Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 11, 1882 · Page 4
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 4

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 11, 1882
Page 4
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OAKIiAND DAILY EVENTNX TBTBTOTE, SATDEDAT, OVEMBEB 11; 1882iETCrHT PAGES. (Mland Osmaas Sprite PUBLISHED DAILY (Sunday Exoeptei) AT 413, 41 j fc 41T EIGHTH STREET BT THK J TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO. WM. E. OARGIB, BUatgtr DIUVniD BT CBKIB&S AT FIFTEEN CENTS PER WEEK. TKRUB, BT MAIL, FOE THB DILT: ONE YEAR 8 00 ! SIX MONTHS. .. J3 00 I THE WEEKLY TBIBCSE, PUBLISHED BYERY SATTRDAT, TRRMS : ON'E YEAR -.-..-r3 SO I SIX MONTHS .$1 SO HAVERLY'8 The White S4acr. EMERSON'S Min3trelB. WINTER GARDEN The Merry War. TIVOLI GAKUEN Labia di LamMermoot. City and County Official Paper SATURDAY . NOVEMBER 11 Presidents in Politics. Since the days of Jefferson and Jackson, Presidents have been elected by political parties. They have been held responsible by the party which elected them to wield the patronage of the office for the benefit of the party which placed them ia power. They have all done it without rebuke from the people. When Tyler, Fillmork and Johnson were advanced from Vice-pres-ideats to President, and undertook to break away from the party which elected them, they were denounced as traitors to that party, and to the extent to which they carried it despised by J all. Garfield was elected to harmonize the party. He did not succeed. When Arthur became President he leaned towards the Stalwarts, with whom he had been closely identified for some years. flew lort ana Pennsylvania have rebelled against the mtchino aud the bosses. Some other States have par ticipated to a less extent. Ihis is a gentle hiut all around, that leaders should be more considerate with the masses, and give them at least a fair chance to have a say in the nominations and in the distribution of patronage. It is a gentle, if not a very strong hint to President Arthur, that in wielding the patronage of his office he should not forget the anti-Stalwart wing of the party. Tne New York Herald blames the President for yielding to the j Stalwarts, in setting aside Cornell and nominating Fol;er. It thinks he has alrealy laid himself on the shelf, but may yet rally the party for the struggle of '84. The many friends of the President will join in hopinghe may so use his influence as to bring peace and harmony iiu the Republican yanks. This cannot be done by aiding one wing to the exclusion of the other. All men love to be appre-1 ciated, consulted, and assist iu naming the men who shall hold office. When this is done, there will be peace and harmony. The Next Contest. The next contest between the two great political parties of this country will be upon the tariff question the old question upon which the Whig and Democratic parties fought their . last battle thirty years ago. Then the South was nearly unanimous for free trade. It was a producer of raw material, and hardly a manufactory existed in all the cotton States. It was a solid South Against protection, because it was a buyer of manufactures and not a producer. Now that is all changed. Cotton mills and other manufactories are springing up all over the South, and free trade would destroy those industries, and there is a fast-growing sentiment of protection all over the country. Thirty year3 ago there were very few manufactories in the great West; 'and the West, too, was inclined to free-trade. Now the hum of machinery is heard throughout the great States of the West and the fires of the iron workers light up the skies of all those States. Again, the workingmen and the farmers understand this question much better now than they did thirty years ago experience hai taught them more than all the arguments the best and most eloquent reasoners could make. They have found that a protective tariff means good wazee, a home market, general pros perity and plenty of money .