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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 2

Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 2

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:

THE LINCOLN EVENING NEWS. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1012. I Great Opportunity for Silk Buyers65 Pieces or About 3000 Yards Low Prices on Odd Sheets and Pillow Cases Kc? Messalines and Taffetas regular 14c, 10c and IGc qualities, to close now, each. Our Coat Sale a Big Success ZT. V2 Price And it slioultl ho when one considers that we offering onr entire stock of Ladies' and Misses' Coats, BLACKS INCLUDED, at a saving that we have not previously offered this season. Many have appreciated that fact that we will have lots of cold and stormy weather before Spring time and that the service to be obtained from any of these coats will be worth far more than the prices we are now making. At this writing Regular 59c to $1.00 Qualities, Wednesday 19 dozen 72x90 Bleached Seam Sheets, regular 39c QQp value, priced to close beginning Wednesday, ill 18 doz. 72x90 Bleached Seam Sheets. Armorside, 70c CC. value, priced to close while they last, each vll 12 dozen 76x90 Seamless Sheets, linen finished, regular CQ 90c value, priced to close, each Ulv Have you seen the Special Window Display No. 24, of the new English Voiles? All the new Spring colorings are shown and the display is worthy of early inspection. 39 Without a possible doubt the best -Silk offer we have made this season. This sale consists of Fancy Messalines and Taffetas in both Stripe and -Persian effects in an extremely varied range of color combinations. Also a lot of 27 pieces of Plain Messalines it is impossible to estimate how many coats will remain. I pay vou to attend this sale for we feel suffic i satisfactorily supply your needs. certain One of the New Spring OUR ENTIRE STOCK, excepting not a single garment, all in one big sale lot, now Your Choice at Half Price in as many different staple colors. These Silks are especially adapted for Waists or Drop Linings and are qualities that usually sell at from 59c to $1.00 a yard. A very comprehensive assortment can be seen in our Corncv Window Display No. 10. On account of the cold weather and the difficulty to attend early Morning Sales, this sale will not begin until 9 O'CLOCK, in order to give all an opportunity to attend. Choice of the entire lot, a yard 39c R. G. Models Cltf, as illustrated, is a new Spring model, extremely long in the skirt. Relief from possible discomfort is secured by elastic bands inserted in the skirt. Has medium low bust and a model that has an unusually attractive style. Price $a00. Our entire Spring 1912 stock of Corsets are now in ready for your inspection. The display is worthy of special consideration because of its completeness, featuring as it does not only models appropriate forcertain figures but a full range of styles necessary FOR ALL FIGURES. The finished R. G. Corset is as perfect as care can make it, and for that reason we can guarantee it. Designed by a most skillful and efficient corps of specialists made of the best fabrics obtainable, boned Spring Line of Floor Coverings Now on Display It is one of the most complete showings of all kinds of Floor Coverings that we have made for many seasons. Many of the new weaves, patterns and colorings in rugs and carpets are shown, the qualities we can back to the fullest extent. Not only are all the regular sizes carried in stock but we can supply promptly almost any coloring and any size or shaped rug you require. We suggest the advisability of making your selection now and have your Spring Floor Coverings delivered when you are ready for them. In this way you can take advantage of unbroken lines. "The Home Beautiful" The real home is more than a mere shelter. A woman gives expression to her Ideas of what Is fitting: and beautiful by a careful selection of all the furnishings. The decoration of the windows, the door ways, the choice of fabrics, designs and colorings, and their harmony with the surroundings within as well as with the view without all tend to reveal the character of those who there abide. Through continual study and research we are thoroughly posted on Just what Drapery Effects are required under various conditions and the knowledge we have acquired is entirely at your service. SPRING DRAPERY FABRICS In the newest ideas and patterns ean be seen in our Drapery Dept. and we shall be only too glad to have you call and see them. Suggestions aB to the proper decorating of your home -we will be glad to give. Bring Your Friends In to See the New Draperies for Spring rust, they with materials mat win holr to the fullest extent Trial Fittings Cost You Nothing. When You Ruclge Guenzel Co. Think of Rudge Guenzel Co. See a. u. going down the hotel corridor heard This evidence will then be used in the criminal case STIEHM ENTHUSIASTIC OVER AMENDED FOOTBALL RULES against the combine and in the civil well known phrase echoing once ore in his ears, "Well, give my love the girls." Recognizing the man, he went over that have been starved ior its dissolution. It was stated today by Attorney McKercher that the civil suits prob to him and spoke, but the Canadian did not remember