The Rutherfordton Tribune from Rutherfordton, North Carolina on September 5, 1901 · Page 3
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The Rutherfordton Tribune from Rutherfordton, North Carolina · Page 3

Rutherfordton, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1901
Page 3
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R. THE TRIBUNE. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1901. Speci al Notices. Advertise'inents will be inserted in this column, and under this head, at 1 cent a word, each insertion. ff-FOR RENT: Mrs. S. Caulield wishes to rent her house and farm on the Hickory Nut road, one half mile from town. CTW ANTED pupils in Stenography and typewriting. Typewriter will te furnished to pupils. For terms ap-plv to Miss Bessie Mie-kel. or Lock Box No. i), Itutherfordtem N. V. TOWN AND COUNTY. The Week's News Gathered and Told in a Few Lines. The meeting at the Baptist church s still in progress, and is growing full of interest. Mr. H. L. Clower has rented the hoHse recently occupied by Mrs. Burgin, and will move his family into it next week. The trial of Mack McDowell, the negro charge 1 with having killed his si ui near Henrietta some months ago, lias bet-ii set for next Saturday. K. J. & H. I,. CarjK'nter have a new alvt'itinieiit in tins issue in which 1 hev talk low prices on table ware. You should see them before you buy. Mr. Johii W. Craton will move from the Millk-r residence to his home on North Washington street next week, as so n as it is vacated, by Mr. Clower. No Shel y attorn ys have attended the opening: of Rutherford court this term. So far as we can remember, this is the lirst time this has occurred. Will The Star explain their absence ? We beg lji'ave.-to say that the force of The Tkikiwe is rather short this week, owing to the fact that Miss Annie B-lle Erwin, erne of its compositors, is-spending the week with Mrs. T. M. Lynch at her. country ho inc. The Groajt Council of Re-el Men met in Raleigh yesterday. J. J Keeter,. of Henrietta, was elected (-rent Guard IW-iSf, one of the ofliceis of -the (hand Council, b'tjais D. Duval represented the Henrietta Tribe and W. K. McSwain the Shelby Tribe. Cleveland Star, 4th Suiitli, the shoe man, has inaugurated a fifteen; days co-t sale in- which he ulers OO.tlO worth of the liest- shot s. The people of Rutherford county should not miss this rare opportunity to lay in a supply of shoes at gre at bargains. Sec his advertisement which appears in an- PEOPLE WHO TRAVEL Some of the Faces are Familiar While Others are Not.. Mr. T. M. Lynch, of Cove creek, was in town Monday. - Mr. Frank Reynolds, of Avr, is at tending court this week. Mr. Kerrau Smith was in the city Tuesday and Wednesday. Mr. S, B. Tanner, o Caroleen, was in town Tuesday on business. Mr: C. S. Baber, a good citizen of Myrtle, was in town Tuesday. Miss Sndie Wilson is quite sick at her home in Logan's Store township. Capt. J. W. Johnson, owner of the Monarch gold mines, was in town Monday. Judge Pace, clerk of the court for Henderson county, was in town yesterday. Mr. Lewis T. Wilkin, of Atlanta, was in the city Monday shaking hands with friends. 4 I Mr. V. P. Ledbetter, of Otter Creek, wfes in town attending court Monday and Wednesday. Dr. G. M. Chapman, of Logan Store, after a relapse of typhoid fever, is slowly improving. j Miss Carrie Hill, of Greenville, S. C, is here on a visit to her kinswoman, Mrs. M. H. Justice. Miss Mamie Simpson is visiting her cousin, Miss Madeline Miller at Cleave-land Springs this week. Messrs. Tench Coxe a-uel Tkomas fettle arrived at the. lso- i hernial from Asheville Tuesday evening. Michael Justice, Jr., left Sunday afternoon for Oxford, where he will. enter the Horner Military Institute. Mr. I . Logan, of Chimney. Rock, run down to the city Tuesday on a -short: busines trip. He returned Wednesday. Miss Sharpe, of Atlanta, who has been visiting Miss Martha Justice for several weeks, returned on last Saturday's train. Mr. C. E. House, business manager of the McDowell Democrat, was in town to-day. He is a pleasant" gentleman, and his call afforded us great pleasure. Mr. Sam