-while free-trade means low wages, a, poor market, scarcity of money and gen eral financial depression. but the Bourbons, it is said, and truly said, learn nothing, neither do j they forget anything. They have, therefore, for want of an U3iie, gone birtk to the Djmocratic graveyard and dug op the corpse of free-trade, buried in 1S61, and it will form the main plank in their platform iu 1SS1. Upon thit, as one of the leading questions, will the battle be again fought two years hence,! as it was fought thirty years airo, but (with a ery different result. Then the Whi party went down, and in its stead arose the young giant, the anti-slavery Repub-ean party, fully panoplied, as Minsbva sprang from the brain of Jove. It inherited the best principles of the old Whig party, with the freedom! and rights of man sentiments of; the anti-slavery and abolition parties and one of those principles inherited from the Wbig party, is the principle of protection of American industries and American labor, j The new Congress will be largely Democratic, and will, no doubt, inaugurate their free-trade system, or tariff for revenue only, and then will commence the tight which will be the great issue n the next campaign. The Argonaut of "November 11th says: 'Vine voce oi tne county t Alameda to Frank Paoe for Congress is one of the strongest evidences of 'political ingratitude that we have ever witnessed. Pack has done more for the harbor of Oakland, more for the interests of Alameda county, than any member of Congress for any constituency in the nation. To contrast his vote with that of the talking .jackdaws, who promised in event of being elected to destroy the rail road without which there would be do Oakland indicates a want of political sense, of which the highly cultured of the classic shades ought to be ashamed." Tit In dependence of Nation It is a sad fact that the nations of the earth have not outgrown war. Not one of them is yet free from the danger of falling out with a neighbor and rushing into battle. Every country in Europe faithfully follows the rule "in peace prepare for war." So each keeps an immense standing army, most of them a navy. All are strongly fortified and guarded with the most jealous care and watchfulness. None of them are independent. None can produce within their owu borders all the necessaries and luxuries of life. Russia could cotne nearer perhaps than any of them to producing what her people need. But they all have the advantage in any war of communicating with those who cau supply their wants. No nation of Europe could be surrounded and isolated from all her neighbors, by any ordinary war. There is little danger of such contest aiising as would compel any one of them to exist on her own resources. It is far different with this country. If we were to fall into a war with any nation having a navy, our harbors could all be blockaded, we would be cut off from all the resources of a foreign commerce.and compelled to fair- back on ourselves. Is it not wise then to learn to be sufficient to ourselves? Shall we not learn to produce at home all we need? During the war with England in 1812 we found ourselves helpless, stripped to the bone, we producing few of the necessaries of life. After the war our statesmen said, let us never be caught in such a helpless plight