The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 7, 1951 · Page 11
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 11

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 7, 1951
Page 11
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Huskers, K - State Tie, 6 - 6 Carodine Scores Buffs Defeat Kansas Only NU Marker On 12 - Yard Run By NORRIS ANDERSON MEMORIAL STADIUM. MANHATTAN. Kas. Fogbound in the rain and riddled bv an unexjxcted burst of Kansas State offensive might, the unsteady Nebraska gridiron craft went aground here Saturday and was tied, 6 - 6, before 12.000 disbelieving spectators. Slalistici Zack Jordan, Sheldon Star BOULDER, Colo. B) Colorado's fleet - footed backfield romped for two touchdowns in the first and ANOTHER OF Colorado's wi footed backs, Tom Brooksh raced 65 yards through the Kar punt for a touchdown in the open - i ing period. Kansas' Jerry Bogue fumbled on the second Jayhawk scrimmage plav and Colorado's Bob Morton re - overed on the KU 35. The Colorado offensive caught fire, with Shelton galloping for 10 i HocS ErM tolfi HUSKERS' LONE TALLY - Tom Carodine crosses in the first quarter for the lone Cornhusker score. (Staff Photo by Ralph C. Fox.) Buffaloes 01) the Kansas 15. Five 3 skipped 9 three yards through ngnt tacKie for the score. K INSAS iOT ROLLING in the second quarter. The Jayhawkcrs marched b7 yards to a toucnaown after five minutes and 31 seconds, and capitalized on a Colorado fumble to score again with a minute left in the half. A Robertson - to - Orbon pass carried 30 yards to move Kansas to Colorado's 30. Brandeberry, Charlie Hoag and Robertson two from where Robertson BV BOB CONSIDINE appeared that the city of Attan - ddddftd over - ' NEW YORK - (INS) - There's ta, which gave to sports such Kansas' (enter Morris Kay seemingly no midnight for base - Persona ities recovered Sheltons fumble on ball's Cnderella team, the New could light MlMil the CU16 to set up the second York Giants ?2MXL by tsranaeoerry wm " e "To VXTV Z' T no handle did a sliehtlv fantastic iob gamer before uaugnnn uruve ly .Yj " rT" totriin mT Vnk. until Leo in the eight KXCCPT for a (55 down march early in the firsl quarter and a golden break witr 7:56 left of the game, tne husk - simply never got out of th hole. Five times did the pent - up Wildcats bite deep within the Husker 16 - yard line in spite of a field waterlogged by two inches of rain and a ball as slippery as a watermelon seed NEBRASKA hi feet aped itt - nts Cod third Series Game Yankees Absorb Another Pasting On the sixth drive late in the j third quarter, the dogged host finally made over the goal line through the quagmire and sandmark that serve - 1 as a gridiron. Even as the final gun barked, the Wildcats were on the Husker .id Ik lau With only 1:24 left. Kansas State hopes soared when officials ruled pass interference om Husker Jim Sommers, giving the Wildcats the ball on the Nebraska 22. After Lane Brown, the t Wildcat offensive, ranmed for four yards, he hit Cecil Taylor on the 16 with a bullet pass. hing another State scconrts' ticking away, iy gave the passos and none foun(j the tar - Colorado marched 80 yards in: 11 wr's Tr" ''" - 'M I(I,JV. 1,1 , ta s - .i n plavs to a touchdown with see a oei ts 6wiv. Johnson, sprinting the last 29 league park. Hnwa?PTtehV5 And to the "tter somewhat by Rizzuto's unsuc - . iSSS S conaternation of the Yankee fans, cessful attempt to steal second. from Robertson to Frank Saba - ione . the men 1 Of Casey tnge,, Jjf .. Berra tini. Robertson, surrounded by reached "XJSko? ot on, at the start, because of a tedders, tossed eight yards to he Rame - nd could go the lest of feeble'throw by Lockman while Sabatini. Two plays later, the way onlytjrfce. tried to cover first base Brandeberry rambled six over dJSTSe But with one awa' h roaxod standing up. Tu tter 1 storv - Collins - a homerun hitter Friday COLORADO ROCK F.TED clear " n nh which wilf be re - - into a doubll p J balL n. - t of r. I'! 