The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 25, 1951 · Page 14
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 14

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 25, 1951
Page 14
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LINCOLN SI NOW JO! Ml STi: Sowmber - BllfrHMM Mri Thumps t 4jh'' p I B tssp! i " " jHfcm y n aCC "' QflSSi P 15 ; 1 jat jfafel - DUTTi 2 tW)i I pass iwcompuT C i 1 i I ! j I Ul "JR La j II I 1 QKLAH0" H I I j MfFltftftiin iirrlBBBI !M 1 Mil iii I li' iM I i 9n KflLJl Wolves Hobble Bucks ANN ftA - Is Destroyed fullback Dick Panm n WOODTtUKF, Wir. (VP), vards to KOft standing up. Wi won in s lift .urvivmg Uu k .'ik hai bwr. h..t by a hunter miciiklvv status thin who apparently wanted a geriu - touchdown ramp in the liconi , lk, t th parted affti Colorado iamb. L, , T " j . and hist an attempt to make Ott Wardens who found the car - ', - ,,, ,,. ., ,..,, (l(,vn s ,,,A, cags or the oo - pound - is Tht. Spartans took over am Wells cored Ol) a short plung raaioaa4oi6W4ool Play - by - Play of NU Loss to Oklahoma Boilermaker Interceptions Beat Indiana UL Mich (UP), A - hamii.K Michigan line mi h. - d Vir Jaoowlcst, Ohio's Stat triple - threat nalfbaek, off hai taat to m die Wolverine to a 7 - 0 victory over the Biekeycs Dtfoft !a,(HHi fans. Michigan's forward wail cut Janowicf rutbini t.. i minimum, blunted his passing efforts and chaffed btan relontliaily on every punt. fullback Don Peterson circled his own loft end for six vards ... nniu iNir 'Tmm in i the lone tally of the fame f - .r ,,,, ! Xd i two paVml late in the second Mfiod IUi. - .. - V.1. .i . .1. T' "r !!V '.! J! e, lr.di;,na that !l cond place " ' ,lvr 1,1 ' Slate fm - (lM - .0k - l'' i. 1 ..i'vMHtn with . hed wuh f; , , Vvif V ! ' i an I two ties. In Big Ten ,,ut p,r,,, ,,, . .. , o, competition, the Wolverines won tor I - ,,,.,. N, A , n rour ana mst wtuie nim, M wls lh(I LlS, WiM(. Ir. Illlh State won tw... ..:,t two and tied ,,, u - d - ned Corh (Mvde St aad it rebounded twice chargiug line that. touehd'wns all. i Purdue scores. tie Michigan tou - Ji - 'l y. Huosiei i pla ; later nl',, tnuduloHii on tlw first plav of Uwi ! hair arien BaMkevb Carroll Rarely raoM 67 yards on a pitch out and end sweep which eaOfM the Spirtms in momentary lapse. Koer Willi UB converted. Kaiher. Colorado had reached Michigan State's JO, but was held by a staunch forward wall In the l. - Mt period Coiorado man - iged an attack to the Spartan K), but I pass interception baited the Rescorla kicked the extra point. T1IK VK IOIIY g.,vc M.ehuian II M it r. Penn Rocks Cornel, 7 - 0 Irish Ra l ies lowans OH third dow n, .l.uiow ie. dropped hat k to kick and was lushed badly. His punt traveled anl p ards to the Ohio State 4!). MBblgaa needed only eiKhl play, to reach the Buckeye. kt ahead, hnwe ei aftei Pui due ii a verteo and Indiana didn't 01 pan ot touchdowm. ThflM the