The Bangor Daily News from Bangor, Maine on July 9, 1976 · 8
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The Bangor Daily News from Bangor, Maine · 8

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Friday, July 9, 1976
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WALDO Artist Burpee's 'Safe Harbor Exhibit to feature Burpee art ROCKLAND - An exhibition of 76 oils watercolors and pastels of a Rockland native William Partridge Burpee ( 1846-1940) will be presented as the Farnsworth Museum’s annua) summer show opening July 16 The exhibition will run through Sept 5 The Burpee exhibition will include many works of themuseum’s permanent collection as well as paintings loaned for the exhibition by Burpee’s niece Mrs Alice Shaw Farber of New York City Others who have loaned paintings for the summer exhibition ate Mrs Margaret Shaw of Glen Ridge NJ Mrs Wynne S Hinds of Atlanta Ga and Robert Hinds of Birmingham Ala 1775 News from Waldo-Knox Quartet and Hokanson to appear in concerts NORTH HAVEN — The Vermeer Quartet will appear with world renowned pianist Leonard Hokanson this summer in a series of concerts in Maine The musicians will perform Sunday at 8 pm at the North Haven Baptist Church under the sponsorship of Fox Islands Concerts Inc Hokanson a native of Vinalhaven has recently returned from concert engagements throughout Europe He has been solo artist with virtually all the leading orchestras of Europe and has toured North and South America Africa and Asia Quartet members Samuel Ashkensai violin Pierre Menard violin Nobuko Imai viola and Marc Johnson cello are all prize - winning virtuosos They won wide acclaim during tours of the US and Europe including two years at the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto Free bus transportation from the town parking lot in Vinalhaven to the thoroughfare landing at the north end of the island will be provided by the Fox Islands Concerts Inc A nominal fee will be charged for water transportation across the thoroughfare The Vermeer Quartet and Leonard Hokanson will be featured at another concert on Vinalhaven Aug 3 Another group of artists will be scheduled for an Aug 8 concert Taxpayers protest revaluations By Ted Sylvester NEWS Rockland Bureau ROCKLAND - There was little doubt from the estimated 500 angry taxpayers who attended a public meeting Thursday night that they wanted to toss out the recent property revaluations and to revert back to the old mill rate A meeting was held by the city council after a petition containing more than 2000 signatures was received protesting the revaluation For more than two hours taxpayers had their say concerning the revaluation — for the most part protesting the valuations assessed and directing questions to the city assessor Edward Bartlett or the city manager Paul Devine Most citizens’ statements were greeted with cheers from the audience while Bartlett had difficulty at times to offer explanations concerning the revaluations At one point he states “You don’t want to hear the answer do you?” Bartlett was able to explain that he had not received final figures from the JM Cleminshaw Co so that he could not be specific as to many individual complaints But he did announce that of the approximately 700 taxpayers who appealed their assessments to the Cleminshaw Co about 480 of them received admustments amounting to $2 million in a reduction of assessments There are 3231 real estate parcels including residential industrial and commercial in the city he said Bartlett’s announcement that 69 per cent of those who appealed assessments received adjustment brought complaints that the revaluation firm from Cleveland Ohio had been inadequate “They did a lousy job It should be thrown out” one angry taxpayer shouted Bartlett commented that at this point it would be an impossibility to conduct a new revaluation in time to assess taxes this year He explained the appeal procedure to his office once people are assessed leading to the courts if necessary Dr Russell Abbott addressed the group at one point making it clear that the majority of those present who believed the assessment was unfair were owners of older homes When he asked people to stand if they owned older homes many stood When he asked people to stand who thought they were overassessed on undeveloped land some responded But when he asked how many business people object to assessments placed on their business property there was practically no response Bartlett acknowledged that generally speaking the valuations of business property had declined because of the state of the economy and because of an influx of shopping centers which affected downtown shopping areas Many people expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of advertising of the meeting and that there was no putnic address system available so people could hear The council chairman Thomas J Molloy apologized for Che lack of an address system He said the council had budgeted for a new system for the community building but that it had not been ordered by city administrators At the outset of the meeting councilman Charles Allen moved to table the entire proceedings until members of the school board were present and a public address system was installed His suggestion was shouted down and never acted on Allen said 50 per cent of the city's budget had to do with schools and school board members should be present One man accused the city of playing “dirty pool" He criticized the mailing of notices of the new valuations three days after the school budget was passed “If we had received the notices before this meeting there would have been this many people present at that (school budget) meeting" At the conclusion of the meeting Molloy told the audience that before the Cleminshaw Co report is finally accepted the city council would look at it study it and make a determination ‘TU do the best I can along with the four other gentlemen of the council” Molloy said Burpee was born in Rockland in 1846 one of five children of Nathaniel A and Mary J (Partridge) Burpee He was educated in local schools and