closed all day. Glenridge Estates Formal Opening Here On Sunday The formal opening of Glcn- •idgc Elates ,thc new do'vclopment of one family houses at Chestnut ind Quinn streets, off Park avenue, will take ' place 'on Sunday with five model' homes ready for public' inspection. Thomas Hurley, who is in charge of the development stated that the finishing touches on one Street in the development will be applied today, and everything made ready for a record number of visitors on Sunday. Mr. Hurley stated that the houses are for sale or may be rented, and he cordially Invites residents of this area who are interest^ I Sicily. Prior to his entrance . into, the service in October, lfl.ll, Pfc. and Mrs. Hauser resided in Williamsport. Mrs. Hauser has resided in Nnugatuck for approximately two years. . ' : Pfc. Hauser, who received only three letters while he was in the prison camp, returned to Camp, Burlncr, N. C., upon tne completion of his furlough. More than one year • ago The News first reported, the .capture, of Pfc. Hauser in' North Africa, and told of thc efforts -of Mrs.. Hauser to get In touch with the prisoner sinco that time.-The efforts of thc Vatican eventually was • enlisted .-ind it Prisoncr-of-War was through the Service of these By United I'resn—The shortest distances to Berlin from ad- ..vanceil Allied Tines; Northern France-—S!)G miles (from, point east of Verdun. Gain of 95 miles In week). 'Southern France—580 miles (from point near Voiron. Gain of 10 miles In week). Italy -^>GB' inlli-N (from point northwest of 1'esaro. Gain of :i6 miles In week). Kussla—328 miles (from |K>int near Warsaw. Un- cluingcd for week). MAY.FJGJIT TO LAST MAN London, Sept, 2—(UP)—Tho Berlin radio indicates that tho JVdzis may fight to the last iiian in. the'French port of Brest. Local Soldiers Have Re-Union In New Guinea Money Of Konstantin Kowa. lowski Removed From Garage By Three Youths Through thc honesty "of Henry Ncwocirisky, 22-year-old Naugatuck "News" boy, a theft, of S-1,370 was discovered yesterday, almost two weeks after it occurred. Thc youngster, while on his route near Locust street, saw three boys in thc woods with a great deal of money. Thc three in the woods realizing that they had been seen, called the paperboy over, and jravc him SI.000 to keep quiet. Tho lad however upon getting Home with $1,000 in cash, turned it over to his dad, who called up the police. An investigation was started. which> finaly led to the discovery of the theft, and the recovery of all but $187 Thc money belonged to Konstan- tinc Kowalowski, 5 Ward street, who had hidden the sum in the Gift Of .News Fills Bill For Local Soldier ofllcials that contact with the husband of the Naugatuck ; woman was established. ' ' ' High School Frosh Gather At Assembly Hall Wed. At 10 A.M. ' ' n ™°™ 1 SUPPORTS DEWEV Philadelphia, Sept. 2—(UP)—The halrman of Ihc Peoples Commit- ec to Defend Life Insurance and Savings, Philip A. Traynor, has come out in support of Governor Dcwcy for president, Traynor has opened a new national headquar- visit Glenridge Estates on Sunda> Scores of persona have .been vis! tors to Glenridge Estates daily fo the past some weeks and it is an ticipatcd that hundreds will inspcc thc houses on Sunday and daily thereafter aa the houses.will be open to the public from that time REFUSE ENDORSEMENT tors for tlclphla, his committee in Phlla- Danielson,, Conn., Sept. 2—(UP) —The two Democratic representatives from Killlngly have refused to accept endorsement for re-election. Both T. Emmott Clarie and Rev. Charles Hulchinson declined the endorsement of the Democratic town committee. Clarie recently was an unsuccessful candidate for congressman-at-large. —Send the yotinjf.stern back to school In good clean clot hen, Cnll Shnlett-Liix, Wlliy. 