U;ft '.'it i - fighting Notre Dame football tea 10 came liom behuui to scort touchdowns, one will less no, tn'nrlulnuM i 1 n ii I tv I I "is at South Bend 1 !)i I - puui id lullback. broke e game for Purdue in the final Up to the fthaj period - it helped clear the way , left tackle, cut to his sidel , and went 33 vards aCTOM the i trail only 14 - 11 AdxAnn passing letdina to ill three Haw - ... tiled a Utile tog hard to erase the keve touchdowns utiiai K run d - fjeit. Guard Al'en i.n. ., t(l ,k .t.fl hv - trik - "back Ted ,.r ()l ,ui,(ll, p .,,.,, V m.!' lh , ,h ,p,' , Hip.' . ".RL SL.MF1LK then k, Red w 10 n,,M Gedman'a pasi at the Indiana 35 JJ - ihrew ft.ard oati to lh" , N" 'n'1 ,hl1 thr ful1 W L ft? ad ran II back to the one and (. (MlM. MruiMi,M. ,,.' ,,,1 ball game waa wi ipped into those "'''it !",,n ' "ue Dusts Hice tpabbed ' Of Kaeh te pur .,.,,. S(.,.nnds a.mbkd ll.h s imm.i h..t fell n I die attack PurPoe - s h ..rd - ruim ii. hacktieH ., V. . . ..M V ... ' " ru, iu. D.l,nh MmL lir..u - di and , u ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,. ,.,, ,,, ainuilll lor ot - e ol "' V .' .', '". ' . ., . .r ' '..a . 1 rniaugi. i..r I . ' V , .' .. "quarter. atlaine hy Uie prungiug aiailis M, n..r cnvnrl Ka, - o ,.!! allP ,1', - UUM - opn. !!!( aV, v tlel COl - K - atly for a first cl.)n on tho Nebraska Shmg. "135 yards to .20. In Zv on the gn.und PurdVa" Ned Won.en to climax a 38 - yard only to lose the ball on Og, Ohio State picked up 102 wound up wilh 21 first downs to drive I to Mt.hijian' : 80 Indiana's 12 and gained 329 i ' ' - e.l a.a.n in the third . hn Ilorrance. a crack or - .,. in 1 1 r i i m i; to Indiana's 1.90 quartei attar's passes nell linebacker from New llart - ne. .lannwie who h:ul aver - ntrk Aahhumer and Lou O - rned to the lri,u eieht - yard ro. .1. 1., pouocen .1 1 1 this Achille picked up 8 yards for line Pioeder swept right end tor ball Ooth times to sa e . - :on, oulil mana:;( only a slight Intli.m 1 on passes mil me tw against Michigan. Safty Hams Win thrown Into Purdue hamU proved expensive. line - Plinnm Knit, I'ur.Ua backer pu ked off an IhdVant that started i'urUue Etrat drive It started 00 the 22. Kle.ek ran 1H vard two on the locond play and be ' ', "n ,,r,i ov '"'tt r, a'.hrj.,h:4 7i'.;k th - '" m.!i;a, Molo?'oKUHi.yrt.2tV.nJxEBir8K. - o S:oSe"'okl ahomz" BRAOBaV .aa.ll u..s ,,. pi II.., - 1. "a: v '.'.P " 1 ,'v'r 1.11 v,.r. ' Hv, - vnis .;. - .!,,:, p.,s, i.i.nd, - ,! or W . - ..ihcrair placement was Mocked by . Pumr.l .,, U - iMo on th. - Husk,, , - I h. pu - h. ku,I M. I h.,,1 , v r I v , il(.a,.f , lfK.,rtll, t ,.Kra..hl swng Krmmuel McPha.l Wicked in Smith on the t.sWr US 4 - :. - 22J t?0WV& WtS OKLIHOMt.2. NKHK.VSK.ta, T he re,ur"Cd W the "" ': " r ' ' J NO,r.skdk hth, l ' T v rOs" I r 'oi " ,' !', v ,rd loss Heath" hit into the mtdille t,,r i.Hkl. t. - r II, in - oris Uordonna lot into huk to" the