Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 1, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1944
Page 2
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Two NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER i As We WERE SAYING.. Tin- m-w j-;is niu.HkM In Auxtnilla :in- mntli' nl" orilln:iry liniwn p»|iof, Imvc' a . oi-lli'i'liHiH 1 window, ciiiiUiln u ln>.\ t>f cliriiilcal.H, si-li for five ci-iitM. SiMintor \Vhlte says our polcl nt Fort Knox Is "like hiivlnj; extra crloan .shirtN In u burciiu drawer." yuips Now Hiwun Resistor, "And what's thut lllccV" IIV. a f;uit Itinl our nation's li>'«* hiy iniiri 1 rKK* nu'li day tliua total population. Thmiifrh tho use of sp^cliil pip- nients. the llluinlniitlon of your future homo may be derived from entire walls nncl ceilings, rut ho r thtm from fixtures, bulbs ;md tub<!M, fluorescent colors, .'ireordmK to the Color RL- sc.-irch Lnborutoi'V, EUK'C Printing Inlt Co., uctlvatod by "black" iilrrri-vloli-t liKlit have already lii-i-n used in rmirals. in theater parpvts, In stairc offocts. I'.y Ntmlyini* tile color suul <len- sity of vJiinkr pouring out of eneiiiy f:it:torlr.s, an auriiil plui- tn^raplii-r can prelly iirnr tell what's Ix-iiiK manufactured. Twliiy's jinecilftu: \Vhen n mid- western reporter turned In a story about a (armor's loss of D.fiJ:" pik's by theft, nn alert (•npyivuiler thought the figure [lively hii,'h, So he phoned the farmer to check on it. "Did you lose u'.ivj.'i pigs?" ho asked. The disrrfiti;;lit fiirmcr answered. "Velh." So the smart newsman ih.'mUi'il him. chanu-ed the copy to make the loss two sows and :.'•) pitf.i. Get it? It i> said [here was once a lull whfi curved his 'initials on II desk in the old school house, and i;rrw into a man without TTrliij; famous. The last thinf N'u Ufa tuck National wishes :o do Is to oncour- -a^r anyone to borrow who does nor need to borrow. Our PEK- SO.VAI, r.OAX DEPARTMENT was net up only for those fac- inic a temporary financial oinor- ;:onry, and who would be put hnck on' rhcir (c"t by a timely loan. Oftentimes It is wiser to borrow than to struggle ngalnst (ivcrwhnlniing odds. For we Kive a full vear to repay our P.ER- SOXAI, LOAN'S In" small, convenient mon:hly installments, whirh moans you £ft monoy to ment the emergency at once, and can take your time to settle with us. The cost? Only $C per year pr»- ,$100 borrowed. And the IIfa oi' the borrower la Injured fur the balance of tho loan and fur Its duration at no addtlonal rvijit. Just write, phone 21'SC, or rrnll. lifcansi' the Germans now confine Uiottiselvc* liirifdy to the hiving of iionmetallic mines, muny are misled by the usua deler.lors. \Vliicli has led to the use of specially trained ilog.s who "smell-out" mine fields. Tailed M-(l«gs they work on ti-fiifit Ii-Hxli, always with same haiuller. Pid you ever notice that the e.-ist onnst of North America is •ilmost dirootly north oC the west coast of South America? Tin. firrniiin l.ufUvnffr mity i'X- i"-ct to see a I'-.'il. .Mustang KliflHiT ii|> as high as .10,1X11) fi'i-t ,1ml they may not i-.\pi'ct In H'i' It lung, for It triivi-ls at HVIT -Kr> m. p. h, Sjiid Hamilton (Ham) 'Fish: "As a politicians, ITiss fF-Ielcn) llayi's In a good actress." 'Replied Miss Hayes: "As a politician, Mr. Fi.-th is n (htim) actor." .... Kvi'ii if you :in> on the right truck, you will gi-t run nvi-r If ynn just -»lt there.