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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 9
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 9

The Lincoln Stari
Lincoln, Nebraska
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GAME OF THE YEAR NO. 2 Comhuskers Are Not RevengeMotivated For Orange Bowl 12 previous games for the Huskers and the final scores i 11 for Alabama. The Lineups will be to protect a No. 1 ranking they've held in the nation's wire service polls since they walked off the field here a year ago with a 17-12 triumph over LSU. But while revenge is hardly a factor in the minds of the players as they have prepared for that title defense, it has to be present in the minds of the Husker coaches, who stood on the sidelines and watched as Alabama waltzed to easy victories two straight years.

For head coach Bob Devaney, about the only thing he hasn't accomplished in 15 years as a head coach is a victory over Bear Bryant His desire for a victory here Saturday night has been evident in many vays He canceled the usual early December recruiting trips by most of his coaching aides so they could give a thorough and undivided study to Alabama films And he has evien pointed out that if it comes down to wasting a year of eligibility for highly-touted sophomore quarterback David Humm in order to beat Alabama, he'll waste that year. Humm, who has been withheld from competition all season, would have three years of play remaining if he doesn't see action Saturday might If he does, he would have only two years left "If it should come down to the question of whether were going to need him to win this game, we'll use him, Devaney says with no hesitation in his answer But barring injuries, it isn't likely to come down to that. The ones who are expected to decide the final score in this one are the same ones, who have been deciding By HAL BROWN Star Sports Editor Miami, Fla Saturday night's College Football Super Bowl between No 1 ranked Nebraska and No 2 rated Alabama in the Orange Bowl here hardly needs any dimension other than the fact that it does pit the nation's top two teams in the eyes of nearly everyone to make it the Game of The Year, The Decade oi The Century But some of the nearly 200 writers, who will jam the Orange Bowl press box for the 7 p.m. time) kickoff, have tried to build a revenge factor into it for the Huskers. who were beaten by Alabama 39-28 in the 1966 Orange Bowl and 34-7 in the 1967 Sugar Bowl iu the only meetings between the two schools and between two of the nation's top coaches, NU's Bob Devaney and the Crimson Tide's Bear Bryant.

The members of the 1971 Husker squad, who have extended the school's unbeaten string to 31 straight with 12 victories this season, aren't buying much of that. The NU seniors were only high school juniors the last time Alabama defeated Nebraska and perhaps none but the native sons had even given any thought to some day being Huskers when that massacre took place in New Orleans They figure they've got enough of a motive for wanting to win without trying to settle any scores or removing any scars left by past Nebraska-Alabama teams. We didn't have anything to do with those other games," Husker junior all-American Johnny Rodgers points out, And neither did any of the players now on the Alabama team Then object when they take the field Saturday night ALABAMA (11-0) NEBRASKA (12-0) OFFENSE No. Name Ht. Wt.

CI. Pos. CI. Wt. lit Name No.

85 Simmons 6-5 230 Sr. TE Jr. 218 6-1 List 83 54 Krapf 6-0 235 Jr LT So 238 6-4 White 72 72 Rosser 6-0 224 Sr LG Sr 221 6-2 Rupert 77 55 Grammer 5-11 202 Sr Jr. 237 6-3 Dumler 54 73 Hannah 6-4 273 Jr. RG Sr 238 6-3 Wortman 65 65 Brown 6-2 237 So.

RT Sr. 252 6-4 Johnson 71 84 Bailev 6-1 183 Sr. SE Sr 167 5-9 Cox 32 10 Davis 6-0 173 Jr. QB Sr 215 6-2 Tagge 14 22 Musso 5-11 191 Sr. HB Sr 210 6-2 Kinney 35 30 LaBue 6-0 195 Jr.

HB Jr. 171 5-10 Rodgers 20 44 Biscegha 5-11 187 Jr FB Jr. 215 6-1 Olds 44 DEFENSE 90 Parkhouse 6-3 201 Sr. LE Sr. 221 6-3 Adkins 57 57 Rowell 5-11 190 Sr.

LT Sr 250 6-6 Jacobson 75 MG Jr 234 6 1 Glover 69 77 Beaid 6-2 235 Sr. RT Jr. 228 6-3 Janssen 55 97 Mitchell 6-3 230 Jr. RE Jr. 201 6-3 Harper 81 56 Rouzie 6-1 227 Jr.