at Kents Hill Academy Readfield Burpee left Rockland at the age of 18 to go to Boston and later New York He held positions as a bookkeeper and accountant in Boston He later spent five years traveling in Europe and studying art Returning to this country Burpee maintained a studio in Boston and evolved as a distinctively American painter similar to the country's eminent watercolorist Winslwo Homer who was featured in a Farnsworth show a few years ago Always reaching for perfection Burpee sold few paintings in his lifetime avoiding a sale by claiming a painting was not complete He painted his last picture at 89 years old while blind in one eye Although he lived to 94 injuries from an automobile accident prevented him from continuing his painting Burpee who died in 1940 at 94 resided in Rockland as a youth within a few blocks of the philanthropist Lucy Farnsworth who was 97 when she died in 1938 and whose fortune established the William A Farnsworth Library and Art Museum in memory of her father For stunt drivers the money's the attraction By Emmett Meara NEWS Rockland Bureau WISCASSET - “Bobby” Henry 38 of Montreal went for a ride Sunday afternoon His 15 year - old car was traveling as close to 51 miles an hour as he could get it when it went off a ramp flew through the air over 16 cars and slammed into the 16th almost perpendicular to the ground The crowd at Wiscasset Speedway screamed as the collision occurred The car stood for a second on its nose and the dirt and dust almost hid the car from view At least a few were convinced that Henry was dead after the startling force of the crash But he walked out of the car limping a little and managed a wave to the crowd Then he walked around smiling giving the power shake to the public running onto the oval track It’s all in a day’s work for “Superflies” Henry and partner David Rigby The “Superflies” admitted before the jump that they would not be getting their normal $1500 per jump The crowd at Wiscasset was a little thin for that But $1000 is the key thing here That’s what puts a man into the situation that the rest of us spend a lot of time and worry trying to avoid — a car accident What is tragedy to the normal man is the way the “Superflies” make their money Maybe that’s why people pay to get into these shows The terrible fear of an auto accident somehow becomes manageable after seeing someone do it and survive smiling Henry and Rigby don’t get into that They figure the people come "for the excitement the thrill Henry said Both men got into the "business” working as ramp boys for other acts the same way Wiscasset boys flocked to help the pair set up the supposedly “scientific" ramp on Sunday “It started out as a hobby” Rigby said “Then I realized there wan’t anything else I could do and make as much money" Rigby said he left a career as a systems analyst behind in Canada when he saw the opportunities in doing weird things in a car in front of a few thousand paying customers He specialized in the “T-bone follover” which consists of driving off a ramp into one car while an assistant sets off a charge of dynamite blowing you into a third car Dynamite? “Well it wasn’t an awful lot but the fans loved it" Rigby said When you do these things “you always expect to get hurt” Rigby said “When you lose that fear of getting hurt and stop taking those extra precautions then someone does get hurt” Henry got into smashing up cars for money he said a few minutes before Sunday’s jump because it was “something different it sure beats the hell out of working for a living” He said that he too expects to get hurt and he has HHe crashed last year in Ohio and broke his back necessitating a hospital stay of three months “I lay in that hospital bed and said never again” But then a friend got hurt and needed a backup driver in Naperville Quebec Henry peeled off the brace for the drive around the track did the ramp jump blew a tire broke his jaw and went back to the hospital vowing like the proverbial hung - over drunkard “never again” He says he does not overly fear getting hurt but is afraid of getting paralyzed “I couldn’t stand that” he said Although many feel the premier jump artist “Evil” Knievel is a bit of a fake after the Snake River jump last year these two stunt drivers think Knievel is “the tops” Rigby said “He’s no faker he’s a showman and he deserved all he got” The “Superflies” obviously would love to make the money that Kneivel is pulling down and appear on Saturday afternoon television Rigby said “you only go as far as the stunts will take you” So “Superflies” currently advertise that they hold the “worlds championship” in auto jumping jumping 20 cars at James River Canada earlier this month That is their ticket and Henry intends to keep it working “If someone else does 21 I’ll do 25” he vowed Jumping 25 cars would take greater speed off the ramp of course and increased danger “I don’t know where it will stop he said “probably when someone gets hurt” Both men have no stated need to keep this up forever They would both like to get into the promotion end and leave the driving to someone else Henry said “There are a few girls back in Canada who have been after us Maybe next year we’ll turn the show over to them and sit in the stands and watch” Now that’s liberation Safecrackers rob drive-in theater ROCKPORT — In what was described as a professional looking job an office safe at the drive - in theater on Route 1 was cracked sometime between 3 am and daylight Wednesday but police said the thief or thieves realized only a small amount of petty cash for their efforts The theater’s gate receipts had been banked police said A Grant’s Dairy driver discovered the break and called police about 8:22 a m Chief Forest Doucette said a back door to the concession stand as weH as an office door had been pried open A large office safe was broken into Chief Doucette said a cash drawer containing petty cash and an empty cash box used at the gate were all that was taken Nothing else in the concession stand was disturbed and the intruders closed the doors behind them when they left Doucette