Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 5, 1876 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 5, 1876
Page 3
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...:iAT 5, 1876 6 -Tved by Carrier- ,.! Cents per Week. 1 aa eirealailo at the TBIBDSI ! saare lhj.it double that af way atHar !! pnblUhed Is AlnnaeA gtotjr. rin:.:: I? Jal3. rr.cM owe sham dp to aht desired sum- . : BER OF SHARES, - ' . . rrtHB TEIBTOB PUBLISHrSO OOMPAJTT IS JL incorporated with a capital of $50,000, dl. Tided Into 500 sharee,of the par value of 1100 eaelu . Stock la the Company la B(rw offered fat ale, la any desired camber of shares, at a nominal figure. , .' --.''- ;....V The patronage ana droiflation of the Taxstrra are more than double that of any other paper published In Alameda, Oounty. It la acknowl-adgod to bs, la all particulars, the leading pa. par of the city and Oonnty;' la thoroughly established, on a sound and paying basis. Apply to or address. BIN. A. DIWB9. Oakland. . Those seeking desirable homes, either to rent or buy, should call on Mr. EE. Smith, corner Broadway and fifth street.. : - ' MatriaaoaiaL .Wedding stationery, note papers, Envelopes, cards, Ao.L Ac," of 'the latest styles, furnished promptly, at Strickland Uo. s Bookstore, xuox ; Broadway, near Twelfth street, : ; - - --; -4-. . . i f residence HyauaaaL On Sunday last, at the "of the bride's parents, jA East Oak- land. Charles I; Bozidr of San Fran cisco,treneral Superintendent of the Pacific Coast Division 'of the West-; era Union Telegraph, was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Miss Ka.nni Littleiohnj tne Jsev. rf. a.. ; McLean officiating. '- "gtillT-ey C This is the cry of Mr. Kihlmeyer, Nos. 461 and 463 Sixth street, as he continues to deal out foaming bock beer to his many customers His saloon is one of the newest, airy and comfortable ,in the city, and ' those v wishing to cool the inner well as the outer1 man, should not ' fail to giro him a eall. V 'I ' , rPyjTBt Boarding. Mrs. Olmstead has taken the new building, ?Taylor"s Block," near the . corner of Telegraph avenue, anl will rent pleasant, - sunny room.!, .single or in suites,! furnished or un-furnished, with or without board. .Parties .desiring a pleasant home, ' with first-class board and lodgings, -will do well to apply soon. An Lavalnatle Vork on Oakland and Alamada County f The Centennial Tear Book from tlx Pen ei William ILalley,tn Well Eaova Jeanaliat. A day - or two since we noticed, briefly; the forthcoming "Centen nial Year Book of Alameda County, which is ' now : oeing compiled and will shortly be issued by Mr Wil liam Halley , an experienced journal ist,! whose long residence in,. ana critical examination of and thorough familiarity with the history .progress, resources and industries of this city and county, gird him peculiar ad- nn(ft0M in 4rtA TTODAration -Of SUCh an invaluable vade-mecum. j As the work is to be something more than a mere business directory is to be re plete with historical, brograph ieal, descriptive, statistical and scientific .. facts, . carefully t culled from original and authentic sources: and wrougnt into grapnioana attractive form as a chronicle of the Past, a record of tne rresent and an earn est of the Future we feel f that it deserves something more than a pass ing notice. A limited amount of space will be devoted to advertisements, and as - these will find circulation throughout the -civilised world and be preserved and read for aye, on account of the. valuable nature of the work, business men would dp well to consult Mr. Halley . at an early day as to the cost of placing their names, locations and line of business upon this more lasting than a marble mon ument. . : ... yy-: . ZHB HISTORICAL DBTABTMBHT -'-'" Of, the Centennial Tear Book will open with e the first-occupancy of California by the Spaniards, and the history of the country will be sue cessively traced to the present pe riod; embracing " the conquest and condition of the aborigines, Spanish and Mexican pioneers, the founding of missions, the allotment of the land and its division into ranohos, the first white settlers in the county before the discovery of gold; the arrival of the Argonauts of '49 the organization of the county as a part of Contra Costa and ox Santa Ulara, and its subsequent separation from them in 1853, the organization of Alameda county, the rise and progress of tne city of Oakland, etc. ( BIOOBHPHICAI. SHBTCHBS Will be given of the principal Spanish and Mexican pioneers, missionaries, soldiers and rancheros,the early American and European settlers, as well as some of the prominent and successful men of the present day. and a list will be given of county officers from the organization; of the .V-...--'"; ' ' npsanpsaasB .-' " .- . . v" .'j- 1 ProgreM of vvork on tne Great XTortnexn Trunk Line . The Oakland and Berkeley Branch, or U. is me uue dj iiuoa ue Oakland Division of the Northern Eailway is known among railroad men. The new road is owned by the managers, of i the i; Central Pacific Bailroad Company, and is being con structed by the Western Develop ment Company. Charles Crocker, of the Central Pacific, when before the City Council for the right of way through certain streets in West Oakland, slated that the Northern cr.sif iTL.v.:. Gen. 3. F. Houghton has gone to the Centennial. " , .. - . There will be four races ever the Bay District course to-morrow. - San Francisco will have a yacht excursion to Vallejo to-morrow. - The Oakland Democratic Club will hold a meeting Monday evening, i z There is some talk of removing the postofaoe from Temescal to Berkeley. Mrs. It. A. Hensey of Oakland is among the passengers due overland this afternoon. Jnte Enc Laprovemants Prult-? . Aamaementa A Take Caetlon ol - 022onr-S treat Xf aamea t. XlaLilllaca rrcjseisd and In Coerse i ef Xotloar-Th tlarck of Za- Ve recall vnjne'y a custora sail to I prevail amors tribe. ct ko, la t-s f,w nf Africa. When U kins dies, v- n-rnrent ia first seised by tie neoDlaand alothad In ths moat wretched PlE"!?41 -s-n ha ia seated upon the I Duinnni. ' . . . 1 unnU uMmm mm IB "t" " . . . 7 Tram the Brooklyn Tldstte of to-day. : Four hundred Chinese operatives rr -nd treat nloa to uis Tuean language a. tm After lJrnvui rm him with wf peian hint iuu u . ue nun, ana laani. ii&vrvumij wna awiwaesj. At tne nJ of this interesting perfonnnaoe, he waaooo, arrayea in tne most goreaoue v The Episcopal Board of Missions as uw mwvuuu l ... . - . iv:. 