Nebarska 20 yard tlneTofC ,(, ,,, ,k u,K - rt ,., j M ,, . , ' ;1 " ,l,a stopn ,! , ,,, th, , Ul, ,,C ,hr iu.e ai,U wan held 'or 1 (UN POOtBd tO COM Oil ttM OWahWMm ! w , lh,, on lh IL, . ' "k ,!,,.'hh' ' 'i' "''fu h'! j , PUnt rolled d, ad on 'he ScMask.. '!;. "a.n Vd rdahl punted to linn on vard hue and u as toaed hack and doWflWa . . h - , , !;. Nel.rask.i - N ' s , - .,, j,..i . v.. oklahoBM . but he was downed on on the Oklahoma 30 yard line. J :, .... s., .rd. ''.'.:' in Zm D mi ouomMeie Noyaki pm mi 36 Okhihoma: Van Pool'n pass was coi - , . to Vderdahl I six ..,.. Is No..k s Oklahoma: lleatlv swung ar.aind left end nlfK. kl Klj, for nlIll. vards Van WjJVs i v ' ,i 1 1 ; ,! k 1 h k1 1 ,,rfe.rn,r :hr .(" i;:,;; - ";4,(v'''; .nd k'"hrT;n vo,hp ,:r,d intii'oii'fmf,;1 ;:rr;,.' nibr v'poo.t? mi " Oklahoma', r'veder failed to find , re - ''p0 '"r 'r?! V - '1 7 ' ' 'j'' i?"Tl lTr VJ LlaSntid i.,::;; Tn1,',,? 'nnaji'',! hne'u n Pron - UWUe..T m'TheNebwt. iTu'uM a nfKl.TwCHhNe' - '4?! 'Cri"0 Nebrask7a.V5iied 5 'K hrV,'1VlHher,''r M - 'l'kn N ebwka:" Novak's Pass. ttiJ,.! ! ,"ka 'T arc! line Mc I 'h'aT tp'nuT right i'l.K.'r on IhelTT ,ard "nc."' HUk' " - try; r , kr i" M:r; - ir r ,,h1 l r h: ( t'TbT PHILADELPHIA. (dV Ultpre - ;" ';;t,nv, ,kn,lh 'f : "J,;'' I insker 21 yard toe NlbnSa took time our mann hit' h.m for a one yard - , ; ; ,K' HVmnl vard rue 'fhetllble IVmisvlvihl,, locked Cor - ' " ','' M. - Vb,,, Nebraska declined the IT. .lom U4 Uyarjr"ll,neW h ' Vska'' vlme Mdlhe 'llusketJok .'"WmeVued. ' i anst ir' ;."; .,; LiS kK Leke 1 " r K,r ' m ucork, oklahoma.xt. kkbrask.!. in the Opening minutes and then nli n..J in r.mrned in .he H.isker - 7. yjrdH - l,hl' ,mrd mlar,eI e"ded Nebraska; Bordoma trnbM hut rrcwr - 'O. si,.oN,. oi uM..K . vfya a"B IPIMAiaMB. - III il PpP " pe JMjj " w aVtaVKaaaW jrr , ' ' iaV a). mm aiaaBaTm, V jBr !! & Jft WwHaaVSaaBaifc! jflBl p," ..,) vard I fliHBBHBtMaBBlafH WmM J kHr s.oiu Mkiamni v i i. iiii;vsk.(i .set the favored Btf Red, in uMna iw leattue bat tle at Kranklln field. The I'uwil of 40.000 had hardly tiled in its seats when Bob SOUTH BEND. lnd. (INS). A Clappier, a wee iubstitute safety West Che: olles - eVs Pains f, ,,, ,,. ' ,,... p,, - ,.,, colleiie Lions 'a,, .,, a,,, uim,;r,, p,,,, Lattl n.tball loss Miel Howl gam. ;H.H,ir4vr n Swp ed first on a 2(1 - NEW YOJIK. (INS). The Nev but West Che - t. - r trade. - . Key to th st i - ixhtiianded aid. who brat it season. arse - - name cam to life earlv Cornell made only the fourth period and scored gesture, moving from its own r from the Iowa one' Then the' opening tpiarter But Clappier, Nehraska: t'Va'e'.dahi' h less than a minute to play, a siaiwaii on uetense, oaueo .mwn !hI(V V )til ltlxs NiU lk tnri,h , Notre Dame pass was ruled w o passes oy uoeco e aivt good on the Iowa one for inter - end zone to end the threat. jjujck jock ; jrew oui douoos on i After that C