Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 21, 1910 · Page 16
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 16

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1910
Page 16
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THE LINCOLN EVENING NEWS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1910. TAin Ofltl-Over 800 I r V " COATS To Choose From WITHOUT DOUBT this is tin' greatest assortment of Women's Long Coats that has been shown in Lincoln in years. Our buyer made a special trip of New York to secure especially choice assortments and unusual values l'or this week. That we have succeeded is amply evidenced by the interest shown in this collection of Coats. Every woman who expects to get a coat this season should see this line while it is at its best. There are many exclusive designs and high class novelties of which we have but one of a kind not only the very latest styles but" exclusive models that you will not see elsewhere. All the popular materials and colorings are included in the present showing whether you want a plain cloth or a rough mixture, you will find plenty of each kind to choose from in the latest color effects and the newest combinations. Prices Range from 10.00 to 40.00 The chance to choose an exceptional coat for the price, will be unpqnaled this week. j Besides a full range of the regular sizes you will find extra sixes for stout women (sizes 44 to 51)," also small sizes for Misses and little women. " 7 Second Floor. The Special Sale of Suits Continues Tuesday THIS SALE offers a rare opportunity to secure an up-to-date well made suit of the best materials in popular colorings at a price that means a neat saving from the regular values of these suits. A special purchase from one of the foremost manufacturers of Women's Apparel in America, makes it possible to offer first class desirable goods at these exceptional prices. ' i While thi first days selling materially reduced the showing, there is still an excellent assortment available to select from Tuesday. The two lots are described herewith. Lot 1 Suits worth up to $35 a;i i . a!.,. 4.i . i ncou ouiib are iiiiiui: in me same raiei ui uiauuci as the higher priced Suits, the workmanship is the best and the styles the latest the line includes Serges, Unfinished Worsteds, Cheviots. Diagonals. Basket Weaves. Mixed Cheviots, Fancy Cheviots, etc., in Navy, Brown, Brown Mixed, Greens, Castor . Gray and Black. Suits worth up to 35.00 On sale at Lot 2-Suits worth up to $45 These Suits are made of the best materials ancT in the latest styles sold earlier in the season up-to 45.00. There is a full range of materials such as Broadcloths, Unfinished Worsteds, Basket Weaves, f Serges, Bonele, Mixed Diagonals and Mixed Cheviots in Navys, Grays, Browns, Brown Mixtures, Green and Black.. Values up to 45.00 On sale at $ New Goods in the Art Enxbroidery Dept. During the past week we have received several shipments of Art ;Emoroidery GoMs which includes a number of the Christmas "ribvelties. "NnV is'the time to make selections and start" ivork'for rjEIoUday..jQits. , ..,.. KENSINGTON BAGS, Knitting Bags, Brush and Comb Cases, Umbrella Cases, Sewing Bags, Stocking Bags, Travelers Toilet Aprons, 'Rubher Lined Toilet Cases, etc. NEW MISSION PIECES Very attractive new effects that includes Center Pieces, Scarfs, etc., in brown linen with stenciled patterns embroidered and decorated with cloth of gold and gold floss. NEW LEATHER GOODS Some very handsome pieces in new designs Pillows in Lincoln, Nebraska and Floral designs. Pillow Tops, Table Scarfs and Wall Hangers in smooth Spannish calf skins. It will pay you to' look these up. NOVELTIES FOR CHRISTMAS An almost endless variety of new things for gifts shown now in the Art Embroidery Section. Especially attractive are the dainty Baskets for baby. Work ,!t?i aney Baskets and dozens of other odd ideas that lend so njliel? oTiarm to the modern home. fQjHter?6 employ an expert needle woman to do all kinds of . embroidery work initialing a specialty charge