Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 1, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight ' NAUGATUClCbAILY NEWS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER Temperature Report A warm day dawned this morn- Ing, und Kcd Hermans got lip fi-i-sh and filled with spirit. R decided to hit the victory garden, which had boon abandoned since last June, in an effort -to get rid of the weeds.l Tin: weeds wens found to bo as high as I lie com. and the rodhead, knowing very little nljout farming, pulled up three rows oC corn bel'orr realis- ing that that which remained, were weeds. Red didn't mind, however, for now some curn silk, which the blood-color haired personage used for smoking, was available. Midnight 3!; 3 a. m ' C a, ru I' 1 *" 9 a. rn ~ G Noon - S U 1 p. m ' x ^ 1IOMIIAKUI Kit 3IISSINO Arlington. iSass., Sept. 1 -(UP) —Army authorities are aiding poll™ of six New l£m,'land slates in the search for a missing Arr.iy Air Force bombardier-. Second Ueu- tenaiU John W. Serlven disap- p.-un-d from his Arlington home Monday. He had been on furlough, and was scheduled to return to Topi'ka. Kansas last night. Since 1030 the number of homo nwm-r.1 in the U. S, has increased bv S.r.OO.OOO. Now At Alcazar Swnr from "Niin> Girls" s Imliiv and Saturday nil double leatiiri; program. KOKHKItY KKPOUTKO New Haven. Sept. 1—CUP)— Police are looking for two men who allegedly robbed a New Haven •oslnilrant of $fi50. The proprietor, [•vu'r McOiM'niott. and a bartender told polic'.; I hey were nlonc in the grille when Iwo men forced them it gun point into a back room and iscaped with the money from 'the ,-ash register. ROSE SHOP BOYS' NEW FALL SWEATERS Nmv slilpment just in! All popular 2.1'M Fall shades. With or. without sleeves. Button front and pull-over styles. Sixes C to 12 and 28 to 38. Exlra value at ... SJL98 ,„ 83.98 15OYS' Eton Suits Tailored in fine n'noi rai)t*ic. Color chiiicc In- rluiics navy, b r o vt n a n [1 tweeds. Sixes IS to 8, $5.95 up BOYS' SHIRTS Exceptionally wt-ll lailor-i-d and £u;ir- Iintc-cd fast color. Including fancies and wliiti-s. Agra 8 to 1-1. 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American Planes Again Hit Japanese Island Of Formosa (By United Press) American planes Imve struck another blow ut Formosa—the vital island in the China sea. Tokyo radio says 10 bombers based in China raided Formosa last niKht. The Japanese say four of the planes were shot down. But this probably is a typical enemy cxitKperution. Allied headquarters have not yet confirmed the attack. An earlier Tokyo broadcast revealed that mounting air raids on the island arc causing J'ears of invasion. Military conscription htis been ordered- throughout Formosa. And the Japanese, say the island youths are visiting shrines to pledge their loyalty to the war of, emancipation ol'.ifroatcr East Asia, ^eanwhile, the. Japanese homc- nncl is facing; the prospect of mass bombing by as many ns 1,000 planes at ii time,. America's Army air chief in the Pacific—General Harmon-^ promises that Japan will suffer aerial jlows like those which broke the back of Germany. But G c n u r a I ' Harmon indicates the b o m bin),' of Japan will be simpler for two reasons. Ono is the concentration of-Japan's ndustries. The other is that Japanese cities probably are more vut- icrable to lire than those of Eu- :-ope. However, the general warns .that r.orc than a year of bitter flg-hUnf,' ics ahead before the end of the 'acillc war comes in sight. Ho says the Allies have not yet come with the enemy's main .strength.. While the enemy homeland looks forward to a black- future, the Allies are hammering steadily at her sua communications IMVO more Japanese vessels, in- cludiii.L; n destrdJycr, were sunk or clamiitfcd in the Dutch East Indies Tuesday. This increases Uie t^^•o- day toll of enemy ships in the Pacillc to 2-1. Mexico Exchanges Teachers With U. S. Mexico City — (UP)—The Mexican ministry of education has announced ar. arrangement -vvil.!-! U.S. state school boai-ds for the inter- ch:inKe of school .touchers bctweun the countries. A >;roiip of Mexican educators already have left I'or the U:S., and yroup from the status will come to Mexico soon. The Mexican ministry said it felt the exchan^p would ffulp mutual understanding. . A Riant double stupi' liill l« of- fi-rod at the jilr-comlitloricil Stiit<! tlientoi-; Hurtfoixl, Ktnrtlni; today und playing through Monday (Mihor day). The. firitt half of the «tiiBo show feutiiruH Tinnmy Tuekrr and his famoiiN bund with Don Itrown, Knrwln Soniorvlllc, Und Kimker, und the: "S Two- Tiini-rs," lovely vocal trio. On tho 'si-conil- half of the Htact- bill tho all nrw "Guy !H)'s R.