Muskogee Times-Democrat from Muskogee, Oklahoma on October 17, 1907 · 6
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Muskogee Times-Democrat from Muskogee, Oklahoma · 6

Muskogee, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1907
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MUSKOGEE TIMES-DEMtSCttAT: Till RSDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1007. PAGE SIX. Cravenetfe Overcoats at $!2.30and$IS ate the best values shown in this city for a moderate price overcoat, blacks and grays, t d oredin Rochester. See these coats. The store thats on the square. One Price Plain Figures Dress re decidedly It takes more give more. W1 the progress that , has been madeln Men's ready to wear apparel has come a natural result. The teachings of a higher standard. Not only do we satisfy the demand, we encourage it Stylish fall and winter Suita and Overcoats maHe for us by Alfred Benjamin & Co.s organization of expert d signers and tailors ' . Suits $15 to $33 Overcoals and Cravenetta $12.50 to $30.00" Paraoon Pants $5 00 to l ,$7.50 :SMj New arrivals in Mens and , Young Men's fall ityle Hats. We have 23 different a'ylea to ahow you at $3.00 Stetsorf Hats $5 to $10 Suits for the Boys Our childrens , department is now complete with complete line of Boys Suits, fiver oats. Capa, Shirts and Underwear. . We give as much attention to our Childrens department as we do .the mens. I Boys Suit ages 7 to 16 $3.00 to $10 Boys Suits, ages 2 1-2 to 6, $3.00 to $10.00. , wavru ri4f witli every Boys Suit for $3.00 a d up PUSSKF001 BITS i -THE LO.Nb TRAIL ! William E.- Johnson, special U. S. 'marshal for the suppression of the liquor traffic Hln Territory, and who haB attained to great celebrity the last fourteen months aud has earned for himself the famous cognomen of Puesyfoot on account of his silent and successful methods, ' left this afternoon for Washington. D. C., and will not be back for some weeks. The object ok Tils visit is to discuss his future work In the territory, and to -decide whether he will continue dowu here after the state Is admitted Into the union. He ; will be In Washington some dtys consulting with the Washington heads of the depart mentr, aud will attend the Mohunk conference In the Ka,atskllls, about the 21st to jthe 25th of the present month. The Mohonk conference Is one of the Oldest organized conferences in Our Fall and Winter FLOWERING ARE Strictly "First Sized" stock and a line can get interior stock by mail. prices nut BULBS within F. C. Burtis Seed Co. Phone 162 Manhattan Miirts have no equal when it comes to good shirts. New patterns for fall Ideas , dvsr.ced !tdy to sat-sfy. We $!.M) to $3 the United Staten. It Was originally attended by those Interested In the welfare of the American Indians, ttnd while publis, was 'unofficial In Its meetings. Of late years, however, so many officials of the I'ulted States take part In It. that It now has a semi-official character. The conference is held in the Ka it-sklll mountains at the mountain homo of A. K. Smiley, a wealtnj philanthropist, who has been tne host of the meeting for many years. Johnson Is to be one of the Bpeak era He will follow Cotnmlsslonei of Indian Affairs Francis E. Leupp. CHEROKEE TEACHERS TO MEET AT VINITA V.nils, I. T.. Oct. 17. The flibt annual meeting of the Cherokee Nt tional Teachers association has been tailed 'for November 29 and 30 nt Vinita. At this meeting there will be an nttendane- of between 300 Bulbs HERE assortment. Far cheaper than you Patronize home industry. Our the reach of everybody. 222 North Main TELLS HOW Direction! to Prepare Remarkable Home Mixture A well know author ly on Rheumatism gives the following valuable, yet simple and harmless prescription, width any one can easily pr are at home: Fluid Extra:' Dandelion, one-haif ounce; Compound Kargon, one ounce; CompoiiLd Syrup Sarsaparilla, thiee ounces. Mix by shaking well in a bottle, and take a teispoonful after afi meal and at beutime. He states tint the 'tigredlents c i be obtained from any good pr scption phirmacy at smli cos., and. being of vegetable extraction re harmless 1o take. This pleisant mixture, If taken icgularly for a few days. Is said to overcome almost any case of Rheumatism. The pain and swelling, If any, dim'nlshes with each dose, un-t.l permanent results are obtained, 'd without Injuring the stomach. While