rnei! was pushed Oklahoma; t'rowder cut .over ri ier plunged across the o.,l b. - ckward most of the day bv ' !, aHenMar!wnti tortbSd for tL lend Mavraldes tied the iVnn's tremendous forward wall, ,,n,rs p.i. mt. .nied tor Ucati v booting the extra Point led by LmebaekJfr C.erry McC.n - f ;;. rVvl! ". .. .... . - ley and Ends Eddie Bell and Tom uol, V.,,,," guard Jor Vo mdn .uaas varsity football team Hanlon, bownaiMd lulad ..,. mtkn SSSiki led elv a home urown suuad Coinell, which had won six of !imc t, . t.lkr N inten4eii fr ifeatiy ' . its eik'ht iiames. was able to uaill w.,n inurcepud In .lu,N on the Husker 17 m ; :.; ?L Jonl 73 yards altogether, is of atut Cederdah, passes l B1VO Michigan State 45 1 Colorado . - . 7 THROKiH CENTER Don McAulif Wolverines' rout of the Buffs at East Lans Colorado move ii tacku HAND TRUCK Single Handle. - Rubber Tires! Saves Time, Labor, Expense! Bluebirds Will Rampaging LSU t.. id . Dumps Villanova Attend Banquet SHREV'EP0RT. u. (1NS). Thc . Members of the Cathedral six - Bayou Bengals of Louisiana State k football team will be guests university a team which hac of the trouble scoring more than twict i testi - j against any opponent went on i tfonday ; rampage to drub Villanova, 45 - 7 City Basketball Classification Games ft This is an all purpose truck, ideal houses, factory, farm, delivery houses or any where merchandise is handled Also Other Type Trucks For All Purposes JUDAH DISTRIBUTING CO. 1609 N St. Lincoln. Nebr Phone 2 - 4252 tHMef m BSPMUr v ' "vMBUMjjB s, o ..hi uom n nkbraska oring the state's six - man chain - ta mKKtBSfmKK SkBfBV9a!aW ' BHBaH !homaCl'r ;!!vihf s&S1 Torn Connellv will be toastmas - kl i FKtSSnBg BmmmJmUr WfcJSgWm Claude Brown, council! ' , r JHHNbW IhH , wi sieak brieflv '$&$r HHW 4aHaHafilPNr TJHH ! , BBV'' v WmyKmr JHHKHr . - J Stn r c,Mth Vmce Aldnch and ! BflHHP HbF l9r PVPBktW lif JLafl u"'okiaboma1 40 ard line Leake a" the players will be introduced. g fcPT va aK. M t JHHiS ' - 'Vr .''"""wiSi Fred Poehler, Notre Dame's WT )mm' ' Sm Ok I r , .'Jng more tackle frorn Jackson. - Tennessee . . 28 H I CriqueUeh. . $14.50 " l Kentucky . . . OW RHHIl I HARRY SPORT SHOP ls fl.,i ParU k Laurie ella nps through Kentucky's line for a neat gain I t:m p st. t.tM 11 tor trios mm xl ic Wdoedts' La iiannitoa out o the play. (AP Wirepnoto.) Eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav ' ' lira as Vol Guard Tommy Jumper blocks ti GET NEW CAR PERFORMANCE AT LOW COST WITH GIBSON'S EASY TERMS! HAVE YOUR MOTOR INSTALLED NOW! No Down Payment - No Monthly Payments Until Jan. 15, 1952 t Tl KSP Y 3 2 in .mBu 8 Dots a. l ere ha M) Barbeohao! . . ......... av 4 Motors with vritten guarantee reafiy to install in your Ford, Chevrolet, Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler or other popular make car. GIBSON SERVICE & REPAIR jaf ... f

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