LB Jr. 203 5-9 Branch 51 36 Strickland 6-3 218 So LB Sr 209 6-2 Terrio 45 42 Surlas 5-11 198 Si LB Jr 199 6-0 Mason 25 49 Hig'n'b'th'm6 1 166 St CB Jr. 184 5-10 Blahak 27 28 Williams 5-11 175 Sr. CB Sr. 180 6-0 Anderson 18 40 Norris fi-0 189 Jr Sr 176 6-0 Kosch 24 32 Wade 6-2 184 Jr.

For Nebraska, that means quarterback Jerry Tagge, flanker Rodgers, and I-back Jeff Kinney working behind a great Husker offensive line led by tackle Carl Johnson, center Doug Dumler and all-American guard Dick Rupert And, of course, for the Huskers it means also relying on a Black Shirt defense that considers itself the best in the land, led by all-Amcncan tackle and Outland Trophy winner Larry Jacobson, middle guard Rich Glover and end Willie Harper, who was voted the outstanding defensive player last year's Orange Bowl win over LSU For Alabama it means relying on running back Johnny Musso, wide receiver David Bailey and a defense that has allowed even fewer points this season than has the top Husker defense. Fans expecting to see gimmicks had better stay by their sets for Ernie Seder's masterful halftime show because they aren't likely to see many from either the Huskers or the Crimson Tide Both coaches have professed that they'll tiy to do the same things they've done well all season, using the theory that "You gotta dance with who brung you What "brung 'em here was tough defense for both, a wishbone-T offense for Alabama, based laigcly oi. the running game, but with enough passing to keep defenses on edge, and a balanced offensive attack for the Huskers. Coaching Records Devaney THE DEFENSES -TALKING OVER, ACTION NEXT- Bryant Will Wear Lucky Shirt At Tilt 1957 Wyoming 4-3-3 1958 Wyoming 8-3 1959 Wy -aiming 9-1 1960 Wyoming 8-2 1961 Wyoming 6-1-2 1962 Nebraska 9-2 1963 Nebraska 10-1 1964 Nebraska 9-2 1965 Nebraska 10-1 1966 Nebraska 9-2 1967 Nebraska 5-4 1968 Nebraska 6-4 1969 Nebraska 9-2 1970 Nebraska 11-0-1 1971 Nebraska 12-0 Totals 126-28-6 Bryant 1945 Maryland 6 2 1 1945 Maryland 6 2 1946 Kentuckv 7 3 0 1947 Kentuckv 8 3 0 1948 Kentucky 5 3 2 949 Kentucky 9 3 0 1950 Kentucky 11 1 0 1951 Kentucky 8 4 0 1952 Kentucky 5 4 2 1953 Kentucky 7 2 1 1954 Texas 1 9 0 1955 Texas 7 2 1 1956 Texas 9 0 1 1957 Texas 8 3 0 1958 Alabama 5 4 1 1959 Alabama 7 2 2 1960 Alabama 8 1 2 1961 Alabama 11 0 0 1962 Alabama 10 1 0 1963 Alabama 9 2 0 1964 Alabama 10 1 0 1965 Alabama 9 1 1 1966 Alabama 110 0 1967 Alabama 8 2 1 1968 Alabama 8 3 0 1969 Alabama 6 5 0 1970 Alabama 6 5 1 1971 Alabama 11 0 0 Totals 210 66 16 The First Two By HAL BROWN Star Sports Editor Miami Fla The talking ended here Fnday morning as coaches Bob Devaney of Nebiaska and Beai Bryant of Alabama met with writers for the final time before then teams meet in the Orange Bowl Satui-day night and the long wait began Both coaches appeared relaxed as they met with the horde of writers at brunch and while they mav be worried about whether thee gotten every' detail taken care of in piepanng for the showdown for the national championship, one thing neither is worried about is incentive If oui plaers need any added incentive In i this one. then we shoukln be heie Biyant observed nd Devanev added "I agree If were not icady mentally to pla this game then we have no business being down hei Oui team has been able to use to the occasion befoie this year and they've played their best football on das when they had" to 1 think we 11 play well Bryant also expressed confidence that his Alabama team "will play as well as it can and I just hope that's good enough," but he added, "However.

