Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 9, 1968 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1968
Page 6
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ffiufsday, May 9,1968 Scouts Go on Outing at Camp Albert Pike HOP! (JUNO STAR, ft fiffstt Boy Scout Troop 91 recently went on an outing to Camp Albert Pike. In the top picture, left to right: Olen Overturf, scoutmaster, Dale Coner, Lester Sitzes, Alan Foster, Robin Lee and Scoutmaster B. H. Foster. Second row, Teddy Price, Earl Foster, Larry Patterson, Terry McCorkle, Frankle Roy, Cecil Rogers, Ricky — Hope Star photos Price and Herbert Griffin. Back row: Mark Gunter, Randy Townsend, Ronnie Wreyford, Mike Worthy, Alfonse Roy, Roy Foster, Bill-McCulley and Mike Middlebrooks. The other scenes show the boys at the camp. WIN AT BRIDGE Suit Preference Signal Needed By Oswald and James Jacoby WEST NORTH U» A K Q J 2 V K(> • K Q 107 4,863 KAST V A 10 8 5 VQJ7432 4 8 5 -} 3 2 * A 9 <> #1052 #97-4 SOl'Tll A A 1 0 9 8 7 r> 4 ¥» * -I 4> A K Q J Both vulnerable West North Kast South 1 • Pass 1 A Pass 2 A l'a- s * li A Pass Pass Pass Opening lead- V A Why didn't South use Hlack- wood on today's hand to chock for aces? Kor the same reason that yuu never see the hero oi' "a Western movie jump into his modern car ami ride off into the sunset. Today's hand -was played b e I o r e Kasley filackwoud had invented his '•Convention. Hands like this one made some quantitative method of Asking for aces an essential of Successful bidding- This hand is not shown lor that reason but because South had no trouble making his slam in spite of missing two aees. East played his deuce of hearts and West studied what to lead at trick two. He shifted to a club, whereupon South proceeded to draw trumps and eventually discard his jack of diamonds on dummy's king of hearts. We don't think much of West's club lead. South had jumped to the shim without any top spade honor but the ace. He had shown up with a heart loser. It would be most unlikely that he would bid a slain with a possible trump loser and without the ace of either unhid suit. Today we would not find South in that slam contract, but, if he did get there, another modern invention called the suit p r e f e r e n c e signal would enable Kast to tell West what to lead. K.ast would play his queen of hearts on West's ace. West would see that Kast could not possibly want a heart continuation. Therefore, that high card, the queen of diamond's, would be calling for the lead of the higher off-suit. Diamonds are higher than clubs. West would lead a diamond A word of warning is necessary here. The suit preference signal is fine but don't carry it to absurd extremes. Most of the time, you play a high card to ask partner to continue Ins suit or a low card to ask him to shift to another one ami that other one is. not necessar- LEGAL NOTICE In The Chancery Court Of Hempstead County, Ark, No. 9320 Jimmy C. Brown, Plaintiff vs. Caren M. Brown, Defendant. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Caren M. Brown, last known address was: 122 san Jose Ave., Pacific, California warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Jimmy C. Brown. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 23 day of April 19G8, Jim Cole Clerk April 25, May 2, 9, 1G, 1968 ily the lower ot the suits you must choose between. (Newspaper fnterprise Ann) 9 Q Tho bidding has been: West North East South 1 A Dbk- You, South hold: AA87U4 VKJ9532 »2 AS Whul do you do'.' ,\—The answer is still to re- iluutile. TODAY'S Ql'ESTION You ifdoubk'. West bids two diamonds. North bids two >l»udo.s ;md Kast bills tlmv diamonds. \Vliai do >ou (io now'. 1 Answer Tomorrow THK A 1 FAMILY*!*. 4* hut even against criminal charge* LAWYER Fr&e Speech for Congressmen Do congressmen lalk too much? If they do, one r&ison may be that they have—by law—more freedom of speech than you and t. Suppose that a senator, in the course of debate, accuses a prominent businessman of cheating on his income tax return. Even if the senator has no proof at all, he cannot be held liable for defamation of character. As a member of Congress, he is protected by what the law calls an "absolute privilege" iigainst liability for slanderous statements. fn fact, n congressman is protected not only against slander suits if based on what he says in the course of debate. For example: A bribery charge was brought against a congressman on the basis of a speech he gave on the House floor favorable to a certain financial institution. There was some evidence that he had collected a payoff from the institution for giving the speech. But the court ruled that, even if the charge was true, he still could not be convicted—because that would be an infringement of a con- gressmart's special freedom of Speech. Such tin wctifMflce is trie htti exception rathef than th* fute. And while ii hns teen afgued thai there aw grave dangers in entrusting to liny individual so much leWfty. there is"n powerful purpose ftahfrtd this principle of (inv; to ettemirafte the utmost freedom in eonjrts- sfonal debate. the fear of unpleasant legal consequences, either justified of unjustified, could well put a real damper on a congressman's performance of his joh. For the same reasbn, similar protection is given io lawmakers irt almost all democratic countries. Still, a congressman's freedom of speech is not totally without limits. One restraint (seldom used) is Congress* own power to discipline a member who abuses his privilege, Another, more important restraint is that the congressman loses his immunity if he repeats his statements outside of Congress, apart from his official functions. But probably the most effective m nff ufisenrfto ffes iff, t&nii t «r» w Mm/ttNi* fctxt Dnyi • 'f ' tfte f&ftnt duff i'' A Lightheaded Demonstration MEMPHIS, fefi The Re?, Angela , laift ae ehtistfsfi fintMn eel* tege, Jetoed students fntffgdtJl tn a lightheafted dernonsttatlon? aimed at getting the swimming pool &pen&l« Father Ndbtie caffled a ard saj/ifig, "The Chureh Mtist Get Involved," as students bear** ing signs reading "No Pool, School" and "Keep it Gaol, the Pool" converged on the ministration building, The demonsttation when the Rev, Luke M, college president, offered demonstrators a sprinkling filled with water, the l ' ri Sunday, May 12th.. J V It's Her Day, You Know!! We Have Filled Over One Half Prescriptions. Bring Us Your Next One. Giant One pound can 69 -u A Crest Tooth Paste Family Size 59 Give Her A Gift Front Cox's She will love you for it. Helena Rubinstein's Heavensent Spray Cologne $QOO $4.25 Size 3 Isn't it everyday, watch for her? TIMEX Watches Faberge Straw Hat Cologne & BIG Selection. & up Dusting Powder Set Beautifully Boxed Set 5 00 Dorothy Gray Figurine Dusting In attractive $ffc50 plastic package O Dog Track Ownership Questioned LITTLE ROCK (AP)-Charles J. Upton, president and general manager of the Southland Racing Corp., which operates a dog racing track at West Memphis, said Wednesday he would welcome an investigation of the track's ownership. The corporation came under attack Wednesday in the Arkansas Legislative Council, which adopted a resolution calling for an investigation. "We have endeavored to operate Southland efficiently and be» lieve we have done so with the best interest of our local stockholders and the state of Arkansas in mind," Upton said. Follwoing the council's action, state Revenue Commissioner B. Bryan Larey disclosed that his department and the state Racing Commission were investigating the ownership of the greyhound track, which ten- atively scheduled opening its 102-day season June 7. The resolution seeks to have investigated a report that a New York syndicate is to take over the track within 10 days. ''The rumor is tliat this New York syndicate will take over in about 10 days," said state Son. Clarence Bell of Parkin, one of the throe sponsors of the resolution. Whitman 's Sampler, The world's most famous box of candy. 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