L. Bnrgin, of Charlotte, came up on the S. A. L. train Saturday and remained over until Monday evening. His many friends were glad to see him. The following visiting attorneys are attending court lu re this week : Messrs. E. J. Justice and William Morgan, of Marion; and F. I. Osborne, of. Charlotte. ! Mr. J. B. Foster, and family after a S visit to Mrs. John Wells and Mr. L. Ba- THE R ELECTION ORDERED. Rutherford ton and Sulphur Springs Will Vote Bonds October 16th. At the regular meeting of the board of commissioners for the county of Rutherford, it was ordered that a railroad election be held in the townships of Sulphur Springs and Rutherfordton on Wednesday, October loth, ior the purpose tf giving the citizens an opportunity to vote bonds for tho construction of a railroad from Spartanburg to this tovn. The amount of bonds to be voted by t in-two townships are the following : rive thousand, dollars for Sulphur Spring, and ten. thousand dollars fur lluther-fordton. This is an opportunity for the people of the town and lower edge of the county to get a line of railroad of great value to its citizens for the aggregate cost of $15,000; valuable, because it will connect us wfth the wide awake and rapidly grovaiugeity of Spartanburg, and this in itself ought to be sufficient inducement to our people to vote the required bonds ; but besides this advantage, there is that of a direc t nd easy route to Augusta still remaining. If the citizens of lower Rutherford ever expect to have a railroad, this is the best opportunity that will ever present itself, and we think that all who really want an outlet by rail will certainly vote m favor of the road. COUNTY COMMISSIONERS In Session Three Days--An Unusual Amount of Business Transacted. The Board of County Commissioners were in session Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and transacted the following routine business : The petition to discontinue the new public road from Mrs. Tate Smith's to Andrews' mill, was ordered advertised and will be considered at next meeting. The following amounts were allowed outside paupers Sarah Steadmau $1.50 per month, to be supplied by T. C. Hol-iun.'i; Monroe Higgina 1.00 per month, to be supplied by S. R. Hall; Catherine Iloyle SI .50 per month, to be supplied by YvT. N. Freeman. W. F. Arrow ood and Melviu Hyder were released from poll tax. Frank Reynolds was released from $1.08 tax in Green Hill paid in Chiumey Rock township. The J. L. Rueker heirs were rere released from $3.48 tax for 1900. An order allowing officers cost in Av ery and Eaney Mills cases was revoked. Transcripts for tax again t Bob Na-bors, Ed Hopkins, John Long and Sherman Keeter were ordered sent to Polk county for collection. A report by the jury appointed to lay off public road from Cliifside to Buck Siioul road was presented, approved and ordered that supervisor take charge of same. The public road from J. H. Randall's to the corporation line of Forest City was ordered discontinued. A contract with the Bracket Bridge Company was recinded. Tho following petitions for public roads were presented One from Clitr- THE HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. First Meeting eid Saturday--Officers Elected. The Rutherford County Historic al Association held its first met ting in the court house at Rutherfordton at 2 o'clock Saturday, August 80th, with Prof. A. L. Rncker, chairman, and J. M. Allhands, secretary. Owing to the inclement weather rhe attendance was small Attorney Gal-lert stated the object of the meeting and speeches were made by Supt. Rncker and Capt. Bi ll. The following permanent ofiiccrs w re elected to serve for one year: Judge M. H. Justice, chairman, and S. Galleit, seen tary and treasurer. Upon tho recommendation of a committee of three, consisting of the temporary chairman and secretary, and the newly elected secretary, the fe'lowing thirteen men were tlected vice presidents cue from each of the. thirteen townships in the county : Capt. W. T. R. Boll. Rutherfordton ; Capt. W. II. Rueker, Green Hil "N. Scoggins, Union ; F. V. Me- Kinney, Sulphur Springs ; Dr. ii. Hicks, High