again. Let us make everything we need. Let us protect all our home industries by a tariff upon all manufactured articles of use aud luxury. The people of the United States are producing most all they need, and they propose to continue in that good way, shutting out competition by protection of home industry, and let ting the free-traders blow. Herbert Spencer. At a dinner given him by many distinguished men in New York, Mr. Spencer dwelt largely upon the necessity of preserviog health. Over-work and mental and nervous strain should be avoided. Even the Indians can teach us a lesson of rest, after a hard chase or fight. He is himself a striking illustration of the doctrines he preaches. He cannot sleep, and his journey t this country is making him worse. He has given up the idea of going West, and will return to England as soon as he is able. Is it not strang6 that so studious and learned a man should not have learned more of his own body and its laws ? His condition clearly proves that a man should first know how to work this physical machine, that being the basis for the mental. Better know more of body and lees of mind. Bette learn to enjoy health of body, that mental pleasure may be possible. There is in his system some grave defect. What is it? Is it most in physical mental, or moral? Does it run through all? He is a good subject for philo sophical study. What Will They Do With It ? The grand problem for the Democracy to solve is, what to do now ? The last time they got Congress they disgusted the country and lost their large majority Can they do any better when they get there af nin? Will they keep their Civil Service reform promises ? Will thev cut off internal revenue, readjust the tariff, and make it more equable ? ill they begin scores of useless investigations, to give hungry partisans places ? Will they stop all Government improvements and waste the w ork done ? Will they make war upon the national banks and cause a panic ? If they have learned wisdom they may do well, but have they ? FaBtWBjaBassBBMBaSBaaasassBBaaaaBMBMslssaM Had it not been for Pack, the second Chinese bill would never have been passed. It was parsed, and is the law Paoe comes back, and the people rebuke him by defeating him. This is a-i much ai to say to Congress, "We didn't want aay Chinese restriction law it is all mistake wo have punished Page for passing the bill now just repeal the law that is wht we want!" Tna quarrel for Speaker of the House of Representatives has opened finely The Courier-Journal opposes Randall, because he u a taritt man. A revenue reformer is the only man to satisfy that paper. Morrison, Blackburn, Car lisle or Hc5RD will do, but Randall never, though the Examiner is for him. The Chronicle gives Crutcher a ma jonty ot ay I in Alameda county over Morkhousb: whereas Morehousb has about 750 majority over Crutcher. Making this change in its tablets, and the majority for Morbhousb in this Dis trict will be over 1,000. Judge riLD bad better keep bis eye on Bknj. F. Bdtlkr. Now that he baa captured Massachusetts and all the workingmen of the United States, he is a ter- lible power in the Democratic party. Bosses seem to be spreading destruction everywhere. One in a Milwaukee church, has driven out the pastor, and now a large part of the church are about to leave and let the bosses run it. Thk Democrats have the Legislature by an overwhelming majority, the Gov ernor and the Railroad Commissioners. Now let as see what they will do, and what their pledges are worth. As the term is about to expire, Mr. Wm. Jatnx has been declared to be the man entitled to the office of Mayor of Springfield, 111., though Mr. Cook has been acting as such. Herbert Sfkmcer takes us to task for our high pressure life. Enjoy more as you go along he says. Thk consciences of those who have made a corner in rubber are more elastic than their goods. Wattzrso.n revenue only," is still for a "tariff that is, free trade. for The public schools will reopen next Mon- mining stock report. Sax Fbajicisco, November 11, 18"!