Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 6, 1968 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 6, 1968
Page 8
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Schedule HOP! (ARK) STAR, Printed by Offset 8; r 3' £ 6'30 "6f» Reck Hud son,Natalie Wood PTYtON PlACl 6tG VALLEY 16 o'fclofcR REPORT JOEY 8t$H6P SftfE (Iff . MAY, 1* TfcST PAttERN £ 6:45 AM C- • . *; J'OOtCelot^ BOZO'S BIG TOP SHOW 8.30 DlAUNGFOft DOLLARS THEATRE "Juke Girl" Ron?id Reagan, Ann Sheridan fart •}_;; lO;00(Color) DICK CAVETf SHOW 11:00 BEWITCHED ll'3d(C6lor) TREASURE ISLE l2;00(Color) DREAM HOUSE 12-.30ftdior) WEDDING PARTY ,»'/," l.-OO(Color) NEWLYWED GAME uS » t-30(Color) BABY GAME '^ 1:55(Color) CHILDREN'S DOCTOR K 1 "- 2:00(Color) GENERAL HOSBTAL -r.«>- 2:30(Color) DARK SHADOWS OS J- ,3:00(Color) THE DATING GAME IM- 3:30 DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "Background to Danger" George .Raft, Peter Lorr* 5:00(Color) ABC NEWS 5i30(Color) 5:30 REPORT 6:00 UNION PACIFIC 6:30 (Color) GARRISON 1 S GORILLAS 7:30(Color) IT TAKES A THIEF 9:00(Color) INVADERS 10:00(Color) 10 O'CLOCK REPORT 10:30(Color) JOEY BISHOP SHOW SINE OFF 12:OOM V>:-, • •). * ** * r" .jj^srjiir. mo xm *ITTt« M«N ^.M : -'^ 6:30 T.if No.ik.x-f: TvC (C) "*?'•'' 7:00 lUn.'fiii pnd Hnrr.in J.nngii-I NI'.C (C) • r "' fc:00 Danny ThciM.-s Nf.C (C) oi '9:00 i Spy ;;«c (c) •<° 30:00 Ncwo ,'inri V.'oriLhr.T (c) 10; 15 Iionnlo Gibiionrj fi|>oi i..s RU 10:30 Tiir Tonight Si-ov* i";?,C (C) fi;/>, r i ,. KFi 1 w'J.tli I'o!. I'.uicp (if«.:5. f »": roisViiv, D:-VofJ.»r,o (C) "/:00 l:-f Today S.ic.j M-C (C) V:'^"): A v!:? i iRfl r; No'.•;:'.(>• V'c-iii.iio 7:30 'i-i-i;. Toda^ Siu-w ^!'.C (C) i=,:<'! '.'.-»? Tn<1.Ty Snr-ij NL.C (C) 9;(•".'• "'•••"!> Ju:1;,i-i!;.- .1 ?.T-C (C> ?./'• ": ;>-•, Dji-rkC!! POM vMl i i . :»-i.,i :;,c (c) '..';3v U:.. ,-v-,ii.-fltJO!, NjiC (C) lUsi'.i iV'-so-...'iHty XliC (C) I,1;3C ;> CM ••'-.s >'1C (C) 11: W ..;•••;.:. •.•:.••.••.,!,-, . ui^; i; t •• • • \• r (r\ r..' . . .j ,\-A< {**) I''".".') l.Ilv.l'- ,;,>£•',; Tiil'.y (C) .'••''" '." • r. ;ii O'.nr Lives " "C ':: - '•.'";-....»i ?.{• • .-:.o (c) IijfiO !.;.-. U n ;> J'',:.'u'-.ic'j, l'..- ; -c v (>; 00. '••.'•'•'••; Mi'. 1 V't-.-. i '•',(.,- ;.. ..f-i (f:.» C>: SO J i). •:-•.-. k ,r J (; , •„.;, \ ;ij (c) 7:00 ,1..-; r.v }.-••;-; K'n;,. V v ; ( C ) . "»^i> C'H-nU'.i]" Kirk Dou^.J 4< Jpn t-Lc'clin^ Parn. 1)2' JHipC . •:.-.-> ;;•!•.: l.\ ,-.(. ,., (C) HI'. 111 I. ,!.' I'i. • i. I , J[ H -. '.j, ' .',; JO; 30 '••• . • •'< .4i';t s •<•• ;• c (c) §{00 SlQO THE MONKEES - c l» MAHTIiN'S LAUGH-IN THOMAS HOUR - C r C fowia«? saofe? - c DEVOTJOKIAL 6s 45 8:30 9s 00 9s 25 9*30 10 SOO If) '.30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 l.'OO 1:30 2iOO 2:30 3:00 3:25 4:30 5:00 5:30 6 tOO 6:30 PM >:00 3:00 10:00 L0:30 12:00 DEVOTlON'AL tCXARKANA COLLEGE - C PARM DIGEST-* C fODAY SHOW * C f66AY IN tEXARKAMA - C TODAY SHO<-- * t TODAY IN SHREVEI>ORT TODAY SHOW - c SNAP JUDGMENT NBC NEWS - C CONCENTRATION - c PERSONALITY * C HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C JEOPARDY - C EYE GUESS - C TV PARTYLlNE (COUNTRY MUSIC) - C LET'S MAKE A DEAL - C DAYS OF OUR LIVES - C THE DOCTORS - C ANOTHER WORLD - C YOU DON'T PAV - C THE MATCH GAME - C LAFFALOT CLUB - C HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL MARSHAL DILLON HUNTLEY-RRINKLEY REPORT NEWSGOPE - C 1 DREAM Or JEANNIE - C JERRv LE^'IS. SHOW - C TUESDAY MGHT AT THE MOVI i "MCHALE 'S NAVY "-Ernest Borgnine) - C NEts'SCOPE TONIGHT SHOW - C EVENING DEVOTIONAL KATV MONDAY. MAY 6 6:30 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:15 10:20 10:30 KATV Monday Night Movie "HOODLDM PRIEST" Don Murray Kelr Dullea, Larry Gates Peyton Place - ABC (C) The Big Valley - ABC (C) Arkansas News and Weather . World News (C) Cud Campbell Sports (C) Joey Bishop Show - ABC TUESDAY. MAY 7 7:30 8:30 9:00 9:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 1: 1: 1: 2: 2: 3: 3: 5: 5: 6: :00 :30 :55 :00 :30 :00 :30 :00 :30 :00 6:15 6:20 6:30 7:30 9:00 10:00 10:15 10:20 10:30 10:45 Bozo's Big Top Comics Dream House - ABC Wedding Party - ABC The Dick Cavett Show Bewitched - ABC Treasure Isle - ABC (C) The Noon Show - Live (C) Newlywed Game - ABC (C) The Baby Game - ABC (C) The Children's Doctor General Hospital - ABC Dark Shadows - ABC (C) Dating Game - ABC (C) Bozo's Big Top Comics Bob Young Evening News Truth or Consequences (C) Arkansas News and Weather World News (C) Bud Campbell Sports (C) Garrison's Gorillas It Takes A Thief - ABC The Invaders - ABC (C) Arkansas News and Weather World News (C) Bud Campbell Sports (C) Indiana Primary - ABC Joey Bishop Show - ABC KSLA-TVQI2 MONDAY MAY 6 6»30 Gunsmoke 7:30 The Lucy Show 8?00 Andy Griffith 8:30 The Monday Night Movie "The Stand At Apache River, Stephen McNally, Julie Adams 10:00 News/Dodson 10:40 Weather/Bolton 10:45 Carol Burnett Show 11:45 Sea Hunt 12:15 Weather/Vespers TUESDAY MAY 7 o:25 Economics (Mon-Thur) 6:25 Across The Fence (Fri) 6:55 Your Pastor 7;05 CBS News/Benti 7:30 Bob & His Buddies 8?00 Captain Kangaroo 9:00 Candid Camera 9:30 Beverly Hillbillies 10:00 Andy Of Mayberry 10:30 Dick Van Dyke 11:00 Love Of Life 11:25 CBS News/Benti 11:30 Search For Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 News/Owen 12:30 As The World Turns 1:00 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 1:30 House Party 2:00 To Tell The Truth 2:25 CBS News/Edward8 2:30 Edge Of Night 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 The Early Show 5:00 McHale's Navy 5:30 CBS News/Cronktte 6:00 News/Owen 6:25 Weather/Bolton 6:30 Daktari 7:30 Red Skeiton 8;30 Good Morning World 9:00 CBS News Hour 10:00 News/Erwin 10:40 Weather/Griffin 10:45 He & She 11:15 The Lieutenant 12:15 Weather/Vespers Blasts Fans for Loss of the Pennant By BILL HALLS Associated Press Sports Writer DETROIT (At>) - Right* hander benny McLain blasted Detroit Tigers' fans Sunday as "the biggest front-running fans In the world," and said they helped lose the pennant In 1967, The 24*year-old Tiger pitcher cut loose in an Interview after beating the California Angels 5»2 for his fourth straight com* plete game victory this year, "Norm Cash and 1 were going bad last year and they got on us real bad," said McLaln, "How do they think a guy's wife feels after he goes O-for-8 or 0«for-16 and the fans cut loose