The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 14, 1951 · Page 10
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 10

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 14, 1951
Page 10
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Spartans Barely Get By Marquette I May BcWronii EAST LANS INC A frenzied last - pe: for two touchdowi r JTol DoUhin upset of the day. ing the same abled them to LINCOLN M MY ?ni K YL AND STAR October 14. 19.'1 - loo: Cfrrifiee Point matic last period offense to edge surprisingly - tough quette. An 86 - yard touchdown started the rally. Halfback Leroy n HUMAN (II A Ml V aried Card Of Big, Little Bovs to Mix Bolden contribute! Al Dorow to Halfback Bill 46 - yard pass from qu n State fans sot their ince to cheer when Sub - Halfback Billy Wells broke loose on a 69 - yard touch - 34 - yard down Rallop. behind perfect In - Gordon Serr s try tra point was wide. e drove once to the itate 14. but was held. ven minutes before the final However, another Michigan Slate in, with Bolden racing 13 yards fumble bv Wells, recovered by ound end to score. Philip Daly, gave Marquette the hall nn the 24 and the HilltODDCrs second touch - the Huskers Beaten Karras Leads Illinois Over ! Syracuse THE SCORING thrust had be set up by a 50 - yard pass fr Dorow to End Paul Decker. Until Michigan State cut lo its rally, Marquette outplayed 1 befo se to scoring third period hn Backman n State pass Marquette c 2, but lost ,wn 20 when George Cifra SYRACUSE, N. Y. E?d Ted Shattuck's fumble erful Illinois manhan end zone for a touchback, mper went State took jwn 16. se, 41 - 21, for its third strai n in a manner caluculated press all visiting Big 10 scouts. Piling up a 41 - 7 lead in the first in three periods, the Illini ran up an impressive total gain of 416 yard Pro Football Slate Filled tolFor Sunday Prep Player Dies From (iril Injury ith Sy stand, and those who may have dudes two newcomers to the Lin - len afraid ol rte - rmphasis of c oin ;u na - Vito Gonzalez of football to I point where Nebras - south America and Hallassie Sel - ka would not be playing a majoi f Ftnjonia cm iule in the immediate future ,ssie 01 ttnP,a - have no cause for alarm. ffatirHlri will continue to play hig time football. Men in December Quakers Bow HH WILL be ring with Pee WTee Jamet. Aus tralian star, and Sky Low Low,! the Canadian, in an Australian tag match. Whether the faculty represent - In another feature Lateoi Hau, tives from all the member tC&OOli the Hawaiian champion, meets of the Big Seven conference, act - Danny Placbaa, the Omaha sopbis - ing upon instructions from their ticate. college presidents, will concur "Never have so many nation - witb all ! n allties been on one of my rassle t del cards," proudly announced inltely known. A majority of the Promoter Adam Krleger. "Thin Hig S ve(l BchOOl haad are With - is just like the Inited Nations." out queatlon in sympathy with. Jark Britton, who K labes in and will back up a majority of mi(lKet matches, will be the Chancellor Gustavson's proposals ,,.(,,,,.,. The next scheduled meeting for the faculty mm is Dec 7 8 in Kansas ( itv. Aa in the past the Big Seven nav urefer to await the action of the Western (Big Ten) confer - vt::inL d,:f',uv: hhiladklhhia a'te now 'under contract to plav hm punched over two second pe - H.g Ten mstitut.ons ,n iJ "J 8P then stood oM a bold, s.mhoiiwe - ., m sparked tally to sque.v.r past 41 weporl Pennsylvania 18 - 7, and extend In view of the 12 - point pro - footballs longest current winning grim reewnmended and adopted tr to 1 6 games. by the NCAA council and prompt - Relaxing after All - America ed by recent development! in m - Kazmaier bad set up OM score U rcollegiate athletics (the basket - and pitched to another in the I all eeaodail and national pub - space of four minutes just before liclty directed against proselyt - the half, the unbeaten men ofj mg) it is very likely that the Nassau were half scared to death: curb such evils before the next by a fierce Quaker comeback in will take definite measures tc an old - fashioned, bone - crunching leading educators in the nation football game witnessed by 60,000 athletic season. fans. The NCAA council maintains With IVnnY meat paster. Glenn that there is nothing wrong "Hones" Adams, on the sidelines with intercollegiate athletics with I leg injury, two sopbo - that a release of the pressure ' , . . md Joe Va upon it will not cure. i ait is. mused tbe dozing I'er.n - The councl the wade - sMvania giant to a (il - yard touch - H.iead opimon tluit the n, oi.d tout ''AV'.' l!' !". '"'"."I1 tf ;the nata.n has declined College athletes ate but a section of our national citi NEW YORK. (. - Pi. The New York Giants and the Cleveland Browns are being just about conceded the one - two spots in the American conference of the National Foot - ie, ' ball league, but what of the Na - tional conference? WITH THE Hrd cfr,w k,ac That could develop into a real the quarter ended. restoring some semhlan - 2 of - have Minniek spilled Shattuck for contest to this intersectional game. UOM and the Chicago Bea , , this point that Kngle sent Leon - Johnny Karras, Illinois hope Lions in b(lo( Ai .u ,L , T , " a ard In fr his placement try. ' flfnuwisw nonors, ana n Tom Carodine, injured m the GOING INTO Sunday's games VF), Bob Hoi - High school iay of a brain football game, weighing only ijured Friday of the game, iving Amory, 7 - 0. spring oV 1 !.':,:" and' sh'p .nut..' - "' " the ball two times f?f rliately into a professional base - uu iuiuuiw. The lad would never say so, PENN STATE, at one time dur - State tlltlib'les Tbe strong and the looked on as a dark already committed in that di - make it a rout when they elected SL 5 , j ;ni,,mH in tho Hon Stevens his halfback tectum, ror that reason, we se - to take to the air lanes, the Lions K st . ' J , t ,. ning mate, teamed up oi :;z i:'1::, !,!;:! ;; r'"1 !,,,:::, '::.:'.v:::,1; "l pi.d - briefly rn two periods but uSe 0 in the eariy thmg7ve shaped uu;:: Minniek, Mullen and Goll Karras bulled 76 yards in 15 Browns losing one game. That outstanding on defense as carries for two touchdowns and put the Giants one up on them, tackles were concerned and a bo caucht two of Don Enrols and the TiO ti Upholders will have Ne Bordogna'S exhibition of open field passes. Stevens smashed 100 to go some to make it up, especial - Hpleomb's twin brother. Billy, another halfback on the Oxford team, was sitting on the bench watching the game. He had been sidelined with a fractured arm it last vear, are going to suffered in the opening game. and graduate 'either EUdOfl eligibility in 1954. He also wants to play with Tony Sharpe n Husker team this spring, a participation that would also spoil a year of football eligibility. Most of the former football players we've talked too, chaps like Cliff Squires and Hermie Rohrig, doubt if a player can return to full capacity after such a long lay - off. Too much is to be lost in the matters of all - round conditioning, timing and simply those baste intricacies which need daily drilling. In the same breath, old mole skin men like Squires and .,, Rohrig will remind you that for(.ed r - shot After being pushed around, yet stopping Perm State's threats in the opening quarter hraska came to life briefly in the second period when it reeled off a pair ol first downs with Smith getting into Perm State I. . !..: v off tackle. running gave Nebraska fans a new yards in 13 trips, scoring once. ly if the Giants continue to show hope. I But it was the passing of Enj, the clajs they produced in their Ids, supposedly second string to 3514 conquest of Washington last SLATED by some observers to the injured sonhomore flash. Tom - week. si - vard smash lose y a lcast three touchdowns, my O'Connell, who spread the Both the Giants and Browns Nebraska actually deserved a bet - Syracuse defense. The Chicago figure to fatten their averages Hefe the Husker offense snut - ter fate tnan a 15 - 7 defcat - A 9 - 7 senior found his target with nine Sunday. The Giants meet the tered and Perm State forced a loss - wmle stl11 on tne wron8 Slde of 12 for 180 yards for a brilliant Chicago Cardinals, who, al - punt. 