—.luiirtii'yiniiii Unrlicr, THE NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Mcmlicr of Fcdnral Dopoult liixiirnnoci Corporation JJL'V AND SAVJi AT TIIK HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TBX. 4a»0 nocco nAno, Prop, FII-I.KH BUNS mul COI'TKK CAKES CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street TKI« SfiTH I'rnmpt, Kxpirt WATCH * William Schpero .Tcwi'icr 180 CIILKCIt ST. — 1 Flight Up — Army Will Move Many lyteri After Nazis Are Beaten BEAOW FALLS Corrbvponiluiit'H 1'liono 4324 (By United The Army Is reported to be perfecting plans to move hundreds of thousands American troops from Europe when Germany Is defeated. According to present indications, some of the soldiers now lighting the Nazis will come.Tioma soon after Germany quits. Others.will go directly to the Far East to fight- the Japanese, and some will remain in Europe as par of the armies of occupation. American commanders in the Pacific will have the first call on the released military forces.. But as United Press Correspondent ,Rouol Mooro points out, tho type of war- faro in the Pacific does not. re(1« I re the large military forces that are used in Europe, So when Germany capitulates, AInny American servicemen will be coming home. Un addition, the shrinking of combat requirements is expected to permit, the Army to .discharge many of those troops. The Army !s expected to regulate , the discharges on a point grading system. Soldiers will be allowed 5Oints for dependents, age, length of overseas service and wounds. Release will be in order of the argest number of points. The over- reduction is expected to be more than one-million men. Post Office Stays Open Until 10 A. M. On Labor Day The Beacon Falls post olllce will remain open for business until 10 a. m.. Monday, Labor.Day, Beatrice I,iee, postmistress, announced this movnihg. A half holiday .will be enjoyed by postal employes. Most of the business section in downtown Beacon Falls will also be closed for the holiday. The U. S. Rubber Co. plant here, however, will, be operating, as the plants in ^Naugatuck will also be open Labor Day. A.YF S'ERGEANT HOME Sergeant William Karaban is spending'a few days furlough with his mother on Main street. The sergeant, who is leaving'tomorrow is.wjth nn Army.Air Force unit in Texas .-.'•/. Group Will Work For'Reieledioii 1 Senator Truman Urges Re-election Of Pres. Roosevelt The total natural increase in the population of Canada from 1926 o 19-10 was 1.857,995 — an annual iverage increase of 123.SG7 per- ons.- WHATCAUflS •PIUPSYT , •*• • --||Mf* A^^ *" 1 A'booktct containing lh« oplnloni of la- movf doctor* on .fhU intv/aitlno ivbjtcl Mill b« ««nl FREE, while Ih.y toil, lo ony «ad«r writing lo th> Edueolionol Oivhlon, 535 Fifth Av».. N«wYork, N.V.. D»oi. J-37-* In Manchester Mrs. Adam Swierszcwski, and sons, Joseph and John, of Highland avenue, are visiting, in Manchester, Conn. They arc staying, iit-. the home of Mrs. Roy Daughn. T-t. Tucker Here Lieut. George Tucker, who . Is stationed at Bradley Field, Windsor Locks, is .'spending several, days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tucker of.,Burton road. Ucqulom High Mass A requiem high "Mass will bo | sung at St. Michael's church at 0 o'clock for Pfc. Domenic Contaldi, who was. killed in action overseas. Stamford, Sept. 1—(UP)—-A new committee headed by outstanding literary and musical figures—-is,being formed .In Connecticut to Work; for the re-election • of President Roosevelt'.. . • , . • . "... . .; , . State chairman of the gflilup'-Syttl- be former'Juvenile Court Judge Mnx Spelke. . ..--.,'• Spelke said the committee 1 —to. be called the Connecticut Citizens Committee—will include such widely-known men as Clifton Fadimun, Franklin P. Adams, Fritz Reiner, Lawrence Tibbetl and Van'. Wyclc Brooks.. All arc residents of. Fair- field'county. ... .'' • ,. -.. .-;.