Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 31, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1944
Page 2
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1'age Two NAUGATUOK DAILY NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 1944 .SKIKT or PANTS FREE with onlrr, llii.i wi'i'k only. DEBITS 101) SI. Many .Alleged Collaborators In France Arrested Full DRESSES <2QQC; Wools - Crepes -*O™ J f •• i K^ A. I N * T I) H I, 1 J-adirV Hn.vton IVullctM , CCHNEER'C ^^ .curoir jriwctERs ** •**r**r+^r**4 Paris. Aujr. 3.1—CUP)—in llberat- ec! Franco the axo—lonff feared by j .Nazi collaborator^—is . cutting a ' swath through Paris. Francois Luhiclcux—the automobile jimnufucturer lias been nrrcst- ed, .His factories turnod out tanks and trucks for the German arrov after the occupation. The governor of the Bank of Franco (uul his assistant have been suspended from oillcc. And three lawyers—one a well- known collaborationist—were ar- ruslcrl durlnj," a celebration of -the liberation of the Palace of Justice. The Belgian government has been notillcd that French forces of the- interior hnvo arrested the former Belgian minister while he was attempting 19 obtain a visa to-cntor Switzerland, The diplomat is charged with, having sLipporteti the Nazi new order. Another Belgian—Mudnmolscllp Dldlcr—ajso Is in,the hands of the 1""FI She" formerly headed a pro- Nazi publishing firm. Both have been placed at the disposal of the Belgian government. j Phys. Ed. Classes Resumed Friday The physical education program of l-hc Polish Falcon and Ulan society will be resumed Friday, starting at 7 p. m. at the Falcon .Hall, according to an announcement made this morning by -Leon Morasld,_ president ot the society. The calisthenics will be under the supervision .of Miss E. Gabriclski and Thaddeus Grabowski. The society will hold its monthly meeting September 10 at 2:30 p, m. at Falcon Hull. BEACON FALLS Corrospondnnt'H Phono.; 4324 Local Schools To Open For Fall Term September 6 Summer vacation for school.chil- dren will come to an end Wednesday, .September 0, when local schools will reopen for the school year of-1944-15, it was reported "thi» 'morning, ""The high school in Naugntuclt will also open on that date. Hypnotist s'hanu/ 7 ChrlHtiuiiH Mull Local residents are again reminded to have their Christmas mailing for servicemen and women overseas ready for shipment by September 15 No written requests from servicemen arc necessary, it was reported, between September 1 Sand October 15. Packages ar« restricted to one a week to any Individual during that period. Early mailing will alleviate shlp.- : ping conditions. 3-Ring1iandy' / meaiJS, Bingo Friday Bingo will be played Friday in St. Michael's church basement, starting at 8 p. m. - 1-2-3 Rings—get it? Peter Ballantine's famous iraclc mark brought to life—"handy" way to order America's finest since 1840. PURITY, BODY and FLAVOR ia every glass; BALLANTINE ALE P. Ballnntine & Son§7Nowork7N. J. Parsons Named In Waterbury Suit S;imucl Parsons, 204 Park avenue, was namoci defendant in Waterbury court of common pleas- in a writ filed by Charles F. Moulton ot Waterbury. Moulton. is reported seeking S150 from the local man as the result of an automobile accident here January 12 last. The l-'iro Association ot' Philadelphia also claims $115.30 from Parsons. NEW CI.ASS1FIATJON Hartford, Auff. 31—(U P)—The War Manpower Commission ' has removed Hartford from the No'.' 