Shoals; Br. Carson, Cool Springs ; J. M. Glover, Colfax; J. P. D. Wit-brow, Duncan's Creek ; J. M. Mod". Golden Valley; J. M. Andrews, Loty.u's Store ; J. F. Gross, Camp Creek ; j u. ivoone, Morgan; K. i Henderson, Chimney Rock. The above ejected officers are lvqu st- ed to meet at the court house in Rutherfordton at 2 o'clock on the lirst Monday in October. A. L. Rucker, Chairman. J. M. Allhaxi?, Secretary. rnsl STORE. ays Cost SaSel Biggest Shoe Sal H fjryp herfordton ohcr column ef this issue. Mr. W. V,. Harris, ef Ezells, was j vis near Myrtle, returned to their home marrii'd to Miss D. V. Byers, of Cam p-on, eu August 22nd, at the home of (t -erge D. S Tiiggs, magistrate. Only a f 'v of the family connections-witnessed t'i ceremoni . We wish them joy and u-e ess through life State Line Cor-;pndent ( iaffney ledger. Rutherford Superior Court. On last Monday morning the September term e if the Superior court for the con it v et Rutherford was opened, Judge M. H. Justice presiding. The State i watt reu-esented by Mr. J. F. Spaiu-ho lr, of Morgauton, the recently ap-p tinted solicitor fer the new femrteentli jnelicial district. The charge of his Honor to the grand jury was eleiiuite and to the point, still, it covered fully and ac c .irately eve;ry phase of the; different questions which might come before this body for consideration in the honest discharge; of their- duty. Judge Justice biels fair to become one of the foremost judges eif the State, because of the quickness and accuracy which characterize Lis judicial rulings. The proceceiings of the court will be given in full next week. A Wonderful Revival. Rev. J. E. Abernethy, who has been assisting Rev. C. M. Campbell in a re vival meeting at Mount Zion Station near Davidson College for a week, returned to his home Monday evening. Jfr. Abernethy reports a most successful revival, the result being the conversions of one hundred and twenty-five souls. .This count pioves conclusively that there was a unity of spirit in the meeting, anel that there-was a coommu desire in the hearts of the people for the accomplishment of one object the conversion of sinners. Mr. Abernethy is a strong preacher and the community in which he has eo recently Worked, may congratulate itself on having procured his services during the meetiuK. Work on the Jail Begun. Mr. A. A. Hazzard, of Philadelphia, a representative of the Pauley Jail Corn-puny, of St. Louis, Mo., arrived in the city last Thursday. His company has been awarded the contract for the build ing of the new jail f eir this county, and Hi will personally superintend its erection. The excavation: for the foundation of the ctmcture was begun last Monday, and the brick will be shipped here from some point on the Seaboard Air Line Railway. The rest of the ma terial is already at the depot, and we are informed that the work will be rushed until completion.- Mr. Hardin. Coming Back. Mr. John Garner Hardin, one of our young men "who ban been in the employ of the government in its newly acquired territory of Porto .Rico, arrived in the city last Monday. Ke enlisted in the service about, two years, ago and his rerm has just expired. He came direct from the city of Wilmington to this town, and informs us that his mother will come back to Rutherfordton next nlonth, and will occupy her home on Washington street; We are glad to see Mr. Hardin after so long an absence. New Po toff ice Established. Davisville is the name of a . new post-office in Rutherford county, south of Main Broad river, with our jolly good friend, J. P. Bfcvis, as postmaster. in Asunry, . ej , rue latter parr oi lasi week. Mr. I. N. Biggerstaff, of Forest City, was in town Monday, and informed us that he would leave for Philadelphia, New York and Baffalei next' Friday af-ternoou. Mr. John L. Wells, of Myrtle, was in town last Saturday and gave us a call. He says Mrs. Wells has been epiite sick with an attack ef billions fever, butshe is now slowly improving. Mr Henry T. Gi-cmu, and sonT Ter rell, of Pea Ridge, Polk county, were in our town Tueselay. Mr. Green gave us a call and hael his name- placed em oar rapidly