4 I r . -rr . : Rail way would run direct toTehama l""-"""3 Jw I nas ana cherrlea are in tne market. ria MartineB and Suisun, and would - I i, toped that the project f or a toili hichand W rwVviv Via MaT,wiw nr.A on T Supreme I t-;- -U a1-J:io i tnree atonef mga and has as tne main line to uregon. ne aiso i wir wm wmmcuCT ui oaa instated that his company would con-1 cisco on Jly 15th. struct a branch to ISantas, on tne Ex-CkuncilmanT.M. Anbselloon-Central Pacific, so as to drain all the templates building himself a beauti-easternand southern roads, of their fni home at Berkeley. ' - ' fast ;MCireU WjttJj ;Thi aniiBtamm :btiek' at' 8 o'clock tnus avoioing ? f?7 8B to-morrow afternoon, corner of Fif-rSEhSybSn -t completed some twenty- miles be- The Oakland Guard had a moon-yond Tehama, and work on that end light parade last night and presented IS OOJ.uk TlJturuuojj ; ,. ma -x trx xne Diate rjauoauonai oooieiy wiu meet in the San Francisco City Hall at 10 o'clock to-morrow. - Dr. Sherman, CKty .Physician, will hold a vaccination matinee at City Hall to-morrow afternoon. -, A man named Kaufman had his left hand cut off by a buzz saw, near Ban Jose, on -Monday last. At the present time there are a dozen . first-class improvements in are employed in the Brooklyn Jute course Of erection, to be used for Manufactory.' g j"' V ' business purposes and we believe i Waahington Square, near Tubbs' that so many expensive structures H'otel, has ' beeiT put in order, and have never before been sunultaneous-now appears to advantage. w rm' . 'Th'.rnu.i.. . Blind TomwiA give an exhibition building at the corner of Ninth and respect, crowned with infinite "i1 Washington street, show. it. f nil VSJV proportion, "and will probably be from civilisation that only a few hardy the finest in the city. It has a front- ?Plor" have penetrated it territory, age of 125 feet on Ninth street and ITJi? 100 feet otf WsiOdngton street; it is leeTp a large I choosing a ruler, otherwise it would be basement, i The ground floor will a12"!?" to resist the conviction that the contain seven stores and there will be 58 rooms up strain, those on th second story being designed for use as I JiuiUtin : "An up-towa office, The seoond rtory i will also rJ?.l contain a Masonic Hall 38x60 feet in shoold argue some aneetion franklv anS freely every evening and try to learn t MAnM.r. ante rooms. The hicht of the, fco.11 8rT m otter. The quesuoa for . . - SiO'l) 'ii ifliii k.ii ' UJtekuMSO legitimate oOvurtitanenU as w J by"U iij. JTatMM tmerleOT tost Oas) to Tq js Mt Oe etsasaro UMss aw mtver 7U saefes, e tMs eotaaw, raom u.aiiHMs word for st JroetfoM e Unet ere eaoryad w BUT Mltlaun of I z-rrk.i c txeteding vs Unet, 1nerud t s c SO Genu par wee. . ear yoUUm tuertadfi let en e: e BW To pmA svt ths number of l -tt-i cm aroreU for Osjarat Hue, end mm tcvnU r t fuosegiient HM TOetton 0 in firs c full I CITUATIOMSVAriTCD ton Hall, on Saturday evening. Strawberries three inches in cir-l eumf erenoe, and pins apples, bana- Ooachmasu Is suaos bis bosh. crevod sad So' f. u., uantrai rectus - : i city ee ter, WI, EM, Oaktaad. Brooklyn has ; not wholly subsided. Professor James Stratton visited I Brooklyn on May Day, and went out i on the hills to see tne ants fight the grasshoppers. j - - V " " f T A " Plnmmm 4a mnatnor I preparation - to -build a two-story BMB W1U" "uaukU1 reireanment and MoGrew s ste rooms. The night of the hall practice bed some such sinister purpose. i Auwwwn ossaiTiai. likstotrs whit fkmilr gotns Kast.Aa corner Ukay ana roonea. the Bad Star Tea atrseu; sr UMra. Broadway. The ; OAK&A1TD AJTD BXBXXXXT BBAHCH Is also beinaf pushed with all the men whose labors-can be turned to account between Oakland Point and Berkeley. The track, with the ex ception of the crossing of the Seventh luol hu han nnmrklAful BUOQH AVMM A WM, AMW. vw . X I up to where the line puts out across V UiO uiu I .1 m m t . . . ... ... will be,17 feet. The architectural Z M5p6nlSl . 'f"1" appearance or the build tatSS aJ?S v f?; but when he was last see. ron and pressed brick. John Nich-1 he hadvUmhaA w v.. i... u . i ii. xi. , . . i t rr.r w j r at that point and wiU soon beoome rr-r . "V'TrLZ,4 - e laoaer up alter mnu . . i uruuiixiiT. muu wiibii . BLua aiLrnrTT.riT'w ii blacksmith shop. A sewer is needed on Twelfth ave nue, from Fourteenth : street to the Bay. The sewage ia accumulating " " As UurM. ' - TtTAirntD bt a ' rxmvrmn last, a f sttaattoaj as Karsa. laqatra coraer twaatr- nln stree sod Saa Pablo arenas, sr ef Dr. Jae, T. reuaas. K& 11 Ontral mil Tweina tiww ana pronray. . To Do Housework. v '.- TTT A WTID BT A WOMAN, A STTCATI0K 'i e noaeewar, or take can of cbtturen. aire as sou TBire sbssc Bona sue. aetwsei and Clay. nH-lw The new business block is about IwOU.uw. Tne plans and specifics- KASTKBUf KOUD W AXJOTT sTOTftS sold for laea Uaa San rmaeiaoo priese, et the tobe erected ne Gilardin'scoal 11 D7' ZZJF.jl yard, xn the ground where Judge the well kwn architect. rtreets, 0hri- avriaier.pTOpr7 Howard's office recently stood. , ; A. J. Snyder is erecting a first- v. s ... , : Housowork. . GIKL WAHT8 A SITTJATIOH TO DO GXS-eral honarwork ka a mil funDr. Call ai foorth boaat ttvm Henry's earner, Twenty second street sad San Pablo aTense. bit 1-1 w The new .block built by .W. W. the eastern arm oi tne Day Between - Crane, opposite the Tubbs residence, the Point and the ,Wiuows, and J j The Third ' District Court in and modeIedafter Washington Hali "r"ei. ; tZZZ. I J f I r. . -s ? lone.xesemDies toe oww, n.kil. tk- .m will Awwui rVrrtsr f z t. i .-. 2. . i I .. . ..." - SKT .i13M canHOI D"t"?1?.,na The County Democratic Conven- !rS-JLrT-l WP? 8TU : Pn?Are' tion is to meet in Oakland at the Ul aHaaW AW ask -" vaa - bm saa imi- a ' T than one-half of ! this distanoe class punning on the opposite cor-1 tcu totjk mbiohbobui that ner or Washington and .Ninth I z.lrlv?... r rrr.7r amum. weT7awf m uvuiiks us S NnTenftted ooats of paint. Academy of Mua on the 20th inst., streets, - having 50 - feet on the former street and , 76 ieet - oa. ' the , latter. The plans were prepared1 W Mr. Day. The building will e-three stories high and . will have a deep basement. 1 On the ground ' floor f already been piled, and it is expected onn w- "f.6 Mei" OI O Cio0lF to select tmrteen there wiU be three stories and the that train will cross to the Willows JJaramore ana u mo jauroaa, ana a delegates to tne state convention, upper stories wiU contain 23 rooms. 