I'd like to play lousv if we could luck out and win." The Alabama coach has one thing going for him that Devaney doesn a lucky shirt I not superstitious Bryant insisted 1 just don want to take any chances long time ago someone left a hat at my house and it was much better than what I was accustomed to wearing so I wore it and we went on a long winning streak. A few years later I wore an old tattered sweater to one game and we won, so I kept wearing it and we kept winning Then we played Georgia Tech and we got beat 7 6 1 hadn't worn the sweater that night Tn.s year when we played Southern Cal and were lucky enough to beat them, I wore a short-sleeved shirt It's sort of a blue and white striped job, sort of a combination of calico and overalls material 'i've worn that for every game this year and we've won them all. I'll be wearing it when we play Nebraska. I'm not superstitious, I ust don't want to take any chances The two coaches also talked of what their leactions would be to winning or losing in the nationally-televised contest that gets under vvav at 7 Lincoln time If we lose I going to sa what a gieat coaching job Bob Devaney did Bryant pointed out If we win Ira going to sleep late Sunday morning and maybe go to the pio game (Miami Baltimore) in the afternoon "Then Monday, I'm going to try to find a shop where I can afford to do some shopping, not like the ones where we're staying. Then I'll start thinking about next vear If we win we'ie going to enjoy ourselves Devaney said because that the greatest thing about coaching that feeling you get when you win If we lose, I li walk acioss the field and congratulate coach Bryant That's a lorg walk any time vou lose but I think both of us have been coaching long enough to realize that a loss is a part of the game and if not worth cutting your throat ovei at least it's not woith cutting it all the way BIG RED Harper (81), Janssen (55), Glover (79), Jacobson (75), and Adkins (57).

The Foes In Figures Downs RASKA Tony Jeler 33 11, from Bob Church ch) Bet PATs Larry ks) Gregory (1 pass Churchich Wachholtz (5 from Church ALABAMA Unbeaten Meet Again In Orange Bowl Tilt Miami Fla When 12-0 Nebraska meets 11-0 Alabama in the Orange Bowl Saturday night it will be the first time since 1955 and only the eighth time in history that two unbeaten-untied teams have squared off in a bowl game The last time it happened was also here in 1955 when Bud Wilkinson's Oklahoma team scored a 20-G victory over Jim Tatum's Maryland squad The past results of unbeaten-untied bowl matchups Year, Bowl, Opponents, Coaches and Scores 1955 Orange Okla (Bub Wilkinson) 20, Maiyland (Jim Tatum) 6 1951, Sugar, Maryland (Jim Tatum) 28, Tenn (BobNeyland 13 1940, Sugar, Boston Col (Frank Leshy) 19, Tenn (Bob Neyland 13 1938, Orange, Tenn (Bob Neyland) 17, Okla (TomStidham) 0 1930, Rose, Ala (W Wade) 24 Wash St (Babe Holhngbery) 0 1926, Rose, Stanford (Pop Warner) 7, Ala (Wallace Wade) 7 (tie) 1920, Rose, California (ndv Smith) 28 St (John Wilce) 0 ed goal) PATs Passes Intercepted Per Game Avg Total Offense Alt Per Game Avg interceorions No Net Yds Returned Puntina Number Punts Blocked Total Yds Penalize rsf Downs m' Total "offense Leading NU Rusher Dick Leading NU Passer Bob Scoring NEBRASKA Dick Davis from Clurch ch PATs CRIMSON TIDE Mitchell (97), Rowell (57), Beard (77), and Parkhouse (90). Clover The Cornhusker From Jersey City Yards Lost Rushing PASSING YARDAGE Gam Per Game OFFENSE YARDAGE AVERAGE PLAYS PER CAME Rushlno. PUNTING AVERAGE Number of Punts Yards Puntr-d PUNTS RETURNED Yards Returned Average Relurn KICKOFFS RETURNED Yrds Returned Average Return PENALTIES YARDS Average Per Game FUMBLES NUMBER LOST TOUCHDOWNS The 1971 Season Alabama (11-0) 17 Southern Cal 10 12 Southern 6 18 Flouda 0 40 Mississippi 6 42 Vanderbilt 32 Tennessee 1 34 Houston 29 41 Miss State 10 14 LSU 7 31 Miami Fla 3 31 Auburn 7 3b2 Totals 84 Nebraska (12-0) 34 Oregon 7 35 Minnesota 7 .54 Texas 7 42 Utah State 6 Jfi Missouri 9 55 Kansas 0 41 Oklahoma State 13 11 Colorado 7 37 Iowa State 0 44 Kansas State 17 35 Oklahoma 31 45 Hawaii 3 469 Totals 98 said "Some guvs tned to push me on it. they'd say, 'Let's go get high, man' but I'd back off and somebody else would say, No, man, he's an athlete, he don't want no part of that' They always left me alone "He's an athlete all right He's an All-American middle guard for Nebraska, which will be defending its honor as the top-ranked college football team tomorrow night against Alabama in the Orange Bowl game for the national championship. feels good to be No.

