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BS BANGOR DAILY NEWS TUESDAY AUGUST 14, 2001 FROM BlNEW ENGLAND 3 arrested in Net sex assault case Man held in 1994 murder of South Portland woman car, at a motel near Providence, R.L, and back in New York, police said. The girl told authorities she was handcuffed much of the time and was kept under constant surveillance. She said she was taken back and forth between Farmingdale and Hampton Bays and was given to Montez, who allegedly sexually abused her and kept her blindfolded in a closet in his Queens home for two days before returning her to Warren and Loschin. On Friday night, police said, the girl was left alone and used her cellphone to call a friend. Im in big trouble, she told the friend, according to investigators.

Can you call my parents and call the police? The girl also called Wrentham police, who had been looking for her since her parents filed a missing-person report She told police that she was in Long Island but didnt know where. Police asked her to look for some mail to find the address. She did, and police got in touch with Nassau County authorities. When police arrived at the Farmingdale house, Warren and Loschin were there, Robustelli said. Detectives knew something was wrong immediately he said.

The place was an absolute dump, one of the worst junk-filled places Ive seen." The teen, who had severe bruises on her wrists, kept quiet in the house but told officers what happened when they asked her to step outside, Robustelli said. The girl, whose name was withheld by Nassau County police because of her age and the nature of the alleged crimes, was treated at a local hospital Wrentham police on Monday took the 15-year-olds mother to Long Island, where they were reunited. The girl was still being questioned by investigators. sau County authorities said Monday at a news conference. Loschin was charged with eight counts of sodomy and one count of first-degree sexual abuse Warren was charged with kidnapping, 10 counts of sodomy six counts of rape and one count of first-degree sexual abuse Warren and the teen had been corresponding for several months, Nassau County Detective Lt.

Vincent Robustelli said. The high school sophomore recently told Warren she wanted to run away from home, Robustelli said. Warren and the girl arranged to meet at a Wrentham, mall where she worked on Aug. 3, police said. Warren arrived with Loschin, police said.

The teen got into the car, and after about an hour; she knew she was in over her head, Robustelli said. What followed was a week of physical and sexual assault in the Bates was secretly indicted on charges of murder and gross sexual assault last week by the Cumberland County grand jury according to McCausland. DNA evidence provided by the state police laboratory enabled authorities to break the case, McCausland said. State police and South Portland police have worked on this case continually McCausland said. Seven state police detectives and one South Portland detective were in Massachusetts to coordinate Bates arrest, he said.

Bates, then a student at Southern Maine Technical College in South Portland, lived in the same apartment complex as Dickson. A friend of Dicksons found her body in her apartment after neighbors noted they had not seen her for a couple of days. By Pat Milton The Associated Press FARMINGDALE, N.Y A third person was arrested in connection with the alleged kidnapping of a 15-year-old Massachusetts girt who told police she was held against her will and sexually assaulted for a week after meeting a man with whom she had corresponded over the Internet Michael Montez, 35, of the Astoria section of Queens was charged with kidnapping, multiple counts of rape, sodomy, sexual assault and other crimes. Queens district attorneys office spokeswoman Mary de Bourbon said. Montez, arrested Saturday, was to be arraigned Monday night or Tuesday morning.

On Friday night, Beth Loschin, 46, of Farmingdale and James Warren, 41, of Hampton Bays were arrested after the girl called police and told them where she was, Nas Clifford Continued from Page B1 foundation for his success. Across the road from the performing arts center, the portico of the Unity Foundation, the nonprofit philanthropic agency founded by Clifford, was shrouded in black. A short distance down the highway the steam locomotive Spirit of Unity which Clifford brought to town, sat on the tracks. Just beyond the steam train, the U.S. flag fluttered at half-staff at Field of Dreams, the recreational area on the shore of Unity Pond that Clifford built for the town.

Those were just a few of the contributions to the community that Boyden said Clifford and his wife, Coral, will be remembered for long after the sorrow and sadness of his loss. James Hennigar of the Good WUl-Hinckley School reminded those in attendance of the advice, your attitude in life will determine your altitude in life, that Water Continued from Page B1 me that there should be a cleanup of the docks and the sediment under the river, Pallone said. The tribes dont want to just deal with the contemporary problem, they want to deal with the whats-built-up-over-the-years. They want a plan put in effect to get it designated as a Superfimd site. He compared their suggestion to the recent EPA decision requiring General Electric to clean up the bottom of the Hudson River.