1 . to bSl I" the third. Hank Bauer SL one imnortant reached first on Lockmans er - ter on HodoVs one - yard nlungc 'er t the unthinkable - RaeeU'l subsequent bunt , u, in unthinkable , un ton to Ven.kc. , ! yJ take another nailed Bauer at second. But the KantM fought back with Rob - effort to turn it into a double crtson uncorking passes to Frank gjrit ""taff V is ready to go. The play went sour. The throw - to Clndrich. The drive started on - stunned bv the defeats of first went through Stankey and Kansas' 25 and went all the way. JJgJJ Reynolds and Sat - rolled to the sideline boxes, yet Cindnch took a 15 - yard pass for their sta A) ic luyn Lockman pounced on it and - the touchdown put out the fire with Johnny Sain,, aided by Rasohi's heaviness of di , ton Braves. a lightly unprecedented de - I I'NEARNED or not there was no Hearn'fi wildness put Yanks on Iquestion about the Giants runs base in the fourth, fifth, sixth and Saturday or their surmouiuuig seemn Rasch coalward dn Kansas State not 1 Huskei a chance eame in the fourth Quarter - thtff B nm. 4 1, 4K Kali n S actu ally, jammed it down their downs Wlth 12 MM.onds left. On the first play Bordogna s pass was intercepted by Pence thro A Dick Towers attempting handoff to Veil on a , ...lturn0(1 to tno Nebraska 28 punt return, fumbled and fcnrt Bcfore a piav could get under I Frank Simon recovered on the w barked. I Kansas State 17 - yard line. Only ou heard a sigh of relief 7.56 remained of the game and f a Npbraska contingent. .this looked hke an opportunity happy q escape with a Ue ' lf Strangely8 enoJgh, the Huskers DICK SllOCKEY was the mam - Claimed these three plays directly spring of Kansas States 35 - yard at the Wildcats strong point - be - touchdown drive m the third Ia th tackles 1 quarter. I I Tom Carodine gained two. Nick After Ted Maupin gained eight Adduci four and Rob Smith lost yards Shockey romped to the 20. two. A penalty forced the ball On the next play, he passed to I back to the 19 on fourth down. Maupin on the three. After mov - Frorn there Robhv Decker tried tf M.. - L lfl field Roi.1 It tell short and 30 Hliakm feet wide. With it fell the hearts (Continued on page 3 - B, col. ) Lucky To Get Tie In This One - Bill By WALT DOBBINS j fame I thoufht we deserved to MEMORIAL STADIUM, MAN - win, especially after we came TAN, Kan Fumbles, hack - back in the fourth quarter after in motion and offside pen - addition U) ragged and btoeking pwtoehly Comhuftkerfi a chance to 1 ( - () deadlock with Kan - e here Saturday afternoon. FIRST BLOOD FOR GIANTS Bobby Giants' third baseman, scores easily on Willie Mays' single to right in second inning of Saturday's Series game. Yanks' Catcher Yogi Berra late throw from o Giants' catcher, next batt inning. (AP Wirephotoj Nebraska had failed to Every one of my boys did a fine job and I don't want to single Ml .un V .. . 1. . ROTC band ponded owning name ceremonies ilh the NAS drill team ttom Sooners Sunk by Aggies In Spectacular 14 - 7 Upset l. & M Oklahoma i. Shelton, Brookihier Undefeated Texas WaUopa Tarheels BL'T HE WAS least certain Hnhhv Thomson's double to left about the location of home plate in the second, and Willie Mays' in the eighth. First of all, he hit first series hit a walloping single Rizzuto with a fierce inside pitch to right which scored the lirst that struck the htt.e shortstop's; r.i.mts run were as authentic as arm anci threatened to bench him. ? 'r' d"w .... Ithe American dollar. Circa 1928. ,He rubbed it off, however, and facing r laithorp., The Giants were not exactly trotted to first. !!J at.cmpie. Hunt, (handed their five runs in the fifth, McDougald followed with a either. 