1," he said. "It gives you a lot of pride. You practice harder, you play harder. We know we got to win." When the Cornhuskers were leading Oklahoma, 35-31, the final minutes of the Thanksgiving Day game, their defensive unit's assignment was obvious prevent a Sooner touchdown "We came on the field yelling, 'Four and Out like we always do," Glover recalled Meaning we hold the other team to four plays and we're out of there On fourth down, Jack Mildrcn, the Oklahoma quaitcrback, looked to pass but Glover chased him, leaped and batted down the ball to assure the dramatic victory 'We went off the field yelling fom and out', and then our offense ran out the clock, and we were still No 1 Now we got to stay that way Nebraska recruits virtually all of its football players from the midwest, plus a concentral.on of California and Pennsylvania prospects But in 1963 Bob Devaney, the head coach, dispatched one of his assistants, Monte Giffen, to inspect game films of Glover at Snyacr High School, where his reputation had prompted visits from representatives of Jowa, New Mexico, Villanova, Boston College and Wyoming "Rit when Coach Giftcn came to see me, he was the only one who told me he'd me a scholarship He took me and parents out to dinner at the Captain's Table, down near Roosevelt Stadium, then they flew mc out to sec the school." Giffen also did something else that endeared him to Glovci. now a 225-pound fi-foot 1-inch junior At the time, the New Yoik Jets were about to play the Oakland Raiders at Shea Stadium foi the American Football League championship, the game that qualified the Jets loi their later Super Bowl ti lumph He go' me tickets foi that Jets Lame Glovci said 'Its the only time I ever saw the Jots or the Giants play ecept on television Looking to the National Toolball League diaft after next season.

Glover hopes to bj chosen by cither of the New York teams. I be a linebacker in the pros I know I can make it he said Bui someday I want to wTjik with the kids Jeisey City, T'm studying to be a gym teacher 1 woiked with the kids in the summer for the Jersey City Recieation Depaitment unul this year But when the mayor got caught on the kickbacks thcie were no jobs last sunn 1 was a janitor in the Great Eastern Department stoic on Route 440, but net I in going to stav at school so 1 make sure I giaduato Vl his bod, their wore two big caidboard cartons I got little led and white Nebraska uniforms for my iililL brothci Dwaync and inv girlfriend's little brothers Daiyl and I'iMiikie It's then Christmas pi esent Maybe it'll inspne 'cm By DAVE ANDERSON Bal Harbour, Fla Outside, in the dazzle of sun on the palm trees, people sprawled on the beach and autos moved past the luxury hotels on Collins Avenue "It's a long way from Jackson Avenue where I hung around," Rich Glover was saying in his room at the Tvanhoe Hotel. "But you're near the water home, too." Half a dozen blocks from Jackson Avenue in Jersey City, whore Glover grew up in a family of 10 children in a brown-shmgled home with a high stoop on Claremont Avenue, vou can look across New York Bay at the Statute of Liberty and the World Trade Center's twin towers Many of the store fronts on Jackson are empty and dilapidated now, deserted by their white owners "Black Panthers scared 'em away Glover said "It used to be nice there, but it's getting bad now He remembered how some of the kids he grew up with took to drugs, jmd how he resisted the temptation. Lot of guys messed up with it," he FIELD GOALS (Atlcmplpd-Made) 17 14 EXTRA POINTS Atfemptd-Made)-40 Bv Kickma 40-34 Bv Rushing 5 i TOTAL POINTS 361 AVG PER GAMP 3 9 FEATURE RACES At Tropical Park Better Tp Tipe Toe 14 00 9 60 Trouble In Court 22 60 1 Sewlckly.

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