'Of the ledger, would have left a afternoon's work. though they polished off the i everyone's mouth. : Bears in an upset last week, II RRV Ml ir , - a Next Week itS Minnesota's Gol - Rill VUaAt Htawm aooarentlv are not in rla football quite a ball game cm defense 'dur - ,icn f?opho,s w mr a i with the Giants. mg the afternoon, was the - stop - "y ivcynoiu uc ij ygndv Wpt The Browns have a date with Szajna for a IS red? , M , : J l"1 the Redskins this week, and the an effort that eventually . - ' MEMPHIS. Tenn. (UP). Guar - Capital fjcniad will be in for an - Lion punt. portant quesuon snouio De ter5ack BU1 Wade puned vander - other hard time because one slip v: v o nortant uuestion should Kuvi 'if mvon7 could Takl" over on "their own 20 known this week when univer - blU off lhe ropes passing th; by the Browns and it's probably make such a trdraculou come - 1!' iL UJi! 1BrW hUU h?.! KSJKP?1' tlt,e chances' Glassford says it'll all hinge 'hot,, X , lT,i,P u,V,f a morale builder and a tonic but Fi e - Halfback Allen Muir - sion with two triumphs, probabl; Apparently aroused to a fever mi8nt oreak tne spell, pitch alter lhe Huskers had I(livul.inl Stlllistirg the tr im phvsician s repot t on Reynolds. In the meantime, the question is amidst a heavy tug - o - taken a 7 - 6 third period lead. the invaders passed and plunged on succession of first downs to afely call the Kan - nning ? uld ha in the Cincinnati game, lost aaVf' IT 11 v , A hv the Wildcats, 34 - 0, the K - I WW Vll thtSSr AUBURN. Ala. (). Auburn's' "I - ,,', a. ' ... r ,V1i " Tigers. M - 13 victors Saturday Florida, are convicted they the only team with a tackle ,','.t.'. had the ball for V.M. ' ' N' " , , y; , ,' " ' 1 v, unlv 47 plavs and ended u with I total of only 68 yards. Then against Nebraska, in cinio obi ved in a foot of mud. the Wildcat offense netted 269 gamed only :V2 yards rushing Next week ai'.amst low.,. game b - t bv the Wildcats, 16 - 0. The man is Hil' Bill Turn - .Y beaugh. 20 year old, 225 - pound ,.,', defensive tackle from Tucumcari. "horl N. M. Turnbeaugh, who head had put a third period spark still will be in first place into a fumbling, stumbling Missis - Sunday night. They play the jsippi team and the unbeaten Green Bay Packers, a team that : Rebels held a 20 - lead when was written off early in the cam - Wade took over and brought paign. m 19.000 fans to their feet and the Pittsburgh, the other American is Rebels to their knees. conference team, goes against the 10 With the ball on the Vandy 48, San Francisco Forty - Niners. That e Wade dropped back and shot a one will be a toss - up with the Y, 52 - yard touchdown pass to End Forty - Niners favored slightly. 34! Ben Roderick, Wade's favorite tar - In the National conference, the get all afternoon. The extra point red hot Lions will get a severe u try failed. test when they entertain the Rams j ' If the Lions get past the Rams, Net Wisconsin won the first West - the Detoit entry will be a major ! ern conference gridiron title m threat for the title. M 1896. The University of Chicago The Only other game pits the 24 captured the first baseball title Chicago Bears against the haples: 10 the same year. New York Yanks. Mud and Snow Tire Sale Bad Weather GUARANTEED RECAPS M(, & 670x1. Proportionately Ijow CHAIN TREADS As illustration Shown above 600x16 Mileage Guaranteed affected by lowered morals. T I 01111 I ..HH'tS I I Mill M - ason. the council concludes that' WF(;T ,)nWT T. flllI av the s.ns of the nation are re - tr mma TitoS fleeted in magnified proportions Armv - .. '.,' for(.(.s two months i in the misdeeds of a compara - ' ' v . ' ne' eilint ' Saturday lively few athletes. when the Dartmouth Indi'm 1 re - The challenge to educakrs. m,,! - , humbled bv Fordharn and athlet - c administrators and Penn. ' aii'pushed ' tbe immature roaches, is greater than ever Cdet - .. 