-Thm followinc sUes wore mdj a, to 8an Fraaoiacn 8t-ek aad Enciwnye uoaxa. nourae salbo bsoolab session. "41 Atta -45c 100 Goods haw Ohc 510 G A C . .3 00(33 05 920 &N..1 40ai 45 300 Andes 55a5nc 1000 Anrenta - soc io Alpha C 1 560 Albion.. 3 30&3 40 100 Benton ..15c 2C30 Indep ll 05 275 Martin W 3 25 150 Mono lX15c 610 Mexican 4 504 40 30 Mt Diab 3 75 100 N Noonday 2-o 100 Navajo ... .5J5J 35 N B -ll 6ot Oro loc 395 Ophir...3 153 20 4S0 P Con . . 1 65(g 1 00 1100 Potosi 1 30 1150 8ivag....75SOc 70 Scorpion 85c 1495 Sierra N..5gg5 50 100 Utah 2 50 505 Union 5 100 Wales 25c 680 YellJ...! 30(l 35 1000 B Isle 55c 100 Belcher 70c 100 B B 5 200 Bode T MQfohK ISO Bodie C.3 CHc3 Si 95 CaJ 252Cc BOO Con Imp 05c 320 C Point. 1 01 3o 200 Con V 65c 50 Challenge Con.. 3o 100 Confidence 1 00 200 Day 20c 50 Eureka C 1-' 200 Elko C 10c 160 Excheq 30c 200 O Prize 25c SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. San Francisco November 11. 1883 Arrival. Friday, November 10. Stmr schr Wm Akmann, Olson, 21 hours from Newport; COCO railroad ties, 500 ska potatoes, to Thog Pollard. Schr Western Home, Nelson, 40 hours from Humboldt; 190 M lumber, to McKay & Co. Saturday November 11. ' Stmr Constantine, Von Helms, 24 hours from Point Arena, etc; pass and mdse, to Good-all, Perkins & Co. Schr Ida McKay, Brandt, 44 hours from Humboldt; 254 M lumber, to McKay ft Co. Clearances. Friday, November 10. Stmr Dakota, Morso, Victoria and Port Town-send; Goodall, Perkins & Co. Stmr Oregon, Polemann, Astoria; O R At N Co. Br stmr Uyltoa Castle, Baumann, Nanaimo; Dunsmuir. Diggle Co. Br ship Patterdale, Smith, Liverpool; Starr & Co. Ger ship Kaiser, Minnemann, Queens town; O W McNear. Ship Ellen Goods peed, Morse, Cork; Balfour, Guthrie A Co. Ship Blue Jacket, Percival, Nanaimo; P B Cornwall. Ship Sea King, Getcht.ll, Liverpool; H Lund ft Co. Ital bark Paolino Zino, Lernorio, Dunkirk; F Daneri & Co. Bark Enoch Talbot, Christianson, Nanaimo; Dunsmuir, Dingle At Co. Orpartsrea Friday, Noveinoer 10. Stmr Dakota, Morse, Victoria, etc. Stmr San Vicente, Smith, Moss Landing, etc Stmr Ester Cobos, Causrhell, Ro;rue River. Br ship Cannanore, Miller. Cork. Br ship Germanic, Shimming, O,ueentown. Ship John T Berry, Jordan, Dublin. Ship C C Chapman, Pierce, Antwerp. Schr Fanny Gilraor, Farley, Santa Cruz. Saturday, November 1L Stmr Oregon, Polemann, Portland. Stmr Humboldt, Paton, Eureka. Ship Blue Jacket, Percival, Nan:iinio. Schr Jas Townsend, Kuhn, Humboldt. DEEDS AND MORTGAGES. Real Estate Transactions at the Re corder's Office. DSIDS. Saturday, November 11. W E Brown to E Espinosa Lot 22, blk 19, Oak Shade tract, Alameda i G F 'Crist to H Hoyt Lot S cor K 17th st 370 and 4th ave 10000 H Hoyt to G F Crist Blk 130, Oakland 10000 Same to Same Lot SE side 10th ave. 100 ft NE fm E 2dth st 25C0 D Rondebush to J S brume et al Lot SW cor 3-2d and Holden fets, lot SW cor 32d and Horton sts, and lot W tide Hortou st, 400 ft S fm S2d ft E F Niehaus to M Niehaus Let W side 6th st, 2C0 ft N fm Allbton st, Berkeley -gift H H Seaton to E FNiehaua Samp prop.. S Higuera and wife to S Riiney and wite 40 acres, adjet to lands of Higuera Rancho Aeua Caliente trant Estate of F D Atherton to M M Lones 2.50 acres S side Maple ft, 435 ft E fm Ash 4900 440 land ave, Rancho San