1 critical labor shortaRO classification. Eeprinningr tomorrow, 'the Hartford . area will be in the- No. 2 classification. State W-M*-G Dir- ueu.i' William Fitzgerald explained tHpt.' (-.lie change was a result of a considerable drop in cmplpymoit. In mr.nuiacturing plants- durlnj: Lhe sinv.mcr. MICHAELS TIME HONORED WATCHES FOR THAT BIG MOMENT.. Baby Barce Still Makes Its Trips Up Hudson River (By Unltc,a Press) A mystery ship floats out in New York harbor. It has a ;low, white hull iind streamlined funnels. Everything is ( clean 'and ahiriy. A 'bright Red Cross shines aloft. But no smoke ever feathers pui. of. her yellow funnels. No engine 'throbs in the barge's hold. It' is the only vessel of its hind in the world. It is a floating hos- pltul-pluygTound for children un- 'dcr 12 and their mothers—all from the needy- sections of New York city. This mercy raft has been operated ' by a non-seclarian charity since 1S75.' Every morning durin/r •the hot months, the barge puts out with a'load of happy children and their guardians. Then a tug shepherds her up the Hudson . to catch the cooling breezes. i The . other day .she shoved off from Brooklyn wilh a crowd of some.700 aboard. There, were tiny I infants scrambling in their cribs j and bouncirfg teeners who immc-J dlatcly started playing j, r ames.- - -'Mrs. Henrietta Smith of-Brooklyn has been sailing' on the baby barge fo:. 1 42 summers. There are others like her. But for most of the youthful passengers it was an awesome adventure, They piled up the gangplank — some wide-eyed an,d -silent, '-others with gleeful yells, • Most of the mothers sat in rows of deck chairs, just as it they had been riding in a bus. Mrs. Smith occupied her usual spot on the upper deck, walchinjj the skyline. She claims the city has changed a lot more than ihe people. The bnby barge.veteran said:'. ."There's always been smart mothers : ''iLiid. dumb mothers. Look around you,. Some of them won't let their kids run a yard. When they've been lold there are people watching every inch of all throe decks." • Police, firemen, deckhands and nurses keep a good watch. In the 7S years of baby barges there has never been a fatality or serious a'c- cident. It's a wonderful Ihing for the kids. . One girl oven borrowed a baby from a' friend to make'I hi; No Changes In Point Values Of Meats Expected Washington, Aug. 31—(UP) The Office of Price Administra tibn announces .that no changes will, be made during Scplcmber it the present point values of all ra tiobed meat. The O-P-A says, how ever, that the better grades pi meat will not be 'so plentiful next month. According to the O-P-A, many kir.'ds of 'cheese will cost two more red points a pound. The point value of a can of evaporated . or condensed milk has been raised to a full point, rather th.-in the previous value of two-thirds of a point. No change will be made in the point value of'salmon. But the OP-A says that the War Food Ad- miriis!ration has reduced the civilian allotment of canned salmon. The civilian allocation of citrus fruits for the coming season has been increased by over 2 billion pounds. Lincoln © J lor PHONE 1-MSfl _ 2-IMl Funerals Funural of Key. Howard Shelley In Addition to Their Beauty . . . Watches Are Practical . . . They Keep on Giving .. , A timepiece, though a piece of jewelry, it far more than a lavish accessory! It serves a high purpose these days, when every moment counts so vitally. Here ot Michaels are the'watches which have become a fine tradition in America, To givt any one of them is to give lifelong beauty and hair-line precision; thereby making your gift a means of unfailing satisfaction ... far into the future . , . Funeral services for Rev. Howard H. Shelley, pastor of the Full GospeJ Tabei-nacle, Union City, who died Sunday in the Danbury hospital, were held this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the tabernacle with Kev.'