The tribes are particularly concerned about discharges of dioxin and other pollutants that are byproducts of the bleaching process at paper companies upriver, and want the EPA to maintain its authority because they say paper companies have too much influence with state officials. After the tribes contested the Grief Continued from Page B1 these children cope with grief through interaction with each other, with trained Big Buddies, and facilitators who conducted group discussions, she said. The camp was so successful that Hall said it would be offered again next year Death is no stranger to Hall, whose only child died in 1992 and whose father died a few years ago. There was no place for me to go with my grief, she said. Instead of retreating into herself, Hall used her energy to develop a bereavement program for Pine Tree Hospice.

On Sunday, she and other volunteers wore white T-shirts decorated with bright yellow butterflies, a symbol of hope and the cycle of life. The Pine Tree Hospice bereave Health Continued from Page B1 an application form can be daunting. But consumers can get help at various sites, including Penquis CAP, Eastern Maine Medical Center and St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor, and DHS regional offices, he said. And members have worked to The Associated Press ATTLEBORO, Mass.

A Massachusetts man was arrested Monday for the 1994 murder erf a South Portland woman, police said. Maine State Police believe Fos- ter Bates, 34, of Attleboro, sexually assaulted and killed 22-year-old Tammy Dickson in February 1994. Bates was arrested without incident in Attleboro around 6 p.m., according to Stephen McCausland of the Maine Public Safety Department Bates is scheduled to be arraigned at Attleboro District Court on Tuesday where he will be charged with being a fugitive from justice. Maine authorities have requested Bates be returned there, and it was not immediately clear whether he will fight the extradition. Food Continued from Page B1 Christian said the commission believes state food stamp officials are trying hard to improve participation.

But he said the program is only a part of the solution to making sure people do not go hungry He said an important step was the Legislatures approval of a raise in the state minimum wage to $5.75 an hour in January 2002 and $6.25 in January 2003 but only one of many needed to reach the goal of no hungry Mainers. We are talking about the working poor, he said. We have a lot of people in Maine that just do not make enough to pay for the necessities of life. The Maine commission, in its draft report, defines hunger in several ways. For example, undernutrition is the consumption of fewer calories and protein than are needed by the body to sustain life.

Malnutrition is the lack of specific vitamins and minerals needed for basic health, as defined by the federal government. Cyclical hunger is caused by fluctuations in income and can lead to periods of undernutrition, malnutrition or both. A new report from the Economic Policy Institute, a Washington-based think tank, uses both federal data and information developed independently to calculate just what it costs a family to live in hundreds of communities across the nation. In Maine, the study figured the costs in both urban and rural areas. The least expensive region was the Lewiston-Auburn area, at $31,364 a year for a family of three.

The most expensive was southern York County, at $36,147 a year for a family of two parents and one child. The study compiled housing costs, food expenditures, child care, health care and transportation costs along with taxes and some necessities to establish its annual family budget estimates. A big variable in the study: housing and transportation costs. At $543 a month, rural Maine was the lowest and, at $710 a month, southern York County, the most expensive. And we found that 31.5 percent of this group two parents with one child made less than what we determined was the minimum needed for a safe and adequate lifestyle, said Heather Boursey, one of the authors of the study We know food stamps is not the only source for food, said John Hanson of Orono, a member of the state commission.

But we know it is an important one, and we heard that in our public meetings across the state. The latest federal statistics certainly support that statement. More than 100,000 Mainers in more than 51,000 households are getting some level of benefit, which depends on family size and income. In federal fiscal year 2000, $81.4 million in food stamps were distributed in i-TTna 942-7644 83 Farm Bangor Dirteih to Btnsot Factory Outset From F9S tab F3S5 to Farm M. Exit, be right ooto Farm Ri.

From Mato SL take Farm Fit it armorf tJ4 Mb of tire MB. 6m mBo from Kbrio Reatemnt Open: 10am 5:30 pm Sat. 10 am 5 pm met, Clifford informed him that he had little use for banks and bankers. Making note of the new bank next door at Clifford Common, Mullen on Monday asked: Who would have thought from that beginning that he would have built a bank of his own for the community? U.S. Rep.