3-1108—It'H an economy Ic.sson you will learn All members -of thc incoming- Freshman class' of Naugatuck high school will gather 1 in--the Assem bly hall Wednesday.morning, Sept 6, al 30 n. m,, Charles P. Sladc principal, afionuncod this morning Ho suggests that the new students report not more' than ten min- utc.s earlier than the tlmc'sel-. Pupils, reporting from out-of- town, arc requested to report at thc high school on Tuesday morn ing, Sept, 5, at 10 a.' m. The sludcnt body is expected to be somewhat smaller this year, it was reported. WAGNER SALUTES LABOR Washington, Sept. 2'—(UP) — Democratic Senator' 'Wagner., of Mew York believes- labor '" should lave a say at the peace table and- n postwar planning. In a Labor Day statement, Wagngr salutes American workers for, establishing, a world production record in war, material. And he says labor can >c proud of Its part .in .the military successes of 'the'past-year, '"•• .. Corporal Ada m T. Mcngncci writOB'_to The News from New Guinea 75 to" the effect, that only a 'short time ago he met three other Naugatuck soldiers. Frank Smilh, .Jr., Anthony Sousa and William Reilly ' and that the foul- had n real old Naugatuck talk- lest:, • .. Corporal Mcngacci states that the four soldiers had copies of The News that they exchanged, in an bring each other up to date oh the happenings of thc 'town in recent months. . | " The soldier states that he has been receiving Thc News for the •p.ast 20 months and that the paper •has been a great aid in keeping 'up; his morale, and filling in the sports not covered by mail from the home folks. Corporal Mcngacci's address is ,615th Port, Co..-A. P. O. 928, Care of Postmaster, San Francisco, California, • miBST IS 9-1 Natick, 'Mass., Sept. 2—(UP)— The pastor of a Natick Catholic church, 1 '-believed to bo one of the oldest priests in the United States, ;oday. The Rev, Michnel F. Dc- aney lias served at St. Patrick's church for thc past 5-1 years. He was ordained at thc Grand Sem- nary in Montreal in 1875. (Continued on Page S) Paper Salvage Committee Will Meet Wednesday Chairman Arthur W. F.igcr announced today that a mooting of the Waste Paper Salvage group of the Naugatuck Salvage Committee will 'be held on Wednesday, Sop- tcmbcr 6, at 8 o'clock at the office of the Nnugatuck Daily News. Chairman Fager will set a. mid: September date for the next waste paper drive in Naugatuck at which time it is hoped that a minimum of 50 tons of paper will be secured. The local chairman pointed out today that paper is thc No 1 critical clement in the nation, and that the need for the greatest salvage in' the history of Naugatuck, is vital right now, , Chairman Fager.asks N«ug.ituclc residents to put aside paper and cardboard of any description, 'against the collection the d»tc of which will bo announced next week, following thc meeting: of the committee. Naugatuck has maintained an excellent record In paper salvage, Corpora] John J. Malesky, Nau- gaiuck soldier who now is stationed somewhere in France, writes to The News to express his appreciation for thc memorandum book recently sent him as a gift of thc paper. Corporal Malesky stated that thc little book arrived at. just the right moment for one that he had secured in the States was filled up, and it is impossible to buy anything of that nature where he is now stalioned. Thc soldier writes that he was in England for a time and now is with the invasion forces on thc continent. He states that he was on thc poinl. or writing 1.0 The News because recently his close friend. Rev. Paul Picchocki of Middletown, formerly pastor of St. Hedwig's church in Union City, recently had sent him several copies of Thc News. Corporal M.ilosky stated that the "Around The Clock" feature or The rvews. pleased him fireaily ind from it he was able to secure addresses or severaJ scrvicc- nen friends, to whom he has writ- en and told them how he man- tged to get in touch with them. The local soldier states !hat he is awaiting tnc arrival of another parse! of Naugatuck Xews so that he may have more addresses to place in his new little memo book. He closes by again "expressing his appreciation to The News for thc remembrance lo a Naugatuck soldier. British And Canadians Are Driving Ahead On French Channel Coast. ALLIES IN SOUTHERN FRANCE MAKE GAINS IN ALL SECTORS French Troops Are Reported To Have Captured Lyon; Fighting In Italy (By United Prcn*} It. looks like a big- week-end on the western front. The American Third