-. Many Apply For Hartford,' Sept. 1— (N.P)— Some 50,000 Connecticut. men and wo-, men in the armed ofrceB already have applied to the state ,.for ..absentee, ballots for the Nbvenribor elections. . . • , . . .. .' The secretary of state's office' alone has been handling postcard applications at the rate of 300,10: 500 each day., it .was. announced, and town, clerks have .returned many more. , ... The peak .of the applications . is expected during the next 'two weeks.. .: . (By •United J'rosti) Democratic senators- have pressed their approval oi the way ^Senator Harry Truman has opened .l.h'e fourth term driv.'e. . . ''Senator Match of ; Ncw Mexico describes Truman's formal acceptance of the Democratic vice-presidential nomination as a splendid, speech which will give the campaign a good start. Senator Tom Connally of Texas terms Lhe ad- .dress a splendid draft of national affairs. ... Truman, speaking at his home town of Lamar, Missouri, urged the re-election of President Roose- .velt as .a matter o'f protection 'for. the .nation. Truman pictured. Mr.. 'Roosevelt, as. Americans .great leader in time of war and its hope,, both 'a't home and abroad, in .the years to come. ' . . .The Missouri senator did not .mention Governor Dewcy, the GO : P presidential candidate. But he'warned repeatedly against-turn- ihg the destiny of the nation over FireDamages , Block In Business Section Of Brockton Brookton, Mass.. Sept. I—(UP)— A general alarm fire has caused $10,000 damuRC to a block in the business district^ of Brockton. It waH' the second. flre to break out in.-thevCrescent block within a month. And the, state Arc marshal has been called in to investigate t.hf: cause, of the blaze. Today's fire began in a first-floor corridor of the three-story brick structure, and it spread to the rest of the building causing J5.000 damage 'to three Stores on the first floor and, additional $5.000 of mage to the rest of the struc- tu'ro;* 1 ' . ...'.', Funerals Funcrul of.B'ev. Howard Shelley to what hands. he called inexperienced Every honorably discharged veteran in the U. S., disabled in the line of duty, is entitled to a pension for -life for as long as he may be disabled. GSjPls ^SS Don't Hurry . . . , When you do your gift shopping nt Clync, you will enjoy inspecting our many sparkling items. Mirrors, pictures, paintings, artificial flowers, spun glnss, statuary. Josephine R, Manzo, gift stylist, is at your service. •Just a few steps from Exchange PI.' •SHOP J.i More Needed .For Red Cross : ,. Bandage Work ; .The -.Red;Cross ; surgical dressing division is socking more volun- : leers, Mrs. Edgar Cossetle, chairman of the production committee, said this morning. Women workers are'also needed to fill a. quota of hospital articles .t'o be' shipped to the Red Cross headquarters in New York city soon. Volunlters work on surgical dressings each night from Monday thorugh Friday and every Wednesday afternoon at the chapter house on Church street. . The., funeral of Rev Howard H. Shelley "wJis. ; h'eld Thursday a't the Full Gospel tabernacle, City, with burial in Grove Un ion cemetery, Naugatuck. . Rev.. Roy Smu- ,land, superintendent of this district, .was in'charge. Bearers, were:. Roy. John R'ei'hhardt, Rev.. 'Clifton Shaw, Rev. .Edwin. Anton, Rev. George Flower and Rev. Glenn Emberson, lill 'ministers of the Full 'Gospel .tabernacle . In New England. ' •••••-•• <V 5t . . . Got; One •' of Your Own '• at LORRAIN 7 E y CORDUROY JACKETS *1O 98 ''Truman, praised Mr. Roosevelt's "war-time decisions i'n collaboration with other Allied leaders. He claimed thai, these decisions are bringing about' the , greatest succession of 'victories in the annals of warfare'. Meanwhile,' President '.Roosevelt is expected to meet Prime 'Minis-ter Churchill again soon. The conference is '.expected to 'be. .brief and purely military in" character. X>ispatches from London predict 'the meeting will take place in Quebec, Canada. In Washington., congressional j.the moon and was visible for some OMEN OF VICTORY? Hull, .Mass.,. . Sept.'