Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 30, 1973 · Page 31
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 31

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 30, 1973
Page 31
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Page 31 article text (OCR)

1 s til - I - f I I The Dale HoslW, infofmdtion of-dghment for deer and other mliu that the important link in solely on putting out lilts, they a^e in some cases starting them,, but only in carefully eohtrolfed circtimstancies. ntitur«^s ecological chiiih. So instead of concentrating previously burned themselves for the Sierra National Forest, notes that since the iMOs, foresters have relentlessly snuffed out fires which Out Avithout man's intervention. The result, he said, has been an overgrowth of brush with a subsequent reduction in nour- gra2ing animals and a buildup of^ flammable fuels which, in the long run, increases the danger of a hotter, more devastating wildfire. A possible solution the forest service is what is described as a fire." prescribed, Augiiat River Joe ttagsdaie, Kings distrid ranger, currently is planning the Sierra forest^a planners IS tdburii.dver 2 ,100 acres of foothill cotirttfy new Pine Flat The burn be determine by conditions and other variables. up the thed.4M- w«ll dcfiths are increasing. If tMcdee^ oooulation has increase stieH as quail aM wiather bufiis are successful in „ MusMand to i>rovide acre Secat» Ridge'Rancheria on small game. Crdek Basin burn in i§7i. burn project is the condition of the North' Kings de^r herd which has be^n declining. and bntth shoots Of patticular coneerh tor the . ... ^ of the Cottonwood the health of the deer populA lion ihbuld ifflpf-ove The lorest service believes the burhovers are a step in the One theory is that because of right direction because there is a lack of proper nutrition, fawn evidence that a portion of the prey Fires have periodically swept an area of brush through Crests for centuries. overgrowth not only.will help f^^^^ huve become one of Mosler said it also improves the wp tWcke*^ brush for grass habitate for smaller animals but to foster new growth. * • 1 Not Upset -Uncowed, these beasfcies keep right on about their foraging business regardless of ihsA visitor Irom outer space at their .t^amham, England, field. Aotudly, it's a replica of a U.S. Apollo space capsiile made for a (British itelly show, and in transit here to an auction sale. NEA ' Ongoing Study • 4 Learning All the 'In^ Words Can Enrich Tour of Capital By DICK WEST With WASHINGTON (UPI) the outbreak of another tourist season, thousands of visitors Pl^> are again swarming over the seat of government in quest of civic enrichment. bureaucrat during their sojourn in the capital They should know, for exam- that ^'viable/' for moons one of the many/ invest wo^ds on- in town, is no longer viable. **Viable" has in large measure been supplanted by going. This Is Good All those bureaucrats who just a few weeks ago were scurrying around trying to activate viable new programs, or keep old programs viable, are now primarily concerned with ongoing programs. This is good. Judging from the dictionary definitions, a viable program is merely "practicable" or "capable of actualization", whereas IS The Lighter Side Before making a trip here, citizens would do well to become conversant with the "in" words that ebb and flow about the federal vocabulary. That will upgrade their chances of intelligibility should they have occasion to accost a L— , Aid Payment Totals Listed m By Agency A .total oi 2,110 Knox County residents received $214,390 in public aid benefits last December, a^xrording to ithe Illinois Deparfcmeiit of Public Aid. Of this total, 1,001 persons received $69,112 in aid to depend ent children (ADC); 365 persons the wane, hardly any programs received $53,627 in assis-tance are making an onrush, to aged, blind or disabled; 617 Something that is onrushing persons received $85,783 in is the word "profile." After medical .assistance, and 127 being a bit cff the pace in the persons received $5,868 in gen- early stages of "iri"ness, it is eral assistance. now moving up fast on the The number of area county outside. recipients and amounts received Include: an ongoing program "progressive or evolving." And—who knows?