John Baldacci said that despite Cliffords business acumen, Baldacci was always struck by his devotion to his family He said he attended banquets where Clifford received awards and was moved by the joy Clifford evidenced in crediting his family and having them share in the honors. Baldacci said that he passed the Field of Dreams on the way into town and noticed the flag at half-staff That moved him, but what moved him more was the sign welcoming everyone to use the fields and courts. Thats the way Bert was, said Baldacci Clifford was the kind of person who set goals and accomplished them. It was more important to go out and do it in true Maine fashion than to talk about it tribes legal battle to his attention earlier this year In addition to touring the banks of the Penobscot River, Pallone visited the tribes medical facilities. The Indian Health Service, an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services that provided federal health services to American Indians and Alaska Natives, is up for reauthorization this year Pallone has introduced legislation to reauthorize the service and specifically target seven health problems that have hit American Indian communities harder than the general population: diabetes, infant mortality, heart disease, cervical and breast cancer, alcoholism, immunization rates and HIV-AIDS.

The legislation also would expand grants and loans for construction or renovation of facilities, and creates residential treatment centers for urban youths with alcohol or substance abuse problems. While they have their memories, the children learned that the pieces of their lives will never be the same after the death of a loved one. This lesson was learned as each child put pieces of a puzzle together that formed a heart. When someone we love dies, our lives fall apart, Hall told the participants. Its like picking up pieces of a puzzle and putting it back together.

And sometimes the pieces do not fit there will always be the gaps and cracks, she said. We will never be whole again in the way that we were. That reminder was evident as a Charleston man, whose daughter was a participant, could no longer hold back his grief and wept over the loss of his young son. ft MTWiiUJi Maine with an average monthly benefit of $66.77. But even with all the outreach efforts by the state to get food stamps to all those who qualify for help, about 25,000 Mainers who qualify for the program do not apply for the benefit JoAnn Pike of the Good Shepherd Food Bank in Lewiston and a member of the state commission studying hunger issues said some people would never apply for help.

There are people, particularly some of the elderly that just are not going to use food stamps even if they are eligible, Pike said. They would rather go to the local pantry or soup kitchen and get a cup of coffee and have a doughnut, Pike said. To many its more than the food. Its the companionship they get at a pantry Pike said that, while there are thousands of seniors getting food stamps, many get the minimum or near the minimum amount of $10. She said many who are eligible for that benefit simply dont bother to apply even though it would help them pay for their groceries.

And I have to wonder what the administrative cost is to process a $10 benefit, she said. There must be a better way to get that help to people. Christian said that during the past 20 years, soup kitchens and food pantries have gone from being an emergency service after a disaster to service as an integral part of the food safety net He, too, said food stamps would never worts for some of the people who make regular use of pantries and kitchens. This is a big problem; we still have a lot of Mainers hungry every day he said. We need to do more than improve the food stamp participation rate.

The commission is scheduled to complete its report in December on hunger in Maine and what steps should be taken to solve the problem. Its recommendations go to the January session of the Legislature to consider It will be the second report in five years on the problem of hunger in Maine. Horse Liniment Eases Arthritis Pain OCALA, FL An ingredient derived from hot peppers that decreases inflammation in racehorse's legs, is now recognized as safe and effective for human use. The ingredient has been formulated into a product called ARTH-Rx and comes in a strength designed for humans. Researchers are excited and say the formula can relieve arthritis pain for millions.

Developed by the Phillips Gulf Corporation, ARTH-Rx is a breakthrough in the treatment of painful disorders ranging from minor aches and pains to more serious conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, tendonitis, backache and more. Although the mechanism by which ARTH-Rx works to relieve pain is not totally clear, scientists suggest that pain is relieved because ARTH-Rx intercepts the messenger substance that sends pain signals to the brain. ARTH-Rx is available in a convenient roll-on applicator without a prescription. According to a spokesperson for die company, due to the overwhelming demand for ARTH-Rx, supplies are sometimes limited. ARTH-Rx can also be ordered by calling 2oqo rec ARTH-Rx Is available at MILLER DRUG 210 State St.

947-8369 NATURAL LIVING CENTER 570 Stillwater Ave. 990-2646 PITTSFIELD PHARMACY 4 N. Main St. 487-5424 Pittsfield Or at your local: 0 Clifford would gave on so many occasions. He said that it would tickle Clifford to know that his funeral was standing-room-only in this wonderful theater He said Clifford was single-minded in his pursuit of a goal, be it helping to create Unity College or establishing the Unity Foundation.

