The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on September 30, 1951 · Page 10
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 10

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 30, 1951
Page 10
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2.B uvroi v srvivw joirvaL and star Be Wron In the WXl few seconds he would sitm I few lines ti (.ood 'U;ht Irene' and Old Smokcy.' Ted would hue to step out f the box live or six times to keep from laughing and he s the kind of a ru.v who likes to concentrate at the dish. "Tipton got on me one time when 1 ordered Williams to be passed and he told Ted that I sure must be a buddy of his (Wil - ;...nv I to let that kind of a favor." Fniii'i Innirv Hurt I' ) is fain hadn't broken his foot we might have been able to ( nallfin'o the White S.x for fourth I . .,. Dykes de tared. - The way out eani hustled and the fine rhurkine we got. :,;.. - . lady fioin lght have goi us up The AS skipper has intimated that he is on the look for a cen - t.rfielder. He will keep Dave PMlei bet like to put him in risht and leave (.us Zernial in "You can put it down in my ho,,k, too. hfid l Joost is the picking him ahead of Rizzuto, Car - rasquel and Reese. We will turn in 200 double ,.. f..r the fourth straight m - h - wa ' Jimmy added. "If Cleve - ) Sd had Jooet tad Sudor they could have won the pennant. You f can put that down for sure." j Great Ball Chill Regardless of whether the New; York Giants nudge out Brooklyn for the National league flag ttn . 4,u.. ' iwoh.ill Leo the Lip's gang lost U of counted out of the pennant snap from the start. But they didn't know the word "quit." , Dodgers. r.xac ciy thev were all even. Not even ,vill have to admit that Leo has done , :e nas '.s n...., ... ,ow lane "Right now, he must . v ti W " 17 a 8 - h.le Piiruue i.t three tumnies V Vl Violil ih. i mi "1 r ', 'I "1 ;'h's n "mi the first half both teams suf - V. 1 JlUk rljilll l,,V i can imamn. - what the boy will W m f Jf I f Hf a V, , n, , s 17 i n I Wes.iakc. Pjtr - RtT. - 4i w iifi?2 st j.,i fcred a case of fumbleitis in the J. ock i ! '.m'i 4p ' ; s. PF fourth period ftefOT Ptff 1K)L: BLEU KADER i! ;,i "A11 :,nd j. ill Ilinir M lttT iiiBlif Moudrelu. H ..259 3 6S 5 44 .2.1 fffjTPr "r MIDGET i rW38t FOOTBALL . until he u as injured. Bun rom - HBl? ' ' TODA Y - 1 :30 & 3 p.m. "'' '" - i""1 ' $ Mm I - BpF - Roberts vs. South St. IT feV rh.M'rVir'und.r 11 .... trf ne b V.iuitJ ,r,,N mi Iwt ' I SEE THEM IN ACTION! kV nows NEBRASKA vs. MINNESOTA ML. : At Minneapolis October 20th 5 ilNra GO BY SPECIAl TRAIN VIA BURLINGTON ROUTE WRESTL 9 BBSx ife . - - dfeiS. ' afeP3" j&'g . W f ' V ROUND TRIP FROM LINCOLN Feoluring the Gir$ BMP1 ,i,,,ir 70 $40 T t1 BI ). Fairgrounds Arrr JL - !s.' ' 1 l 1(' (" Round - trip RaUro1 Transportation HK - eBl I P - tl Dux (0 anj from the Stadium and Admission to the Gam (1EpM m n T ir r II gpolr1 aBVM,!E TICKET SALE h " - ""ssss88 - KM ell UAHIBAI.DI I I 1 U I I U L ' advar, SaIf,l .ioK,., FHday a,: Ma, - . DrU8 IIIMI IMSIh Revised TODAY - - - (; ,,,,,, ,lrorery. Bethany Markft and l.alors. i S S c.mirt (.ockl Slii PcTTiTa, 11 midgit foot8au "Sad, saddi j UUOLN vs. NORTHEAST - rl I f Free Bjs to and from WrestleWk W Schedule - Willie Pop" J Night, Oct. 5th, 8 P.M. JIMli ZlTlA, )WMm I :. - I e m A v , flH - I II I,.,,. ,., , ,,.,,, f sUil,i.,, V ()KI 1) 1 I ATlU KUUt.H l 'll . c ,. lUMjHiiUM I W. T. Albrecht. General Agent fiWfH ,1(Kns nov on Mi l m M m t H vmi'ion k 1 1 I 0 N. Magee Memorial Stadium I1 . IHeMJi FUN SHOP H 1 1 IK.I.l 11MS - 53rd & Huntington Street IBIlTlMl ntHnd pV, 1 RaiirmaJ i.l - a - ;. . :' I ( - J EXCLUSIVE!!! H Adults 75c (includes tax) 11 1 tJ'&SU fiSgK ru HBiVMIH ' H'By Morris An 7 YjH t asol tpii 1 1 in Gal Grapplers Head Rassle Bill Tuesday K - State Beaten By Iowa Fk , .;'""" ggf Vuntm gjg - j IOWA CITY, la. (INS). TI rniversity of