—There's aV ways a chance it might even accomplish something worthwhile. Bear in mind, however, that ongoing is not the same thing as onrushing. "At this point in time," which is another recent "in" term that appears to be on Nixon Gives a Push President Nixon this 229 and $15,776, word gave a big "in"ward push months ago when he the Henderson — ADC; 73 and $13,150, assistance some , ^ . to aged, blind or disabled; 91 reported that the United States and $9,845, medical assistance, intended to maintain a "lower and 19 and $355, general assist- profile" in Southeast Asia, ance; Henry - 722 and $44,504, Now profiles are being raised MX; 187 and $32,693, assist- and lowered all over ance to aged, blind or disabled; capital. Raising and lovvering 335 and $74,139, medical assist- profiles has become almost as aiice, and 74 and $1,Q19, gen- commonplace as raising and eral assiaitance, and McPonougb lowering the flag 423 and $J »,106, ApC; 185 A few days ago, one of the government cafeterias cut back on the number of dishes being offered. In $31,088, assistance to aled, bliiui or disabled; ^42 and $49,431, m^al asiststance, and 78 9Qd $2,612, general as- +1 mrm - 201 aiwji 114,437, ADC; 71 and 113.649. (assistance iSfld medical assiatiance and 31 and 1858, geweral assist­ ive ajvl $9,155, doing it anof; Stark ADC; S« and fS.SSO, assistance blind or dissabled; 44 mm. Wtrreii 488 and to aged, bUfid or |4^m ;a^ Ik «4 SO, announced U was adopting ''reduced food profile.** As I understand it, the management decided that a three-entree profile was no longer viable. So now the cafeteria has only one ongoing entree. The ultimate in the current phase of **in** words will be achieved when someone comes up with a program that has an "ongoing profile." It would...oops, strike that last .statement. I just realized we already have something with an ongoing profile. It's called **the Watergale case." And in the driver's seot! Becouse you determine our ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ success! F It'll only hoppcn once ot WMver^Yemm Chtyroltf. This mcons you'll + h havo to woit until ntxt yoor for onothor tolt likt it! Priets wijl novtr b« lower! Deals will never be betlirl You hove to come to Weover-Yemm just to inevstigote. 1 We guarantee you con'f top our deol anywhere. « f TUNE i '4 . 4 » . THRU JUNE! A 1970 (phevelle Coupie V/8 automatic, powor steering, blue with blue vinyl top, black bucket seats 33,000 miles ^- Etdorodo Evroything « New Tires, 17,000 Miles. Clean. 4 - t 1972 Comoro V.8. All Power, Fact. Air. Blue-White Vinyl Roof & White Bucket Seats. 9,000 Miles. 1971 Cofolino Broughom 4-br V8 Auto., All Power, Fact. Air. Light Beige, Dark Brown Vinyl Roof. _ 1971 Molibu Sport Coupe in J' 6 cyl. straight stick, solid brown 20,000 miles ..t _ — 2044 1970 Chey. Impolo All power, factory air, solid beige Dr. Here's your chancetobo^a double winnerlWin in the deal and then maybe wih the brand*new 1973 Vega. All you do is register. You must bis If ier over. (W ^j^ver-Yemin employees aro not eligible.) 1971 Cougar all power, factory air, green with green vinyl roof, 42/000 miles 1970 Ford Mustang Fostbock 2144 VS Auto., P.S., Radio. Light Blue-Black Buckets. > * - f h Brand' 1970 Imopolo Custom Coupe 2444 Va : Auto., All Power, Fact. Air. Blue, Dark Blue, Vinyl Roof. 1971 Plymouth Xudo V8 Auto., P.S.-P.B., Mag Wheels. Bronze, Black Buckets. Real Sharp. 1972 Chevelle Wagon V8 Auto. All Power, Fact. Air. Red-Black, Vinyl Int. — 1971 Malibu 4-Dr. H.T. V8 Auto., P.S.-P.B., Fact. Air. Yellow-Black Vinyl Roof. 1970 Custom Coupe Impolo va Auto., P.S.-P.B., Radio. Light ^9AAA Green, Dark Green.Roof & int. ikHrHni 1971 Chev. Novo Coupe va Auto., Radio. Red-Black Interior, Clean. 1970 Clieveiie 4-Dr va Auto., P.S., Radio. Blue & White. 1970 Corvette Convertible 350. 4-Speed, Maroon, White Top. 4944 JUST ONE EXAMPLE! ^ BRAND NEW 1973 CHEVELLE MALIBU 2 DOOR HARDTOP 4 With Turbo*Hydramati€ transmiision, power steering, radio, ouliide mirror, 308 V/8 ongine, back-up lights, disc brakes, windshield washtrs. • . 1972 Goloxie 500 4-Dr. HX 1971 Kingswood Sto. Wogon va Auto., All Power, Fact. Air. Gold-Brown, Saddle Int. 3444 6 Pass., All Power, Factory Air, Solid Green. •verythihg you need and want in a new car. This is not a stripped down model, at this low low price, it's a beauty. 1971 Monte Corlo V8 Auto., All Power, Fact. Air. Radio, YeJIoW'Slack Vinyl Roof 1972 Torino All Power, Factory Air. Solid Brown. Dr. m It COMPLETE CAMPING PACKAGE 1971 GLADDEN DEL REY ISVa-Ft. Fully Self Contained with Battery & Pressurized Water System Reise Hitch & Anti Sway Bars. 1967 PLYMOUTH FURY III 4'Dr. Sedan with Frame Mount Hitch V /8 Automatic P/Steering, Factory Air. Complete Full Price 3444.00 DOUBLED effort to DOUBLE volume and DOUBLE your savings too! TRY OUR SERVICE & PARTS DEPT WE TRY HARDER 2195 N. Henderson St/Golesburg/Pli. 343-7101 ••1?7I OPC» iNC. yjyl97I by Domb'Oiky^Ptck, !nc '•1971 DPC, INC. ^£;197lfcyDoinb/osky,PeckCoolili9nJnC m V

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