there are many so-called Rheumatism remedies, patent medicines, etc., some of which do give relief, few really give permanent results, and the above w 11, no doubr. be greatly appreciated by many sufferers here at this time. and 400 teachers of the Cherokee schools, most of them pretty Indian girls. The Cherokee nation his more native Indian teachers than ail of the rest of the Five Cvllizod Tribes Combined, most of t'heni edu caied In the national schools of the Cherokee nation. On account of their familiarity with .the Indian language, fheir customs and- thr-ectertstlcs, these Indian girls .make excellent teachers in the government schools, and are ranch sought to fill positions by the government school aufhorltles. ZIPPO OBJECTS TO PUBLICITY Zippo, th Monk, who dodges so cleverly the rubber balls on South' Second street, was sobbing great monkpy sobs this morning. Zippo Is usually a cheerful sort of h monkey and enjoys greatly the game of dodging the soft rubber spheres. Therefore his grief was strange. A sympathetic crowd stood around.; The new arrival asked what was the matter. - The man who owns the monkey and thinks much of him, callmlng that he 1h muon more Intelligent than the average person,- stood sadly by. , "He got hold of a copy of the morning paper, said the man, "and when he read the story that the .nature fakir wrote. It nearly broke his heart, yes sir. Monk Is a proud monkey and the sentimental slush about 'his piteous cries and the look of sorrow on his face was more than his pride would stand.' Yes sir, monkeys have self-repepct like other people and when a newspaper comes along and holds you np to the pitying lontempt of other people, it would naturally hurt your pride. That Is what is the matter with the monk. He Is misunderstood, yes sir. "Tssahh, psst, woom, woom," said monk, having stopped Ills sobbing and listening to the conversation. "Says, explained the man, says he agrees with me, says that darned Phoenix would make an honest money ashamed of hlm-seh'.' The balls used In the little street net .ormamje are made of soft rubber and. would not hurt the face o! a baby, let a monkey like Monk, who would not cry if yon hit him with a club. In addition the monkey -likes the game, and plays It with more skill than the thrower. Whenever he Is hit,' however, Instead of "piteous cries," the monkey really seems to enjoy his failure to dodge. There Is nc cruelty to animals In the performance. BRIDE RETURNED GROOM JAGGED Fort Smith, Ark., Oct. 17. A joung couple fresh front the country came to Fort Smith for the pur pose of belr.g united In wedlock, but the bride has teturned to her home and the groom when last heard of was stll In the city wondering how It all happened. The couple first came under tc observation of Miss Southard, the depot matron, when they came Into the waiting room of the Frisco depot. Thev were as happy as larks and started up the street to one o the Justices offices. Something must have gone wrong on the way. Bright and early In the morning Miss Southard saw the would-be groom sitting In the waiting roam greatly under the Influence of liquor. It' was but a short time before the girl entered. She glanced at her fiance, but one look s tented to be enough. A down-cast expression flitted over hex face. In answer to inquiries the girl told her Btory to the matron. She said that she and her lover came to Fort Smith with the Intention ot getting married, but that now she would not have anything to -do with Mm and exptessed her Intention of returning to her home. The girl did not have enough to purchase ,a ticket to her home, but paid her fair to the farthest station possible. The would-be husband declared to them at the moment that he was worth $50,006 and insisted on writing her a check fof anv amount she named The girl tefused his gold. - INDICTMENTS RETURNED rhe gtaud jury Is dispatching a great amount qf work today, and i s a result, the Court house Js crowd-d with witnesses to appear before the Inqu' sitorlal hoav. The jury made a repot t thi3 morning, most of widen is held back by the dlsirlct i9ttorney's office as the parties ere not tn custody. About sixty Indictments have been returned to date. None of the cases passed ere of special Interest to the people if Muskogee, exeeot that It Is said that Indictments have been round against the Tittsworth boys, charging them with murder. Among the Indictments returned are th following: James Harris, grdud laieeny. Charles Brown, Burglary. , Will Coleman, burglary and Introducing liquor.'' Walter Guy and Fred Hart, murder. ,, Frank Jones, burglary. O Kennegar, burglary. 