IOW1 football seai.ot vn torv over Kansa: opened its with a It, - 0 State before1 90 7nn fans at Iowa City. The Hawks, pie - game favorites by as much as 40 points, found Kansas State I .strapping outfit and were Jieid to a lone s.dcty in the first half before pair ofi first - year men found the range e a different note as the third qu.nter opened, i''wev" - . n ;,.., re Hue. h - v.a fi'eslunan V..1.U.W.1 it S4 vards. Seven ,.i:iN, later Hurt l',i lUinann iUr on a U - i - back sneak for the fir t touchdown m me gann T, iV& lOTl was gool to give bnva a 9 - 0 margin. s. ,,, ,,i b.r the first ith the tewa varsity, shot a piss to Kne Rod for three ends to the Kansas Stale K Dul '" low a lost the hill on downs. es 75 Alt(,r tWQ plavs lost them three pack vards. Kansas State punted out es on 'to their own 36 from where Iowa .el over for its second touch - little .),..., nnnvorsion. Hawks threatened again in a K l' ' ''''"'c? - , torS - vear - llne be - fair coat of pohsb f..r his n Hll! ciasVford' p.oi, - ';!;.' ' ',';,r' - I;,:",b.,'n,,,M; TU' ,; 'i ;:' ;tV,": !;4 '';',V ' ' :,' pptrmhrr 30, 1951 IIIC thoimh he later took graduate work at Nebraska. of other boys. Like Howard Dul'.oi,, Dick Grell, Walt Garner, Cliff Squires and Jim Shaw ..f Keb) ka Wesleyan. Or Fritz. Davis, Navy's star tackle. DuBois ranked last year as the most valuable lineman in state college circles. Davis has be. n OH several All - American form charts. Squires was I Ihror - lime Little All - America selection. Some l.uls like Davis are hard to en me as preppers. Bun says. "When he played for me during his junior and senior years, Fritz was only 14 and 19 years old." commented the Rocket maesiro. you can imagine now much he's matured since." Before Northeast was founded fa 1041. Run served as football assistant and track headmaster at Jackson high. Right now, Rocket football, with an 18 - game victory streak ended recently by Omaha Holy Name, is in a transmission period. Hun is building. His starting haekfield Junior Thomas, Jim Haherlan, Ron Steele and Howard Thrapp is entirely a junior outfit. Also juniors are such backfield subs as I.arrv Delaney. Ken Forbee, Dick Taylor and Keith FaKer. Starting tackles Jim Pavey, jr., and Jack Childress and Guard Dick Prather are juniors. So are Don Voils, sub tackle, and pall of ends who are pushing the regulars, Norvan Holverson and Dave Tullis. Of his lads with the Huskers, Bun is unprejudiced. He'll tell you reasons why they all should make good. gREDSTROM and Cederdahl. currently on the No. :' off. - n - sive team, are "simulv ton - noVh ;,thle1es" m I'.nn's hook Rankin, v. hose quarterlwci play has been one of the. blas - ant frosh surprises, has a great future. Bun believes "He's cool under fire and has a fair coat of polish for his 17 Hun told The Firing lane 'Right now, he must weigh 181) and stands (i - 1 You can imagine what the boy will be bee he grows up." Hinghani, a gangly lad, has moved up to the No. defensive "He's - as rough .is they grinned Bun. "All elbows and bones and how he loves to play football. He really punishes the fellow across the way." C.oth. who has been sidelined with a leu injury for two weeks. the No. '! offensiv e tram until he was injured. Bun his speed and anility influx of talent on s Hj Island md q . 