moderate. ' ' I" ' Second Floor. NO CHARGE FOR ALTERATIONS ror i naniisgwmg, Turkey Roasters at 95c WORTH $1.50 AND $1.75 These roasters are full sizes and are coated one and two coated enamel durable and easily cleaned A large special purchase makes this price possible. -1.50 and 1.75 values for 95c SAMPLE LINE OF CARVING SETS AT 20 DISCOUNT This is a simple line purchased from the factory and includes 3 and 5-piece sets with Stag and Celluloid handles, some with sterling silver mountings. Prices range 2.75 to 8.50 Our assortments are now at their best and include fine wares from the leading factories of America and imported from France, Italy, Austria, Japan and Sweden. SPECIAL FOR TUESDAY-one TABLE of new ideas in fine China Sugars and Creamers, Salt and Pepper Sets, Plates Celery Trays, Bowls, Marmalade Jars, Cheese Plates, Syrup Jugs, in unusually fine decorations such as Dresden flowers in exact copy of genuine Meissen ware, conventional gold outline hand painted effects Elite French China, Rosenthal's, Donatello and other popular wares. Values up to 2.00. mj Special at, choice for 3C 144 DECORATED FRENCH CHINA ALMOND Individual Almond Dishes. I ft- Special at IUC '.SPECIAL SALE and Display Tables or fine" grade Star Cut Glassware and Rich Sparkling Cut Glass. SPECIAL VALUES m complete Dinner Sets in China and Semi -Porcelain at, a set 2i59 to 20.00 Basement. Sale of Madame Yale's Toilet Preparations 2So Less than List Prices THIS 'WEEK A large Sample FEEE with purchase of 75e and over. Toilet Goods Section Main Floor. A Special Lot of HATS TRIMMED Worth Up To 15.00 On Sale This Week 5.00 REAL BLOOD WAS SHED IN PARIS DUELS Peppery Fretchmen Oat of Beds at Daylight to Avenge Insults on Jrieid of Honor. PARIS, Nov. 21. Real blood was shed in two riiir1.4t rnrtnv Pnnnf Vov. mond de CastellantC' a cousin of Count ionni ae uasteuane, splitting Count de IEstang's right arm"-In the first duel and George Casella punching his lltfce rapier through Jean Marnold's right arm in the second affair. None of the participants -.was seriously wounded and "honor"' was perfectly satisfied. ' The encounter between de Castellan e and de LEstang followed a brawl in a skating rink. De IEstang didn't like de Castcllane and. during the society was ".trying to skate and beJ iat:tuui ai me same lime, ae ju ristang tripped Count "Raymond, causing him to fall with unseemly lack of dignity to the icy floor. Raymond, with that 8ery impetuosity of the de Castellnnn family that was so often manifested i ny loune JBoni de Castellane when he lapped hi Tvlie, Immediately sent his Seconds to waif upon de L'Estang, and "ewords and coTtec" for two were arranged T- jv" The'code duOo Of 'Kapoleon was invoked and this;" morning, at daybreak. jUSt as tbV An in nin'jJa Jt r"l ; " " v.. IV 1 lane and de L'Estang and their seconds ' met beneath the great Ferris wheel.! near the Champs de Mars. The two principals were attired in conventional j black and wore soft shirts open at the throat, so each could see that neither" wore a coal of mail For. although this was a gentleman's duel, it was? thought best to be on the safe side. j They selected their rapiers wjth " icreat deliberation, bent then) double to test tfcoir temper, saied at the rising) sun. as though hy reallv M!aVi it might be their last look: listened to i wae caroimg ntras. as though it actually might be their last listen: and then stood -en garde. , TJfere were parries, and thrusts and .foil. It nrfes really some it-ncing a." America's -jK-ritfva sv, and the first round- nded with honors even and blood unshed. In the second round de Ojisfllanp Kb wed his superiority with the foils and spectators looked to sv him disarm his foe with a. twist of the wrji like Ir.mas" heroes used to do. Ri no: hot Mood was not denied. I tellane thrust forward, "like a serpent dam upon its pry, and his sword pierced th- muscles of his foe's -wom zrm. jyc lyEsSang, helpless, dropped his rapier an3 stood at the m"rc f,l ils cruel etietr-r. Sut de Cartellejie" dul not Still him on the