growing subscription list. Mr. C. F. Mce. of Erooklyn, N. Y. whei has been in and around Ruther fordton for his health during several months, returned to his home on Friday last. He was much improved while h re, and matle many friends who regret teel to see him leave. Mrs. M. E. Burgin and family left for Charlotte-Tuesday afternoon. They have lived lemg in the town of Rutherfordton, and have many friends here. We commenel them as a valuable acquisition to the society of Charlotte, and hope they will be pleased with their new home. Mr. W. M. Allison, the genial manager of the mammerath company stews at Henrietta and Caroleen, was in the" city Monelay. He tells us that he has a superior stocfc in every respect, anel is now carrying a better line of geods than has ever before boon placed in Ruther ford county. He is a pleasant gentleman and we are always glad to have him call O'-l us Misses Bessie and Heden Hoyle left Monday morning for Car,olccn. Miss Holen has been here for. several weeks for her health and informs us that she has been much benefitted by her stay hre. She will spenel a few days in Caroleen before going to her home in Arcadia. Miss Bessie will teach again in Henrietta this year. The people of the town were pleases! to have them here aain, and regretted much to see them leave. dewiar wink notes and the other five. He had proceeded as far as the Ifuntley place, one and one-half miles from town when he discovered that he. had lost' his money, anel upon making the discovery, Iw hastened back to search for it, geing over tho ground a number of times, but was not succe ssful in finding it. The picket-Leok was of the large fiat kind, anel he carried it in the hip pocket of his pants from which it is supposed to have droppe d. Mr. Young met a number of pe rsons whe we re following in his inl ine eliate rear, but none ef them could give him any informatiein relative to the money lost. Ttie Orphan Concert. The concert given by a band of Oxford orphan-children in the court house last Saturdav night was euioyed bv a crenvel- ed house. The weather was verv in- lement, in fact it rained up to within an heur or two of the performance, anel the fall attendance may be taken as an iudie-ation of the interest the people ef Rntherfeirdtozi feel in tho institution and its work. The program war; of a high order considering the yoiithfnlncss of the singers, and many were the expressions of appreciation and enjoyment hearel on all sides. The children toek charge of the musical part of the service at the Baptist church Sunday evening, and again they had a crowded and appreciative house that will long remember the pleasure afforded them. Pcckst-Bock Lest: Mr. W. M. Young, of Forest City while on his way home from town last J side to Clevelanel county line ; one from Friday, had the misfortune to lose a Shelby road, near Martin Beam's, to peK-ket-book which coutaiueel $50.00 in j Carolexu road, near David Ilarrill's: currency, of which sum four were ten i erne from W, B. Wells', by by way of A. Padgett's, Alfred Harri'd's, D. M. Smart's, B. J. and Albert Melton's, E. E. Jones' to Albert Green's; r.:id one from Forest City to Br. G. E. Young's farm. All were ordered advertisc-el, and will be heaad at next meeting. Mr. C. M. Lynch, chairman of the board, was authorized to lx)k after anel inspect the bnileling ef the new jail. The chairman was also authorized to make settlement with tho sheriff f r tax 1S00, and receive bond for tax books for the year 1901. The follenving accounts were audited and orelereel paiei C E Hill for temporary bridge over Cove creek, .$187.00, raid amount to be eleductcd from contract made with Bracket Bridge Company for iren bridge, ae-cording to order O J Cope ; C T Green, repairs on Walke r bridge, 00; T L House-r, lumber for new j bridge, 11.00; C M Robersom building appoach to Henrietta brielge, S 14.50 ; G P Green, Slate's witness, $1.10; J L Wells, repairs on bridge, .2.55; W J Hines, lumber fea- bridge, $G.