'WB3.iT, NOBBT, KICK, WBrW.MS wnas ibo soys aay aeons tl shose tor.aai at tjenram's. ... - 1 as. TBUB ' AKLXXfiTOft CANOT -; 9At tory. Ninth street. na the Postofflos J FATKNT , ROOMS TO LET. 705 Fifth atroet, ' PrXIOHTTTJIi BOOW, WITH OX WITH . out board, ra a araall famllr. eitlier to cetiUe-1 aaan and wlfc of twa friends; statfeaary waabstaad room saw aaa nucooM oaentnt set; ear af parlor tor sttUn-ooos. . Twc niaates' walk tteei srtet-eti set station. TeS Fifth street. TAR RMVa Srhailhsss. Bevente saraes. BSD AT within three weeks and that in the P"7 OI xrienos, arnvea last mgnt. which meets at Hajn Urancisco on the The front of the building will be Course OI lour or nve weeaa we w-1 r ouc uugo a. n. s jne ana hidut i " - ? ft?. ' - buju jwuj xnrwnvuB oomotive will roll into Berkeley. It I left for the Atlantio States this r At the literary r Society on nd pressed brick and it will present is reported, also, that the heavy work I morning, and . will be absent three I Wednesday evening, ; Mr, Pensam on the road the deep cuts and fills months v: n; - I stated that the Society numbered 40 and the tunneling in tne vicinity ox. Rati Pablo ia being pushed with DUD. 307 Seventh street. OX) LIT-on OH TWO HAHDSOMXLT TCU. A nlshed treat rooms; new boeas, bay windows, hot and cold water, ess of bath, with or wtthont Bent til to. Wf Seventh stojet, near the r Harrison, sonth slda. board. . . , .1 A. I. vio-nr. and it is Deuevea iut ueiun the end of September Martinez will be within one hour of Oakland. So mote it be. .;V- y ' --I - Wamtwd Hie Slrnn Shot. For Tnatanee. '. A slung shot was found near the basement entrance to the City Hall yesterday, evidently thrown there by some person who had been taken into the prison. Charles Lincoln, who had been aent below for sleeping in a barn, was supposed to be the owner, and his term of twenty-four hours confinement expired this morninor. - When - he was - turned ncers irom tne organization oi tnei: . Ttnvrl'a county to the present time, members lo0' policeman Summers was post- oi tne legislature. Mayors 1 oi the eaus potuuuu wuero uo wmu . nee what was going on,to observe whether '.The Industrial Reformers wfllhold- a publio meeting at the Council Chamber, City Hall, this (Friday) evening. If you want a good square meal call and see Mr." J. Donahue, No. 460 Seventh street, adjoining Broadway station. .To-morrow the 'Sunday School connected with Dr. Scott's Church of San Francisco will enjoy a picnic atSaucelito. St. Peter's O. T. A. and B. Society will make an excursion to Belmont Park to-morrow, leaving San Francisco at 9 a. k. : i ; members. Mr Newland claimed I that there were 80, being made up thusly: Ladies and gentlemen on a very nne and substantial appearance. The cost will be-about $28,000. On another corner of Ninth and Washington streets, in the former site of the Methodist Church. Mr. the rolls, 40; and a piano-40 making Good, of San Francisoo, is building 80. .. ; I a three story structure which will The annual election of officers of mPvora"ywe haTe the Brooklyn Independent Fire OEDDKS In this city, Kay ftta, ltTe. Mamret. ,i wlft of Joseph Craddaa, a natiTS of Aleve Bcotta, aged of years. rrlends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend her fenaml TO-MOKBOW (Batareny), et S o'clock . H from residence oa Sycamore street, near Baa Pablo aveaae. without further notice. S' Broadway. Apply at room 18.- 3O0. 1 Oth Street-To Let, - TTrXXI. VURNTSHXD BTXKHT BOOKS. BX- iween weoeter ana rJamsoa. Zjast Friday two young men from . San Francisco, came to the Tkibtjnb : oSee, inserted an advertisement for .a room, paid their fifty cents, and called, yesterday, for their answer. They received no less than twenty-two answers, coming from all parts of Oakland. Some say that advertising does not pay. Does it not ? ' aae . i. . : San Leandro'e New Offloere. At the election held in San Lean- dro on Monday, for town officers for s the ensuing year, the following . named gentlemen were elected: Trustees James Demont, A'Estu- ' dillo, M. C.TLaGrange, 8. Huff and W. W. Beed; Assessor, S. S. Saul; fjlerk, J. A. Murphy- for Marshal, - .J. H. Shirley and D. Pratt tied on a vote of eighty-four; Treasurer, H. C. Ongsby. . . . Another Great Sale. - To-morrow weekMessrs. Wood- -rard A. Taggart will sell by auction large and varied .line of desirable real estate, the terms being as favorable as could be desired and such as to offer a rare opportunity forspecu .lation. i The line of property offered i(a more particular description of which will be found in our advertising Columns) embraces slots and buildings on Broadway" and Eighth, .Ninth, reralta, fJampbell, : Four , teenth, Fifteenth, Filbert, Linden, . Twenty-fourth, Twenty-fifth, Castro, -Fourth. Atlantio and other streets. so that purchasers cannot fail to be suited as to locality. - Coeaplbavent Dost Pedro. - While the Emperor of Brazil was admiring, and ''dilating upon the beauties of 'Oakland, last Friday afternoon, his attention was attracted to the number of people rushing up Broadway. His curiosity -being City of Oakland, and an ' official directory of the county, of the city of Oakland, of the incorporated towns of Alameda, San Leandro, Hay ward, and Livermore. DESCRIPTIVE. : Articles will be carefully prepared comprehending every portion of the county as to topography, soil, climate, producta,resouroe8,industries, character of population, timber, water, minerals, - fossils, animals, birds, and fishes,' and incidentally those of the continguous counties of San Francisco, Marin. Contra Costa. San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Santa Clara and oan Mateo. - - STATISTICAIi. ' The statistics of the county, from its first foundation to the present day, as far as necessary to exhibit the increase and development of the county, and of the city of Oakland, will be culled from authentic sources ana arranged compact but com? prehensive form, giving accurate figures as to population, nativity and race, taxation, fruit trees and vines. J 1-2 T ' ... , . wine iruuung, Breweries, uve stocx, vote at the last general election, vote at the municipal election in the city of Oakland and the several incorporated towns, school census, apportionment of school moneys,; table of distances, etc. In the preparation of this work the a1 IMPOST AST BCIENTCFIO UTTERXSTS Of the county will not be overlooked. a gentleman thoroughly! versed in ' pure and applied science r and natural history is preparing a comprehensive chapter on the meteorology, flora, fauna, ornithology, ichthyology, paleontology, geology, nuneraogy ana nyaroiogy i ox tne county, whicn . will , include Lincoln would take the weapon. The fellow watched for what he supposed tobe a good opportunity and pick ing up the slung shot ran as fast as j he could. Summers emering from his hiding place and pursuing him. Captain Band saw what was up and he joined in the foot race, down Washington street, which became quite animated. At that kind of exercise very few can excel the Cap tan, and he soon overtook and captured the fugitive, who had the weapon concealed upon his person. He will have a chanoe to explain the matter before Judge Lentell. to-morrow morning. r A Leap Tear Party. The ladies of the Church of the Advent, East Oakland, did the leap year business last evening in a graceful and fascinating manner. They called it a leap-year hop; and to. the ic rendered by Ballenberg s band the ladies acted the grenadiers. Washington Hall was thronged with over lour hundred from the "first families," each of whom seemed -to enjoy the scenes presented to the fuUest capacity. The ladies fanned : the gentlemen and protected them from draughts, and each gentleman considered himself a lady, and conducted himself accordingly. Each lady acted the man, and looked to it that the gentlemen .were provided with partners for the Company was held on Monday, with the following result: President. W. H. H. Hamilton Foreman, Jas. Moffit; First Assistant, J. Schneider; Second Assistant, H. West: Secre tary, O, Lewis; Treasurer H. Turn Suden; Trustees, A. Fonte, F. Schimmelpfennig and B. Nedder-man. It is difficult to understand the The Photographic Society of the I benefit of, and necessity for, desig- nsuDg uio eirees running parallel with East. Twelfth street, as East Fourteenth " street. Being the. next street to Twelfth it should hfi ealled Thirteenth in the years to 'come this lack, of numerical order 'will cause confusion; and if there is no very weighty cause for the "jump," the matter -ought to be regulated before the town grows much larger. just mentioned. The plans were prepared by Mr. Tibbals, an architect and contractor of this city. Tha VinilirXT will luuzeeton Washington street and a.m. jfcmrrra.cruryQTom .. tin AND COUNTY DIRECTORY. ItaOit Tratnt, Stones, rtre DUtricU, OU aw rosromcx. mtA stresf, eeeisesn Jroensiowif and waaaetofoa. Par HeuaekeeDlnac rpo LXT- KICXLT rUBMISHAO STjyBT A Boona, aaltabls for hoaaakeeptnc; local tram stops ra front ottbehoaoB. AppU e bosses wast oi Aaeane street station on Bailroad i Pacific meets this evening, at Taber i, IK) Montgomery street, CISCO. The examinations for, the Senior Class -of the State . University com mence on Friday, May 19th, and continue for about one week.' ! The picnic of the Knights of Pythias, at Badger's Park, on Monday next, will be a perfect "stunner" for size of attendance and for enjoyment. The Coroner's jury in the Hastings case returned a verdict of death from heart disease, in accordance with the facts published in the Tbxbtthz yesterday. Since Judge McKee's decision against the laundry license was pro mulgated the Celestial laundrymen of vallejo have engaged counsel to ngnt a similar oroinance. Henry Hauschildt of No. 1057 Broadway, opened this' morning a new and select stock of boots and shoes. Do not fail to see his new advertisement at foot of local colum. The May festival of the Brooklyn Turn Verein, at Keller's Gardens, Temescal, on Sunday, will be the great attraction on this side, of the bay; There will be no hoorihtmfam there, - ' ; - An! immense concourse of people assembled at Pelouze Hall, West Oakland, last night, to participate in the closing festivities of the Ladies' Fair, and a glorious good time they had. The jury in the case of James Cas-sidy, indicted for perjury, were unable to agree upon a verdict yes ter- w -Y - S- ' '' -w Waahinsrten Street. The Council has provided for the sprinkling of the, macadamized streets on a more extensive scale than heretofore, though it has not yet gone for enough in this direction. There is an agreement with the Contra Costa Water Company to furnish water at the rate of 25 cents per thousand gallons, so that the water bill will be light. The city runs two sprinkling wagons and is about to procure another. Those in use are each' of a capacity of 750 gallons, making a ' total of 2,000 gallons. As these wagons are to be' run day , and night, each will " make about 40 trips in the twenty-four hours, dis tributing a total of 80,000 gallons per day, costing $20, or. $520. for the month, counting only the working days. This might be doubled or trebled to good advantage. The 80 feet on Ninth street, and the front will be of iron and brick. The lower floor will be .used for stores and the upper stories will be divided into rooms for use as offices or for lodgings. The erection of three first-class buildings in this one locality will certainly, give to it an importance it would not . otherwise attain for some years to come. There are not now stores enough on Broad way to meet the demand, and as quick as the new buildings are ready for occupancy they will undoubtedly be filled by desirable tenants. The bank building on the corner of Broadway and Twelfth street will be a prominent feature in that part of the city and will stimulate other building enterprises in that vicinity. At any day we may expect to see a large force of laborers at work excavating on the property of D. L. Emerson, adjoining. Whenever he moves in the matter, he will certainly be prepared to erect a building that will be far ahead of any- a V. -S a-e wing eise.m tne city. Dome time in the latter part of the season we are informed, W. W. Camran will erect a costly structure on the corner of Broadway and Fourteenth street, adjacent to the Delger Block. Wemmer's two-story- brick building on the upper side of Eighth street, between Broadway and Franklin, is progressing very rapidly, and will be completed in a few weeks. At East Oakland and at West Oak land there is the same degree of activity in the erection of buildings designed for 'building purposes, which we regard as a most gratifying sign, x or the last two or three la 4. JO n. si.. KecrvUao fhmdau. T nrf A T mfA Tt. ft him Ik mdmmn IS av, 4 a. at. for Ban rrandaoa, a. 'm.. mi p,wu,mjt,m. jm jwwn, jr. ml. TRAISM JJTD BTAOMS. AM a. at. Dotty. Me Atlantic Asna trans a arts for Sacramento, MarymMU, MatUng mmd eorUamHOrt.). Cotas, JSeno, Opde em OmaJtn, wUhmaU. n-m.0riand fcr-afci mrrtvtt rA A Sunny Room. X: TTTAXTrTD BT A TOTJSO CZHTXVUAN A V weB rarBlsheaeanavrooin. with board. Mast be within tea minutes walk efraitreea station. Ae areas. "Cook," Tribune oaloa. , . 5 '. v, nU-wl Ja. m Daily! Bom Jo Bwo(aMMatlaffsna. aj Son Jobs. . p. as, aaaifnyt aetensM. awssapei araea to fltoaUonsaly.eoatieeeine et LatMrop vitMemprtm train for Merced, FlsoUo, iWenoeiMlXotaoeics, ygilh mail for Arimtma, tic. UM jx.ah rrsMt from Stoektoik, tie. T.0S p. m. Daily: Overbaul JBmtffrmU trwta, TlroHoK VerM, etc Arrtvr S.0 a. m. SamPablo dagee leaf at 10.1 a. as, ItrUkmaOX emt.4tn.m. Arrlmemt aJOa. at. mmd Las n. l ftaobeeo stapes iaaw Oakland at .40 m. m. (vUA maUX, ArrUMtotmeenUand 1 o'stoe noon. mi DISTZIOTS. Jrtt-MlafcUyvofAdeUMtreeL HtrrmdNortSim TweUtk Hreel. earn ha am, way, tout v tAs taotar frxmt, amd axst by Acielme nurdITortX etty ISm. eatt bv Telegraph ouims. sotaA by Tw&Ut Adeun etraez. romrt-itori ey t toeyi, east and sokA waterfront, yremt by Jtreadtoay. ay 6 North by cUe isas. east ha Lot bmm an Mns ntmntng north from (As lake, tooth by fwl sweet, tpsst by jtmatmoay and Ttleorauk ML Asrwes iitzth- BVisf OaMawd. orrrauts Mayor. Superintendent PmoUc Bchncit ,,f. AC Camobmll Treasurer and Clerk - ,.. ,. ff. JZBleorona Martnaland To Collector Perry Jonneon CUv Ameuor. Joseph If. Dillon PuliceJvrtoe ,. , , 4 H.Jnyne or xrmcm Clerk of City Attorney. OoarU City Xnoineer Marthal'l Clerk Drpvty City 7Uat tieauhv Chief af j -John Bary Fh .Iot j; Arnold J. J. Aorter ice.. mm laVOb St&w'lmmmm JJ. M. Hand cheapest way to preserve a macad- years business improvements nave amized roadway is to . keep it well not keP P00 lth development watered: mere Bpnnkling is not I u rwjpouwi, uui uu of Jrt Department JL dla.Uomtammta mi...uwisi LenttU. hJL jYooa. Asa Howard. Wm. Graham. CITY COWfCZLWm. BohtL W. A. Waller. Jot. Dodt. B. H. Walton. John Miner. J. n. Hard, wm. Mwutnaton. MteU Jtrtt and third afnoaVTift sarft wwntx, BOARD Or KD UCA TTONR. X OoU. ZSBatm. ttton, Benf. AkerUf, C. W. KeOoaa, Jam. A. MXfer, Tweedavm. BOARD OtT KIALTS-Wm. Bamford, a 8. KUtreane.Wm. Solton. roJJck roBcx-w. auhcK A. waton, b. Tyler, W. D. Thomat, W. Nedderman. A, Shore, W. IT.Bwnmm; O H. CbrUoas Cham. P. McKay, J. U Boant B.Lnftcm, Boandy, John Bmnmtt, John A. Dodge, Cham. scription and analyses of the! waters oi our medicinal springs. , ; V AS A WOBK OK BEFEBIKCXv The Centennial Year Book will be invaluable, as it will show the time evening, lie- fore this concluding leas-year hop day and were discharged. It is un commenced an - interesting pro- derstood that ten were for conviction gramme was acceptably presented and two for acquittal. - ; LJ1"'00 Judge John A. Stanly, of this city. UA uuaiwiiws, tauicaiu, SUIUII. CWl- I TTT-3 3 . tans, and the amusing farce, "rTV- . ""T. Tin . iv. r-m, , ii.. ir.