28 to 14. at M before. ,,m That is why Chancellor Gus - The Big Green, featuring two tavson 1 accepting the challenge hard - t unnmg halfbacks named - bill reef assured that whatevei ('(dims. Tom and Dick, ripped action may finally be taken in through and over Army's weak this and other relative matters defenses for I touchdown in each will affect not only the Bi Seven quartet and appeared to have the conference but the entire NCAA Victory sewed up by even a more yards in 77 plavs. tremely thick glasses off the shattudt Kansas State is the only Big slaving Held, insists that he re - . Seven school not in possession of S(" s tn, tne teel era, hear em Betn protective tarpaulin lor its he blocks me m I know the ball Racks ! carrier is going to my outside." s"' - Ha In his first game of the season. Uon,rd' atch these Man - Turnbeaugh s believers Oberlin Football Gae Reactionary GREENCASTLE. In i, V l , lin college's starting ha'kfi h biftyed tne entire game agams DePauw university. DePeuw WOT one - sided margin mg seends of pi, of Coac h Ear broke loose on yard gallop th Dartmouth beam Blaik's new crop. spectacular 97 - ugh the entire olavine field It is a disgrace to the conference that the Manhattan school, which recently completed a two - million dollar fieldhoise, cannot seem to afford a tarpaulin. It is also a disgrace to the paying public to be forced needlessly to hattan mudfight: The solution? A Big Seven rule ordering all members to possess Urpaulins. IT seems a shame that Uncle Sam couldn't wait until Nick Adduci graduated. As you read this, the senior Husker fullback is on his way to Chicago for induction Into the army, Nick looked like a fullback of All - Big Seven caliber last yea 1 He has been the only up - backficld and grab 'em" method of tackling HE MAINTAINS sighted to see what is going on, but "when a guy blocks me toward the end, I know the play lUrtek. Pevarnik. CriUon. Doolfy RETURN OF THE MIDGETS! Team Wrestle Tuesday "!,7i m Sky Low Low & Vito Goniales Halassie Selassie & Pee Wee James 4 WIZiruil 4 FUN SHOP mm Above all. Nick is great for , squad morale. His grand sense Of humor and fiery competitive spirit have been I tremendous Cnele Sam is getting a real No Sa rifieial Lamb founded and the skeptics became more skeptical. Two bone bending tackles by Turnbeaush caused two Van - drrbilt hicks to fumble. Turn - bcaugh recovered one. Afterwards he said. "I saw a blur and it willed and it wasn't in an Auburn uniform so I jumped on it." In Saturday's game Turnbeaugh proved again his system worked. Hep teamed with Linebacker John Crolla to halt a Florida advance on the 12 to give the ball to Auburn on downs. It was the turning point of the game. Duck Stamp Sale Slumps by 51,0W EwMMMt rulon. Simon, Gil. Carodine. Ilordogna SidU 6nn: Touchdown Belts. k.; i.ouwd ..rinii. Tuchd.iwn - Dordogna WHITE - SIDE TIRES fK)xHi 650x16 640x15760x16 BOURNE'S DOUBLE HEADER MIDGET FOOTBALL Muny Field TODAY - l:30&3p.m. HAND TRUCK Single Handle - Rubber Tires! Saves Time, Labor, Expense! This is an all purpose truck, ideal for stores, warehouses, factory, farm, delivery trucks, grain houses or anywhere merchandise is handled. Also Other Type Trucks For All Purposes JUDAH DISTRIBUTING CO. 1609 N St. Lincoln, Nebr. Phone 2 - 4252 FIX UP THE FARM FOR WINTER See Hoppe's complete stock of oil building ond farm supplies. Moke one stop for your building and repair needs. Cribbing and Snow Fencing Good for snow wood slat corn $980 FENCE POSTS 48" cribbing. Reg. 50 ft. roll RED BARN PAINT Creosote fence posts. Yellow pine, creosote coated under heavy pressure. Guaranteed for 25 years of service. Size rangee from 2'o" in diameter x 6'..' 46c each To 7" in diameter x 8 S3.45 each ! BOARDS New shipment for fall build ing No. 1 Fir. 1x6 and 1x12. Per 100 board $1350 WINDOW COVERING Seidlitz super red. Long - lasting color. Top hiding quality. Per gal. C52O in 5 gal. lots Complete Stocks SPECIAL! Supply is limited. We advise you to take advantage of this special price immediately. JET BLACK BUILDING PAPER 150 rolls 500 sq. feet per roll. 34" wide. Regular price $2.85 SPECIAL $2.25 45c, 1 tight. 96c Good Service . Plenty of Free Parking mmmm rrTT 11 m lira

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