'otHLHbViMI smttsbiuff Links - NE Fray Tops Prep ' MB fe w Blp tl'stephen Epler Day will be cele W . . WH brrited at Chester on Thursda; f.IMMF HAT RAM ' Fd TTusmnnn trips to coax Frogs Stun NU jlH the made it 21 - 7 and that way the half ended backfield in the WITH neuD Don Norris of Omaha; Bob Smith of Grand Island; Tom Bob Smith of Grand Island, lorn Carodme of Boys Town, and Kay Novak of Omaha - the Huskers looked a little better as the third quarter got under way. This quartet of backs advanced as far as the TCU 30 before Fraley intercepted one of Norris' passes to squelch the brief rally. Coach Mncr also sent in Gil Bartosh hut his ItM ace did little for the Ft. Worth AS THE final period opened both teams were guilty of a comedy of errors but Nebraska was the last to lose possession, Doug Conaway recovering Norris' fumble on the Husker 2H. A moment later Fowler found VauRht in the open for a 9 - yarri flip and a first down on the Husker 1!. Floyd pounded through lor VI yards and the final payoff was a Fowler to Hallmark pass lor seven ards as the final touchdown of the ball game. Mr. Flowers decorated the end bleai h - thr ; fourth NEBRASKA'S Out of a dreary afternoon there ir - ht. Tom Caroline, although failing . get loose on any long runs, .counted for 101 yards troin ,wo Pf UvU for 16 ards , ' ' .." . .. sound evidence of eventually becoming; quite a ball carrier and the other sophs shouldn't he criticized too much in their first time out. They all have possibility. Bill Glassford':; biggest pnb Glen Jones of the npleted II .irds Nebraska eight out of 18 for 89 yards. That gave TCU a total net of ,i " 'ads f . tho thiAmrm take their initial Big Seven oppon - Kansas State Wildcats, " ' ' a u . , , , V' ' l 'v th - it time thev can sh;ikf; Qf the ..nati0nal magazine iinx." Ituhv - lual tRtistb 1 , J Hack BordOflM. Coodutowa Mar - 1 '! S It ': s - r'(U 2,1 mUnn t'kM FlkLPINr. K.turm. - at W,sJ P.n.T. Libcrtyt II. .i - !" '' ', - s I! Js wtnn ,Vi7 4o''' IT".:! 12fi M' MrookoT ' sT ' W C'l !l ,'kv.n .V'il... 1vV,,at'rMaJna!''FUu; i'SS? - o s,,;; ...t;. I'Zi 1 lT I'assiB o V "' li '.i7 ;7' - a U,0 !.:.; N' Y..rk VI 4 - KU .' r!t, !cPl a, ) .Vn. - r. O.kda'e at 1 1 1,1 - r - ." - ; - ,; . ,h,iwl ,MtDnrm.;, I lr "r, VVrr': , ; " 6 1 ai ' U V .i ufTTiir Nam. uid lm AH K 1 1 , 11 : I in I i ,t H,,U - r. Paxton at Sutherland X VJS. Av Name V!1 S K lVdl RBI M ij 2o5 3 iV V ' , , ! ' g ! BflMlk - W, M.FarUnd ' ' 1 - 0 '. j - m I. - NY. a r 0 0 rU.. n,, 17 1 6 1 .; - K,. sviU at s und Hearty of Fall dtv. 3 HornedFrogs into letting go of Oregon Squeaks Past Arizona I . ft ,py e; 10 ; ; n at Eugene for gJJJ moon. And the Web feet a freshmen and al - most as many sophomores taKing Pft Major League Averages American League Cathedral, Axtell 5U - Man Tilt n n" K BK(KIR ttk at O. N. Magee Mem - Stadium for the city cham - hip, now held by the Rock - McCook tackles tal r.iu S1X - Ceda Exeter at Utica, Grosr iCool Junction, Hayes ; Stratton. Wilcox at 'Wayne Prep at Newc; Bend at Platte Center, National League B R Hy, hu BB( t ? I 4? t... m ii ': - ' ,,; .'; i 4 7 47 T20 s vi W J H ' M 45 7 1 1 h n J J J c" m ,': ', St s;; ";l 4js !s In 1 'is 4i iTe, 'r,y H i;it' I'? 410 M ; w W SS ',J; 8S "iso rt rir .",1 m V :;: : .,; ft is P2 :i ;:! r :' r.7s - si 15! 20 w h fl( . H no 2 i - ;2 h mi Slate Crucial !).., en. llrule ; ' 'UilVv,''1 s..n at 1nM:.n..'a. K!"i' ' fn - ck at ' men M l.'msv,.d. Km.r.v,.,, M ThurM - i Crw ;,t Fairmont ,r.. - vham at'Mr.., .lurntxm. i.reeia at I'n.kruooa. a, - lbcta Texas Whips Boilermakers LAFAYETTE. Ind. (UP). An 29I alert and rugged Texas team used 2' the breaks to full advantage to H'; spoil Purdue's season opener, 14 s to 0, before 31,000 fans in Ross - Ade staudium. The touted Longhorns, ranked - "CCOfld best in the nation after MB knocking off Sugar Bowl Cham - - 2n pion Kentucky a week ago, played 11 safe all the way. j They struck with expert pre - cision, once each in the first two :.' periods, and their tremendous de - tense stifled repeated Purdue at - tempts to roll from behind in the second half. I NI) PAIL WILLIAMS, who "t: recovered three Purdue fumbles, .:;7;: and Halfback Don Cunningham, : - . who recovered another fumble and intercepted ono of Dale Sam - .2:2 uels' aerials, sparked the Texans the mainstay was n aggressive half Gib Daw back who scored both of the Texas tallies and also converted both.

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