'single to center. Hearn ifeadled Morton, Rasohi walked Eddie Stanky there. He forced Joe DiMaggio nnf. u to open that innins. Eddie's dar - in(o am,ther sad effort, a pop to john.on. ing heart, jn sharp contrast to tnird whK.h kcpt Mlive Joo - s awful kl. Inrlnn heels, nrompted him ci,,m anH rnt Rprr;l in rnll tn ;rv. 1 tm. mmi siTontl. Youi Bcrra's peg um ' Oklahoma dropped from the Ln Phfl KlzUUta r aught Eddie . .iftnr u.ith the fans. L4fMH rank with a solid thud : 1438 But as Phil put the ball on him., walked Bobby Brown, filling the Sooners, 14 - 7. i .. ''. ,V , ,' um irmMnwn oue - v iid hue and Lippman vaWbI.2?ileS bases, and the after an end The Aggies cut down last year's ', , ..igh to ned urn,,. Thl, driva alked him, forcing in the (cfense and a tremendous ground '" . , ,, R;im( of the dust and The mob cried "No!" with a It was the A, B, C brand of h.t a lOl' IC)VI1S vt, .mi the Smoci ... m m;.'l v, spread over three regular Uarrow Hooper of A. & M. I sons of play. It was not until two more goal - The Aggies moved 82 yards for ward marches had been stopped their first touchdown in eight by the massive Oklahoma line plays, Billy Tidwell, Bob Smith that A. & M. got its revenge fonand Lippman, most of all Upp - l. - st vpr lickoii. hv the Sooners. man. eatin:' up the vardage Lipp - rinn'man m:.rl.. ol. for that U - 2R man took H halldotf Ipail T I d v. r ! 1 , u ft' .it on a one - vard plurrje and who took a handoff from Bay deaflloek ith his se - Husker Coach Bill t.lasstoro, ,VMS.)t, F1;. The aviation - however, was one happy man ((,,s members of a crack pre - when the gun ended the hall game ; fHht driU teamf were glvcn an "We were mighty lucky to get ovation at half time after they a tie out of this one," the Husker had completed their precision ma - coach declared. "We looked good neuvers. the first few minute - , and (hen The rs,in 0e fild made our blocking and timing went rutbaoks difficult end it was haywire. We have a lot of work hard to distinguish the ball head of us yet. carriers in the last half. Over i made no mention of 2,000 Nehraskans who came by the penalties and fumbles and was, air. trains and automobile Obvtoufly glad the game was over1 formed part of the 12.000 crowd K - State threatening right, that witnessed the battle be - down to the final gun. tween tht two Big: Seven rivals. e e For Meek's Wildcat squad it COM H BILL MEEK, seeing a was a moral victory. They chance to give K - State Cam theil m on d !hcr first touchdown of first conference victory sinc e 1942, the 1951 season after having was happy yet a bit disappointed been blanked by Cincinnati V. COX a ana me university oi iowa. "' into me endi "I was mighty happy and Peng) Stale college in Lincoln in tandinj up. I oroud of mv hn,v - llu. Kansas the fourth and final meeting be - glate head tatter of football de - n tne two scnoois wnue rne Wildcats w.ll take on Abe Stu - w , ,V v ii . ciared in the dressing art 3 .picm.nt,. tu in oot of Phil's clutch, punt - bobbed up out of the dust and Tn mob cried .No;.. with rolled to third from which out - .voice heavy with anguish when the after the game. "This led post Al Dark scored hit with ,Di "Available" ailed ?d of Sheldo r!m North Carolina the humid 90 - degrce weather and But Dark knows his foott turned loose a barrage of passes in too vvhen the smoke clea the last half that netted two it was diSOovered that he s res. kicked the ball away f 7 . lff Berra. and Paparella revei COUHtry i.llll) MCet himself With a spine - cracl piaxe nk blond rd will meet named White? Lockman. for a final parked a Raschi pitch intc olf handicap lower right field stands ft .incoln Coun - home run that scored Thon E E Angle, 1 uprto win the nine - eighth and Gene Woodling parked' hole title ' ' a lonS nn0 in the stands in right - ! Prizes in the tournament will, center in the ninth, be awarded Wednesday. 1 For a long time Saturday it i hard, body block. n v cr Oklahoma tied the score in a twinkling, on a 74 - yard run by Billy Vessels just before the hall and an extra point by Jim Peru Batters Wavne, 2843 at little iTulaiie, 27 - 14 Hastings Beats Midland, 19 - 12 WraiYihlin' Wreck Humbles Wildcats "jond touchdown for Wayne. itwo and 12 yards. Baylor, V BVmH - ky, triedi V HHHHRHHHHfe MKvHiT0H Mannin in nnahlp to hani? on to this DaSS intO tht ie - 1 Husker end zone. Max Kennedy breaks up the touchdown attempt.

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