12. B. Lovejoy, assault to kill. V. S. Lawrence, larceny and embezzlement. ' Wm, McIntosh, disposing of whisky. .1 O. Mitchell, robbery. Rose Newman, assault to kill. J. P. Potts, murder. William Allenj , larceny and disposing of stolen property. . Brushy Lucky, larceny and reviving stolen property. A. R.' Stephens, murder. Newman Boon, murder, Richard Jones, assault' to rape'. Joe Webber, burglary. Chas. E. Price, breaking Into post-ofjloe, larcenv,' and arson. Tlmy Doyle- and Frank' Snyder, 'ssinlt to commit robbery. R. R. BRIDGE BURNED The bridge on the Iron Mountain over the Grand river at Ft Gibson was burned Tuesday night. The cause of the fire was - unknown. Two spans of the bridge we entirely u destroyed. The damage will probably amount to 15,000. The. passenger trains of the road are being run over th-Frisco to Muskogee and over v the Katy to Wagoner. Freight -traffic Is completely blocked. A temporary bridge will 'probably be in place by tomorrow morning. FOOTBALL FANS HAYEStUEME, Some of the .football lovers of Muskogee are trying to arrange fot some games here during the meeting of the Tratls-Misslssippl Com-meicidl Congress. Lon Ury and otb- r enthusiasts are taking up the matter with several colleges, and it 1 kely that they will succeed In arranging for such a meet. Some of the boosters of the game want to see the University of Arkansas play the University of Texas. Others say that In the failure to get the teams of the two above mentioned universities, the University of Oklahoma and Missouri college team will contend for honors. Whoever may play, Muskogee wMl turn out In Tull force to see the game. RELEASED OX BOND. Dave Jones, charged with stealing cattle, was released from the jail todsv upon $2,000 bond for Ms rpparance for trial. Jesse Wegenek was brought tn jesterday by Deputy Geo. Hanna on a charge of carrying concealed weap-cn. He was placed in jail. FOR SALE One boat and , 1 4 hoop nets, all In good repair. B. A. Anderson, 106 S. Cherokee. SULLIVAN SAYS STORY FALSE (Continued from page one.) Tlmes-Democrat that the latter part of that statement was absolutely false. He further -stated that so far 88 having agreed to meet a certain committee with a certain paving contract attorney, that after the session ot the council on Monday tfght, he agreed to so meet the attorney, providing other official business did not intervene. At the time and place of said meeting official duties in police court deterred his attendance and consequently he wus not present. In addition thereto, Mr. Sullivan stated that at no time previous, and there were many times when he could have been called into requisition, h s presence nor his counsel were sought. As to iris relations with the city council he states without fear -of successful contradiction that he, as city attorney, ar.d the members of the council, acting as such, have yet for the first time to clash, as the Phoenix has so published. In all matters pertaining to or which may appertain to, the best'lnterest of al citizens, he says, that he stands teady and willing to assist and advise not only with the citizens of Moskogee, whose representative he Is, but with the city council. In all matters pertaining to personal aggrandizement he, as a pub-, 11c official, must stand aside and lebk on until such a time comes that he feett that he must step Into the breach,' with a declaration that he s tor alt of the people all of the Our Boys and Childrens - Department . Iu full of the finest patterns in brown, gray and blue serges, worsteds and cheviots, Norfolk, Jumper, Buster and Russian Blouses. $3.50 and $10.00 Our Special Combination Boys Norfolk Suit, Two Pair, Pants and Belt 5.0.0 Economy tru!y outlay what will do you the most good. If fit and style and long: wear all superior to others are good for you when it comes to clothes, yoi will be interested in our Steln-BIoch Fall Models Price $15 to $35.00 Gentlemens ghoes $3.50and$4.oo 1 ; i K, 1 licits Fine Shirts $1.50 time rather than the few a few times. He says that he ,is willing to stand on his record. The inspiration of the article