. i—(,U£)—PvCsi- enls"o v "the resort' town ' of Hull think that they saw an omen of victory 'last night. They reported that a large "V" appeared under Tobacco crop for 19-M is estimated at 1,-lS-l million pounds, as compared with 1,-IQO million pounds in 19'I3, and the 10-year average of 3,359 million pounds. BUY WAR BONDS ANT> STAMPS leaders are hoping for a two-month recess that'.will permit congressmen to do some campaigning: before election 1 . The recess is expected l.o begin in about two weeks, provided action is completed on reconversion legislation. On the home front better rationing news is expected in the future. Chairman Jenkins of the Republican food study committee says the collapse of Germany should pave I he way for the removal of most ration controls in the United States. The O-P-A has removed the , ra- .lion point values oh raw dry 'beans, four'types of fruit. butter and prune juice for September. Tt also reduced poinis on mixed canned vegetables, but boosted the values on pineapple juice, small sized cans of tomato juice, and many kinds of cheese. The point values of meat and creamery, butter remain unchanged. time. IXVEST in YODR FUTURE I .BUSINESS ., EDUCATION, as > given in .will carry* • you the business world, i Courses for morning or evening. Call 4-7582. THE PERRY SCHOOL Official Grogf School 'Teen ATTC Size's. 8 to 10 Missy Sizes J2 to 38 $14.98 (Exactly As Shown) Brown Bldg. Wnterbury Special Purchase Xc-\v Boxy ALL WOOL SWEATERS I-nlies' Buxton Wallet-* I READY FOR HEAVY TRAFFIC USIER *» /) fx ^fe£W*UH$ everyone's buzzin' about our college clothes WKen it comes to College Clothes our Sports Shop knows what's what! And, just as in other years we've garnered all that's new (as well as the tried and true "tradifionals") to send you merrily back to school. Slacks, skirts, sweaters ... those new loafer jackets, blazers and tricky vests. How about that . . . don't you want' a look-see?,. SCHNEER C ^^ CKCDIT JCWELFRS ** t« South Main St. — 4-2206 Boston, Sept. 1—(UP)—The. big. Labor Day ' wcck-er.d exodus to Now ,England vacation c e n t c r s starts tod;)y. Railroad, ous and airline officials al Boston-are confident that all can be accomnio- j dated. State police also are ready for heavy highway traffic. Most of fhe railroads and buslines arc preparing extra sections, incase there should be. a last minute rush. However, airline space and pullman reservations are said 16 be sold SKIRT or TANTS FREE with order, tills week only.' Church St. S IN WATEBBURV . . . IT'S Second Floor Sportswear— Values' to $5.98 ' • LORRAINE FOR VALUES Buy; War Bonds For Victory Wo have Lho vory tn. ; our. larn'o ,**eloct itui .of 'Genuine "Ornn^o Jilossom" Rinvrs ,", ; in Watui'ijury, wolU exyliiKivuly .it . , PIERPONT'S IIAMC STHI-:I-: Buckmiller fiurieral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 IGREAT OAK FARM! it costs a/of less to pay a little more OXFORD ROAD YOU'LL FIND THEM ON THE SECOND FLOOR Tel. .3<H9>! MILK — EGGS Delivery To All Ports Of *»<^^»^^».»^»i»^^«»^^-^< GREATER SERVICE from jour clothe? when they urc cleaned rcKiilfirly by our ;j expert workmen. Prompt scrv-;! ice. • . ' •! D.LIEBERMAN \ 20 CHURCH STREET ' For Dependable Fire Insurance On Your Furniture Sec: V; ; ;Union City Insurance Agency 1 Joseph V.'Rosko, ACftnt S Union Street Tel. 4928-2952 Why does one piece of'furniture become shoddy and dated nfter nil too short a time . , . and another onlv gain richness and mellowness 111 rough years of use? The secret lies in tho hidden qualities, tho -'filter woods, the more pain'staking crafvsniaiiship, the niceties of detailing, the grace of design and'pro- po'rtion inherent in furniture of distinction Yon pay more for these things now, but yon arc r<?p-nd--i thonsfmd fold in tire lasting enjoyment, and satis- inction you derive from t'me furniture. CLOSED LABOR DAT MONDAY FURNITURE 175-185 CHURCH STREET, 'NAUGATUCK 1760 WATERTOWN AVE., (OAKVILLE) Wayside Store Open Thurs., Fit, and Sat. Eves. Until 9 P. M.

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