spot. X French dueli would stick a sword into an !3jai7Bd fe. Ifnrior hav'ng been thus rpajr'd, s-iTgro-fis patched up - de L,"Kstang"s juncture" arm. Ge-jrjse CaseJiA and Jean Marnold tow! by and watched the blood flow Our entire line of suits-275-divided in two lots. Vour choice $16.50 and $22.50. NOTHING RESERVED Furs Furs WE KNOW OUR STYLES AND PRICES TO BE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. WHAT YOU BUY HERE YOU CAN DEPEND ON BEING GOOD. This is a chance hundreds of women have been looking for, and just in time to give the teachers the benefit of these remarkable values too. Positively the best values shown in style, cloth and colors. We leave it to you to decide. Every size 14, 16, 18 and 34 to 57. Especially-strong from 38 to 57. 1317 O STREET We Have a Good Assortment of Ladies' and Misses' Coats at $7.50 to $45.00 without a murmur. It takes a brave man so ! .rthTS wounded and realize that it 'Will be his turn in a iw min-Bit ("UsWla and Siarnnld had ei 5h-3r alarm clocks to-dav and riswn at hi unseemlj hour for the Ml jvur-rw!M; f slayinc ich other. Si ihey carefully shed tlr-ir naisicoaJs and barod their breat. for Marnnl3 had written a "polfmjr' i-hnt:cr that is) asrainst OisHla in th" r.-w.arers and hiTinr was t lit- snc-d. In an instant thy tccTt- at it. Ca.ol-'a r.?s the bst jrw-timan. and Jhs p-j-nrhed his "fmtrstkkr" throush Mamoldi arm. e-jrn as de Castellan had done to de 1-Estajig. Thus naore honor was avenged. UST TIME Negro Woman TelU Chief Makne She Will Never Again Drink Wliisky. Kat- Mr-pherd. a middle aged neero wonian, vhri elairmd that she hd lot an eye whil" chopping wood when a girl, t-Md n-3f Malnne shte mcTiilm Jthe slots of hw she came" to t-e ar- r?sted j "Merd afternoon hy a Woe--oat- Kale 1it north "n Kighteenih street nvir jh fair ground and sh was jiif, i,, nlx 0 stryt much un-d-r ihf iTifj. nre of liquor. "A fnnd limm' a drlnlt of me and drinV r Th"skj-. she explained t th i-hiff "Whm 1 left mah horn'-1 -a as ," ris;hi. bnt 1 cntnmod iret-in drunkT ard drunker and den I f-"l down "1 was net -h drank afore and nah m- jtend to C5" '"runic ajrain. 1 ne-.ah al-i lowed to dri-ilc no Hquqt dat -nouid caTise me Jo snt to the police station" j "If ? illo-n rtij to so wall you ei i drunk acaji. ked the chiet "Shoo, no."" '-velaiwd th woman. "Hf,-ir whit 1 tell tow. I int coin" to en driinls no moh You lot ni sn Jame and yo n--.ah find me in i-o-luo station imn" !She triw alJo"rd to co and walked 'lnn s1"ir! ajtli -la:t:- stji MRS. BELMONT INSISTS ON FAIR DEAL FOR WOMEN XKW YORK. Xor. 21 That womrn m America -wie I'-ss 3rotect"-on than .o omr "tnd trtrls in Turkev. i Sh- oriinaon of Mrs O. 13 P Relmoni. j load nc si!ifrar'! Thi 5 tnj sh" i sai"&. despite the f&ct tjiat there are in the 1'nif-d Smi"? "i millions of self-?i3 ppnrt ins womn and cirl It was stat'-d fi' suffmcft h-adqnar-terjs hT' todrj that Mr lV1mont"' Mrjctnre on America and j1 o-pprrs-von of the nom'ii would 1 priT't and eirci3Vn-d in "vrr. Ttjor of th" oounin. Hr 'K' ','"'' 1l"f' cation of last nihl" rail" r'f the V-l.tjcal I5Qn'4lit. as'ociatvon. "jf. cA.1-fvPTnTtmc w-oinTi rf tha eoimlT?"." s1- " "hs'-e s rrt 5-i it jndsjsif-. and h-lj " impr-.- ihe stardrd of e-iitnre TV; i- -aorlh' of motherhood and wif-hoo and ai-e, thorefore. 'nrticial to oeitt. It the prof-sson t'hf'y a7V- found ic hy side with the men and are not less ef ficient. ' l1"'ST'ilo all th"e conditions, thirty-i of th" lats of th union ha-. hws that i'ak'" "swaj from th" moth-T ownrhir of h-r children Th'iT falli-r maj cri- thro -iwaj. and m eom' ial wiy w"il th"Ti to others than thiT mother No such condition ij!ts m tho far asj. Tnrh-y. India and plac She mother on ahich plan' . "In V".i J'TS-j roconl3 a .-ndce rijj'-d 1W a hi;s5.ani m; nk" his wif' and Jh- roi.rt of that slat' hold tlvl iVr hom" :s rot Vt w,h In "his ;ato. w t h'" hotter off Only in Idaho, t'tah. W-v ojnmsr. Colorado and Washington are T.omcn resd citizens.' lEWSPAFLkf INEWSPAPERl

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