-.. I uvreruur ixwui asa i.iUBiee Ul vxa wm"piay? luS enrmin! ' J T' mr,l r,Wl nvAr wiVh ia fnr q, TlCe . Ai. AWkeTjreSlgned, enough. - Many mountain toll roads in this State are thus kept in repair. The macadam on our more important streets is wearing out very rapid- ly, and the Council cannot be too nromm in earmrnr nnt a himitim that win at tne same time prevent I w. 1UCTU iUt "j needless expenditures for repairs I ceding one. COVMTTI' i aySMaC FrwewXl eVMsKCaWri J year we are likely to see a desirable change. Very many valuable resi-1 Jmioe Probate and cotmty anmru. r1atlr)Aai aA afAITIrff WW ahWn1 VAAIIW VftAMl I aAeWWl mm eXPrsW UQAIWVO ami? gVAUK MsT IMlaJ AVA are projected, and everything we can learn, justifies the opinion- that the building record for the present year Ootmty Clark and sawitor. KGCtmWQtW mini .AAfeTss mA Ve afPyC ShVrtjfl .Chat. O. Beed .That. A. Smith aaawaaaV90Bn A&4fCtH& ,, JMit Outre JB.jY.Morm the benefit of the church. : ; .y , Oakland Qar4 Flemte. . The Oakland -Guard turned out strong this morning, and, headed by suit to move along with the crowd and learn the cause of their" haste.' He was somewhat amused when he saw that they were hastening to the store oi Jtfarwell at ilirshberg. No. 1103 Broadway,1 to secure some of the great bargains offered . by this M T . 1 i - . t , , Supervisors, of the City Council and Board of Education of Oakland, of the Town Trustees and Boards of : Education of the "various incorpor-1 ated towns in the county, and of the several Courtsr it will define the j boundaries of the oounty, of towns. to hold for four years. The Central Pacific Bailroad Company is preparing to build a very large barge at their West Oakland ship - yard. The refitting - of the YosentiU is going on very rapidly, and after completed she' will be placed , in. service on the -Vallejo route. - somewhat excited,- he ordered his aa P"09 01 meetings 01 tne uounty 1 the Hannoverian Band of San Fran cisco, marched through the principal streets and thence to Badger's Park, East Oakland, where a large concourserof people assembled to witness the annual target practice of the company and to participate in SV W iaOa la . m . b..j. Arm In trunks (of which thex; have townships, oischool, road, squirrel Ja 1 ana pleasures a very large and excellent stock!, and pound districts: describe the of the day. The splendid appear- satchels, gents'; furnishing goods, coast line, and the course of bays, I?mp2y m w? .,raee; though , highly v pleased with the vessels, railroads, femes and stages: 1 1 , , , TTT' ,B f"' " " style in which this firm conducts giTe the location and officers or man- "L" "uuureon 01 p8opie aiewmu. nouae, ueiween its business quick sales and small agers 01 tne state university, ueaf Tl ry ---w wr,7ryr J rr" . profits. " , , .. . : . , -f.,;. I and Dumb and Blind Asvliun and y?- xu? yuauia jwuj. wina up jrenaiesou way, auauve 01 vermoni. 1 ... -r . 1 other puouo and private educational I r e r, v,p.T.. "" . A Bat Opportiuirty. establuhments, halls, parks, gardens P100 Park this evening. , Antonio Garcia, who lives near Niles Station, in this oounty, shot Dave Cavagrxaro, an Italian, through the head, two miles' from San' ' Jose, on Tuesday last The Italian was alive at last accounts, and Garcia was in jail, A woman at the bottom of it. . ' " - j and also add very greatly to the at- , aracuveneBS 01 sue ciij. . . t -see Temple ef Oajahrtaaa. The new two-story brick building of David Wemmer of Teutonia Hall is receiving the timbers for the roof. The building is situated on the north side of Eighth street, near Broad way, and ia 50x75 feet square, two stories high, and has a fine basement of full area. The basement and street floor will be ready for occu pation in a few weeks, when Mr. wemmer ; wiu 1 move in, carrying with him the magnificent orchestral 1 organ which has delighted so many thousands - with its rich tones in Teutonia Hall. The upper story will be fitted up for the accommodation of Mr. Wemmer's family and LAFAYETTE SCHOOL Under Sheriff "T'r'Hf i 1 r . w B. Bariow BO ABB OraUTXS USOXSZwhmm Ccue(PreH l0. M. Barnhom, fetor rwnyee.J. B. Mar H. Qssraatsr. Jamee BeamtU.r. K. Bhattaek Bon of Homor Ik. Aprils 1916. MISCELLANEOUS. FRESH ARRIVALS Of Goods : Erery Veek ; ' ' ' '" I mm.fr MaalaaMflnWl iTWHIflrlBl rfaW TkA aasT11 Ka rMaurice Dore 4 Cfe's auction sale 1 r ' 7 "w ' . , Claas Day. eof tbAt beautifuL valuable and cen- k . . . - SL . J: rm,. nf th nf wsmrif mm t . . . A 1 1 . V UUUDO BUU LVUXeaiUUlUU 111- I - - " - ' J .tracfiocaieti. property ironsmg out - .i,..! -Mi..av. ei California has elected the follow-! at -n V . : r tm Tl a - a vwevaj wa ail s a WIUII V a, - " " aun I ' " - .Ban coio avenue urove,, loner r . rVTT" ffi for C1 Tkv"f'(W .and Carre streets, will take f iaco at .noon on Thursday next, at their jsalesrooma, 228 Pine street, San .Francisoo, and ' should .-be at- ttended . by' all -.who desire d to purchase, on very , easy terms, souui the most desirable residence and busineaa'Oroperty in Oakhuid. ' .This jpropertys;frilI be sold in twenty-four townships ; of Oakland, Alameda, Brooklyn, Eden, Washington and Murray, ' the city of Oakland and the incorporated towns, as well as tho Tillages' , and hamleta of ' the county giving ; a list of .the local laws passed by the last Legislature, of? newspapers and periodicals, secret orders, benevolent, literary ana ; scienuno - associations: ' manu- lain, Miss Hattie Hodson; President, Mr. J. G. Yager; Orator, Mr. J. N. E. Wilson; Essayist, Miss Sarah Shuey; Poet, Benjamin P. Wall; Orator at the Tree, Mr. Geo. T. Wright; Historian, Mr. A. O. Bradford; Prophet, Mr. Warren S. Palmer; Dispensator, Henry M. PoncL Committee Of Arrangements, Messrs. aged fifty-three ; years, a . harness maker by trade, and a man of intemperate habits, dropped from a chair and died instantly. - - Work on the new church " edifice of the Seventh Day . Adventists is progressing j very , rapidly, :The frame is up and partially enclosed. In a few weeks one of