the former meeting until his distinguished re ably will be tried before the crlm- of men as In the center of the field and the sensational 'stone wall' at the critical stage of the game, is likely to be no more. called the circumstances. "Well, well," said the Canadian, "and ivhat are you doing now?" "Writing books," was the answer. "Is that so? And I've struck it Just Why We Can Save You Money on that Suit or Overcoat is a lng story; but it will pay you to come in and listen it fer what you'll save. 1-4 Off on all Suits, Overcoats and Pants "This disadvantage of the stronger action is taken up. representing the govern-in the conference declared that is hardly probable that "either the or criminal suits could be for trial until late in the sum-or next fall. An enormous mass vidence is to be collected and prs will be kept traveling over iountry for several months before team in the contests since the revision of the rules from the so-called old stvle srame. has led to the de rich," came the elated reply. "Got a litle provision store round the corner. Can I do anything for, you?" steeTtrust feat of many championship teams. It has been the cause of victories of small colleges over the best in the land. A second new rule will place the best team on a better proportionate position with the weaker, and the full information in the case can be presented in the federal courts that is the raising the score dmits Packers Compared Figures. CHICAGO. Feb. 6. John M. Chap Because touch down to six points. DOCUMENTS DESTROYED? two field goals total lin, expert figurer of the test cost de touchdown ponent ot swat it uompany, was witness in the trial of the packers Koala, as Nebraska subsequent learned to their sorrow In the game todav. He outlined the methods in $5.00 Pants $3.75 $3.50 Pants $2.63 $2.00 Pants $1.50 $18.00 Suit $13.50 $15.00 Suit $11.25 $12 85 Suit 9.63 $25.00 Suit $18.75 $22.50 Suit $16.88 $20.00 Suit $15.00 use by tne swiii company regarding tne ngunne or costs ana price mar- with Ames, strong teams in many cases have been unable to win because their opponents developed droD kicker. This is unfair. Un Federal Agents Declare Subsidiary 1 am strongly In favor of the new rules recently handed down governing football lor the coming BeaBon," declared Coach SUehm of the university this morning. "It seems to me that all of the weaknesses of last season's game have been strengthened by, the new enactments, and the game Itself next season will be a decided Improvement over that of last establishment of the ten yard zone beyond the goal lines, allowing scoring on a forward pass, was very much needed under the 1911 play. By the new rule, the offensive team will have as good a chance to gain ground while near their opponent's goal line as it had In the middle of the Held. This la as it ought to be. Many a superior team went down to defeat or a tied score during the past season, because of the old rule. "Because there was always the chance of throwing a forward pass too far when the offensive team was near the goal line, with the result that the chance to score would be lost, the forward pass was not used when a team advanced within striking distance. As a result line smashing football had to be resorted to and this was a decided disadvantage to the team on the offense. When the ball was pushed Into dangerous territory, the defensive team immediately threw Its backfleld into the line to protect Its goal line from the plunges of opponents. The offense had to plunge into a line of ten men or eveh eleven in some cases. A heavier and superior team, because of this strengthened defense, was many times unable to score. Th Mnr inn a allowlnc the scor doubtedly kicking Is. one of the sen the "test cost flgurers" of the National. Armour and Hammond- com sations or the came, DUt it does Concern Has Been Burning Damaging Evidence. panies and differed only in matters of stand to reason that a team which has heady and careful team play and detail. He acknowledged that re superior to its opponents in every ae-Dnrtment of the feame except kicking. vere received by his compan: the nrices charged and tb WASHINGTON, Feb. 6. Charging should be fled or even beaten in a of business done by other that Arlce President Frank Baackes came where tne opponents Dy aa packers in various cities. and other officers of the Amerh vanclng the ball a short distance into Steel Wire company have deliber TO CURE A COLO IN ONE DAY its territory can score by two lucky kicks. ately destroyed a trunkful of docu lets. Druggists refund money if It falls ments tending to support tne govern ment's case against the steel trust, of on each box. JBc. '1 have not yet given the new rules my thorough consideration but these two points appeal to me especially. Before Coach Stagg of Chicago went We have a few broken lines Suits and Overcoats at Half Price Simon WE SAVE YOU MONEY Cor. 10th Sts. Lincoln, NeBr. the steel and wire company is jubsidlary. the department of justii today filed with the New Jersey cou to tne conference or coacnes to ap-Dear as a representative of the west a petition for an injunction to prevent ern colleges, he wrote to the athletic NO VELVET GLOVE FOR runner destruction or papers import- directors of the different schools for; it to the