. Rby SmuJand of the New England 'Assembles of God of- Aciatinjf. Tntormcnt ^vas in Grove cemetery. trip. You see, .inyonc over 12 must, be- in charge of children. And year after year tlie baby barge ROCS wandering up ilie Hud~ son Ijring-inj.; pleasure and care to the needy of New York. 161 West Main St. SALE of Powerful Stromberg Batteries l!(.-r<: is your clumcp lo cnvo up trt $5.00 .9? •' »/'W . l !i«'-l« r y . fo . r 3'nur clir.'n'oii'l, risk cosily lircah'lowns with your old wornmif. (lattery just -iftcr a sovnrn winter. Kach haf.t'sry IM fully rr,:sh stock. FREE IJATTKKY SEHVICE. The air conditioning plant for the capitol, senate and house buildings in Washington has a daily refrigerating capacity equivalent to the melting of a block of ice SO feet bv 50 feet. N;ish I»'if:ij;cll«, 0 cylinder- EiiJck Special to l!i:;T; Ch. : vro- Ict; 1 notice, 1030 lo IMS; Ford J!)28 to l-flS.'! M cylinder); oidx- mijhilo 0. lo J-'t37; Plymouth 1.02H lo If) 12; ronti:u; 0, In };K'.-. StiiiIch;>K<:r, snitMl r> and Willy» 5 FORD V-8, 1033 TO 1942 Hudson, Terrapl.'iro; Chevrolet, i:;.'j7; Lincoln, Mercury. JJiiick. QldxmoMlc, ronOac, J!>3« to 39-1?.. 9 AH Abcve Prices Are With Old Battery We hav,; tlvc V.T.V Inio.-i rtcslK'n.-, Ill our 111 r«i; woltfoliiin of Gonuin.. "Oranci- Mlossflin" -Kinp.wi-; . . jj, M'.-itor.lMii'y, .solr] oxoliiKivi-ly .it PIERPON'JTS , .\iiirrlffiti fJi'in ,s ( n'U'(.f ' '].-»' llA.Mv S'l'Jtn.yr 65.00 DIVIDED PAYMENTS IF YOU PRh. AT NO ADDITIONAL COST These aro Typical of Out Large and Varied Slock, But May Not Be Available at All Timct JEWELERS .^.^.SILVERSMITHS SINCE 1900 6 8 BANK $ T R E E T Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 For JD'c'p'cndiililc Fir<; Iniiiirunco . On your Furniture-Sec: Union City ; Insurance Agency . Joseph V, Kosko, Affcnt 3 Onion .Street'" Tel. 1928-2952 GREATJ»AKFARM OXFOKD ItOAD Tel. 5M9 OXFOKD ItOAD MILK ~ EGGS Delivery To All Parts Of. •••-•' •NniiR'atuck ' . L ~' •£*._ . . .._.._ .,, E ' . ,GREATJ£R-.SKRVICK i ( from your, clothes when they j ['lire, clrained "rcsulnrjy 'by our < j. expert .jv.orjkmen. Prompt scry-J D. LIEBERMAN 20 ..CUUBCIi STREET » I HEAVY CRYSTAL GLASSES 12 for,$1.00 8TRISI1TS } CENTER ST. DIAL, S-2782 1 MEATS - F|SH - GROCERIES - FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ALL FULTON MARKETS WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY Monday, Sept. 4th In Observance of Labor Day And Will Remain Open Full Time The Remainder Of The Wcek Please Buy Enough Food To Last You Over The Two Day Holiday * * HOLIDAY MEAT DEPARTMENT SALE * FRESH DRESSED •J-K: Average for R-onKiing 2!i-I!> Avcrnjc for Ufoilin? rCIXT TliEE CHICKENS FRESH GRADE "A? FANCY GRADE "A" STRIP BACON DELICIOUS SMOKED BEEF TONGUES POINT FREE In the Piece POINT FREE POINT FREE Ib FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABl* SPECIALS! FANCY GRAVENSTEIN APPLES . . .4,, 25C ' SUNKIST CALIF. 250's ORANGES. . . Si:e,lp7..i FANCY A SWEET POTATOES O ^ SELECTED YELLOW A O N I ON S O ibs 25c NATIVE GREEN PEPPERS NATIVE GOLDEN SWEET CORN U. S. NO. I NATIVE POTATOES [ BUY ENOUGH GROCERIES FOR THE HOLIDAY SANKA COFFEE SWANSDOWN 2v'i-Ib CAKE FLOUR . P^ Chef Boy.irdcc MliSIIROOSI S-oz SPAGHETTI SAUCE ca,, INDRIO A No. Z Grapefruit JUICE 23, u.cans CAMPBELL S A 1 8 . 0 /. TOMATO JUICE Z cans LIBB.l-S . G-07.. , LUNCH TONGUE, can SEALECT ; EYAP. MILK rUISBlE'S FRESH APPLE PIE: SUNSWEET PRUNE JUECE . GULDEN'S MUSTARD ... GINGERBREAD M GRANDEE STUFFED OLIVES S tall cans larprc . BtJ. BU. 29« 12c 10c Btl. | Todqy's Best Buy-ARQMA TEA BALLS PENOLIA FANCY QUALITY PEANUT BUTTER . CAMPBELL'S POKK AND BEANS FRIEND'S BRICK OVEN BAKED BEANS ... CAMPBELL'S VEGETABLE SOUP HKNZ TOMATO SOUP .... DEL -MONTE, SLICED PINEAPPEE ..:r,.. .£r'MC . ^ 9c 28 -ca,\17G A e> No •»(. " 27c DEL MONTE COFFEE . HERSIIEVS , jar V UC 17C JELLY

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