the ' rooms in the basement will be ready for occupancy, and will be used until means are raised for finishing the main structure.. t i'Ti Trt Y ia.irt t-i yesterday extracted a oortion of the t10" V1""" y-unurma . collar-bone from the left shoulder Sargent's Chin ana Speech. Senator Sargenta speech on the Chinese question has done more good than a dozen square miles of newspaper articles in the California press. He baa presented this matter in a clearand Tdispasaibiiate manner which 'has at once commanded the attention and respect of the Eastern I Mary Faulkner, press, and its comments during the Wilson, ismmie 4 Vingois,. ;. Tulie last two or three - days have been Bosenburg, Maud KelleyV Bertha quite different : in tone. When the Arps, Sarah Walter dith Thornton, people on the other side of the Con- Mamie Dean, Willie Bier, Lincoln tinent realize the full importance of Dbda, Harry Beaner, Willie Achard, the Chinese problem, they will with-1 George : Ainsworth Adolph ' Eber- Fourth. Grade Edith Hayes, 98; May Browning, 97; Margie JJrewer, 97; Bennie Taylor, 90. ' . Fifth Grade Mary Stuart, 100; Frank Brockhage,98; Lizzie Metzger, 97; Eddie Hunt, 96; Nellie Pullman, 95; Minnie Howe, 92; Ethel Brodt, 92; Mary Pullman, 91; Carrie Fross, 90; Katie Benner, 91; LarenaBickey, 90; Lucy Fisher, 90; Nellie Johnson, krMaSaA ataa AAA Wa m, (T IT SlVVfi ar I I Wallace Uarstow, 97; Mary Farnum, ye; Annie urewer, ao: John White, 95; Philip Kiley, 95; Alice Miller, 94; Willie Lussier, 93; Flora Hyde, 92; Ollie Swain. 91; Sadie Wise, 91; George Bodolph. 91: Frank Brown ing, 90; Bertha Smith. 90? May McKes, 90; Annie Donzelman,- 90; Albert Wood, 90; Ernest Jeffres, 90. Seventh Grade Hattie i Angier. Carrie Benson, Effle Cushman, Grace Fisher, Clara Farno, Fannie Fitz- maurioe, Millie Marcus, Nellie Mil- ler,Fannie Sackett, Honors Toomey, jjuiu - Ai.ee, Annie -LU1 awJenettse et Teteernsa Aveaae nasi Where we erepoee to keep a GOOD ASTIGLn andseUCHKAP. Ladles', genw sad shlldran's work mads to order oa short aotioe.- All work made of the best material, end warranted. Please eall and examine goods and prtoea. We will endeevoe to pisses you. . , ... t' HOlVOOn a OVTKAJt. Garaon an! Poalliy Earn ..TO. subdivisions, and those who are not lamuiar' with the -.locality should I factories, mines, nulls. Publio works 1 and David Cnmminrf. toii lue grouua, auu wr uaps ana 1 "u pnvaw enterprises, prominent iuu ' panicuiars saouia .- cau uponi oapiuuisis iana owners and farmers; rJmitn o? xaatner ln rear 01 v eiis, 1 puouo, private and eorporaaon lands of the wife Wm. H. Chamberlain,' My er Jacobs J Temescal. At City XThrnrt. Fargo k Co.), Woodward k Tagsart.Jand land values; incorporations for -40U and 4uis jigntn street, or upon I puouo ana mm t . - oa. tv- i . iw :i j: :. ar- .Maurice Dore A Co., 326 Pine street, Hard ware, Catlery aad Tool. One of the largest and most, complete . stocks of hardware,' cutlery, tools, agricultural implements, eto., on this coast is "that to be found in the importing and wholesale and re- - iail establishment of ,W. A M. Ever- on, southwest, corner of Ninth and .Broadway." This, well; known firm, byf air Coaling and keeping constantly on nana an ampie suppiy pi - tne lat est patterns ana most approved appliances in the hardware line, have built up a business that might be envied by the largest establishments m ti'... .; J iV.i 1 1 in oan x rs t:c: 5uu, sj.i wiu uiuiuess is constar.iIv i-crra ir and extend 'The, following schooners have private Tjurooaea. bnblie I med: ousan JL twew, from Timber buildings, ; roads.; streets! . driven. I Cote, with cordwood to G. H. Nagle: hotels, churches, postoffioes, express Sarah Pratt,' from 1 Lime Point, with wm.w iiw, vwwwmw MU nJtlAJXAA.W aauress 01 eacn patron of Frank J. Adams of The patient, who ' is thirty-nine yeazs of age, has been sneering for two years from disease and decay ef the bllar bone, and was , unsucceeBfully operated upon last autumn. A report has gone abroad through some of the papers that parties going East must obtain sleeping apartments on the ears twelve or fourteen days request of legislation restraining the immigration of Asiatics. NEW AKBIVALS I AH eel Tina at mr store, no. 1067 twen 11th and lull sts.. a fresh lot ot aawand lastaionsbie goods, amnractnff arery arttole In the line of (eat covering, front the Snest French- kid slippers, to a slogs boot. All of which will be sold at extremely tow prices. . I invite an inspection ef my stock, sad it is no trouble to show goods whether persons want to purchase or not. - a w-a - K-.M -M .. wa i . - il w a ims as.sM aiatt MfJAniiarirt ajj s v ra jima ia e -e v a .a Of the book 1 7 " - - , , ' . zr. l -""J mua prupwr quw 7 j to same; Salamander, from Calif or- j ter developes the fact that the rail. how bb I TnA City, with brie - to liemiliara road company has sufficient sleeoine Broadwav. be. I Kron. Hxnal. from Calif ornin Citv. l-i, in .w.n.. .ii v - . , - : w a&o w wwMuuvwm , - BUW tiADIKS A PINK IXJT Of LADIES sandals erf different patterns. Alto-,- -rnah kid ' button and lace gaiters, at Bolcomb A Ontromf Broad way, between fourteenth and 1'Uteeoth streets. - ing fartif-r i r 1 tenor, 'i.. i I . -everythir- i I"-il3,. f - 1 i V ''rtz mlA, l.v.i : a r- 1 1 - i t j a I t into tne m- Everson keep rel from the EtOCCTIOS.-Wm. ' K. Van Demark Teacher of Elocution in all its branches. Special stfention to stsea and lyoeum eirarj. Boeus ho. Id, Bomtst House, AS2 Xwei.-a street, Oakland. , . . with brick to Eemillard Bros. ; Piuta. from Ban Francisoo, with lath to Kemillard Bros.: St. Thomas, from Alviso, with hay to Sarpy A Bars tow. EoelaUs. . A social party will be given at the Independent Church this (Friday) evening. There will be music and select reading.. Strawberries and cream will be served. Admission twenty-five cents. All are cordially invited. - -r - likely togo East. ; True, everybody cannot do accommodated with central or lower berths, but yet there are cars and berths enough for all. - --t'"l.ll 1 f 1 f ij a comb n a t J WW." WESTr !OAEIi, VFVCIta 8Ti." Crpet l " iD, repairing aria var. sishir furaUurev surweabt Cor. lutfl and lrrauluiu tta. - - -. s .. ACHNT I'Uit LiiAtaMAN'S FI.ri3 for restoring tamtaheii ,iwelry, soi'ed v iver-wr, to ins ori"i"al br.aancy. ,W. .Tiuson,. la: . AT CAU, AT WILNOTS. -vrv. oai Broadway, and make a note of the hard tima prices, a. norm is no better time t t-ia present lot mskina tmrchaiiM in v. ha Jewelry, etc., if toe buyr considers the ssvl"? of money an object. Ail woairtng proaipt.y done and satisfaction guaranteed. TBS NATIONAL COLD KTZiA J. wa wsid to- BMKiiey A liaiofgon lor tus bt thotr"-ths la tne United ttstea, and te Vienrt f t tiie btiot ia tao woi.i. Aseei J la t, i.e i..vaiur. a-J A.oni INGBRSOLL'S PHOTOGRAPHIC i Gallery Is the place to get photographs, and ia fact all styles of pictures known to the Art. All work executed in the best style. OriTe him 'acau.. AO.1U0 eroaawar. -r- WTLSOJf. AT NO. 961 B HO AO WAT. Das oa nioplay as fine and choice e stock of Wstcbes, Clocks end Jewelry aa can be aaan this aids the bay. . r. -.. , jcst rrcnvED. a fins invoicb I of Dwarf book-Cases;- aim, extra nne. Carlo gi-itea new pnrr, bold at laoethan Ban IrnciTO prio-. O-kland rnnutara Ware, rooms, llei and HOT feroadway. . ' - iiomery - T7ITITI.ir:3 Babt ana cbeepest place to pi your whiterilDf done Is st I. E. Tow's, cor. tir Kiath sad Broadwy, ofrvisite Ckioa i-mfei. Auto, a. tin painting, , o.i, e,.ss. . TnirsDcuiri : --rr rsr at t -.afaai - wt el t -ye t J ileal Estate TrmafMra ; I h i 4. The, following transfers have been mads aince oar Ustrepprtr -P Johnson to B 0-8aulre Lot Temeaeal Park, Oakland. .