Some might call it stubbornness, we call it tenacity Hennigar said. He said that Clifford believed in the principle of hard work and believed even more strongly in the priority of family Hennigar also described Clifford as a dreamer who once told him he doubted that he would accomplish all his dreams, but that he always would keep dreaming. He described the Field of Dreams as the greatest gift Clifford gave the town because it would provide recreation and enjoyment for generations of Unity children. How could Unity have anything like that without a dreamer like Bert? he asked. Thorndike farmer and golfing partner Donald Maxim recalled DEPs application last year, Great Northern Paper Georgia-Pacific Corp.

and Champion International Corp. requested the tribes documents on water quality. The tribes refused, prompting a lawsuit In May, Maines Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the states Freedom of Access Law applies to the tribes when they exercise their authority, gained under the 1980 Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act, as municipal governments, but not when theyre engaged in the deliberative processes of self-government. In June, a three-judge panel of the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston let stand the state supreme court decision.

The tribes pledged to appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court. All of this relates to the sovereignty issue, Pallone said. Federally recognized tribes are sovereign nations, and that should be enforced by the EPA, the Department of Justice and the Depart ment program served 261 clients last year, adults and children. The camp appeared to fit a special need, according to Hall.

She said the idea began when a local Hospice volunteer, who had attended a conference in New Orleans, brought back a prototype of a bereavement camp for children. I just kind of tossed the material aside for a year, she said. But last year, she looked it over and, without hesitation, concluded, We could do this." After writing a suitable program for Maine children ages 7-13, Hall applied for and received $1,000 from United Way to help fund the camp. The Pine TYee Hospice board, based in Dover-Foxcroft, voted to fiind the remainder of the cost. Local businesses were extremely supportive and provided supplies and food necessary for the program, she said.

In addition, several people volunteered their time to serve as buddies to the children and to cook and clean during the weekend. create a streamlined application process, he said. Tracy can vouch for that. It was a simple application, theyve really tried to make the process easy and accessible, said the mother who appreciated that no face-to-face interview was necessary and that she could mail in the application. They let me know quickly that I had indeed been accepted and was covered, and they called me several times to ask me if I had any questions, she said.

that wherever they traveled to play and people asked Clifford where he lived, he would always reply Im from Unity, Maine. Is there any other place? Clifford worked the family dairy farm on the Albion Road in Unity in the years just after World War IL He later served as a letter carrier and bus driver in the area and as Unity postmaster In the early 1960s, he began acquiring stock in the Unity Telephone Co. It became the first such company in New England to have a fully digital central office network. He was a founder of Unity College and, in the 1980s, he ventured into the cellular phone business. Maxim said Clifford loved Unity, the Masons and the Shriners almost as much.

Golf, on the other hand, was a devotion because Bert was a great golfer, he said. Retired banker Earl Mullen was part of a golf foursome with Clifford for more than 30 years. He said Cliffords life was guided by a vision and that he was a fill teacher on the golf course. Mullen noted that when they ment of the Interior. The tribes are concerned that this action by the paper companies is threatening their sovereignty.

Last month, Pallone wrote to Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton requesting that she meet with tribal leaders. Clearly, there is a significant problem facing both the state and tribal governments of Maine one in which we have a responsibility to become engaged and ensure a process by which the waterways are cleaned up, the health of the public and the environment is taken into consideration, and tribal sovereignty is upheld, Pallone wrote to the secretary Pallone said that he received a reply from Norton, saying her staff would look into the situation. He said he would keep pressing her on meeting with the tribes. Pallone said Betsy Tannian, a member of the Penobscot Nation working in the congressmans office for the summer, brought the Originally, 13 children had registered for the camp, but one pulled out at the last minute and two others left the camp early. For Sarah, who has no living grandfathers, the loss of her father was great.

I fished with him. I did a lot of stuff. And this camp kind of really helped me, she said, while coloring salt with chalk during an activity. Activities at the camp gave children a chance to express their feelings. The colors of the salt placed in glass containers were expressions of love.

Deanne Carfagno, 10, of Sangerville used blue as a reminder of when her late grandfather took her to the ocean, green for their walks in fields and pink for his love. The children also had a visit from the Chewonki Foundation, swam at the local YMCA and launched balloons bearing goodbyes to their loved ones during the event The follow-up has been nice and the actual program itself is very friendly and kind. Its humbling when you have to ask for a helping hand, but no one never made me feel less than human. Applications and informational pamphlets can be found at area medical practices, town offices, supermarkets, restaurants and schools. For more formation call the Covering Kids and Teens Campaign Helpline at 800-965-7476.

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