Mr. Su'Mvan knows nothing of, ' but In the so-called negject of mayormanic and councllmanlc duty, he hazards an opinion that the said neglect Is caused from the fact that In la suit brought by the heirs oJW. W. Cook, wl and wherein service was 'had upon the mayor of Muskogee, that notice of said suit was never brought U his attention and that upon a default judgment thereon In the United States district court 'granted the same, and further, wherein the First National Bank of this City ' garnisheed the Stuckey Paving company and made the city of Muskogee garnishee defendant In the sum of $1,-600 and summons of the same was FROM DIANAS DAIRY Panting for Adventure, Miss Dilip iekles Answers a Matiimoniul Ad and Draws a Blank in Cupids Lottery. , BY F. XV. SCHAEFER. I GUESS HB LIVES ON III. What I wrote to Mr. Finglemow-er, the "Lonely Rancher, was simply that his letter did not give me -much ot a squint at his True Worth, would he please send me ,a LIKENESS of himself. I also told himylie need not mention the $75,000 again, as any possible regasd , I might cultivate for him would not necessarily be of a mercenary brand. Well, he must have liked my letter PRETTY well., for he promptly came back with a photograph. You should see it. I guess ho lives on a ranch,' all right. It Was with mingled. If -not mangled emotions that J studied the phiz of Philemon Flnglemower. It shines with honest simplicity. So does his celluloid collar. Judg getting for the least 200 W. OKMULGEE served upon the mayor, and no notice thereof was given him until subsequent as he expresses- it default day. If that Is neglect, then Mr. Sullivan says that he pleads guilty. If there 'has been neglect on tha other side of the house. If there has been dereliction In advancing to him notices of spits brought against the city, theji he says that he thinks that such things that are Caesars should be rendered unto Caesar, and sueh things as are Romes should "be endered unto Rome., He further stated that for t'he conduct of h'is office he has no apologies to offer, no enemies to punish, no friends to reward and the many people of Muskogee it the ensuing election will be asked to pass upon his conduct, his merits aud his office. A RANCH ALL RIGHT. ing from the size of Adams apple, farm products flourish out there. It is of the Improved Mammoth variety, on which our common ancestor would have chol ed to death Ah, thought I to myself, what If It IS my destiny to face this manly countenance across the conjugal breakfast table in the hitherward future? It was NOT love at first eight. But I did speculate somewhat tenderly as to how Mr. Flnglemower would look after being attended to in a city barber shop. - And also, I felt awful romantic corresponding, like I was, with someone so many miles -away and only knowing him through an ad. So I sat down and sent Mr. Fin-glemower MY picture. (To be continued.) - - Dr. SHimoon DENTIST Phone 21 ' English BIocK ' MARCHESS PERUZZI Florence, Italy, Oct ' 17. The Ma-chese Vlceno Peruzzl, head of the ancient Florentine Peruzzl family, has decided to present a claim for $200,000,000 to 'ie English royal family for t money loaned by his ancestors to the first three King Edwards, .centuries ago. The fix st loan was $12,000,000 to Edward I. in 1300. MARKE1 REPORT (Quotations furnished by Muskogee Cotton Exchange, Rooms 4 and 5, Culbertson -bu.ldlng.) Liverpool. , Spots 6.53. , (, Sales 8,000.' ' Receipts 7,000. New York. Spots 11.75. y- i Sales 219. Receipt none. " Contracts. ' Oct. Deo. Jan. Mch Opening . 11.10 11.28 10.83 10.81 High 11.11 11.30 10.91 10.86 tow ,...10.96 11.15 10.81 10.76 Close ... 11-09 11.25 10.90 10.8 j Now Orleans. Spots 11 8-8. . Sales, 700. - , Receipts, none. Estimated Receipts. Houston 10,000 to 12,000. , New Orleans 2,700 to 3,700. Total port receipts today" 29,000. Last year 42,000. K. C. LIVE STOCK-Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 17. Cattle, 1 2,000 i steady: native Bteers. $.75 $6.50; Stockers and feelers, $3fff$5; cow3 and heitmts, 2 hnlls, $2.40 $3.75; calves, $3 $6.50. Hogs, 8,000; strong; heavy, $6.-05$6.20; packers, $6,10 0-16.25; pigs, light. $5.75 $6.30. W. N. Brook, Eck E. Brook, H. C. Thu man. Brook; Brook & Thurman : . LAWYERS . . Phone 91. Ill 1-2 N. Main St. Phone 47 0' Oklahoma fiulldtng ft J V

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