Lorenzo " 625 Sheriff to U W llamht Lots 3 and 4. blk 74, Oakland 4563 N M Lorensen to J C Johnaon 1.75 acres SE side road fm Mt Eden to Barron Landingadjacent to lands of Fir k sen .. Estate of F D Atherton toFR. Viera 1.66 aces, part of biock 12, Hay wards mortgages. Saturday, November 11. J II Wilson to Union Savings Bank Lot W side Brush st, 40 ft S frni 19th St R E Co!e tj German Savings and Loan Society Lot S E corner 10th and Adeline 800 325 $600 s 18000 J C Johnson to N C Nielsen 1.75 acres S E side road from Mt Eden, to Barrons Landing adjacent to lands of Tirkson... 500 LETTER LIST. Weekly list of letters remaining in the Post Office. These letters are held four weeks from date of advertisement, after which time they are sent to tne Leaa Letter umce. Oakland, Alameda Cocstt, Caufokjtla. November 11, 1882. A TO a. Bailey, Miss Lillie Bailey, Mrs Kobt C Bardin, Miss Nettie f a-r.ett, Mrs Mattie Bendemans, Miss Lora Bidave, Ba'uista 2 Dawlev, Miss Fannie Dodge, Mrs E R Duguay, Albert Fowler, W H Frent, Irene Garesay, W Bowman, Mrs Elizabeth Guerney & Ames Brant, E E Hanigan. T B Breen, Mrs Lizzie Hamia, Howard W Broui;hton, MLss Bridget!! irrixon, John butler, Mrs Mary Haynes, Edmond Buttner, Mrs Julia Calany, Miss Llda Caton, Woodvill Conrad, Wm A Hickey, Patrick Hucking, Miss Ida Jeoks, Mrs Minna A TO Z. Shirk, Mi-g Allie Simmons, Mrs H C Smith, Miss Carrie Smith, Mrs C A 2 Smith, Mils Maggie Sprague, Mrs Nettie Spruance, Mrs John Kent, Mrs Jennie Kittredge, Miss Char- mian Lynn, Patrick W Muller, Mrs McCann, Miss Lizzie McDuffie, E A McFeeley, Fred P McQeehan. John VV 3 Newell, Miss Carria Newhall, Miss Sophia Porter, Miss Ella Riggs, John H (juinn, W O kobbins, A 8 Robinson, J W Rogers, Mrs G Russell, Mrs B J Sirgent, Miss Hattie Taylor, Mrs Geo Vogt, Mrs Sarah Wand, T P Walker, Graeie Welch, J C Warner, Miss Edith Walsh, P Wi'liams, Miss Lillie Williams, Joseph L Williams, Dr J B Wright, Mm Nellie A Toung, K O Sheridan, Annie E. P. Marsellcs, P. M. CHURCH NOTICES. St. Paul's Church Harrison street, cor. 14th the Rev. Hobart Chetwood, rector. Services at 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. Sunday School at quarter before ten. Reorganized Church or Jcstrs CnaiRTor Latter Day SAnrrs Shattuck Hall, corner 8th and Broadway. Sabbath school at 11 A. M Preaching-, 7:30 r. M. All are invited. German Evangelical Lutheran Zion Church Corner Clay and 13th streets. Rev. J. H Theiss, pastor; residence 615 9th st. Sunday School, 9:15 A. st., and Divine service 10:45 every Sunday morning. Plymouth Avenue Church Thirty-fourth street, near xeiegrapn avenue, iter, uenrg-e Mooar pastor. Services at 11 a. m. Sunday School 12:30 r. M. Toung People prayer meeting at 6 r. m. rreanesaay prayer meeting 7:30. New Church (Swbdenborgiak), Rev. Leonard Jordan, of Han Francisco, officiating. Ser vices every Sunday at 1H A. M., at the Ebell Parlors, corner 12th and Franklin ste. Al! interested are invited. Central Mission Sunday School, of the T. M. C. A. Meets each Sb"ath at the Toung- Men's lunsiian Association Kooon, ho. sOo Broad way, at 2:30 r. M. Praise service from 2:30 to 3 r. m. The public are cordially invited. R-S. Gladding, Secretary. German M. K. Church Seventeenth street, be tween Sap Pablo and Telegraph avenues. S. Stein bach pastor. Preaching at 10:45 A. M. and ":30 P j. Sabbath School at 0:30 A. M. Praytr Meeting, Wednesday, 7:30 r. M. Pastor's residence 526 17th street. Chasb Street Congregational Cuvrch Rev. W. Frear, pastor. Sabbath School meets immediately after morning service. Services at 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. il. in the evening, lecture on Bible