(S7; J H Jones, serving road orders anel summons, A Card cf Thanks. Mrs Tern py Mills and "he r four children, of Forest City, N. C had be en visiting friends and relativ s in Pe;lk county, anel on their return to Fe.irst City, accompanie d by Mr. W E. Mills, father-in-law they drove into the branch south of Rutherfordton, and it being swollen beyond their expectations, they wer . all washeel evil' and drowned, except the two youngest children. When the undersigned arrived at Kuthe-rfeirdton, the good peeiple ef that blace and Fere st City, had recovered the f ""vT,- AT,-.- "r411.. .,.,,1 l.iiel earned them to tho Central hotel anel nicely prepart-el the ir, ior burial. Tke-re-foie be it resolved That -we extend our heartfelt thanks to the people of Rntherfemit on and sur-rouneling cemutry for their valuable aid eluring our distress, and for the benevolent spirit that characterizes thesre noble hearted pe-ple. We invoke heavens richest blessings uepon them. W C. Mills. J. A. Mills. N. C. Ku:;;kss. Of A sale where $35,000 worth Best Shoes will be n Se e4 c to make room for Fall & Winter Good Don't miss it! From Sept. P? $e Ri ij ep jr i.oetK s o: The Missing Body Found. The missing body of the boy 'drowned in the flood on Monday of last week, anel .2.70; Orson 'Morrow, services as majis- j trare in case of Otie Simmons, s?2.G0; Jj Weeks, repairing bridge over Cane creek, 3.00 ; W H Hester, lumber, 3.80 ; G M. Taylor, arrest anel delivery of O D Sta-cey, insane; to clerk Supcrier court, 1 .00 ; ILH Hicks, laying off public road, .00 ; L G L Tayhr, lega services in case of O D Stacey, 2.00 ; same, in case of Charles Webb, 2.00 ; Barney Butler, summoning jurors, 3.10; B M Seoggin, seTving road orelers, etc., $2.40; W J Hardin, conveying prisoner frenn Pelk county," 8.20; I N Miller, supplies to Ilunnicutt, ?13. f.0; J L Hamrick, summetiiing jurors, $1.20 ; L D Hemphill, summoning jurors. i)0cts ; H Port rum, repairs on bridge, 5.00; which a search of several days faileel to reveal, was fonuel lodgeei in a eirift about five miles from town last Saturday morning. It was picked up on Gleg horn creek, about two miles below tho j Henry Jenkins, laying off public retad, place where the either boelics were re j ?.J.0'; Ed Thompson, supplies to Frank- covered, by a negro -whose name is Pat- 'sin Stewart, 9.00 ; JPD Withrow, lum-rick Miller. In the afternoc.n ef t'ie; : Ivr and building bridge, lij.00: F M same day the body was temporiarh i:.- i hW.-ruggs, railroad fare for L L Weeks When the Sale Opened.. iyNo Cceuls Sent (hit on Approval. SStrie-tly CASIH terred at Blanton's graveyard, because of its decomposed state, and will Vxtcc be removed to Pelk county where it- will find its last resting place. The negro" who maele the find was given about ten or twelve dollars by the citizens of the town for his services. The Ailen-SVI assay Marriage. Mr. Wayland Allen and Miss Agnes Pauline Massey were married Wednesday last at the resielence of the-,- bride's mother, Mrs. Laura Massey, of. Smith-field. M r. Allien is the son of Mr. J. M . Allen, of this city. Miss Massey is: the daughter of the late Mr. Pat W. Massey, one of the best known men of Johnston county. Raleigh Times-Visitor, Sep tember 3rd. Mr. Allen wTas born anel reareel in Rutherfordton. From here he went to Raleigh and engaged in the newspaper work. The Tribcxe congratulates its young townsman on his marriage. Death Comes Again. Little Hattie Blanch, the one-yaar-olel child of Mr; W. Av Harrill, died at- the home of Mrs. Lillie Harrill at EUenboro on last Saturday evening. The child was sick only three days when it was called to join its mother in that mystic realm from whence none ever return. The burial was had at Forest City on Sundav afternoon, and now the child and mother, after a brief . separation, sleep silently side by siele. We again extenel our sympathy to our friend. Mr. Harrill, whose losses have been doubled in the death of his child. The Dispensary Closed Monday. There was many an old fellow came to town Monday with the blissful expectation of wetting his whistle at the dispensaiy tank, but because it happen ed to be a legal holielay, they, were sadly disappointed. The crowd here that day are in the aggregate about a hundred or two elollars