government's case. opinions on the matter or new ruies. The Detitlon alleges that Baackes the two. I have outlined, except the neiped to destroy correspondent which passed between himself and Ed MEXICANS ing of the forward pass will prevent all this and will give the strongest win Jackson, supervisor of the steel cnanges were women out in a wmc-what different manner. "In my letter to Stagg, I recommended that the ball be 'dead' im pcoi. xnese. the government alleges, J. w. rarren. nt tnat timepres-of the Steel Wire company, head of the United States Steel Army and Navy Put in Preparation mediately on its striking the ground on a blocked kick. This, in my opinion. Is an element of luck that should tea the same cnance or auvanong me ball by line plunges that It had in the middle of the field. Because forward passes over the goal line will henceforth count as a touchdown, provided, of course, there is a successful termination of the pass, the nek field cannot ko into the line on corporation, had cognizance of th pooling ana bidding arrangements oi not enter into the real game of foot ball, and it was responsible for ou: to Deal With Southern Republic Sissinser and four others, charged with securing her money through a "fake" robber-. The woman Is engaged to marry Sisslnger and declares she would much rather be in prison herself than. end him there. "I refuse to testifv." was her response to the last appeal of the court today to the next annual meeting. In the evening of the same dav a banquet will be held at the Lincoln, with H. M. Bush-ness of Lincoln as toastmaster. Professor L. W. Chase of the Nebraska experiment station, will deliver tied score with Michigan. The rule of course is too radical to be adopted The petition charged specifically that the papers were destroyed be the defense but must stay back to cause of the apprehension of the steel at the present time, but I stil maintain that It should be put Into nanaie ine dsu on uid um Thi will allow the offensr trust officials that they woulc prosecuted under the Sherman address on "Horse Power. a noon today there were about one team to plunge Into the same number Chihuahua. Campa has been recognized as dictator in the district and, without his consent trains cannot be run to the towns under the control of rebel troops. Although there is quiet at Chihuahua, many troops of armed men are roaming between that city and Juarez- They are preparing to blockade the railroads and prevent the Madero government sending any troops north to Juarez. At present, with the old mutineers gone. Juarez is absolutely unprotected and must Tall before the first force attempting to seize It. and points out that tho answer of the deDartment todav awaiting; onl: hundred delegates in the city. Enough corporation, filed February 1. denies news of further trouble in Mexico to expected to arrive tnis aiiernoun icrease the number to 200 or 300. trial, is navy" department besran active and others representing prepare the South Atlantic squadron. charges which the government predicated on the destroyed papers. There are a great many other documents which, the government declare; in the petition, may be destroyed. "The danger of such the petition said. "Is especially immi Snead held several Ion conferences he was asked if she desired to use the Si0 In the hands of the court, which taken from Sissinger, as part pay- know nothing of the money. If I now at tJuantanamo. Cutm, tor "man euvers" In the Gudf of Mexico. with her today in an cnort to induce Owing to poor crops this year the attendance mav not equal last year's record of 300. but it is thought that there will be at least over 200. The bridge law which will be under discussion was pushed through the last legislature by Gustafson of Saunders county, himself a thresherman. It hnr to take the stand and aid in It was stated by navy officials that "it is possible some of the warships ing her husband from the gallows. girl and with a mocking nent because there are Officers of the mile she was led back to Jail. now in Cuban waters will be sent ti vr Orleans for Mardi not because of her love ioi PILES CURED IN 5 TO 14 DAYS. Your druggist will refund money if PAZO OINTMENT fails to cure any case of Itching. Blind. Bleeding or Protruding United Sstates Steel corporation and its subsidiaries who have not yet been indicted for the practices which said Rrvra nr olther her love for her hus he superior court MRS. SNEAD AFRAID TO FACE FIRE Eloping Wife of Texas Millionaire Shrinks From Going on Witness Stand. TORT "WORTH. Texas. Feb. band that caused her to hesitate to From New Orleans the grey ships could be rushed to the coast of Mexico in a few hours. Both the dogs of war and greyhounds of the sea, however, waited take the stand and her attitude sta papers tona to snow mora gunty oi. As soon as the netition was filed requires that every onage meio. shall be strong enough to bear a weicht of twenty tons. The law is not strictly observed in all counties, and it is the purpose of the convention to take steps to insure if possible a strict lor Dom siaes. ioui the federal court in Trenton. Judge selcd first by attorneys for defense WANT LAW in an official report the British union states that its income ow -i week and that the seamc have been