$ S00 S llerriU to Mrs L Ferrie 87 E Jaekson street .by -150 and 387 ' -'- 8 of Lake avenue, Oakland . . . 11,500 j tferKeiey ii and x l Asaoeiauon to O W Avers Part of block 87, tract B, Berkeley. ; 1,000 H H Height to Mary Hogaa Lots 3 to S, tloek 9, Bhepard- son tract, Alameda . ... . 795 H H Haigbt to J Ooobv-LoU 6 and 7, Hook O, Skapardsea . ' v - tract, Alameda............... . COO Hayward Park llomestead to Alary T Deyle-Lot, 3, block . 17, Hayward. 230 HS Fitch to O Giblin LoU 11 . . and 12, bloek 11, Fitchborg. 225 see n :v";--.:'.---". Felloe Court. Judge Lentell presided- at the Policy Court this forenoon. The following business was disposed of : The complaint against Terrct Forri for carryir i a conceiled we?x-ca waj dianissej; itr7:rir jtl-.t La was a tr-vc:cr. . . - - - ' jjo?':i2t oa a rT?5. - . cases cf T7n. JTcisa c l:rl: ' . : y, t :. 1 V n. Drjr- I ..uirjtnerrowr! " " hardt, James Farno, Joseph Higby, George Lowell,' Bobert Benram, Frank Stevenson. Arthur Wilson.-'" Eighth Grade Bertie Allen, Ged-die High, Prentice Hutchinson, Al fred ' btevenson, Itobert - Williams, John Bedstone, Artie Slate, Willie Hardy, George Meredith, Freddie Brockhage, Gussie -Cantin, Albert Hollis. Harley Fredericks, Arthur Forrey. Willie Bieroe, Amelia Durst, Affnes FortLn. Katie Bedstone. May V. Robinson, . Bessie Hilbert, Leila Darrow, Annie Turner; Ullie lieed. Lula Bierce, Emma Wilcox, Gertie Murphy. -. : -' r: ... j WONDIRPCL.-THE BAPID rrawtk In popularity of the Tenaa Bcmaa Brmna la eomathlng wonderful. In a little more than two years from its first Introduction to the public, without the aid erf capital to pesh it, but simply upon its own enparalieled merits si e eathartie and teiralator, it has st-tallied to a degree of Importance as S remedial airency unknown in the annaia of aaeoiclna. Irom Ite first starting-point, its first trial, it has been advancing step by step, from city to city, from town to town, from Bute to biata, mnul to day it la being sold by erery rwpecta. Die orngRist, ana nae necome a aousonoid necessity in erery family ron this eosst. The ; prentiga of its power o r diMsaa has been I waited by the grateful voicea of tnouxnda cf ; restored swlerers to other landa; and from ail I quarters of tas earth coma Inquiries and or- r for California's sorareism romedy fo the :(. fennir. Amorg mportant forei -a hou.-s t t hsrs reinetei and obfioed eici j ;-ti n- i for end oraered large invnioea, are Let A Co., of Caicmta, InU and tarrey h J;i(n, cf .JOB.. .1 OAKLAND PE0PKRTY. - SPECIAL NOTICE. $3,400 ws orrxB to. sax. on or An set pieces of Property for either OABDX2T OB POTJLTBT TASK. to be found In ths Ststo, Tary vl eatad In Pajaro Valley, four or five miles WstsottTilla, at the tislwrn base of the Santa Ores Uoontalne, about ene nolle from ths Ball- road. -. .. The ptueeity eonslete et S4 ecrae of very rich cardan sou; about ons-nail is already a high state of culti ration; a good orchard. rarden. etc; plenty of timber to last a family a : life-time. Ths most valuable featsre of tola choioe pro patty ia the marnifioant end ever. Sowing spring or Pure, eoid water, ssarding abundant supply for erery purpose, aad to tgate ae vaote property, u X, W. WOODWASP A CO :- j.y v;' Broadway, 'iv:nD.;, iiycz, :y 5S Twelftk street, mamx Breadwm; , " AMortments ef . AAA sn By a Coach maru V-TJATIOW WAimTD BV A VXRT BX. , Me jamnt men, la a erlrate family, as a very sate drlTer; taeronghiy anoa . eea: caa sase can of a imenuia Ik.tf neemsty; thses yoare' beet 'Mt emptors hoM prate to Sri ," V, tU oa, or aadrm by tet- To Car for Cht. iAB m ITUATIOJI wajitiw in u. 't wonW rtctntty, by s reepectawe yeanc wa. mi work er attend te child rea end ssw . x,tn AJVI!CCSLLAt:ZOUC. Coancet S.AKCE5-MAO. r - nard and Son. Ir. kvathsw. Adrtce "7..- aeea,law,kra, marrtaee, joarneya, aceent or t frtenda, tells what is beet to do; core Ala, ear - , rheamaUem, aore eyea, deafness, dropr, cauu i ., . roiM debtuty, nrer eompuuat, ana aa o - no pay; materialising seances (Sunday, u. - v-I Tharadav ereniriM: handreds of pereous fc-e aod recognise qnuit trwnd. lis lourth stress pf sranewcaw - ,..-- ooamr ttah stmt eaw v MUJInery Ctere, Sttls akd boowomt obsrenrtp yT be fennd be Kew MSJlnery Moreofl Broadway, near Vkfteeatli stre, wtaerea imci -aortment of hats sad naiilaery snod, may be bad at erf reasons e prices; aiae, fehknaie dreae-t w M. Satiacvkm sua antaed in aU cawe at i rm. unhnrf tlllin in .-A " 1 , .1 'ewJBrosdjray, near Yifleuth strer. ami- Stews. 2SS teOTICCS. CUSla .Cnvelop,. - Papor arkTJo brow that xI-reTBlCKlASD aa fa. a. mis mt Vim-- -.. 1.":"IW w is boxes, e the Terr latest eto the Coast, has Just been Imported A OO- which taar offT for sale tt taeer Book store, un Brosowsr. SJo large sires lor genuemen-s na wayTn. Dresamaklng. MBS. J. B. WOOD. PRESSMAKIB, dTDIB the Centennial Hotel, Fourteenth street, between Uay and Washington streets. Oakland. Afl orders nromottr filled. Onaranlaa aalixfaetton. uhm ran umiona, ' apie-im Can at I mayMw . . . m - m Visiting Cam. Kfi White sr tfnted Briato VI s-JKJ Ittnc Cards 90 eta, seat poss paid tar eft eta. la stamps or a i tan km. PrtcaXistsadssmplesof Repp, Marble, Damask, Granite, Snowftake, Scroll and Acquain tance caras ur s cb stamp. H. S. Oaacwr, m East 11th St East Oakland, Cal. Central Block. Wt 0T BOOHS TO LBT, WITH HXW IXB-! uentm woca, ireatmg oi aaKi nitera tor sale. Professional Nurse. MBS. BABAH SWAlir. PROnsSIOVAL nnrsa, baring returned iron the Sast, wiehes -to inform those hi need of her set-rices that aba la ' permanently located at last Oaktaad. Residence -oa Hepburn street, near Twenty-am arenue. P.O.Box 7. Befereoee glren If rrauimi. - sprKMm - Muslo Teacher. . - LB880KSOH THB rUHOrOBTB, TEBMS, SS ner noaUvKI8S CRAM BKSK.- Tiwinlr -- at RoHolph'e booktora, Broadway, between Tenth Employment OfTloe. CCABDINAVIAN, IRIMH-AKIEIOAH O pkqmeat Offloa. The beet giris snd men end 28 Clay street, 8. T. Cor Franklin and . 