Characters. Subject "Daniel." Ftasr Prrsbytkuaji Carton Corner of 14th and Franklin streets. Rev. Samuel P. Sprecher, pastor. Sabbath School at 0:30 A. it. Services at 11 A. U. and 7J30 P. M. The Pastor will preach to-morrow morning and evening. Firft Conoreoational Church Corner -.f Twelfth and Clay streets. J. K. McLan, D. D., pastor. Services at 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. Younr People's meeting at 6:30 P. M. Sunday School at 12:30. In the evening Gfwpel Praise service, at which the pastor will preach to young men. Tub Chi".:j or Curist (Disciples) Fifteenth and Clay streets. Meets for worship Lord's Day at 11 A. . and 7 r. at. Piaiss servise at 6:b0 r. M. Prayer meeting every Wednesday evening at 7 r. . Wm. A Meloan, Preacher. Sunday School at 9:45 A. m. Pastor's residence, 774 11th street. Second Presbyterian Church Holder's Hall Center and Seventh streets. Services at 11 A- h. and 7 r. m. Rev J W Healy, D D, Pastor. Preaching in the morning and in the evening, the first lecture of the series upon '-Home Life." Seats free and a cordial welcome to all. First Baptist Church Corner of Brush and Fourteenth street. Rev. E. II. Gray, pastor, In the morning Dr Abbott will preich on "Denominational Literature." In the eve- '2 lux- Sunday School concert, consisting of recitations and music by the members of the sch joI. Services at 11 A. m. All invited. Hamilton Church, corner of Thirteeenth and Jefferson sts. Rev. Clarence Fowler, pastor. Residence 718 Eighteenth st. Sunday school meets at 0:30 A. M. Services at 11. Subject, "How to deal with ones weakest point." Free Conference in the parlors at 7:30. Subjecr, "The difference between Liberty aud License." Opening addre3S by Mr. Dilla. First Methodist Church Corner of Fourteenth and Clay street-. Rev. E. S. Todd, pastor. Service at 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. Young People's Prayer Meeting at 6 P. M. Sunday School at 12:30. The pastor will preach in the morning and in the evening. Subject In the morning, "Does Death fc.au Allr Subject in the evening, "Building on the Sand." Mb. J. S. Lefavour, artist. Salem, Mas., reports that he used ST. JACOBS OIL with rare satisfaction and surprising benefit for rheumatism of twenty years' standing. Remember the Chicago Market, 964 Broadway is verv popular under the management of SAMSON & SMEDEK. They buy only the best cattle and kill for themselves and supply fresh meats at bedrock prices Q,uai anil Game. 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The Best DRESS GSOS GRAIN SIXK, fall assortment, at $1 15. COLORED OTTOMAN SILKS, warranted all Silk, in all the New Shades, at 82 SO Per yard SATIN MERVEILLEUX, in all Colors a Splendid Article, at $2. SATIN RHADAMES-A fll line; value nnsnrpassed at $2. COLORED SATIN STJRXZAR, Dark and Evening Shades, at SI 50. BROCADE SILKS in Satin and Ottoman, in endless variety, from SI 25 per yard upwards. EVENING SILKS in all the Latest Combinations .and Newest Shades. BLACK SILK OTTOMANS, SATINS, MERVEILLEUX, GROS GRAINS in Special Lots, and at Prices to Suit. J.W. DAVIDSON & GO W. cor Kearny and Post sts, SAN FRANCISCO. Randolph & Co JEWELERS. 