Army, poised for a plunge into Germany, already is within artillery range of. the Nazi homeland. Belgium also is on the brink of invasion, if thc American First Army hasn't crossed the border already. Patton's forces were believed to .be 22 miles or less from the Nazi frontier—as of late yesterday— and even Hitler's own newspaper conceded that the Naeis would be unable to prevent an invasion of their homeland. .. As Hitler's newspaper declared —and here we quote— "The establishment of a new front had- to be prepared to the rear—very - far to' thc rear—since the rapidity of modern tank formations otherwise would theatcn the new Iront during its construction." That was Hitler's explanation of why the' Germans arc v making no stand in France. ..;'••- - : At the moment thxrc'a no late word on the progress of Patton's sweep, toward Germany or the other American ' drive, the one aimed at liberating Belgium. But last night United Press War Correspondent Henry T, Gorrell said he was hopeful of enrering- Belgium today, Thc Germans, however, are reported to have flooded the country, as well as Holland, in an attempt to slo\v thc Alicd drives. Throughout northern Francc'the Allies arc travelling at a pace unequalled in military history. Thc Germans are making a swift retreat. Thc roads in northeastern France and Belgium arc jam packed with Xaais eager to scramble to safer territory. Allied fliers arc raking highways and railroads that arc black with trucks and other rolling: stock. And as thc about to cross Americans were or had already crossed into Belgium, an underground army of nearly one million Belgian fighters was summoned into action. Nazi broadcasters in Brussels acknowledged that thc capital city might be taken by the liberators this week-end. On the French channel coast, the British and Canadians also arc driving: ahead at a. fast clip. Thc British Second Army—spearing farther up the robot coast— captured Lens—only 16 miles below thc industrial center and Fortress of Lille. The victory there represents a nine mile advance front liberated Arras, thc capital of the Continued on Page S) . Corporal Malcsky's address is No. 3127-I6S3, 2S1 Ord. Maint. 'Co (A. A.) A. P. O. -103, Care of Postmaster, Mew York, x, Y. Charlotte Leuchars, Naugatuck Girl, Is Now In The WAVES is celebrating his 91lh birlhday Chairman Fager declared, rating —When you think of miinlc, think it Metro Music Mart, 88 Church itreet, xheet mimic, records, etc. Joined our Record Club? higher than many other larger places in thc state, but never has been successful In attaining the CO tons that will''be thc goal in the next collection here. • .—When your appetite Is a bit jaded, and you are. looking for something . different In food, stop at Jeffs. Rentwimnt, Church St.—Adv. Military Supply Center To Be Closed Willimantic, Sept. 2—(UP)—The First Service Command announces that thc Willimantic distribution center will be closed permanently at the end of this month. The Willimnntic post bus been the military supply center for (he Connecticut area for the past two years. Officials!" said the closing of the supply center is in Hue with the army's policy of returning- leased property to private- management as soon as conditions warrant. Miss Charlotte Stewart L«uchars, 26 years old, of 15 New street, Naugatuck, Conn., has been sworn into thc Women's Reserve, U. S. Naval • Reserve, as an apprentice seaman in thc cnlir.ted quota of thc Wave*. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Lcuchors, 15 New street, Naupatuck, Conn. Miss Leuchars attended Naugatuck high school and has been" employed at thc Synthetic division of thc U, S. Rubber Co. as a stenographer Her brother, Sgt. William G. Leuchars is in the U. S M. C. Air Corps as a photographer. Miss Leucharg will soon be ordered to 'active duty with thc WAVES with her indo'ctrination to take place at - the U. S. Naval Training school at Hunter college, Bronx, N. Y. —Raphael'*. >'au*atuck Fiuthion Outer for Women; ulrcnd.v In showing the ununt new Fnnhlons for Fall and In Coats, DI-MKC*, Suite .— Adv.

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