better off because of the fact and no doubt a good many women iwere somewhat surprised to see the men coming home col sber in the evening. Subscribe ior The Tribune. Threshed 5,788 Bushels of Wheat. Mr. P. H Hardin, of Forest City, is elemig good work in demonstrating the possibilities of;- Rutherford as a i wheat producing county. He informs us that he made on his own place this season 405 bushels. He maele the largest crop in the county last year. His thresher threshed out this year for. his neighbors 5,788 bushels, and he would like to see in The Tkibuxh a statement from all other threshers, that our people might bo thereby encouraged to reneweel efforts in producing our bread at home instead of shipping flour by the car load. Can't We Do Likewise? Mr. F. M. Fairley, chairman of the road commission for Union county, was here yesterday to ask that our. convicts be sent to the roads of that county to serve then- sentence. By means of convict labor, several counties in the State are improving their roads; why can't Rutherford make some arrangements to wrork its own convicts at home ? from State Hospital, $1.55: J L Wright, serving summons, OOcts. ; W B Deiggott, lively for O D Stacey to Rutherforeitetu. $2.00; Harris & Nanny, supplies to G L Flynn, 4.50 ; C D Wilkie, e nvelopes fen-Register of Deeds, $1.25 ; D-A Shehan, repairs on Mountain creek bridge, 2.50 ; A B Callahan, repairs on bridge, 3.00 ; M Levi, goeiels for burial Mills family, $1.10; J S Martin, conveying Henry Blauton to State Hospital. 14.50; E A Martin, money paiel for telegrams, etc., $5.40; Jacob Logan, services preparing Mills fa :-:ily for burial, $2.00 ; same, pre" paring last one fouuel, $2.50; John Carrier, same service, 2.00; George Miller, same service, $1.00; Rachel Mooney, elamage by road, $3.00; C C Reid, goods for prisoners at jail, $3.75 ; Mag Miller, preparing Mrs. Mills fejr burial, $1.00; Holly Mc owell, same service, 41.00; E A' Martin, jail fees, $76.10; same, conveying Bud Lowry from Gaston county, $14.86 ; same, arrest of Harve Friday's wife, $3.00-; same, conveying Joe Wiley from Cleveland county, $6.20 ; J L J. a tkeny, serving roael order, $1.50 ; JI L- vi, supplies to county nome, ,z 1.14; Frank Mooney, washing ami dressji g Mills boy. last found, $2.50 ; C D W.l-kie, for printed stationery, $10.50; J II Wood & Co., for coffins and robes for Mills' family, $43.50. On Saturday, the 2Sth of September, 1001, I will se 11 at 'the court house door in Rurhe rfordtem, for cash at public outcry, all the right, title, interest and estate of L. C. Robins in anel to the following describeel piece's er paroels ef land lying in Rutherford ee'unty, on the waters eu" Main Broad river, it being the lanels of which Rhillip Robins dieei se-iz-eel, bejuiide el as follows : Bej. inning at a sveameire en the south lank of Main Broael river, e enner te lotNo. Ii, anel runs the-ne-e with lines ef the same seiuth 15'2 west 97 poles to a small persimmon, corner of sane ; thence south 58 west 20 li: les to a wild cherry ; the-ne-e north K71., west 31 pe)les to a pine; thence same course S0 poles to twei post eaks en teip oi ridge; the nce north 32 west U poles to a small pine eui the old lino; thece with it south B5 we-st 112 peles to a stake em the Speculation line; thence with the old line ; t hence with it anel south 02 east 118 poles to a pine em McKinir-w line at the e-elge of elel tie-Id, crossing the i -ranch north 18 west 70 poles to a stake-in the road; tb.ene-e with saiel road north 27 e ast to a stake at white oak in ti e fork of the branch ; thence nort h 83 poles to a stake ; thence north 53bi east S2 poles to a ix-rsimiaon; thence nerth 21 east 41 poles to an ash em bunk ef the river; theuce up the same to the beginning, containing eighty -one anel three (quarters acres, more or less. That the said interests of L. G. Robins in tin said lands will be sold by vir tue or a mortgage deed with full powers of sale execnteel by L. G. Robms and wife to the undersigned em the 5th elay 01 February, 1S!!3, anel registered m Book H of liev.l estate mortgages em iKige 3S2, now on file in the