-VHC." is fenturiMl with' Ellii Shields, the Memory I.iine trio, Marble COiitus, Tom Biirrott, Ijolln lt«y, Uohon & Boholl,- Miiry Norris, JJl;uic)ii- I,yt«U, "nil others. The scroon iittnictloii Is "Three Ut- tlu Sisters" with Mary LIM>, llutli Terry and Cheryl Walker.- ODT Warns Of Labor Day Weekend Travel Prospective'Labor Dny train nni Intercity bus travelers had bettc cancel .their.-, plans unless thei tilps aie -directly connected witf the wai, Frank V. Richo, distric nianagpi of. the New Haven'OHIci of'Defense Transportation, said to '.•"Only actual service with the armed' forces or business directly connected, with the prosecution of the. ,war'.. justifies! taking up space on trains at this time," Mr Richo said,".,, since .the railroads of the countjtx taken all together, have now "reached the full limit of theii after'.!-, month, trains have been !capacity 'to carry passengers. Month carrying more passengers than they did even in 19-13." Extra Labor Day tralflc, the ODT.suid, "would swamp railroad facilities, and delay and hamper ject all travelers tothe ordeal of essential travelers. It would sub- standing in closely packed aisles or 'vestibules, or being'required after boarding trains to give up purchased accommodations to-make room • for wounded soldiers. O— Alembic Outing Heads Named (Continued from Page 1) There ware 3,252,00 bicycles manufactured in the'U.-S. during 1939.. The previous peak figure was established in HSOfl when there | were about 1.183,000. and Leo Carroll. Entertainment Committee: Grace woodfield,-chairman; Ellen Cooke, Lorraine Reilly, and Jean Bren-, nan. Publicity—Nordhill Naiiges. Firs!. ,Vid—p.aul 1 Roberts. John TBergiiV Kathcrino St. John and Dorothy Clark . ' The Reception Committee consists of John P.'Coo, as honorary chair-man; Philip E.- Rice, chairman: . Raymond Prick, William FordT'Edward Reilly. Frank Gil- Ion, Herbert Scullin, Morris Shep- ar-d, Eimer Carroll, Stephen Andrews. Harold Stinson, Thomas Lynch, George Emery, Donald Fowler, and Lester Gunn. Efiuipment and Layout Commit- Hubbull and George Carroll. Card Tournament— Pinochle: Leo Steinlc, and Bridge: Thomas Fitzgerald. Pensioners Arrangements—Edward M. 'Reilly. Weather Report New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut— Considerable ^cloudiness with few scattered light showers and liMlc change in temperature tonight. Tomorrow,'' partly, cloudy with scattered 'afternoon showers und Moderately warm and humid tomorrow. A genuine diamond can be dis- jtinguishcd from an -inflation one -by bringing it into contact with a piece of dry ice. The real diamond will when .touched, . Extended Weather Itoport The .temperature during the next fivo duys will average near normal in northern New England and from Lwo to six degrees above normal ih tno southern sections. Moderate temperatures will prevail during. -the period with no- pronounced 'cool spells. For "Boston. the normal temperature is GG degrees; ' : NanUickel, Mass,, 65; New Huven,-.'Conn., G7; Burlington, VI., G-l ; Concord, N.-H., 63; Portland, Me., 63; 'and .Eastport Me., 5S. •Rainfall will average between one-third and two-thirds of un inch, '"and will 'occur- principally as showers Tuesday and ' ' Americans Only 25 Miles From Germany (Continued from Page 1) P,UV \V\Ii BONDS AND STAMPS >\ c 'fr°;' ^9", MORE'Tir GREAT DRAMA IS CURRENT LEAD AT THE LOEW THEATER The widest choice of paint color* •vcr offered — all ready to use. no intermixing, k Murphy Paints Evtry shod* In every grade CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL, 3507 Several months ago there arrived on the book shelves of the nation, a novel, which heralded widely in advance, of its publication, wn.s acclaimed as "the most significant .story of our time!" In book parlance such praise didn't alert too many minds, because . '. . reflected some individualistic skcp- !.:ces . '. . "we've heard that before!" i Bo that ns it may! But, as th"e j groups of readers of "The Seventh ' Cross" became legion, and heaped thoir lavish comments on the stirring novel, it was not long before tho entire reading public was reading and discussing Anna Seghcrs' story of a man who battles almost insurmountable odds to prove his. ideal! In words of one syllable. .].' "The Seventh Cross" was a Hit!. ... It had arrived The Book of' the Month club selected it as its.' choice i'or a "best seller!" Socjn, after "The Seventh Cross" became so popular spirited-; ..bidding by movie studios for the' 'motion picture rights reached high pitch . .'