increased by the 1 tnke bv some or j5n per annum ew program of deamnds is belnp dra whir, will he presented to the the men fighting for the life Gray slimed an order restrninlns officials of the Steel Wire com on orders from the state department. announcing a recurrence of the out-j break at Juarez. Reports from north- husband she said she told them shoj observance in all parts of the state. from destroying further books did not love Snead. with tne records, in accordance with the ENFORCED eath she announced nor iov Mexico appeared hom she eloped. young Boycc witn emment request. Bath Tub Cases on Trial. but continued to refus in a stale of turmoil, approaching civil war. With nearly 10.000 troops Itn already ordered into Texas govern Sneao. tne pretty incriminate herself. DKTROIT. Mich The woman In the case." Mrs. Lena' MISS MARY F. HADRICH. of tho twoniv-nino CAR STRIKE THREATENS WINDY CITY officials hoped that no further admit that he was a good nd to counsel today she re- uld be re- Euead, wife of J. B. Snead. now for the murder of Captain A Threshermen Aver Bridge Enactment of Last Legislature Ignored in Many Places. tions originally indicted as the so-called Kith tub trust and five of tho husband fused to cree to this program 3 1 i -three individual defendants He.vcc. and whose elopement with Recently Named Private Secretary to Michigan Governor. ccompanlcd to havlnc already dropped thoir defen? Bovce's son led to the tangle vie, must be sired by quired to awe the Madero government 'ut it was emphatically stated that Vncle Rim refuses to be "fooled with" and that the velvet glove will be absent in his dealings wlih the southern republic Oroico Virtually Oictator. by picas oi nolle enntonorc, the much discussod cases came to trial today boforo Judce Ancell In tho X'nlted Stasos district court. The government Better business methods and l-i 1-udces will be the keynote of the third courts, suddenly appeared la Fort Worth" today. Mrs. Snead has been first In. and i the Chicago Hail annual convention of the fissert that a number of hrotb-erhood of threshermen. which the olher orjra lions Feb. today fron obaMv will withdraw their dieted "P- n'-d at tho Lincoln hotel this af terra on Throughout the throe days ir Fort Worth by a sister and two brothers. She was sreatly surprised when reporters discovered her at a hotel and refused to talk at length. -I do not want to testify if 1 can get out of it," Jhe said, "but great influences are at work. I do not nant to talk. 1 am afraid" The defense recalled Ireland 1 lampion to the stand todav In an effort to shr.ko his story that Snrad shot Caption Kovoe in tho back, after he had per red through a -nindow nt hira. This is a ilnmncine pifre of evldrnc to ro Chihua- then out fthe case smf her oiope-tmnt with younc Boyce from her mil lionairo husband, who front Jie.OOO 5i his search for her. What may be expected from her. now that is oi Hogarthi wh'ch they "arc in session the chief recalled 'from Europ: president. The vlan. Ujic for discussion will be how ir.creasc business efficiency and ho-" secure bettor observance of the lnldee law passer! by the last lo: DOCTORS drafted" dl-rri-iiiationaci plea or not and ntcr a nolle hr contondre plea some time today. Accordint: to federal official, tho Mexico, government's en" has been consid- 1 a.nd ma. omhly slrendhened bv the -wilhdrawal 1 aceordir of the 'not ruilty- vas ef wne of nlrn 1a; the defoidint. Today thirteen rnr- lirc, porntionp aTid tucnlv-eicht Indh id- been ch ualc appeared as defendant The Lumber Prosecutors to Proceed. I nprl rir.n- Feb f. Tho takinc of 1 1 t41)rroTn slmultanoouslv in znTil part of tbe countrj. prepar-Hoo to the ta' the irinl of the lumber tr-i-st" on forerun: -1 trut '1 his i clh Invocation bi Edward Cobb. aftOT Wit jMk sean H. U. Harmon of Lincoln, an addr-s of welcome by Mayor A. H. Armstxonc lnroln. response. by President 1AL1STS IN re- i -tTMSV the urn to Vort Worth to-mnth This was for Snond. as in- h- TioTd would tvilhin s1d-rod cToai duatinc a oon rJvrces of iolation of te shermai n'r o' the adoption of es to h-rk the Com'; The mpprs of the Chronic and ervoos Diseases ci ken and Women SKIN BLOjO will he Marled a the -nit GIRL GOES TO JAIL TO SAVE SWEETHEART -ti her toflnj bet- leiunc the r'-hel- 6a1l Stones Piles of the N. eommitlce -as scheduled. There will be -no session this treTi-inc anrl tomorrow ir.ornir.s the will take a trip to the state farm, thi.t tour of inspection beinc arranced the thresher manufacture rs. Governor Aldrich. who wae- thre. himself at cn time, ill the rtincipal sv.mV'T th-- Ir, the cv-jnc rep-rfetrttntive of the asmrslhiml an-: reprcentatii os of tho arj-c-ltural threshms ill bo ciien a ehanoo to speav The Thiars- K.Jm prooentmj: the iVn At.11 FITIKD rAUK Blfldfl. A I Diseases Disorders oi Ken Vaq-jea svrnpatbiiers. Ti Tilth Emilo Vflder in the Cabana A11 ExamlntIons and Consultaticr. FREE. Charees t-crw. Quick Cone. Oail or writ lor booklet, nor 22' vpe of Canadian, i adr'cd and other hodqu: SOW. Ho St. to e-wrvthiijK Ji said. Ten voar afirr first this lively individual Sir Gilbert was jint, jsar and selection of the place forji refuse; GrAadas. All an i hand at these vIaccs erHBCHIVE SEWSPAPE

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