while she's in the stands? "If they think we're stupid for playing this game, how stupid are they for watching us?" Asked if he thought the fans' attitude had an effect on the Tigers losing the pennant by one game last year, McLain said: "1 think It did, There were certain guys on this club who didn't Want to go out and play last year because of fan abuse," McLain, who posted a 17-16 record last year but didn't win a game in the September stretch drive becaise of a freak foot injury, singled out All-Star outfielder Al Kaline as an example of fan abuse. Kaline, off to a slow start, is batting .241 with just two runs batted in in 22 games. "Now the fans are on Kaline," said McLain, "He's produced for 15 years and he'll produce again this year. They don't realize how good a ballplayer he is." "I don't care if 1 get booed here the rest of my life," added McLain, "Detroit is a great town. 1 like it, I've bought a home here and have roots. But the fans In this town are the worst In the league," Big Surprise IVos Crowd ot PITTSBURGH (At>) - The only surprise about the way the Pittsburgh Pipers won the American Basketball Association's first championship was how many people saw them do it. A crowd of 11,467 — more than the total attendance for three previous games here — saw the Pipers lead almost all the way to whip New Orleans 122-113 Saturday night, capturing the best-of-7 series 4-3. "Isn't this something, "smiled owner Gabe Rubin, looking around the packed Civic Arena ... "It makes you feel like it Was all worthwhile." The first three games in Pittsburgh drew a total of 9,889, in contrast to the packed houses that saw three games In New Orleans. Charlie Williams scored 35 points, clicking on 16 of 27 shots from the floor, In the Pittsburgh victory. Connie Hawkins added 20 points for Pittsburgh, Art Heyman and Tom Washington scored 18 each and Chico Vaughn 15. Doug Moe paced the Buccaneers with 28, Austin Robbins had 22, Jim Jones 19 and Larry Brown 18. Pro Cagers in Battle tor Talent By LEW FERGUSON Associated Press Sports Writer M1NNEAPOLS (AP) Professional basketball's battle for rookie talent, which flared in the scrap for Houston's Elvin Hayes and Louisville's Westley Unseld, starts warming up again this week. The American Basketball As* sociation completed its college player draft here Sunday, and announced that nine players had been signed and a half dozen more are soon to be announced as signed. But the new Milwaukee franchise in the NBA signed Charles Paulk of Northeastern Oklahoma Sunday night to signal a new outbreak of the war. Paulk was the first-round pick of New Orleans of the ABA. The National Basketball Association is scheduled to finish its college draft Wednesday in New York City. After it does, the higher choices can start comparing offers—and playing one bonus against the other just as football players did a few years ago. . The NBA held its expansion draft today in New York to stock its new franchises in Milwaukee and Phoenix. The Los Angeles Stars, formerly the Anaheim A m i g o s, have signed No. 1 choice Larry Miller, 6-foot-4 North Carolina star, and No. 2 pick M e r v i n Jackson, 6-3 of