said the break appeared to be the work of professionals He said he learned later Wednesday that a drive - in theater at Bangor experienced a similar break last week NEWSworthy Hinckley reception set 1SLESBORO — A public reception honoring S Stanwood Hinckley of Islesboro captain of the Governor Muskie ferry on his recent retirement will be held at Islesboro Inn on Sunday July 11 from 6:30 to 8 pm Everyone is invited Bikemen set ride ISLESBORO — The Penobscot Wheelman Bicycle Club has anhounced a ride for Sunday July 11 on the island of Islesboro Participants will meet at the Camden home of lb Barford where they will travel via back roads to Lincolnville to catch the ferry to the Penobscot Bay island Rummage sale set LINCOLNVILLE - Members of the Lincolnville Improvement Association will sponsor a white elephant ami rummagesale which will be held at the Stanton p'emer farm on Saturday and Sunday July 16 and 17 from 9:30 a m to 4 pm The proceeds will be used for various community projects High-kicking bead-swinging candidates Eight of the nine candidates to be queen of the Maine Broiler Festival held at Belfast rehearse a few dance steps before their appearance at the program and crowning Friday night Left photo practicing the can-can from left are Brenda La Roche of Searsmont Martah Brooks of Belfast Karen Foster of Waldoboro and Theresa Littlefield Stockton Springs Right photo Dressed in authentic flapper dresses from left Susan Brown of Saturday Cove Jennifer White of Belfast Merleen Ramsey Belfast and Robin Koeppel Frankfort try to get a feel for the Charleston’s period Julie Woods of Belfast the ninth queen candidate was unable to attend this rehearsal (Rimm Photos) Sen Hathaway to crown Broiler Queen at Belfast By Ginny Rimm NEWS Correspondent BELFAAT — Sen William Hathaway will crown the Bicentennial Year’s Broiler Festival Queen at 8 pm Friday in Belfast City Park following I stage competition Nine candidates most of them from Waldo County held their dress rehearsal Wednesday evening and are now waiting out the final hours until the new queen is chosen Here is a brief run - down on the candidates listed in alphabetical order: — Martha Brooks 17 of Belfast daughter of Adrian and Mary Jane Brooks attended Belfast schools and plans to study interior design in college Embroidery macrame swimming bicycling and poetry writing are her hobbies and key interests are arts and crafts and sports She has been involved in Interact Club decorating committees cheerleading and chorus — Susan Brown of Saturday Cove Northport is the daughter of Allen and Mary Brown and a junior at the University of Maine at Presque Isle The 20 -year old BAHS graduate plans to become a physical education teacher but hopes to travel before starting her teaching career She enjoys swimming bicycling sailing tennis skiing skating gymnastics softball and folk and square dancing She was sophomore class president a Girls' State delegate and National Honor Society member in high school This summer she is a lifeguard and swimming teacher — Karen Foster is the only entry from outside Waldo County The 19 year old Medomak Valiev High School graduate a Waldoboro resident attends Eastern Maine Medical Center School of Nursing and is interested in clinical work in Maine or pediatric nursing She enjoys indoor and outdoor sports of all kinds reads and likes to decorate and refinish old furniture Karen makes most of her own clothes embroiders crochets knits and weaves Her parents are Robert and Wilma Foster — Robin Koeppel 18 just graduated from the Searsport District High School and plans to travel and enter the art field She is the daughter of George and Mary Koeppel of Frankfort She likes sports — skiing swimming tennis ice skating and other outdoor activities Crafts and other handwork are her hobbies and she also enjoys caring for animals and children She sings and acts and has been involved in drama club art contests the yearbook and 4 - H — Brenda C LaRoehe also 18 is a BAHS graduate who hopes eventually to be on the Broadway stage She enters the University of Maine at Orono this fall to study the performing arts The Seattle Wash transplant moved to Searsmont four years ago with her parents Raymond and Barbara LaRoehe Her many school activities include chorus a capella choir softball track field hockey student senate cheerleading and several dramatic activities She was yearbook editor AFS club vice - president president of the student bicentennial committee and a national honor society member — Theresa Littlefield 17 of Stockton Springs is the daughter of Walter and Judith Littlefield She plans to attend college after graduating from Searsport District High School and will major in either fashion design or psychology She plays field hockey and many other sports She has been a cheerleader throughout high school She sings in the school’s stage band and likes and is involved with numerous crafts plants animals and children She has been a drama club and student council member — Merleen Ramsey of Belfast 17 is the daughter of Mrs Tina Ramsey Her father is deceased The BAHS student plans to attend college majoring in elementary education after her graduation She is involved in church activities band and chorus She plays the flute She also enjoys swimming table tennis horseback riding fishing and crocheting — Jennifer M White daughter of Lewis and Gail White of Belfast plans to enter nursing school after graduating from the BAHS which she now attends The 17 year - old is interested in sports music and club activities An AFS club member she will be hosting an AFSexchange student from Spain next year Jennifer played varsity field hockey and was a cheerleader for 3 years She also belongs to the Interact Club — Julie Woods 16 is the contest’s youngest entrant Daughter of James and Geraldine Woods of Belfast she attends the BAHS She plans to study psychology in college and enjoys music and dancing She participates in cheer leading the swimming team golf team and field hockey She also crochets and embroiders

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