Register's office for Rutherfeird county, te which refer ence is horebv made. This Aug. 27, li!01 . ANKIE BRISCOE, Mortgagee. Me-Brayer & Jostice, Attorneys. BIS -FOR- TH ETRIR1INF 9' r - I Notice. Bitten by a Mad Dog. At Gaffney, S. C. last Thursday, a little boy, son .of a Mr. Ramsey, was bitten by a mad dog. Friday the boy was taken to Mr. Yelton's, near Sunshine, anel his madstone applied to the wound. The stone adhered for fourteen hours. Mr. Ramsey returned to - his home Saturday satisfieel as to the safety of his child. Many remarkable cures are attributeel to this stone By virtue of the Superior court of Rutherford county, made in the special proceeeunsrs entitle'el "-i. IS. i-lacl:, a - ministrator of M. K. Flack, L. 11. Flack anel others, the heirs at law ef M H. Flack," I well sell on the premises at public auction, em Saturday, September 21st, 1901, at 12 o'chick, noon, abeut.S7 acre's of valuable lanel, lying within the corporate limits eT Forest City, and bounded 011 the east side by Soeouel Broael river, 011 the south by the lands eif Mrs. Mc- Murry, one the west by t he lands e.c J. B. Thorn, 011 the neu-th ly ti c 3auds of Win. Martm. Saiel laud will be so. el to create assets ior tne payment 01 eieots against the estate of the said M. H. Flack, deceased, anel will re sewel m the following tcrass, to-wit : Ten per cent. in cash em the elay ef saie and twenty percent. 011 the loth of Nove;mber and thirty-live per cent. 01 tae purchase money price to be paid the 1 5t h ef March, 1902, ami thirty-five per cent, to bo paiel on tho 1st of November, 1003. Saiel ele- fcrreel payments, to be secured by a note with approved security, and to bear interest at the rate of six per cent, from elate of sale, and the title to be retaincel till all the purchase memey is paiel. This August 22nd, 1001. A. B. FLACK, Administrator of M. II. Flack. McBrayer & Justice, Attorneys. i I I I t. I J 1 i A COUNTY PAPER, Full of Rutherford Mews! I 00 A YEAR. I- STRICTLY CASH. IN ADVANCE. Advertise in THE TRIBUNE if you would increase your sales and give life to your business. Rates reasonable; a - 'cm 3 SUB New Bridge Completed. The new iron bridge over the river at Henrietta was completed yesterelay, and is now ready for the use of the public. Mr. Charlie Lynch, the chairman of the boarel of county commissioners, went down to inspect the new structure yesterday, and we are informed that there will be no trouble about its acceptance. RUTHSRFORDTON, 2N. C. x-,-e.Vv,.ve.A.w.'e,'C 1 Y. ' I 1 f I I I Through the months of June and July our baby was teething and took a run ning off of the bowels and sickness of the stomach," says O. P. M. Holliday, of Deming, Ind. "His bowels would move from five to eight times a day. had a bottle of Ohamberlain's, Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy in the house a?id gave hi:u four elrops in a tea-spoonful of water and he got better at once '' Sold -by Twitty.& Thompson. Subscribe for The Tkibuxe and get the news when it is news. It Is . published every Thurselay. XOTIf.'K! The unelersigneel having qualified as administi-atris of the Estate of W. 'E. Toms, deceaseel, notice is hereby given persons inelebteei to said estate to come forward and settle same at once. Also parties having claims acainst said estate are required to present tl:e s ame duly authenticated to the nude rsinged for pavmentonor before 10th eiay eit July," 1902, or this notice will be; pleaded in bar of recovery on claims not so presented. This Julv 10th, l'.Wl. ADORAH TOMS, AduiinLtratrix uf Wr. E. Toms, le-ceased. McBrayer & Justice, attorneys. REM I'lteresising; iug CaiT!:.;. 1U or 1 1 M ?-ill Roller P a. v. ti-.Titi:ig 't'... a.d 10', 11 1 cojii'lktj: :a iti.M,s is Ball Be aring Ba:4:e- &iiift. P !-on an'! i.p rif v. ui Ai: -i.:r. L.i r. i.yiA v.: !.! Southern Typewriter Headquarters, 813 Austell Building. Just roceiyeil the first CAll LOAD OF UL(iGIKS evt-r been siiipi.tsl 1o tliis town. We uho luuKlle the FAMOUS KOCK HILL UUCUSY, the best maele. If you wai-.ta vehicle of any kind call on HARSLL BRQ S. 1 ?

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