101 Montgomery Street, S. F. Tucker's old Stand. RANDOLPH & CO. lOl Montgomery St., S. F. New Goods in Swiss and American Watches, Chains, etc. RANDOLPH & CO. 101 Montgomery St., S. F. New Goods in Diamonds, Matched Pairs and Single. RANDOLPH & CO. 101 Blontfromery St., S. F.J Xew Goods in Jewelry. RANDOLPH & CO. 101 Montgomery St., S. F. New Goods in Silverware. RANDOLPH & CO. 101 Montgomery St., S. F. Manufacturers of Jewelry, etc., etc. Randolph & Co 101 Montgomery St. Offer a Large Assortment of New Goods in their line at the LOWEST PRICES. Too Late for Classification. WANTED A GARDENER AND COACH-man; good reference required; apply at southwest corner ot Filbert and Sixteenth sts., Oakland. nll-lw SITUATION WANTED BY A COMPETENT woman, lately from the East, a small family; is a good cook; call at Room No. 39, Sunnyside House, third floi r. nll-lw" RO'M TO LET A SUNNY iKOOa, SU1T-able for one or two gentlemen, at 608 16th treet. comer Jefferson. nn-iwt 17OCND A PAIR OK FINE GOLD EYE-M .!.. r.wnr (Mm h&ve same bv c&Ilinir at the W. O. Postoffice and paying for advertise ment, nn-iw- rpO LET WITH UUIKU, LAKUK Mttbl I furnished sunny bay-window parlor; eight minutes walk from local train; street cars pas- the door; address 6.S8 14th st, OaV land, nll-lwt fT?OUND ON SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH. A .57 a good hunting dog; owner can have the same by proving property and payirg expenses, by calling on officer tachelder, City Hall, Oak-Luid. nll-lw New To-day. Store CrowieJ Daily NEW YORK Dryanfl Fancy Boo Js HOUSE. 913 Broadway Between 8th and 9th Sts. Where the Most Extraordinary Bargains are being offered. Don't Fail to Call. Ten Cases of Sew Fall Goods Just Received, embracing the latest novelties in Brocaded Plushes, Cashmeres, Dress Plaids, Hosiery, Shawls, Prints, Blankets, Comforters, Sheeting, Flannels, &c E. Abraha 913 Broadway. Ayer's Cathartic Pills, For all tne Purposes of Family Pbyaic. CURING Oostiveneas, JauDdiee, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Dysentery, Foul Stomach and Breath, Headache, Erysipelas, Piles, Rheuiratism, Eruptions and Skin Diseases, Biliousness, Liver Com p 1 ai nt. Dropsy, Tetter, Tumors and Salt Rheum Worms, Gout, Neural ana. as a Dinner Fill, and Purifying tae HIooJ, are th most congenial purgnttTe yt perfected. Their enecta aba-it-antly chow how much they excel all other Pills. They are safe and pleasant to take, but powerful to cure. They purgv out the foul humors of the blood; they stimulate the slusrtrish or disordered organs into action; and they impart health and tone to the whole being. They cure not only the every day complaints of everybody, but formidable and dangerous diseases. Most skilful physicians, most eminent clergymen, and our best citizens, send certiScates of cures performed, and of great benefits derived from these Pills. They are the safest and best physic for children, becauss mild as well as effectual. Being sugar coated, they are easy to tare; and being purely vegetable, they are entirely harmless, PREPARED BT Or. J. C AVER b CO.. Lowell, ITlaas Practical and Analytical Chemists. Bold by all Druggists and Dealers In Medicin Grand Reduction ! ! a A JTD o REMNANT SALE, ....AT.... A. LIPPMANN & CO'S, 903 and 90 5 Broadway, Two doors above Eighth. Come and visit our establishment this week. and see the bargains wo offer on account, we have made such a tremendous reduction all tnrougn every department, it wculd involve the entire paper to mention it, we therefore have issued a npecial circular which can be had at our store. A. Llppmaan v Co., uu and UOS Broadway. Special bargains in Silk Dolmans. Special bargains in Silk and Satins. Special bargains in Dress Goods. Special bargains in Fancy Goods. Special bu-gains in Blankets. Special bargains in Flinnels. Special bargains in Boots and Shoes. Bejrare and visit our store this week. Tou r don't need to go to the City when you can buy 25 per cent, cheaper here in uakianu, at 903 and 005 Broadway. NEW DOUBLE-BODY SHIET, knit from choice California iambs' wool. This Shirt, being double where most needed front, back and sides will protect tbe