. and to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer fell the accolade of screen production ror "The Seventh Cross" which the. Locw Poll so proudly will present, today (o Waterbury patrons, "The Seventh Cross" stars Spencer Tracy, who all acclaim as one_ of the "world's great actors, castcd with Mr. Tracy are Signe Hasse, Hume Cronyn, Agnes Moorche^d und Felix Ercssart, these arc .only a few which the writer h;is room for as' 'score's of dramatic actors from the studio of stars are in this beautiful dramatic 1 production. The co-hit on,.this- program of !hits is "Goodnight; Sweetheart" •with Ruth Terry and' Hob Livinjjs- ton, ' • more- and. -more robot bomb stu. tlons. The gpce'd of lhat channel coast offensive Is so great thut the general who- commanded the beaten German (seventh army — General Hans Eberbach—was captured as he ate breakfast. The news from southern Francp is equally encouraging. The Americans are less than 18 miles from Lyons, Franco's/ third largest city. To the east, they arc approaching the Italian border, while the French, west of Uio Rhone, have almost reached the Spanish border. The Germans also nre suffering new setbacks in Italy. The British eighth army, increasing -its drive against I. h c Gothic line, broke into the enemy's fortifications in ut least three- places. Meanwhile, clearing wealhcr over western Europe enabled the Allies to send great fleets of planes against the Germans. Hundreds of fighters and bombers headed for the continent and the Nazi radio said that forma- .ions were approaching southwcsl- crri' Germany. . The Na/.is' robot bomb offensive died down today, but early thi morning their long range gun )oundcd sections of southeastern England. . . • More Boro Residents ?ile Divorce Suits More local residents have filed livorcc actions in Waterbury Su- jerior. court for the next session. Vinety cases are reported to have een Hied ,up to the present. The new Naugatuck people in- dived in the pending divorce ction.s are Constantino Reis and jUCinda.. (Monteiro) Reis, and Lillian M. Warner and Lester Warner. A petition was nlso filed by Louis Hatikey and Harriet (Biiin- venuc) Hankey. IT WON'T BE LONG NOW-LABpj DAY—SCHOOL-SUMMER'S ON THfil WANE—AND EVERYBODY SETTLKsf DOWN TO LOOK FOR AUTUMN SOON;] \ Well it's time for a man to think , | of autumn clothes—and the time 4 |i for autumn clothes is the time .',. \ for Rogers-Peet clothes for wise- v \ ly thrifty men — $55 to $95 — £ they're clothes of no regrets for "&\ that man who knows the worth v I of good clothes with two good ': \ names attached — ours and 5 ' Rogers-Peek Tjj Recordn! Courteous Service GALLON AVERAGE WIRAW.E WALL FINISH ^- -«•- COSTS ONL> $O98 PER CAU.OM 2! For Faster And Easier Washing — USE — PYREX WARE Buke, Serve and Store In Same We Ilavn An Excellent Selection in Stock TEMPLETON'S TEMI'LKTON'S WATKRBUHY DIAL 4080 (No ToU'Charue) LOVIKE r.I.KCTRIC CO. 8 Cliurcli Street Summer Dance Program! For Friday, Saturday y Kveninpi JOE HOCK anil H!« ROCK and KYK BOYS In 1'olkos und Modern DMet MUMC, Sunday Dancinjf 5 to 9 P. X White* Eaglt Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut'. Restaurant G. C. Murphy Co. Bewitching Fall Hats . . . Hint loud on nil- of smart sophistication to your now full wurdrohe. Choose yours hero, from the largest selection In town. 98 others 1.49 to 5.98 _ >- c iir — Conn, u & rower Open Tluirs.. * .!>;:«) to »:00 p. m. CHESTERFIELD! the all-american silhouette College or career, you can't go wrong with these favorites . . . We have them in: nil types and colors—made with the fine tailoring, the soft, simple styling typical of Sugcnheimer's. New version of the classic chesterfield with flattering, gathered shoulder. Trimmed with lustrous velvet and braid. 9-17. Black only, 12-20. 59.98 OTHERS 39.08 - C9.08 SECOND FLOOR BUYING A NEW HOME? Your Savings Bank Can Help You NAUGATUGK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed QUALITY RUBBER FOOTWEAR Made In Naugatuck Is Serving AH Over The World «_^_^_^^^_ ^h ' •' UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck conn'. Holland Furnace Co. Furahce cleaning with big power suction machines. Also, gas proofing and furnace repairs. Telephone — Naugatuck 5629 Waterbury 4-1OO J 746: East Main St. Waterbury, Conn. LAWNS , ed 1 -- The hot, dry weather has ruined many of beautiful ' lawns. ' Before the fall rains set in it would help to apply a generous amount of Driconm-c. This ,i» peal inosa and cow manure— treated to remove weed seeds. This is .111 excellent fertilizer' arid ground condl-. tioner for new anM. old lawns. •• Wo 'Have Plenty In Stock. — Also — *." Turn in youi fuel oil coupons and have your tank filled now— this is important. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. " v Phone 5236 87 Church St.

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