1 7th streets -rUTBwiSHIO BOOH TO IR, SOTJTHWXST corner oi rrspsim ana perenteentn streetA ROOMS WANTED. tA, tia ,on.Dl.Inu c"7- CB06STT OO- Agents, S3 Bib-im Chinese Servants.: pHTTaSB 8IEVAKT8 PTEBCX A OOb, 27 V Sacramento atreet, between Montgomery and Kearny streets, 8sa rrancisoo. tarnish reliable Cht. oomesue serraats, at an prlcea. Ibeoldeat : or tne Ktne m caiuorni eetabttebedofleet dlfornla. mh26-lm Second-Hand'Furniture. ; CSOOHB-HAKD PUSHITL'RS WABTTP Uf i mj large er nil quantttia promptly attended to. A pi mmerema sireeu tar its' building. Oddfellows' BepaMng af SB kinds to n. ocaeuoaaa, oa way and franklin, - Pianos. WANTED. Domestics. WhSTTD imfEDIATXLT - TETBKX " 0B - four young Oermaa, Sweds. or Scandenerlaa gtrlsfcr light housework, nice plans. AS kinds af help supplied at thort noOca br calling or karma orders at Itad Star Tea Store, eornsr Ctey end Voer. Kvnia waxxirn. an. uareue. mya-tw Apply to IV Bergrs Jswssry store. If a. rway. " -. . Ur RIGHT ABT SQUABS PIABOS TOe-"" Rat. Price at and t per oUi.fir mm jtsroaa-Jtltf ; French Lessons. 1 FBXMCtt LAOT THOROUGHLY l Bering Bbe also a yomro J. adncated to bar own language, end teaght for several years, wishes tmolkv I Macbea drawtng, psinting, and Binsic Speaks taa -Kngiish lsnguaga SuenU CaA SU TweiLta street. Store Wanted, r TfTAimP-A STOBB OH BBOADWAT. VV snltaUe for Dry Goods. Address w m. Dick. aw taay suaat, pan i ranctsca. saya-w betwaen UarrUoa aad Aitoa. Furnished House. WAHTXD A rUBNISHSP HOC8V, wh M or U rooms, er tare tarnhbed cottMee ad joining eacn otner, wita tea same amount or rooms, ta Oakland errtdnlty. Apply to J. IJETTKa, Uroadway. a4-l :.v V . Literary Society. BB00BLTH IalTEBABT SOCIXTT KBITS erery Wednesday ereab at 7t o'clock, at Odd Teflows's HsO, Esst Oakland. The public are cordially tainted to attend. The question for debate on weuneeoay, Apra tota, iwe, la- Besoired, Thattba Ousadea bade Beneficial effect en Bare? j pean cjriHisltoa. Engineer. TXrASTaTD AS BHCmriBB TO BUH A OAK. f V den engine, twa hours In the e renins, three AMUSEMENTS. times s TnistnrB. Apply to "A. P" Oaklsad Srenlng Small Furnished House. WAVTBP A SHALL, TTJEKT8HID HOTJ8B, . for e famBy of three, eenreaioit to steam ctrrn. Aeaiess lack box mh, Ban rranasen. HOUSES TO; LET. - Third and Magnolia rno LIT. A HBW HOTJKI OONTA1KIFQ TOTJB A rooms; city water; located an the corner ef Third and Magnolia streets; thres minutes' walk from A define street stsUoo. Bant fl per month. appv oa his premises. mayww T HAY FESTUM, or THB West 1 1 th street. . - TXl .lIT-A HOIT8B OT TIB BOOHS, A wAh water, oa West Herenth street, be m l tween Omter and Kirtbam Tour MockC tram. Brooklyn Turn TereiiTl Center street Station. Inquire se premise. myl-lw TO BE HELD AT Keller's Cardan, Temescal jTOLTrv 7l3Twelefth streetv .OH. rpO LIT-HOTJSI 0 BOOMS AHP BATH, SUIIDAYt MAY TTIIf 1873 A. with stable, to tot.No.7gJ Twelfth street, b? I wn llii,ieiw tweea Brash and Weat sUenta. . Apply haawdiatatr t V. v. t.. k. s to F. Ia. Page. Miff Broadway. my-aiw Meat Market. rpO LIT A MBAT MABBBT. CDTTBALLT A. iscataa; and a first daa stand. Aauiyat next boass toeomrsr VUaa aad Ktofcik mrt iwk. iana romt. . , m44w TO RENT. Church BBHT THB OLO PBB8BTTBBIAH Broadway. aanomg. .apr7-tf One of the best of bands hah bean enxaned ta furnish music. Prise Bboottng far Osntlemea and Ladies. ; ymntotie PsTfismiiii m by Msmbars of the ' Society. . . " i ADKUSIOM AS Ceette Grand Call In the Evening rno A. Cbarch. tornss Thlrteentk Inquirs af J. O. Matthews, Unbas HOARD AND ROOMS. Near Broadway station UUBHUUID BOOKS. AHD BO ABO IB A A7 prtrata family, four blocks from Bread way ml7-tf . ACJaJDEiarsr of music. : ; Wbere tae Priaea wUl be dletrltated. . . ASKiaSION . . . - . M Cents Tba beet ef order will be enforced, and a ectv dial inritaUoa ia extended to the public - . The Brooklyn Turn Verein. - Station. Kefenmces reaoirsd. BozOtOskland. Addrsss in a private Family rpO LBT rOTJB WILL-TTJKKISHKD,8TJirifT A. rooms. With sr wttboat beard, to a nitrate air, and la a rery deeirabte aetghboraood, with of aaa aaa hatk. Annlr at daw ftrna xetegrape arenas, on rradencfcstrest. apnanr ITT. e a ... a fl .1 r-ijti.?::. Mignis oi rymias! Purse parse, tasteaed with pin, containing g to to T 06T TE5TIBDAT, ATBIL tBTH, AH OLD Md para bie reward will be paid for aLI mmmJm . - byW. H. ration la faroref Mr. McGea. A suits- sAsiS ; Sixtli . Anniyersary more, W8 Broadway. by W. a Dins-1 praHw-i i FOUND. Jewelry. - ... T700HD.-AHT riBSOH LOSTHO A WATCH, A? chain, bracelet, ear-ring er rug, will please r a description, tododlng apranw iffer a (a ror br mmnMntt m dsscrlotioa. number of watch, to T. A J tbls pace, i FOR SALE. Cottage. TMI SALB AH ILZGAMT OOTTAOB OVSTX X" . Noma. bath, hat aad eoM water, and ail mod era tanpreramentA Lot, SthUOe. aubto and ear. rlagshoote. Only baif quare from .Point statioa. Price, tt, WO. Inqnrrs ef Dr. Wss. Bottoa, next door lor-oewMnoa, wesmasiana. apras-iw. ALL THB LODOBS Ol DISTRICT HO. 4, including Oakland end Brooklyn, will celebrate te sa appropriate man run- the StA . v AIlittVERSABY PIGIHC ! OH THS ORDIB AT ' BAQGER'S CEIITR AL PARK, r- .OJf. Lease and Furniture. 170B gALS-A THBIB-TBAB LBA8B, AHD A? ' furnitura af the Ttetnoot House for aala. Thla Is sentrslly locatod, on Saa Pablo araaaa, ba Ilonday, Ilay 8tli. Musis will be furnished by Wtloott! tweea Kxteealh aad Sereoteeath streets, and coa- I gad String Bead. . TlCAXTn Ol ASKISSIOH (for adalts) OO Apply to Woodward 4 Tunit street, near Broadway, Oasiand. Itshth UtMg Furniture and Carpets. T7CBHITUBB AHD OABPITS TOB SALB AHD aV Hoass to tent House of etebt rooms to tot, and FaraitanhlCarBeU. BMctiaa I. ttmrnii. . ir sale at a barratn. If anniurf cents. - wmr un by parents er gnardiaaa, jr cbildrea under 11 yeaix aooompanlad FBBB. - . ptota for sis rooms. K for Immediately. . t. a. fage, yTProadway. bargali Beat enp Areut, J a.a Express Business. . TfOM SALB A OOMPLBTI EXP BESS BTJKI- .-a- rvawuna mm two aorsss. eerness,epiM agood Business, will be soid cheap wa numiwa Aufcag WWI PlveU Wy. TlWVF'lW OUSOJUS L: lsslo Knlfs Polisher. . Sy? pals -at burns, whitthah a Jf'"1", comer luth and Broadway, tbe sgtc Anue Pol lobar. Tbe rery beet method of pot. ...y. .MITT. x.aja aoq roTeffugai rtit WILL HOLD XHBTB Piano. , "pOB SALt-A PPLIVDID PIASO, TH OO-JO UreaTnoetaw. VV'Ubeaold ar a bargain. 1 nonlrson eat Je ef Hamson street, a). bo-twsen l UJiandSixth. OOtf v Cows and Calves. , SAt15. TTS EUAD Of- KSW HTLK cori.jLacul'H. Apmyoa the prwniwa, cor ner ef 1 a sd Vt?'r - i'yj-lw : RasisnCA."' - - -pOTl 8 tlU 0 EEJf T. THS rXt-3AVT KEI-X1 vfvm Mint m8wKTOnr ol i 'ithaad CH'Hircti For part"-iiiar . iur w John,-. msoce, 4i0 t root sweet, tan t raaawo, Bu.2-lw cz:;tal: ), 1 t e 1 - ma 1 . ;-1 a Ut s t 1 v 1 a t ra r-t in t ' a t .-- ec-' ... " ! - - t 1 U - : 1 t J T ..11 e r i 1 y . . .a. e fg fat -T A ' TTT-s CF , it B. J. L. VHZVT, I : VTT ttrmn, ink ranviACo, r ia i - ? e. i .. over r s J) B. J. T. of t.., IONIO . - . . Target Encirrcicii! B -h nmm.. - Wrf m mm- A J f -"j- y l t a : tiiM:t of bor cap for c j .ir -.-at, an ttnm- ts i aul b Jt . V 1 f i-r.- lie fc .It. Ii. ETcCCTC: 73 r- -,f . V ', V." ' i 1 3 I 3 -j . t t

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