vital parts from sodden chills, prevent colas, rneuxnacisaa, etc. imaBmnnni uj puj-sicians. Manufactured by California Hosiery Co., Oakland. For sale by 1007 Broadway, Oakland. CHRISTMAS, 1882. L. P. BERCER, No. 962 Broadway, Has a large assortment of WATCHES & JEWELRY. Which will be sold LOWER THAN SAN FRANCISCO PRICES. r-H 4 -ft if A RARB OPPORTUNITY au LU B 1 1 to "Tier on a Brst-cis. itoss i 1 1 1 1 to be sold at a discount. A per-V W eo- in need of a truss o aa electric belt will find it to their advantage to aidress U. P. C. tiisoffioe 13 New To-day. SALINGER SPECIAL BARGAINS. We offer for a few weeks only all sizes of Children's Self -front Heavy Merino Undershirts, at , 25c. A splendid article in Ladies Heavy Merino Vest3 and Drawers, also in all sizes of Gentlemen's goods, at 37ic. The best good ever shown on this Coast by any store, being a Eoft fine cleared sem Merino Vest, suitable for any lady to wear, at 50c. Our next grade is an extra fine and heavy Ladies' Merino Vest, which is mixed with Scotch wool licensed or finished seams, and have never been shown under $1 by any house; we sell them at 75c. Our extra fine lamb's wool must be eeen to be appreciated; also ia ladies' genuine scarlet cochineal dye, the best garment ever made tor a guard against rheumatism, we quote in all sizes, from 26 to 40, at S 1 .50. Should you want to see tbe best value in Blankets and Comfortables, from 75c and upwards, or in fact, ycu should not buy anything you need before pricing them at SALINGER'S, CORNER 11th and Broadway. VINEYARD LAUDS. For Sale 254 Acres, In the Warm Belt between Mission San Jose and Warm Springs, Ala meda County, well adapted for grain and Tines. The tract is surrounded by successful Tiueyards. Will be gold in four parcels. Maps may be seen and further information obtained at the law office of NYE & RICHARD-SON, 456 8th st, Oakland, or at the residence of tbe undersigned at Mis sion San Jose. The Soil is fertile and water abundant. E. L. McCLCRE. CARPENTER and BUILDER. Residence, 1743 Myrtle St All Orders of ny kind Prc-aptly' attested t COLOSSEUM EXCHANGE, 366 Twelfth Street, Between Franklin and Webster, Oakland. Having purchased this centrally located stand I am prepared to serve the public with tbe bees brands of wines, liquors and cigars. The beat gUu beer in the city. JOHN M. SCHABFEB, Prop. Formerly of tbe Philadelphia Restaaraat. Taylor's Commercial College INSTITUTE OF PENMANSHIP, No. 921 Broadway. The Commercial Night Clays opens Thursday, November 2d. A complete course of business training; a free, easy handwriting. For terms, etc., call ot address D. C. TAf LOR, Principal. La Clede Dining Parlors. 1116 Broadway, bet. lata and 18Uk. Tbe management having had experience in th business are prepared to please everybody. The table will always be supplied with the best that can be procured in the market. Everything rst-class. Single meals 2b cents. No pain, will be spared to please gueata. OAKLAND IRON WORKS SOOVILLE & CO TVlITWTllIT iWn M ACHWK SHOP. KANU- r facturers of all kind, of Engines, Pumps, Quarts and Suirar Mills, and Gas Machinery, all kinds of Castings. ReP'jlc?"7 attended Second anJJencrnon sum. www. ADAMS SPRINGS (LAKE COCMTT) Mineral Water.. THE BEST WATER KNOWN FOB KIDflJSI and Liver complaint. For Sale at - RYAN'S DRUG STORE, 11TO B road way ....Oafclaad GUNSMITH, Gans, Pistol, and Flail ins; Tar. k lea. 517 Seventh Street Near Washington. The oldest and best appointe :. Sportsmeu's Headquarter in this city BUSINESS .He.SlPottStnet ia Pnm&m, Cat. Tbe only ough Busines College la ta Stat . v Whim 11 ijn iiii ii

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