Utah. Los Angeles also has rights to three UCLA stars, Mike Warren, Edgar Lacey and Mike Lynn. Oakland, which next year gets the services of Rick Barry, has signed first-round selectin Gar* field Smith, 6*7 Eastern Kentuc* ky product, and second pick Henry Logan, 6-0 of Western Carolina. Blues Still One Down on Canadians ST. LOUIS (AP) ~ Scotty Bowman figures his St, Louis Blues are one up on the Boston Bruins, even if the Blues are one down to the Montreal Cana- diens in the National Hockey League Stanley Cup finals. "At least we took them (the Canadiens) Into overtime," Coach Bowman pointed out Sunday after the Canadiens nipped the Blues 3-2 in sudden death. The second game of the best-of- 7 series will be played Tuesday in St. Louis. "Boston just lost four straight," Bowman added. "And what the heck, a lot of tea'ms have lost the first game to the Canadiens in the playoffs." The Blues lost their first game in the playoffs to the Can- adiens with 1:41 gone in the overtime. Center Jacques Lemaire picked up the puck in center ice and fired a 40-foot slap shot that-St. Louis goalie Glenn Hall couldn't handle. Basketball Pro Basketball Playoffs By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ABA Saturday's Result Finals Pittsburgh 122, New Orleans 113, Pittsburgh wins best-of-7 series 4-3 Mfinday, May 8,1968 Crossoff Is Winner of 44 Meet UTTLE ROCK (AP)- Excep* tional strength in the relays carried Crossett to the Class AA track and field championship Saturday while De Queen had little trouble in nailing down the Class A crown. Crossett set division records Df 1:29.8 in the 880-yard relay, 12.6 In the 440-yard relay and J:22.8 in the mile relay as the Eagles amassed 79 points to 32 for runner-up Pine Bluff Southeast. Trailing the top two were Conway with 31 points, Russell' Ville 23, Little Rock Catholic 20, Magnolia 14, Searcy 13, Pine Bluff Merrill 12, Benton 9, Pine Bluff Coleman 7, Camden Lincoln 7, Malvern 7, Smackover 6, West Memphis 6, Helena 5, Arkadelphia 4, Forrest City 3, Rogers 3, Camden 3, Pine Bluff Townsend 2, Hope 2, Camden Fairview 1, Van Buren 1 and Stuttgart 1. De Queen's mile relay team set a class record of 3:26.3 as the Leopards scored !37 points to 33 for second place Eudora. Other Class A scores included Dardanelle 28, Fort Smith St. Anne's 20, Dumas 20, Atkins 16, Hamburg 12, Bald Knob 12, Hampton 10, Hot Springs Lakeside 9, Marked Tree 9, Fordyce 6, Augusta 6, Nashville 5, Carlisle 4, Monticello 4, Ozark 3, Alma 3, Lepanto 3, Magnolia Columbia 3, McCrory 3, Joe T. Robinson 2, Waldron 2, Scott 2, Booneville 1, Clarendon 1 and Walnut Ridge 1. Graduate to a YOU CM WHEV1D1I OW V There's a sparkle about the inside of a self-cleaning electric oven that matches the sparkle of your whole clean kitchen, when you graduate to electric cooking! All you need do is pick the style with the self-cleaning feature, and if you'll do it this month, AP&L will give you a graduation present of $25 as a wiring allowance. Ask your Reddy Plan dealer for complete details. MM1E ALLOWANCE ARKANSAS POWER A LIGHT MIDDLE SOUTH UTILITIES SYSTEM HELPING BU'LD ARKANSAS

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